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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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iphones and ipads. the flaw could make you a target for cybercriminals. right now at 5:00, life-threatening cold across the delaware valley. wrap up tight because it's going to feel like it's below zero all weekend. count on nbc 10 to prepare and protect you during this deep freeze. good evening, i'm keith is in through sunday morning because of the frigid forecast. the dangerous cold is makgr the. you can hear that wind howling and see the snow blowing across this neighborhood, include this one in rehobeth beach today. the snow plows have been out in full force in south jersey. several inches of snow that fell hereav spots all
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over the roads. >> let's take a look at our camera at the battleship new jersey in camden. the view across an icy delaware river. make sure you layer up in this hypothermia and frostbite can happen quickly. taking you to center city now, this is the view of broad street. the next 60 hours in many neighborhoods will be brutally cold. we can't say it enough. stop and take a look at first alert radar now. tonight the feels like temperature could be as low as 30 belown parts of our region. >> it looks like a tundra out there. steve sosna kicks off our team coverage. it's been years since we've experienced cold air like this? >> when you look at the consecutive days, we haven't seen cold like this since the early 80s. unbelievable stuff. it's not just your imagination. it is way colder than normal. that's why we continue the first alert for the entire viewing
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area. we continue it through 8:00 a.m. on sunday. the reason why, we mentioned 30 degree below wind chills in the elevations in berks and lehigh. 5 below, if not 10 below in philadelphia. what that means, if you're not properly prepared, the frostbite can set in within 10 to 30 minutes' worth of time. let's hope everyone out on the ice on penn's landing are dressed in layers and layers and taking some breaks outside. temperatures today, we're in the mid to upper teens. way below our average high of around 40. right now we're sitting at 16. the problem with tonight, the temperatures will make you feel like you're going to cry. you walk outside and tears start to come into your eyes. dress for that or stay inside. the feels like temperatures from the suburbs down to the jersey shore, lehigh valley, are all painful. when temperatures may warm up 50 degrees above these numbers,
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coming up. i'm a tough guy, i'm not crying, it's just too cold outside. the cold temperatures can wreak havoc on pipe, too. all new at 5:00, nbc 10's deanna d durante spent the day talking to plumbers. >> reporter: even after the repair, icicles hang on the wall of this mount airy home. >> a lot of problem is the insulation here. >> reporter: a pipe boxed in behind drywall had no insulation. it's not the only case plumbers are deal ing with. >> we've had about 100. >> reporter: 100 calls for busted pipes since the weekend. and reasons them vary. >> people, the garage doors aren't closed all on these really cold nights when the wind's blowing, the wind blows through the garage, hits freezes
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thescreen? s it defrosts. ses attaches >> reporter: pipe problems are not limited to old houses. this is the broken pipe. you can see the break, not that big. the problem is exposed air coming in around the pipe. i can feel cold air from theodes. while this pipe and many others like it around the city are fixed now, cold snap coming uld mea insulation. open uphe cabinetscirculate. run your taps gently when it'sc outside spigot.ap and there's water in basement? know where shutoff is our house. one turnill
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supply. in mount airy, deanna durante. the big dig is well underway down the shore, but the blowing snow andgm itmessy, miserable job. people are shoveling in weather that feels like it's be s foo ss are several feet hi staying put. >> the breeze is what's worse than the snow. the breeze keeps on blowing all the snow back over where we just shovelled. >> freeze? we're talking a whipping wind. the deep freeze is causing an unprecedented number of water main breaks in atlantic city. at least a dozen in the resort town just today.passable, but t means a lot of the snow and ice is ng thr help those who can't dig out on their own.
