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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  September 29, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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around 30th to have the construction project in place. yesterday at least it cleared around the 5:00 mark. an hour probably or so, give or take, at least hopefully they're on schedule on this friday to get that out of the way. i'll keep my eyes on that. there's more construction, too, on the schuylkill in between around the gladwin mark to 202. drive times are fine eastbound and westbound. blue route, speeds into the 50s. we'll end in new jersey. the 42 freeway at route 41 in deptford, a few cars. no delays so far. this morning, we're following breaking news in chester koichcounty. police are investigating gunfire that left one person shot. matt delucia is live in phoenixville. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: first off, this area of bridge street is back open again. phoenixville police had the area shut down for while. it was in this alleyway here a witness tells us that the victim
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was shot. the witness tells us a gun was found in a church parking lot a few blocks away. take a look. this is what the area looked like not long ago. crime scene investigators were trying to gather as much evidence as possible. the shooting happened a little before 10:00. this is near bridge and main streets in phoenixville. police have not been providing too many updates about the shooting. we're still working to confirm the condition of that victim. we do know that the victim was taken to the hospital. so far no word of any arrests. we'll continue making calls. live in phoenixville, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> we'll check back shortly. thanks. this morning the crisis in puerto rico is growing. thousands of containers like these are sitting in the port of san juan. they're filled with supplies for the victims of hurricane maria, but there aren't enough trucks and drivers to take them to people in need. there are differing views of the relief effort. a member of the trump administration says it's "under control." one puerto rican lawmaker is calling it a disaster.
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in the meantime, families here in our area are trying to take matters into their own hands. for example, the barber family in medford, who has more than 50 relatives in puerto rico, is collecting food and other necessities. they're hiring a private plane to take those items to the island where they'll rent a truck to take the goods. a friend that contributed rice and more is a survivalist and has been collecting and storing items for years. now he's donating 70 barrels filled with food and supplies, and they're all going to puerto rico. >> you don't get an opportunity like that too many times in a lifetime when something simple saves so many lives. >> the barber family is holding a fundraiser tonight at their house in medford. they plan to fly to puerto rico with supplies in mid-october. critics say the trump administration has not responded to the crisis in puerto rico as quickly as it did to the hurricanes in texas and florida.
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this morning, nine days after hurricane maria hit, the "uss comfort" will loaf for puerto rico. yesterday the president temporarily waived a shipping law that had prevented some ships from delivering goods to the island. officials say the real problem isn't deliveries, it's distribution. >> the supply chain from the domestic carrier hasn't been the problem. we deliver. the problem is the distribution on the island. >> the relief effort is under control. it is proceeding very well considering the devastation that took place. >> we could hear more from trump later this morning when he talks to manufacturers about thestratithe administrati administration's plan to cut taxes for workers. for more, our nbc10 app has the best way to get your money into the right hands. plus, you can find help if you're having a hard time connecting with loved ones on the island. today a camden county father who admitted to killing his
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3-year-old son will be in court for a sentencing hearing. d.j. creato jr. pleaded guilty last month to first-degree aggravated manslaughter in the death of his son. the body was found in the creek in the weeks of haddon township after his father reported him missing in 2015. he could spend between 10 and 30 years in prison. if he receives the minimum sentence of ten years and the judge includes time already served, creato could be released in six years. 4:04. laughed ones and comrades will gather this evening for the viewing of a fallen firefighter, lieutenant kenneth green sr. of engine 37 died this month. medics took him to the hospital while he was on duty. they've not determined a cause of death. a procession and funeral is scheduled for tomorrow morning. today marks one year since a new jersey transit train slammed into the station here in hoboken. the crash killed one woman and injured more than 1 others. the crash a-- 100 others. the crash along with similar
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incidents are prompting lawmakers to call for changes that could lead to improved safety on the rails. one of the changes, train engineers could have to take a sleep apnea test. cory booker and chuck schumer introduced a bill that would require the tests. last month president trump said he would leave the decision on whether to test up to the railroads. the bill would force the department of transportation to overturn that decision. last week the ntsb revealed that engineers in both the hoboken crash and a crash in brooklyn suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. today in philadelphia, senator bob casey and philadelphia mayor jim kenney will call on amtrak to comply with federal law in renaming 30th street station. this is a live look at 30th street. president barack obama signed a bill in 2014 that rededicates the station in honor of local congressman bill gray who died the year before. casey says gray's efforts kept amtrak funded and helped restore the station. lawmakers say they're making progress on a solution to fund the pennsylvania budget. a spokesman for house
