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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 2, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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what a celebration it was. coming up at 5:00. good morning, thank you for being was, i am tracy davidson. i am vai. lets get to bill henley, still upset of the fact that the dodgers did not win. >> hey, philadelphia is looking nice and clear, we can use another world series, maybe next year. that would be great. sunshine will be here. coatesville at zero visibilities. clouds are over head, temperatures are not cooling there as much as they are now in the suburbs. temperatures are coming down here a little bit more and that'll lead to some fog. what we have to the west are few scattered showers. those are going to stay out of our area, they're going to try to move in. those clouds will break and
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we'll get some zhoosunshine and warm start. we'll get warmer in the day. 56 right now. philadelphia at 55 degrees. 55 to start with, near 60 at 8:00 and it is up 54 degrees at 11:00. warm ng ting in the 70s this afternoon. it is going to be a long day today. it is going feel like autumn. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we have updates from our google express way and more on the vine. 5:01, we see it move around the 5 ch 5:00 mark. all construction vehicles are out of the way. either way, the eastbound side of the scoop express way is open. you can get on the vine if you do. watching 95.
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the twelve minute drive time right now. speeds there are still in the 60s. i am here with the northeast philly construction boulevard between adams avenue. 5:02 developing right now. a struggle and a shooting and a survivor. camden officer was shot in the leg while trying to arrest a gun wheeling suspect. >> live for us this morning where the officer is expected to be okay, matt, the police chief is calling the officer and the others who responded to the scene heroes. matt delucia. >> reporter: officers rushed to scene as soon as possible and rushed the officer here to cooper hospital late last night after he had an encounter with the suspect there. that officer was shot in the thigh but he's expected to recover here.
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this is by eighth and chelton when the officer saw a group of three guys walking up to them and one of them started to run. the guy pulled a gun and there was a struggle. during the struggle, the suspect was able to shoot the officer. his brothers and sisters in blue rushed to the scene to help, we spoke to one of the council members here in camden as well as the police chief who are hailing these folks as heroes. >> our heart goes out for a speedy recovery for the officer. here is what we know, a bad guy had a gun on him and he was going to do some bad things out on the street. but, our parol officers intercepting him and taking him off the streets and the gun, there would have been a lot worst events taken place tonight. >> reporter: the suspect was arrested shortly after that struggle there with the gun and the police chief toll us he was able to speak with the officer and hils family last night. the officer is shaken up as you
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can imagine. he's expected to pull through. now live in camden, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the suspect of the manhattan attack is proud of what he's done. >> late yesterday, prosecutors brought terrorism charges against sayfullo saipov for tuesday's bike path attack that killed eight people and left a dozen hurt. he appeared in the court in a wheelchair and in shackles. the 29-year-old confessed to the killing spree. >> he admitted that he rented a truck on october 22nd and practice the turns he would make on his halloween day attack. federal agents also say they found a second person,
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authorities say he was in association of the suspect. they say they have no evidence he was involved in the attack. president trump weighed in on twitter over night on the accused terrorist latest request to authorities. nyc terrorist was happy to hang isis flag in his hospital room. he killed eight people and badly injured twelve should get the death penalty. we are hearing from the hero officers who shot the suspect. ryan nash stopped saipov after he mowed down people and crashed into a school bus. >> although i feel we were just doing our jobs like thousands of officers do everyday. i understand the importance of yesterday's events and the role we play and i am grateful for the recognition that we receive. >> officer nash spoke for the minute and he said he could not say more because of the case.
