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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 2, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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neighborhood weather forecast. good morning. good morning, eye first alert for dangerous cold -- a first alert for dangerous cold in the area until 8:00. temperatures will be climbing, but a cold wind is blowing this morning. feels like it is below 0 in many neighborhoods. wear multiple layers if you're heading out, and limit your time outside if at all possible. right now, temperatures have come down overnight with clear skies. it feels like it's 3 below right now in wilmington, philadelphia, pottstown, 2 below, just dropped to 5 degrees below 0 for the feels-like temperature in reading. the wind is steady. it's at 15 miles per hour. that's giving us the feels-like temperature. 8 below in the suburbs. 9 miles per hour in new jersey. the temperatures that are cold for the lehigh valley, delaware, the entire area, will be climbing. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. that steady breeze is going to make 20s feel like they're in the teens this afternoon. even at the shore when it reaches 27 for the high today.
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i'll break the forecast down hour by hour to show you what it's going to feel like as you head out the door, and during your day. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington with first alert traffic. starting on the schuylkill expressway, watching a disabled vehicle on the eastbound side. here's the cameras around south street. somebody has flashers on. it might be a bus, but whatever, doesn't make a difference what it is. there's a delay moving behind that. that's the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. backing up off the ramp on to the road, too. this traffic eastbound might have a little difficult time at least getting off. we'll watch that for you. and also checking in with mass transit. new jersey transit currently suspended on the river line service in both directions between hamilton avenue and trenton transportation center because of debris blocking some of the tracks at hamilton avenue. >> thank you. breaking news. now in northeast philadelphia, dozens of homes are without
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water after a pipe burst this morning. you see that icy street there. nbc10's pamela osborne is live at the scene with what happened here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. about 125 homes in this community here in the northeast are without water right now after an eight-inch main broke earlier this morning. you see where things have iced over. police have blocked the intersection. we're at minden and medford roads. they've put down salt on the road to try to melt the ice, but it's still there. neighbors waking up to find they don't have any water because of the main break. we know that crews are planning to be out here later this morning to address the problem and get it taken care of. they're hoping the water services will be turned back on by sometime early this evening.
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reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. new overnight, a string of shootings leaves four people injured across philadelphia. in north philadelphia, a shooting near temple university's campus sent one man to the hospital. investigators say the gunman shot the victim in his thigh and took off. it happened near the intersection of 18th and norris streets. that victim was in critical condition at last check. and another shooting in north philadelphia sent one man to the hospital and left a home riddled with bullets. it happened at an apartment complex near the intersection of north 23rd street and dauphin street. police say the bullets hit the man multiple times. a woman was inside the apartment that was hit but was not hurt. two people in the hospital after a shooting in germantown. a man and woman were hit by gunfire on germantown avenue near mannheim just before 2:00. the suspects sped away in a car. a new leader takes over philadelphia's district attorney's office today.
