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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  October 13, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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like i mentioned, chances of rain aren't as high. we'll talk more about what that means for your day as you go forward coming up. now to traffic and pamela osborne. thank you. we'll start on the schuylkill expressway. you see our camera at south street. there's a restriction here. police activity in the corner. it doesn't seem to be blocking traffic from getting by. the next major thing that we'll be talking about that you need to know for later this evening is the closure on the northeast extensi extension. this is happening for 55 hours. goes into effect at 9:00 tonight. the northbound traffic is going to be forced off at the lehigh valley interchange. the southbound traffic is going to be forced off at the pocono interchange. the detours for that route 22, route 33, and interstate 80. check out mass transit. amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco all running on time. >> thank you. we are following breaking news about what could be a real blow to obamacare. >> president trump is planning
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to stop payments to insurers that help lower income americans afford their health insurance premiums. matt delucia joins us to may have. this could affect millions. >> reporter: right. around six million people, according to some estimates. the announcement happened a few hours ago, so it's still settling in. the white house saying this is a necessary move, while democrats are calling this a spiteful act. what is this all about? it's about the cost-sharing reduction payments. those payments reimburse your insurance company for in return lowering your out-of-pocket costs. the white house says now it cannot make those payments, adding that the decision was based on guidance from the justice department and the department of health and human services. this cost sharing mainly helps people who have lower incomes and the nonpartisan congressional budget office has said that in the short term, if this moves forward, health care premiums would go up. earlier in the day -- looking at video of president trump signing an executive order aimed at making changes to some of the
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obamacare mandates. the president said the changes will increase choices in buying health insurance and would lower prices. democrats argue it will only cause problems like weakening protections for pre-existing conditions. a lot to digest there. as for that announcement last night, it is generating some harsh reaction from some of our local lawmakers, senator casy from pennsylvania for one, calling this a cruel act that will harm families. live in the digital operations center, nbc10 news. neighbors in montgomery county who were targeted by hate mail are pushing back to show that they don't tolerate racism. the white supremacy flyer showed up in more than 5,000 mail boxes there week. the sender came up with addresses to "proud american." she thinks it has to did with the flags outside her home. others were to eagles families, a crazy cat lady.
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there were symbols promoting a white supremacy group. >> i realized why don't i try to do something to try and show that this is not our community. >> neighbors are raising money for no-hate signs around the country. one valley united is planned for sunday. people are coming together to face the hate. a cry for more help. people in the caribbean are still suffering from the recent hurricanes. yesterday president trump threatened to pull federal resources out of puerto rico. hurricane maria hit the u.s. island territory just three weeks ago. 84% of the people still don't have power. one-third don't have running water. and only 8% of puerto rico's roads are passable. the u.s. virgin islands are also in dire need of help. sarah hess and her husband live on st. thomas. they evacuated to her family's home in south jersey when hurricane irma made landfall. you see the impact of the storm on their house in the tropics.
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they took this video. the virgin islands' official facebook page said yesterday that it was the last day fema was handing out emergency food and water. hess tells us the island needs more attention. >> i can only imagine the desperation and hopelessness that people will feel. i mean, it's -- talk about kicking somebody when they're down. there's a sentiment of we don't want to be forgotten. we don't want to be lost. >> sarah says it will be at least at least months before she and her husband can return to st. thomas. more help in puerto rico. this barge with supplies left the philadelphia area nine days ago. fema will distribute the supplies across the island. fundraisers are a key source of help for puerto rico. three sisters organized this event at field house in center city, philadelphia, last night. we introduced you to the sisters last month. they hadn't heard from their father in puerto rico since the
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time hurricane maria hit. an nbc news crew put them in touch thanks to a satellite phone. >> it was stressful not knowing what was going on with my parents. hearing when they came back what's going on the island still, to be able to do something that will help directly feels super good. >> if you'd like to help the victims of the hurricane season, we have information on our nbc10 app and at we're following a developing story. philadelphia police searching for the men who escaped from their custody. alex alvarado took off from temple university hospital yesterday afternoon. he has a lengthy criminal history. police say he was recently arrested for stealing a car and for a firearms violation. philadelphia's facing an ultimatum from the federal government. change your sanctuary city status, or risk losing funding from washington. the justice department issued that statement yesterday. the doj claims the city is breaking the law. mayor kenney says philadelphia is following the law by sending
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this message to immigrants. >> we're going to protect them and follow the law and listen to what the judiciary tells us. we are not going to abandon them. >> the mayor added he won't be intimidated by the federal government. sanctuary cities limit police cooperation with federal immigration authorities. if you plan on driving the pennsylvania turnpike in the virginia this weekend, get -- in lehigh valley this weekend, get ready for a major closure. it will add an extra hour to your commute. the turnpike will be closed from the allentown exit to the pocono exit for the weekend. crews will be replacing a bridge at mile marker 57. this type of project normally takes 18 months. a super speedup will get it done in 55 hours this weekend. hopefully there will be less traffic on the road. drivers are already planning ahead. >> just do a little planning ahead. get out the gps. find out what alternative ruts
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are. >> i think it's better -- alternatives are. >> i think it's better this way. >> the closure will begin at 9:00 and last until 4:00 monday morning. you can get more information on the nbc10 app. 4:07. short week, on the road. no problem for the first-place eagles who beat the carolina panthers in thursday night football. carson wentz had the birds' offense humming. jalen mills intercepted cam newton in the red zone late in the game. once again the birds did not turn the ball over this game. and owner jeffrey laurie presides over the 5-1 division leader. coming up at 4:30, reaction from the eagles who are off until a week from monday when they host washington. >> i'm feeling just a little sleepy morning. >> are you? >> i couldn't turn it off.
