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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" record breaking cold. the mercury dipping down to the most bitter temperatures yet of this brutal blast. some relief is on the way. fallen firefighter, philadelphia loses one of its own. now the department is honoring this hero. powerfully rich, that's what the person holding the winning ticket, the one winning ticket in last night's powerball drawing will be. where that ticket worth more than half a billion dollars was sold coming up. plenty to get to on this sunday. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. we are tracking this cold as it blasts us yet again this morning. to our first alert neighborhood weather. meteorologist krystal klei is watching temperatures fall this morning for us. >> dray, rosemary, good morning.
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stay indoors. still under a first alert for dangerous cold across the entire area. this will last through 11:00 a.m. but 11:00 a.m. today. we will come to a close here with those feels like temperatures that are below zero. throughout the morning we're still feeling about 5 to 15 below zero across the region. frostbite can set in as little as 30 minutes. look at the actual temperatures. inching closer to the record of 4. 3 ties the record for cold in wilmington and those are the temperatures that are record breaking. still feeling below zero. 6 below in wilmington and 9 below in atlantic city. mt. pocono feeling 25 below zero
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this morning. the winds are really dying down as we speak which means the feels like temperatures will be brutal. it is clear. look at the wide pic. a messy monday morning commute coming up. >> and it's leading to water main breaks. that's where nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is standing by live this morning. >> reporter: we're dealing with two in philadelphia. it's capped off. you can see the icy mess left behind. crews down here working to shut it off.
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some of the lanes actually closed as they deal with this as water leaks out and is freezing. the water freezes into ice on contact. a lot of households dealing with busted water pipes because they freeze and burst. water expands when it gets cold putting pressure on the pipes. you can turn up the heat more than usual and run the water. that can help. a lot of battery issues in cars. aaa says battery calls are their number one call this time of year. >> you go into any aaa car care facility whether you're a member, nonmember, have it checked out and make sure the battery is testing good, fluids are filled, then you should be in good shape. >> you can see the crews along with police blocking off this intersection because it's gotten so icy. seeing a few people slipping
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around. that could affect your driveway if the snow has melted. that will refreeze when temperatures get this close to zero. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. our first alert continues until 10:00 this morning. the nbc 10 app can help you keep track of the cold temperatures. keep our list of hacks for the cold weather. a salute to a fallen philadelphia hero. first responders, neighbors, even strangers paid tribute to a firefighter who lost his life battling flames yesterday. he died after part of a burning house collapsed right on top of him. lieutenant letourneau was 42 years old. >> one member unaccounted for. also we need to start responding, also. >> lieutenant letourneau and fellow firefighters responded to
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a row home fire on colorado street. the person who lived in the home also died. two other firefighters and a neighbor who were hurt will be account. adam thiel held back tears as he announced letourneau's fate. >> today, tragically lieutenant matt letourneau of engine company 45 joined that host of heroes. and our hearts are breaking. >> black bunting drapes. his goal was to make firefighting his career and that's why he joined the philadelphia fire department. lieutenant letourneau was also an instructor at several fire academies in the area.
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yesterday those who volunteered expressed their condolences telling us he was a great friend and teacher and will be missed. police in philadelphia are investigating the city's first murder of the new year. it happened in west philadelphia last night. police say a man and a woman were shot while sitting inside a car at a stoplight on west gerard avenue. the man died. the woman who was shot three times remains in critical condition this morning. the parents of a missing student are fearing the worst. 19-year-old blaze bernstein is a premed student from orange county, california. he was back home on winter break when he vanished. he left his house without his wallet and glasses. his parents say they hacked his computer and found some clues. he met a friend at a california park, sent a few texts, and then disappeared. police are not saying whether a crime was committed. >> three families in delaware county and one in new castle, have their heat back thanks to
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generosity. they donated and installed heating systems in their homes. the business identifies four families in need. ann hoskins couldn't believe she was chosen. >> and when i found out i'm getting a heater, i just lost it. totally lost it. i'm very grateful. >> we're happy to happy. >> thank you. >> the company has donated more than 60 heating systems to families all across the region. 6:07 on this sunday. if you played the powerball in our area, you didn't win the jackpot. you don't need to check your ticket for the winning numbers, but you may have gotten a smaller prize. one winning ticket in new hampshire matched all six numbers to win the grand prize. >> but don't throw away your tickets yet as rosemary said. a ticket worth $1 million somewhere in new jersey. here are the winning numbers for last night's powerball jackpot.