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larry krasner promises he's going to change the system, fight corruption, and battle social injustice. krasner is promising to make sweeping changes after his predecessor was sent to prison. he wants to keep fewer people behind bars and end the stop-and-frisk policy. krasner is also opposed to the death penalty. it's not clear how quickly the changes will actually happen. in the lehigh valley, allentown mayor ed pawlowski's fourth term begins under a cloud of scrutiny. the city's democratic mayor was sworn in last night. pawlowski will go on trial in two weeks on charges he accepted campaign contributions from potential city contractors, along with more than 50 other charges including conspiracy and fraud. pawlowski has pleaded not guilty. atlantic city's new mayor says he wants to make the city the "shining star" of new jersey. frank gilliam was officially sworn in yesterday. he says his first quarter of business will be to meet with state officials to discuss the city's financial standing. in camden, frank moran was
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sworn in yesterday as the city's next mayor during a private ceremony. moran served two decades on camden's city council and says he plans to work to improve the city's neighborhoods. 6:05. happening today, a day of healing at phoenixville area high school. students begin classes for the first time since someone murdered one of their freshmen over the holiday break. they are remembering 15-year-old jason ortiz cameron. the school will hold a special assembly, plus additional counselors will be there to help students cope with the loss. investigators have not made an arrest in the murder. they say someone shot and killed him during a drug transaction a week ago. last week, the d.a. said if anyone related to the incident besides the shooter comes forward, they will be treated as a witness and not as a defendant. the first of the year also brought allentown police its first homicide investigation. it happened less than an hour after the clock struck midnight
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new year's eve. seven gunshots erupted, and bullets killed one person. the second person is in critical condition in a hospital. neighbors say this is no way to start 2018. >> it's a sad shame. it's a sad statement for the state of the city and the area. >> allentown had 17 homicides in 2017, the highest number in a decade. in montgomery county, this home went up in flames yesterday afternoon in abington. you can see from the video it looks like the water is freezing as they douse the home. it took crews about an hour to get the fire under control. no one was hurt. in camden county, officials say the drop in temperatures likely caused a sprinkler system to burst inside this nursing home. firefighters and paramedics moved residents to another section of the building here at brookdale voorheis. the first responders did their best to make sure no one had to be evacuate d outside. millions of americans are in the grips of an arctic blast
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that is not just dangerous, it is deadly. at least five deaths across the country are being blamed on this unrelenting cold. the latest, a woman found froze tonight death in front of a detroit church. many people are hoping and praying we can just get above freezing. the mummers' annual parade strutted down broad street as it has done in many years past. organizers increased postponing the annual event, but it went off without a hitch. if you feel cold now, this will make your teeth chatter. dozens looked old man winter in the face as they ran into a frigid atlantic ocean yesterday for the 27th annual polar bear plunge. atlantic city's event went off without a hitch, while other shore towns postponed or canceled events because of extreme cold. i saw smiles on faces going in
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and shock coming out. >> i saw cheaters, too, who looked at the water and said, on second thought, i'll stay on the beach. i give them credit. they were trying to raise money. so it goes for charity. i would have wrote the check and said i'll keep my coat on and chill. not going in the water. >> smart move. sign up for next year maybe? >> maybe we should all go next year. >> i'll get back to you on that. if you have to go outside this morning, it is a really cold start. a frigid morning, a cold breeze blowing all day long. we will get a little sunshine, and it will warm up to the 20s. clear and cold tonight. fortunately winds will be dying down tonight. 9 in the lehigh valley. 9 in the suburbs. in the teens, just barely, for philadelphia and south jersey. and delaware is at 12 degrees right now. 5 degrees, down a few since we went on the air at 4:00.
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that's in sadsburyville. exton at 9 along with unionville. currently 9 degrees for north wales, beds minister, and warrington. a very cold start. temperatures will climb, it's the windchill that's going to be the big problem. feels like 0 in pottstown, atlantic city, feeling like 3 degrees below 0 now. the radar and satellite, nothing to show you here except that the cold air has pushed the clouds out of here. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. the temperatures will be creeping up as the day goes on. it will be dry today. we'll make progress from the teens at 8:00 this morning to the low 20s in philadelphia. 24 at 4:00 this afternoon. bright sunshine for the suburbs. 9 to start with. up by ten degrees at noontime and 21 at 4:00 this afternoon. we normally warm to the low 40s this time of year. this afternoon, not happening. the lehigh valley, 29 at 4:00
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this afternoon. a very cold start. delaware, sunny, 11 degrees at 8:00. up to 20 in new jersey. topping out at 23. winds still blowing, so 20s will feel like teens. that goes for the jersey shore, as well. 24 with the wind out of the west. feeling like teens even this afternoon. tomorrow, warmer. then i'm looking at snow. the first snow of the new year. the timing, when it will arrive and exit, when i'm back in ten minutes. >> the "s" word. snow. >> coming with warmer temperatures maybe? >> not i don't. >> a little bit? -- i don't know. >> a little bit? we'll check on traffic -- traffica with jessica. jess? >> that is not the first time that's happened. bill used to call me that at least once a week. welcome to the morning show, lauren. watching the schuylkill expressway now, cameras around south street. off the south street off ramp what we're watching here. the schuylkill is back there.
