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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  January 6, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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seen in three decades. meteorologist krystal klei is watching the deep freeze and has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> yeah, dray, rosemary, we issued the first alert days ago knowing how ruthless this cold would be. and we've gotten exactly what we expected. the entire area continues under a first alert through tomorrow morning. why? because we're looking at that bitter stinging cold lasting all day today and right through tomorrow morning. honestly, sunday itself will still be a very cold day, but the windchills won't be quite as rough once winds die down tomorrow. but, still, feeling like 5 to 25 degrees below zero this morning. and likely again tomorrow morning. frostbite can set in in as little as 30 minutes when it comes to this type of cold. here's what it feels like outside right now. the number hasn't really changed at all for the last few hours in philly. 10 below zero. 9 below what it feels like in allentown. 23 below in mt. pocono. and 7 below in wilmington. millville a negative 10 on the
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map right now. so it is just feeling very, very cold out there. and part of the reason why not just the cold air but the winds mixing with that cold air 17-mile-per-hour winds in philly and up to 20 right now in millville. these wind gusts stay strong the rest of today. we'll talk more about what to expect on your saturday and when conditions improve coming un. thank you, krystal. this is the kind of day when your heating system will be working overtime. >> some families are struggling to stay warm in this bitter blast, but help is on the way. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in delaware county where one family in need of a new furnace is getting one. >> reporter: yeah. on the coldest day in decades a very warm gift to a local family here. this is the home of ann hoskin. she's had a tough few years. a strong summer storm came through here in 2015, did a lot of damage to the home. that cost her a lot of money. and a couple months ago this is
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her furnace. it gave out. it's being held together by tape. she says the furnace was only heating about half of the upstairs of the house. but downstairs was completely cold. but thanks to the guys at oliver heating, this is going to change today. there's a big group of them that are surprising her today with a brand new furnace. we're going to walk back here into the area where they're doing all the duct work and replacing the old one, the new furnace just arrived here. and they're going to really help her out. these things can sometimes cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to install. we're going to talk to david here. david oliver with oliver heating. david, tell me, you do this for four different families today across our area. >> that's correct. we're here in new castle as well. >> reporter: during a cold snap you can see they're putting the duct work in here. what does this mean for a family dealing with frigid temperatures? >> well, it's why we call it heat for the holidays. especially these cold
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temperatures we've had in the past couple weeks, we try to help people in need. we feel we've been blessed at oliver and we try to give back to the community. and this family here has been in need. and we're going to put in a new heater for her today. >> right. i mean, you guys install these on a daily basis. just tell me about the work that goes into it and what it can mean for somebody living without that heat during the last couple weeks, couple months. >> well, especially now like i said with these cold temperatures, you know, the dismantling of the old heater, we finished all that. this heater here at this home was held together by duct tape. and we finally, you know, got everything out of the house and we're ready to get the new heater brought in and installed with duct work, gas piping and everything that's necessary. >> reporter: all right, david, they actually just got the new heater. it's coming in on a dolly right now. they're going to install that in
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the next 30 minutes. in the next half hour we're going to chat with anne getting the new heater installed. for now, randy gyllenhaal, back to you guys. thank you, randy. forced out into the cold, a gas leak in philadelphia led to evacuations along hobart street earlier this morning. first responders and a septa bus helped keep the evacuated residents warm while pgw found the leak. everyone is now back inside their homes. talk about a rude awakening, more than 100 families in montgomery county were without power on this bitter cold morning when a car crashed into a power pole. it happened at the intersections of routes 309 and 202 in montgomery township around 1:30 this morning. that dark spot in this video from our traffic camera is actually the neighborhood without power. peco tells us only five homes are still affected and the power should be back on by noon today. this morning, we're learning the deep freeze has turned deadly. police in vineland, cumberland county, tell us a man died because of exposure to the bitter temperatures. officers found him early
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thursday in the snow in an empty parking lot. down the shore folks are bundling up as they continue to dig out from the blizzard of 2018. coastal communities were slammed with a foot of snow. yesterday's high winds only added to the misery of an already-challenging task. in philadelphia crews are working around the clock to try to clear every street. some crew members have been sleeping over at work so they can get back out to plow and salt the roads. if you have a problem or question about something happening in your neighborhood in philadelphia, you can always call 311. the phones have been ringing with callers wanting to know when the plows will come to their neighborhood. it takes time. you can also call the center for tips on staying warm in this dangerous cold and how to detect hypothermia. earlier this morning we spoke to a man waiting for a bus in university city. he had forgotten his gloves. >> not really. i ain't really prepared, but i'm ready to go. yeah. >> reporter: how does it feel outd here? kind of brisk, huh? >> cold. very cold. stay home.