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members of out cars especially for the elderly notion to be an angel on earth th dabdb.c. men h out the community for the past nt comes from donations. first responders are are gog great lengths t the dangers of this bitter cold. early this morning in montgomery county this septa bus in norristown. firefighters battled flames and subzero wind chills when this restaurant caught fire in gloucester county this morning. the tally's italian bistro went into flames around 11:00 a.m. the business was heavily damages
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as you can see there. nodn how the fire started. ice formed at the scene during this house fire in eastern pennsylvania overnight. several firefighters battled the flames in salem township. one man died after getting trapped inside the home. unusua region to be ze from not covering and layering up. the er has seen a jump in cold-related illnesses. we talked to a doctor at jefferson about what patients should do if their extremities turn red. >> go inside and try to get warm. ifou time to seek emergency care for a cold-related injury likeh
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water until your hands get warm again. download the free nbc 10 app for complete coverage on the cold. get more protection on how to protect your pets, pipe and home. plus, track the foerrecast for your neighborhood. just tap the app. athe all didn't discuss his legal troubles today when he higig his goals for the city. back in july, he was hit then in november, despite the inigreelected mayor. earlier this week, he was sworn in for his fourth term. gnaw nbc 10's steven fisher spoke to the mayor about his upcoming trial. >> reporter: the mayor gave his state of the city message today. he was recently just elected to his fourth term despite facing federal charges.
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today he told me he can't wait to tell his side of the story. >> today we're looking at a whole new allentown, a whole new city. >> reporter: the mayor is hoping the city doesn't get a wholeyor. presenting our side of the story. >> reporter: we caught up with mayor polowsky after his state of the city message he delivered. he's facing federal charges for allegedly being involved in a pay to play scheme with city contracts. >> when people see our side of the story, you'll be able to see that the innocence i've been claiming all along is true and hopefully we will be able to convince a jury and i'll be exonerated. >> reporter: he doesn't believe he's lost community support, pointing to november's election as evidence. >> it didn't taint the election. folks still elected me for a fourth term. >> i think it's evident that people in this town have a vested interest in him.
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somehow, he's managed to gain support from everybody. >> reporter: some say regardless of the trial oue, city should move on. >> a lot of of him. mayor. see what he can do for ouryou k. compared to what the mayor is doing now. i'd rather just start off fresh. >> reporter: i asked the mayor if the city will be affected because he'll be tied up with this trial that starts january 16th. he says the city won't mis news during powlowski's state of the city message, he highlighted the allentown 311 quick reporter app. it allows residents to report incidents to the city using pictures and comments. now to an nbc news exclusive, the author of a new book on the trump white house is defending his work.
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copies of michael wolff's fire and fury are on sale today. it includes a report that donald are quotes advisors be insuinpresident's intelligence. president trump says the trump is full of lies and wolff never interviewed with him. wo wolff says he did. >> my credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than perhaps anyone who has ever walked on earth at this point. >> president trump's attorney has demanded a halt to publication of the book. the publisher moved up the release date to today. the two local hospitals that were penalized after patients developed an alarming infection and injury. >> that's coming up. also this, gone but not forgotten. certainly not forgotten. he's with us. the eagles want to see carson wentz become mvp despite his injury. ready for refreeze.
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the slippery and dangerous conditions neighborhoods are bracing for as tpe plummet. arctic blast across the northeast. it's not just us. new at 5:00, we're live in boston with how folks in bean town survived these conditions.