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you see the cars moving this way. the most this is doing is causing backup or delay on to the schuylkill as everybody triegs tries to get around that. the ramp dealing with the disabled vehicle. everyone trying to get to the right-hand side. the backup doesn't look bad. we'll keep our eyes that just in case. also watching a vehicle fire. this is traffic moving from philadelphia and trying to head to new jersey. the bottom of the walt whitman bridge coming from the eastbound side. here's the walt in here. moving down, starting to see a little bit of delay there because we have lanes blocked to get this vehicle fire out of the way. right now you can take the ben franklin bridge, a good alternate there. that is smooth. actually once you take the ben franklin bridge, you might be stuck in a delay approaching 76. either way, it's better than sitting behind it on the bridge, too. watching new jersey transit for mass transit, as well, the river line service suspended in both directions between hamilton avenue and the trenton transportation center because of debris blocking the tracks around happily avenue. i'll end with the rest of mass transit. dealing with equipment problems for the norristown high-speed
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line. 15-minute delays. d.a.r.t., amtrak, and patco o time. hollywood's leading ladies have a powerful action plan to fight sexual harassment. more coming up. and this -- >> i'll do everything in my power to honor you. >> the widow of a colorado deputy killed over the holiday weekend makes the tearful vow to her fallen hero. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy...
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following breaking news out of new york city in the bronx. a live picture of a three-alarm fire at a mattress store there. you see, still not under control. a large scene, lots of smoke coming from that building. firefighters trying to get
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contro control:this following the horrible fire in the bronx some days ago when 12 people were killed in an apartment building fire. the cause was determined to be someone playing with an oven. we'll continue to follow this and keep you updated. the first day of the new year was full of tears for the widow of a denver police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. 29-year-old douglas county sheriff's deputy zach parrish was shot to death saturday in an ambush that wounded four colleagues and two civilians. hundreds of fellow officers, family and friends, remembered him as someone who always served his community with respect. parrish's wife tearfully talked about her husband who leaves behind two daughters. >> you will be glorified, and i
6:17 am
will do everything in my power, zach parrish, to honor you. and i will raise these girls to love you. >> officials say the gunman, an iraq war veteran, posted videos on line criticizing police recently, and concern was grow being his mental state. he was shot and killed by s.w.a.t. officers. 6:17. the power is back on at penn station. electricity was knocked out last night, briefly preventing amtrak and new jersey transit trains from coming or going into the busy station. the holiday travel season ended with long lines and headaches at some parents. the u.s. customs and border protection says something knocked out the processing computers for about two hours last night. this is video from miami international airport. agents used a different data base to screen each passenger. passengers also ran into long lines at jfk airport in new york. customs and border control officials aren't sure what caused the outage but say it was no indication that it was
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anything suspicious. nchlt time to check traffic. this the first day back to work for some who have been on a long holiday vacation. busier than normal than in recent days, right, jess? >> right. climbing back up for sure. i think it's going to be a lighter commute this morning than it would be normally because a lot of people still might have off for the week or for at least today. the schuylkill expressway is where we're starting. the cameras around south street. this is at off ramp. this is the eastbound schuylkill. this is the off ramp from the eastbound side partially blocked with a disabled vehicle off to the left-hand shoulder of that. everyone's squeeg zing by to th right-hand side. the good news about it not being so filled with cars at least now on the schuylkill, this isn't backing up on to the highway now. watching that, moving into new jersey, this is in gloucester city. coming from the walt whitman bridge area, the bottom of the bridge on the eastbound side, we have a vehicle fire. there's lanes lost and a
6:19 am
