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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  November 22, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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right now, the steadier rain is in cape may, south jersey, southern delaware, atlantic city, even millville getting rain. farther north and west, there's cloud cover overhead. those clouds will break for sunshine this afternoon. we're tracking rain this morning, and then we're going to see the winds pick up. 36 in the lehigh valley, 43 in some suburbs. you'll have to grab a jacket if you're in the lehigh valley or suburbs, an umbrella for south jersey and delaware. i'm not alone here. i know you have a long time before you get here. our newest member of the nbc10 team is dray clark. >> reporter: i'm here bright and early. i'm excited to be here in chester county with you, bill. we have exciting things planned, exciting places, unique places to show what makes chester so special. also i went to college in
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chester county at nearby lincoln university. feels like home if you will. >> and the coffee's on the house. >> come out and get coffee, it's on the house. >> excellent, dray, bill, and wally. >> dray's as tall as wally. >> the rest of the team will join them after "nbc10 news today." if you're headed to grandmother's house, wherever, jessica boyington has more. >> watching the boulevard, already cleared. the schuylkill expressway, the on ramp westbound, a disabled vehicle here. flashing lights and everything. looks like they're gone. route 1 nice and clear. there's an earlier crash at highland avenue and ft. washington. we're watching some of that, too. also watching 422, drive times there still okay. of course, it's super early. we're not going to see drive times. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, speeds
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into the 70s, too. a seven-minute trip but no problems in either direction. today is one of the busiest travel days which means the airport will be packed. >> indeed, more people are flying this year. from check-in and departure, you need to be prepared. matt delucia joins us live from philadelphia national airport. what should passengers expect today? >> reporter: now would be a good time to get to the airport. it's not too busy at the moment. the tsa is expecting this week to possibly break the record for the number of people flying and going through those checkpoints. right here at philadelphia international, it is very, very light in terms of the traffic here. not too many people at the ticket counters. but it's still early on. more than 24 million people are estimated to be coming through airports nationwide. that's the estimate by tsa. what does that mean for you? possibly longer lines at the check-in and also security. the tsa says it's going to be increasing staffing at the
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checkpoints and will have more bomb-sniffing dogs. and the tsa says to prepare ahead of time. know what you can and cannot bring, for instance. you can carry on solid foods, but no foods with liquids in them. again, no liquids there. so the folks here at philadelphia national airport recommend you get here two hours before your flight if you're flying in the u.s., three hours for international. next hour i'll break down the new security procedures that could have you waiting in longer lines. for now live at philly international, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. ed to will be another busy one on the roads, as well. officials on the pennsylvania turnpike expect the heaviest traffic between 7:00 this morning and 8:00 tonight. turnpike officials expect the traffic on sunday from noon to 8:00 to be heavy, as well. katy zachry will join us at 4:30 with a closer look at holiday travel on the roads. if you're hitting the road this thanksgiving, here's a look at what you will spend to fill your tank. gas prices in our area are up
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more than 30 cents from thanksgiving week last year. according to aaa, in the philadelphia metro area, regular gas will cost you $2.75 a gallon. in northern delaware, $2.43. in south jersey, $2.50 a gallon. we have continuing coverage of the holiday travel rush on air and on line. turn to the nbc10 app to get instant weather and traffic alerts sent straight to your phone. in other news, new from overnight, a man is safe after fire crews rescued him from the roof of his burning home in west philadelphia. the fire broke out before midnight on north holly. crews arrived to find heavy smoke and flames. they quickly got the smoke and flames under control. the man was not seriously hurt. investigators confirm they've found the remains of two victims from the deadly fire at the senior center in west chester. the investigators will be back looking for two unaccounted for today. authorities have not identified the remains they found. on monday the chester county
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district attorney said four residents were unaccounted for including a husband and wife. the fire broke out late thursday night. a man who lives near the fire scene talked about how he and his neighbors rushed in to help. >> once you got kind of assigned to a resident, you stayed with them. someone literally stayed with that person to make sure they were warm, safe, talked to them to make sure they weren't anxious. >> investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire and say they plan to remain on the scene throughout the thanksgiving holiday. fbi agents say they have strong reason to believe that congressman bob grady paid an opponent to quit running against him. investigators say there's also evidence that others within the campaign knowingly attempted to skirt campaign finance rules. from newly unsealed court documents, we know the fbi got a warrant to see emails tied to brady's 2012 primary campaign against judge jimmy moore. the fbi says brady's campaign concealed a $90,000 payment to
