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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> meteorologist bill henley has details now on the forecast. bill? looking good for today and tomorrow. this morning, it is cold, and we're seeing some areas of frost in the suburbs, in interior new jersey and the lehigh valley. temperatures in the 30s. meantime, 45 degrees in philadelphia. the colder numbers are still falling. sun's not up until after 7:20. plenty of time for the numbers to fall a bit moreme. by 8:00, they climb in easton. by 11:00, 56 degrees. yesterday we only saw 50s for high temperatures. today, it will be 60s this afternoon with bright, sunny skies. the light winds to start with will become southerly. that's going to help boost our temperatures all around even at the shore. up to 66 degrees today. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly temperatures move up when i'm back in less than then minutes. -- less than ten minutes. first to jessica boyington and traffic. >> good morning. to new jersey and the 42 freeway. cameras at 41 moving through deptford. so far, so good. not seeing delays yet.
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definitely more cars heading down the northbound side. that's what we typically see during the commute. right here, moving through deptford and headed toward philadelphia, maybe you got to head off to the right to head to 295. watching a crash at upper potts grove at yarnall. looking good on the eastbound side, 29 to the schuylkill expressway. an eight-minute trip there. average speeds into the 60s. back to you. 6:01. following breaking news this morning from south philadelphia where someone overnight fired shots into the home of a 16-year-old who police say is a person of interest in a double murder. the teen wasn't thome time. no one was hurt. police want to talk to brandon oliveri. they say he's not charged with a crime, but police say they want to interview him in connection with tuesday's deadly shooting of two high school students. someone shot the two high school
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juniors in the chest tuesday near 12th andri retner streets. both died a short time later. police have arrested and charged four people in beating and carjacking of a pizza delivery driver in west philadelphia. some of the suspects are teenagers. this happened on friday on baltimore avenue. the driver was beaten so badly, he was in a coma for three days. police are still looking for at least one other person involved in the attack. in south jersey, a witness said she felt sheer terror in the moments after a school bus slammed into a 6-year-old boy. this morning, the camden county community there wants to know what the bus driver was doing leading up to the impact. >> it was terrifying. to see him there laying there bleeding and know that the school bus did this. >> the cell phone video shows the crowd of medics gathered around the boy in the middle of the road yesterday. police say the boy got off the bus and was walking behind the bus when a second school bus driver hit him.
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neighbors tell us they can't comprehend how the bus driver didn't see the boy in the street. they also say the situation is not new for their community. >> i don't know if she's looking, paying attention, i'm not sure. >> my son got hit by a bus down the street there by george's square. and then another kid got hit over here at the same time. they said the bus driver was texting and driving. >> police have not charged the driver in this case. the bus belongs to the mcgough bus company which could not be reached for comment. as for the little boy, doctors treated him for serious but not life-threatening injuries. we are learning more about two rescue dogs killed in the fire on south street that destroyed a longtime restaurant and damaged a pet store. one of the dogs, yogi, came to philadelphia from puerto rico following hurricane maria. the other, precious, was rescued from a hoarding situation in
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kentucky. they were staying at doggy style pets during the fire that destroyed bridget foy's restaurant. call it bipartisan support. two well-known senators on different sides of the aisle appeared in court yesterday as character witnesses defending fellow lawmaker bob menendez. new jersey democrat cory booker called senator menendez honest and trustworthy. south carolina senator lindsey graham, a republican, also testified. he told the court that if menendez gives you his word, he always keeps it. >> i disagree with him politically, but i think he's a very honest, honorable guy. >> following the testimony, the defense moved for a mistrial on ground of judicial misconduct. the defense claims the judge turned them down too many times for evidence and witness considerations. the judge says he'll rule on the motion monday. he and a florida eye doctor are accused in a scheme. he's pleaded not guilty to
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briberiry. harvey weinstein has to sue his own company now to defend himself against the allegations of 65 women. that's according to his attorneys who say he needs access to phone records, e-mail, and personnel files. the lawyers say the items are needed so he can protect his shareholding interest in the firm. the new york attorney general has filed a subpoena for the same information. nbc news says that prosecutors are examining whether the company violated state civil rights laws. it took all day, but last night the national archives finally released nearly 3,000 previously sealed or censored records from the 1963 assassination of president john f. kennedy. president trump blocked the release of other records because of cia and fbi concerns about national security. a 1992 law required all government records related to the assassination to be publicly disclosed in full within 25 years, that deadline was yesterday.