slowdown with traffic trying to get on into new jersey. from philadelphia into new traffic. you can still take the befon franklin bridge, that might be an easier route through gloucester city. i'll have updates and check on mass transit again when i come back. >> thanks. 6:19. let's look at camelback where the snow is blowing. boy does it look cold. if you are planning on heading out there or anywhere where you'll be spending time outside, make sure you are bundled up, and you're not spending that much time out there. take breaks and get out of the frigid cold. bill, it just does not look like you'll want to be out very long. >> definitely not. if you're skiing, temperatures will be climbing. the wind that's making it a frigid morning will be
6:20 am
especially cold. the feels-like temperatures below 0 for many neighborhoods. i'm tracking the possibility of snow late wednesday and thursday. the only snow you'll see today is in the poconos. the arctic blast returns in the frigid end to the week. temperatures will come up during the week. heading out now, dealing with 3 below for philadelphia. feels like 3 below in wilmington. while it's 3 degrees in the pocono mountains with the winds blowing, 14 below 0 is the windchill this morning. bundle up. with the temperatures climbing into the 20s, that's an improvement over yesterday. lots of sunshine. the winds will be steady this afternoon. the feels-like temperatures in the lower teens at 3:00 this afternoon. at 7:00 this evening, the winds will start to die down some tonight. won't be as strong tomorrow. radar and satellite, you see the cold that's overhead, the clouds have been pushed out to sea. we'll see a lot of sunshine
6:21 am
today. i'm watching for a system that hasn't even formed yet. it's going to be coming across the gulf of mexico and then across florida and up the east coast. a chance of snow late tomorrow night. the hour-by-hour keeps us clear through late tomorrow morning. clouds building. h this is 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. in the evening, light clouds into philadelphia, delaware. that's at 11:00 when tammie souza will update you with the latest. it tries to make it inland, but this is a light coastal system. we will get snow into thursday morning. by noontime on thursday, 1:00 in the afternoon, the snow is ending in wilmington, the suburbs, pulling away for the rest of the area during the day on thursday. we'll likely have slipping and sliding, the highest amounts will be along the coastline.
6:22 am
in delaware, one to two inches farther inland with fluffy snow likeli, it will be slieping -- likely, it will be slipping and sliding thursday morning. light and easy to shovel. the trend is for another blast of cold air as we head into the weekend. these are highs in the teens for friday and saturday. more coming up in the next half hour. >> thanks. country star carrie underwood says she might look different the next time we see her. the injury that left her with more than 40 stitches. plus, a vacation tragedy. a local college student is among several americans killed in a costa rican plane crash. the emotional reactions coming up at 6:30. turning 65. downsizing. enrolling in medicare part d.
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new this morning, singer
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carrie underwood is revealing to fans that she is recovering from significant surgery to her face after a fall in november. underwood wrote in a blog yesterday that she needed 40 to 50 stitches after the facial surgery. she says she was "not quite looking the same." the country star says she is grateful that the injuries are not worse. she also broke her wrist in the fall on the steps outside her nashville home. the ncaa football championship is set, but only after some games with unpredictable outcomes. in the sugar bowl, the defending champs got embarrassed. alabama dominated clemson to advance. the crimson tide rolled over the tigers 24-6. how about this barn-burner of a game between georgia and oklahoma in the rose bowl. tied at 48 apiece in double overtime, georgia cracks off the run at the 30 yard line to win the game. they'll play alabama for the national title next monday. check out this highlight -- the rose bowl parade. ♪
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the marching bands took time to smell the roses in california. 16 bands from around the world marched in the tournament of roses parade. a frigid start this morning. 13 degrees at 6:27. the problem is the winds still blowing. on the rink, it feels like it's below 0. true for many neighborhoods this morning. the first alert forecast ahead. also ahead, a teenager accused of a murderous rampage on new year's eve. police say his parents and sister are among the victims. next, what neighbors say about the young suspect. el: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help.
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family massacred. new details about the teenager accused of killing his parents and sister over the holiday weekend. distress in the nest.
