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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  September 26, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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impacts. they're not going to be terribly high because of the fact that maria will stay well to the south. temperatures at 68. we stay there around 6:00 a.m. here's the big difference from yesterday. a mix of clouds and sun instead of just the pure sunshine we saw yesterday. 9:00 a.m., 73 degrees. coming up, we'll talk about the highs for today and look at when we could see showers. right now over to jessica boyington with traffic. >> thanks. we're moving through center city this morning, 676 to the vine street expressway. our cameras just around 24th street. both directions are okay so far and open. that's a good thing there. this is westbound moving toward the schuylkill and eastbound toward 95, dealing with no problems. 422 looks good, too, both directions with the drive time. eastbound trip from 29 to the schuylkill, speeds into the mid 60s still. even moving through any of the work zones. we'll end in new jersey, 295 near the black horse pike. both directions are good here, too. so so far, so good on the roads. everything's nice and quiet. >> 4:00 a.m. now to breaking news that
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we're funding from north philadelphia. police are searching for whoever opened fire overnight killing a person and wounding two others. >> nbc10's katy zachry is live at the scene. what do we know so far about the victims, and is there a motive? >> reporter: limited information right now. if you look behind me, you see that police are really canvassing this wide area. they were called a few hours ago to the city housing complex in spring garden. and they are still here. they plan to be out here for quite some time. here's the catch -- when they came out here, they found two victims who were injured but alive. then nearly an hour later, neighbors told police they had found a third victim who had been killed in this shooting. now that turned the shooting investigation into a homicide investigation. police really have their hands full. when they initially arrived to the 600 block of perth street, they found two men who were shot several times. both men were conscious, i'm told, talking, and were taken to the hospital where they're being
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treated this morning. now, nearly an hour after philadelphia police arrived and finding victims, neighbors came up to them saying they had found a third man who had been shot. neighbors who were walking throughout the housing complex apparently found his body in the bushes. that's an area police had not canvassed yet. so thanks to the neighbors helping police out, police learned there was a third victim much more critically injured. he was found here. he was pronounced dead here. the victim's family has been here to the scene. they've spoken to police. investigators know the victim's name and age. they tell me they're not releasing that yet. they're not ready to do so. as for the suspect, there's limited information. he was last seen running away wearing dark clothing and a mask. i'll be back in the next half hour with an update. reporting live in spring garden, katy zachry, nbc10 news. to breaking news in chester county. the man wanted for shooting his
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ex-girlfriend's mother in lymerick, montgomery county, has been found dead in a wawa parking lot in schuylkill expressway. greg feldman was charged with attempted murder for shooting the woman as revenge for the breakup. police are not talking about how he died. nbc10's matt delucia is gathering new details and will bring a live report in the next hour. 4:03. felt n players, coaches, and -- nfl players, coaches, and owners brought their message of unitiy and equality to monday night football. the cowboys put a new spin on the protest by kneeling before the them that and standing during the them that. the players and owner jerry jones and his family still drew boos from the crowd. and jordan sparks who performed appeared to send a message. on her hand, see that scribbled? two bible verses, "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves for the rights of all who are destitute" and "speak up and judge fairly. defend the rights of the poor and needy." in philadelphia last night, the national anthem issue was
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the topic of conversation. >> might not agree with those guys taking the knee, but they say that's what america's all about is being able to take that knee. >> i'm dead serious when i'm saying, okay, i hated it. >> because of the kneeling and because of the comments from the president, people are more open to talk about things. >> in alabama, vice president pence told a crowd he stands with president trump on standing for the national anthem. >> we've all got a right to our opinions, but i don't think it's too much to ask the players and the national football league to stand for our national anthem. >> on friday, president trump suggested nfl players who protest during the national anthem should be fired. players widely oppose the view citing the first amendment and calling for unity. so we're asking you to weigh in. what do you think? we're sure you've had this conversation by now. let us know what you think by going to our nbc10 facebook page and join the conversation. in philadelphia's northern
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liberties neighborhood, investigators are looking into a fire that heavily damaged an apartment building. here's the scene from sky force 10. the building on 5th and girard. the fire started after 9:30. crews had it under control in about an hour. no one was hurt. happening today, we'll get an update on the investigation into questionable spending by a nonprofit run by the city of philadelphia. the mayor's fund gives out private donations to city projects. officials announced changes to the management in june. one of the changes eliminated credit cards used by the nonprofit. the city controller is looking at more than $200,000 in charges on the cards and other activities. 4:05. happening today, camden city schools will announce the results from this year's park 21st. the 2016/2017 school year was the third year of the mandate, doing well in language arts.
