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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 27, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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car recovered. police find the vehicle they say come one used to run down a man on a philadelphia street. now to search focuses on the driver f driv driver. two chances to finish 2017 with a serious bang. right now at 11:00 a bitter blast of cold air is blanketing the region. it is a cold morning. it feels more like the teens at this hour. good morning.
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i'm dray clark. the temperatures won't be clangiclan changing significantly. the cold will be the worst in the poconos. you will really need the extra layers there. steve is here is your most accurate forecast in town. hey steve. >> let's get into the business here. be we do have danger use snow coming our way. this is looking north and west. that is signaling that the arctic front is passing through the area. that will allow dangerous cold. it is infect for the entire viewing area
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15 below in the poconos. let's take a look. it is 11 in toronto. the pipe line of cold is there. we have that arriving overnight tonight. this is how we walk you through the wind chills. temperatures feeling like 11 in philadelphia. overnight tonight it becomes
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dangerous. i'll show you when we might see snow in this forecast. lauren, from the look on your face it is no doubt freezing outside today. >> reporter: it is cold. this is kind of the place to be. you can see there is sunshine hitting me right now. that makes all of the difference. this is a very busy area. we have seen people heading to work. we have seen people coming around here with bags checking out om soft after christmas deals.
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we have been seeing a lot of hats, scarves and coats. it is something you'll have to watch out for i do have gloves on. i just talked to a couple of folks who said they have multiple layers on and they are staying warm today. nbc 10 news. a pharmacy wants to make sure the homeless are warm. they gave out 3,700 blankets. as the deep freeze settles in you can download the free nbc 10
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app. philadelphia police say this red car was involved in a deadly crash. it was recovered a few howeveur ago. that car hit a man crossing 54th street last night. that car took off. >> both sides of the highway were closed overnight when a car flipped over near fox street and caught fire. one man is in stable condition in the hospital this morning. you can see the blaze gutted
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some of those units. firefighters had to rescue one family from a third floor balcony. du dozens of families were forced out. today crews will try to fig yaur out what sparked that fire. early morning hours battling a house fire in wilmington. investigators say a man who killed his mother then shot himself were not supposed to have guns. this was the scene last friday.
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he shot his mother 11 times and then turned it on himself. authorities believe he got to weapons from his father what ended up killing after the standoff. the jackpot is up to $337 million. the cash prize is about 210 million after taxes. no one won the mega millions last night which means that jackpot jufrmped more than $300 million. a candle will be lit today to mark and to enkoirj people to
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question and define themselves. today is expected to be another busy travel day. pil phil international airport tweeted that patszen jers should arrive er8ly. the airport says to check with your airline frm we have a check on the roads this morning. >> things are looking better on the express waichwayexpressway. it had things stopped to a halt when we went on the air. that i a-- they are trying to clear that out of the way. a jam on 295 southbound to route 9. it is something to be aware of.
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we were watching that accident on 295 at sloan avenue. there was an accident and an accident investigation taking place. you can see all is clear now. you should n't have any problem. >> we'll tell you why so many people are getting an early start on paying uncle sam. barack obama sits down with prince harry for an eye opening and how it should believe handled by lead eft sh pla you can expect and why we issued the first alert. i'll be back be your full forecast coming up.
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homeowners are rushing before the new law kicks in. people whose tax bills exceed the amount could benefit by paying more in 2017. some officials are urging caution as the new law does not address the issue. there were questions whether they would allow filers to take
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the deduction early. obama talked about the dangers that was broadcast on the bbc radio today. he did not specifically mention his successor who uses social media to communicate with the public. >> all of us have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet. the dangers of the internet is people can have entirely different realities. it reenforces that. >> and they say moving online helps to see that many issues respect as simple as they seem in a chat room. take a look at the flag.
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it is bitterly cold outside. the cold weather could really cost you a lot of money. a master plumber said your pipes could be very vulnerable like this. damage could begin outside. you also want to leave the valve open through the wiptnter seaso. >> people are worried about their pipes freezing. how quickly could that happen? >> it could happen in 30 minutes. >> wow. >> yes. especially for a toilet. >> remember to change your filte filters. it could also cost you money because your system has to work
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harder to keep you warm. good wednesday to you. here with your updated forecast is camel back mountain. this will be one of the worst spots to be in terms of the windchill later on tonight and tomorrow. even for skiers it is a dangerous round of cold. very important to keep yourself dry. if you take a spill get yourself inside to change your clothes, whatever you need to do because this is dangerous stuff.
