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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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your purchase will benefit childhood cancer research. you can buy the bracelet and see the story which is so, so special. it's on, or tap our free nbc10 app. >> carson wentz certainly a leader on the field and definitely off the field. >> so touched by the story, the little boy and his family. now for more of the stories we're following at 6:00 -- >> first, breaking news in philadelphia. a woman's body found stuffed in a trash bag why. why police are -- trash bag? why police are having trouble getting the investigation. and helping prepare you for potentially severe storms that could bring strong winds and flooding today. eagles on top. the rising star shines again. we have all the winning moments that fans will be buzzing about today. butler county to cover on this tuesday -- plenty to cover on this tuesday including that green blob on the screen. we'll get to that. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today," i'm rosemary
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connors. >> glad to have you with us. i'm tracy davidson. rain is here. power is out for more than 13,000 homes and businesses in gloucester county. thousands more scattered across south jersey and delaware. the storm is moving in, already tore through the south. [ thunder ] trees fell on houses, homes crumbled, and tractor-trailers tossed on buildings in north carolina yesterday. now the first of the storm is moving into our area. we have team coverage in the first alert weather and traffic centers. tracking the storms and problems on the roads, storm force 10 is out ready to check on the conditions that you'll face on your commute. we begin with meteorologist krystal klei where the storms are now. >> we have to begin with radar and satellite. the first alert radar showing we have broken showers that are moving through. the spots of yellow are the pockets of heavier rain. you might think they don't look that bad. some of us not even getting rain. that is true, but we're going to have another line of storms generating as we get into the
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late morning and afternoon hours. that may also pack a punch. this morning, it's been strong winds -- that's on top of periodic spots with spotty showers, say the next hour or so. during the commute, you might luck out and just need to use the low-speed windshield wipers. wind gusts something you'll feel throughout the morning hours. they may strengthen a bit during the morning hours. around 30 mile-per-hour gusts in philadelphia, millville, atlantic city, and dover. dover's wind gusts over 50 miles per hour, now at 26 in wilmington. these strong winds have already caused some damage, power outages and reports of limbs down across areas. that is going to be a problem throughout today. the highest threat across the region. flash flooding may occur. what i mean is if you've got a street where there's a bunch of leaves, that may pile up the water, it may be difficult for a period if heavy rain rolls
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through the neighborhood. lightning chances and hail don't look super likely. spot lightning possible in the afternoon. can rule out an isolated tornado. we'll talk about where and when this happens coming up. first to traffic and jessica boyington. >> watching the boulevard, too, our cameras in wissahickon avenue now. everything's okay. problems, this one in dennis township. pap papermill road closed both directions. police directing traffic around the scene. route 73 in mt. laurel at 295. both directions okay. starting to see damp spots. ending in mass transit, minor delays for warminster train 409. just about ten minutes late. come in amtrak, patco, and new jersey transit doing all right. when severe weather strikes,
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we show you what drivers face. katy zachry is in malvern county. this time of year could contribute to the slippery conditions on the road. >> reporter: yeah. we'll talk about the leaves falling on the wet ground and how it will make things slippery later this morning. we were talking about storm force 10, one of the fleet of vehicles. we're out in the weather because we want to show the conditions. malvern, western part of philadelphia. this front is moving in. we're seeing the effects. light to moderate rain. the wind is strong. right now it's at the lowest point that we've seen so far this morning.
