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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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they'll be transferred to saint christopher's. there were also seven people who were on the trolley. they were not hurt. now, we have had some family and friends who have come to the scene. we talked to one of the friends of the driver who did not want her face shown. >> scary. horrifying. i am just -- i can't imagine, you know, what was going through her head. just scary. >> reporter: back live in northern liberties at fourth and girard. the traffic is passing through on fourth street but girard has been closed off. there you see a baby car seat outside the car. an infant and toddler were hurt. they've been taken to the hospital but the baby-sitter of the two died at the scene. police are still investigating. the trolley has since been moved back about 20 feet away from the car since we last saw it. right now they're working on the two children who will be transferred eventually to saint
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christopher's hospital. reporting live. denise nakano. nbc10 news. we're following more breaking news right now. regional rail trains are not running into center city. this is because of an emergency evacuation. a live look right now at 30th street station. this is causing a major problem. it's the height of rush hour. this is stranding thousands of passengers right now. nbc10 is working hard to find out what's causing the problem. we will have more information as we get it. again, regional rail trains coming into center city not happening right now. right now at 6:00. desperation deepening in puerto rico. officials fear thousands could die as food and water are slow to trickle in tonight. some people on the island say they haven't received any help so far. one week after hurricane maria devastated the island. tonight a c-5 plane full of supplies flies from dover air force base to puerto rico. it should arrive on the island within the hour. a reporter is on the flight to
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show you how the supplies are getting to those who desperately need them. philadelphia leaders plan to call out the president and congress tomorrow begging them to send more help to puerto rico. many people are trying to escape the island tonight but few flights are getting out. people are stuck at the airport in san juan with no air-conditioning, forced to sleep on the floor. one flight has just arrived moments ago from puerto rico to philadelphia international airport. that flight took supplies to san juan this morning. my co-anchor jim rosenfield was on board with the crew as they delivered the supplies. we'll hear from him in a few minutes. today a few lucky hurricane survivors made it to the airport. steven fisher was there as they reunited with loved ones. >> reporter: life as they once knew it in puerto rico is nowhere near the same after hurricane maria. >> no power. no gasoline.
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the people have a generator they can't use. >> reporter: there is limited food, water and no place shows the problem with power more than the airport. power is running off generators limiting service. this is no air-conditioning as people wait with no way to know when they'll get on the next plane. >> when things go back to normal we'll go back. now people want to get out of there. there is nothing in there. danger too. power all on the ground. >> reporter: reuben vargas and his wife maria are back to a place of comfort, having spent 25 years in allentown before retiring and moving to puerto rico. they were greeted at the airport with their two sons together to share tears of relief. >> the eye of the hurricane hit the hardest where my parents are from. >> it was a week and like three days until we haven't heard anything. >> reporter: they say they're one of the lucky ones to escape
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the conditions in puerto rico and between here and there it's a night and day difference. >> no water. real bad over there. a lot of damage. >> reporter: reporting in allentown. steven fisher, nbc10 news. if you're still trying to connect with someone in puerto rico, we have help for getting in touch. right now on the nbc10 app, there you can also find the best ways to donate so that your money actually goes toward helping those on the island. information on how to help is also scrolling on the bottom of your screen. stay tuned for nightly news with lester holt after this news cast. they'll take you on an emotional rescue mission to one cut-off community in puerto rico. that's coming up at 6:30. hurricane maria re-intensified today as it churns off the shore of north carolina's outer banks. this is a live look at the outer banks now. thousands of visitors have been evacuated as the storm is slow to turn away from the atlantic coast. maria is impacting the jersey
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shore too. you can see the rough surf in long port, atlanta county. the rip current risk at the shore stays high through tomorrow. further inland. still hot and humid in philadelphia. a steamy walk home down broad street as we look live from the kimmel center campus camera. for those waiting for the air to turn crisp for fall you'll soon get your wish. for the timing of the change we bring in first alert meteorologist steve sosna. >> the cooler air is off to the west and our neighbors are already feeling it. it was a hot day. not just hot. record hot in parts of our area. 91 today in allentown. philadelphia, you saw a high of 89 degrees. wilmington, you were at 90. reading, you tied your record at 89 degrees. so it was a hot day no matter where you were. temperatures right now are still very warm. we still have a lot of sunshine out there and a lot of humidity in the air. 84 in philadelphia. the philadelphia suburbs are at 82. 84 in new jersey. even up into the lehigh valley