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moore's campaign manager to get him to drop out of the race. brady's attorney says they complied with the investigation earlier this year, and there is no evidence of anything wrong in those emails. he also says his client hasn't been charged with a crime. investigators, however, believe there's probable cause that brady and others committed conspiracy, wire fraud, and violated limits on campaign contributions. people in a gloucester county community are fighting to keep their police force. nbc10 was at gateway regional high school for last night's woodbury heights council meeting. the former police chief tells us the community recently received two proposals from neighboring departments to take over policing duties. people who live in woodbury heights say they fear losing their own police force will mean less protection. >> i don't care where you come from, the people in that town, borou borough, township, they want
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their own police. >> woodbury heights officials say they will review the proposals and put the -- and the input from the community before making any decision. the countdown to thanksgiving is nearly over. maybe tomorrow you'll run out for one last item. >> for those less fortunate, the community is stepping up to make sure they're not forgotten. the mann organizations will deliver pies for the pie in the sky event. the annual fundraiser raises hundred of thousands of dollars that goes toward hot meals for people battling life-threatening illnesses like cancer or aids. in south jersey, players from the flyers and their staff will help the camden neighborhood center get ready for their thanksgiving dinner. they'll handle everything from stocking the kitchen and
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pantries to setting the tables. they plan to serve more than 400 meals tomorrow. today in new york, crews will get the famous floats ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. tens of thousands will be watching the balloons being inflated. police will screen visitors. no large backpacks, chairs, or umbrellas will be allowed. i don't think anybody from here is going there. we don't need to tell you that. you can watch the parade tomorrow here on nbc10. yeah. boy, it's got to be ten degrees warmer now than it was this time yesterday. >> i think so. krystal klei has that. definitely warmer, mild, ahead of a cold front that's going to be passing through the rest of the morning. then things will cool down later in the day. the cold front is moving close to us as we speak. cold air will filter in behind it which is why tomorrow will
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feel more so the impacts of the cold front. let's talk about conditions outside. rain, moisture from the south, a cold front pushing from the east -- west, rather, and the two are giving us just showers out there over our delaware beaches. clipping kent county, and then you see brushing up the jersey shore as well as parts of south jersey. notice from half of south jersey to philly and north, it's just clouds now. could you see a spotty shower this morning? absolutely. as this continues to move forward. it's only going to last through the morning hours. traveling farther to the west today, you may run into during the morning hours a rain/snow mix over western pennsylvania then up into parts of new york, as well. it's starting to exit areas like buffalo. by 8:30 a.m., this is weakening. up north, you could run into snow in parts of new york. you'll run into rain in new york, boston, anywhere up into new england. most of this is out of here, out of parts of the viewing area by around 11:30.
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notice the snow dying down, as well. that could mean for slick roadways. take it slow if you're driving north or west. and then as we go through rest of the day, a fairly dry picture. again to recap, a.m. flakes north and west, parts of pennsylvania. a.m. rain, boston to d.c. that line downward. otherwise, just going to be a cool day. wear the jacket. breezy, as well. hold tight to the wheel. will be a cold night. prep that once you're to grandma's house it will be chilly this evening. 4:10. let's talk about the roads because a lot of people will be going to work today. a lot of people will be hitting the roads for the holiday. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on that for you this morning. what are you seeing? >> i'm watching my boulevard camera near the schuylkill expressway now. some construction to play with here moving from the schuylkill westbound. this is the camera sitting on the boulevard. a second ago we were focused on a disabled vehicle that was at the bottom of the ramp to the schuylkill expressway. that cleared, and now we're watching the construction. if you pass this and are trying to get on the schuylkill and
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head down to the cityline avenue area, that's where this mess is. we're starting to see a delay behind it. they keep moving the camera so i can't focus on where it is. now we're looking at construction work. cars are slow moving by the scene into the side. i'll end with the crash, upper dublin, highland avenue, and ft. washington avenue. >> thank you. strength and courage. a boy hurt in a school bus crash faces challenges. >> i wish i could take away his pain. >> what we're learning about the next step in his road to recovery. hacking uber. a breach they hid for more than a year. what the thieves got away with, and how it could impact you. and we're on the road again. this morning in chester county to look at the community's rich history in steel-making and current efforts to bring new buildings and businesses to town.