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12-29-30-33-61 and the powerball was 26. the powerball jackpot wasn't the only big prize won this weekend. one lucky person bought a ticket worth $450 million in friday's mega millions drawing. coming up next, take the subway but leave your pants at the door. no pants subway ride will help a good cause. plus this -- oh! >> a resolution jolt, literally. new technology that can prod you into keeping your new year's pledge to get fit and healthy. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not.
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introducing clorox with cloromax. cleans and help protects. ♪ easier cleanup is the beginning. what comes next is everything. ♪ meteorologist krystal klei, still under that first alert this morning for record lows. we're talking the coldest on
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record in some locations today. a few areas have tied or broken records but we might see a few more spots the next couple of hours. icy, wintry mix. this will be the last headline that makes you cringe for a bit, i think. we are talking monday evening commute is when the icy, wintry mix is possible particularly on the i-95 corridor north and west and then it's about the january thaw. 50s will return to the forecast. those come with rain and fog. i think that will be welcome compared to the snow and cold we have been dealing with. this is exciting. we go from feeling like below zero to finally feeling above. by lunch time feeling about 6. really at 15 degrees. feeling like 9. 9 feels cold but that sounds good compared to feeling like 10 below which is where we were yesterday morning.
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cold. mix of clouds and sun by the afternoon hours. clear skies later today, nearly 20 and feeling above zero by this afternoon. >> it will be a skin bearing view on septa's line. the philly no pants subway ride happens at 15th and market streets. riders drop their pants, just their pants -- they still keep their undergarments on to raise awareness for the less fortunate. participants are asked to bring socks to donate to the homeless. 6:12 on this sunday. honoring the fallen. friends of a soldier from montgomery county who died in afghanistan raised money in his memory this weekend. that story straight ahead.
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flights are taking off and landing at new york's jfk international airport after days of mayhem thanks to mother nature. video and photos show the long wait lines at the airline counter, security lines, baggage carousels friday night into yesterday. the airport shut down during the winter storm. passengers reported being stranded up to 20 hours because of those delays. to canada where transportation officials are continuing to investigate the fiery collision between two jets at a toronto airport. an empty plane being towed clipped a jet carrying passengers. passengers went down emergency slides to get off the plane. amazingly no one was hurt. >> today president trump will wrap up his weekend retreat. he shot back at critics questioning his mental fitness,
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very stable and really smart. the president later defended those tweets. >> why did you feel the need to tweet about that? >> because i went to the best colleges or college, i went to a situation where a very excellent student made billions and billions of dollars. >> president trump's tweets followed the release of a new tell-all book that questions his mental stability. the president called "fire and fury" boring and untruthful and the author michael wolff a loser. wolff says trump hayes less credibility than anyone who has ever walked on earth. by the way, the author will be moderator chuck todd's guest on nbc's "meet the press." the exclusive interview comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. also at camp david, president trump said he's open to talking to north korean leader kim jong-un.