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stay home. if you don't have to go anywhere, stay home. >> it bears repeating. i mean, come on. luckily that man's bus showed up shortly after we spoke to him. it's a good thing since the windchill can cause frostbite to any exposed skin in less than 30 minutes. to keep track of this dangerous cold this weekend, make sure you have the free nbc10 app. right now on the app 20 tips to keep your family, home and pets safe during this cold blast. dr. j julius erving remains in the hospital this morning. sixers released a statement saying he fell ill last night at the wells fargo center. you're looking at video of dr. j ringing the bell before the sixers game against the pistons last night. the sixers say he's expected to be released from the hospital following a medical evaluation. julius erving is 67 years old. the basketball hall of famer was at the wells fargo center marking the 35th anniversary of his iconic dunk against the l.a. lakers. dr. j even tweeted saying, rock the cradle.
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i put down this dunk with the sixers and it's still one of my favorites. again, julius erving went to the hospital last night after falling ill at the sixers game. the team says he's expected to be released from the hospital after he's evaluated. 9:07 right now on this saturday. and we have some new details about a mass exodus from the philadelphia district attorney's office. more than two dozen assistant d.a.s left their jobs yesterday after they were asked to resign immediately. nbc10's learned those requests came from new district attorney larry krasner. he was sworn-in on tuesday. our cameras captured employees carrying boxzs out of the d.a.'s office yesterday. the 31 prosecutors who left took years of experience with them. also some of those lawyers were right in the middle of high profile cases. several of them told nbc10 that they feel terribly for the families of murder victims with whom they've been working. the d.a.'s office says krasner is keeping his campaign promise of change by making the personnel movements. on a much lighter note this
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morning, someone in florida is waking up a whole lot richer this morning. >> yeah. >> not one of us. i didn't buy a ticket. >> somebody in the sunshine state won megamillions ticket matched all six numbers in last night's drawing. it was sold at this 7-eleven in port richie. not too far from tampa. the ticket claims a $450 million prize. here are those winning numbers. you can check your tickets and see if you won a smaller amount. they are 28, 30, 39, 59, 70 and the megaball is 10. you brought up a good point, it's one ticket but it could be -- >> one ticket representing 30 people. either way, they're all getting paid. >> somebody's getting paid. you still have another chance to become a multimillionaire. the powerball jackpot is now an estimated $570 million for tonight's drawing. the cash option for that prize more than $358 million. good luck. get your ticket. >> i'm going to buy one, i think. >> coming up, it's the tell-all president trump tried to stop a publisher from selling. >> and you may in fact have a hard time reading the new behind the scenes book "fire and fury,"
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but not because of the commander in chief. we'll explain coming up. >> misery loves company. we are not the only ones in a deep freeze. just ahead we'll take you to one part of the world where it's so cold the weather is turning waterfalls into ice. >> when does it end? we're going to talk about the bitter, dangerous cold and how much longer it lasts before those temperatures start to creep back up. right now we'll leave you with a live look over the art museum and all that snow on the parkway.
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good morning. first alert meteorologist krystal klei here. let's talk about what we are looking at as we move forward over the next few days. today you guys already know we're under a first alert. dangerous cold continues. feeling below zero for pretty much the entire day for the entire region. that's why we're under that first alert. we're also tracking a messy monday mix.
