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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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attended the church. >> she was not there on sunday but received threatening text messages from the suspect. a small texas community now searching for answers a day after a gunman opened fire on a church congregation killing more than two dozen and wounding more than 20. many of the victims, children. the youngest just 18 months old. >> it's just devastating. it's very shocking that something like this has happened. >> reporter: 26-year-old devin kelley dressed in tactical gear and armed with a semiautomatic rifle fired from outside and then inside the church. >> he was wearing a black mask that had a white skull face. >> reporter: he was later confronted by an armed citizen as he drove away. >> this texas hero flagged down another young man and jumped in his vehicle and they pursued the suspect. >> reporter: after a high-speed chase, police believe kelley
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committed suicide and we're learning more about his troubled past. he received a bad conduct discharge from the air force in 2014 and a court-martial in 2012 for assaulting his spouse and child. officials say he also sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law who attended the church, although she was not there on sunday. >> there was a domestic situation going on within this family. >> reporter: among the victim was 14-year-old annabelle pomeroy, the daughter of the church's pastor and wife who were out of town. >> now most of our church family is gone. our building is probably beyond repair. and a few of us that are left behind lost tragically yesterday. >> reporter: now the small town left grieving the loss of so many friends in this tight-knit community. >> and about an hour ago, vice president mike pence said he's headed to texas on wednesday to
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meet victims in that community. the shooting at that church in texas is putting the spotlight on security in places of worship. locals say leaders we spoke with today tell us the tragedy is a reason to revisit security plans but they do have certain measures already in place. >> we have people stationed throughout. you won't know who they are. but we have people stationed throughout to make sure everybody in the church is safe just because of the world we live in right now. >> one faith leader says the way the shooting unfolded gives them something to think about because the shooter started firing outside before coming in. stay with nbc 10 for updates on this story. download the nbc 10 app to get the latest details on the investigation and the victims. a radnor township commissioner was arrested on
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child porn charges. he turned himself into the police on october 11th, weeks after investigators raided his home. the officials are holding a news conference later this evening. look for updates tonight at 11:00 and on the nbc 10 app. here's a view along the shore in avalon. temperatures in the 60s today. >> skies are starting to clear in some areas. >> that may mean you need a light jacket if you head out tonight, tammie souza is here. you will need the jacket because the skies are slowly clearing and around midnight when we see plenty of clear skies, we drop into the 30s out there. spotty showers still remaining
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and we see these showers probably through about 7:00, 8:00 tonight and then we see them come to an end. back towards ship bottom, we could see just a quick, quick brief shower or a sprinkle out there. this is associated with a inlook of storms that once it left ohio, it fell apart as it made its way into pennsylvania. tornadoes were associated with this system yesterday in parts of indiana and ohio. you can see a break from the cloud cover right now and outside you can actually break out a little bit of bright gray sky out there across philadelphia. 68 degrees and winds at west-northwest. we'll say good-bye to the 60s for the next ten days. enjoy what you see on the screen right now. 6 approximate in coatesville. 67 in mt. holly.
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50s in allentown. that's where we'll be headed for the next ten days. tonight could be cooler. 37 in mt. holly and 41 in philadelphia with a 43 for everybody in stone harbor. when we come back, i'll talk about how cold it's going to get. here's a hint. winterlike. guys? investigators say the body of a woman found in cobs creek was the body of a missing art student. 21-year-old kierra johnson had been strangled. it doesn't appear the body had been very there very long. johnson's mother reported her missing the day before she was found. >> right now we're tracking down her movements and who she was with. >> johnson was studying visual communications where she was a second-year student. a mother of four in
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allentown shot and killed with her children just feet away. the bullets also hit her 17-year-old daughter. >> steven fisher spoke to family members and friends about what went wrong. >> reporter: today, dark clouds drifted over allentown. >> i heard five or six shots, it sounded leeb sounded like. it was like pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: and then an unforgettable scream. >> somebody who is dying type scream. >> reporter: this woman was shot and killed outside her home early sunday morning. her 17-year-old daughter was also hit by bullets. >> this has gotten bad hike this. >> reporter: police arrested her boyfriend, 54-year-old manuel with her death. >> what made him do that? >> reporter: a question her family will have to wonder for the rest of their lives. >> he was obsessed, probably.
