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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 1, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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left in the dark. dozens of people are without power in the brutal cold. the overnight effort to get the lights back on. tackling the temperatures, mummers are not letting the cold so that their new year's tradition. the extra measures being taken to keep them safe. and spreading kindness, how a local man is using buttons to send an important message for the new year. good morning, it is 4:30 on this new year's day.
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this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4:00. >> and we're still very much in the midst of a deep freeze this morning. a lot of folks still trying to find ways to get warm. let's get over to tammie souza. >> good morning. i hone you're nice and snuggled in and not planning to go out this morning because it is dangerously cold once again. 5 right now for all of you in new jersey. we'll be 8 degrees by about 8:00 this morning. that is quite a climb, isn't it? we'll make it up into the upper scenes by this afternoon. we have wind out of the northwest and we will be looking at windchills feels likes that will be close to or below zero at times. so please bear that in mind. if you will be at the shore, it's 8 right now. you'll be looking at near 20 by 2:00 this afternoon under again sunny skies. and lehigh valley, a gorgeous
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giant full moon out there. so peek at that through your window. but don't go outside. still too cold. 6 in the lehigh valley. we'll claim into the upper teens in the lehigh valley. again the winds will be out of the west to northwest and you will be looking at windchills that could be below zero at times. so if you have to walk the dog or anything, cuff all that skin. and on the schuylkill expressway at 676, there was a little bit of police activity in the eastbound lanes here, but you can see that has cleared and everything is moving smoothly there now. if you are driving route 42 this morning, everything is looking good there. heading northbound trying to get to the walt w4hitman bridge, taking you five minutes. and also watching hazardous conditions out on the roadway. in whitpain township at morris road and east butler pike, also watching a problem for you on the boulevard. i'll let you know where that is when i come back. the show must go on.
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the mummers will be braving the cold as they plan to continue their new year's day parade. concerns about the dangerous temperatures has some calling for it to be postponed. matt delucia is joining us live from along the parade route in center city. organizers are taking step steps to keep for the beilks warm. >> reporter: it is cold and it can certainly be dangerous if you are out here for long periods of time and you don't have the protection. all the layers and hachnd warme, anything that you can use is visible. some of the folks are planning for warming tents for some of the performers, and also hand warmers as well. behind me, you can see the police car by 15th and market by city hall, that is the starting point where the stage will be set for the judging for this
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competition. this is an annual parade. something the people look forward to every new year's day for 117 years. we do have the floats here ready to go and the parade is scheduled to go past 3:30 this afternoon. so this is a full day event. but then the performance indoors at the convention center later this afternoon. it could have been postponed. 3-2 decision over the weekend by leaders kept the parade on schedule on new year's day. it would have been postponed to this coming saturday, but the temperatures are still forecast to be cold, so a lot of them just thought today is the day to do it. >> you know your routine, your music, you're confident in your abilities and everybody's abilities around you. you got to get yourself into a mindset just like a professional athlete. the other team has to play in the same cold, so if you are
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mentally prepared, that's what it comes down to. >> reporter: and the parade has been postponed in the past. more recently because of rain. but this is scheduled to go on today at 9:00, that will be the start of this mummers parade here on new year's day. so folks just getting prepared all night. they prepare 364 days of the year for this one big day. they don't care whether it is cold or not. but if you are coming out here, do prepare. it is cold. live here in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. dangerous cold is also complicating things for residents in an apartment complex that suffered a power outage right after midnight. crews are working to fix the problem with an underground transformer that has left more than 30 people with no electricity. it happened at victoria woods
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amounts for apartments forcing people to get out fast. >> i have a baby in the car and see how long it takes. hope it doesn't take that long. this is a happy new year. >> red cross is helping get people to a warm shelter. no time table yet for when the power will be fixed. you may see some familiar faces in the tournament of roses parade. keep an eye out for the long orange, they are in pasadena right now preparing to take part in the parade. this is video of the group as they left last week. the band is one of 16 selected to participate. you can catch the tournament of roses parade right here on nbc 10 starting at 11:00 a.m. and here is a look at part of the final preparations for the paid yesterday. a police escort led floats to the parade route. and the oklahoma sooners and georgia bulldogs will play in the rose bowl after the parade.