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overall lagged behind. in wilmington officials put a principal on district leave. parents held a rally yesterday outside thomas edison school in support of thomas ell. this followed a sickout that closed the school monday. it focused on the pal's fight to give teachers and staff a raise that the board had promised but took back. the president of the school board apologized to parents saying both sides worked out their differences. at the jersey shore, a state is asking a judge to reverse his decision on this saved dozens of firefighter jobs in atlantic city. the state and city cannot afford the firefighters' salaries, that's what the state says. new jersey took over the city's finances last year. the judge blocked the layoffs in the ruling last month. he said letting go of at least 50 firefighters would compromise public safety. we're learning more about a top-secret visit to our area by
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. he's been spotted ordering cheesesteaks at pat's, but he wasn't here to eat. he was in delaware discussing how the social network could help others respond to natural disasters. zuckerberg posted this picture on his facebook page after meeting with governor carney and his team. delaware officials told us the meeting had to be kept secret. they were told it has to be kept secret, or that meeting wouldn't happen. everything was hush-hush. zuckerberg outlined three ways facebook can help during natural disasters. the safety check tools, community help which matches volunteers with people who need help, and fund-raising tools which enables anyone on facebook to raise money for nonprofits simply by posting and tagging organizations. speaking of donating, local relief groups are scrambling to make sure enough help reaches disaster victims across the u.s., mexico, and the caribbean. >> yesterday's day of giving in chester, delaware county, was designed to do just that. you're looking at the outpouring of donations at city hall.
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these supplies will go to people in texas displaced by hurricane harvey along with other supplies from philadelphia and wilmington. fred green, a liaison to the mayor, will help make the delivery tomorrow in a truck. >> we want to go straight into neighborhoods that are not getting the necessary help that they deserve. i'm looking forward to seeing smiles on families' faces when we go deliver them a package or deliver a box to their house. >> the day of giving will take pressure off the salvation army and charity organization that's have been working nonstop for weeks to help disaster victims. former president barack obama and former vice president joe biden were in wilmington last night for a fundraiser for the beau biden foundation. the foundation works to end child abuse in delaware. joe biden said the event will help make sure that his late son's lifelong mission continues. >> thank you for allowing us to pursue what we know, we know beau would be doing. >> one of his missions, to make
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sure that every child had protection, to make sure that no child was betrayed. >> beau biden died two years ago after a battle with brain cancer. the iraq war veteran and former state attorney general was 46 years old. we're starting with a look at radar and satellite. this is a nice, wide picture, different from yesterday's picture. down to the south, closer than yesterday, rain bands clipping into parts of the outer banks of north carolina. all we're getting are some of the clouds that are rolling across our area. so today instead of a totally sunny day, we are going to see some scattered clouds in place. a little more dense cloud cover around coastal points. 90-degree days in 2017. we told you it would be a very close call to cross the line, and we did. 26 days now how many we have seen officially in philly,
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although i venture to say that surrounding neighborhoods that don't have official reporting stations, that member may have been a little higher. we are going to stay warm today. not quite as hot as yesterday. still mid to upper 80s for highs. some of us i think getting close to the 90s. i don't think we'll make it there quite today. in philly, 68 at 6:00 a.m. 82 by 2:00. we should make it to the upper 80s as we get into the afternoon, mid to upper 80s. in the suburbs, 73 at 10:00 a.m., 82 at 2:00. scattered clouds mixing in. today there's more moisture in the area which means it's going to be a bit more humid to muggy today and tomorrow. in the lehigh valley, 74, then 81 by 2:00. delaware, 67, a good bit of clouds now. 81 by 2:00 p.m. in new jersey, up to 81, as well, 2:00. warmer in the later afternoon hours. and at the shore, some mid to upper 70s for temperatures. note more cloud coverage. we will see breezy conditions starting to pick up ahead of maria.
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there's also a high rip current risk. we've been talking about this for a couple of days now and a couple days more. as waters churn, actually not only by hurricane maria but hurricane lee, well out in the atlantic. not going to have land impacts, but still churns the waters which means stay out of the waters. here's tropical satellite. this has not moved a ton since yesterday. it's moving directly north. it's moving somewhat slowly. here's the thing -- it's not going to make it all the way to the mid-atlantic or new england. we'll talk about the track of maria coming up in a bit. >> thank you. 4:11. let's get you to work if this is about the time you head out. >> again with jessica boyington looking at route 1. what are you seeing? watching route 1 around the p.a. turnpike, yesterday -- still in the morningtime. it was about 11:00 or so, we had a construction project on the northbound side where we were one lane getting by. it was all jammed up in the area. looks like the construction vehicles are here into the right-hand shoulder. i saw somebody walking around. i'm not sure when this project will be back in place.