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>> reporter: they are family. she says last week they were planning a halloween night with the kids and now -- >> i'm making her arrangements now for the funeral home and all that. >> reporter: the 17-year-old daughter remains in the hospital recovering both physically and emotionally. >> we just told her today that her mom passed away. >> reporter: she's a mother of four, the youngest just 6 years old. the family will do their best to fill the void. >> you can never replace a mom so it's going to be really hard. >> reporter: and a candlelight vigil will be held tonight here on tillman street at 7:00 this evening. reporting live, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. a crash involving a philadelphia police left glass scattered on this street over the intersection of state road and wrong street around 2:00. no one was hurt. it's not clear what led to the
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crash. the trial of new jersey senator bob menendez is now in the hands of the jury. deliberations started in the case today. menendez is accused of taking gifts from his friend, a wealthy doctor, in exchange for favors. that included settling a nearly $9 million medicare billing dispute. both men have denied any wrongdoing. tonight, anthony weiner is spending his first night behind bars for sexting a teenager. the congressman reported to prison this morning in massachusetts. a judge sentenced weiner to 21 months in prison back in september. weiner admitted his crime stemmed from a strong compulsion and he's been a very sick man for a very long time. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his business partner rick gates will remain under house arrest for now. this is video of the pair leaving court in d.c. today. they asked to be released from house arrest while awaiting
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trial on charges stemming from the russia investigation. manafort and gates have been under house detention since they surrendered last week. both men deny the charges. decision 2017, the final push is on for the candidates for new jersey governor. on the eve of election day, democrat phil murphy and republican kim guadagno made their pitch to voters. guadagno made a tour of new jersey. there is a rally tonight by murphy in trenton. we'll have instant results on air and on our app for all of the races happening in our area. new details about an attack on kentucky senator rand paul. a source told nbc news a disagreement between paul and his neighbor over the senator's politics and property line were possible motives for friday's
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assault. that neighbor, 59-year-old renee boucher admitting to tackling the senator from behind leaving him with five broken ribs. they say it was a regrettable dispute. new video tonight of a man who police say spent hours trying to break into a home in south philadelphia. take a look. this video was recorded on october 13th and this man on the bicycle stops in front of the home and tries to get inside for the next two hours. the screens to the windows were eventually cut but because there was so much traffic on the street, the man eventually took off. this week, wilmington city council will look at a proposal to strengthen neighborhoods by reducing blight. this will hold people more accountable for neglected and vacant properties. there will be mandated training
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for landlords who own nuisance properties. the woman who murdered someone and blamed another. all new at 5:00. giving rise and saving lives, new at 5:00, how one uber driver helped rescue a human trafficking victim. puerto rico in crisis. it could take months to recover from hurricane maria. we'll tell you the progress they've made in our area to help hurricane victims. that's next at 5:00. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck.
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i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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we are checking in on a south jersey man on his road to recovery from addiction. >> he's now officially finished with the depox portion of his journey and advanced to his second phase of recovery during week four at liberation way. the rehab center is absorbing the cost of his treatment. he faced a weak moment ten days ago when he left the program on a mission to use drugs in kensington. today, he shares with our cydney long he's grateful a viewer intervened and got him right back on track. >> it's humbling to be here and be away from the partying and being away from that life, but when reality kicks in, it
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basically is giving you better tools to battle addiction rather than doing it on my own. >> at 6:00, a special visit to his rehab center in yeardley. a local congressman says that the opioid crisis needs to be made a public emergency. this comment was made during the meeting of the bipartisan heroin task force. in order to stop people from dying, he said, there needs to be engagement on every level from the county to the federal government. now to the crisis in puerto rico, the number of people leaving the island and coming to the delaware valley continues to grow. 167 students have relocated to the allentown school district. at least 63 kids are now enrolled there. a philadelphia relief center
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moved locations because it needed more space to assist families that relocated from puerto rico. the new spot is at the community center on fifth and allegheny in north philadelphia. the center has helped nearly 800 people. people self-evacuated from puerto rico to philadelphia so it's really important for us to make sure that they are able to register with fema and get the assistance that they need to start the recovery process. >> today 14 families came down to the center to get help. the power problems in puerto rico are not improving. more than 60% of the island is still in the dark. the lights are on at a children's hospital in san juan, thanks to a tech giant. tesla donated 800 solar panels. elon musk calls it the first of many solar and battery projects going live on the island. the facility has 35 children with disabilities. despite the power problems,
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the island hopes to lure tourists again starting nextç month. three-quarters of the people there still do not have power. employees on the island have been hit hard with job losses but "people" magazine reports that the parent company t.j. maxx is paying workers on the island despite the stores not being opened. i want to look at the first alert radar where we're tracking scattered showers. look at that. the lights are on. cloudy skies. can't really tell but cloudy skies out there. and here's the view at cape may. it is a pretty night out there and fairly mild because we know big changes are coming our way. tammie souza is here. >> the cold air is going to be our big story.