6:31 am
an eagles player calling out fans saying their doubts about players are lame and petty. after tragedy strikes, a young boy takes over his father's role at the mummer's bands and en-- mummer's band ans a touching tribute. good morning, i'm dray clark. >> i'm lauren mayk. the bitter cold is not letting up. meteorologist bill henley with more. >> our first alert for dangerous cold continues for the entire viewing area this morning. until 8:00. we'll see sunshine. temperatures will start climbing. the feels-like temperatures now are below 0. the windchills will be below 0 until we get the sunshine. and layers, you'll need them this morning. limit time outside if you can. that very cold air is going to make it difficult to be outside for any length of time. the wind now, 13 miles per hour
6:32 am
in philadelphia. a 12 mile-per-hour wind in wilmington, enough to make it feel like below 0 in both locations. 2 below for pottstown. 3 below in atlantic city. 5 below in reading. even without the wind, temperatures are cold. 9 for the lehigh valley and suburbs. 13 in philadelphia. we'll see a lot of sunshine. warmer than yesterday. into the 20s. 26 in new jersey. 27 at the shore. through the day, a cold breeze blowing. even at the warmest, it will still feel like it's in the teens when you factor in the winds. i'll break the forecast down hour by hour to show how the temperatures will change as the day progresses. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. yes, and starting on the schuylkill expressway, one of the biggest problems now isn't even on the road. it's actually on the ramps. at least that's the good news. seeing a backup. here is the eastbound schuylkill expressway, the off ramp to
6:33 am
south street from the eastbound side. backing up a little on to the highway. we might have a little delay, but losing part of the off ramp every time i see 76, i think schuylkill, but it's 76 coming coming off the walt whitman jersey, a vehicle fire at the base of the bridge there. we are seeing a delay with lanes lost to get that out of the way. new jersey transit suspended in both directions between hamilton avenue and trenton transportation center because debris is block the tracks at hamilton avenue -- blocking the tracks at hamilton avenue. >> thanks. we continue to follow breaking news in the parkwood neighborhood of philadelphia this morning. a water main break has left homes without water, and more ice along the sidewalks and the streets there. some have water and ice taking over their basement. the only time frame officials have given for restoration of
6:34 am
the water service is early evening. the new jersey teenager suspected in a family massacre on new year's eve will face a judge today. >> his sister, a local college student, is among the victims. brittany cologi was found murdered with her parents and a family friend. her other brother and a friend escaped unharmed. the guns were legally registered to someone in the family. investigators say there was no way anyone outside the family could have seen this coming. >> this is a real isolated first-time incident. we don't have any history of calls to the home. >> just opened fire on them. i don't know why. >> the 16-year-old is being tried as an adult. multiple neighbors say the young man has special needs. a upenn student and a family with ties to montgomery county are among the people who died in a sightseeing tour that ended in tragedy in costa rica. the death of penn freshman
6:35 am
william steinberg has left students on the campus in shock, the student body posted a statement saying he was a promising scholar and noting that a lot of students knew him quite well. steinberg was traveling with his family who also died in the crash. their housekeeper was emotional talking about the family she served for a lifetime. >> intelligent, smart. beautiful kid. >> inconceivable that a whole family should meet with such a disaster. >> among the dead were mitchell and leslie weiss along with their two kids from tampa florida. nbc10 has learned they have roots in montgomery county. a family member told us by phone that they're still trying to register the loss. happening today, philadelphia's new district attorney officially takes office. larry krasner is promising to make sweeping changes after his
6:36 am
predecessor was sent to prison. he wants to keep fewer people behind bars and end the city. krasner is also opposed to the death penalty. it's not clear yet how quickly the changes will happen. later we'll hear more about the propises he's going to -- promises he's going to make while in office. and the working vacation is over for president trump who is back in washington this morning. the president starts 2018 with an ambitious agenda. he'll meet with republican leaders at camp david next weekend to discuss replacing the affordable care act, welfare reform, immigration, and infrastructure projects like the controversial border wall. kim jong-un is considering sending a delegation to next month's winter olympics. he says he wants the games to be a success and thinks north korean participation would "show unity of the people p. south korea's president said he would welcome high-level talks with the north to help assure peace.