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these street signs have been moving well in the wind. flags, flowerpots, trees, king street. feeling the effects. the buttery cafe, they have a lot of porch furniture outside, outside seating. their furniture is secure. when we first got to malvern, we saw a number of outdoor umbrellas that had been picked up and thrown down the street. wear your rain gear. and when you're driving to work or school, avoid those areas where the leaves have congregated on the wet surface. wet leaves can be as slippery as ice. reporting live in malvern, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> thanks. count on nbc10 for the latest forecast as the storm passes through our region. we'll have weather updates every ten minutes throughout the hour
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in this newscast on the air. make sure you have the free app to get a specific forecast for your neighborhood any time. 6:06 and 72 degrees. monday night suits the eagles just right. the league-leading birds 6-1 after the victory in washington. >> another sellout crowd at the linc got their money's worth from carson wentz. the birds' second-year quarterback got on track a little late in the first half. hey, yeah, crowd pleaser. >> we'll take it. >> we'll take the touchdown throw to matt collins. wentz was warming up and threw three more touchdowns on the night to remember. >> i feel confident in all the guys. i just got to get the ball to them, let them make plays. we're picking up big chunks down the field. guys are winning, i'm putting it ther there. >> another rising star, rhys hoskins said, "i see you carson wentz."
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#wentzylvania. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! [ cheers ] >> and fans. got to talk about the fans. the faithful spilled out of the linc doing their best eagles cheers and heckling leftover washington fans. >> aw. >> carson wentz, something else man. our defense stepped up without darby even though he was ruled out. unbelievable, crazy. divisional game. got the win. that's all you can ask for. >> so serious. we're taking it seriously -- >> despite the painted green beard and birds' cap. fans are happy to have a short week ahead. the eagles will host the winless san francisco 49ers sunday at the linc. now to the other top stories we're following starting with breaking news in north philadelphia. police say a woman's body was found partially stuffed in a trashbag on westmoreland street at 19th street. the woman had facial injuries,
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and police having a hard time identifying her. stay with us for updates on the story. this morning, we're learning from police a 15-year-old boy heard gunfire last night in cobbs creek. the next thing he knew, bullets started hitting him. his parents rushed him to the hospital in their own car. the teen was struck twice at christian and the 58th street. he's in stable condition. philadelphia police have not made any arrests. radnor township residents demanded answers from commissioners who said they can't get rid of president phillip arr. he resigned as president in light of the child porn charges against him but refuses to resign as a commissioner. board members told the angry crowd if arr doesn't resign, they can only remove him once he's convicted, if he's convicted on the charges. 6:08. 72 degrees outside the nbc10 studios, warm. here's a live look down the shore at beach avenue in cape
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may. we can see the rain is falling. >> more to come today. we'll find out details from krystal klei and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> we issued this yesterday to give you advanced warning of what to expect. from 5:00 to 8:00 a.m., the first alert, damaging winds. other things we may see, thunderstorms, a few possibly turning severe. that would be in the afternoon hours. from noon to 5:00 felt specifically it looks like over the new jersey neighborhoods, there's a chance of that occurring. this afternoon, you have the leaves and grass and things collecting over storm drains, slippery conditions. we have not had a good rain in a while. you might not have noticed that they are clogged, and that made lead to flooding, as well. all reasons we issued the first alert. not going to be the easiest day
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to dry, get around, and not going to be an enjoyable one on. radar and satellite, the cold front separates the air masses. this is sometimes what you get -- a line of showers and storms. i know you probably think, well, it looks broken over us. we'll be done soon enough. the front will linger today. it's going to keep pulling in storms as we go even into the afternoon hours. this will not be completed just in the morning. i know you see this blank area down south. don't get too excited yet. we have scattered showers that are moving over parts of the suburbs, lehigh valley, berks county. the yellow are the pockets of heavier rain that's falling. farther south into south jersey, the shore, pockets of heavier rain. not all of us seeing rain. many of us will notice damp roadways. the temperatures, low, mid 70s. some of us in the upper 60s now.
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the numbers won't move much. when you get a break of clouds, it may pick up a degree. with rain, it may drop a degree. it will wobble near the low 70s pretty much consistently the rest of the day. here's a quick look at your philadelphia planner. 72 currently. a short-term possible through 2:00 p.m. we will start to dry things out in the late afternoon and evening. we'll stay windy, though, throughout the day. we'll talk more about the wind gusts coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll get you to the roads and jessica boyington. looking at south and the eastbound side, it just cleared a minute okay. here it was to the right-hand shoulder. we are starting to see a little delay and a little bit of problems that pop up. watching wet roads, as well. watching a crash, too, a new one in pottstown, high street around beech street. also in new castle, a crash on
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495 southbound ramp to terminal avenue at 2. in delaware, 95 moving northbound and southbound. not seeing any major problems. 11 minutes on the northbound side from 295 to 495. speeds there still into the 60s, too. philadelphia takes police protection to a new level. and federal agents storm urgent care centers across our region surprising patients and doctors. the illegal activity that authorities say may have been happening inside.