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nbc10 news is on the road helping you get ready for the holiday. >> meteorologist bill henley joins us live from a wawa in thorndale, chester county. wawa is helping people make best of their thanksgiving plans, satellite. yeah, we think of wawa and what we've seen since we've been here for weeks, people fueling one coffee, grabbing food before they go. another part of it is making sure your car is able to get where it's going. it's never more important than it is during the holiday season for thanksgiving. a busy travel time. chris edwards is with wawa. does it get busier for you? >> it does get busier. wawa will be here for you this weekend. the fuel courts are open 24/7,
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even on the highway. we have many locations on our travel corridors to be here with you. >> that's one thing about it, you're never that far from a wawa. >> no, very close. >> i think i passed 15 on the way over here today. >> we also will have free air. if you want to check your tires, we'll be free at wawa. we'll never charge you for that. >> i have to tell you how much i appreciate. this time of year, you get the colder air and the snap like this, the pressure does vary a lot. if you haven't checked your tires lately, it's time to -- i filled up the tires. they were way off. i had to search for the free air. wawa is the place. >> we got it, and it's free. we'll have competitive prices, that's an important part of our fuel brand. we have the supplies that you need. windshield wiper fluid, oils. we also have chargers to keep your phones charged over the weekend, as well. >> really? >> yeah. >> a pit stop? >> we've got everything you need for your car and for you. >> thank you for being here. thanks for allowing us to come out. thanks for fueling me up this morning with some hot coffee.
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guys. >> he said free air, i didn't realize he was talking about the tires. i thought, free oxygen. >> it's early. we're shining a spotlight on the areas we're visiting. we're going to coatesville, down the road from thorndale. >> one of the biggest steel manufacturers and has a museum dedicated to its rich history. steel from coatesville is famous for in gateway to west, used in the fork shaped tridents from new york. they're focusing on bringing new life and businesses to downtown. the gateway project along busy lincoln highway represents coatesville's plans for the future. they're using state and local grant money to bring apartments and parking facilities as well as stores to the retail corridor. the hope is that once the gateway is complete, even more
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progress will follow. and coatesville leaders have high hopes about the train station. plans are in the works to build new amtrak stops at the station. much of the historic building that dates back to the mid 1800s is closed to the public because it's fallen to disrepair. the platform is open. trains do stop here. no timetable for the station. landscaping is complete near site where it would be built. and rain coming in from south jersey. had to use the windshield wipers. >> let's find out if it's moving off. krystal klei with first alert traffic. in neighborhood weather, we had a producer this morning who lives in part of the pennsylvania suburbs say "i didn't see any rain." that's because we are dry through the pennsylvania neighborhoods. into the delaware and new jersey neighborhoods, are you seeing showers this morning. even pockets of steadier rain there near the jersey shore. our delaware beaches. lightning that's off of cape may. but that's over ocean waters.
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here's a look at where the rain is falling. cape may to atlantic city and ship bottom. thins out into the south jersey neighborhoods. still the chance that from i-95 south through the morning hours, you may see some periodic showers roll by. temperatures today, not bad. mild this morning. they're not going to warm much through the day. we'll stay mild. 54 center city. 54 lansdale. low 50s over the lehigh valley and berks county. low to mid 50s through the new jersey neighborhoods. and don't be too scared by the icons. the showers are going to move out late morning and especially by the afternoon. we're dry, sunny, as well. 56 in ocean city today. smyrna, wilmington, you're the same in those mid to upper 50s. it will be on the windy side today because we've got a cold front starting to approach. 15, 20 mile-per-hour winds. gusts 25 to 35 miles per hour. if you're heading to work, note that it will be damp this morning and windy through the rest of the day.