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the percentage of documents being held are under a six-month review. today the first wave of road closures begin in philadelphia as the city gets ready to replace cars with people. >> the weekend event in which streets are shut down to make way for people-powered activities. there -- this is inspired by the space to ride your bike tar, ta wa walk. pamela osborne is along the seven-mile route. fill us in. >> reporter: yeah, we are at the start of the free streets zone. you see some of the parking restrictions are in place right now on chestnut between 2nd and 5th. the idea is to clear the streets of cars so that people can run, bike, walk, and really hang out and roam around. the city has cleared a seven-mile route for the event that starts at 8:00 a.m. at clu chestnut and ends at indiana
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avenue. bring your families, pets. it goes from 8:00 too maa.m. to p.m. closures begin along the walk route at 6:00 a.m. portions of 3rd street, vine, 4th, fairmount avenue, thompson, germantown avenue, oxford, 5th, and cecil b. moore will be closed. the roads will be closed where there's a walk route. we've posted information on line on reporting live in old city, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> looking good. thanks. 6:07 on this friday. let's take a live look outside. another part of the city, boathouse row. looking a little chilly out there. >> just a matter of time before we see frost on the water. >> i can imagine people running along boathouse rosseting i should have added an extra layer. >> bundle up, layer up across the area. the lehigh valley, suburbs, new jersey, and into delaware,
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temperatures in the 30s. white hall township, areas of frost, they will disappear once the sun is up. that's not after -- not until well after 1:00 this morning. the suburbs, 32. delaware, dropped to 39 degrees. philadelphia international, parksides, andora, dropped into the 30s. not far behind in chestnut hill and northeast philadelphia. low 40s right now on parkwood, bustleton, tarsdale, not warm in center city, society hill, penn's port. middle 40s to start with. it is this sort of morning. lots of sunshine through the day. the winds out of the southwest will help boost our temperatures this afternoon. it will be warmer than yesterday. and sunny all day long, too. doppler radar and the satellite, in the clear this morning. we'll see plenty of sunshine. and the temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. a quick warmup. 40s to 50s and 60s for
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philadelphia. the suburbs and lehigh valley will watch that frost disappear. middle to upper 50s by lunchtime. still climbing. for delaware and new jersey, yes, a cold start with readings in the upper 30s now. by lunchtime, it will be in the upper 50s. sunshine, it's going to feel warmer than that. it will be warmer than that this afternoon. a nice warmup for the shore, as well, temperatures into the 60s. the trend is for warmer temperatures tomorrow. saturday looks like a beautiful day. notice the numbers coming down because of wet weather coming in. rainy sunday followed by cooler temperatures coming into monday and tuesday for halloween. i'll have a closer look coming up in ten minutes. >> you can shed the coat later today, but this morning, grab it out the door. 6:09. we'll check the road to work. >> jessica boyington starts us off. yeah, watching the lehigh valley now, 78 and our cameras in lehigh street. eastbound, westbound, no problems. definitely more cars heading out the door. for the most part, you'll be able to get to where you have to
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go for now. in upper pottsgrove, watching a crash in yarnall at mauger's mill road. watch for police activity there. also watching 95, no increase in the drive times. 15 minutes now on the southbound side from woodwoodhaven road to vine street expressway. speeds into the 50s. and i'll end on the new jersey turnpike. this is actually near the delaware memorial bridge. heading this direction, that's southbound, moving to the delaware memorial bridge. once you get there, watch for construction heading over from jersey into delaware. back to you. >> good advice. thanks. coming up, the cost of going to the movies could soon depend on what you see. the new test in theaters that's ahead. also next, a safe haven. one mother's tragedy is giving new hope to others in abusive relationships. how her family is keeping her memory alive in an effort to prevent domestic violence. plus, the new faces greeting visitors at the philadelphia zoo, and the tradition they're carrying on.