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for now, you can see it's not there. route 1 around the p.a. turnpike, so far a good drive. the schuylkill expressway looks good, too. both directions now are east and westbound, and 13 minutes at the most on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine with speeds still also into the 60s. we'll end here with machines -- with mass transit. everything on or close to schedule on amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco. >> 4:12. a northeast pennsylvania funeral director is in trouble for disrespecting the dead. >> up next, what this woman is accused of doing with a camera and how police caught up with her. an injured bird -- eagles running back out for the season. next, hear from the head coach about his injuries and what it means for the team. plus, exercise with an edge. can't wait to see this story. next, jessica suits up to tackle an extreme crossfit program used by military members and police to get into tip-top shape. yeah, j.b., let's see how she does with this.
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in northeast pennsylvania, a funeral director flaunted pictures of dead bodies to family and friends. angelina stewart admitted to police to taking the pictures. however, she says they were meant to share with her colleagues. she did admit one picture was meant to gross out her boyfriend. investigators also found evidence stewart was selling marijuana. she was charged with abuse of corpse and possession with intent to sell among other offenses. in chester county, the man in this video seen punching a disabled man pleaded guilty yesterday to misdemeanor assault charges. barry baker faces two to four years in prison. prosecutors say the video from last month shows baker mocking and then punching the victim outside a convenience store in westchester.
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he had originally rejected a plea deal after disputing the prosecution's description of events. 4:15. the widow of the pennsylvania trooper murdered by a sniper in the poconos says the parents of his killer bear some responsibility. tiffany dixon filed a wrongful death suit claiming eric frein's parents manipulated their son into developing a strong dislike for police and then acting on it. frein lived with his parents when he hid in the woods across the barracks and shot corporal brian dixon in 2014. frein was sentenced to death in april. new this morning, a naval commander says he's leaving the armed forces after being passed over for a promotion to lead u.s. pacific command. admiral scott swift is the head of the navy pacific fleet. he hoped to succeed admiral harry harris as head of pacific command, a position that overseas all branches of the military from california to india. two ships were recently involved in deadly accidents under swift's command. you'll remember the most recent crash was the "uss john s.
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mccain" last month off the coast of singapore. that crash killed a sailor from cherry hill. the other involved the "uss fitzgera fitzgera fitzgerald" off the coast of japan in june. eagles' running back darren sproles is injured and out for the season. he may retire at the age of 34. last night he tweeted the comeback will be real, so stay tuned. sproles broke his arm and tore the acl in his knee in the same play on sunday. he managed to walk off the field under his own power. you see him there grimacing as he grabs his knee. the head coach said the birds will miss sproles' versatility. >> he's a great man. he's a great leader. well liked obviously on this team and in this locker room and community. it's unfortunate that, you know, injury has to happen. sometimes it happens to great people and great men. >> amazing that he could walk off this way. eagles' quarterback carson wentz
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tweeted, "everybody, be praying for my man, darren sproles." anxious to see this story. a workout not for faint of heart. >> members of the military use it to get into shape. you can, too, if you're up for the challenge. jessica boyington was up for the challenge. she shows us what it's all about. >> reporter: i checked out crossfit rittenhouse at 21st in center city to try my luck military style. the owner and head coach explains. >> crossfit program is used by military personnel as well as law enforcement. and so they use it as a training program to get themselves and prepare themselves for their jobs. >> reporter: don't be scared or intimidated. >> go! >> reporter: he says you don't have to be a star athlete or in the military to take part in a workout. >> crossfit is for everyone, from the elite athlete to people who haven't worked out before to anyone with injuries. you can come in, and the whole point of crossfit is that it's universally scaleable.
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you can modify the workout so everyone can do it. >> reporter: the head female coach gives us a woman's perspective on the workout. >> i found crossfit and was instantly drawn to it. the focus here is not just how many calories did you burn. i want to drop a dress size. focusing on goals that are attainable. how much weight can you squat or how fast can you run. there's markers that you can see yourself get better at. as a female, it was the most empowering thing to focus on what i'm capable of as opposed to what i look like. >> reporter: here goes nothing. i did say you shouldn't be scared, right? all right. get it going. a race against the clock. a competition with yourself. >> this is hard. as usual. >> reporter: not so scary, but definitely tough. i finished. now all i need is someone to carry me home. how do you get started and stick with it, that might be the hardest part if some. ash gave me three tips.