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6:15. we've issued a first alert for storms that will affect our area. some regions already seeing
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rain. strong winds are already gust flooding areas. nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei will have more details about the timing of the storm coming up in a few minutes. imagine trying to see a doctor when federal agents come charging through the door. that's what happened to patients at a string of local urgent care centers. officers from four federal agencies raided ad vapsed urge -- advanced urgent care centers in philadelphia, montgomeryville, and willow grove. investigators suspect the offices are pill mills. authorities tell us that's when doctors or fapharmacists prescre drugs to people who don't really need them. people who live and work nearby tell us they've noticed a lot of activity at the facility with many people coming and going in recent weeks. sources tell nbc10 the chain's owner is in federal custodi. 6:16 on this tuesday. the philadelphia police department is protecting its officers with a new kind of patrol car. this is one of the 150 cars and suvs that will include ballistic
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shields. the bulletproof shields cover the car's front doors and windows, as well. the 18th police district in west philadelphia will be the first to install them. in the past two years, two officers from the district have been shot inside their patrol cars. officer jesse hartnett and sergeant sylvia young. both officers, as you see, survived the shootings. we warned you ned that today's ride to work could be rough. it could be wet. let's check and see how it's going. >> jessica boyington keeping an eye on it for us. >> so far it looks typical. starting on 422, we're seeing delays on the eastbound side at 29. also watching a disabled vehicle into the shoulder. two vehicles involved here. and we're losing that right-hand shoulder. the lanes are still open. again, starting to see eastbound delay moving toward the schuylkill expressway right now. pottstown, watch for a crash on high street around beach street. mass transit starting to see significant delays. now up to 20 minutes late for
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septa's doylestown train 514. right now, amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco on or close to schedule. on dennis township, a downed tree. something we'll see more of later. route 47 around 550, paper million road. both directions blocked with the downed tree. >> we could see more downed trees later on because we've been talking about the winds this morning and what's to come. take a look at the winds on the flags. let's find out what's to come with the wind and rain with krystal klei. >> those are the big threats. the wind and the rain leading to some localized flooding out there. then this afternoon, we'll throw in the threat of spot severe storms developing, as well. on radar and satellite, this is not a bad picture. it's scattered in nature, the rain we're looking at. flex of green, mostly a light, steady rain. that's what katie's been reporting in malvern. spots of yellow, the areas
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showing if there's going to be street flooding, that's where it will happen. farther north, in our viewing area, the suburbs, berks, just scattered showers. nothing to write home about. roadways, though, likely wet as you get out the door. if you've got leaves, they get wet, they get slick for walking and driving. take it slow this morning. now we're going south. this is cape may county and cumberland county. look over morris river, that's heavy rain that's falling. entering dennis township. soon enough, this will make it to the shoreline throughout cape may county. the cape may cam has been wet. to ocean and burlington counties, woodland look ag the spots of heavier -- looking at spots of heavier rain. notice pemberton, the areas fairly dry meaning rain is not falling. the roadways are wet. this has been rolling across the region. the storm thunderstorm risk. this is a national organization.
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analyzes where the best chance of strong to severe thunderstorms is. the area in yellow today. the areas in green could see an isolated thunderstorm. stronger stuff includes philly but is most likely reserved for new jersey. these are also spots that could see an isolated tornado due to the strong winds we're dealing with. no guarantee, but something to watch for. it's a good reason to have our app on hand. that will alert you the second we have that knowledge. our-by-hour model, there will be breaks in rain. strong winds in place. more rain will come say late morning and really into the afternoon. around lunchtime, a spot thunderstorm may develop near philadelphia. better chance of the line developing is around 2:00 p.m. from 2:00 to 6:00, moving offshore through 8:00 p.m. left with breezy to wet conditions overnight. could see a lingering shower into wednesday, but not as likely. we'll talk about the wind gusts. mostly in the 30s.
