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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 25, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now, crime scene are coventry apartment complex where a home invasion and shooting happened a few hours ago. taking a stand together. players across the nfl are reacting to president trump's comments about standing during the national anthem. and a record-breaking win. this kick had eagles' fans on the edge of their seats. see how kicker jake elliott's family reacted from the stands. all the producer said this morning, that reaction is their favorite part of the morning. >> that does not get old, that video. >> we'll show it to you in a minute. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. 4:31 on your monday.
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meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate weather forecast. on the warmer side. >> you were talking to fans ahead of game time, and they were not worried about the heat. boy, did the heat come. and it is staying today. look at the picture on our radar and satellite. we know the drill. clouds in place, you see the gray overlay with satellite imagery. if there was rain, radar would show speckles of green. we don't have either of those things. we're not going to have that today. instead, we're looking at another mostly sunny day. another hot one. our current temperatures, we're at 71 in philadelphia. 63 in mt. holly. 68 now in wilmington. atlantic city, checking in at 65 degrees. 60s, low 70s now, turn to mid to upper 80s for highs today. some of us near 90 degrees which is near record for many locations. just below the threshold. we're staying hot today. we're watching maria, too. sitting to the south right now, running parallel to the east
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coast. we will feel some shore impacts as we go through midweek. then fall arrives just in time for our next weekend. if you've been itching for that sweater and the pumpkin spice, we'll talk about when conditions will change over coming up. right now to traffic and jessica boyington. thanks. we're starting off in new jersey. ro route 73 and 295, okay. northbound and southbound, everything's clear and dry, too. a good drive there. mansfield township, watching the new jersey turnpikes -- turnpike's southbound side at p.a., exit 6. an accident with injuries reported, too. traffic is still getting by. everything's open for the most part, getting by, you see here, this is the turnpike here. everything's still green. take 295, too, if you're nervous. the schuylkill expressway, we'll end here, looks good with the drive times. both directions east and westbound from the blue route to the vine, 13 minutes at the most. speeds still into the 60s. >> thank you. 4:33. the eagles and teams around
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the nfl are opposing president trump's call for players who demonstrate during the national anthem to be fired. the american flag draping the field at the linc yesterday, the eagles and giants put on displays of unity during the singing of the "star spangled banner" players and coaches linked arms. jeffrey lurie stood with players. look at the sports page of "the new york times." a collection showing nfl players demonstrating yesterday. here's the president last night in north jersey just before he returned to washington. >> there was great solidarity. i watched a little bit. i was not watching the game today, believe me. i'm doing other things. i watched a little bit. i will say there was tremendous solidarity for our flag and for our country. >> our reporter asked the president if his comment had anything to do with race. >> i've never said anything about race. this has nothing to do with race or anything else. this has to do with respect for
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our country and respect for our flag. >> you can go to our nbc10 facebook page and join the conversation. what do you think? we'd love to hear your comments. it's 4:35. we continue to follow breaking news now from chester county. police have an apartment building cordoned off, investigating a home invasion and shooting. >> matt delucia is live for us at the scene in north coventry township. investigators have not been on scene for very long this morning. what are they telling you so far about the crime? >> reporter: so far they're being quiet about what has happened here at this apartment complex. we've seen police and detectives going in and out of the complex. behind me, this is where this has been going on here. the corner of worth boulevard and keller road. this is the ashwood apartments. chester county has the crime scene unit here. what we know at this point is that this started around 11:30 last night. police were dispatched to a shooting here at this complex. one victim was taken to reading hospital. the initial calls to police
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reported a home invasion. so at this point we're still trying to find out exactly what happened here. and the condition of that victim. at this point, though, there are still a lot more questions than answers as to what happened. the area, as you see here from the live picture, is cordoned off with crime tape. of course we've been asking questions, trying to get information as to what happened here. we'll bring that to you as soon as we learn more information. again, a lot of that activity seems to be happening inside this apartment complex as opposed to outside. for now, live in north coventry int intownship -- coventry township, nbc10 news. >> thank you. the trump administration released a list of countries banned after obama's measure expired. the new ban removed sudan from the list but added restrictions on immigrants and visitors from north korea, venezuela, and chad. venezuela is the first south american country to be included in the ban. the new restrictions begin on
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october 18th. what a game, what a finish. did you see it, hear it? >> few can stop talking about the most heart stopping eagles' in years. take a look. >> the kick is away, and the kick is -- it's scores! >> the reaction, right? even from reece on that one. the birds' rooker kicker, jake elliott, booted a record 61-yard field goal to beat the giants. the eagles just signed elliott two weeks ago. after the kick, his teammates carried him off the field. >> i was glad flay that i -- glad they got to the range i could kick from.
