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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 9, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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lets get to your forecast with bill. good morning. >> while it is in the 40s right now in new jersey and delaware and philadelphia, the wind is blowing. it feels a little bit chilly this morning. it feels like in the low 40s right now in wilmington. up to 50 at 10:00. notice clouds, they are with us right now, they'll be with us for most of the day. winds will stay light. those clouds could produce an isolated shower this afternoon. even though we are getting a cold start and there is a lot of clouds for the day. temperatures will climb nicely. right out 50 degrees for the lehigh valley, upper 50s. nowhere near it over the next few daydays, i will show you wh
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temperatures will tumble when i am back. katy zachry. >> thank you, i want to update everyone right as you make your exit 7 a, which is the exit for i-195. this is happening in the outer drive. the left lane is blocked of the over turn trailer. traffic is slowly getting around it. i would say definitely stick to the inner drive. the outer drive is going to have the complications of the tractor trailer. >> taking a look at our major in pennsylvania, 76 at google express way. and the vines express way is about 12 minutes and over night construction that's affecting things on the vines. that's litted in the last little bit. 95 southbound and 476. all in the dpreen whigreen free
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of any issues. tracy and vai. >> katy, thank you. ism chilling video this morning. a boater took this video showing the moment before roy halladay died. you can see the plane before it plunges into the water. the ntsb plans to look closely into the video as they investigate into the crash. >> you can see the plane is flying low. last week halladay tweeted that flying the plane closer to the water is like flying a water jet. >> people watching this could not believe what they were seeing. >> just crashed right here in the gulf of mexico, oh my god. >> these boaters racing to the scene after the crash and they called 911 but halladay was already dead in the wreckage. >> it looked like a high energy impact but all the pieces were
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there and most of everything were attached but it was a high energy impact. that's about all i can say at this time. >> the ntsb says halladay did not make a may day call before the crash. investigators say they found a pair of data recorder that they hope will shed light of the cause of the crash. >> fans are grieving and remembering the pitching icon. the memorial outside the memorial park is growing. fans leaving flowers in honoring the pitcher. >> roy meant a lot to us and of the city of philadelphia. it is shocking, wow, what an amazing athlete. >> yesterday, his number was shown. >> roy halladay, we learned that
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he was actually planning to return here. john clark sa-- form erer teamm remembering what makes him so special. >> it was no joke. he was getting after it and it motivated me and a lot of guys. >> i got to know him real well. his mind set is i am in tremendous shape and nobody in the field that's better shape than i am. they're got going hit me and i am going get them out. you can read out others in the sports world are remembering halladay and watch the moments before his plane crashed. it is 534 right now. a crack down on stop in' n' go . something neighbors are hoping to cut down on crimes.
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pamela osborne, the community is meeting of the stop and go fin', what are they going to talk about? >> reporter: neighbors did a lot to bring attention to this issue and staging their own protest after they witness stop n' go selling liquor to people in cups. >> it will allow officials having more over sight and under the new law, the option to suspe suspend liquor licenses at stop a n' go that's on the go. >> they should not be selling liquor to people in styrofoam cups. >> this is othe center for crim.
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>> we talked to one of the workers who was confronted by state rep. hear what he had so acoming up at 6:00. >> i am pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. the lehigh valley, bullets tore through the streets. the shottoter is still on the lose. the county officer met the man accused of trying to kill him. delr delron mahan's arrest. the officer showed up for the
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hearing. >> it is as tough kid. he wants to show everybody he's doing well with all the support he got. >> officer o' hanlon is making a full recovery. happening right now, a live look from china where president trump is attending a state dinner. the chinese hosted a welcome ceremony and first lady yesterday. president trump is talking trades and did not blame china for the trade deficit. >> i do blame past administrations for allowing this out of control trade deficits to take place and to grow >> the president called for china ea china's help of north korea. >> meantime, there is oppositions of several fronts. cuba government says the rules are a serious reversal and ties
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between the two countries. >> they don't like to have avoiding a long list of hotels and tour companies and other cuban businesses. 5:38. heading out right now, chilly bro breezes blowing. the skies are cloudy right now. we'll have a mostly cloudy day and if we get any isolated showers, it will happen this afternoon and into the evening. tonight, a cold blast of temperatures coming way down of the coldest of the season by far heading antonio the arinto the tomorrow. now, 31 degrees, 40 for wilmington and philadelphia and 20s in the polka mountain. a cold start. clouds are around this morning. the clouds that i am watching tonight are producing snow way off to the northwest.