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they could pick up to gusts around 45 miles per hour with a frontal passage. 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. they'll die down this evening. breezy to windy this morning and into tonight. we'll wrap with your forecast rain totals. around three quarters of an inch possible in philadelphia. a half inch to inch what we are expecting. the highs today not going budge from what we're seeing this morning. low and mid 70s. >> thank you. ahead, help for puerto rico. new jersey state police can't stand by and just do nothing. their mission to serve next. also ahead, eagles are on a mission, too, at 6:30. the flight for justice that's getting players up early and on the road to pennsylvania's capitol. and nbc10 today is going on the road. tomorrow, we'll visit the wawa on west chester pike in upper darby. bill henley will be there starting at 4:00, and jessica and i will join him after the morning show.
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today on capitol hill the senate will vote on a funding package that provides disaster relief money to puerto rico. the bill would replenish the funds in fema's accounts and send $500 million to the island. more than half of the money will go to help restore power and water services. in delaware, members of the national guard will leave for puerto rico in a few hours. their mission is to help get supplies where they're needed. the soldiers expect to be there for two months. new jersey state police officers refuse to let puerto rico fall by the wayside. 60 officers are assisting with traffic control, providing security, and houston relief. and singer lin-manuel miranda is using his single "almost like playipraying" to st puerto rico. he is donating the $1.29 it costs to buy the digital download toward the relief
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effort. get a look at the making of the song tonight at 7:00 on nbc10. nchlt a live look at penn's landing. as sun comes up, wet roadways and strong gusts to greet you. we'll talk about how long this dreary weather lasts before things cool down coming up. ahead, following breaking news in north philadelphia where a woman was found dead on a sidewalk overnight. nbc10 is talking with neighbors about what they saw hours before. and later, a sideline reunion. carson wentz greets a family of fans that has forged a special connection to the quarterback. nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney.
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he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes
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for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. a first alert day at nbc10.
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we're making sure you're prepared as rain and wind move in for the rush. mystery on the sidewalk. a woman found dead, stuffed in a trash bag along a philadelphia street. short turnaround. some of your favorite eagles are up early this morning and on a mission for change just hours after last night's primetime victori. employment plenty to get to. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm tracy davidson. we have issued a first alert to warn you about potentially severe storms moving in this morning. already having an impact especially in gloucester county where 13,000 homes and businesses don't have power. and we just learned that franklin township public schools are opening two hours late. now that same system hit the carolinas yesterday with strong winds, flooding rain, and potential of tornadoes. you see the roof on top of a car just west of winston-salem north carolina, wind tossed around planes and cars at the airport
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near charlotte. now for the impact here, let's get to meteorologist krystal klei. she's been tracking what's ahead. >> yeah, looking at first alert radar and satellite now. and this picture might actually make you happy because we really just have scattered showers across the region. the areas of yellow and orange over south jersey, the shore, southern delaware, those spots have heavier rain. not even many of us have heavy rain. this is not the end of the rain. we'll have more in the late morning and early afternoon hours. light rain is falling over areas, and steady stuff ad burlington, ocean city. the wind advisory took place throughout the viewing zone. this expires at 11:00 a.m. strongest gusts hit in the morning. the strongest gusts may last through 1:00 in new jersey and
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southern delaware. that could peak in the afternoon. this morning, more about rain. the threat scale, damaging winds, spot flooding into the afternoon, those are the highest threats. lightning less likely. large hail i don't expect. can't rule out a thunderstorm either. now to traffic and jessica boyington. >> thanks. starting on 422, watching a disabled vehicle here around 29 eastbound. traffic is getting by. the eastbound side tends to get hairy at this time when we start to see delays moving toward the schuylkill. add that, and we'll see big delays. i'll check in with drive times. watching springfield for a downed tree. a lot of this will go on later. meadow lane at briar road. we're watching moving in delaware, new castle, 495 southbound ramp to terminal avenue. the exit 2.