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this will be kind of later in the day into the nighttime hours that we will see a chance of snow, sleet, even some freezing rain possible as cold air that's been in place over us starts to mix with warmer air. that's right, we're talking a january thaw. 50s return to the forecast in to next week. now, this morning we've been at 10 below zero in philly. as we get to about lunchtime we should be around 4 below. and then by 6:00, 2 below. so we stay below zero pretty much consistently day long. staying in the suburbs, 6 below at noontime and you can see that's the same in the lehigh valley. now, the good news is there's sunshine. which means the roadways should be okay out there. but the snow on the sides of the roadways not going to be melting any time soon. from delaware to jersey to the shore everywhere remaining below zero for our afternoon hours. >> all right. thank you, krystal. in case you're wondering, we aren't the only country in the middle of freezing temperatures right now. >> yeah, parts of china are battling the brutal cold. as you can see icicles formed after the year's first snowstorm
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this week. not too many tourists visiting the river's waterfall, nonetheless still an impressive sight. 9:11 on this saturday morning, one of the women accused former alabama senate candidate roy moore of sexual misconduct. >> now she's a fire victim after flames ripped through her house. and investigators want to know was it intentional. that story straight ahead. and here in our area, another home lost to fire. this time it involves a twist of fate for a man who fights fire for a living. we'll show you how the community is now coming together to help him and his family. back in a moment.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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now to a live look at roxborough of our camera from the presidential city apartments. a lot of snow-covered roofs out there. another day of dangerous weather for many neighborhoods. it feels like it's below zero outside. and it's only going to get colder before we get a bit of a reprieve from mother nature. meteorologist krystal klei will be back at 9:17 with your full first alert forecast. the new book president trump likely does not want you to read is flying off the shelves as a best seller. "fire and fury" is a tell-all about the trump white house. the book raises questions about the president's mental fitness for office. it also includes former trump adviser steve bannon attacking the president's adult children. the publisher rushed the book's release after mr. trump threatened legal action against its sale. on the "today" show yesterday author michael wolff defended his work which the white house calls pure fantasy. "fire and fury" is already a worldwide phenomenon. take a look at the sales of the
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book in london yesterday. bookstores in washington, los angeles and new york are already sold out. and amazon has the title on back order. the author of the explosive book, michael wolff, will be moderator chuck todd's guest on "meet the press." the interview comes your way tomorrow at 10:30 right here on nbc10. one of the women who accused former u.s. senate candidate roy moore of sexual misconduct is picking up the pieces this morning after a fire at her house in alabama. no one was home at the time. an arson investigation is now under way. authorities say there's no indication the fire was linked to johnson's allegations. that's all they're releasing at the moment. moore denied any wrongdoing involving several accusers including johnson. the republican lost last month's special election to democrat doug jones. back here in our area, it's the emergency call that one first responder will never forget. >> a south jersey fire captain is forced to start from scratch after he rushed to a fire that
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destroyed his own home. when jason penwell and his comrades at the tabernacle fire company got the call on wednesday, he never thought he would hear his own address coming over the radio. by the time they arrived the fast moving flames were just too intense. captain penwell and his family lost everything they owned. >> knowing at 38 years old i'm starting over. four kids, a wife, i've got nothing. >> it's unclear what started the fire. the community is rallying around the penwells donating everything they can think of to help them get back on their feet. this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by mealey's furniture, just what you're looking for. it seems there's no subject that mary doesn't like from sport ts to the arts, she enjoys it all. she's also happy to help around the house. she just needs to find a loving forever family.
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nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to mary, this week's wednesday's child. >> cherry hill skating center in burlington county is an old school rink, a great place for an old soul like mary. who's been dancing since she was 5 and picked up roller skating without much help. mary wants to be a cop some day so she's making good choices. what area of school do you like? >> i like math and to read. >> reporter: are you enjoying social part of school? >> yes. >> reporter: you do, you have good friends? >> yes. go to the mall. >> reporter: normal teenage girl stuff, play video games or is that -- >> i play. >> reporter: dance, dance party. >> yeah. sleepovers. >> reporter: yeah. do you like boys? >> yeah, not that much. they're annoying. >> reporter: i got news for you, mary, boys will be annoying for a while, even if they're your brothers. >> mary is fun and smart. she's athletic and outgoing. she really loves to obviously things like skating.
