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welcome to the volkswagen suv w postgame report. here now, liam mccue. on a frigid night here in green bay, another dominant effort by the vikings defense. final score in this one, minnesota, 16, green bay, nothing. liam mccue back here at lambeau. for vikings defense, they
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pitched their first shutout since 1993. that game at the silver dome. on the flip side, green bay shut out for the second time at home during this season. stefon diggs on offense, he's receiving one. on defense, harrison smith. two interceptions in the game. he didn't make the pro bowl, but he gets a game ball and he's with michelle. >> liam, thank you. two interceptions for harrison smith tonight and this is the first vikings shutout in 24 seasons. how would you describe the mindset this defense is playing with right now? >> we just love to play, you know? there is always going to be ups and downs throughout games, throughout seasons, and we love those situations. being able to kind of dig in and battle it out, coaches, players, everybody. >> you guys are an indoor team technically. there were questions whether or not you were weather-proof. playing in this extreme cold tonight, how do you think you did? >> we did all right.
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zim makes us practice outside sometimes. he gets us ready and just came out here. like i said, we just love to play. >> you got to play in front of a lot of vikings fans tonight. you'll see them next week when you play them again in chicago in week 17. that's your guy. you and xavier will play at home next week. what about the prospect of having a playoff game at home and maybe even a super bowl? >> we're not going to get that far ahead of oh ourselves. every time we roll it out, we love to play, love to show up. like you mentioned, the fans out here got the skull chant going. it felt like a home game before the end of it. >> go get warm. >> thank you. >> liam? >> let's take a look at that nfc playoff picture. two of the six spots are spoken for with the vikings winning tonight, they can clinch a fourth round bye.
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the eagles can clinch home field advantage with a win on monday against the raiders. tomorrow a big day for the teams in the nfc south. the panthers can clinch a playoff spot over the bucks. the saints can clinch a playoff birth, the division with a win and a panthers loss. remember, they can still win the division if they win out. out west, the rams, they can take the division for the first time since 2003 with a win. or a seahawks loss. seattle plays dallas. desperation tomorrow. the loser of that one is eliminated. move on to the afc. headline today, ravens beating the colts. they move into that five seed. baltimore could clinch a playoff birth next week with a win. the jaguars would win the afc south with a victory or a titans loss while the chiefs would win the west with a victory or a chargers loss. the steelers play christmas day against the texans.
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if they win and the jaguars lose tomorrow, pittsburgh secures a first-round bye. if the patriots beat the bills tomorrow and the jaguars and steelers lose this weekend, new england clinches home. a lot of moving parts which is why it will be an exciting couple of days. meanwhile, right here in green bay was the vikings, 16, the packers, nothing. al and cris will wrap things up right after this. dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. directv has been rated number one in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running. but some people still like cable.
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low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. welcome back to the volkswag volkswagen suv w. postgame report. >> touchdown! >> would you believe that? >> after reviewing the play, the receiver did not survive the ground. it's an incomplete pass. >> intercepted. to are vin. an interception in the end zone. >> you go from the top of the mountain right to the bottom. >> you go from the top of the
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mountain and the number one seed to the number two seed. now for pittsburgh, the key is to at least hold on to that bye. they can do that by beating houston on christmas day. you'll see the game here on nbc with mike tricot and curt warner. they have cleveland the following week. still have to get by the to texans monday. who knows. >> jacksonville breathing down their neck because they do have that win over pittsburgh. you get the feeling the pittsburgh steelers, we've seen them bounce back too many times. they have too much talent on the ovenive side. they're going to be a tough team to beat. >> letting go of james harrison today as well. >> when you see the top end organizations making moves with players they love and you know they love james harrison there, all of a sudden you start thinking, where might james harrison go? >> we're going home. i don't know what to say. write your own caption. >> outcome, santa saying we've got some work to do. you better go home and take care of that cold. >> yes, we do.
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minnesota wins it by a score of 16-0. coming up next, your local news. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. our whole gang saying good night from green bay, wisconsin. we leave you with the temperature at 4 degrees. >> aloha.
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caught in the crossfire, a bullet rips through a police car, with the officer sitting inside. a water main break floods a busy philadelphia street leaving people and business owners with nowhere to go. shots fired at a police car, a close call for a police officer in the line of duty. good evening, i'm denise nakano. a bullet went right through the patrol car, shattering the window and barely missing that officer. it happened near the corner of 2nd and vine in millville, cumberland county. authorities continue to investigate that gunfire. >> representative gunshots. something was going on. >> millville officers arrived quickly and blocked off oak
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street. at least one of the bullets hit a police car. the passenger side window appeared to be shattered. the officer inside was not injured. >> my first thought was stay in the house, don't go out. told my mom, get down, don't do nothing. >> police officers went door to door looking for information about the gunmen. police have not confirmed how the officer may have been caught in the crossfire. >> to hear stuff like this, over and over again, it's not safe at all. >> according to the chief, the officer was not physically injured. he was pretty shaken up, they sent a chaplin over to provide support. >> this is the second time in two days police were the target of gunfire, for nine hours yesterday, a man held up in a home in bethlehem shot at police
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to keep them at bay. a woman found outside the home, police say the suspected shooter shot and killed himself after shooting his mother. >> turning now to a first alert weather, tracking rain and know. that system will make its way into our area in time for christmas. steve? >> it's hard to believe the system is all the way out in nebraska, it will be here tomorrow night at this time. first, let's talk about the differences out there right now. we can see the visibility has gotten better. no more 60s, no more rainfall for you tonight. look at these highs today, almost like a march afternoon.