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we saw temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s. we will continue to see the warm weather here through the next couple of hours. it's after 11:00 tonight the temperatures will start to cool off. then that's when the humidity will start to lower as we move into tomorrow morning. what follows behind tomorrow afternoon will be a gusty wind, a lot of sunshine and a big change. that change will last into the upcoming weekend. i'll have that forecast and your ten-day coming up. new information about the breaking news we are following for you. regional rail trains, as we said, are not running through center city because of an emergency evacuation. septa just told us there is an emergency evacuation of a train inside a tunnel which is causing this. this means thousands of passengers won't be able to make it home. nbc10 is working to find out what's causing the problem. we'll have more information soon. a first look at surveillance
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images of a missing new jersey man who was last seen september 20th at mercer county college in windsor. humidity police a hamilton police are asking anyone who may have seen him to contact them immediately. more questions than answers as authorities work to solve the murder of a house sitter in gloucester county. shawneeq carter's body was discovered sunday night. there are ten detectives working the case. neighbors say carter's son and another boy were wearing school uniforms when they ran outside saturday night. a prayer vigil on the street will be held tomorrow night. the revolving door at the white house could soon spin again. today president trump suggested he might fire one of his cabinet secretaries over a controversy that involves philadelphia. a house committee has launched an investigation into health and human services secretary tom price. he is accused of spending taxpayer money on dozens of
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expensive charter flights when cheaper commercial flights or train rides were available. one of those flights went from d.c. to philadelphia. when asked today if he would fire price, president trump said, quote, we'll see. president trump continued his assault on the nfl today. days after players, coaches and owners banded together in protest. in response to the president's comments surrounding anthem protests. the president offered this assessment of the league. >> you cannot have people disrespecting our national anthem, our flag, our country. that's what they're doing. in my opinion the nfl has to change. or you know what's going to happen, their business is going to go to hell. >> last week the president urged owners to fire any player who knelt during the anthem. his comments were met with league-wide protests. president trump travelled to indiana today to sell a new tax plan rolled out by house republicans. he promised americans a middle-class miracle.
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>> we're going to cut taxes for the middle class. make the tax code simpler and more fair for everyday americans. and we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have left our country. >> the plan lowers the corporate tax rate to 20% which president trump says will spur investment and hiring. it also doubles the standard deduction for individuals and married couples while reducing the number of tax brackets to three. senator cory booker of new jersey released a statement about the plan saying in part, the trump tax plan is great for people like donald trump. the wealthy and the well-connected. it's unjust and unfair for anyone else. more now on the breaking news we first told you about at the top of the show. sky force 10 is live over temple stations. septa's regional rail service through center city is shut
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down. no trains are being allowed through because of an emergency evacuation of a train between 20th and jfk boulevard. this is affecting thousands of riders as they try to make their commute home. we will have more information as we get it here to nbc10. to this now. a jersey shore high school student is charged with taking a gun to school today. galloway township police say the 16-year-old showed off the weapon to another student inside the high school this morning. the school was put on lockdown until police arrested him. they say the weapon was actually a fake gun. in burkes county a mom and grandmother are charged with nearly starving a baby to death. they were high on meth and not feeding the baby. the infant was taken from them and is now recovering. up next, new at 6:00. philadelphia's amazon fight is headed west. how the city is hoping one trip could seal the deal to get the retail giant to come here.
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. keeping you updated on this breaking news situation at the height of rush hour. we first told you about this at the top of the news cast. take a look right there at what we're seeing from sky force 10.