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this arctic blast just will
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not quit. aerial view over massachusetts. the same storm that dumped several inch said of snow in ot hborhoods, left thousands without power here. in some spots it's slowing down efforts to clean up after that powerful winter storm. >> chris pelon is live for us in boston where they got a little more than a foot of snow. steve sosna mentioned the coastal flooding. we're not ones you know,storm, the bill certainly isn't in yet but this is going to be an this bomb cyclone, as they were cag northeast. people all up and down the new england coastline were assessing the damage. not just from the snow and wind, but also from thecord stor wint she day after. a blast ofrc followed thursday's wind and snow
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monster. making cleanup difficult and dangerous. >> very cold. it gs throux >>t's horrible. my hands, i can't el thing through theseglovesht now. >> reporter: more tn million ameran chills warnings h wtorm like tres extremely low >> ror tide record. boston harbor turned state street into a river of the rapid rise even caut the harbormaster by surprise. >> i lost my balance and i went in the water. >> reporter: he's calling a local restaurant owner a hero for saving his life. >> instinct kicks in and you try to help. >> reporter: travel is still stalled. bus passengers in chicago
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stranded when their buses got stuck on highways in the northeast. >> i'm tired and ready to go. >> reporter: thousands of flhte >> they say we fly back on ondayr tuesday. >> reporter: just five days into the new year and many people are sick of the snow and cold.evern. >> no. we need more. i want more snow.ext. temperaturewi temperatures. very cold. let me give you good news. the good news here in new england is that power expert temperatures over the next couple of days, most homes should still have heat. certainly good news as we go forward over the next couple of days, guys, we'll send it back to you in philly. >> always some kind of silver lining, we suppose. >> got to look on the bright
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side. >> stay warm if you can, thanks for that. speaking of staying warm, too, life-threatening cold. those three words you've got to remember. this is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. coldest yet this weekend. heading into the shore, this is the view from our camera in atlantic city. get ready, because this winter blast will last throughout the weekend. >> you've got to have some fun in the snow. this is in harrison township. kids bundled up, grabbed their sleds and took off. steve sosna joins us now. we're pretty numb with these temperature? >> yeah. >> we're going to get lower, but it already feels plenty cold already. i think what will make the differenceseople's homes where >> yeah. so it's the long duration of this. the cumulative effect. when you have a few days to get
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through it but the fr infrastructure starts to take a dip. you have every layer on, you just see your eyeballs because it's that cold. sure you have at least no skin showing in this kind right nwe out there right now. and as you can see, a lot of people in their nice, warm cars. if you're waiting out for the busr to wait for the train, when the cold wears into you. use the bus stops, the protection in there, or inside the train station, a good idea. that wind is relentless. let's take a look at the temperature right now. it's quite cold. we've been seeing that cold all across our area. it's been lasting for days. that's the problem with it. here's what you need to know. it's here through sunday morning. we're looking at temperatures at or below 32, all the way through, it looks like early on
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monday morning. monday we're greeted with a messy mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain. the ground is so cold from all of our recent storms and all these cold air masses, but there is bright news in the future. that comes the second half of next week. a major thaw coming to the area and a well-deserved thaw. temperatures across our neighborhoods right now are in the upper teens to midteens. again, tonight single digit cold with wind chills up to 30 below zero in parts of the area. the reason why, it's that wind. it will not relax. this is what really wears your body down. insulation is important. layers, taking breaks inside, having a hot cup of coffee. you can eat extra calories in this weather. that's always a good th case. 2 below is how it feels in blue bell and wilmington. 19 below, they're headed to 30 below feels like temperatures in the poconos tonight. actual air temperatures, probably just shy of a record here in philadelphia.
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the record is 4 set back in 1896. i'm forecasting 6. we'll get close to it but no cigar on this one. i hink on sunday morning that's when we may break our low temperature. philadelphia, 13 tomorrow. 12 in the suburbs, 12 in the lehigh valley. 12 at the jersey shore. look a improvement in the afternoon hours. and then once we get into monday, there is concern for that wintry mix. out with the cold and then we'll be looking at this next storm system out in the west. this is the game changer that will help switch the pattern around and get us thawed out. monday morning at 4:30, there's breaking out. 9:00 a.m., we're looking at light snow through the lehigh valley, the suburbs and possibly a wintry mix and freezing rain as wed afternoon. more on that storm and the big thaw coming up. thanks for that, steve. it's a that drivers do when it gets really cold. >> is warming up your car in the freezing weather really
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necessary? we ask the experts ahead at 5:00. top contender. carson wentz may be off the field but that didn't stop him from becoming a finalist in another contest. how you can cast your vote, next at 5:00.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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to a major security flaw for anyone owning an apple product. apple admits billions of
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devices, including all iphones, ipads, and mac computers were affected by the specter and meltdown processor security flaws. this could allow cybercriminals to get access to private information like passwords, e-mails and instant messaging. apple did say so far no customers have been affected. coming up on nbc "nightly news," a look at what this means for your personal security and what to do and what you need to do to protect yourself. that's tonight on nbc "nightly news" after nbc 10 news at 6:00. carson wentz is a finalist for the fedex air player of the year award. >> this despite missing the last three games of the season. wentz finished second in the nfl in touchdown passes. he'll be going up against tom brady and alex smith. this is just a word we're talking about. fans can vote for the award by casting the vote right now on the winner will be announced right here on nbc 10 on february 3rd.