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a crash there. updates for the rest of the morning. >> count on nbc10 for weather updates throughout the morning on the air, and you can get a specific neighborhood forecast any time with the free nbc10 app. the league-leading eagles waking one a stronghold on first place this morning. this is one of their four touchdown celebrations leading up to the win over the redskins last night. it's hard to tell this morning who's flying higher, the eagles or their fans who are pretty psyched. >> let's tall this a tie and show you -- carson wentz took off after a ten-day layoff and lit up the linc with four touchdown passes. they beat washington by ten points and improved to the league best 6-1. >> go to the playoffs. that's what i'm looking for. >> 6-1, break! >> they're doing what they're
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so supposed to do against the teams they're supposed to beat. >> nobody's messing around. season one, nobody's messing around! >> this is real early that we caught up with fans. eagles' fans don't have to wait long to see the guys in action again. the birds will be playing the winless 49ers at the linc on sunday. and it will be a short night for some of your favorite eagles because three of them are heading to harrisburg this morning to continue a fight that we've seen on and off the field this year. nbc10 has more live from outside lincoln financial field with exclusive insight on the mission in the state capitol. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, the victory only hours old at this point. workers still cleaning up after the game. a group of players have formed a players coalition. they're going to be heading to the skate capitol. they will talk with senators and state representatives about issues including the clean slate act being pushed by republican and candidate for pennsylvania governor scott wagner. the clean slate act will seal some criminal records of nonviolent offenders from public view if it becomes law.
6:35 am
other issues they'll be talking about ending mandatory minimums and more transparency in policing. >> the ball has been rolling, that's a good thing. we've seen other guys getting involved in their communities, other teams, other players. and a lot of that comes with just needing an example and being able to show how much leverage and influence we have as athletes. >> chris long and tori smith are also taking the trip to harrisburg. long is donating the remainder of his sal reeary this season t charity. reporting live, nbc10 news. and as those eagles head to harrisburg, lauren make will be in the capitol to hear what they tell lawmakers. see her live reports starting this afternoon at 4:00. following breaking news in north philadelphia. someone stuffed a woman's body in a trash bag. they found her body around 1:30 this morning on westmoreland street. neighbors told us they didn't
6:36 am
see the body there a few hours earlier. police say the woman had facial injuries, and they're having a hard time identifying her. later today, the former district attorney will learn his fate after pleading guilty to a corruption charge. seth williams resigned hours before admitting he took campaign funds and gifts in exchange for legal help. he faces up to five years in prison. the man accused of shooting people in six states will go on trial in delaware first and then be tried in maryland. radee prince is accused of shooting five co-workers in edge wootd, maryland, last week, killing three. in wilmington he shot another man. prosecutors made the decisions to go to trial in delaware first because sentencing does not include the possibility of parole. touring. begin at the historic jewish
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cemetery desecrated by vandals eight months ago thanks to $300,000 in donations and plenty of hard work. repairs are complete at mt. carmel somewhere. you may remember last february vandals damaged or destroyed more than 275 headstones. 6:37. a warm 72 degrees outside. and a wet 72 degrees as we take a look at a wet cape may. we'll get you updated with first alert meteorologist krystal klei. kweel look at a stormy -- we'll look at a stormy tuesday. the entire area under the first alert. looking now through 5:00 for there to be some rain, some wind issues. it's really in the afternoon hours that we have the bigger concern. that's when the thunderstorms possibly severe are more likely to develop specifically over i believe new jersey. damaging winds, localized flooding with pockets of heavier rain. those have been occurring through the morning hours. we have reports of power outages, downed trees as a