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we're live over temple university station where trains are standing still. you can see the people there standing on the tracks. we can tell you this is because septa's regional rail service through center city is shut down. no trains at all being allowed through because of the emergency evacuation we mentioned to you. you can see the people on the tracks there. we have seen them walking on the tracks. this location is near 20th and jfk. affecting thousands of riders as they attempt to make their way home paralyzing regional rail. now, new at 6:00. philadelphia city leaders are stepping up their game to lure amazon to our city. over the next 24 hours nearly a dozen people are headed to seattle. nbc10's erin coleman caught up with some of the group about what it will take to get the new headquarters here. >> reporter: philadelphia really wants to be the new home of's hq 2. so much so, in a matter of hours a small group is headed west.
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>> these are not formal official meetings with amazon leadership. these are kind of grass-roots, let's make connections, let's tap into our network of executives. >> reporter: when amazon first announced its intention to build a second headquarters philadelphia city leaders like the commerce director got to work immediately. >> three weeks ago thursday the thing was dropped. we have been all hands on deck. we have, i don't know, 18 to 20 people devoting a good chunk of their time to it. >> reporter: he says for good reason. he says the city fits nearly all amazon's criteria. access to mass transit. higher education, walkability and is home to more than a million people. he says it will be a full equal to the seattle headquarters creating 50,000 jobs in an 8 million square foot facility. >> when we look at major cities across the northeast corridor, no other region beats greater philadelphia in terms of cost.
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the cost of office space, the cost of housing, the availability of affordable housing stock is all tremendous. >> reporter: they're hoping the trip to seattle is one more step in sealing the deal. >> when we analyze it, we think we have a very good shot. >> to get to the short list. let's get amazon to visit our community. >> reporter: erin coleman, nbc10 news. the city has until october 16th to formally submit its proposal to amazon. the company plans to reveal its choice sometime next year. philadelphia is not the only local place trying to win amazon's new headquarters. the state of delaware and city of camden plan to place bids as well as mercer and atlantic counties. governor chris christie is not playing favorites between the new jersey contenders. he is just working to get amazon to come somewhere in his state. today lawmakers say they support christie's plan to offer up to 5 billion in tax incentives to attract amazon's new home.
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continuing to follow this breaking news right now on septa's regional rail line. service shut down through center city. sky force 10 over 20th street and jfk boulevard where the train is being evacuated. you can see people right there on the tracks. septa regional rail service shut down through center city. we're told there was a blackout inside a tunnel. people were sitting on the train for five minutes when it was dark. the lights came back on. they saw a spark and evacuated the train, they got off. those are the people you are looking at right now who were there on the tracks at the height of rush hour. 20th and jfk trying to figure out how they'll get home. regional rail service suspended right now because of an evacuation that took place. it is shut down. we'll keep you updated on when it resumes. also, to this. social media pictures coming in of this scene, train stuck between 30th and suburban. people walking on the tracks. these are images from social
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media, people are in this emergency situation and took out their phones and took pictures. not believing what was happening right now, again, regional rail suspended. we'll keep you updated as the situation unfolds. turning now to the first alert weather. five days into fall, it is still feeling like summer. let's go to meteorologist steve sosna as we look at the wind turbines moving slightly at linki lincoln regional field. >> all the people stranded near 30th street station will be enduring a lot of heat. if you're on the sidewalks, the streets right now, temperatures feel like around 90 degrees. so not a comfortable evening. more reminiscent of what we would see in july. not much wind to stir up the air either. that will come tomorrow, though. the changes are ahead of us. for now we have to deal with the warm and muggy temperatures. 86 right now in wilmington. 84 in trenton. allentown still sitting at 88 after your record high of 91 degrees today.