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>> specialized teams have fanned out to cover crowded areas on city's streets and transit system. investigators will do more bag checks. extra security extends to sunday's new york city marathon. police doubled their observation teams and vetted more heavy weapon teams throughout the city. 51,000 runners and 2.5 spectators are expected in the marathon. the father of a north jersey man killed in the i tactattack shar heart ache. a man was on his way to work when someone shot him to death. the officer found him behind the wheels around 1:30 this morning. so far, there are no arrests in this case. new video shows the moment the pickup truck climbed of the atlantic city boardwalk taking
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out a fire hydrant. witnesses saw the truck careening down the boardwalk on tuesday night. police are trying to figure out what led to the crash. they say there is no indication it was intentional. the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. and this morning, the houston astros are world champions. >> the houston astros for the first time. joe buck with the call. astros scored five runs in the first two innings. they hold onto beat the dodgers, 5-1. the champagne was chilling in the clubhouse. [ cheers ] they all get those scheme google
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goggles there to protect their eyes. george springer had five home runs during the series. all right, we are seeing some fog to start with if you are highwaying out teading out . thick fog that's going to get thicker before we see it disappear. we'll see the fog disappear in delaware and suburbs. the morning fog will be around first thing this morning. once temperatures start to climb, we are in for an unseasonably warm day. sunshine as the clouds, we are warming in the 70s today, that's going to make a mild and pleasant evening. zero visibility in coatesville. northeast philadelphia is getting in the fog zone. further to the south,
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temperatures are a little warmer so i don't expect to see widespread fog that we are seeing, further north and west. fog will disappear, cold air is already gone. it is cool this morning but 50s in philadelphia and the lehigh valley. 57 right now, union view. saint davis is at 60 degrees. we are getting a mild start this morning, look at the warm up. clouds will thin out. fog disappears at 70 degrees. by 11:00, the fog will be gone. 3:00, 71 degrees. heading up to 69 degrees at 3:00. it will be cloudy for hutmuch o the morning. you will see temperatures climbing in the low 70s there, too.
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you will see some sunshine. we are not likely to see today. there are some showers to our west, they're not going to make it into the area today, tlas chance we'll see some showers over the weekend. we'll look at the weekend's forecast back in 10. thank you, bill. 10 minutes past 5:00 a.m. lets take a look at the boulevard. >> jessica boyington has you covered with that. what are you seeing there? >> wachlitching 17th street. this is the southbound side here. not seeing any problems so far. route 202 is looking similar in terms of drive time and the road are all green. north and south from route 30 to the google speeds in 62. doyles town of 501 running about 12 minutes late.
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10 after 5:00 right now. a actors a actors and drenirectors are accd of new allegations and how new gamble law is giving local casinos a boost and how it provides player as better chance for winning big. >> and it is the reason for holid holiday sales, stores are already launching deals. ahead of the gifting season.
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pennsylvania is cashing in on a new gamble law and every casino is hoping to do the same. >> and governor wolf signed a plan this week approving of gambling and new construction of a casino in south personnnnsylv.
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>> randy gyllenhaal is getting a hefty fee, what did they get for that fee? >> reporter: yes, this will allow people who are not staying here at the resort to gamble and use the casino facilities. one of the first things you will see are changes at the turnst e turnstiles and it is apart of the new gambling expansion by governor tom wolf. today the casino will get rid of all of these turnstiles that were once used to limit gambling to people paying a fee that stays at the resorts or paying money at the straurestaurants h. no wait ing in a membership lin. valley ford they are considering in investing more games. >> one is our ability to expand
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our slots and additional 250 machines and adding poker rooms and these are things we are looking at and hopefully can add in the future. the bill will allow them to apply for online gambling and sports betting licenses once those become available. this is all apart of the government effort to close a budget gap and passing that really hard budget. randy jill gyllenhaal. >> jessica boyington has your traffic this morning. >> yes, right through the work zone here. work zone project that we have seen for several, receiver moses here. >> and wilmington, we'll watch for this construction, yesterday
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was a big problem for the morning commute. not yet though, it is still early for that being and it is not 5:30 yet. >> northbound side around edge more road. nasty commute of restrictions yesterday. we'll keep our eye on that just in case. it should clear at 7:00. google express way, following earlier construction, it is back open and back to normal. from the blue route to the vine str street and expressway. back to you. it is been chilly the last few mornings but today is not so much and some fog. >> i have been listening to bill, i got bundled up and i walked outside, wait, it is wam outsi warm outside. >> yeah, that warm air stayed with us all day yesterday. the lehigh valley, there are some pockets of fog.