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you saw that sliver of orange. there's clearing and a sunset for most of us. but the cold air coming in, it's almost going to be winter-like. this was shot out in bucks county. here it is. look at the rainbow that he caught this afternoon. it's right in the middle of the gray skies and there were pretty sights to see. drop me your pictures to tammie on facebook and instagram and twitter. it's 41 in chicago and 47 in st. louis. let's slide toward philadelphia. we have 44 in rochester and 48 in pittsburgh. 60 in philadelphia.
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this will be the last day of 60s you're going to see for the next ten days. we're going below average for a change. 56 in allentown. 66 in atlantic city and trenton, 66 degrees. in the distance, a few scattered showers. some of that will scour out tonight as we get to partly cloudy. daytime highs through sunday, we climb through the 50s. tomorrow, 52. that's all we do. 60 is where we should be and then down to the 40s for daytime highs to end the week and then start the weekend and we bounce up to the 50s for sunday. these overnight lows on these two days and even into sunday morning, one of those we could hit freezing for the first time here in philadelphia. so be aware of that. it's finally here. here's a look at the doppler radar. scattered showers along the beaches. we're going to watch isolated showers through mid-evening and then this will be gone. let's go further west. cool air still spills in across the northern plains in the upper midwest and another storm system makes its way out of the
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missouri valley. that could bring us rain by tomorrow night and early on wednesday. as the front which has developed these isolated showers today pass through, temperatures fall into the 40s. by 9:00, waking up at 41 in philadelphia. north winds will be clear when we wake up and then clouds move back in. tomorrow evening and afternoon, around 3:00, 4:00, here comes the rain. we make it to around 50, 52 degrees tomorrow but the rain will hang around to early on wednesday morning and then it beats it out of the area and maybe we can hit 53 on wednesday. you can see the cold air is starting to spill in and it will make us feel chilly by the end of the week. 41 in philadelphia. 43 along the jersey shore. for tomorrow, let's take a peek, you can see we're going to have a mix of sun and clouds. the clouds will increase tomorrow in the afternoon. 52 in philadelphia. 51, lehigh valley and along the jersey shore. i'll be back with your ten-day
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on 10 in just a few minutes. winter is almost here. don't miss glenn's long-range winter forecast. he'll tell you what to expect this year to keep you prepared. that is wednesday on nbc 10 news at 11:00. we want to go to breaking news out of north philadelphia. tim furlong is live over the scene of a shooting. what can you tell us? >> this happened about 4:15. you can see the shell casings. an amazing amount of shots were fired. a 21-year-old shot a few times and taken by a private car to the hospital. he's currently in critical condition. we're trying to learn more from police about the circumstances surrounding the investigation into the shooting. you can see them working right now to try to get more information. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. no weapon or arrest has been recovered. we're live from sky force 10,
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tim furlong being nbc 10 news, back to you. humidifiers and your health. >> ahead at 5:00, one woman's breathe easier. also, the eagles' latest win against the broncos has them dreaming of the big game that begins with an "s." what you need to know if you want to head to minneapolis in february. nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney.
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he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs.
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"i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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no matter how you get to work, there are dangers you need to look out for. for setpa riders, while it's rare, it does happen. every car has a way to get out fast. there are safety instructions labeling emergency exits. the worst thing you can do is leave the train on your own. >> we ask the customers to listen to the instructions of our crew members and follow their guides. >> reporter: right now on nbc 10, septa shows us step by step what to do if you experience an emergency on a train. tomorrow our series continues with what septa is doing behind the scenes to keep you safe. keeping students safe on buses, that's the mission of
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operation safe stop and the results of the program are in. data gathered by penn d.o.t. reported violations by participating school districts. drivers must stop ten feet away from school buss that have their arm extended and red lights flashing. a local woman is accused of murdering her boyfriend and blaming another man for the murder. searching for relief, a woman ordered a humidifier online hoping it would help her daughter's medical condition. the product didn't deliver and nbc 10 stepped in. plus, a former philadelphia flyer player becomes a cheerleader for a man battling
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addiction. that's all new at 11:00. why are south jerseyans turning against steve sweeney? it's because sweeney's been exposed as a double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times
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while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
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all new at 5:00, new information in the murder of a bucks county businessman. the woman accused of killing michael mcnew appeared in court and was sobbing. >> deanna durante was there.