6:38 am
result. and i wouldn't be surprised if you wake up and areas where the leaves e leaves clogged drains or ponding of water. nothing that will stop you from getting to work. you might have to take it slower this morning. here's a look at the wind gusts. around 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. we've been hanging there all morning long. 25 mile-per-hour winds near wilmington, dover, and millville. these numbers were considerably higher. 35 to 50-plus an hour or so ago. those have died down but could strengthen as a cold front passes through. look where the cold front is now. showers and spot storms lingering up front of the front. behind it, though, we'll start clearing out. cooler temperatures, feeling like fall. today the rain will be fairly constant. the rain will be slow to pass through. it will keep generating showers and storms that you see. a pocket of heavier rain across kent, sussex county, cape may and atlantic counties. that's moving along to the north. that will brush into burlington
6:39 am
and ocean county here throughout the next hour or so. temperatures, they're starting now in the low to mid 70s in spots. upper 60s areas like pottstown. not going to move much today. i think we'll stay mostly with temperatures that are right near the low 70s. today, 75. yesterday, 77. once the cold front moves through, dropping to 60 by thursday. a pickup in time for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. 6:39 on this tuesday. we know that the morning commute could be messy out there. we want to make sure you're prepared. >> and jessica boyington with more. >> the majors look normal. by normal i mean just seeing normal volume. not a ton of problems yet. it's the back roads and where we're seeing downed wires and tries. we'll start with 95. 95 around cottman avenue here on the southbound side. see something slowdowns, too. 27 minutes on the southbound side from woodhaven to the vine.
6:40 am
speeds dropping. you see the traffic is backing up here. that's moving in toward center city. 15-minute delays due to a disabled trolley at andrews'll we'll see big delays as that continues new york stock exchange clayton over in new jersey, watching downed wires. this is new, too, on route 47 around academy street. back to you. next at 6:00, headache after a crushing heartache. >> a woman suddenly loses her husband, then she encounters trouble trying to cancel his gym membership. next, how nbc10 responds took action and what others can learn from her experience. and a hero's return. a former eagle brings his magic back to the linc and gets a roaring response coming up next.
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what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. why are south jerseyans so angry headlines at sweeney? up. sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
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a first alert is in effect for potentially severe storms today. rain and winds wellhave knocked power to 13,000 homes and businesses in gloucester county. thousands more are scattered across south jersey. franklin township public school in gloucester county a two-hour delay. anythi we'll have more with meteorologist krystal klei in a few minutes with the full forecast. now to nbc10 responds, an unexpected death left a wife dealing with her husband's credit card bill. >> when she had trouble canceling a gym membership, she turned to nbc10's harry hairston and nbc10 responds. he was a great guy. >> elaienlena's husband's death crushed her world. >> he collapsed. >> reporter: it happened in june while the couple office a cruise celebrating her birthday. >> we were on vacation in alaska, and he -- he had a
6:45 am
massive heart attack. >> reporter: in the midst of grieving, eleanor had to get steven's finances in order. one item on his credit card caught her attention -- a july membership fee for retrofitness. she called the levittown location where her has signed up in january. >> i called them and said, you know, my husband passed away, we need to cancel the subscription. she said, oh, we can't do that. we need proof. >> reporter: one problem because steven passed away in alaska, it was going to take around eight weeks to get a death certificate. >> i was angry about it that, you know, what do they think -- somebody's going to call up and lie about -- that their husband died? >> reporter: she called the corporate office but wasn't able to reach anyone or leave a message. eleanor says she asked the credit card company wito block future charges, but the card was charged again in august. she contacted nbc10 responds. we contacted retrofitness.