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republicans says there could be a breakthrough next week. that's when the senate reconvenes. the gop spokesperson called input from democratic governor tom wolf helpful. lawmakers passed a $32 billion spending land this summer, but they're -- spending plan this summer, but they're stuck on how to close a $2.2 billion revenue gap. the holiest day on the jewish calendar, yom kippur, starts tonight at sundown. it's a time of intense prayer and fasting. it dates back thousands of years with jews confessing sins and asking god for forgive opinions. it includes the heigh-igh holy that began with the new year's celebration of harbor russian a. tonight -- rosh hashana. tonight, a micro brew and more will help raise funds for victims of the hurricane. this is the pier where you'll find craft beer, gourmet food, and live music. it starts at 6:00, and the festival resumes tomorrow at 5:00. proceeds also help with the cleanup efforts in florida from
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hurricane irma. 4:07. it's cool outside. there's a little bit of a breeze blowing. you see the flags and banners at penn's landing blowing in the wind. it's bringing in the much cooler, refreshing air that we're going to feel all day today. 57 degrees right now in philadelphia. low 50s in south jersey. delaware at 55 degrees. look at the lehigh valley and the suburbs. seeing some 40s this morning. something that we have not seen lately. 48 degrees in unionville. atglen, 47. there are low 50s, but at this time, with a wind blowing and clear skies and very dry air, there will be more neighborhoods the next couple of hours that will see temperatures fall into the 40s. ft. washington, warrington will be there, 49 degrees already in new hope to start with. that's to start with. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. it's not going to be as warm as yesterday afternoon. we will see the temperatures stay cool through the day.
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right now, 21 degrees cooler than pottstown. at this time yesterday, 19 degrees cooler compared to yesterday in millville, and down by 23 in mt. holly. you will need the jacket if you're waiting outside for any period of time first thing this morning. we will get a lot of sunshine. a typical fall day. you need the jacket in the morning and not in the afternoon. 70 degrees at 2:00 for philadelphia. the suburbs from the 40s and 50s into the low 60s at 10:00. upper 60s and climbing at 2:00. the lehigh valley will warm from the 40s through the 50s and through the 60s. i think it will top out in the low 70s this afternoon for the lehigh valley. a little bit of a breeze blowing in delaware, especially central and southern delaware. not as strong as yesterday. so that sunshine will have a quick warmup into the low 70s for delaware and for south jersey, as well. near the 70-degree mark at 2:00 this afternoon. first thing outside, it's chilly to start. 53 degrees. 54 at the jersey shore. the rip current risk is still
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high even though maria is pulling away from our area. that will finally die down over the weekend. lots of sunshine, but let me show what could impact our weekend. nice and clear now, i'm watching these showers, and first of them could be in the area later this evening. i'll let you know what the weekend looks like especially with the showers on the way in a few minutes. >> see you then. thanks. 4:09 this friday. at least a dry commute for folks heading to work. >> let's start the commute beginning with the schuylkill expressway and jessica boyington. >> we have a construction project on the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway near the cameras at 30th. all lanes are blocked westbound. they're diverting traffic off beforehand. you're allowed to get back on afterwards. that might delay you a bit. for the most part, not a lot of delay approaching the scene because it's so early. yesterday, clear around 5:00. less than hour if it's going to be on schedule again for it to
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clear again. the eastbound side is oempt watch for a disabled -- open. watch for a disabled vehicle at the dekalb pike. the turnpike looks good both directions. westbound and eastbound from valley forge, 22 minutes, speeds into the 60s. >> thank you. 4:10. actress julia louis-dreyfus has a plea for politicians after learning she has breast cancer. >> coming up, the "veep" star says she wants other women to get the help they need. plus this -- an emotional return. what congressman steve scalise credits for helping him get back on his feet after getting shot. are you feeling lucky? you have another opportunity to say the boss on broadway. this time it's up to chance. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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actress julia louis-dreyfus is revealing that she's battling breast cancer and posting yesterday, "one in eight women get brreast cancer, and i am no one." she made a plea for universal health care pointing out she has great health insurance but not all women are so lucky. the diagnosis came this month, the day after her record sixth consecutive emmy for outstanding actress in a comedy series. former vice president biden said, "we veeps stick together. we're with you, julia." in image is from a sketch they put together for the 2014 white house correspondents dinner. [ applause ] lawmakers gave congressman
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ske steve scalise a warm welcome back to the capitol. he was shot in june. he told the chamber when the gunfire knocked him to the ground, his prayers were answered. four others were also shot before the suspect was killed. scalise told everyone on capitol hill, on the house floor, he is a living example that miracles do happen. 4:14. health and human services secretary tom price is promising to reimburse the government for charter flights he took at taxpayer expense. yesterday price said he will write a personal check for $52,000 to cover his portion of costs for private flights, one of which was from washington, d.c., to philadelphia. price also promised not to take any more charter flights in office. there are new reports that price spent a half million dollars on military flights overseas. the white house does approve military air travel for select cabinet members. house speaker paul ryan was in delaware county yesterday pushing president trump's tax reform plan.
