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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 23, 2017 3:35am-4:01am EDT

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information. we don't know who is doing this. >> reporter: ms. whitley heard the gunshots during the second murder. the body of monday kica hoff a in an empty lot across the street. >> this is too close to home. across the street from your house. i'm up at night looking out the windows trying to see what's going on. it's very scary. >> our thanks to myra rodriguez for that report. >> senate hearing for bergdahl starts today. he is facing life in priz after pleading guilty to endangering comrades after leefrming his post in 2009. the judge is expected to hear testimony about the serviceman who was hurt searching for bergdahl. he was catch toured by the taliban and held captive five years. an exclusive interview by britain's time magazine, he said coming home was harder than the five years he spent as a hostage. he tells the times the taliban was honest enough to say i'm
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going to be the guy who is going to cut your throat. here it's the guy i pass in the corridor who could sign me away for life. president trump called him a traitor and suggested he should be shot. when asked about the remarks bergdahl said he's a politician, but i know i can't convince the people who say just string him up and shoot him. so, you just move on. >> more than a month after hurricane maria, puerto rico remains in crisis. the financially strapped island's power grid is still in shambles and millions remain without electricity. over the weekend one of puerto rico's former governors criticized the trump administration's recovery efforts, tweeting what he says is a photo of doctors performing surgery using cell phones as flashlights. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on puerto ricans are trying to cope with this ongoing disaster. >> this is where all the tables would have been. >> reporter: the restaurant jackie reyes owns in san juan is torn apart. and more than a month after hurricane maria, time is standing still. >> just think about one month
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without your income. that puts you like six months behind in your personal economy. >> reporter: across puerto rico's capital, the hum of generators is the sound track of a crippling reality. 80% of the u.s. territory is still without power. many businesses relying on cash and paper instead of credit cards and computers, a modern dark age. jose, a professor at the university of puerto rico, estimates the island has already lost nearly $3 billion in economic output since the storm. >> not just people, but some businesses are also migrating because they cannot operate. >> reporter: more than $70 billion in debt before maria, puerto rico is now mired in even deeper financial quick sand. damages reach up to $95 billion. joaquin's coffer ee shop also has no electricity and he's desperate to get his business running again. >> i've been closed for 33 days.
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>> reporter: jackie reyes is now trying to convince her employees not to leave for the u.s. main land. >> it's going to take a little time, but we can get back even better than we were. >> reporter: she may not have power, but she does have hope. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> now to 16 people who have been arrested in the largest sweep of animal trafficking in southern california. this is a result of a month's long investigation called operation jungle book. the u.s. fish and wildlife service said friday each has been charged with federal crimes of legal importation and transportation of several live species. agents seized some 200 animals including severely under weight bengal tiger and king cobra smuggled inside potato chip canes. >> bill karins has details on the stormy weather on the eastern part of the country. >> been a long time since we said that. it's been a dry fall, warm after a gorgeous weekend. it's coming to an end.
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rain in nashville, rain in your early morning commute. it will be eventually be in atlanta. bigger airports could have delays. here's the rainfall totals. this goes over the entire length of the storm here. this would go through tuesday, at least tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening. you notice a couple areas of heavy rain. one is in michigan, one to 3 inches of rain. there is the heavy rain from atlanta into the mountains of north carolina all the way back up to west virginia. and then this is tomorrow. that heavy rain moving up through philadelphia possibly new york city into areas of northern new england. so, for today we are still dry from d.c. northward. that will change into your tuesday. the wet weather today, chicago, nashville, a xz?ho airbnb.
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restaurant shows the suv in reverse and crashes into the side of the restaurant. the elderly driver the vehicle was issued citations for reckless driving and improper backing and also taken to the hospital along with the other victims. >> leading the news this morning, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sharply criticize iz former white house chief strategist steve bannon suggesting that bannon is a specialist at nominating people who lose. the kentucky senator took issue with bannon's pledge to defeat every senate republican up for reelection in 2018 except for ted cruz. bannon argued many gop incumbents are blocking trump from achieving his nationalist agenda. in an interview on "fox news sunday," mcconnell said trying to cook up an issue like this is only going to make it more difficult for us to win in november. >> now to an alert, if your offeror weekend get away, someone could be spying on you, police warn, after hidden cameras were uncovered inside some airbnb rentals and hotels.
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nbc correspondent jeff ross enshows you how to find them and protect your privacy. >> reporter: this husband and wife just aren'ted an airbnb in florida. they noticed that smoke detector hanging in the bedroom is actually a hidden camera aimed directly at their bed. the airbnb homeowner now banned and charged with video voirism. the spy cams are so tiny they can fit into anything, from a thumb drive to sunglasses, to a key chain. >> okay. this is an everyday household alarm clock and we have a camera hidden in this. >> i don't see it at all. is there a lens in there? >> yes, there is a lens in there. >> reporter: if fits right into any home. >> completely invisible. >> reporter: think you could spot them? we set up an experiment at this house with the family away. we placed 14 hidden cameras all over. come on in, guys. welcome back to your own home. they're walking around no clue our cameras are watching them. we have eyes on the family in nearly every room.