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kim threatened the u.s. with a nuclear attack. the president said he hopes some good can come from rare talks set to begin on tuesday. the koreas agreed to discuss cooperation and a few other issues. >> now to a look at the stories wall street will be watching in the week ahead. a preview from cnbc's dominic chu. big banks report and hollywood stars align all in the week ahead. north korea reportedly accepting an offer from south korea to engage in bilateral talks starting on tuesday. the south korean government said the talks would focus on this year's winter olympics and other issues of mutual interest. did the retail sector have a happy holiday or suffer a winter chill? we're going to find out when retail sales for december are released on friday. builders and banks in the spotlight as earnings reported on wednesday. jpmorgan, chase and wells fargo
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report on friday. and two hollywood legends appear on film together for the first time ever. meryl streep and tom hanks star in "the post." the true story of the decision by "the washington post" to publish the confidential pentagon papers in 1971. there's star power behind the camera as well. steven spielberg is the director. the film opens across the u.s. friday. get all your business news on cnb. meteorologist chrkrystal kl here. cape may, new jersey. this is the marina. a good bit of snow on the roadways. that snow will melt in the weeks to come. temperatures are going to go on up. today, though, still under a first alert for the dangerous cold through 11:00 a.m. this morning. you can see why. those are the temperatures outside. we are 6 below zero for an
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actual reading, not a feels like temperature in mt. pocono. zero, only 1 degree in blue bell. we're at 6 in philadelphia. 4 in northeast philly. atlantic city, 2 degrees. now some locations have actually set records for cold on this date. so if you're feeling the temperatures this morning going, gosh, it does not feel like normal, you are right. this is way colder than average. look at the lows so far. now we're at 6 degrees in philly. that's two degrees short of tying the record. there's a chance we're going to do it. it's a close town. allentown and reading will not break the record. trenton has tied the record. this just updated, so i'm seeing this with you. just now tied the record for cold. we have broken the record for cold in atlantic city and we have tied the record in wilmington. this is a record setting morning for us across the region radar and satellite, it's a nice, clear picture. we'll continue through the morning hours. plenty of like yesterday. in the afternoon scattered
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clouds. look way over to the west. you see we have kind of some whites, pinks, green at the edge of the screen. well, we have a system to the north, a system to the south, and some of that moisture will collect and head our way as we get into tomorrow. so we are talking what could be a messy commute for tomorrow. first before we get to that talk about the winds out there. this is a big impact for us. wind today are only in the morning, 15 to 20. in the afternoon at most about 10 to 15. that's a big helper because the feels like conditions are not going to be nearly as rough as they have been. we will finally feel above zero. let's track the actual temperatures, winds and the potential for that messy mix tomorrow. so this is this afternoon. it's still clear. that temperature in the teens to near 20 for afternoon high temperatures today. it's still quite cold. tomorrow morning still very cold, too. most of around 10 to 15 degrees, warmer at the shoreline. and it is dry tomorrow morning. but pack the wintry gear because
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as we get into the afternoon here about 1:00, you see a chance of snow and ice approaching parts of lehigh valley and burks county this will slice along the i-95 corridor right in time for the evening commute home. in fact, it's likely a first alert for this because the models will come in agreement this may impact that commute home. as we go from 5:00 to p.m. that icing may stretch through to the northern most parts of new jersey and new castle county. rain before this exits between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. let's run through the headlines real quick here snow and ice north and west. snow, rain and ice possible the i-95 corridor. regardless this could lead to dangerous roads on the drive home from work. there will be warming in the days to follow your monday. a look at that with your ten day on 10 in the next half hour. friends of a soldier killed in the line of duty will never forget him.
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>> now they're raising money in his honor. he died while serving in afghanistan. sergeant todd graduate d. a nonprofit group heroes rockers. the organization makes wooden rockers for children of the fallen. >> hero rocks came to our house and paid tribute to our daughters and gave us two rockers for them, and they also build rockers for fisher houses, for guys that come back from deployment that are injured. >> here is what we're talking about. take a look at these photos, a few a.m. ms of the creativity, the rockers puts together when they donate these rockers to those families of the fallen. 6:22 right now on this sunday. coming up, holding you accountable. how new technology can help you keep those new year's resolutions to get fit.