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in honor of domestic violence awareness month, we're telling stories of resilience in the face of tragedy. >> the family of nicole peppleman knows how painful the epidemic can be. nicole was killed two years ago by her husband in low lower moreland. her family and a nonprofit are hoping to build something positive of the tragedy. >> reporter: next to a busy grocery store, construction workers are building a place that's typically kept hidden from the public. this whole thing is going to be nicole's place. nicole's place, a domestic violence counseling center set, set to open next month. >> a warm, welcoming space that will allow people to come together, to have important conversations about domestic
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violence. >> reporter: it's named after nicole peppleman. the beloved mother of three killed by her husband in a murder/suicide involving a chainsaw. the pain of the past pushed her family, friends, and church to raise thousands of dollars, teaming one laurel house, trying to prevent this from happening to somebody else. >> what's exciting is all the families this will help locally in the community, this part of the montgomery county. the exciting thing about it. there's a lot of victims who need support. >> reporter: oftentimes counseling centers are tucked away, hidden for privacy. domestic violence thrives in the silent shadows. >> it is the silent killer, that's what i say. it's that people don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: the hope is this new center out in the open with bright windows inside a busy plaza will encourage people to drop by and talk and get help if they need it. >> we feel that this more open approach will give a voice to the victims and their families.
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>> nicole's place opens in november inside the marketplace at huntington valley in montgomery county. if you're a victim or you're concerned about a loved ones, we have compiled a full list of resources for you to find help on our nbc10 app. 6:16 on this friday. today the battleship "new jersey" on the camden waterfronts will unveil a major improvement in time for this chillier weather. the ship will hold a ceremonial lighting of its new gas heater system to replace temporary electric heating. the gas system will save the ship energy and money each year. and it will make visitors more comfortable. the county and city of camden and pse&g helped to cover the cost of the heating system. >> we have a look at the roads with jessica boyington. >> watching 309 and the turnpike. so far, so good, northbound and southbound. 309 not dealing with problems. roads are dry.
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traffic is moving. same still goes for the schuylkill expressway. typically about this time or in the next half hour or so, especially on a friday, we're usually lighter on fridays. we're still seeing easy drive times. 14 minutes on the eastbound side. moving from the blue route to the vine, of course we're getting sticky in spots. speeds are dropping. they're still into the high 50s now. 50 is the average speed. moving to center city shouldn't be a problem for now. i don't want to get ahead of myself. a crash innish harbor city on -- crash in egg harbor city at clark's ranch and mannheim. they have the intersection closed down. you'll be detoured there. i'll end with there crash in utter pottsgrove. yarnall at mauger's mill. watch for police activity there. i'll have updates when i come back in ten. >> excellent. thank you. 6:17. and again, 45 degrees and add a little bit of wind cape may. we'll find out what's to come. meteorologist bill henley with
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the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> temperatures are falling. a little bit of a breeze in philadelphia. much of the area has little to no wind. in fact, at the surface, the wind is even lighter. and with clear skies, that's allowed the temperatures to come down. look, just a three mile-an-hour wind at philadelphia international, wilmington, and dover. the temperatures are still falling this morning. freezing right now in the suburbs. frost in the lehigh valley, suburbs, and parts of south jersey. cooling down. now down to 37 degrees in voorheis. washington township, 36 degrees in mullica hill. to the north. just below freezing in princeton. there are warmer neighborhoods. not likely to see frost in cinnaminson or florence. the interior sections of new jersey, the pennsylvania suburbs, and the lehigh valley will have frost to start with. it's going to be a quick warmup today. we'll be in the 60s through the afternoon. once the sun is down, heading to a cool evening, down to 56 degrees by 9:00 this evening. and into the 40s and low 50s
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overnight tonight. not as cold tonight. sunnier today. all day long. radar and satellite, nothing to show you here yet. look to the west, you see what's going to happen to us over the weekend. the storm system producing snow and rain right in here. a line of showers develop, and this line due in on sunday. in fact, heavy down pours could come into the area. what we are likely now to see, not any of that snow. that's in the ohio valley and farther north and west. we will get colder temperatures as the system moves in on sunday. heavy downpours. by saturday evening, the rain is to the west. the model shows sprinkles in the area late on saturday. possible in the evening hours. more likely we'll be waiting until sunday to see the rain. there will be quite a bit. by this time, rain moving into reading. by 1:00 is in the afternoon when the eagles take the field, an inch of rain on the ground in philadelphia. it will still be coming down. there may be brief breaks in the
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afternoon. but it looks like we'll still be looking at rain late in the afternoon and into the evening hours on sunday. the weekend is looking great for the first part. sunshine, especially in the morning. clouds increasing in the afternoon along with the temperatures. upper 60s and low 70s. then the rain moves in for pretty much an all-day event on sunday with highs coming down, 50s and 60s. a look beyond the weekend with the ten day on ten in the next half hour. >> thank you. 6:20 now. this month, i was honored to hear from a very special woman. >> hi, tracy. being breast cancer awareness month, i wanted to take the time to thank the woman who may have likely saved my life. >> i received a letter from a breast cancer survivor who heard my "don't wait" message. our special connection and what she wants other women to know. . plus, seeing a hit movie, could soon take a birth hit on yo-- a hit on your wallet. a new way of charging people for a ticket. and drum roll. tonight's high school blitz game
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of the week. we'll feature the match-up at 11:00 and have scores and highlights from other big games.