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>> they will have to research whether the birds even attempted a 61-yard field goal up to yesterday. and the team tweeting this picture of jake elliott's triumphant ride on the shoulders of his teammates with the words "this moment. fly, eagles, fly." who else was celebrating? video captured his parents in the stands at the linc just elated. from that, you see eagles' excitement and pride as emotions washed over the kimmer's mom and dad -- kicker's mom and dad. no pressure here, right? oh. so good. a former president is commenting on the growing tension between the united states and north korea. >> next, hear from artabout how he -- jimmy carter about how he feels donald trump should deal with threats from kim jong-un. new at 5:00 a.m. this morning, drug production on pause. the medicines that your family may need that cannot be manufactured right now in storm-ravaged puerto rico.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you and a watch of the roads in new jersey. route 38 in morristown at nixon drive. you saw a car move through there, both directions eastbound and westbound, not doing too bad with not any traffic. roads are dry now. in mansfield township, a different story. watch on the new jersey turnpike's inner drive southbound side around the p.a. turnpike. that's exit 6. moving by there. might be a little slow just to get by. everything's still open. you can take 295 as your alternate. there weekend was hot. it's -- this weekend was hot. it's going to be hot gaechbagai. why is it so hot in fall? a dome of high pressure will keep everything out. no stormy weather, no rain, no cool air moving in. we just keep bumping up the
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temperatures. here's the bus stop forecast. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood. in philly, 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., the rise from 70 to 76 degrees. mostly sunny in the afternoon. 88. as the kids are coming home, they'll need the heat. in the suburbs, 66 at 7:00 a.m. 87 by 3:00. mid to upper 80s, as well, for the lehigh valley. in fact, i think a few spots in the lehigh valley could reach near 90. in delaware, 65, 7:00 a.m. up to 8:8:00, 6 -- 73. 86 in the afternoon at new jersey. the shore, moving to the mid 70s with clear conditions. heads up. there's a high risk of rip current development today at the shore. >> all right. thanks for the update. the search is about to begin for the next voice. just ahead, a preview of the hit nbc show that returns to primetime tonight. also, changes coming to your cereal bowl. next, hear why the makers of trix are going back to their
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days after hurricane jose swept across puerto rico, power is out. >> cell phone is spotty. many haven't been able to leave the island to reach loved ones to let them know they're okay. dozens parked along a highway connecting san juan with the rest of the island because one phone tower there did have a signal, though it was weak. if you have family or friends on the island, go to nbc10 for resources to help you locate them. hundreds are trying to leave the island, but there are limited amounts of flights. still people are packing into the airport to sit and wait for a flight out. in center city at this year's puerto rican day festival, the crisis on the island was on people's minds. organizers decided to keep the festival upbeat, but they also
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used the event to raise money for the relief efforts. >> have to look at it both ways. joyful because puerto rico at people, it's a strong culture. >> also as a private citizen, they have contributed $15,000 -- [ cheers ] -- to this effort to rescue the people of puerto rico. >> money raised at the event went to united for puerto rico, a campaign started by local and state leaders in partnership can area nonprofits. ♪ at the art museum, dancers raised money for puerto rico and mexico. the group philly outdoor bacceta and salsa organized the event. about 50 people showed up to dance and donate. pico crews returned to eddie stone, delaware county. more than 350 crews spent the last few weeks in mt. myers and miami helping restore power
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following hurricane irma. in mexico, search and rescue crews have not given up hope of finding people trapped in the rubble following last week's deadly earthquake. 320 people were killed in the quake. that number is expected to rise. 4,000 people were hurt, and 20,000 homes are damaged. rescue crews say they will continue to work around the clock until they pull everyone from the rubble. an unusual sunday school lesson from former president jimmy carter. he spoke to his class in georgia yesterday about north korea. the former president visited north korea three times before the current leader took over the regime. carter believes north koreans are afraid the u.s. will attack their country. >> need to be talking to all of our potential enemies whenever we can to see what their problems are and if we can't work out some deal with them instead of aggravating them. i'm afraid if we aggravate kim jong-un too much, he might use a nuclear weapon. >> carter said the north koreans