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the republican leader toured the penn machine plant and talked about america's global disadvantage because of the tax rate and how he says the president's plan will help middle-class families. the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico has military crews working around the clock to get supplies to the hurricane-ravaged island. >> nbc10's brian mendoza traveled to san juan where members of the air force are on a mission to help people struggling to survive. >> reporter: the military help in puerto rico has been an essential part of the reconstruction process for the island. the u.s. air force contingency air control has set up an operations center so that the military aircraft bringing supplies can land and depart in a safe and timely fashion. >> we can do some behind-the-scenes logistics. once the aerial support team and specialists continue to respond to elements, they can get the equipment to them. >> reporter: this 24-hour operation runs with a total of 40 military members. some doing the logistics, while
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others work to receive and unload over 600 tons of supplies a day. as of now, close to 15 of these flights land here a day, but that number is just expected to climb. >> literally doubling our capacity to bring in that influx of humanitarian supplies and relief to the people of puerto rico. >> reporter: some work long hours, seven days a week, the humanitarian crisis puerto rico is facing keeps them up and running. >> this is truly why i signed up. this mission of domestic operations, crbs, textbook mission, is where we are. i'm happy to be here. >> along with puerto rico, the virgin islands have been crippled by the recent hurricanes. johannah wilson doesn't want people to forget about st. croix which was devastated by hurricane miami hurricane -- by hurricane maria. her sister is battling stage-four cancer. she's pleading for her own family and for everyone
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struggling in st. croix. >> no one is there to help with assistance, nothing. a lot of them don't have a house roof. my brother doesn't have a house roof. >> wilson tells us right now up to nine of her relatives are living in a tiny, two-bedroom house, without any of the basi s s s in basic necessities. yesterday it was 67, now it's 57. >> it feels different, doesn't it, by 20 degrees. 50 degrees now in the suburbs. looking at 40s in the lehigh valley. in south jersey, the numbers are still falling. there are a couple of neighborhoods that dropped into the 40s. piney hollow, mullica hill, 49 for both. in the middle 50s in mt. laurel and turnersville. princeton down to 46 degrees. 57 in florence. a refreshing change. it's going to be a cool day today by comparison to what we
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had earlier in the week. low 70s this afternoon. that's at 3:00. the moisture level has gone even lower than what we saw yesterday. so really comfortable air mass. it's going to give us a lot of sunshine. the wind won't be as strong as yesterday. we're in the clear right now. no sign of any wet weather in our area yet. this is the system that i'm watching that is going to be spreading clouds into the area this evening. and the first of these showers could arrive during the evening hours. it's the same system that could give us a few showers over the weekend. the shower activity by 6:00 this evening, well outside of our area. we're looking at a beautiful day all day long. and pretty quiet during the early evening hours. but the first shower is coming in late this evening, maybe after midnight. the timing of this looks good if you're going to be out and about for dinner. by tomorrow morning, the first line of showers is off shore. that's 6:30 tomorrow morning. watch what happens tomorrow afternoon. the clouds come back, scattered
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showers from the north. some of the suburbs will get them into central new jersey and toward the shore. north of atlantic city, there's a chance of sprinkles. this is saturday at 4:00. less likely to see any rainfall in delaware. in some of the western suburbs. there's a chance we'll see some showers tomorrow. not during the day. today, sunshine and typical fall weather which makes low 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs and the lehigh valley. kutztown may peak at 69 degrees this afternoon. 73 degrees in voorheis. at the shore, the winds will be less than yesterday. the rip current risk, though, is still up. be careful if you're tempted to get in the water. low 70s and maybe fewer people doing that. wilmington, 73 this afternoon. here's your weekend forecast. that system that's coming in will give us a chance of some showers in philadelphia, and some of the suburbs, central new jersey could see a few showers, too. into the lehigh valley, less likely for the jersey shore from atlantic city south and
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delaware, 67. that's saturday. sunday, beautiful sunshine. a little bit warmer. the typical fall weekend. 67 degrees at the shore. the rest of the area will be reaching into the low 70s. we'll go beyond the weekend, beyond the seven day with the ten day on 10 in the next half hour. >> see you then. let's get you to work this friday. >> jessica boyington starts us off on the schuylkill expressway. what are you seeing? watching the construction project near 30th. closing down the westbound side of the schuylkill now because of the project. yesterday, it cleared around 5:00. we have a little more than a half hour, maybe 40 minutes or so, before they get this out of the way. this construction project is diverting traffic off around 30th. obviously can get back on afterwards. you can see here that this might cause you a little bit of a detour at least for the next 40 minutes or so. more construction on the schuylkill, too. westbound and eastbound in between 202 and the blue route. we're just losing lanes. it really isn't tying up anybody right now. we typically see it start to get a little bit of a delay in the