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the night before super bowl lii. we're dealing with snow, ice and extreme cold. >> these conditions are creating a big response in philadelphia. still some streets need to see a plow. i'm aundrea cline-thomas, i'm going to tell you what it's going to take to get the city back to normal. coming up. it's a lot of overtime for plumbers and restoration companies who are out on the job today replacing broken pipes and cleaning up the mess. alexa on the go. how the intelligent personal assistant is preparing to leave your home.
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right now at 5:00, a first alert is in effect for the dangerously cold temperatures gripping the east coast. you can hear that freezing cold wind howling in rehobeth beach. the ground is covers in a solid layer of snow, making it difficult for people to get out of their neighborhoods. >> from the shore to gloucester county, the big dig contin this man spent the first part of his friday clearing snow from his driveway. the snow didn't stay in place because of the winds. thanks for staying with us, i'm rosemary connors.
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>> i'm keith jones. the coldest air we've felt since 1994 could enter our region within hours. take a look at the whind chills we are facing. major roads and highways are mostly clear of the snow. >> let's head down the shore, a live look at ocean city which just got slammed by winter storm. more than 15 inches of snow fell here yesterday. we have team coverage of the bitter cold blast. aundrea cline-thomas spoke with philadelphia officials about what they're doing to keep you safe. >> we begin with first alert meteorologist steve sosna, this is a live threatening right. if you don't take preparations, you can get in trouble with frostbite or hyperthermia. layer up, take breaks and/or just stay inside for the next couple of days. it's your option, but you can go
5:31 pm
outside unprepared because it's dangerous cold. we have the first alert for the entire viewing area through 8:00 a.m. sunday. that is with this toughest round of cold. this is round number three. and the final round. that's the good news. the bad news is it's the worst round of cold yet with wind chills up to 30 degrees below zero in our pocono area and into the lehigh valley. feeling like 15 below. dangerous stuff. actual air temperatures right now at the 5:30 half hour, 11 in sinking spring out in berks county. 12 in walnut port, 13 in nazareth and allentown. you factor in the wind and this is the number you need to dress for. this is the worst round, you have to prepare for it. 19 below in mount pocono. 2 below in reading is what it feels like. these number only get worse. a morning temperature of feeling like 10 below zero. suburbs, feeling like 11 feeli like 10 below.
5:32 pm
it goes down to jersey and delaware. i'll show you when temperatures may hit 50 coming up in just a bit. do you want to know how much snow fell in your neighborhood? steve sosna, our team of meteorologists, they have been tracking it since those first flakes started falling. tap the free nbc 10 app and search snow totals. you can track this weekend's temperatures in real time. according to the calls we're getting, i have an appointment today and can't get out. >> in hot demand, the freezing temperatures and snow on the ground are generating a lot of calls to philadelphia's 311 service. aundrea cline-thomas is live in overbrook farms. i was out on the snowy roads last night, they're causing trouble for many neighbors. >> reporter: they absolutely are. people are calling 311 was of roads like this one, take a look. the snow is packed and it gets very slippery. on this road in particular, it goes downlitthill, literally fo
5:33 pm
drivers. >> i've been here 20 years and we never get plowed out. it's always a couple days. >> reporter: sherwood road is one of many streets citizens are asking the city to plow. >> 64th street gets plowed, that's an emergency route. but we get nothing and as you can see this is a hill and it's horrible. >> reporter: since the snow began on wednesday, as many as 800 city employees and contractors have been a part of the effort to plow and salt roads. some have not been home since, instead sleeping at work. >> some streets look like we may have not gotten to them but we may have gotten to them early in the event. those streets, we are attempting to get back to. >> reporter: by 12:45 this afternoon, dispatchers had already fielded 1,000 calls. the amount they usually receive in an entire day.