6:37 am
20 people are dead in clashes between protesters and iranian security forces. the violence isn't just limited to police encounters. protesters are also burning buildings and smashing windows. the protests started as small local rallies. this is now a nationwide movement. today minnesota senator al franken will officially resign from his senate seat. the democrat announced his plans to resign after sexual misconduct allegations from more than half a dozen women. minnesota's lieutenant governor three hollywood heavyweights are part of a new anti-harassment coalition called time's up. reese witherspoon, shonda rimes, and jennifer aniston are among hundreds of hollywood women joining this new movement. the initiative launched yesterday with an open letter vowing support for women in the entertainment business and beyond. time's up will include a legal defense fund and will advocate for legislation against
6:38 am
workplace harassment. sussex county is drawing national attention over a proposedori ordinance that woul give workers the right to decide whether to join a union. delaware allows for closed shops. that's where union membership is mandatory to get a job. the ordinance seeks to change that for sussex county. supporters argue mandatory membership scares off companies. opponents say the ordinance is designed to kill the unions. you have two chances to start the new year as a millionaire as two giant jackpots keep right on growing. take a look at the current mega millions jackpot. that drawing tonight for $343 million. no one took home last week's drawing, so the jackpot keeps right on growing. meanwhile, that is not the only one. no one won saturday's powerball drawing, so that jackpot currently stands at a whopping $440 million. there is time to dream big and buy your tickets.
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the powerball drawing is tomorrow night. nice to think about the lotto winnings. maybe it will keep us warm today. >> if i buy a home in the bahamas, i won't need to worry about that. >> chilly -- not like the 13 degrees we have. but look at this. we've got nice, clear skies and a beautiful view. a view of the full super moon. nice, clear and cold. bundle up heading out, even at the shore, clouds in the distance. clear skies overhead, the camera was shaking a bit, and the wind will be blowing all day today. cold winds. afternoon temperatures will feel like they're in the teens. then it gets clear and cold tonight. temperatures dropping back to the teens.
6:40 am
the forecast is for winds to continue into this afternoon. 12 mile-per-hour winds in philadelphia. 12 for dover, up to 12 mile-per-hour winds in allentown, too. the cold will be with us all day. temperatures climbing with bright sunshine. by noontime, low 20s. looks at the feels-like temperatures. feeling like 13 in philadelphia. the suburbs will warm from 9 degrees to 19 at noon. cold winds blowing, and the lehigh valley seeing temperatures in the 20s, as well. winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour in the lehigh valley. new jersey, starting off at 12, still 12 at 8:00. it will feel like 2 below at 8:00 this morning. by noontime and early this afternoon, the temperatures will reach into the 20s. the feels-like temperature, 9 degrees at noontime today. the shore, sunshine will be bright, 11 degrees right now. still in the teens, though, at
6:41 am
10:00 this morning. then into the 20s this afternoon. in delaware, sunshine today and warmer temperatures coming in this afternoon, into the 20s. a bit warmer than yesterday. but the wind will still be blowing. it will feel like 12 at 2:00. 12 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll be dry today, but tracking the first snow of the new year. i'll show when it arrives and moves out and how much to expect when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. thank you. time now is 6:41 on this tuesday. time for a check of the roads. >> if you're heading out this morning, hopefully your heater is working. you'll need it. what are folks in for out there? >> right now we are still watching the schuylkill expressway. the off ramp to south street coming from the eastbound side of the schuylkill is starting to be a little bit of a stop and go here. we are stopped, watching the disabled vehicle as everybody tries to get off here over to the right-hand shoulder. it's not causing a huge backup on to the schuylkill expressway, the eastbound side. a slowdown, definitely break lights moving -- brake lights moving by the scene.
6:42 am
lansdale, west main street, valley forge, and coming off the walt whitman bridge into new jersey from philadelphia. on the eastbound side, there's a vehicle fire blocking some lanes there. looks like some of the delay has gone a little bit. we still are seeing the lanes lost moving through. now i'll end on 95. checking in with the drive times here, moving into center city, light for now. maybe we're going to see a lighter morning commute, at least in terms of volume. southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. 16 minutes there. speeds still up into the 50s. back to you. >> thank you. lame and petty. that's what one eagles player is calling some of the fans. the controversy next. plus, a strut to remember. a young boy pays tribute to his father in a memorable mummer's performance.