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coming up, a new program. regal since mass will test a demand-based ticket-price program that would charge more for tickets to hit movies and lower prices for the flops. the chain will roll out the program in select theaters next year. retiring in style. a special sendoff for chance, at
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arson dog, during his official retirement from the philadelphia fire department. over the past six years, the black lab has scoured hundreds of scenes, sniffing out gas and chemicals used to start fires. during the retirement ceremony, the commissioner gave chance a special citation from the mayor. chance will live with his handler in philadelphia. now to the philadelphia zoo where we are getting our first look at these adorable additions. two red panda cubs made their debut yesterday. red pandas are considered an endangered species. they'll be safe at the zoo. this, by the way, is the second successful red panda birth at the zoo. two years ago twins benjamin and betsy were born there. a little girl and upenn doctor team up to find a cure for a genetic disorder so rare it doesn't have a name, just a number. little harper howard started having seizures when she was two weeks old. upenn is working on a cure for her disorder. today at 4:00, harper's story of
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hope for the future. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you and a check of the roads. we're starting in new jersey. here's 76 in gloucester city. our cameras around market street. so far, so good. definitely seeing some volume moving toward the philadelphia area. i'll have problems coming up on galloway when i come back. first, to the forecast and meteorologist bill henley. >> a look at downtown and the sun coming up in less than an hour. we need sun, too. areas of frost with temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. bundle up if you're heading out the door. also ahead, a family battle on the field. the two brothers who will be on opposite sidelines during sunday's eagles game at the linc. joseph, i'm steve. how are you?
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nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels
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for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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teen's home targeted. a shooter unloads on the south philly house of a boy wanted for questioning in the murders of two high school students. pledge for action. president trump elevates the fight against the opioid crisis. what the declaration will and will not do to help struggling families. trick-or-treat warning. the new alert about what could wind up in your kids' candy bags this year. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." a lot to unpack. i'm rosemary connors. >> thanks for being with us today. vai's off. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast that is starting out chilly. >> yeah. the heat is off, too. the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. in the suburbs, the lehigh valley, and into new jersey, that's where you'll likely see some areas of frost. look at the suburbs, 32 degrees. calm winds and clear skies, that's the recipe for some cold temperatures. you'll see in the lehigh valley,
6:31 am
falling now. 37 degrees. by 9:00, the numbers are climbing. we'll warm through the 40s, through the 50s, and this afternoon, into the 60s. that goes for philadelphia, too. 45 degrees right now. it could get chillier as we're still about an hour away from sunrise. 47 by 9:00. near 60 at lunchtime. then yes, sunny skies, into the 60s this afternoon. so if you see frost this morning, not going to last for as long. it will quickly disappear during the morning hours. i'll break those forecasts down, each region hour by hour, when i come back in less than ten minutes. first jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. >> thanks. starting on the vine street expressway this morning. here's the cameras at 24th street. so far, so good through center city. at the schuylkill, we usually see more of a delay, but not yet. the schuylkill expressway light, too. egg harbor, though, watching this in egg harbor city, a crash. a few thing going on which is
6:32 am
odd. clark's at mannheim, a closure there. we're watching pom ohno at moss -- pomona at moss mill, a few accidents there to watch for, and mass transit. minor delays for septa so far. only ten-minute delays for thorndale train 501. back to you. >> 6:32. we're following breaking news in south philadelphia. there's a new twist in the double murder of two 16-year-old boys. police say they are looking for a person of interest, and overnight he may have been target targeted as retaliation. >> in south philadelphia, more from where the teen's home was riddled with bullets. >> reporter: at least 15 shots. philadelphia police remain on scene keeping an eye on the neighborhood after someone fired the shots into the house around 1:30 this morning. take a look at video of police on scene. you had crime scene investigators showing who was in
6:33 am