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many people are starting the new year with new goals, including myself. forming new habits isn't always that easy. >> can i put you on the spot and ask what your resolution was? >> church more and gym more. >> all right. there you go. >> a problem. >> i hate to tell you, 80% fail by the second week in february. you still have a few weeks. >> thank you for encouragement. >> liz mclaughlin has tips to help hold you accountable. >> and all we're going to do is pull -- >> reporter: many of us start the new year climbing towards a new goal. many shelve those within a month. if you don't have someone to push you in person do it
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digitally. >> when you join step challenges with your friends and family, you see an increase in about 2,000 steps on average. >> reporter: fitness trackers have a community component, so others can see if you're slacking. now apple watch users can also enable fitness notifications, see a friend's progress may encourage to you reach higher. wearables help by making it easy to track activity providing a visual for progress and reminders to stay motivated. >> it's just about consistency and the awareness of having the product on your wrist and waking up every day and thinking how you can improve. >> reporter: raise the stakes even higher by betting money on yourself. apps make sure you stick to your commitment or pay up. >> bam! >> reporter: and for those that real want to zap bad habits, padlock does just that. this channels by addressing bad haf yor with an electric shock
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using classical conditioning to help you focus on strength and conditioning. liz mclaughlin, nbc news. >> i'm not wearing something that shocks me. if i want to be shamed i'll call rosemary. she'll get me back on track. 6:27. coming up on 6:30, you don't want to be outside this morning. no way. if you have to be, prepared for frigid temperatures. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking that big dip. some record breakers. >> look at all these single digits. these are not the feels like. these are the actual temperatures and a few now tying and breaking records for cold. those winds still a bit of an issue but they'll be dying down. temperatures will be warming. we'll get to the details up.
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haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. right now feeling very frigid with actual temperatures on your screen in the single digits. it feels like it's below zero in
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portions of the region now and the records are starting to fall. >> paying tribute to a hero. firefighters in philadelphia and volunteers in delaware county on one of their own who died in a fiery row home collapse. and it will be a battle of the birds. the eagles will host atlanta in next saturday's playoff game after the falcons beat the rams in los angeles. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm dray clark. >> and i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. it's 6:30. that first alert we've had in effect for the dangerous weather continues this morning. meteorologist krystal klei has the details. she is tracking those frigid temperatures and a warm-up on the way, dare i say, krystal? >> we are so excited about this. i know i am. we are still under the first alert for the dangerous cold. things are really going to start to improve.
6:31 am
entire areas through 11:00 a.m. this morning is how long we're under the first alert. why? because we are still feeling like 5 to 15 below the zero line this morning. it doesn't take long for frostbite to set in when you have these kinds of. now the good news is things are going to start to shift in a better direction as we get later into the day. here are the feels like conditions. feeling like 9 below in atlantic city. 9 below in trenton. 6 below wilmington and 12 below in reading. mt. pocono still taking the lead, 25 below zero. note, though, a few spots are a little better off. pottstown feels like 2 degrees. why? we have very cold air in place but wind are starting to die down. a look at the actual temperatures. we're at 1 in blue bell and coatesville. a goose egg on the board. in philadelphia 6 degrees.
6:32 am
atlantic city, wilmington, these spots have tied and broken record for cold this morning meaning the coldest day on record for those locations. current winds, this is a big help. notice a few aren't even reporting in some of our north and west neighborhoods. winds have died down which means you don't have the feels like to worry about. the actual temperature, what you get. and that actual temperature starts to climb a little bit today. so that's why things will be better off in the afternoon. a look at radar and satellite. it is a picture and sunshine is heading our way. we'll talk more about the rest of your sunday if you have plans, when the best over the next week to get outdoors is coming up. thank you, krystal. no place in our region is safe from this dangerous cold this morning. >> a live look at the blue cross rink. no trouble keeping the rink frozen. the cold, though, is causing big trouble on a major artery that runs through center city, philadelphia. that's where nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live for us this morning. another water main break is