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we're still watching a massive fire in the bronx at a residential building. the fire department is reporting at least nine injuries. the fire was first found in a furniture store on the first floor and spread to the apartments above. this following the deadly fire in the bronx last week that claimed 12 lives including children. we'll have updates on the nbc10 app. the cold didn't stop the mummers from strutting down broad street, though crowds were noticeably thinner this year. >> it was cold out there. there were two emotional stories to emerge this year, though. here is the first -- ♪ [ cheers ] right in the front, that is 11-year-old jake kudrick. the sixth grader took over as the captain of the duffy string
6:47 am
band for his father who died suddenly if october. at the end of the performance, jake's emotions understands -- understandably took over. he was handed roses that he left on the square where his father had stood for 32 years. another emotional moment involved joe riesinger who has kidney designees. he has been -- disease. he has been unsuccessful in a match for a kidney and does dialysis at home. his 4-year-old son carried a sign with the riverfront mummers asking for a kidney for his dad. >> my son held that sign loud and proud. we told him, "you're going to help daddy with that sign." i also had a nephew with another sign. my nephew nat held a sign. people were high fiving me and saying, "good luck, joe." >> read more about joe's story and how to help him and others in need of a kidney on or tap the nbc10 app. the eagles have two weeks to
6:48 am
prepare for the nfl playoffs. and fans, they've got plenty of questions about who they'll face and, most importantly, how the birds will do. >> there's doubt and concern in eagles nation and yesterday legarrette blount posted, "we don't need this type of negative energy to start out 2018. we do have some -- we definitely do have some lame and petty fans, though. sucks to have fans who don't believe in you. no confidence in us in we all we got, all we need." that's how he said it. reminders about what could have been with now-injured quarterback carson wentz are everywhere you look. and fill-in q.b. nick foles didn't exactly inspire confidence the last two games. fans we found, they still have confidence in the birds. >> first off, we got a first-round bye. we already won one in my opinion. back at the beginning of the
6:49 am
season, no one thought we would be over 500, and here we are. >> our defense will carry us. foel foles will do what he has to do. >> you're either eagles or not eagles. >> either you're with us or against us. the eagles will play their first playoff game on saturday, january 13th, at 4:35 p.m. you can watch right here. former miss america gretchen carlson is taking over the reins of the organization after an e-mail scandal. carlson, miss america 1989, has been named the organization's chairwoman. the former fox news host has been vocal about finding new leadership after an e-mail scandal. the derogatory and sexist emails from ceo sam haskell and others were leaked to the "huffington post." nbc has not verified the emails. last month, three board members resigned. and a former miss america who grew up in south jersey is among the women who will give oversight to the organization.
6:50 am
kate shindle won the contest in 1998. she's currently the head of an actors union and is one of the women who demanded the ceo step down after the emails were revealed. here's a live look at a phenomenon lighting up the sky right now. this is the first super moon of the year. nasa dubbed it wolf moon. the biggest and brightest of the year. we're only a day into the year. the super moon is when a full moon happens as the moon is on its closest approach to earth. there will be three this winter. first alert meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood now. >> nice clear view of that. the clear unfortunately comes with the cold. the cold is with us, the winds working against us. another frigid morning, feeling below 0 in many neighborhoods. i'm tracking light snow, not today, not tomorrow, late
6:51 am
tomorrow night and thursday. the coastal system will spread snow into the area but not a lot. then another arctic blast returns for the frigid end to the week. the wind will be blowing once again. winds at 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. 12 in wilmington. ten mile-per-hour breeze at the coast. that's just enough to make it feel like it's below 0 in philadelphia, wilmington, pottstown. reading feels like 5 degrees below zero. and 1 below for the feels-like temperature in dover. bundle up, the first alert in effect. even without the wind, the temperatures are cold. at 8:00 this morning, 9 in exton. 10 for quakertown. 12 in philadelphia. 10 degrees for reading. atlantic city, also cold at 15 degrees. that's to start. the sunshine, we'll see it all day long. temperatures will wind up higher than they were yesterday. the clouds have been pushed
6:52 am
offshore. they'll be out of the picture for today and most of tomorrow. later tomorrow, i'll be watching for a storm system to come together and track across florida with a wintry mix in florida and georgia. right up the coast, coming our way for late tomorrow night and into thursday. this is 11:00 tomorrow night. tammie souza will be updating you with the light snow moving inland or trying to move inland. not going to get that far. you see in philadelphia, right on the borderline. you're more likely to see accumulating snow along the coast. that's at 5:00 thursday morning. by afternoon, watching the snow move out. we will see some light accumulation in some neighborhoods on thursday, one to three inches. more likely at the shore than inland. the lighter amounts will be the inland neighborhoods. for today, no snow, just cold. 24 this afternoon. the wind degrees down later tonight. and the temperatures drop to the teens tomorrow morning.