the area. the 16 yeemtsd name surface ---year-old's name surfaced on line overnight as a person of interest. police have not been in touch with him. his parents haven't seen him in several days. he was with a group of teens involved in a shooting that happened on tuesday night. and investigators say that two teenagers who were killed there were from different high scho s schools. they're not saying the connection the teen may have had. neighbors who woke up in this neighborhood were clearly shaken when they heard those shots. >> i counted 13 shots. it could have been 12 because it was real quick. in like -- like six and then six. it was not a real break. like boom, boom, boom. boom, boom, boom, boom, that's how it went. >> reporter: again, police are going to remain on scene here, keeping watch over the neighborhood. there were two people inside the home when the shots were fired
6:34 am
through the front window. they were not hurt. they were sleeping. investigators are looking through surveillance video in the neighborhood to see was it one person, two people, were they in a car, is there a description of them. if you have information about the double murder or shooting overnight to call police. reporting live, nbc10 news. 6:34. a philadelphia middle school official is under arrest facing statutory rape charges involving an eighth grade student. mastery charter harrety school has fired the dean of students. police say the victim's mother confronted him at the school last friday. the victim told police harrison drove her to a hotel at the end of last school year and sexually assaulted her in a room. he also worked with a african dance ensemble group. the director tells us harrison is suspended until they learn more. he also said they are praying for the victim and her family.
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the opioid crisis is now a public health emergency. president trump made the announcement yesterday, steering clear of the national emergency declaration many had been demanding. now that kind of declaration would have allowed cities to tap into disaster relief funds immediately to combat the widespread opioid addiction. the declaration will make it easier for people who don't live near doctors to get treatment over the phone or on computer. it lets states shift around federal money to focus on the opioid epidemic. again, the order will not be unlock new federal funding. that's something that will be left up to congress. during president trump's speech yesterday, he touched on a few personal notes. he spoke about losing his brother to addiction. that part of the story is coming up on the "today" show at 7 clinic. the next step in the frosz funds pennsylvania's think about is up to the governor. the plan calls for expanding casino-style gambling and borrowing $1.5 billion. yesterday the state house
6:36 am
approved the gambling expansion plan senate pass period the day before. it would bring gambling to truck stops and airports and make it available on line. it would also allow gambling at ten new mini casino sites. last year pennsylvania netted $1.4 billion in taxes from the industry. lawmakers hope to bring up -- bring in up to $200 million more with this expansion. now we'll take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories from across our area. 6:36. we begin in delaware county. police say a serial thief has been using the same method -- same m.o. every time. you see it in the video. in each case he throws a brick through the window of a business and then takes off with packs of cigarettes. police tell us the man is linked to as many as eight burglaries in the area since april. he strikes delis and gas stations. in camden county, police are looking for a puppy thief in linden wald. this man took an eight-week-old
6:37 am
mavtive from its -- mastiff from its owner and ran off. if you recognize him, call police. flu season has begun in delaware. the state reported its first laboratory-confirmed cases yesterday. doctors have diagnosed six people with the flu in new castle and kent counties. three were hospitalized. right now pennsylvania's reporting sporadic flu activity in new jersey. the number of flu cases is still low. more jobs are coming to cumberland county thanks to a new manufacturing plant. yesterday crews broke ground on a new food specialization center that will manufacture food processing equipment. officials say they're looking to bring in local companies or companies from across the country, even from around the globe. today is in chester county, immaculata university welcomes its 10th president. this afternoon, the community will gather for the inauguration of barbara latierre. she is a 1972 graduate of the catholic school and first lay
6:38 am
person to be named president in the 93-year-old history. we've been talking all morning, and it is a chilly start. >> uh-huh. we can -- sort of see the sun getting ready to come up. let's hope we warm up with more. >> keeping an eye on the view, see the sun coming up. the sunrise this morning. until then, it's going to be getting colder. the temperatures still coming down in philadelphia. it's chillier than yesterday at 45 degrees. a breeze will make it feel colder. lots of sunshine, near 60 at lunchtime. into the 60s this afternoon. a little bit of a breeze that will develop. the good news is it's out of southwest. that's a warming direction for us. really need the warmup in the suburbs. 30s, 40s, areas of frost. sunshine will take the frost away first thing this morning. then it's 60s this afternoon for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. a clear view from easton. 37 degrees.