6:33 am
shutting down a big portion of the expressway. fill us in, randy. >> reporter: this is something you do not see every day. the vine street expressway closed in both directions, and i'll show you why as we zoom in. it's turned no an ice rink on the eastbound lanes. we're told it appears that the eastbound traffic being diverted all the way to the schuylkill expressway. westbound traffic diverted to broad street. let me show you some video of this water main break. you can't see the water coming down but you can see the ice that has accumulated on the expressway. that is why they do not want anybody driving on that because it's so slippery and dangerous. they're diverting traffic. this is the second water main break in this area in the past few hours. let's come back live and show you a little bit of steam coming out of one of the manholes here. that started picking up within the past 20 minutes as these philadelphia water department crews arrived on scene. the water department crews told
6:34 am
me that they did see water pouring onto the expressway. that second water main break happened at 17th just a little bit north of the expressway and spring garden. unclear if they're connected but that caused ice problems on sidewalks and roads. so this morning a lot of people waking up to water on the streets. water on the sidewalks. for now at least 676 remains shut down. we're live in center city. randy gyllenhaal, 10 news. >> what a mess. good thing it's a sunday and not a monday. our first alert continues until 11:00 this morning. that's how long these dangerous temperatures will be with us. you can keep track of the cold right now on the nbc 10 app plus check out our list of life hacks for the cold weather. >> you are looking outpourings of respect for a philadelphia hero, neighbors and friends, even strangers joined first responders to pay tribute to a firefighter who lost his life
6:35 am
battling flames yesterday. last night's procession brought lieutenant matthew letourneau home to delaware county. he died after part of a burning home collapsed on top of him. he was 42 years old. >> we had one member unaccounted for. >> letourneau and his fellow firefighters responded to a row home fire yesterday morning. nbc 10 was on the scene on colorado street and north philadelphia. the person who inside the home also died. we're told two other firefighters and a neighbor will be okay. the springfield fire company where matthew letourneau began his career is now in mourning. >> to say matt died doing what he loved is hard but i'm mostly very proud of that. he led people. today he led a group of firefighters trying to save someone's life. >> he's an asset, a leader, a
6:36 am
heck of a firefighter, and just gives a ton back to his community. >> lieutenant letourneau was also active in animal welfare issues. funeral arrangements are pending. investigators are looking for the cause of the deadly. two other firefighters were hurt and one other person died inside that home. the victim's name has not been released, the one who passed away. the red cross is helping three families imed by the fire. philadelphia sports legend julius irving, dr. j, is out of the hospital this morning. we told you this yesterday. dr. j fell ill on friday night shortly after he rang the bell before the sixers game at the wells fargo center. he was being honored at that game. he went to the hospital to be evaluated spent the night there. no details about why he was sick or what happened, but dr. j's management says the 67-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. all right. here we go. get ready for a battle of the
6:37 am
birds. the eagles will host the atlanta falcons in the playoffs next saturday. the falcons beat the l.a. rams yesterday to advance to face the eagles. kickoff is at 4:35. and you can only watch the game here on nbc 10. plus, we'll have three-hour live pregame show to get you ready to follow the eagles on the road to victory. a toll hike on the pennsylvania turnpike goes into effect. on average it will cost drivers a few extra pennies per trip. the turnpike commission had a 6% toll increase so the most common toll for a car with ez pass goes up 7 cents today to $1.30. cash customers will pay 15 cents more. the extra revenue will pay for turnpike improvements. 6:37 on this sunday. they are rolling out the red carpet for the 75th annual golden globe. we'll run through the nominees and explain why many if not all actresses are planning to dress in black next.
6:38 am
plus, hollywood is mourning the loss after beloved tv comedy star. details on the death of jerry van dyke coming up.
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6:40 am
good morning, everyone. a few times yesterday and yesterday areas like minneapolis, chicago, indianapolis, detroit, all around zero or below zero. now still cold. 5, nearly 15 degrees on the board. that's a lot better. that's the kind of air moving our way.