6:53 am
look at the warmup, better than today. 31 degrees. still ten degrees below normal for this time of year. still cold enough for snow. late wednesday night and thursday, a chance of that light snow spreading inland. out of here for friday and saturday, and the dangerous cold is back. another blast of extremely cold air, maybe colder than what we've already been through. by sunday, 25 googl 5 degrees. it will peak on monday. it will likely come with rain showers monday afternoon. clearing out on tuesday. temperatures drop for next wednesday and thursday. we have warmer weather on the way, and i'm tracking for snow early on thursday. jessica's tracking the roads. what's in snore. >> -- what's it show? >> cameras at south street, the
6:54 am
south street off-ramp. we have a few, vehicles involv. somebody may be moving out of the way. a disabled vehicle to the left-hand side. all this traffic that's trying to get off on the south street ramp is getting blocked. delayed and moving back to the schuylkill's eastbound side. that's over here. the eastbound side still is getting by. just a little bit of a delay moving past the ramp. there's a crash in lansdale on north valley forge at west main street. also in gloucester city overnight in jersey. coming off the walt whitman bridge at the bottom, eastbound, a vehicle fire. they're trying to get that out of the way. i'll end with new jersey transit, the river line service suspended. i'll have one more update in the next couple of minutes.
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breaking news in philadelphia. a water main break has left 125 homes in parkside without water, and it is leaving sidewalks and streets covered in ice. officials say it could be early evening before the water is turned back on there. and here's a live picture of breaking news in new york city. another large fire in the bronx. it started at a furniture store on the first floor, then spread to apartments above. at least nine people are hurt. back at home, start of a new era in the philadelphia district attorney's office, larry krasner will be sworn in as the new d.a. today. he's promising to change the system, fight corruption, and battle social injustice. in new jersey, the teen accused of a family massacre on new year's eve will face a judge today. we've learned the sister he's charged with murdering was a student at stockton university. their parents and a family friend also died. and starting today, you can toss your christmas tree and help the environment.
6:59 am
philadelphia's christmas tree recycling program runs through january 13th. links to recycling centers on r on the nbc10 app and on good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you now. one last and quick check of the roads. watching 95, this is enough north of cottman avenue. northbound, a crash into the shoulder. traffic getting by. the southbound side even moving toward center city looking good, too. >> another frigid start. wind is blowing, feels-like temperatures below 0. feels like 60s in philadelphia. pottstown, allentown, feels like 6 below 0. even millville and atlantic city feeling like they're below 0. without the wind, plenty cold without the wind. 6 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. 9 in the suburbs. we will warm into the 20s this afternoon. winds feeling like the teens. >> thank you. we'll have updates throughout the morning. and you can always get more
7:00 am
information on the nbc10 app. good morning. relentless. below freezing temperatures as millions of americans return from the holiday break. and now, a new concern. al is tracking what could be another major winter storm that could hit the east coast. customs chaos. an overnight computer outage leads to long lines and major delays at airplanes coast-to-coast. thousands of frustrated travelers. what was the cause? the rampage. chilling video emerges of the funman who opened fire on police in colorado, killing one officer and wounding four others. >> leave me alone. get out.


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