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first, find a gym with an instructor that you're comfortable with and work your way up. finally, keep records of your work. that's something a lot of crossfitters do to make sure you're progressing. >> and make sure the gym has a defibrillator. >> or a wagon. >> right. >> you're not joining the navy any time soon, right? >> yeah, that's my next story. i'll do that tomorrow. >> i wanted to make sure you'll be back with us, we need you here. >> right. >> thank you. >> before that, we'll get you to work. we're going to start this morning on the schuylkill expressway. cameras at montgomery drive. looks good so far. so far, so good. an eastbound drive time post thursday with a 12-minute trip from the blue route to the vine street expressway. speeds also into the 60s. the schuylkill expressway is still a good drive this morning. obstruction in the road reported on jabbiabington. it's an obstruction for drivers. right now i know it's meadowbrook road at washington lane. that intersection has an issue there. 95 looks good, at least moving through delaware. 11 minutes northbound from 295
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to 495. average speeds there are still into the 50s. i'll end here over in new jersey. morristown, route 38 and nixon drive, everything looks good so far both directions. of course i'll have updates for you for the morning and be back in ten minutes with another one. >> all right. thank you. 4:21. and we're less than a week into fall, but it still feels like summer, you know. >> it sure does. krystal klei's been tracking the temperatures. >> yeah, we're not going to be quite as hot as yesterday today, but we're still going to be way hotter than average. you'll feel it outside. look at the temperatures to start. our philadelphia neighborhoods, a lot of us close to 70. 68 society hill, the airport at 67 degrees. and there's a 71 for port richmond right now. by this afternoon, some mid to upper 80s possible yet again. 86 for center city. 84 in summerton. mid 80s over the suburbs, as well as the lehigh valley. easton, couttstown could creep -- kutztown could group toward
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87 for the afternoon. 83 in trenton and voorheis. the new jersey, shore, and delaware, slightly cooler. they're seeing a little more of the outside influence from hurricane maria. also, fog over atlantic city. visibility i checked a bit ago was about 1.5 miles. chance of just an isolated shower over parts of delaware. isolated means this would be a spot shower, not going to be anything close an all-day event. for the nationals/phillies game, 82 for the first pitch, then dropping to the mid 70s. it will be warm and muggy throughout the game. you'll feel the moisture in the air. here's the hour by hour, through your tuesday. through 6:30. it's been scattered clouds in and out. mostly i-95 corridor and south. things will be more sunshiny along the northern half of the viewing area. clouds spread more through wednesday morning. what we're looking at wednesday is that we could see an isolated shower as far as the i-95 corridor. i actually think that shore chance is going to be more --
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that shower chance is going to be more like this, right about the shoreline. everywhere else staying dry through wednesday with just that cloud blanket hanging overhead. as we go overnight, one more sprinkle into thursday is possible. then we start to clear, and fall starts to arrive into our forecast by the time we get to your thursday. we still got a couple more days with warm conditions, and we are still watching closely to hurricane maria here. right now moving at 80 miles per hour. take a look at this track as we go tuesday, wednesday, thursday into friday. it hooks to the right. just minor effects by the shore. we'll talk about those coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. 4:23. doctors are warning we could be in for a bad flu season. >> yeah. next, hear from a local doctor who was stocking up on vaccines to protect his patients. and tail end of the tape. the future of measuring is here. ahead in our next half hour, see a new app that's designed to take the place of your trustee tape measure. -- trusty tape measure.
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say it's not so. n new at 5:00 a.m., netflix 35,000 feet in the air. how you could watch the streaming service on planes.
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it looks as if the republicans' latest effort to repeal obamacare will fall short. last night, maine senator susan collins became the crucial third gop member to reject the graham-cassidy bill. she joined kentucky's rand paul and arizona's john mccain in announcing they would vote no. that leaves the gop one vote short of the 50 needed to pass. [ chants ] >> protests against the bill erupted inside the capitol yesterday.
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police removed demonstrators in wheelchairs from a hearing and made nearly 200 arrests. doctors say this year could be one of the worst flu seasons in a long time. >> it's hitting australia. doctors there are dealing with double the number of cases compared to this time last year. the centers for disease control is highly recommending an early shot. one doctor we talked with says he's stocking up just to meet demand from people who ordinarily wouldn't be bothered. >> i have many patients that will tell me, look, i've never had the flu vaccine, i've never gotten sick. and although that may be true, it is very beneficial that all patients do get the vaccine because it protects not only the patient but also others around them and family members, as well. >> the cdc estimates around 200,000 people are hospitalized from the flu every year. today, a new edition for philadelphia. the statue being unveiled at city -- a new addition for philadelphia. the statue being unveiled at
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city hall.
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breaking now, three people shot. police looking for the gunman. dedication day is here. in hours, philadelphia will permanently honor an iconic civil rights leader who pushed city leaders for equality more than 150 years ago. and time to again trust the process. today is the day the sixers start honing their basketball skills ahead of a season full of questions and promise. i'll say with promise. with promise -- got to stay positive. 4:30 now. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we trust the


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