6:46 am
by e-mail, they said she requested the cancelation on july 28th, but the account was not canceled until august 12th. the country refunded the membership fee was june, july, and august, totaling $78.98. she's happy we were able to get her some answers. >> i just wanted to say thank you to nbc10. >> reporter: nbc10 responds. >> the people at fishman public relations who represent retrofitness say if you're faced with a situation like this, consider appointing a trusted family member to handle memberships. use different modes of communication to contact any company such as phone, e-mails, and in person. if you don't feel confident in how the situation is being handled, ask to speak with a manager and get the manager's contact information. if you have a problem, contact us. let us know. best ways to reach are on the
6:47 am
screen, and we will respond to you. a few minutes before 7:00 and the start of the "today" show. >> good morning to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> good to see you both. coming up, all eyes on capitol hill as president trump makes a rare visit to meet with senate republicans there this morning. we'll talk to one of the most vocal critics in the group. tennessee senator bob corker. ahead, celebrating the special bonds of sisters. all this week, the bush twins and their parents this morning. they will share what they call wild and wonderful stories of growing up in the spotlight. and we've got music superstar darius rucker stopping by for a live performance. >> that and more on a busy tuesday morning. back to you in fill. >> love darius. thank you so much. see you at 7:00. >> thanks. >> all right. >> surprised not wearing green. her husband, of course, is going to be -- >> disappointed. if her husband were in charge of her -- yeah. i know he makes them wear their jerseys around the house for
6:48 am
sur. 6:47. here is a live look at 95 near the girard point bridge. plenty of traffic. you see the camera shaking in the wind. >> it's windy and wet. let's find out what's to come with krystal klei. >> some of the heavier rain hasn't hit, so you might think it wasn't that bad. it's not quite over yet. on radar and satellite, we have pockets of rain and isolated thunderstorms that have developed over sussex county. this is what we had expected. a few spot thunderstorms, pockets of heavier rain, and showers in and out. that will continue. areas in the suburbs, lehigh valley, berks, blank in terms of rain. we have more falling over south jersey. we're going to parts of ocean city here where the little areas of yellow and orange near lakewood moving out of the viewing zone. that's heavier rain moving by. we go south, just now out of cape may county to atlantic county. corbin city to near galloway township, that's a pocket of
6:49 am
heavier rain. like i mentioned, there's the spot storm that just developed over kent and sussex county the last couple of minutes. on the model, most of the rain we first saw this morning is starting to exit. that's just the first round of on and off showers that are going to continue kind of lingering through the morning here. 8:00 a.m. through to 11:00 a.m., another raund round of rain picking up thanks to the cold front lingering over the neighborhoods. can't rule out another spot thunderstorm, around 11:00 a.m., noon or so. the better chance of development is going to be in the afternoon. this is around 2:00. the front could generate a stronger storm or central, south jersey, extending from our area 2:00 through 6:30 p.m. it moves off shore, 6:00 to 8:00. overnight, we're left with clouds and breezy conditions. storm prediction center, national organization, puts out the analysis of where the best chances for the strong to severe thunderstorms are.
6:50 am
the severe threat is in yellow. the green is a more isolated thunderstorm developing. that's reflected pretty well on the model. we'll break it down. new jersey and southern delaware, a four out of five for us. bigger impact now through 5:00. specifically like i mentioned in the afternoon. we could see a severe storm pop across the region. this includes the possibility of wind damage. we've already heard of power outages. more may be in the afternoon if we get one of the severe storms. that could pack a punch of 60 miles per hour and above. can't rule out an isolated tornado either. this is less likely. can't rule it out when we have these type of conditions outside for your afternoon. storm impact scale, pennsylvania to northern delaware, 3:00. pockets ever heavy rain possible. some localized flooding if you have leaves stacked up in a storm drain. some damaging winds. we've already been seeing that throughout the morning. temperatures, most us in the
6:51 am
upper 60s to mid 70s. temperatures not going to move much. it will wobble around the current state in the 70s. low to mid 70s out there with the periods of rainy conditions throughout the afternoon. drying into the evening. let's wrap it up with the ten day on 10. today, 75. once the front is passed, 67, near average for this time of year. a mix of clouds and sun especially by the afternoon. mostly sunny thursday all the way to 60. then that number picks up just a smidge as we go friday into your saturday. next chance of steady to heavy rain is sunday. unfortunately during the eagles game. 58 only it looks like in the later afternoon. >> thanks. let's see how the wet roads are impacting your ride to work. >> jessica boyington has her eye on the traffic cameras. we can see it looks stalled out there. >> westbound at city avenue, slow heading west and heading toward king of prussia.