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she likes a lot of outdoor activity, basketball. she loves football, believe it or not, poor girl. she's really into arts and crafts. >> reporter: and mary will help around the house. >> i can do chores. >> reporter: what kind of chores do you do? >> wash dishes, any chores you need to do. sometimes don't have to ask me to do it. >> reporter: you'll just do it? all mary wants is one ning. >> a family i could live with forever. no matter what we go through. they'll still be there for me. >> reporter: mary is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make mary's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-8 1-866-do-adopt. first alert meteorologist krystal klei here. let's look at the feels like temperatures again. keep showing this to remind you
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today is the day you stay indoors. 10 below right now in philadelphia. millville and lancaster. 9 degrees below for the feels like temperature in allentown and 9 degrees below zero for the feels like in trenton. so across the map everywhere in our neighborhood feeling below the zero line. and it's going to continue that way throughout today. few safety steps to take during the extreme cold, first and foremost, wearing at least three layers. loose layers, not tight ones. really a great option especially if middle layer can kind of be an insulating layer like a fleece, something like that. that's what i wore today. also stay dry. avoid sweating. if you are sweating, do not take off the coats you are wearing, go indoors and dry yourself out. take breaks, hydrate, stay eating throughout the day to keep your energy up. if you start to shiver, have memory loss or confusion, this could be the early signs of hypothermia so you need to be indoors and get your body to a warmer temperature. all of these big concerns because of the fact we've got
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bitterly cold air just wrapped over the entire region. on top of the fact those northwest winds are still fairly strong. so you get those two together. and while it's a dry picture, it is a horribly cold one for us. look at the winds today. right around 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained, but gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour still are possible. that northwest flow we've been talking about this for a couple weeks now it pulls in cold air from the northwest. so as long as we have that flow, we're going to stick with these really rough conditions. look at the feels like temperature by 10:30 this morning. still around 5 to 10 degrees below zero. in the afternoon right around zero for the feels like in philly. that's as fwood as it gets today. 5 below in doylestown. and then we go into the evening and back down we go again. so right around 5 to 10 degrees below zero for the feels like on our saturday night. now, as we go into your sunday morning, the winds will die down but it is still going to be very cold. so look in the afternoon on your
9:22 am
sunday. these temperatures feeling like the single digits will actually be considered warmer pair e compared to the last several days, but the air itself is actually going to be at its coldest tomorrow morning. we may set some records. looks like in philly we're forecasting 1, that will beat the previous record of 4. trenton forecasting of 1 below, that will beat the previous record of 2. and these are actual temperatures we are forecasting right around zero degrees tomorrow morning. check out the hour by hour quickly as we go through your saturday. you'll see it stays dry. the same can be said for your sunday. a dry forecast. but that all changes on monday. then in the next half hour i'll show you what i'm talking about. >> all right. thank you, krystal. this morning we're seeing some scary video from north of the border. >> passengers onboard as their plane collides with another in toronto and a fire breaks out. what happened and how it all played out ahead in our next
9:23 am
half hour. >> also ahead in our next half hour, a car plows right through their home, now we're learning how one local couple survived this.
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on new year's eve a florida man called 911 to report a drunk driver, himself. take a listen. >> i'm drunk, i don't know where i'm at. >> all right. what is it you're trying to report, sir? >> just drunk driving. >> where have you been all night? >> just driving around trying to get pulled over, actually. >> the dispatcher repeatedly asked michael lester to pull over and was eventually able to send police to him. he told officers he'd had several beers, had swallowed drugs and had only slept four hours in the previous four days. the officers arrested him and he's now charged with dui. now to a follow-up about a local uber driver who was
9:26 am
helping the homeless during this dangerously cold weather. earlier this week we introduced you to malinda boyer, she drives homeless people to shelters for free. representatives with uber philly told us they saw our story and they were thrilled that malinda wanted to make a difference. they wanted to get in on the effort, so uber philly donated $500 to two homeless shelters in malinda's name. 9:26 right now. the brutal temperatures are unbearable even for people like you and me we've been here our entire lives. >> yeah, but imagine if you've never experienced cold weather like this before. ahead, see what's being done to help evacuees here from storm ravaged puerto rico. >> and that cold air is still parked over our region. but we've got good news, the end is now in sight. we'll track when that dangerous cold finally exits the area and how much better temperatures look as we go into the next workweek.