6:39 am
36 at 8:00. even show the sun -- even show the sun will have been up, the low angle, losing more heat at that hour than we're getting from the low-angle sun. that changes once the sun is up. 60s this afternoon and a warmup, too, for new jersey, dealing with some cold air this morning. 38 degrees with a calm wind and clear skies. still in the 30s at 8:00. leaping from the 30s into the 50s with 60s this afternoon. sunshine at the shore. 60 by lunchtime. not as chilly as rest of the area. there are pockets, neighborhoods that are in the 30s. delaware, wilmington, 41. that could be down to 39 degrees by 8:00. ro look at the warmup, frost, 60s this afternoon. the warmup continues tomorrow. saturday, great. 71 degrees. well above normal for this time of year. rain is due in by sunday and brings the temperatures down for sunday and cooler heading into flex week. i'm take a -- next week. i'll take a look at the rain for
6:40 am
the weekend and next week when i come back in less than ten minutes with the ten day on 10. 6:-39. something tells me this morning when people get up and go to work and school, it will be one of those shuffle to the car kind of mornings -- >> quick to the car? yeah. we'll see what the ride looks like. jessica boyington has that. >> bundle up before you get there. you're not seeing too much going on where it will set you back a lot. not seeing major accidents. a lot of the majors looking good. 95 is behind me. normally by there time, we're backed up and not moving. lighter this morning. 24 minutes on the southbound drive timewoodhaven to the vine street expressway. mass transit, minor delays for septa. a super minor delay. amtrak, patco, new jersey on time. and and clark's landing
6:41 am
mannheim, a vehicle ran into a pole there. a closure in egg harbor city. pomona at moss mill. we have police activity in both spots and directing traffic around the scene for now. back to you. a house divided. two brothers will face each other on the field at the linc on sunday. >> next, the stanley showdown that will play out during the eagles' game. rescued at sea. two american sailors discovered after five months stranded in the pacific. how they stayed alive on their extended adventure. and trick-or-treat. next, a candy that is not what you think and what parents should be looking for in their kids' halloween bags. and "nbc10 news today" is hitting the road again. we'd love for you to join us next wednesday in gloucester county. the wawa at 332 black horse pike. we'll be serving free coffee, highlighting what makes the community unique.
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honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...?
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what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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two women stand with e-- stranded in the pacific ocean with their dogs rescued in the pacific yesterday morning. jennifer appell greeted the sailors with her friend. they started out on a 2,600-mile voyage to tahiti. in turbulent weather, their engine failed. nobody heard their distress signals until this week. they survived with a water purifier and a year's supply of oatmeal, pasta, and rice. from a rescue at sea to a desperate escape. it all played out as hurricane maria victims arrived at philly national airport last night. there were hugs along with tears of joy for the 150 passengers
6:46 am
from puerto rico who landed last night. they'd been dealing with incredible devastation since hurricane maria hit more than a month ago. one mother told us about her struggle to get home to her family. >> i thought we'd never see her again because there was no communication, no way to get to her. all the streets -- there's nowhere to go someone. there's no communication, nothing. i thought i would never see her again. >> a local relief group was there handing out bags of items for people looking to start a new live in philadelphia. a warning for parents with kids trick-or-treating in the next few days. gloucester and ocean county authorities are cautioning parents to watch out for marijuana candy. they point to an alert from state health officials. they say marijuana candy can look like gummies or chocolate. officials are urging parents to check their kids' trick-or-treat bags for unusual candy packaging or a strange smell. in philadelphia, you can learn cpr in less than five
6:47 am
minutes by taking advantage of a new tool at the independence visitor's center. yesterday, the american heart association unveiled the area's first hands-only cpr kiosk. has a touch screen and practice mannequin to help you learn the lifesaving move and gives you feedback in realtime. now to a story near and dear to your heart. this week you got to meet a woman who credits you for saving her life. >> she sent me an e-mail saying that three years ago, i shared my personal journey with breast cancer, and i warned viewers don't wait. >> i remember you saying if i had one message to send women out there, it's don't wait. and so i was like, all right. i'll listen to tracy. i did. >> and betsy fagan did. and within of hearing the message she was visiting with surgeons and working on a treatment plan that included chemo and radiation because she got checked and found breast cancer. she said it was -- it was a tough year. she was often angry. i get that. now she says she's feeling better and very grateful.