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the fog is not going to last all day. temperatures climbing in the 70s today. way kbrond tbeyond the normal h temperatures which is 61 degrees. we warmer than that in philadelphia by 11:00 this morning. some clouds over southern jersey delaware. there are some showers further north and west. we see if wet weather that's moving to lewis town. those showers are not likely for us. we'll see the clouds thinning out and showers trending our way that's going to fizzle before they move into the area. which it is going to lead to a nice warm up today. radar and satellite and no sign of any wet weather for us. those showers will dissipate today. there is a possibility we'll see some showers over the weekend, you may have noticed that for the seven-day forecast, it is about to warm up for today and tomorrow. temperatures come down over the
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ween weekend. a look at when you will see those showers, we'll come back in a few minutes. they some of the most powerful men in hollywood. new sexual harassments that have hollywood shaken. stores already offering discounts and hoping to get you the jingle all the way to the mall. ♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. phew, am i late?! nah, just in time.
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nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. things just got very merry. keep on scratchin'!
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why arit's because sweeney'sing been exposed as aeeney? double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney. he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes
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for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. there are new allegations of sexual misconducts against powerful hollywood man. , including brett ratner and jeremy piven and dustin hoffman. ratner's upcoming film of hughes hesita hefner is on hold. actor kevin spacey will be given
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help. he's taking the time necessary to seek evaluations. the rep released no more information. cat calling, unwanted comments and even some men say that's happening to them. lawmakers are taking steps to stop it. state senators held a roundtable at philadelphia city hall yesterday figuring out a way to prevent a major public health issues. a few women talked about how they have been harassed on a daily basis. lawmakers talked about the need to change attitudes of education and outreach and policies. today the president will name a new fed chair. that choice could impact your wallet. landon dowdy has more on why at cnbc this morning news.
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>> that's right, it is a big day for business news. president trump is expected to name jay powell, he's a current governor on the fed board and he will replace janet yellen whose term expires in january. >> his views are in line with yell yellen. >> and landon, holiday discounts already available in some retailers? was halloween just the other day? tell us more about that? >> yes, it comes sooner and sooner every year and everything is at sales at sear's and k-mart. the move will help customers getting a jump. it promised a discount at 50% at sear's stores and k-mart.
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and a quick check, they did close the highs of the session. investors reacted of the standing pack saying the economy is growing at a solid rate and that suggests that will still hike rates next month as expected. it is 5:25. brazen behavior. tl m the man accused carrying out the attack in new york city makes bold attack.
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father's heart ache, the family of the north jersey man killed in the terror attack. the suspect makes a brazen
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request at his hospital bed. saying good-bye to the suspension, the philadelphia committee is looking at whether the discipline at school is hurting its youngest students. waiting to have kids, it is more couples are choosing. the medical advancement that's making later pregnancies safer. >> nbc 10 news starts now. part of our women's health series this week. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news, i am tracy davidson. >> i am vai. expected to be warmer today. lets check in with bill henley. >> hey, vai. nice view, that's a nice view over the adventure aquarium. there is some fog here. look at the fog that's thickening up thg morniis morni. zero visibilities the last hour and a half.
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now northeast philadelphia is reporting of zero visibilities and conditions. in these areas we are seeing clouds broken with clearing skies in these areas and that means temperatures are colding do coming down. clouds meantime will keep the fog from forming here. we are not likely to see are showers, you see lining up to the west. those are out of the picture today. cold air, that's out of the picture. 61 right now in new jersey. 55 in suburbs and 54 in philadelphia. this afternoon, mid-70s today foreigner for new jersey. >> 74 degrees in delaware. i will walk you through the day hour by hour. lets check in with jessica boyington right now to see what's happening with traffic. >> start oing on


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