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the air is loaded with humidity. this is not something that you typically see in the second half of september. tropical air like this. but it won't be around much longer. by overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow you will notice the winds kicking up. those are the winds of change. a warm and muggy evening. all the way through midnight tonight. as the day turns nicer tomorrow at the shore, the sky will have a nice blue to it. the sun will be out. it will look very nice. but the rough surf will continue. so again, obey the posted signs. ahead, much cooler weather and also crisp air as we head towards the weekend. here is your thursday temperature trend. notice we do not get any higher than the mid to upper 70s with sunshine and a gusty breeze. it's a world of a difference from what we're experiencing today. maria, still a hurricane, moving to the east and northeast. that's a good direction for us. that's away from us. again, the swells from maria still coming up along our coastline. we have been observing wave heights between 8 and 12 feet.
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this is what leads to the dangerous conditions that we will have at the shore tomorrow, again with the beautiful day that we have. i am concerned people will be invited into that water. it's 70 degrees in the water right now. it feels really nice. as we go through tonight, we'll notice the humidity begin to drop heading towards the morning hours. s low temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow, highs in the 70s with a nice, gusty breeze and we slice away the humidity. the reason why, the jet stream is buckling. one shot of dry air. the second shot will be of cooler air. that comes in as we head into the weekend. still a pretty warm day tomorrow. upper 70s to around 80. you feel the cooler air work its way in here as we head into friday and the upcoming weekend. less humid tomorrow. nice weather on friday. temple game looks fantastic on saturday with a gusty wind developing and more sunshine for next week. let's turn it over to sports. first we'll go back to our
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breaking news right now as people are trying to make their way home the best way possible. septa's regional rail line still paralyzed as we've been telling you. service shut down through center city. we don't see the people on the tracks any longer, a train was being evacuated there. they got off the train because of sparks after the train went dark. skyforce10 ov skyforce10 over 20th street and jfk boulevard. we don't know where the people have gone who were on the tracks. hopefully they made it onto another train. thousands of riders right now at 6:21 in the evening are trying to get home, causing major delays right now. we, of course, will have more information as soon as we get it.
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septa's regional rail service through center city remains shut down tonight. no trains being allowed through because of an emergency evacuation that we mentioned to you. we saw people walking on the tracks near 20th and jfk, affecting thousands of riders as they attempt to make their way home. we were told that this delay with septa's regional rail would last 90 minutes. we do see a train there moving. we are uncertain about what this car is. but we were told that rail service was suspended. more breaking news right now. a flight has landed from puerto rico in philadelphia. jim rosenfield was on board with crews as they delivered the supplies. he joins us live at the airport. jim, a long week for people trying to get off the island. >> reporter: yes. certainly was. we flew down this morning and
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back this afternoon. i would say frustration, fear and exhaustion. that's what we heard most from people who were on board the flight from san juan, puerto rico, this afternoon, here to philadelphia. we spoke with many of those passengers. we actually saw some of them shedding tears on board the plane as it was getting ready to take off from san juan. you will hear from some of those people coming up tonight at 11:00, including those who had to leave family members behind and some they have yet to hear from after hurricane maria. we'll be right back. after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change
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t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. we continue to keep you updated on septa's regional rail service, remaining suspended. septa's service through center city was shut down within the last 30 minutes. the train you see moving there and another car, they are taking people who were evacuated from the one train car to a safe location. still, there is no service because of the emergency evacuation. we don't know what caused that
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evacuation. you saw people walking on the tracks near 20th and jfk. the latest always on we will see you back here at 11:00. tonight, urgent pleas for help growing louder and aid isn't flowing into puerto rico nearly fast enough. a deepening emergency, a week since maria left the island in ruins. trump's tax plan. the president takes his pitch on the road pushing cut, but who pef benefits most, the rich or the middle class? what will it mean for you. star coach sidelined. one of the biggest names in college basketball a casualty of a growing bribery scandal rocking major universities. price tag. president trump's high flying health secretary under fire over his frequent use of private jets. taxpayers on the hook. congress investigating. and adult food allergies. doctors report a dramatic increase in cases hitting later in life. your favorite foods suddenly


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