5:34 pm
callers mostly had snow-related questions. >> it may not be disrupting in this person's neighborhood, but according to the calls we're getting, oh, i have an appointment today and can't get out. >> i went out this morning and it wasn't bad, very slow going down the street. you know, just take your time and be careful. let other cars go. >> reporter: now, the city is reminding folks if you're digging out your car, throw the snow away from the street. if you throw it in the street, you could get fined. again, if you need your street plowed or have any or snow-related questions, call 311. i'm aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. right now, passengers at philadelphia international airport are dealing with delays because of yesterday's snow and the extreme weather heading into the weekend. inbound and departing flights are seeing delays of nearly 40 minutes. we're not alone.
5:35 pm
this misery map from shows how airports all up and down the east coast are jammed up. the d.c. area airports have canceled nearly 20 flights. fromth the air to your driveway. the big chill is taking a toll of cars. harry harrison cracks a wintertime myth about your car, coming up at 5:55. here's a look at some of the stories making headlines county by county. in newcastle county a woman has her two kids back after they were taken outside a wawa. please say t police say she left her kid in the car to go into a wawa. when she came back outside the car was gone. the car was found five minutes later in a driveway of a nearby home. both kids were inside and fine. a witness told police he saw a man park the car in the driveway and run off. a judge today sentenced a south jersey man to 50 years in
5:36 pm
prison for killing the mother of his child. rashawn causy was convicted by a jury last october. prosecutors say he stabbed her to death inside her mount holley home in november 2016. the victim and causy had a young son together. two philadelphia hospitals have been fined for high rates of injuries and infections among patients. the federal government issued fines against pennsylvania hospital and albert einstein medical center. they're among 32 hospitals in the state, more than 750 facilities nationwide to be penalized. coming up next at 5:00, record unemployment, the minority group that's making history. practicing without an opponent. what nick foles says about this bye week practice and what it means for the team's mindset. tracking more than your steps. why fitbit is reinventing itself to monitor your blood sugar.
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gains and losses on the american job front in december. the economy added 148,000 jobs last month. the biggest gains came from healthcare and construction fields. the retail sector cut 20,000 jobs, despite the holiday shopping season. right now, jobs are especially scarce for the black workforce, 6.8% of black workers were out
5:40 pm
of a job in december. a new record low for the past 45 years. now to a potential game changer for people with sdie diabetes. it's fitbit's first startup investment to test blood sugar. soon you'll be able to look down at your wrist and ask alexa the weather or remind you about your grocery list. a new acquisition is expected to help residents. the center city based company says it plans to make significant upgrades to infrastructure to give low income families access to all
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xfinity flplatforms. ca coming up next at 5:00, stranded in the midwest. how the deep freeze here on the east coast is impacting the rest of the country. and tracking dangerous cold across the area. when that worst punch hits us. also a messy mixture for your monday. i'll walk you through that coming up. the big dig out at the jersey shore hampered by brutal cold. i'm ted greenburg with the struggles folks are facing along the coast.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. ctease.lp is e
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the eagles are wrapping up their bye week. >> danny pommels joins us.
5:44 pm
nick foles says this was the week for the team to work on itself. tell us about it. >> looking in the mirror sometimes is the toughest part. the eagles have an extra week to do so to prepare for their game next week. they don't know who they're playing for. the difference between the bye week during the season and the playoffs is this week they're getting some me time. >> that's the beauty of this bye week. we get a lot of great work in. we don't know who we're playing. you really try to utilize a lot of fundamental stuff. grinding the fundamentals and having a great high speed practice with pads on. going back, and watching old film and studying what we can throughout the days and rest is awesome. >> carson wentz, he missed the last three games of the season. today he was named a second team all pro, despite missing those
5:45 pm
games. wentz is second in the nfl for touchdowns. >> carson, you know, plays the game differently. what he's meant to us on third down when he's scrambling and the crazy plays he's made, it's kind of hard -- i mean, it's not like lit or anythi-- >> three other eagles were named all pros today. back to you. danny pommels live for us for nbc sports philadelphia, thanks. nbc 10 is your official home of the philadelphia eagles. tomorrow we'll give you a look back of the season with head couch doug pederson tomorrow night at 7:00 here on nbc 10. now, to new details about the ms. america pageant.