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want to guarantee the u.s. will not attack them unless they attack one of their neighbors. 4:48 on your monday. in tennessee, a deadly church shooting spurred the u.s. department of justice to open up a civil rights investigation. police say this man, emmanuel sampson, shot a total of seven people after church service ended yesterday in the city of antioch. investigators say samson killed a woman in the parking lot, then entered the main sanctuary of the church and continued shooting. an usher managed to tackle him which caused him to shoot himself. this morning, he is out of the hospital and in police custody. members of the church say he worshipped there before, but they didn't initially recognize him because he wore a mask. >> he's on top -- he's on top. he's just -- holding like this. you know, like moving like this. it was like a run -- he was like -- >> the church pastor and his wife were among the victims in critical condition this morning. samson was a native of sudan and came to the united states in
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1996. in the same spot where a deadly dueling rally happened in charlottesville, musical artists shared their message -- stop the violence. ♪ philadelphia's own the roots was one of the bands playing in the charlottesville music and unity benefit concert last night. other groups included cold play, the dave matthews band, and pharrell williams. money raised from ticket sales is going to the charlottesville area community foundation. in early august, this was the scene in charlottesville. people protesting the removal of a confederate statue were met with counterprotesters. violent clashes broke out, and one man used his car to drive into a crowd killing a woman. in philadelphia, runners and walkers did not let this weekend's hot weather, sweltering at times really, stop them from helping to fight childhood cancer. the 2017 parkway run and walk benefited the children's hospital of philadelphia.
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it is the largest annual fundraiser for the cancer center at chop. chop estimated nearly 10,000 people turned out on sunday, including 300 family teams. september is national childhood cancer awareness month. a classic version of a popular cereal is returning to store shelves. general mills will once again sell trix with artificial colors and flavors. two years ago, the company eliminated all artificial flavors and colors from its cereals to appeal to more health-conscious eaters. it turns out fans wanted the original version. so starting next month, the company will now sell two kind of trix. one with artificial flavors and colors, and one without. >> hmm. i like the idea, what do you think? >> you know which one the kids will pick. >> right. but you're a parent, you know -- some parents are going to choose the healthier because they're concerned about that. other parents might say if it's not colorful, my kids are not going to eat it. >> right.
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>> whatever fills them up. >> i know. yeah. in your home when you want kids to be healthy, you err on the side of no artificial colors and flavors. maybe the tricks with all the added everything is reserved for college students who are craving -- i don't know. right? did you eat it? >> when i was younger. >> the bigger question for me is didn't they have little fruit? little shapes of fruit? >> i think at one time they did. it was a quick thing. marketing thing. >> okay. where did the fruits go? here's the radar and satellite view. no rain or storm system moving our direction. no complaints. we're going to stay dry again today. here's the complaint you may have. with the dry conditions come the hot conditions again. sunny to mostly sunny conditions out there. in center city, high of 89 today. 89 in summerton.
4:52 am
to put things in perspective, 74 is the average high this time of year. we are talking 14 degrees warmer than average. only three degrees cooler than the record high for philadelphia. in the suburbs, 87 for lansdale, upper 80s in the lehigh valley. we could see a spot 90. 90 degrees the forecast in easton, reading may make it to 90 today which would only be two degrees short of tying the record. in new jersey, 88 for voor he's. looking at the -- voorheis. looking at the shore. upper 70s, low 80s to -- in atlantic city, smyrna at 82 for the forecast high today. cooler the farther south you go in delaware. on the hour-by-hour, we're clear now. we are clear throughout the daytime hours. and then you see a spotty cloud action moving in by this evening. these are the outer cloud bands that will start to move on through tomorrow ahead of maria. remember maria is well to the south still. look at that cloud blanket building in by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will continue with the clouds as we go throughout the daytime hours tuesday. we could even see an isolated
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shower down near delaware or cape may county. as we go into your wednesday, check it out. yet again spot shower potential developing there over our shoreline. rest of russ likely to stay dry even on -- rest of us are likely to stay dry even on wednesday. we're leaving only an isolated chance of showers moving through. here's hurricane maria, thursday, friday, this thing will hook to the right. it is pushing right because a cold front and trough will push that direction. keeps it out of the way of us. we will still feel some coastal impacts. rough seas, increasing wind gusts, rip current risk high over the next several days. some beach erosion possible, although to a lesser extent i believe than jose. and showers, as i mentioned also likely. here's a look at the ten day on ten, 89 today, drops to mid 80s, tuesday, wednesday. look at that, fall returning by next weekend. low 70s. a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. on monday. let's help you get out to the door to work and school.