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you keep talking about the football game. i'll talk weather for a minute. radar and satellite. we've got a pretty good picture. there's some clouds over our area. and not nearly the rain that we saw yesterday morning. let's talk about what's happening here. there's high pressure centered over to the northeast. and there's low pressure centered down to our south. the rotation around a low-pressure center is pushing the winds this way. the rotation around the high pressure pushing the winds this way. we've got something called an onshore flow that's pushing our direction. it's going to be a lighter wind than yesterday. it's still going to kind of push a little of the moisture our direction which means there's a chance of light showers and sprinkles mostly over delaware and jersey as we progress throughout the daytime hours. not a lot of rain, but sprinkles out there. this is the hour-by-hour model. the clouds stay in place throughout the entire day. that's the gray layer. there's a few showers popping up at 8:00 a.m. on the future model here. i think this model's too gracious with the rain.
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still, some spot showers picking up here in the afternoon, 2:30. then scattering, possibly all the way to allentown as we get into the afternoon/evening hours. that is it. not really a steady rain. not a long period. if anything it's a brief use of the windshield wipers in the afternoon commute home. right now, dry. 58 degrees in philadelphia. cloudy. winds will not be as strong as yesterday where we had gusts 25 to 35 miles per hour. instead, they'll remain around 15 to 20. gusts could get to 25. breezy. 61 at 10:00 a.m. in the afternoon, mid to upper 60s for highs today. just a smidge warmer than what we saw yesterday where we mostly stayed in the low 60s. at the jersey shore, 63. spot showers again possible this morning. cloudy through the day with temperatures that cap in the upper 60s. we'll talk more about the conditions across our neighborhoods coming up in a few minutes. plus, we'll look at the weekend forecast. >> krystal klei, see you in a
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few minutes. 4:09. talking about being bleary-eyed. i think the entire delaware valley probably bleary-eyed this morning. >> maybe people will be more friendly on the roads. than people aren't. on a friday, everybody's trying to get somewhere. >> exactly. there was roadwork in the northbound lanes. everything is clear around girard. that's good to go. i'm going to touch on the northeast extension, the turnpike closure you mentioned. this will impact about 30,000 drivers. beginning at 9:00, the northeast extension will close for 55 hours. if you're traveling northbound, you're going to get off at the lehigh valley interchange. if you're going southbound, it's going to be the pocono interchange. the detours will take you around route 22, route 33, and interstate 80, as well. before you go, we'll look at new jersey drive times. everything is clear and in the green right now.