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el: broke, homeless,
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selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit dangerous cold, our region is once again waking up in the grips of life-threatening temperatures, and tomorrow morning it could even be colder. >> heating help, this morning we're live in delaware county where a family in need will finally be warm thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> plus, a delivery driver recovering after being shot. why police say it's a miracle he wasn't hurt worse.
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good morning and welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm dray clark. >> and i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:30 on this saturday. glad you're with us inside. a first alert is in effect until tomorrow because that big chill is still with us. let's take a live look outside over eighth and market streets in philadelphia. few people out there on the sidewalk, don't blame them. in these temperatures frostbite can set in quickly. another concern with this weather, frozen pipes. >> relief could be just a couple days away though. let's get more from meteorologist krystal klei and your most accurate neighborhood forecast. krystal. >> oh, yeah, we're counting down the hours for that relief, but we still have all of today and tomorrow morning the entire area under a first alert because of it through 11:00 a.m. tweaked it just a bit because it looks like the feels like temperatures will remain at zero or below through tomorrow morning. that bitter cold is why we have the first alert in play. already this morning we've had temperatures between 5 and 25 below zero for the feels like
9:31 am
temperatures. and as dray just mentioned frostbite easily can set in in 30 minutes or under when skin is exposed in this type of weather. take a look at the actual temperatures. actual temps are in the single digits. 8 in mt. holly, 9 wilmington. mt. pocono with 2 below zero. those are the actual temperatures. now compare to what it feels like outside, rough. 10 below zero in philly and vineland. 12 below in coatesville and 9 below in atlantic city. these temperatures are not going to rebound above the zero mark for feels like throughout the rest of today. so what you see now pretty much at you get the rest of your cu, well, take a look. 17-mile-per-hour winds right now in philly and coatesville. 13 in wilmington. 20 millville and 21-mile-per-hour winds in atlantic city. these gusts are what has helped make it feel so bitterly cold. good news is those start to die down tomorrow. we'll talk more about what you
9:32 am
can expect throughout the rest of your weekend and a big warmup coming up. >> all right. thank you, krystal. well, you probably will be cranking up the heat in your home today. >> yeah, a lot of people will be doing that. but unfortunately not everybody has that luxury. a heating company though is doing its part to help out. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live from delaware county where crews will be installing a new furnace today. tell us about it, randy. >> reporter: yeah, the guys from oliver heating just got here to anne hoskins house in delaware county. anne has had a tough couple years. it started in 2015 when you might remember a large summer storm came through in june. it took off a number of shingles, parts of her roof, damaged a lot of her house and her belongings. that was just the first part of a snowball effect. after that happened, about a year later she says she lost her furnace. and we're going to walk inside here and show you the inside of her house. her furnace stopped working. she had to duct tape the ducts in part of it as well. she says it was really only
9:33 am
heating just a part of her house. this is anne here you can see we're walking back to where they're doing the installation. it's really tough especially in this cold weather to have to live in those conditions, so the guys from oliver heating heard about their story and they came out today with a brand new furnace. they're spending a couple of hours this morning installing it. they're also doing some duct work as well. she says the upstairs of her house would be very hot, the downstairs extremely cold making it really difficult to live in. these guys are not just doing this one. they're going to be at a number of other homes today. we just caught up with anne, she says it's a blessing. >> i cried when i first learned that i was getting a new heater. i believe in karma. and what goes around comes around. and when you do good for others, goodness will fall back on you. i'm very grateful to the entire staff of oliver heating. >> reporter: and, you know, ann says she actually considered nominating somebody else that she knows who also needs a furnace. they convinced her she needs it
9:34 am
especially after all that storm damage and through. so in just about an hour or so she's going to have the heat up and running here, but the guys at oliver heating, they're not done yet. they have other locations to hit including one in west chester, as well as new castle, delaware, helping out families in need on what might become the coldest day in the last few decades. for now live in delaware county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> great for the bitter weather. thanks, randy. let's head to philadelphia where as many as 800 employees and city contractors are working to clear the snow from this week's winter storm. crews reported to work on wednesday. they have been on the clock since then. plows and salt trucks focusing on residential streets where the packed snow and frigid temperatures are still making conditions slick. well, it's really unusual, potential record breaking for our area, to be so cold for so many days in a row. >> yeah. more and more people are getting frostbite from not covering up, layering up when they head outside. it's caught a lot of people off guard. just in the past week the emergency room at thomas