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we'll get the cold air that'll race into the area as we go into tomorrow. here is your chance of an isolated showers this afternoon. showers moving into new jersey and here comes the snow. that's snow in pisauxatoni. first thing tomorrow, temperatures are way down. it is going to continue right onto the weekend. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are in the 30s and 40s and saturday, 30s and 40s but the morning temperatures will go lower, it could be flirting with record low temperatures on saturday. sunday, not as cold but still not terribly warm and the 40s and low 50s for high temperatures with more clouds later in the day on sunday. those clouds will lead to some wet weather next week, i will show you when to expect that with our ten days on ten when i am back. >> thank you, bill.
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lets get another check on the turnpike. >> we have been watching the serious problem. katy zachry has your update. >> i have an update of the information that came out to us. turnpike southbound, this is affecting the north bound, exit 7 a, i-195 many robinsville. the left lane is blocked there. it is going to add time for your morning commute. i would suggest taking the inner drive and considering it is an over turn tractor trailer. it does not sound any spill involved. just be ware there are some delays on the new jersey turnpike northbound as you make your way exit 7-a. new jersey freeway, looking pretty good as you make across the wittman bridge. it is about 20 minutes before
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6:00 a.m. this is typical. speeds are picking up there. average speeds are in the 60s right now and we are seeing moderate traffic increase, vai. >> thank you, actors are getting yanked from his latest project as he faces new sexually assault allegations. >> are you sharing the road of the next installment safety series. extra charges for kids why new jersey diners only adding gratuity to young's people checks.
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honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. a quarter to 6:00 right now. be lhonest, do you show respect for bikers on the road.
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>> mike delucia looks at what you need to know. >> reporter: randy lobasso found the convenience of riding a bike. >> putting more order into the streets and slow traffic down and reducing weaving. >> reporter: some motorists have complained to the city about losing their plalanes to two wheelers. >> i thought that, too. >> reporter: how dangerous are bikes? >> last year throughout pennsylvania, they were shy of 1300 pibicyclist injuries. >> most of them are avoidable.
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they happen because people have been speeding or distracted. jim kennedy unveiled a plan by the year of 2030. these riders say there is room for improvements. >> you look at the streets, not just in terms of thourowing in bike lanes. it can be a great addition. >> as long as everyone follows the law. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> yeah, you learned that in kindergart kindergarten, share. tomorrow morning, the final installme installment. the biggest mistake that riders are making that could put a together on their back.
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parents are criticizing a northern north jersey diner for adding a tip to the kid's bill. >> on friday, they are hit with a lot of kids tieing up the wait staff and most of the tips don't tip. >> one parent says tips should be a choice. >> it is not about a establishment. >> the menu clearly states that the diner will add 18% gratuity at your discretion. >> does it protect servers from getting -- tweet us your thoughts. >> there is a number of
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restaurants who added a automatically. just so you know, 18% or 15% is added already. >> it depends on how big your group is, right? >> party of six or eight or more. >> i never tipped when is a kid. i never -- >> did you work? >> you go in with your parents it is a big difference. >> if you worked in a restaurant, you tip. >> it is hard work. >> nothing's changed. >> here is your temperatures for this morning. you need to bundle up. the real cold air is on the way for tomorrow. today, well, it is just a taste of what we are getting. temperatures are not that bad in the cities and 40s right now. >> cold neighborhoods are in the
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suburbs and lehigh valley. >> and south jersey at 48 degrees. clouds over head and hit man are in the low 40s. some spots in the middle 40s right now. princeton is at 39 degrees. a little bit of a chill right now and with the wind blowing, it is in the 30s right now. it freezes a little stronger in southerner s south new jersey. what we'll begin into the weekend, believe it or not. >> no sign of any wet weather. there is showers to the south. this is the cold front, the cold air that produces some snow and rain. we are not going to get the wet weather tonight but we'll see the cold and dumping into here tomorrow morning. we'll see some showers this afternoon, ahead of the cold air, that's at 4:30 this afternoon. the suburbs could see some light isolated showers and that chance will come through during the