6:52 am
conshohock conshohocken. there's a crash at south trooper road at south parkview drive. also here -- heading on the 42 freeway, luckily on the southbound side at least. around creek road which means the sound side has less -- the southbound side has less traffic. typically traffic is heading up north toward the philadelphia area. right now on the southbound side, lanes lost with a crash involved. also watching mass transit, a septa trolley. specifically route 102 trolley dealing with 15-minute delays at least due to a disabled trolley around andrews avenue. rosemary and tracy, back to you. [ cheers ] this is a -- if this doesn't tug at your heartstrings, i don't know what will. this shows the eagles and fans honoring former boss jon dorenbos. he's recovering from heart surgery. the beloved former bird learned of his condition after being traded in august. doctors discovered the condition
6:53 am
during a team physical. this morning dorenbos posted this noty with his wife and los angeles -- this photo with his wife and los angeles mike trout and his fiancee. it's gotten more than 2,000 likes since it was posted two hours ago. probably more than double that. another touching moment played out on the sidelines before the game. >> eagles' quarterback currents reunited with the family of lucas custers who died of stomach cancer in june. he's 10-year-old, from wilmington, buried in his number 11 wentz jersey. last night wentz was wearing the green rubber bracelet that he gave him when he visited him. it said "dutch destroyer," lucas' name when he played football. wentz said he's blessed to know lucas' family. >> a special family. a special family in that -- yeah. impacted me in a big way, all the way back in the spring. the story obviously yield -- yeah. it was moving.
6:54 am
and i was thrilled that they could be here. the youngest one, that was his first game. i told him he better keep coming back. >> when the eagles heard he was sick, wentz sent a recorded message encouraging him to stay strong. he visited him. another tumor surfaced, and doctors said he wouldn't live long. lucas' one wish was to thank wentz for the video and to give him the "dutch destroyer" bracelet. and you can get a bracelet, as well. purchase it, and it will benefit childhood cancer research. buy the bracelet and see the story that is so moving on our website,, or tap the app. coming up, top headlines. >> that includes the mission that has philadelphia eagles waking up early and heading to harrisburg to meet local lawmakers face to face.
6:55 am
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honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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here are the top headlines -- breaking news in north philadelphia. police are trying to determine who killed a woman and dumped her body on a north philly sidewalk. the victim was found partially stuffed in a trash bag along westmoreland street overnight. eagles' malcolm jenkins and two people teemmates will have a short turnaround as they head to harrisburg following last night's win. they will talk to senators and state reps about social justice activity including the clean slate act. and plenty of end zone celebrations last night as the birt birds beat the redskins. the 6-1 record the best in the league. last time it was this good was the 2004 super bowl season. sentencing day for philadelphia's former district attorney, seth williams. he resigned in june before
6:59 am
pleading guilty to a corruption charge. he faces up to five years in prison. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you and a last check of the roads. quickly, a downed tree in kelly drive. watching that just around the boathouse row area moving through. you'll see delays and a few spill. the 42 freeway southbound around creek road. watch for lane restrictions. we'll run through the hour-by-hour model. spot showers lingering. an isolated thunderstorm possible. by 11:00 a.m., we start to see more rain picking back up. a spot thunderstorm is possible. really it's in the afternoon hours that this thing picks up strength. a line of storms may develop in new jersey and east of philadelphia. that line of storms should progress from 2:00 to 6:00 off shore. >> you said it was coming, here it is. >> yeah. >> be ready. we'll have local updates throughout the morning.
7:00 am
you can always get realtime news, weather, and traffic with the nbc10 app. thanks for watching. good morning. tipped off. nbc news has learned the american soldiers killed in that ambush attack in niger were likely set up. who did it and why? her story. the american woman held hostage by taliban-linked extremists, gives her first interview since her rescue. what she's revealing about the five-year ordeal. southern storms. severe weather, including possible tornadoes, cuts a trail of destruction across the carolinas. while out west, a record-setting heat wave is sparking new wildfire fears. al i


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