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>> roosevelt boulevard and first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington, has you cover of. starting on route 1 around 17th street. so far, so good. no big problems now. the northbound and southbound side, everything is moving just fine. 422, looks similar. the drive times here, especially eastbound. we typically look at the eastbound side in the morning because that's headed to the schuylkill and where we see the delay. right now, not yet. eight minutes for the eastbound drive time from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds also into the 60s. we'll end here in mansfield township, in jersey, the turnpike's southbound side, inner drive, a crash with injuries involved. near the p.a. turnpike, exit 6. if you're feeling nervous, you can take 295. for the most part, you'll be fine. you don't need an alternate because you'll be able to get by. >> six minutes before 5:00. this morning is a big morning here at nbc. >> it is. >> the third hour of the "today" show this morning gets a new look and a new host. >> that's right. we've been talking a lot about it. megyn kelly is getting set for her big debut. kelly will bring viewers a blend of news, lifestyle segments, and celebrity interviews. she will do her show in front of
4:55 am
a live studio audience. the format will give her a chance to cover different topics than she did in her years as a primetime cable news host. >> i'm trying to launch a show that brings people together and makes them feel connected instead of disconnected and unified instead of divided. >> "megyn kelly today" debuts at 9:00 here on nbc10. >> we're looking forward to it. >> for sure. the search is on for the next voice. next, we preview what's new on the hit show that starts a new season tonight.
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mandarin classes, salsa lessons and piano. i make sure they still have time to just be kids. four minutes! the center for the
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performing arts will host a public conversation about the future of the theater. they want to get your input about the plans to renovate that historic building. the conversation will take place at the theater from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight. tonight, a new season of "the voice" continues. >> starting with blind auditions. ♪ [ cheers ] blind auditions are awesome. like push it, push it, do it. a new coach will joan adam levine, blake shelton, and miley cyrus. jennifer hudson, her dreams came through, and she wants to do the same for others. >> i'm passionate about it, because we're holding people's dreams in our hands. you know what i mean? >> hudson was a coach on the british version of "the voice" last spring. it starts at 8:00. then at 10:00, "the brave." a journey into the world of america's elite undercover military heroes.
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these are in great shape because they push themselves to the limit. coming up tomorrow on "nbc10 news today," a look at the extreme fitness trends and what it takes to get in tip-top military shape. a break-in and shooting. overnight, investigators on the scene of a late-night home invasion. standing and kneeling together. reaction is pouring in this morning after nfl players demonstrated during the national anthem. a pilot is saved by strangers after a safety device almost killed him. coming up on 5:00, good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. thanks for joining us this morning. it is just 5:00 on your monday, it sure does not feel like fall outside. the calendar says it is. >> first alert meteorologist krystal klei has all the numbers
5:00 am
we may not want to hear, right? >> you're looking at the near-record heat going, no, it's september. temperatures now look like fall. 's early in the morning -- it's early in the morning, and we have a lot of time to go for the heat-up we will experience this afternoon. 70 in philadelphia. 63 atlantic city, and 64 in dover. lancaster, you're at 66. and we're at 68 degrees in mt. pocono. in the end of september. wow. what's happening here is we have been seeing very hot conditions, very warm temperatures. all thanks to high pressure sitting over our area. it's not budging today. we will stay with the hot conditions and the clear picture. look across our area. there's no rain or clouds to be seen. as we go through the next several hours, same deal. we stay clear, temperatures start to rise quickly. by 8:00 a.m., 73 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., we're already into the low 80s which means we are already well above average. and winds are going to be on the light side again. there's not any breeze relief as we go through the afternoon


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