9:35 am
jefferson university hospital has seen a jump in patients with cold-related illnesses. your hands, your feet, your nose they're the most common places where doctors see frostbite first. we spoke to a doctor at jefferson about what patients should do if they start to see their extremities turning red. >> at that time i want you to go inside and try to get warm. if things like that persist or you have a change in the color of your fingers where they start to turn more white or they become more painful, seek emergency care for a cold-related injury like that. >> quick tip, the doctor says if your hands are cold and they're numb, put them in warm water first so they heat up. hundreds of puerto rican evacuees living in the lehigh valley are now better suited for degree of cold weather they've never experienced before. and charity called make the road pa handed out winter weather gear to the evacuees in allentown yesterday. the group spent the past few weeks collecting donated coats, hats and gloves and scarves as well. those items are now in the hands
9:36 am
of families who moved here from puerto rico after hurricane maria. >> this isn't weather i'm used to and i've lived here for quite some time. and it hurts. the wind hurts. people coming from puerto rico clearly need a little more extra help. >> organizers say they wanted to make sure the families had the warm clothes just in time for three kings day, the traditional end of the christmas season in puerto rico. to keep track of this dangerous weather this weekend, make sure you have the free nbc10 app. download it right now on the app we have 20 tips to help keep your family, your home, your pets safe during this bitter blast. investigators will be looking for the cause of this fire that tore through a commercial building. the fire in phillipsburg, new jersey, broke out around 2:00 this morning. crews battled heavy flames shooting through the roof as well as the bitter cold. no one was hurt. city crews are salting the streets after the freezeover to make sure everything is safe and not frozen solid. meanwhile, this morning a
9:37 am
delivery driver is in the hospital after being shot during an argument. it happened last night outside the takka grill and shrimpies restaurant in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. the driver is now listed in stable condition. police say it's a miracle because the shooter fired at point-blank range at the victim's stomach. investigators are now looking for that gunman. new this morning, at least two people are hurt after a car collided with a tow truck in delaware county. it happened here just before 1:30 near west chester pike. first responders had to pull victims from the wreckage. no word yet on their conditions. we're working to get that information. police are now looking into the cause of this crash. now to a follow-up about a terrifying new year eve for an elderly couple in bucks county. a car came crashing right through their house throwing the husband across the living room. amazingly he and his wife survived. here's how it all happened. the car came barrelling through the couple's backyard right into their house on gun road and bristol township. the sudden crash threw jim
9:38 am
albright out of his recliner. his wimary just a few feet away. you can see where medics treated jim for a head injury. everybody though he was hurt he ran to the car to try to rescue the driver. >> the car was still running so i wanted to shut the car off, stop it from -- it was going like that. i said it's going to go right through the house. >> police arrested the driver, edward o br'brien, they believe overdosed on heroin. this is the second time that a car crashed through their backyard. they're now trying to get a barrier or guardrail installed so it doesn't happen again. 9:38 right now. coming up, scary scene on an airport tarmac. >> planes collide sparking a fire. and it was all caught on camera. >> the eagles don't know their playoff opponent just yet, so the team they're focusing on is the one in the mirror. ahead in sports, a different approach at practice. >> and take a look at our actual
9:39 am
temperatures outside all in the single digits. that dangerous cold sticks through the rest of today, even into part of tomorrow. then a change. we'll talk about conditions from the poconos down to the shore coming up.
9:40 am
9:41 am
meteorologist krystal klei right here. and we are looking right now at temperatures across the region. and you can see there's a trend.
9:42 am
everyone is just bitterly cold. minneapolis, chicago, indianapolis, detroit all below zero. pittsburgh 1 degree. and we're at 9 degrees right now in philly. this very cold air is stuck over us through the rest of today, so we will continue with the dangerous cold. but watch as we go saturday through sunday. that dangerous cold starts to exit, still quite cold monday and then something starts to change next week. we get more mild. we'll talk about those temperatures with your ten-day on ten coming up. eagles fans may be dreaming still about the super bowl. >> but this morning we're all about the puppy bowl. we'll have a preview of a big adoption event as we continue our effort to clear the shelters.