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>> thanks. 4:10. >> rescue from the taliban. >> a pennsylvania mother and her family are finally free after years in captivity. their story next. plus, it's still an uphill battle, but as the death toll rises, we're learning there is progress fighting the california wildfires. we'll hear from the people who have lost everything next. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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♪ after five years in captivity, a pennsylvania woman, her canadian husband, and their three children are free following a rescue in afghanistan. the taliban captured the couple while they were hiking in 2012. the u.s. says pakistani forces rescued caitlyn coleman, her
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husband joshua boyle, and their children wednesday night. the family is still in islamabad. nbc news reports that boyle refused to board a plane pounced for the u.s. pakistani officials said they acted on american intelligence. no u.s. military forces were involved, but they were standing by in case they were needed. yesterday president trump spoke about the rescue at the white house. >> the pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is honoring america's wish that it do more to provide security in the region. >> caitlyn coleman is originally from stuartstown in york county, 100 miles west of philadelphia. members of the family posted a note on the house that says they appreciate the interest and concern but are asking for privacy as they sort out their plans. pennsylvania senator bob casey issued a statement praising the release of the family that reads, "our nation owes an
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immeasurable debt of gratitude to the law enforcement, military personnel, and diplomats who made their safe recovery possible." questions remain about the timeline of events during the las vegas shooting massacre. now a difference between minutes and seconds. according to a u.s. official, the mandalay bay hotel waited to call police after steven paddock -- stephen paddock fired at security guards. six minutes later he began firing into the concert crowd. the owner is disputing the claim. mgm resort says the shootings happened at the same time over within 40 seconds after the guard called for police. the casino says police were in the building at the time and responded immediately to the shooter's floor. jason aldean played his first public concert since the shooting and paid tribute to the victims. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them, their family, and
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everybody who was injured and everybody who was there. people may not have physical scars, it's going to be a mental thing for people for a long time. >> aldean and his bands resumed their tour in tulsa, oklahoma, last night. they were on stage when the gunman opened fire on the crowd of concertgoers killing 58 and injuring hundreds more. 4:16. out west, wildfires raging in northern california have burned their way to a disturbing record. flames and smoke have killed 31 people, making the fires the deadliest in california's history. crews are making some progress, while officials are searching for bodies among the ruins. nbc's gina kim reports from wine country in napa. >> reporter: the 40 mile-an-hour winds that firefighters expected didn't happen, giving them a much-needed break to gain the upper hand and transition to recovery mode. >> fire crews are making progress, and we're beginning to
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contain the fire. >> the winds are still predicted to diminish through the day. >> reporter: the numbers remain staggering -- some 3,500 homes and buildings burned including, at last count, 17 wineries and an untold number of organic farms popular in the wine country where the worst of the fires have been raging. >> i've been up in calistoga for like 18 years. we've had small fires but nothing as devastating as what's going on. >> reporter: along with stories of despair are stories of heroism like that shown by a pair of california highway patrol helicopter pilots who rescued their lives -- who risked their lives to rescue a family of five surrounded by flames. >> it was close. i called my daughter and told her, if i don't see you again, remember i love you. >> reporter: officials expect the number of casualties to go up as they locate the hundreds still missing. >> so far in the recoveries, we have found bodies that were almost completely intact, and we
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have found bodies that were nothing more than ash and bones. >> reporter: still no word on the cause of the fires, but investigators are looking into the possibility they were started by downed power lines. nbc news, napa. and the woman you see on the left is a lifesaver for her family who ended up losing their home to flames in california wine country. kristin johnson is a volunteer my favorite. she packed her car -- volunteer firefighter. she packed her car and moved her family to safety monday. she then returned to help people evacuate for the next 24 hours. she returned with her mother only to find ashes where her home once stood. >> we grabbed what we could carry in our cars, and we left. >> it's devastating. people are okay. stuff gone. we'll replace it. >> johnson's neighborhood remains under a mandatory evacuation. >> difficult situation out west in california. we'll continue to watch it. >> hard.
