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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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er tots. it's what you do. i will have nachos! gunned gown. a woman shot and killed steps from her home. >> on the mend. this puppy tossed out of a 3 story window. by his owner. he's bouncing back in a big way sglnc . clawing back. a young eagles fan's comments to c cam. >> reeight now a gunman on the loose. after killing a woman and hurting a teenager in the middle of a neighborhood. that 58 year-old woman heard the gunshots and started walking back to her house before she bim a victim. it happened this afternoon in trenten. we sent nbc10 brandon hudson to
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the neighborhood. that's a crime scene. to find out what happened. >> detectives are trying to piece together why someone would kill a 58 year-old woman and hurt a 14 year-old girl. of the shooting happened around the corner. lt 58 year-old woman was walking home. >> a few feet from investigators. she sat outside her high-rise. a tear in her eye. heartbroken over the lsz of her friend. she knew the 58 year-old woman killed in a double shooting at the housing development on north willow street. at least 14 shell casings were scattered on the ground. one bullet struck a teenage girl. >> i heard five gunshots upstairs. i was in the bedroom. >> reporter: moments later. someone told cousin her friend died. a friendly face in the neighborhood. >> she was walking to the house. going in the house. they pow pow pow. i saw it coming. >> morning time we walked by.
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>> reporter: the 14 year-old went to the hospital. police haven't said if the two are related or if they were targeted. because of this shooting, this maybe one of the last times she can sit outside her high-rise. >> now they don't you want us to come outside because it's dangerous. >> this block has a number of surveillance cameras. investigators hope it leads to a big break in the case. new at 11. a tore owner in critical condition tonight after she was shot inside her store during a robbery. it happened on fair mount avenue. the woman was shot once in the neck kp twice in the back. so far no arrests. tonight, look at her go. police say this 4 month old puppy was tossed out of a thrd story window. third story window. and survived. this is khloe.
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her owner facing charges after he allegedly true her out in a if the of rage. nbc10 reports it took a team effort to get the spring back in her step. >> how long did it take to get back to her normal self. after the surgery? >> within a couple days. she was trying to run around and be normal. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine someone who you would throw her from a third story window. and somehow the four month old only suffered a broken leg. x-raies over at the vet hospital show the fracture in her femur. >> depressed. not quite herself. she's gone through trama. but looked good. >> reporter: to the rescue came neurotechnician. only on the job for two weeks. before deciding she had to give the pit bull mix a new home. >> just what was your initial reaction and thought when you heard what happened to her? >> i think the same thing as
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dave. how can somebody throw a 4 month old puppy out of the window. out of anger that had nothing to do with her. >> reporter: during what they describe as a fit of rage. it happened in trenten on september 21. >> we're told this is the building where firefighters found the dog two weeks ago. you can see the condition this home is in. they tried to go through a window and couldn't make it. they went through the front door and found the dog in bad condition. >> unfortunately it happened that way. she's somewhere where she's going to be taken care of now. >> reporter: the teen is facing manl cruelty charges. but so far remains on the run. as for khloe. a short memory is her best medicine. a disabled student in delaware says he's afraid to go
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back to school after this happened. watch. the boy's mother says her son was attacked tuesday in the cafeteria. students watched and recorded it. the student who attacked him was charged with offensive touching not assault. >> i wonder how they would feel if they saw their son getting punched and hit like that. >> reporter: it happened tuesday. >> the woman's son was suspended for youzing foul language before the fight. meanwhile a sweeping change from the trump administration will make it harder for some women to get birth control through insurance. the new rule will let more employers opt out of a requirement that pay for birth control coverage. more businesses can ask for exemptions based on moral or relyreasons. businesses, schools and non-profits can opt out.
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on the other hand the aclu is planning a lawsuit. we talked to one local woman who says hearing the news today she almost cried. >> no one else knows whatever pain i had to go through every month. i have to take the birth control. or i end up in the hospital. >> one hoe kal doctor said we could see our unintended pregnancy rates go back up with the ruling. tonight we're learning new information about the gambling abouts of the las vegas shooter. the irs reports stephen paddock won $5 million in 2015 alone. known for betting big on video game poker. the motive still unknown. las vegas police say they're confident no one else entered that hotel room prior the shooting. that came out today. 58 people were murdered. hundreds of others were injured. >> one of the largest gun shows of the east coast is getting
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under way this weekend at the fwraeter philadelphia expore center. 8,000 people are expected. we talked to today the right to own weapons is one thing. but having a bump stock isn't necessary. >> i have been beened involved in weapons forever. through the military, for the past 50 years. i never heard of a bump stock until sunday. >> gun owners say there's a difference between limiting the sale of an accessory and sale of weapons. two u.s. soldiers are dead. six more hurt after they were hit by a military vehicle. this happened tonight at fort jackson south carolina. details aren't clear. the base commander released a statement. saying quote. the vice president saw the crisis in puerto rico firsthand this afternoon.