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area when they're clearing it out of the way. once they start to clear out some of the construction projects, maybe they have to block a some lanes. you'll -- block some lanes. you'll see moving through delaware, an 11-minute drive time northbound around 295 to 495. speeds also into the 60s. 4:21. coming up, a second romslide in two days -- rock slide in two days at yosemite national park. what we're learning about the incidents and the people caught in the chaos. a season for savings. the best things to buy during fall. all new at 5:00 a.m., do not disturb while driving. a look at the latest iphone update that could make you or perhaps your teen safer behind the wheel.
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. oh, my god. >> a climber captured the moments right after a second rockfall yesterday. a huge chunk broke off raining down on an suv with four people inside. one suffered a head injury and was medevivaced out. the day before, a rock fell from the same formation on a british man who was hiking with his wife. his wife is in the hospital. a hearing could determine whether a woman accused of leaking nsa information will stay in jail. investigators say reality winner copied a report and mailed it to an online news station in june. she's a former air force official with top-secret clearance. she worked in georgia at the time of the incident. oklahoma state university has fired its associate head coach in a college basketball
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corruption scandal. lavon edwards is accused of taking thousands of dollars in bribes in an attempt to influence athletes about where to attend college. he's one of four people named in the fbi case. investigators are looking at the link between schools, coaches, sportswear companies, recruits, and their families. 4:25. whole foods is warning customers about a data breach. hackers stole information about credit cards used in tap rams and full -- tap rooms and full-service restaurants. they use a different system from the main checkout area. if you bought groceries, your data was not affected. today is national coffee day. if you didn't know, you can get a free cup of joe at a variety of stores and restaurants like wawa and dunkin' donuts. two rival brothers in philadelphia and green engine coffee in haverford, they're offering discounts.
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go to for a complete list of deals in your neighborhood. you can get it also on the nbc10 app. our "falling for fall" series continues. today, we're looking at some of the best deals that pop up this year. >> love deals. at the top of the list, a new ride. in your family needs a car, now is the time. october is when the dealers are in a hurry to move the 2017 models in favor of the brand-new ones. and jeans are also a best buy in october. jeans that didn't sell during the back-to-school time are usually reduced by 60%. that's also when grills, patio furniture, fishing and camping gear go on sale since outdoor fun tends to slow a bit when it gets cold outside. and when it comes to halloween candy and costumes, we've seen them out since october. the longer you wait, the better the deal. ahead, the best things to buy columbus day weekend. this morning, we're following breaking news. after gunfire broke out in a chester county community, what we are learning about the investigation that is centered on an alleyway in the suburbs.
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cool this morning, and still a little breezy, especially at the shore. that's a live view from cape may at the hotmarquis de lafayette hotel. 57 degrees. we have some neighborhoods that have dropped into the 40s this morning. fall is here. we've got the first alert forecast ahead. jessica boyington is staying warm in the first alert traffic center. jessie? yes, and bill, we're watching the schuylkill expressway. the sky outside may not be warm. the construction project westbound around 30th, closed there. i'll tell when you that closure is going to be lifted coming up.
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gunfire in the suburbs. police are looking for the person that opened fire in a
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chester county community. what we're learning about the shooting. grieving. people come together to mourn the loss of a teenager and a mother in two separate acts of violence. and seal of disapproval. a judge rules that a religious symbol on a local county flag is unconstitutional. love to hear what you think about that coming up. it's 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. plenty to talk about including the weather. it is absolutely feeling like fall. meteorologist bill henley with more. yesterday it was a warm one. not this morning. temperatures have dropped. running from 15 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday which means some neighborhoods are in the 40s. the suburbs, 48 now. 48 degrees also in the lehigh valley. temperatures in the 50s


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