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of course the biggest new year's eve parties came as we rang in 2018 overnight. >> and among the massive celebrations was the sugarhouse casino fireworks dsz pisplay in philadelphia. there you hear the familiar new year's tone there as the display kicked off. awesome fireworks show. however, it also featured music from the original star trek series and music from star wars. and check out this crowd inside atlantic city's tropicana hotel. you can see a massive load of balloons fell to, made the new year. and they also spent the evening with the cast of the movie boogie nights. and you can get a look at all of the excitement, videos, pictures of celebrations from around the world. on a more serious note, a vacation adventure ends in
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tragedy for a new york family. a mother, father and their three sons are all among the 12 people killed in this plane crash. ten americans in all the died there as well as two local crew members. the steinberg family of scarsdale was headed to costa rica ged for their last stop on their trip when their plane crashed into a month shortly after takeoff. >> a whole family sha meet with such a disaster. >> recovery teams have been sorting through the wreckage. what caused to fall from the sky is still not known. it wasn't exactly the regular season finale eagles fans were hoping for. >> but now they can turn to the the attention to the playoffs. with the top seed already pretty much locked up, this game was just a chance for backups to get?
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experience. the defense managed to contain ezekiel elliott and the dallas offense and without carson wentz leading the offense, the d will need to step up big time in the postseason. >> i understand the significance of where we are right now. and that adds a little bit of urgency to the preparations, to the small things. your diet, sleep, what you put into it over the next two weeks. because it's here. playoffs are here. regular season is done. everything that we've worked for over the last year is at our feet. and it's exciting. >> eagles will play their first playoff game on saturday january 13th at 4:35 right here on nbc 10. they will play either the saints, panthers or falcons. pushing the right buttons. why one man is on a mission to spread kindness. and what he is doing to put a smile on people's faces. and a new year, new you. what experts say is one of the biggest changes you should make in 2018.
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happy new year, good morning and don't go out. i'll show you the big picture. bismarck is minus 20, minneapolis minus 12. you say yeah, they are always that cold. chicago, minus 5. cincinnati at 4. pittsburgh minus 1. no, we are not always that cold toward the east coast. it is 9 in philadelphia. d.c. at 14. boston only 1 degree. a little closer, let's check out some of the neighborhoods. 6 in allentown and wilmington, 9 in dover. if you are in coatesville, you are at 5 right now. that is the actual air temperature. 9 in vineland. 11 in wildwood. and trenton, 6 with an 8 at mt. holly. now, this is what it feels like when you factor in the wind on
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bare skin. on 20 minutes is all it takes for some of us to start seeing frostbite with these temperatures and windchills. feels like is minus 21 in mt. poco pocono. minus 2 for blue bell. and philadelphia. minus 7 in atlantic city. wildwood at minus 3. you get the idea. this is a dangerous cold and it is not going away. we'll see plenty of sunshine out there. 19. 24 tomorrow. 31 on wednesday, could be the warmest day we see this week. and thursday the possibility of some snow. 17 day in the suburbs, 24 tomorrow. 32 on wednesday. lehigh valley, you'll be 16 today, 30 by wednesday. new jersey, 20 on today, 35 by wednesday. 20 at the jersey shore today. 34 by wednesday. and delaware, 20 today, 34 by
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wednesday. on the boulevard we've been watching a crash and closure as a result. we're talking about northbound between the schuylkill expressway and wissahickon avenue. all plains are blocked. again closures in the area as well as a result. we have have a crew headed to the scene to get some live pictures. but right now, mass transit -- well, we skipped over that, but everything is looking good there. and everything is good on 202 as well. average speeds are in the 60s. >> thank you, pamela. the new year means a new law that could earn billions of dollars and change an industry. and joelle embiid takes a fall sparking injury concerns.