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vp mike pence took a helicopter tour to see the damage of the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. caused by hurricane maria. the vp met with first responders and visited a church. ups started shipping again to the island from the u.s. there are special discounted rates for the rest of the month. new jersey at a time troopers are heading to puerto rico for a two week mission. about 50 left this afternoon. they'll hech direct traffic where roads are damaged and have no signal. many will work to secure gas stations and stores where survivors continue to wait in long lines for food, water, and toiletries. high school students here spent the day collecting donations for puerto rico. a school administrator has family on the island. she owns a towing company is contacted a shipping company. students donated canned goods, water and supplies.
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>> salsa night in northern liberty. helped raise money for this great cause. the night also marked hispanic heritage month. 30 organizations teamed up for two weeks. everyone's generosity paid off. $108,000 collected is headed to puerto rico. next on nbc10. holiday fun or in poor taste? the controversy surrounding this local cemetery and its halloween plans. a gold star for effort. a gold star mom helps veterans with a make over of a lif time. plus this. you can't miss this virile message. this eagles fans for panthers qb. after his controversy is blowing up online. i'm tracking weekend showers
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and how it will impact this sunday's eagles game. plus, nate is almost a hurricane. it's all coming up in many my forecast.
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tonight a terror plot is
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foiled targeting times square. the sub way system and concert venues in new york city. detectives arrested three suspects. the terrorist wanted to strike large venues in the summer of 2016. a canada suspect arrested in new jersey bought bomb making materials. he's already pleaded guilty. prosecutors want to wait until today to announce the arrest because they wanted to make sure no one else was involved. it was inspired by isis. tonight a movie mogul is on leave. amidst allegations of sexual harassment. he's taking a leave of absence to under go therapy. yesterday the new york times reported winestein reached at least eight legal settlements with women over alleged harassment. he only admits he behaved badly in the past. his company produced the movie silver linings play book. set here in philadelphia. >> a new owner of a old
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cemetery. turning it into a halloween attraction. he brings local history to life. attraction in middle town. some members of the community say the scare is disrespectful. >> it's supposed to be a fun peerngs for the community and the surrounding. >> graveyards are meant for one thing. to lay people to rest. >> the owner renamed the church after his mom who passed. he says the money from the haunted attraction will help maintain the building and cemetery. to a great story. a gold star mom is used to helping others. today she's the one that received a helping hand in the form of the home make over. home depot picked jacqueline dix [l;/ydx(puáq she runs a facilit helping local veterans transition to civilian life. named after her son ant ji. who died in iraq in 2004. an army of volunteers set out on
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a mission to fix up her home. and you can imagine she's very thankful. >> it's overwhelming. i didn't expect them to do all they're doing. it makes me feel special. >> home depole employees dedicated a brick memorial to her son in the front yard. have you seen this viral video from twitter? a young eagles fan delivers a mess and to panthers kwquarterbk in the wake of a sexist comment. >> pay attention. i'll only say it once. this is a corner route. this is a slant route. the eagles will show you on thursday night football. >> this is 7 year-old's. a birds fan from new jersey. she broke down routes in her video. after he caused a fire storm over the comments to a female reporter. he said it was funny hearing a
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woman talk about routes during a news conference. he has since apologized. speaking of the eagles. check it out. the link goes pink this month. sky force ten showing us the stadiums light up wing glowing in pink. part of the crucial catch campaign for breast cancer awareness. it happens every october. get ready to see the birds in pink gloves and pink cleats. turning now to the first alert weather. tracking nate. the tropical storm you see it on the screen baring down south. and brewing. taking aim at the u.s. louisiana and mississippi have declared a state of emergency. meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz joins us now. tracking that storm. it could bring us rain, right? >> i'm sure it will be bringing us rain. probably starting sunday night. and peek peaking monday and monday night. and we need rain. it's been 17 straight days without measurable rain.
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we have another quiet night out there. at the moment. 74 degrees. we got into the 80s again today. 60s to low 70s even at this time of night. the average high is 70. for this time of the year. yesterday 82. today 82. tomorrow may go up a bit. and sunday could be 80 or above. depending on when any showers develop. you can see nothing but a few clouds around. the closest rain in ohio. we have significant rain out in the middle of the country. some of that could be effecting us by sunday and sunday night. here's the hour by hour. we start off the day tomorrow lots of sunshine. we develop clouds. but it's another warm one in the 80s. humid. a lot like today. maybe warmer. here we go on sunday. we're talking about some showers. don't expect an all day rain.