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>> reporter: prosecutors say she referred to her ex-boyfriend as her sugar daddy and when he threatened to stop paying her criminal restitution payments, they say she shot him. it's the first time we have seen 33-year-old jennifer morrisey since her arrest for her boyfriend's murder. she began talking about the killing of 64-year-old michael mcnew after the killing. she told another woman how she went to his home on august 6th and struggled with him and shot him in the face with his own gun. police say morrisey confessed to the woman that she staged a break-in to cover up the crime and buried a laptop and phone in the backyard and asked that boyfriend to urinate on her hand to remove gunshot residue.
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>> she came to the home to retrieve belongings and struggled over a firearm and mr. mcknew was shot and killed. >> reporter: she didn't call anyone or get help. >> in a perfect world, we'd know how to act. >> reporter: prosecutors showed the judge more than 90 text messages where she told mcnew she didn't need to worry about cancer killing him because she would put him in the ground herself. >> she had everything going with her, had whatever she wanted and to wind up like this, to do him in like this. it's just a tragedy. >> the judge ruled that she be held on all charges, including criminal homicide. investigators say they got new information today, dna inside
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morrisey's pants pocket in the attempt to stage his home to look like a break-in, morrisey's dna was inside his pants pocket. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. turning now to a look at the radar, cooler weather is moving in. >> back here in philadelphia, if you're headed out tonight, have that umbrella and a jacket handy. >> and chief meteorologist tammie souza has the changes that are headed our way. >> we're going to drop into the 30s in the outlying areas and 40s in the city.
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and a little bit of activity down between baltimore and d.c. and we're watching toward wilmington perhaps and even towards salem and middletown, a sprinkle. you can see on the larger picture that all of this has fallen apart. the cold front has moved through and you can make out the clouds being pulled out of the north and west. and it's 56 at 8:00 and 51 by 11:00 tonight. across the area, 30s in the outlying areas and 41 in philadelphia. much colder by the end of the week. come on back, i'll have the forecast straight ahead. >> you can get more info on the nbc 10 app. new at 5:00, three people are going to prison after they trafficked a 16-year-old girl from new york to new jersey.
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these three lured the child away from her brooklyn home and brought her to motels in hackensack in clifton, new jersey. sentencing is scheduled for later this month. in montgomery county, a woman allegedly the victim of human trafficking was rescued by an uber driver. a 21-year-old woman was forced into prostitution by a man and woman pan. they ordered an uber ride to get her to an appointment. the victim told the driver what was going on and he alerted the authorities. the two suspects are now being held on bond. uber said, "we're incredibly proud of the driver's brave response and quick thinking. uber is deeply committed to safety in the communities we serve and we want to do our part to end the transportation of trafficked people." uber has a website dedicated to helping drivers identify victims
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of humanç trafficking. now we have a look at some of the stories making headlines county-by-county across our region. in burlington county, police are investigating the shooting of a teenage girl. this afternoon, a family member was driving the injured 16-year-old to the hospital when they had to pull over and call 911. florence township police say the girl is now in the trauma center. detectives are trying to sort out the details. and organizers were at lehigh university today for what they are calling a day of action. they are trying to get the word out to young voters. it was one of nearly 60 similar events held today across the
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state. the demand to avoid long lines at airports is so high that an office will open for the next two weeks for travelers interested in entering into the pre-check program. members are allowed to keep their shoes, belts and jackets on when they go through security and can leave their laptops and liquids inside their carry-on bags. it costs $85 and it's good for five years. it appears that philadelphia's airbnb business is booming. there are about 3,000 airbnb listings available every day which is up dramatically from 2014. according to the listings, that represents 14% of the guest rooms supplied in the central philadelphia area. well, if you didn't know it, we're on a winning streak. >> in a big way. the excitement from the eagles' latest win is infectious.
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we have some travel hacks for you coming up at 5:00. saved from a bear attack, how this heroic dog stepped in and saved a woman's life. that's next at 5:00. count on the nbc 10 morning team to get you ready for your day. >> first alert weather and traffic and a special series on commuter safety. protecting passengers, all new tuesday morning on nbc 10 news today. christie: this is governor christie.
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new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by addictive opioid painkillers. codeine... oxycodone... fentanyl... morphine. these are just some of the medications prescribed for pain relief. these pills can be highly addictive, and the addiction doesn't end when the prescription runs out. many times, people turn to a deadlier option - heroin. addiction is a disease, but help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit why arit's because sweeney'sing been exposed as aeeney? double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle.