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the kitchen, the living room, walking upstairs. even inside the master bedroom. when they come back downstairs, i have a surprise. we've planted hidden cameras all over this house. >> you did it quickly. we were unsuspecting. >> that's a little scary. >> reporter: so, what can you do to prevent this from happening to your family? our expert says you can buy a radio frequency finder like this one pretty cheap on amazon. we know this camera has wi-fi. we put it here. it has been detected. >> reporter: walk around the hotel room and do this. >> as easy as that, yes. >> reporter: airbnb said cases are rare, but it takes privacy extremely seriously and cameras are never allowed in bathrooms or bedrooms. a new warning so you're not stunned on your next vacation. jeff ross en, nbc news. >> so alarming it is so easy to do. you never know. >> very creepy, very creepy. just ahead, a very famous celebrity wedding crasher tears
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♪ ♪ all right. you recognize that, along with the bride and groom, they were celebrating as newlyweds when katie perry decided to crash the
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reception. she attended the janet jackson concert in st. louis. she chronicled the fun on her instagram story. as you can guess, the wedding guests snapped pictures. the couple right there. wedding already, they're going to remember it forever. but even more so they have katie perry. >> if i were the celebrity that would be the most fun to do. just crashing weddings, crashing things. everybody is always happy to see you. >> a thing or two about crashing those weldings. >> that's right. at the box office this weekend tyler perry's boo 2, scaring uptick et sales. the movie beat expectations bring in close to $22 million, well above the 19 million it was expected to take in. the big budget disaster movie geo storm starring gerard butler claimed second place with 13.3 million. meanwhile, the big screen adaptation of steven king's it is still going strong this weekend. it topped $650 million worldwide. >> smart leading up to
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halloween, everybody wants to get their spook on. it will do it for you. some of hollywood's biggest a-listers spoke out about the sexual harassment of harvey weinstein. they promised the stars would stop to talk to reporters about the topic instead of just taking photos and heading inside. among them julianne moore who stressed the problem extends beyond hollywood and should be treated as a criminal act. matt damon noted one of the most powerful people of hollywood has been banished which means the tides are changing. the film's director george clooney said this. >> i think we're going to have to get to the point where women feel safe to talk about this, where they feel believed, and where the men who do this don't feel safe. that seems to be the secret to this. it has to be that they can't think that they can get away with this any more. >> glad we're starting to see that. >> and hearing more and more as these voices of these women come out and not just hollywood, all a krogs the board, too when it's
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in the mountains to san diego. it sets us up with the santa ana winds. we have the winds funneling down through the mountains. temperatures will be high, humidity extremely low. it will be over 100 degrees over the next two days. and the humidity is going to be about 5 to 10%. if a fire forms in those conditions, with these winds gusting to 50 miles per hour and these temperatures in this humidity the fire would spread rapidly. we don't want any fires to form. hopefully none will and it won't be an issue, it will just be windy and hot. that's the scary part for fire fighters. if one does it is almost as if they are uncontrollable in conditions like this. the other story today is all the rain through the great lakes, ohio valley and southeast. all eyes on california with what happened two, three weeks ago. >> bill, thank you. still ahead, they worked for nasa and were celebrated in an oscar nominated film. now their stories are inspiring young women around the world. (cheering)
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promoting her father's plan. ivanka trump will be in bucks county today to talk tax reform. the big change the administration wants to make that she says will help middle-class families. stunt mistake. philadelphia polices are hurt while performing tricks outside the pennsylvania convention center. how they're doing this morning. food plant fire. crews worked for hours to put out this blaze at a berks county warehouse. a busy monday morning. thanks for being with us. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. we'll get right to meteorologist krystal klei with the first alert neighborhood weather. mild to start. >> yeah. we're looking at change in the hair today. you can tell because we're -- in the air today.
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you can tell because we're looking at a tight view that's different from over the weekend. it was a clear picture, a lot of sunshine. today we'll have a lot of clouds. this morning we also have fog on top of that. these clouds are rolling in from the west. that's ahead of a cold front that is sitting still well to the west. it's pretty obvious where it is. look at the rain. it's going to pump our direction as we go through today. it's not going to make it to us, though, until tomorrow. today, fairly dry, a few sprinkles are possible. a lot of clouds in the forecast, especially into the afternoon hours. this morning, some areas of dense fog are possible. we can see that with areas where visibility has dropped. philadelphia at least at the airport down to a half-mile visibility. quarter maul in parts of wilmington. a half mile in lancaster. fog is based off of the moisture content in the air. moisture content at the ground is like a river. it will move through the morning hours. some of the other numbers may lower throughout the morning. as for temperatures, mild. a lot of us in the 60s.
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we'll talk about the temperatures for this afternoon and when to expect the rain coming up in a few minutes. right now, we'll go to traffic and jessica boyington. thanks. starting this morning out on the vine street expressway. here we are vine around 24th street. so far, so good here, as well. we're open, too. not dealing with any construction problems here. westbound toward the schuylkill, eastbound toward 95. you'll get there fine. moving into center city on the schuylkill expressway from the blue route to the vine, a 12-minute trip. speeds into the 60s. same for 95. the blue route southbound from the schuylkill from 95, 15 minutes for the total drive time. everything looks pretty much normal. we end with mass transit on or close to schedule for amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco. >> thanks. 4:00 a.m. later today, ivanka trump will be in bucks county to promote her father's tax reform plan. while she's pushing for changes to the tax code to help work force -- help working families, her father is warning members of congress to prepare


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