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that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit
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new this morning, fire crews in lehigh county are working to put out flames at a cement plant. several storage trailers are burning. this is all at the whitehall cement on main street in whitehall township. there are no reports of any injuries. today california starts selling recreational marijuana. the market is expected to haul in billions in revenue next year. a report from a research firm estimates marijuana sales to hit more than $5 billion by 2019. that would match beer sales in california that hit $5 billion last year. despite foul trouble and scary fall against the sun, joelle embiid managed to stay in the game to help them get the win. the fall did cause an injury on embiid's hand. he had an x-ray that shows no broken bones, that is good news. however trainers think it could be strained.
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embiid says he felt numbness and pain, but willing to overcome to get the win. >> i wanted to be on the court to win the game. >> do you have any sense of what the plan is from here moving forward? >> i have no idea. but i think i should be fine. >> j.j. redick also had a big night with 22 points. the 6ers held the suns score last in the last 90 seconds of the game to close out 2017 in style and win 123-110 in phoenix. today is the day people start carrying out their new year's resolutions. or at least making them. many resolve to exercise, lose weight. experts say it is also a good time to work on your financial health. chris clackum shows you some steps you can take. >> reporter: work out more, eat less, quick smoking and/or on drinking.
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top resolutions aren't that much different from years past and neither is the projected date for breaking. sometime around the end of january. >> number one resolution, save more money. >> reporter: but's greg mcbride says breaking financial resolutions like saving more can be risky. especially if there is an emergency. >> you want to have enough to cover six months worth of expenses ideally in your emergency fund. >> reporter: setting aside 10% to 15% of your pay check is the target he sets for a retirement fund that is easier to hit with help from your employer. >> maximize the employer match and use those tax advantages as a tail wind on your retirement savings. >> reporter: another important resolution? mcbride advocates getting out of debt in 2018. especially with interest rates rising. >> you want to insulate yourself from further interest rate increases and give yourself the opportunity to make serious head
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way on paying down that debt. >> reporter: paying it down so that 2019 will look even better than 2018. chris clackum, nbc 10 news. >> that is starting me out with some stress. >> resolution? >> to go to yoga once or twice a week. >> for me, go to church more, try to at least. >> that is a pretty good one. i think i willed don't it, the financial one. >> i'm but, i'm going to get to church more because maybe everything will fall into place better. that is my thought. >> how about praying for some warmer weather? >> we'll start there, all of us. because it is so cold outside. you're wake up to temperatures in the single digits or below. we still have a first alert. you're saying we've had it for days. of course we have. and that is because we have dangerous cold out there. and it is going to continue through tomorrow morning. mainly because the windchills will be so biting and at times
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below zero which is really rough. and you can get frost bite in as little as 20 minutes with that windchill well below zero like it is right now in the poconos. so we will have that dangerous cold through tomorrow morning. we will see more dangerous cold later this week, so likely another first alert issued. the temperatures today and tomorrow, only in the teens and 20s. and a much with of 0 to minus 10. so limits your time outside. and please give special care to your pets. they are not used to this just like we're not. wednesday night into thursday, this storm could come close enough to bringing us snow. at this point still a little would be pbbly on the track. right now 6 in the lehigh valley, 4 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 9 in philadelphia and south jersey. 8 along the jersey shore. those are the average temperatures for those neighborhoods. let's look at bedminster, 4 right now. warring ton at 3. he will wroi, 1 degree. blue bell, you are at 4.
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malvern, 4. oxford, 6. now let's scoot into philadelphia. it's 9 at the airport, 7 at parkside, torsdale, 8. fox chase at 7. parkwood at 6. finally, showing a little love to all of you in south jersey, lumberton at 8. cherry hill at 8. mt. laurel at 8. it goes on and on. so we'll continue to watch the cold air. we have clear skies, so that is not helping us. any warmth we would get has been radiated into the atmosphere. doppler radar shows nothing going on here. what we'll watch is the hour by hour. clear skies, the temperature into the teens today. well below where we should be. then we go this to tuesday, tomorrow we'll be looking at the low to mid-20s.