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south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
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senator john mccain is on the mend after having surgery on his leg over the weekend. mccain's office says the senator suffered a minor tear in his right achilles tendon. he tweeted out this photo of himself in a walking boot with the cane. mccain was also treated for side effects of cancer therapy. the 81-year-old had brain surgery back in july to remove a tumor. mary jane is one lucky and loyal dog. the 3-year-old was attacked by a bear while out for a walk in florida. the vet says the dog was playing with a bear kub whcub when the bear jumped in. the dog has a lot of puncture
5:41 pm
wounds all over her body but doctors say she's doing remarkably well. she's walking. wow. no well, some eagles fans say this is our time to shine. >> that's next at 5:00. >> and the eagles scored so many points yesterday, the linc actually ran out of celebration fireworks. the team is making sure that never happens again. that's coming up all new at 6:00. it's unseasonably cool out there. we could see some "s" stuff before the week is done. i'll tell you all about it. and at 11:00, facebook under fire. last week facebook, google and twitter had to testify on capitol hill about russian hacking during the presidential election. turns out, one out of three of us saw fake news on our social
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media feeds. how do you separate facts from fiction? we can help learn how to get the real story before you share it with your friends. nbc 10 news at 11:00 teaches you how to spot fake news. that's right after "the voice." joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels
5:43 pm
for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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that was a good one. another win for the eagles. taking the birds one step closer to, should i say it, the super bowl. and you can feel the excitement building. our odds of making it to the big game and how you can get there. the eagles are relentless in
5:45 pm
their pursuit for a super bowl spot. crushing the denver broncos 51-23 yesterday afternoon. it's no wonder some are daring to ask if the eagles will make it to the super bowl after all. vegas insiders has the birds second on the list with the odds at 5-1 that they will not just make it but win the super bowl. so now we know why we're wondering what it will cost to get you there. here's what we found out. if you're looking to take the friendly skies, you can find a flight for as little as $469 if you don't mind a layover. if you're hoping to get there without interruption, it will cost you $1,247 to be exact. care to cut the cost? a drive from philly to the stadium in minneapolis is 1,167
5:46 pm
miles long and that means you'll spend about 17 hours and 45 minutes in your car. the savings, though, are huge. m mapquest estimates the fuel cost is $91.90. we found many hotels already sold out. still, there are some deals out there. the motel 6 is asking for $155 a night while the super 8 has rooms available at $400 a night. both warn rooms are in high demand and there are only a few left. you may want to start saving and planning now. and if we keep seeing more of this from our birds, we'll see you there. >> we don't want to jinx them but the odds are steaking up in our favor. this is the fifth time that the
5:47 pm
eagles are 8-1 in franchise history. >> fingers crossed. turning now to our weather, the storm system bringing rain to our area right now that left behind this damage in western ohio. a tornado splintered local businesses and homes. no one was hurt. taking a live look at the philadelphia skyline, we're not in for severe weather tonight but there is rain moving across the area from philly to this live look at camden, new jersey. tammie souza has more. >> it's monday night so not sure where everybody is going tonight, maybe just home to get some good sleep. outside, we have cloud cover and that storm system, that very violent storm system that was on the ground for 39 miles between indiana and ohio, that is what brought us our light showers and
5:48 pm
sprinkles here in philadelphia. it kind of fiz sdplzled out. shortly after 3:00, it was very quick and hit 70 and, boom, right back down. didn't pick up any rainfall in philadelphia. highest wind gusts, 26 miles per hour. you're not going to see any more of the 60s for the next ten days. everything is going downhill. it finally feels a lot like fall out there and we're going to look at below average temperatures for this week and beyond. we're possibly going to see our first freeze later this week in philadelphia. it could happen on thursday night, friday night or saturday night. be aware of that. we're going to see a few more shots of scattered showers. no snow yet. maybe the poconos gets some flurries and this weekend it's going to be a cold weekend. highs on saturday, 40s. find that coat that keeps you cozy because you're going to need it out there. light showers making their way through parts of delaware and
5:49 pm
pretty much the storm system is just kind of dying off. two more, though, coming out of the west. this one is bringing snow. very cold air there. another one in the south, this swings by bringing us showers tomorrow night and very early on wednesday. we're going to focus on the temperatures. it's 15 in billings. 24 in bismarck. 22 in the twin cities. and we're looking at the 60s in philadelphia. we're hanging on to a sliver of the warmth but it's going to be going, going, gone by tomorrow. 66 in wilmington and 66 in violin. here's where we are going hour by hour. sprinkles move out of the area, we drop through the 50s and 41 in philadelphia. 30s in some of the outlying areas and maybe 50 in atlantic city right on the water. showers late afternoon and tomorrow evening, delaware, south jersey, as far north as philadelphia. the heaviest rain stays south of the area and even into wednesday morning we're looking at showers. right around 50 tomorrow.