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it lasts through 8:00 on friday morning. the wind relaxes and it won't be quite as brutal. make sure your pet is not running around outside. the cold can take a toll on any living creature are within just a matter of hours. it feels like 15 in philadelphia, 4 below for the current windchill. why is this all happening? well, we have an unusual weather pattern shaping up. you have the flood gates open. this is air funneling on down here. you can see these kind of mind
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blowing temperatures up in canada. the front that is bringing to cold air is coming through right now. we have been watching the cloud lines shift down to the south. there could be a flurry for the next cup m ouple of hours. you can see 1,800 mimes of wind clil cl chills, alerts and advisories. it is not just for us but sbir northern part of the country. it is 16 in philadelphia. it feels like 6 in reading, 7 in 58 allentown. your morning routine tomorrow rpgs you need to have multiple
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layers on. coming up in the next half hour i'll show you how to dres and what to do to prepare your body for this type of extreme cold! all frmg a family is making a decembsperate plaeea. >> to play or not to play? that is the question for the eagles playing their starters this week. we'll talk to dave coming up.
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every team that we face from here on out has to come through this stadium and play you guys. [ applause ] >> congratulations, koefcoaches
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players, everybody f. you found a way to win that game. >> they did. the eagles have wrapped up their number one seed. they also have home field advantage. it wuasn't a pretty game at all. how important is it to have this top seed. >> statistically the number one or number two team, more than 75% had but having home field with all of the energy, it should make a big difference. >> i find myself watching the game and becoming more and more nervous. i was totally comfortable.
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watching the often play, they haven't found it just yet. that is important. i thought they would have a field day but they didn't. it looked a little rough there at times. >> everybody adjust your expectations. nick while capable, it's not carson wentz. he finished and won the fourth quarter in l.a. this past week struggled for three quarters. so she 3 and 0. he needs to get rid of it. >> the seg are really meaningless. will he play the starters? >> i think we'll see some of the
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yupg younger guys. the question is will nick play? that answer will come later in the week. they know they have to get him sharp. in offense finished off the second drive of the game and looked downright bad. >> jones is coming become from the. >> i think ths a dhaps. >> diskis door dip nate to. m i think he has a chance if he mays this sunday. >> this year a complete mess. what happened? >> when you go from the hunter
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to the hunted things change. elliott goes out for six games. they department play well. dak prescott, four interceptions last year, 13 this year. nfc oos, no repeat winners. it always turned around. the cowboys will be watching the playoffs from the couch this year. >> all right. eagles inside. thank you. >> you got it, man. >> the birds wrap up the regular season this sunday against the cowboys. pregame coverage starts at 9:30 a.m. when wroul be tiebl meet and see them in person.
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>> plus the attraction that will give them that.
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into the freezer. we are stuck in a pattern of bone-chilling cold. the sun is out but not sure if it is making much of a difference. if you're heading to the water front you want to dress in a lotovlot of layers. steve has your most accurate forecast. >> i want to give you a full picture of what's happening outside right now. you can see the sun and also see kind of a mixed sky right now. we are seeing the cold front come through. we are right on the dividing line. the cold air is pouring in
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behind it. what you can expect with this round of bone chilling cold. it lasts all the way through friday morning. the breeze is what really makes this awful. it is painful. it needs to warm up. the coldest temperatures are tomorrow morning. we will keep the first alert going through friday morning. there isn't a substantial improvement for the evening commute. lehigh valley, it is 22 there and 22 in the suburbs. temperatures have been dropping there. it is down to 19. we are not actually going to see a warm-up this afternoon. we'll see a cool down. it is knowing in areas of lake
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erie. what we have for you, cold and clears with code app clear conditions on friday. >> download the nbc 10. pennsylvania dealing with the cold. >> power restored in cleveland after a substation left 40,000 people in the cold. as an arctic blast reached the country from new england to s seattle.
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in utah a sheri officer now a hero after savoriing an eight-year-old boy. >> i was pounding on the ice. >> i held his head up above the water. i just called out to the pa paramedics letting them know i'm coming in. i have got him. >> record breaking snow shocked. >> i'm use to snow but not this much at once. >> his boss told him to come in. >> i have been fight it the whole day. >> 63 inches falling by tuesday evening. the ty emergency. >> i won't be able to get home until thursday night or friday morning. >> i desperately want a salad.