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there are showers around. and you can't get rid of them. sunday night things start to get more serious. and then on monday, most of the computer models are bringing much more rain. some of it on the heavy side. moving through. no rain during the day tomorrow. 84. 82 in allen town. and redding. 81 in township. 83 robins ville. cooler at the shore. for the eagles game it's going to be unseasonal bli warm. a chance of a shower. or two during game. nothing like what we'll get monday. there's nate. five miles away from being a hurricane. 70 miles per hour max winds right now. it's still moving in the jep direction in new orleans. maybe trak tracking a slight bit east. it will turn and come right at us and going to rain here. from this. perhaps one to two inches
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between sunday night and monday. coming up. blunt's talents extend beyond the football field. ben simmons was rocking the rim tonight. highlights from south philly when we return.
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good evening. i'm danny pommells. the injury bug continuing to bite the eagles hard. the match up against the cardinals is looming and today today we learned smallwood is a game time decision due to a knee injury. possibly leaving blunt to carry the load. all prodefensive tackle fletcher cox out for a second straight game. he suffered in the win over the giants and hasn't practiced
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since. to the sixers now hosting the celtics in preseason game number two. markel markelle fultz sitting it out dow to shoulder soreness. coach says it's just precautionary. blunt out enjoying game as well. hits the three. simmons usually on the dishing end. this time throwing it down. receiving from tj mcconnell. eight points and five assists. sixers fall to the celtics. stay with us the high school blitz up next.
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the friday night lights shining bright. this the high school blitz.
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and a heated rivalry kick starts the coverage. in downing town. east vs. west. east coming in a perfect 6-0. ranked among the best in the state. west trying to knock off the rival and keep the play off hopes alive. the east offense more weapons than the good flick. east wins 28-21. harry trueman hosting pens berry. muscles in for the score. 47-32. oh, man. a record certificating day for lincoln rupping back sam car against washington. takes this outside. for a huge gain. car tallied 416 yards on 20 carries. a new public league record. for good measure the touch down one of the six on the day for him. lincoln rolls behind car.
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48-22. northeast and spring side. a squared. makes a house call on the far side. northeast escapes. 25-24. strawberry mansion and the night playing good defense. jackson high pointing it. go get it. makes the pick. mansion the winner 32-10. going at it. will sam yells throws deep to thompson. hauling in the big grab. they win 35-6. little crowd surfing tonight. having some fun. they welcome in a battle of unbeatens. valley squeezed out just enough runs like this one. winning 10-7. pope john paul the second taking on upper marion. he has some room to run. go get yours. big win for pope john pall going
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away 35-0. homecoming night host. headed straight for our photographer. and the end zone. the ref doesn't quite stay on his feet. still knows it's a touch down. >> spring forward. trying make something happen. no, you don't. i'm a senior and i'm getting a pick 6. number 24 takes it to the house. 28-7. >> time for the bird eye view of the action. upper dublin visiting white marsh. takes it from there. good-bye. 79 yards later, he's high fiving his boys in the end zone. they fall to upper dub lip. 28-14. homecoming for hosting chive chester. on the doorstep. they kick it in. a 3 yard house call.
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31-28. garnet valley trying to stay perfect. danny guy takes the pitch. and scoots in unscathed. for six. jaguars win 34-31 staying unbeaten. here are the options for next weeks game of the week. you can vote at or the app. you can call or text to the number on the screen. this week, a battle of unbeatens. timber creek a 20 game win streak. one of the top two defenses in region. would it be enough? our game of the week after this. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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game of the week is brought to you by your local ford store. >> we're putting on a show for the game of the week. it's been three years worth of successful wins. tonight taking on fellow unbeaten east. let's have a look. cool scene before the game. timber creek plays players on honored breast cancer awareness month. this game all leery. look at 13. perfect slant to michael johnson. who does the rest.
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that's touch down number one. just getting started. dialing long distance. perfect deep ball. that's a tu down. timber creek rolling. later this throw pure perfection. right in the bucket. a shake of the d and grabs six more for him chl route is on. one more deep throw to see what the kid really has. soft touch on a dime. leery throws for 373 yards and five touch downs. timber croak rolls. 47-3. that's all the time we have. thanks for watching. the tonight show is up next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taraji p. henson, miley cyrus, musical guests billy joel and


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