5:46 pm
there could be a change to the swimsuit competition. this morning, the new chairwoman of the board of directors, gretchen carlson said there are potential big changes coming. she plans to make the organization all about empowering women. last month, you may remember most of the board resigned following leaked e-mails by the ceo and other executives within the organization insulting past contestants. now, to the dangerous cold that has an icy grip on the east coast. in boston, crews had to work through the night, early this morning, to clear the runways and get everything back to normal at logan international airport. more than 700 flights were canceled yesterday. in total, more than a foot of snow fell there at the airport. >> airlines weren't the only mode of transportation delayed. bus travelers have been stranded in the midwest because of the snowstorm up and down the east
5:47 pm
coast. greyhound passengers in chicago had to sleep in the terminal. the bus company hoped to get everyone out of the windy city by today. and revving it up inside tonight, crews unloaded racecars. the third annual auto racing championship will be held tonight and tomorrow. >> if you're looking for something to do indoors, maybe that. if you want to be ourtdoors, ths is the place to be. camelback resort. and presumably they have plenty of layers on. here's a live look over the ben franklin parkway in center city, philadelphia toward the philadelphia museum of art. if you are looking for a warm place to be, it could be the museum. >> right. yeah. inside there. nbc 10's steve sosna joins us. we could expect to see the coldest air in two decades? more than that. >> when you take the stretch of
5:48 pm
consecutive days below 33 degrees, it's been since 1982. for some people they don't remember that because they weren't born yet. >> that's a whole other discussion. >> it's friday, let's go out smoothly. let's go outside where we do have that cold weather out there. no matter when you were born, it's cold outside. you know that by that tingling sensation that is on your skin right now. that stinging, that painful cold will continue tonight and tomorrow. after tomorrow night, the winds start to relax. it's a cold sunday morning, but that breeze is not as aggressive. i think by next week, we certainly improve things. this philadelphia cold stretch, as we talked about, is the coldest since 1982. when you take all the days at or below 33. that's 35 years. we haven't seen this kind of cold in a long time around here. so by the time we get to monday, that's the key calculator in this whole equation here. by monday, we should start to get above 33 or 34 degrees. so we'll break that stretch. but right now, my forecast low
5:49 pm
for sunday morning is 1 below zero. the last time philadelphia international was at or below zero was back in 1994. so a lot of math here. even some more numbers, this is just insane if you think about it. philadelphia, 12.7 inches of snow. the average to date is usually four inches. wilmington, 10.4. look at this, atlantic city, 24.2 inches of snow. you've seen this winter alone and it's january 5th. unbelievable. normally you would get about 4.5. they say misery loves company. the cold weather goes from montana, minneapolis, boston, down to southern georgia. even the deep south where they have no real familiarity with intense snowstorms, it was an intense one for savannah and charleston. plenty of cold across the country. in our neighborhoods, we're in the midteens right now from
5:50 pm
mount laurel to lumberton. when does the worst occur? it's overnight tonight. look at the wind chill numbers. by 7:00 in the morning tomorrow, 26 below is how it feels in mount pocono. 14 below in doylestown. 12 below in philadelphia. tomorrow at the best point of the day, it feels like zero in philadelphia. 17 below in mount pocono. we do this all over again on sunday morning look at those temperatures. we'll finally start to rebound as we head into sunday evening. ten day forecast, this is a wild and bumpy ride. but the worst of it, the next couple of days. 13 dangerous cold tomorrow, 22 on sunday. look at that, nice warmup as we head into next week. we'll keep our eyes on the positive. >> i see 50. >> a couple 50s. >> it's going to feel tropical. thank you. next, busting a winter car myth. >> yeah, do you really need to warm up your car before taking it on the road?