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our prayers go out to those folks. let's find out what's happening in the weather. 58 degrees, a cool start. >> you're right. looking at a cool start to the day. a forecast that's kind of similar to yesterday. the difference is we're not going to see as much rain as we did yesterday. the winds won't be quite as strong. radar and satellite is answer we're starting here. we have clouds in place. that's the gray overlay that you see. the sprinkles of green, those are sprinkles of rain trying to make it to the ground. it's over ocean waters. wouldn't be surprised if we get light rain over sussex, cape may county, extending farther north. many of us will be on the dry side, just cloudy, kind of dreary out there, as well. here's our philadelphia neighborhood temperatures. they really are cooler than we've been experiencing over the last few days. we promised we'd have the fall feel for a couple of days. here's day two. 55 chestnut hill, west mt. airy. 55 at the airport now. 56 fox chase. these temperatures, mid to upper 50s, will rise to about the mid to upper 60s for high
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temperatures today. not a big warmup, but we will see a little bit warmer conditions than yesterday. 68 in center city. 66 in summerton. 66 for lansdale. cooler, low to mid 60s for the lehigh valley. in new jersey, 65 trenton. possibly warmer for voorheis. spotty showers are possible over the jersey shore, cape may to ocean city, and look at delaware. 68 in wilmington. a spot shower in smyrna to rehoboth beach, also possible where temperatures will be a smidge warmer in the upper 60s. we'll go through that hour by hour. we keep with the clouds all day. we may see spotty showers or sprinkles at best really as we get into the afternoon and early evening. this is 9:00 this evening. still drops possible. this is not going to ruin plans you might have. date night, it's probably not going to ruin the hair. you're good to get out there. it's just going to be gray, a little damp. into saturday morning, same deal. still kind of cloudy and also still spotty showers in the forecast. these could pack a little more
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of a punch. not heavy, not dangerous. some showers actually making it to the ground over new jersey and delaware. this is 4:00 in the afternoon. they start to weaken as we get into the night. sunday is looking better of the two days. here are your weekend temperatures. 76 in philly saturday. up to 82 on sunday. cooler, the suburbs, lehigh valley, and the mid 70s for areas like new jersey. look at sunday, we've got 80s out there for many spots on sunday. we're also dry. speaking of those conditions, i'll be out in dillworthtown wine fest. things are looking nice. up to 80 at 2:00 p.m. >> thanks. looking forward to your appearance there. >> yeah. 4:21 on this friday. >> let's check in with pam and find out what's happening in jersey. >> mt. laurel. take a look. traffic moving smoothly in either direction. i'm not seeing any problems either way that you look at it. there is one problem i have to let you know about that will
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impact your driving perhaps later this evening. bridge repair is going on the p.a. turnpike around the northeast extension. it will close that stretch of road down for about 55 hours. beginning at 9:00 tonight. let's take a look at exactly what's going on here. if you're going southbound, you'll could forced off at the pocono interchange right here in this area. your detours for that, route 22, route 33, and i-80. going northbound, you'll be forced off at the lehigh valley. again, in effect until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a look at mass transit, amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco all running on time. a marine veteran who lost both his legs when he stepped on a bomb in afghanistan will run a marathon in philadelphia today. rob jones will start at the temple university boathouse and make several trips up and down the schuylkill river trail. this is just one part of his ambitious journey.
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jones plans to complete 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days. we will be cheering him on. >> good job. another friday night of football a few hours away. >> we're getting geared up for the high school blitz game of the week chosen by you, the fans. this week it was a close one. the game you selected is camden catholic at shawnee. we'll have complete highlights from the game as well as the others. uni unionville, downingtown east, you'll get love. don't worry. more at 11:00. >> we've got you covered. the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth this halloween. >> turns out it's ranked near the top when it comes to collecting candy when you go out trick-or-treating. >> winwood, shout out. >> the best neighborhoods to hit up we heard one from rosemary now apparently. ahead in the next half hour, road to recovery. former eagle john doorenbaugh on
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his lifesaving surgery. and the eagles sending brotherly love to each other on social media. ♪
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trump has tapped the nominee to replace john kelley. and it's kirsten neilson. >> will work every day to protect and secure our homeland. >> neilsen is a white house chief of staff under kelley and served former president george
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w. bush. energy secretary rick perry will be in philadelphia to meet with local business leaders and energy industry experts. the forum at espn's landing willics -- at penn's landing will focus on pipeline projects, oil refining, and innovation. philadelphia scores again in a nationwide candy competition. ranks philadelphia the number-three city for the place where kids can get the most candy in the shortest time. the top neighborhoods for trick-or-treat regular point breeze, oxford circle, ju in this ata park, queen village, where my parents live, and southwest schuylkill near university city. happy trick-or-treating. coming up, a blow to the affordable care act after signing bills aimed at weakening obamacare yesterday. president trump is expected to pull the plug on subsidies that help millions of people afford insurance. we'll break it down for you. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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it's part of nature's cycle of life. but when those seasons are filled with moments of uncertainty, untimely change, are your loved ones protected? call about the colonial penn program to help protect your loved ones from the burden of your final expenses. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance for just $9.95 a month. that's less than 35 cents a day. your premium never goes up, and your benefit will never go down due to age--guaranteed. what's more, you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. you cannot be turned down because of your health. seasons change. life can be unpredictable. provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones by calling now. you'll be glad you did. (gentle music)
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health care dlilemma. the president is planning to end government payments russia help offset the cost of coverage. shooting arrest. we're following new details about what led up to the death of a 19-year-old lehigh valley man who was shot and killed after a car crash. blasting through the obstacles. playing in a short week and on the road, the eagles notch a win over the carolina panthers. if you're not pumped this morning, you don't have a heartbeat. you weren't watching last night's game, i guess. >> it was a good win. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" effofirst look at 4.


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