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talk about a scary situation for passengers as two planes collided last night. one of them as you can see caught fire at the airport here in toronto. officials say a west jet plane just landed and waiting to go to a gate when it was hit by a sun wings airline jet. nobody on the sun wings plane. it was being moved by a ground crew. passengers on the west jet plane tried to stay calm as much as they could as the fire raged outside their window. all the passengers from that airliner were evacuated. none of them were hurt. nbc10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets today.
9:46 am
we're talking about the puppy bowl. and a big adoption event coming up next month. from the providence animal shelter join us us this morning and you can hear we have some adorable puppies with us right now. first off, let's talk about these little pups because they are just so adorable. i think mine's a little scared. >> yeah. they're very young, so they're only about four and a half weeks today. so that's why they might seem a little shaky, because they're not ready for adoption just yet. they're still growing. this is sue, she's our foster mom so they're growing in her home right now. >> awesome. they are just so adorable. they're only a few weeks old. we will talk about potential adoptions in a minute, but first we have to talk about a really big tournament which is the puppy bowl you guys will be representing. >> yeah, we're so excited and honored. this is our first year in puppy bowl. so we have a special lady, her name is dragonfly. she's going to represent us on the field. >> there's a picture of dragonfly on the board. a beagle mix, right? >> that's right. >> i have a bieg u beagle mix at home. they are wonderful pets.
9:47 am
dragonfly is already adopted, but she'll be representing you guys. >> 4th at 3:00 p.m. on animal planet. >> awesome. people can catch you guys being represented. and this ties in with an event you guys have going on. >> that's right. so these little puppies will be available on puppy bowl weekend. >> awesome. >> and they will be dragonfly's cheerleaders. so we're really excited. so all the pets in the shelters will apply to different specials and adoptions that we have going on just to honor puppy bowl, you know, and we really want people to stop by. wear their jersey. if you wear your favorite team's jersey, you'll get part in the event. >> perfect. really, these guys are so cute right now, i know they're going to be awesome pets as they get older, it's so cold this time of year. real quickly we have to tie that in. puppies, dogs, any age need to be indoors. >> that's right. we have to think about new law that went into effect so pets cannot be kept outside for longer than 30 minutes. so bring those dogs inside. do not leave them in the yard. if you leave them out for
9:48 am
longer, you will face animal cruelty charges. >> absolutely. want to be snuggled up. >> if you'd like to visit the providence animal shelter located at 555 sandy bank road in delaware county. they're open noon to 7:00 monday to friday. on saturdays open 11:00 a.moandn sundays. for more info, tap the nbc10 mobile app and search for find it this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, hey, good morning. good to see you as always. i'm danny pommells from nbc sports philadelphia. sixers looking to make it four straight last night. joel embiid in the lineup, he missed the last game with a hand injury, nothing wrong with him in this one. sixers got off to a crazy start. ben simmons to embiid with a two-handed flush, sixers up 17 after the first quarter 23 for jojo. second quarter simmons gets a turnover and cruises in for the two-handed bang.