6:48 am
and my "don't wait" message is now her message to other women, as well, and to others diagnosed, she says advocate for your own treatment. remember, everyone has a different journey. a lot of people say do this, do this. she says, stay focused and advocate for yourself. >> it's such an important pointed message -- don't wait. so many women who are juggling so many things do wait and put others first. >> that's exactly why i said it. we are easy to blow off things that don't feel right. listen to your body, and don't wait. take care of yourself. >> this is breast cancer awareness month. a great time to share the story. i'm sure it's on your facebook page. share it. all next week, we'll be taking a closer look at breast cancer and other threats to women's health. the top risks you need to know and the symptoms that every woman should be watching for. all right. let's talk sports. the new york yankees fired longtime manager joe girardi. he was with the team for a decade. the yankees came to within one game of going to the world series but lost to houston in game seven. and nasty hit has audubon
6:49 am
native joe flacco being treated for a concussion. the illegal tackle knocked the baltimore ravens' quarterback out of game with the dolphins and sparked fighting on the field. the game ended on a lighter note. a pcat got loose on the field. someone tweeted that the kitty got more yards than the dolphins did for most of the evening. they lost in a shutout. >> kit own social media. -- kitten on social media. philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. does that extend to the football field? >> listen to this -- on sunday, eagles' longtime tight end brent celek will face his brother, garrett. he's also a tight end for san francisco. brent is three years older, and the eagles tweeted this picture. cool. the team predicts this muddy mess is what they'll look like after sunday's game. as your official eagles station, we obviously hope big brother wins. nbc10 is your official eagles
6:50 am
station. watch us to get ready for the game starting at 9:30 on sunday. the game-day kickoff and "eagles game plan" at 10:00. after the game, exclusive interviews following late news on "eagles game day final." we're just a few minutes, ten minutes before 7:00, and start of the "today" show. >> good morning to savannah guthrie and willie geist with a preview of what's ahead. good morning, guys. >> hi. >> good morning. >> ladies, nice to see you. coming up on the show this morning, we've got an inside look at those just-released jfk files. this morning, what the government knew about lee harvey oswald before the aassassinatio. cue the laughter, tears, and videos. hoda and kathie lee are wrapping up our celebration of sisterhood with their sisters. and a love concert from rachel platen. helping you get started on a friday morning here on "today." back on the road to philly for you guys. >> looking forward to it. see you at 7:00. thanks. >> see you. now a live look outside. it's always beautiful about a
6:51 am
half hour before the sun comes up. it's always the coldest, right, bill? that's what you're always telling us. >> yeah. usually we'll see temperatures this time of year in the 40s. many neighborhoods, this morning dropping into the 30s with clear skies and very light winds. we've been seeing chilly temperatures at cape may. that's a live view from the marquee to lafayette hotel. cleared for sunshine. frost advisory in effect, new jersey into pennsylvania, the suburbs, the lehigh valley, and interior new jersey are seeing the coldest temperatures this morning. suburbs, down to 36 now. there are colder neighborhoods. right at freezing in atglen, two degrees above it in oxford. upper 30s for townships, gladwin, 40, now 33 in new hope. you'll definitely need the jacket at the bus stop this morning. at 8:00, the sun will be up. the temperatures still be down. 30s for reading, exton, quakertown, philadelphia, 42 degrees.