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wednesday, wow, we're all the way into the mid and upper 20s. but what is this? this is that coastal storm. it may bring us snow. further offshore, we maybe get flurries. a little further west, we get rain. right now this is what it is looking like, so we'll pay attention to it. you could be looking at snow for your commute by the time that you head out early on thursday morning. 25 thursday with that chance of snow. and look at this, the cold comes back friday and saturday, we have the teens again. back up to the 30s on sunday. you can monitor the dangerous cold right from your phone by downloading the nbc 10 app. you can see the forecast in your neighborhood and get weather alerts september rignt right to. and pam, i would imagine not as much volume on the roads, but you're still looking at an accident there on the boulevard.
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>> yeah, and it is a pretty serious accident. last i saw, there were seven or eight vehicles involved and one even overturned. this is on roosevelt boulevard northbound between schuylkill expressway and wissahickon avenue. all lanes are blocked. we sent a crew down there to give you a better idea of what is going on, but you can see they are blocking on off entry northbound to the boulevard both eastbound and westbound those ramps from the schuylkill expressw expressway. we'll keep following that for you. if you are traveling mass transit this morning, everything is looking good there. septa, new jersey transit, amtrak and patco are all on time. and we're talking about being kind, how one than is encouraging people to come together for the new year. man i encouraging people to come together for the new year.
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we're often encouraged to be kind to one another, but an artist in chester county is hoping to keep spreading that message well into the new year.
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>> delucia shows us how he is making a big difference. >> reporter: two words and a cartoon keep david a busy man. >> i don't sleep very much. i get up early. and we put the headphones on and we watch a movie and just get into a little rhythm. >> reporter: with a couple of presses and spins -- >> there is a little doggy. >> reporter: "be kind" with a button. >> i just felt an overwhelming need to do something. >> reporter: it was just after last year's election david saw a need for people to come together and too understand one another. >> there is kindness out in the world and i want to just put out something that, you know, as a reminder. just a reminder that it doesn't
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take much to be kind. like hold the door open or if you see somebody that needs help, help them out. >> that was the whole goal. >> for people to be nice to each other? >> yeah. >> reporter: and harmony was inspired enough to help david make buttons for her school. an order of nearly 700. >> some of the buttons have birds, dogs, cats and they are really colorful. the cats are my favorite. >> reporter: from one school to another, board spread and the button bonanza keeps on going. how many do you think you've made so far? >> over 8,000. >> reporter: around david's home in better wynn, his art of kindness takes on much larger forms. you are love the is another one. well could home. >> reporter: with the hope that a little kindness can make a big
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impact. >> i would like to see more people with the buttons. >> reporter: with some words to live by. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. i guess we can all the do our part to try to make the world a better place. you can definitely contribute. >> a good new year's resolution right there. well, thousand more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news beginning at 5:00 this morning. new year's tragedy. breaking overnight, a new jersey teen uses an assault rifle to kill four of his own family members. police are trying to figure out why. facing the freeze. mummers will continue their new year's day parade despite the brutal cold. what organizers are doing to help keep them warm. preparing for the playoffs. eagles finish the regular season with an ugly loss to dallas, but the team says they are confident they can go all the way.
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good morning, first look at 4:00. happy new year. i'm lauren mayk. >> and i'm dray clark. nice to be with you. we have a first alert for the dangerous cold. it feels below zero much across the area. let's get right to tammie souza with her first alert forecast. good morning. yes, we're not typically accustomed to this type of weather. this cold, cold brutal cold and for an extended period of time. we'll dip in and out of this brutal cold over the next 6 to 7 days before we truly get a break next week. right now in allentown, clear skies, lights are sparkling. it is 6 degrees. and feels like minus 7. and let's go to philadelphia where it is 9 degrees, feels like minus 4. and in wilmington, 7, feels like minus 6. cape may, everything is


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