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63 in dover, it was cooler in allentown, now, everybody cooling off, that wind busy out of the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures in the 30s, tonight will be quiet. christmas eve, if you're headed out for last minute shopping. no issues during the daylight hours. it's really after 6:00 or 7:00, you see the rain building here in delaware, it starts off as rain. it's the areas of i-78 that could be a problem. i'll be back with potential snowfall totals. >> you'll be the first to know about the incoming rain and snow with the nbc10 app. police in bucks county uncovered a mercedes they believe is connected to a deadly hit and run last week. the car was found in a garage in levittown. the owner does not live in the
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area. 52-year-old kevin williams senior was hit and killed on his bike as he crossed route 13 near horsham street in bristol borough. the mercedes may have been racing another car when williams was struck. for some, it's a ritual to leave this until the last minute, for others, it's an unintentional but necessary scramble. there are plenty of deals and discounts. retailers want the remaining inventory off the shelves and under your tree. shipping deadlines were earlier, which means procrastinators need to finish up in stores. >> it's crazy, but nice, everybody seems excited. >> i work under pressure, without pressure. but i get it done. >> a lot of stores are offering the option to pick up instore, you can buy the gifts online, run to get it and avoids the
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madness of last minute shoppers trying to pick out that perfect gift. crews spent the day in northern lick erts trying to fix a water main break. tenants had to find somewhere else to go tonight for hours, water flooded girard avenue between front and howard streets. it even seeped into cellars, damaging hot water heaters, in all, 11 properties have been affected. some businesses just decided to close. >> it was very frustrating because we got no business. >> restoration crews are trying to dry out the flooded cellars, the next step is to assess the damage. >> searching for four men involved in a shooting that put a 4-year-old girl in the hospital. you can see where the bullets pierced the windshield and the hood of this car.
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the girl's father had just parked and got out of the car around 11:00 in southwest philadelphia. and that's when a car with four men inside made a u-turn and opened fire. the girl was hit in the leg, her father was not hit. >> more about the man killed in a shootout with police in harrisburg yesterday. he was a naturalized u.s. citizen. he came to the u.s. from egypt on a family based immigrant visa. yesterday afternoon, he started shooting at police downtown, then followed state police into a neighborhood where he was shot and killed. a friend who didn't want to be identified said he was shocked to learn el mofty was behind that shooting. >> what possessed him to do that? i can't answer that. it lets me know he lost it, he just lost it. >> police don't know why el
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mofty went on the shooting spree. pennsylvania police, the fbi and harrisburg police are all part of this investigation. the e-mail scandal that rocked the miss america pageant. i'm john clark, good news from eagles practice today, doug peterson is letting his players be with their families for christmas on game day. take a look, joel embiid is back, how did he do with his back tightness in toronto? really?
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plenty of people go to the mall and sit on santa's lap. there aren't many that can say they sat down and had milk and cookies with him. that's what these kids did at franklin square tonight. an indoor event, the rainy weather did not dampen anyone's spirits. ♪ >> in delaware county, hundreds of people turned out for the annual chester concert and toy giveaway tonight. the night began with performances by jermaine dolly. and several local choirs at macedonia church. more than 150 kids received gifts. a little less christmas cheer in one city, after this christmas tree fell over. why they couldn't lift it back up, and the decision that
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rooiled up neighbors. for some, snow arriving in time for santa in some communities tomorrow night. i also have a chance for snow for everybody. when that occurs when we come back on your weather report.
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more fallout today after an e-mail scandal rocked the miss america pageant. the outgoing winner tells the ap she was unjustly vilified. widener along with the ceo and josh randall all resigned today. e-mails written by pageant officials were leaked to the huffington post.
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they criticized past miss america's appearance, intellect and sex lives. it doesn't feel a lot like christmas, because the city's christmas tree is gone. strong wind and heavy rain caused that tree to topple over. instead of replacing the tree, the city brought in a wood chipper and shredded it. the equipment and workers needed to stand the tree back up just weren't available. right now, we are tracking rain and snow for the rest of your holiday weekend. nbc10 first alert meteorologist is timing that all out for us. >> we know santa can get around in any kind of weather? can you get around? i think the answer to that question is yes. the type of weather we see will be on the light side. it mainly comes during the overnight hours tomorrow night. we're calling it snow for some, if if you live up in the lehigh valley, the poconos, the normal cold spots, you have the best
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chance for snow. elsewhere, it's going to be a brown christmas for you. we have a cold blast coming your way that you need to know about on christmas day. if you're walking outside, you need to have the layers on, and especially be prepared for it, it will feel like the 20s all day long, we'll have 45 mile per hour wind gusts. it will be numbing at the eagles game monday night. you've been warned. >> then we have the deep freeze lasting for monday and through probably 2018. at least the start of it, for our new year, and maybe even snow potential there as well. things have settled down dramatically here on our live radar network. all the rain has moved out, it was 60 degrees earlier today. that is a distant memory here by tomorrow morning. we'll be waking up to temperatures in the 30s here, and there will be a little bit of a breeze as well. >> not a bad day, if you need to go out and make those last minute shopping preparations for christmas, it's an a okay day.
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we'll see sunshine in the morning, and increasing clouds in the afternoon, dry weather. if you're going to evening services tomorrow, i think you're okay. hi, santa. he's out in the upper midwest. he's probably following the snow here, getting ready, that snow will be moving our way tomorrow night. i would say mainly areas along i-78 and north. we can follow the clouds, they build through the afternoon and evening hours. this is 9:00, you see mainly green here, there is a little bit of white up toward the lansdale area through bucks county. by midnight, you're headed out to midnight services tonight, have the umbrella, also, if you're up in the lehigh valley and poconos, watch out for a few slippery spots. by 5:00 a.m. monday morning, it's unite of here. we welcome the sunshine and gusty winds in the afternoon. how much snowfall are we talking about? not a lot. we're measuring


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