5:51 pm
are we just warming ourselves up? harry hairston breaks down this wintertime myth. your kids and the cold. sure they want to play out, but is it safe? the story at 6:00.
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welcome back, lester holt joins us now. >> me has a preview of what's ahead on nbc "nightly news." good evening, lester. well, good evening, and happy friday. tonight we'll talk about the flu emergency striking the country. a lot of hospitals overwhelmed by a season three times worse than last year. how effective is the flu shot really? plus, phones and computers at risk. we'll look at how to protect your device from a serious flaw that's been uncovered when we see you coming up on nbc "nightly news." back to you in philly. >> thanks. this arctic blast is taking a toll on cars across the region. many of us warm up our cars in the morning before heading to work. >> harry harrison is live in kenwood. what we've been doing for years could be pointless? talking to mechanic who has been in business for 40 years. he says everyone seems to
5:55 pm
make -- not everyone, but most people seem to make one major mistake when they get that car started first thing in the morning. it's a common scene wherever and whenever the temperature drops. drivers trying to get an edge on mother nature. >> before you come out, you start your car first, warm your car up. >> reporter: wrong. our expert says it's not necessary to start your car to warm it up. sometimes it's just for the comfort of the driver. newer cars are actually designed to warm while driving. as a matter of fact, letting your car idle will cost you more in gas. >> the only reason why you would want to start a car up today and let it idle for i wouldn't say more than ten seconds at least, is so the oil pressure is built up in the >> reporter: i also talked toal warm. what you want to do is in the
5:56 pm
back seat or trunk, throw in a hat, scarf and gloves in case you end up stranded. make sure you have a fully charged cell phone. don't forget to have snacks while you're waiting for help to come. also, the mechanic i talked to, he said there's no problem letting your car idle for 10, 20 minutes. but if you have a car sitting out there running and nobody is in it, you see where this is going. somebody might take it. >> wastes a lot of gas, too. >> all right, harry hairston, thanks for that. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. thanks, guys. his every day mission is to save live and property. >> now a south jersey fire captain is the one needing help after responding to a fire at his own home. four kids, wife. i've got nothing. >> now he is starting over. how his community is coming to the rescue.
5:57 pm
the big dig at the jersey shore. how the dangerous cold is hampering efforts there. and the worst about to come, as painful as it is outside right now, it's about to get worse. i'll walk you through the hour by hour in your neighborhood to show you what you can expect.
5:58 pm
dangerous cold. a blast of arctic air is blowing
5:59 pm
in for the weekend with feels like temperatures below zero. the clean up at the jersey shore, more difficult and dangerous with the bitter cold. preventing frozen pipes, staying protected inside during this brutal bitter blast. a winter wallop. the feels like temperature is below zero for much of the area right now. count on nbc 10 to prepare and protect you from the dangerous conditions. we are talking about temperatures beyond bone chilling from now until sunday morning. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for being here. this weekend could be one of the coldest philadelphia has felt in a generation. our first alert for dangerous cold lasts until sunday morning. and it's going to feel like below zero. taking a live look at center city from our kimmel city campus camera, it's 16 on broad street right now. just a tad colder in wilmington
6:00 pm
where it's 15 degrees now.t i-95 all the major roads, they should be clear of snow by this point tonight. down the shore, it's also 15 degrees. this is a live picture of music pier in ocean city. the snow on the ound right there. first alert meteorologist steve sosna is joining us. you and the first alert weather team have been letting us know for days that the worst is coming. >> we saw this about ten days ago, this round number three. we saw that it would be the worst round. unfortunately, it's living up to its expectations. we have to get through tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, and the first part of sunday and then we'll finally put this to bed. it. whato bad is thisisu wind at 2 in philadelphia. take that temperature of 15 and combine it with the wind,
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