5:50 pm
low 50s in philadelphia on wednesday and on thursday the sun comes out and we hit the 50s once again but the overnight low into friday morning could be quite chilly. 52 tomorrow. could see rain in the evening. could see an early morning rain on thursday. 60 for daytime high this year is what we should be. 48 on friday. that's chilly. that's our daytime high. look at the morning low at 38. we hit 32 headed into saturday morning on veterans day. and then we get to 54 on wednesday. there's no warmup. we don't get back to average for the next ten days. guys? >> those coats are coming out, to delaying it. hitting a road block. >> a woman looked for help when a product she look purchased to help her daughter's medical condition went unanswered until she called harry at nbc 10 responds. how she got the product she
5:51 pm
needed and money back in her pocket, next. plus, philadelphia is laying out all of the stops to bring amazon to the city. that's all new at 6:00. he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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sky force 10 over breaking news in whitpain township.
5:54 pm
tim furlong is live over a bus fire. tim, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the fire is out. it's a tour bus but it says valley forge military academy. about 30 people were on this bus when it caught fire. nobody was injured and everybody was evacuated but, as you can imagine, it's been pulled back wider and traffic in the air is not good and if you can get around that and find a way to get north of that area, that might be a good idea. live from sky force 10, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. and now to nbc 10 responds. >> i just have to tell you about this family, folks, listen, this family already was having their hands full with taking care of a loved one and this issue just made life a little more
5:55 pm
frustrating. >> meet this woman and her mother. brooke's health problems make it difficult to make it breathe. >> she has a seizure disorder, neurologically impaired. she can't talk or explain it keeps her from getting dry, from having difficulty breathing. >> reporter: back in june, she purchased a new dyson humidifier but right out of the box it didn't work properly. >> they said it was a manufacturer's defect and they would replace it. >> reporter: when it didn't arrive, she called but only got the runaround. >> why did you get nbc 10 involved? >> because i got nothing. i got nothing. every question went unanswered.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: they required it to be exchanged but it was out of stock and then they offered her an alternative machine or a refund. she chose a $450 refund because she already purchased a replacement for her daughter. dyson says there were some hang-ups in the refund process and they are working to improve. >> you guys are the greatest. we got our money back and we're as happy as can be. >> dyson points out it doesn't usually offer refund on products purchased from a third party. it made an exception in this case. edith will use the full refund to cover the cost of some of other brooke's needs. here we are $820,688. money recovered for our viewers. >> it's adding up. if you have a consumer complaint, head to
5:57 pm
nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> up first at 6:00, the church massacre in texas. we're learning more about who the gunman may have been targeted. plus, we'll talk about how churches may keep you safe. and how pennsylvania is showing support for texas tonight. a former philadelphia flyer supporting a young man on his road to recovery. >> i just hate to see young people in that kind of disarray. >> i'm cydney long. that's next. and finally, it feels like fall. can winter be too far behind? i'll let you know with the full forecast for your neighborhood, coming up.
5:58 pm
why are south jerseyans turning against steve sweeney? it's because sweeney's been exposed as a double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time.
5:59 pm
sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney. right now at 6:00, church massacre. the one person the shooter may have been targeting when he murdered dozens inside the sanctuary. >> students strangled. the search for answers from the last people to see her alive. and the fight to stay alive. a philadelphia flyer is supporting one man to help beat his addiction. right now at 6:00, the search for why after america's deadliest shooting in a place of
6:00 pm
worship. more that two dozen killed in a texas church, half of them children. >> now most of our chirurch famy is gone. >> the shooter discharged from the military. >> obviously someone who was very deranged. >> a town left stunned with sorrow. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. we are learning more about who the gunman was the shooter threatened his mother-in-law in a text message before the massacre. she attended that church but was not there yesterday. devin kelley was kicked out of the air force after assaulting his wife and fracturing the skull of his stepson. police say he did not have a license to carry a gun. new at 6:00, just a short time ago, someone set up 26 crosses near the first baptist church in sutherland springs near san antonio to represent the 26 people killed. half were children.


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