6:52 am
41 degrees in trenton. that chill will quickly disappear. we'll see sunshine all day long. nothing to show you on the radar and satellite today. that really changes this weekend. that's a storm producing snow and rain to the -- to minneapolis, minnesota, into canada. we will get rain for it. in fact, right in here, a cold front will be pushing into some moist air. that's going to produce rain and snow in the ohio valley. by the time it gets to us on sunday, it's only going to be rain with a chance of thunderstorms. this is saturday evening at 8:00, that wet weather is still to our west. during the day on saturday, by 1:00 in the afternoon, look at that -- closer to an inch of rain possible in philadelphia. more than that possible in pottstown. parts of south jersey on sunday, topping two inches of rain. that's 4:00 in the afternoon on sunday. the rain will still be coming down. it's going to be a damp day at lincoln financial field. temperatures in the 60s, yes. the wind will be blowing. the rain will be coming down. there's a chance. thunderstorms for the day. enjoy the sunshine while it's
6:53 am
here. and tomorrow, perfect weather for the walk to defeatals at citizens bank park -- defeat als at citizens bank park. saturday, rain coming down, i'll be watching the eagles, 65 high -- >> see you there. >> see you there. 58 degrees on monday. a little bit cooler monday. the real chill comes tuesday morning. by halloween afternoon, 60 degrees, a chilly but not so spooky forecast for tuesday evening. sunshine. seeing sunshine and temperatures in the 60s for the week. the chance of showers will be back on thursday. next weekend looks dry. >> 6:53 on this friday. bill already in weekend mode. >> yeah. you'll be in weekend mode, too. first we've got to get you to work because it's friday. jessica boyington will get you to work. >> i get in weekend mode about eight minutes from now. once we're done with our 7:00 show. starting on 422 and cameras rat trooper road, some people -- cameras at trooper road, some people headsing in. a delay at schuylkill expressway. the speeds dropping into the
6:54 am
40s, but still looking good so far. sky force 10 on the way to the scene of a crash in galloway township on pomona mill at moth mill with a closure. we'll have details as soon as sky force gets to the scene. further north, galloway township also. clark's landing at mannheim avenue. a crash here, as well. a car actually ran into a pole. i'll end on 76 in gloucester city. this is in jersey. market street, traffic moving northbound before the walt whitman bridge. so far, so good. back to you. >> thanks. germantown is finalist in a nationwide competition that could help preserve its history. it's called vote your main street. the winner receives$150,000 in grant money. the cash will go toward renovating buildings with significant african-american heritage. we will a link on our nbc10 philadelphia facebook page. check it out.
6:55 am
6:56 am
steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers,
6:57 am
and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side. what can you do with two bacon, egg anfor $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
6:58 am
we're following breaking news in south philadelphia. someone shot into a home. police commissioner richard ross tells us it's the home of a person of interest wanted for questioning in connection to a double murder of two teenagers. no one was hurt in the shooting. today people from old city to fairhill will have to find another place to park. that is for drivers. the city of philadelphia gets ready to host the philly free streets event. parking restrictions begin at noon along the seven-mile route which will be open to people walking, running, and biking. find a full list of closures now on the nbc10 app. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a last check on the roads. let's run through these quickly. we have a few things going on.
6:59 am
the one in galloway township, a crash at pomona and moss mill. we'll have a different look. sky force 10 coming to the scene in a minute. watching the roosevelt boulevard, around summerdale avenue, watching a crash there, too. getting a cold start this morning. temperatures in the 30s in many neighborhoods. 39 degrees in the lehigh valley. look at the suburbs, spots down to 32. king of prussia, 37 degrees. the sun will be bright. any frost won't last long. by lunchtime, it will be 57 degrees but with bright sunshine and a breeze out of the south. it will feel like the 60s. this afternoon, warming into the 60s, even at the shore. 66 degrees this afternoon. we'll see sun coming up. 7:25 this morning. bright sunshine all day today. and a nice warmup for tomorrow, into the low 70s. >> you'll be at the als walk? >> absolutely. saturday morning, tomorrow morning, citizens bank park. see you there. thousands turn out.
7:00 am
great. >> yeah. >> that will do it for us. local updates throughout the morning. good morning. breaking overnight, defense secretary james mattis travels to the north korean border. his message, war is not the goal with the rogue nation. >> we're doing everything we can to solve this diplomatically. >> but this morning, new threats from kim jung un. released. show thousands of files of jfk's assassination. two women lost at sea for five months before finally being rescued, tell their harrowing tale. from surviving major storms to shark attacks. >> they taunted us.


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