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evening hours. by 11:00, you may see a few rain drops over in new jersey. look at the snowfallen in central pennsylvania. as the cold air moves in, snow showers falls apart. the cold air will persist in the area and we'll see those temperatures coming down so the weekend's forecast is calling for a much colder air. a little bit of a warm up on sunday. the morning is going to be especially cold. >> 57 degrees today and not so bad. tomorrow, the cold will be here and wind will be gusting, temperature in the 30s and low 40s is going to feel like in the teens and 20s. you have to bundle up in the morning. if you are out and about on saturday, that's an air temperature in the city and colder in the bushes and 42 degrees in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine for veterans
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day. >> we'll be drying out on wednesday and temperatures popping up close to 60 degrees on friday before they start to come down next weekend. hey, you can meet the most accurate weather team in town. our severe winter weather week continues today. we'll be out at lehigh valley mall from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> we'll have swag for you. >> nine minutes before 6:00. lets check the road in clauclud the problem of the turnpike. >> yeah, this issue, the over turn tractor trailer, it appears it is on the exit ramp on 7 0 a. you would take 7 a. and the left lane is blocked because of the over turn tractor
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trailer. >> you cannot make out the over turn tractor trailer but you can see the emergency vehicle in the left lane so it is definitely causing delays if you are on the new jersey turnpike and trying to get to 7 a to make your way to 1-95. it is slowly moving around. it does not seem like it spills anything. it means it is probably clear in quicker time if it were to build its load. >> we are seeing pretty good speeds. average speeds are in the 60s right now and it is a five minute drive there. tracy and vai. >> all right, thank you, katy, we love hitting the road and getting a chance to meet our loyal nbc 10 viewers. >> yesterday, we share a spotlight at montgomery county.
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>> people bring stuff for us to sign. hey, we got stuff there for you to sign. >> tell us about that? >> cards o r whatever. >> next wednesday, everybody says come to my wallwalla. well, we are going to this one next week. >> joining us at wa wa. i will sign your free coffee cups as well. >> an actor facing now sexual assau assault. >> and not too old to lead, how the 93-year-old walked his way into office. coming up at 6:00. >> bedtime story if you bought a new bed and had all sorts of problems of purchases. >> our nbc response team stepped
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into for help when workers busted her home. christie: this is governor christie.
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new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by addictive opioid painkillers. codeine... oxycodone... fentanyl... morphine. these are just some of the medications prescribed for pain relief. these pills can be highly addictive, and the addiction doesn't end when the prescription runs out. many times, people turn to a deadlier option -
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heroin. addiction is a disease, but help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit it is four minutes after 6:00. >> now fallout of spay specey.
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>> spacey is being replaced by customer plumber. >> the latest is from heather. >> she claims that he touched her son. >> he says to me, he mom, kevin spay spacey tried to rape me. >> that's the hardest phone calls i have ever taken. >> spacey -- >> one out of every three
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children in camden children lives in poverty. . ex freedomly grateftremely . >> never late. vito marillo. he assays he got the urge to run a few months ago and he met voters and got out his message the old fashion way by foot. >> it worked. >> i am lupa, he does not look like 93. he won the election of 53% of
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the vote. congratulations. >> awesome. >> now for more of the story we following for you at 6 clo:00. a man is shot to death, the vi victim's mother was one of the first people on the scene. >> delivering a bribery trial. stop and go crack down and a recently signed blocks by enforcing liquor loss, how people in philadelphia can learn about what it means moving forward. >> we have a lot of ground to cover this morning. coming up at 6:00 a.m. this is nbc 10 news today, i am tracy davidson. >> lets get right to bill henley, the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> yeah, we are throwing back chilly weather. 33 degrees right now in the
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lehigh valley. the wind is at 7 miles per hour. it feels like in the low 40s right now. mostly cloudy skies to start with. no wet weather. it will warm up. we are looking at rain showers and 57 degrees, mostly cloudy skies for philadelphia. a nice warm up foreigner si a n. >> 56 in delaware this afternoon. milder today but much colder, starting tonight and tomorrow. a dramatic temperature turn around. i will shoel yw you when to con that. >> katy zachary is watching your traffic. >> we had an issue on the turnpike northbound. the outer drive, there is an over turn tractor trailer. >> you make your way onto


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