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>> i this stuff. >> still, some people did in near white out conditions. others hopped on a sled or tried to dig out their cars. >> it is a little ridiculous. i keep pecking away at it. >> temperatures plunged to minus 3 degrees. >> we were a little shocked by the coldness of chicago. >> yeah. it's bad. >> so cold you could see steam rise off oaf lake michigan and the chicago river. where ever you are it is boupd to be an end. it's not over yet here. the forecast calls for more not 100 inchesov 100 inches of snow for the month
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of december. back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> we are learning more about a west philadelphia crime spree. right now the suspect remains in critical condition this morning. it started early yesterday morning. the man used a began to steal a car. lateren vest gators say -- later investigators say he used it to rob a deli. the plain clothed officer said he refused to cooperate and made a move for his waist bapd and that's when the officer opened fire. >> searching for the armed robber the man pulled out a give up and demapded money. >> now a follow-up to to story i
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told you achbbout. they were about to get a dog and someone stole the pooch. they can want believe someone actually walked in and stole the dog. everyone involved is upset. >> i department have a good christmas because the dog was stolen. >> very heartbroken of the situation. it is their christmas presented. this is my only plan. >> i hope someone does the right thing and returns the dog. >> the dog is micro chipped. they are now reviewing security procedures. at the jersey shore the wheel is spinning but still open to the public yesterday we.
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that's a result of the renovation plan. it is the third largest on the east coast. it also featured heated gondolas. >> we think it is a beacon to bring everybody down to see what's happening. >> it is scheduled to open from noon from now until sundayment we checked at the wheel will be cloized today due to bitter cold. they will have an update each day so you can see if conditions are good for the wheel to evacuate. >> when comcast technology center is complete it will be the city's smartest building. water plays a huge role in the skyscraper that will be the home
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for nbc 10 and telemundo 62. that water gets chilled and can cool offices and open space. the 14,000 pains of glass are key to energy efficiency. >> there is magic going on there because there is silver which is protecting the building from the heat from the son and from any infiltration outside. >> they say it will be 50% more efficient than the original comcast center. you're never too old to be loved and cared for. this week's wednesday's child is proof of that.
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vai sikahema introduces us to a perfect addition to a forever family. >> it has been a institution since 1889. this is where all of the tasty treats are made. for a young man like dominic this is heaven. >> you tliek cook? >> yeah. >> your own hamburger recipe? >> yeah. >> tell me how you do it. >> it is cut in half. >> we are here to bake and learn from the next generation and desert chefs. a forever family is what dominic is all about. >> what families is all about. >> a nice family. >> it is a very positive person actually. he is very open. he is friendly.
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he is helpful. he is actually comical. once he gets to relax with you then she is funny. you have to spend that little bit of time with him. >> he is so engaging, so loving. >> it really is a wonderful speer experience. >> dominic is this week's wednesday's child. >> go to and search wednesday east child. you can also call 1-866-do-adopt. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know what that color
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means, it's a boy. he and his wife revealed the jepter following the king's game last nigh. a shower will have blue streamers. cop garagelations to them. 76erser are showing off. the lettering and parchment paper are core are inspired by the declaration of independence. players will wear them in february and march and all home gapes in tril. >> i is almost time to rip the
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new year. the odds of snow on saturday are increasing. a little bit of snow could be a big problem. i'll explain that in your ten day forecast coming up. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help
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and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit christmas trees can become
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fire hazards the longer you keep them in your home. keep an eye out for dropping needles because it's your best clue that the tree is dry. check the nbc 10 app for recycling programming beginning in our area. . if you didn't like a gift you got this holiday season you may be hitting the mall to get a refound. we have tips on how to make the return process a little less painful. for most of us it's a huge hassle. >> returns can be a nightmare. >> making the dreading trip to the mall. >> i would rather go online. >> if you don't you may spend hours waiting in line. >> it is really really long. >> i department like it. >> my daughter really liked the shoes but she needed a bigger size. >> they would not give me a
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refupr refund. they only gave me store credit. >> national retell federation says 13% of all purchases are returned. >> we are here. >> overall this season was a win for retailers. consumer confidence up. holiday sales hit their best pace since 2011, up nearly 5% this season. >> why not. >> online shopping getting a 24% bump. >> you don't have a gift receipt or anything? >> no. >> here is how to shrink your stress. always have your receipt. understand the return policy before you buy. watch the return clock. it starts the minute the item is bought. know when your time runs out. keep the original packages and
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put everything back as best you can. ask about return fees when you buy online. shipping and retstocking fees cn add up. when it comes to returns the soop sooner the better. stores happy to see you back. >> i like coming in stores and maybe try another one on. >> retailers hoping that happen and that buyers return again. >> that was nbc reporting. new year's eve is almost here. ready to get your new year off to a great start. there is more to do than just watch the fireworks. joining me now is wendy. great to be with you here. how are you?