9:49 am
a 20-point lead at the half for philly. third quarter simmons another drive and two-handed finish. he had 19. sixers up by as many as 40. they cruise 114-78 and get back to .500 for the season. >> we're moving the ball, you know. coach doesn't have to call a lot of plays, we just play into the system we have been placed. past couple days been doing good so we have to keep on learning. >> how about the eagles? they've earned an extra week to prepare for their first playoff game since 2014, but they don't know who they're preparing for. that's the difference between the bye week during the season and the first round bye in the playoffs. so this week there's more about the birds looking in the mirror and getting some me time. >> that's the beauty of this bye week is we get a lot of great work in, but you can self-scout yourself because we don't know who we're playing. you try to utilize and practice
9:50 am
fundamental stuff. having a great high speed practice with pads on, going back watching old film, studying, just sort of doing what we can throughout these days and obviously rest. it's awesome. >> let's go to the college hardwood. university of pennsylvania was closed yesterday so last night's game postponed until this afternoon. a game you can see on nbc sports philadelphia plus. drexel on the court though hosting charleston. this one went to overtime tied at 76, dragons harper drives and dishes to lee. and, yeah, it falls. the corner three helps the dragons to the 87-82 win. lee with 22 points. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from nbc sports philadelphia. enjoy your saturday. first alert meteorologist krystal klei here. let's talk about those feels like temps. i keep going back to this because i keep showing off these numbers have not budged. the winds are up, temperatures
9:51 am
are very low so you get a feels like temperature below zero. 10 below in philly and millville. 9 below in atlantic city and trenton. and 7 below for that feels like temperature in pottstown. this is why we issued a first alert. dangerously cold temperatures. you're outside for more than 30 minutes and frostbite easily can occur on any exposed skin. if you are going out, wrap up everything you possibly can before you step out the door. look at radar and satellite. this is a big wide view i'm showing you because the cold air pretty much digging minneapolis all the way down and across the northeast. now, you can see there's not a lot of action on the board. we've got mostly dry conditions, but the cold air is just holding tightly. so here are the temperatures this afternoon. 14 degrees for the forecast high in center city and in pottstown. coatestown at 15, allentown only 12 degrees. look at the numbers in blue. those are the feels like temperatures this afternoon. meaning it's the best we get today. zero vineland 1 below stone harbor, 1 below in smyrna with an actual temperature of 17
9:52 am
degrees. now, the one silver lining to this is it won't be sunny again. if you step outside, you'll already be able to tell pretty nice blue sky. that's not going to help with the temperatures warming. wind gusts is a big issue. that's what makes the windchill exist. when you have a strong wind, the warmth that your body emits kind of helps keep you warm. but if the winds are strong enough, it pushes that warmth away. so then your body perceives the air as colder than it actually is. gusts around 30, 35 miles per hour this afternoon. about 25-mile-per-hour gusts this evening. here's the good news, by tomorrow morning those winds really start to die down and they stay weak through the rest of tomorrow. the problem is when winds weaken, the temperature's able to drop even more so. so tomorrow morning the temperature itself will be colder. but the winds will be lighter. we'll still feel between 5 and 15 below zero, and look at these forecast low temperatures. eses. 1 in philly. 1 below in trenton. zero in coatesville.
9:53 am
these will likely set a record for cold on tomorrow's date. so here are the afternoon temperatures. a little bit warmer than the teens we'll see today. 22 in philly and in the suburbs. and then monday finally it looks like many of us will break the freezing mark. this will be the warmest that we will have seen in 13 days. the other problem comes monday evening as we could see a mix of rain, snow and some icing. once we get through that though, a much better ten-day forecast. we'll get to that ten day on 10 coming up.
9:54 am
9:55 am
this weekend you can take a step back in time. millions of years back in time. dinosaur time trek stomps into the pennsylvania convention center in center city today and tomorrow. visitors can cuddle with a baby
9:56 am
dinosaur, dig for dinosaur bones and check out other interactive exhibits. today, philadelphia will again pay tribute to ed snider, the late chairman of the flyers. major kenney will declare today as ed snider. he's credited with organizing hockey for lower income neighborhoods. >> a good day to look for something to do inside, not outside. >> i think a lot of people are going to be turning on netflix today. that's a good plan. let's talk temperatures out there with your ten-day on 10. 14 for the afternoon high today. tonight dropping down to a low of 1 degree tomorrow morning, that will set a record for cold. tomorrow in the afternoon we'll start to gradually warm. only 22 in the afternoon. then we see monday 34 degrees for the high. we may see late monday into monday night a rain/snow/icing mixture. but then we dry out tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we've got 40s and there it is, 50s on your friday. although we do have to watch the eagles game saturday.
9:57 am
mid 40s but there may be some rain with that. >> wow. 53 next friday. >> you meant 80s, right? >> shorts, tank tops, you know the drill. >> all right. thank you, krystal. that's all for now. i'm dray clark. >> i'm rosemary connors. for krystal klei and all of us here at nbc10, have a good one, stay warm. see i don't care e y-- you back.
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final quarter of the regular season, through the eyes of some very key players. how do the eagles get to the number one position in the


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