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here's the model, showers continuing through the morning hours. this is 7:00 a.m. a few showers could make it to the suburbs. there is filling it out too much. it will be more spotty, i believe. the best chance is going to be against the shoreline. by 9:30, back to the delaware beaches and jersey shore. pretty much out of here by lunchtime. look how clear we get for the rest of the day. you will see sunshine though we're starting with clouds and rain. for the thanksgiving planner, if you're getting up early tomorrow to meet the family, we're talking a very chilly start. 35 in fophilly. 36 in delaware. in the afternoon, temperatures cool. 45 philly. 42 in the lehigh valley. here's the good news -- thanksgiving, dry. you will not need to add the umbrella to everything else you're carrying to the family members' house. >> that's good. speaking of that, a busy day on the roads. find out how it's looking at 4:19. >> jessica boyington has more. >> a busy day but not yet. we're not seeing any of that now
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for the holiday travel because it's 4:00 in the morning. i don't think a lot of people are heading to grandma's house. 676 and the vine street expressway, watching at 8th street. what's important is wherever you have to go if you are heading to work for a last half day or you are heading for holiday travel, construction isn't there. that's what's going to be important now. watching around 8th here, westbound toward the schuylkill, no problems. toward 95, no problems. the turnpike, no construction there until sunday around 11:00 p.m. which is awesome, too. just to accommodate the extra travelers and drivers moving through. 23 minutes on the eastbound side from valley forge to route 1. speeds into the 60s, too. minor delays so far for mass transit. septa's warminster line is ten minutes late. amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco all on or close to schedule now. the magic of the holiday season was alive and well in center city last night. i got a chance to hang out with
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some of the wednesday's child success families as they took in "never land." all the kids were adopted after we profiled them on "wednesday's child." the partnership between nbc10 and the national adoption center. listen to this little girl feels to have a forever family especially during the holiday season. >> we feel like we're sisters. and -- and brothers. and we're cousins. but i feel like that's my sis r sister. >> one big, happy family. "wednesday's child" airs every wednesday and saturday. a great time. >> i bet. remembering a tv star. >> a former teen heartthrob passes away. overnight, hollywood pays tribute to david cassidi. and terror attack lawsuit. why the family of a new jersey man says new york city was partially to blame for his death on a bike path.
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4:24. gold medalist gabby douglas announced she was also abused by the team doctor, larry nasser. he will plead guilty today. more than 130 women say that nasser sexually abused them under the pretense of medical treatment, including two teammates of douglas, mikayla maroney and aly raisman. he will sentenced to at least 25 years in prison. this morning, hollywood and the music world, all of us here, mourning the death of david cassidy. >> you and i grew one david cassidy. the former teen heartthrow the baby out with the bath water was best known for his -- heartthrob was best known for his role "the partridge family." ♪ >> cassidy became a teen idol in
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the 1970s with his role as keith partridge. he went on to have a successful solo career after the show ended. in february, cassidy announced that he was suffering from dementia. he was taken to the hospital last week suffering from organ failure. david cassidy was 67 years old. among the tributes to him was this from singer and actor harry connick jr. who tweeted, "so sad to hear of the passing of david cassidy. he was always so kind to me, such a pleasure to have had him on my show. sending love and prayers to his family. r.i.p., friend." holiday travel rush. this morning millions are packing the roads and rails as they get away for the holiday. katy zachry is live near 30th street station. >> reporter: a lot of people are planning to travel for the holiday. coming up, i'll tell how many and why if you're up at this early hour, it's in your best interests to get on the road. speaking of the roads, watching that for holiday
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travel. 95 around cottman avenue is where i'm watching. both directions okay still. that's going to change, we know that. the updates for the morning coming up. now to bill at the wawa in donor thorndale. right on lincoln highway. this new space opened three days ago. hard at work is cynthia making coffee. a beautiful, new store. >> it is. we opened on friday from the remodel, beautiful, isn't it? >> it is gorgeous. the coffee is excellent. >> excellent, and free today. >> free until 9:00 right here at this location. and one measuore thing -- they rolled out the christmas cups. you'll be among the first to get them. come on down and say hi.
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road, rails, and airports. millions traveling for thanksgiving. we have team coverage of everything you need to know from traffic to your holiday forecast. protecting the path. the family of a man killed in a new york city terror attack says the city is partially to blame for his death. customers at risk. hackers steal information from uber, and the company doesn't reveal it for a year. how it could impact you. 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. this morning we're helping prepare you for the thanksgiving travel rush. we have team coverage. katy zachry and jessica boyington have everything you need if you plan on driving today. our first alert weather team has
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the forecast. meteorologist bill henley is on the road at a wawa in thorndale, chester county. bill? good morning, clouds overhead, but dry. a different story in south jersey and delaware. you'll see light showers in philadelphia, too. you may need the rain gear in a few neighborhoods to start with. in chester county, it will likely stay dry. showers are stretched across the coast from southern delaware, atlantic city, toward harvey creedars. and in baltimore to the southwest, showers are trending toward our area. there's still a chance of showers. i can't rule out showers in the suburbs. there will be sprinkelse to start. the good news, it's not terribly cold. the exception is the lehigh valley. breaks in the clouds overnight. 36 degrees there. 40s for the suburbs and 50s for the rest of the area. er


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