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>> i'm dioing well. you guys get to keep this going. >> yes. we lover th we love this weekend. >> all right. let's talk about what folks are going to see. let's talk about what's happening at the ka seen flcasi. >> there is a 6:00 p.m. show. 6:00 p.m. at midnight fireworks, stand out on the river walk. it looks like a cold one. we we promise to have hot chocolate. it's a fun environment. if you're over 21 we would love to have you on the inside. a party going on from 10:00 to 1:00. go online and get your tickets now and you can see the fireworks at midnight from that party and plenty of food and plenty of drink and fireworks. it's really fun. >> people say it automatically
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eliminates family. you want families to come out. >> right. this is the one time of year we make that exception. it is outside. the river walk is a beautiful place. it is beautifully lit up. the fireworks are right there. we love doing it for the city. we play the sound track. it's a good time. >> and it's free. free is people love to hear the word free. what's free to do when they come out to experience a big party? >> you can park for free and watch fireworks for free. you can't say that very often. if you're over 21 come on in and play. lotsov lots of winners every day. come to the party and buy your tickets in advance. we did put it in a little space this year because it is so popular. >> what are you doing?
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>> everybody wants to be out on new year's. we have a band called the rockets. there is a lot of action going on down on the floor as well. people want to be with people. it is a great gathering space. it is always rocking. we are having a good time. >> joining us this morning to give us a break down on what's happening. finding out more heading to and tapping the nbc 10 app. ring in year on sunday when we broadcast the new year's eve fireworks. you can watch the show live at 6:00 p.m. and midnight on nbc 1 streaming live on the nbc 10 app. new york city is preparing for a new year's eve party. it is during the final moments of 2017. a bucks county high school
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marching band headed west to represent our area in the tournament of roses parade. earlier members of the high school band were getting ready to leave. a lot of excitement. >> i saw everybody. we have been working at this far long time all the way back since august. they are very excited. >> it is one of 14 marching bands. 400 entered the competition. ten minutes away from noon on this wednesday. this is a live look up in lehigh valley. it is very nice out here. it is pretty. it is not pretty to the feel. we have temperatures falling akron t
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across the area. the most dangerous conditions in the suburbs, when does this go intofec effect? it is through 8:00 a.m. on friday. the wind combined with the cold will make elements dangerous outside. we are looking at painful winds and cold. if you're outside and stranded this is downright dangerous for pets that are left outside. if you're out for an extended amount of time it will be dangerous. 15 below in philadelphia. i expect the wind clils chills tomorrow. it is 15 in philadelphia and 15 in wilmington. we have been talking about what you can do to prepare for the cold. one of the things you can do is dress there layers. we emphasize at least three
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layers. you need them to be loose fitting. they help keheat between them t keep you from losing body. important to stay dry. get inside. it will cool your body temperature quite quickly. if you're sweating or you get wet take breaks. hydrate and be vigilant of how you're feeling. if you're feeling like you're shivering it may be the signal that you're in the beginning stages of hypothermia. that's serious stuff. that's why we have serious cold on the way. temperatures this afternoon going down in terms of the feel. 8 for the evening commute tonight. not any improvement over dchs nig -- overflighnight. not much improvement throughout
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the day. dangerous cold will continue. let's talk the potential for snow. it did you want look like a lotovlot of snow but just enough. with the ground so cold any little bitover sn of snow will some damage. forecast for tomorrow and into the weekend is cold. ten day forecast, we keep that deep freeze going through weekend. best chance of snow would be on saturday. eagles game on sunday followed by new year's over. it is a very cold one. we'll be right back.
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we really can't stress enough you really have to be prepared for the cold weather. it is very cold out. >> that's right. we stay in this for a long period of time. it is 24 for tomorrow. look at those overnight lows. in the teens you factor in the winds feeling like zero. a little bit of know on saturday. >> all right. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm dray clark. from all of us here add nbc 10
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