6:41 am
this morning still right around 8 degrees below zero. as we get into the afternoon this is why the first alert ends. we will finally feel like we are above zero outside. 5 degrees at noon 8 degrees, that feels like temperature at 4:00 p.m. in the suburbs 9 degrees for the feels like temps and 10 degrees for the feels like in the lehigh valley. this morning feeling still a couple degrees below that row line. in delaware 7 at lunch time. 6 in new jersey. note the icon, sunny, some scattered clouds in the afternoon hours. at the shore still feeling about 10 below zero this morning but we will get to 7 above zero by 4:00 this afternoon. what's going on? that very cold air is just clipping us at this point and it's about to get out of here. for the next couple of days we'll be on the cool side but making it to above freezing and then check it out. way above freezing with more mild air moving in for your
6:42 am
thursday and friday. we'll talk how high the numbers go coming up. >> thank you, krystal. the eagles now know who they'll be facing in next week's playoff game. >> last night's win by the falcons sets up a battle of the birds for next saturday here in philadelphia, right here on nbc 10. all of the details are ahead in your sunday morning sports. excuse me everyone! paul? paul?
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this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new game from the pennsylvania lottery with top prizes of three million dollars! three million dollars! did you win? i don't know. i'm so excited about it. this could be a big winner! just had to share. carry on. sometimes the moments before you scratch are as exciting as the moments you do. keep on scratchin'!
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homeowners living near fire ravaged areas are bracing for the raining season and possible mud slides. cement barriers and rails to redirect run-off. several wildfires burned hillsides and destroyed any traction to slow down that mud flow. this morning we're learning actor xhed jerry van dyke, the younger brother of tv icon dick
6:45 am
van dyke, has passed away. jerry earned four emmy nominations as a dimwitted sidekick on "coach" in the 1990s and guest starred on his older brother's sitcom in the 1960s. jerry van dyke died at his arkansas ranch. he was 86 years old. also astronaut john young has died. young commanded the first space shuttle mission in 1981. years earlier he flew on the "gemini" and "apollo" programs becoming the ninth man to walk on the moon. he died friday in houston, texas. john young was 87 old. awards season kicks into gear tonight as the stars get ready to gather for the 75th annual golden globes. >> honoring 2017's best performances in television and film. >> crews are working around the clock transform the beverly hilton hotel which host the awards for more than 40 years. it may be a blackout on the red
6:46 am
carpet. many actresses are planning to protest sexual harassment as part of the newly found ed movement. the world war ii epic "dunkirk." about fighting the pentagon papers. the crime drama "three billboards." "the shape of water" and the coming of age love story "call me by your name." >> seth myers will host this year. live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 10. >> the perfect thing to do this evening, bundle up in front of your television. >> cook something good, find something nice to drink whether it be hot cocoa or something stronger. a good night to be indoors. a check on your forecast, very cold and brutal. that's nothing new. we've been in this for days now. you are right. it's been so ruthlessly cold.
6:47 am
we've been under this first alert all friday, all saturday and now sunday morning. take a live look outside the shore in ocean city. it's a pretty camera pan showing still all that snow that's built up along the boardwalk. now the snow is not going anywhere quite yet. today we are going to be below freezing. but as we get to the workweek the temperatures will start to climb. now this morning we've been watching record temperatures, and if anywhere is breaking them. yes, a few spots. in blue, trenton, atlantic city, wilmington. atlantic city at 2 degrees for the low we have. the previous record set in 1884 was 4 degrees. smashing that one. in philly we are two degrees away from tying the record. it is going to be a close call. allentown and reading this morning. on our radar satellite view, for us today still sunny to mostly
6:48 am
sunny. look to the west. we have clouds building. a system will come together as we go through today and especially tomorrow. the result it will chug our way and give us our own chance of icing in time for the evening commute lead to going to a mess monday. 20 is the forecast high for today. 18 in pottstown and easton, you're at 20. doylestown. the number in blue is the feels like and, yes, finally that number is above zero. 10 in berlin. in the low 20s. 9 for the feels like at smyrna with actual temperature of 20. forecast winds for today, this is a big factor in why we won't feel below zero. the temperatures will creep in as winds shift gears, those winds will come from the southwest and that is a warmer airflow. winds will be light, too, so
6:49 am
they're not going to be making it feel colder than it actually is like when we saw gusts at 20 to 30 miles an hour. the hour by hour here. tomorrow morning is where we started. it will be, in the teens. bundle up heading to work. you need to pack winter gear. about 1:00 in the afternoon a chance of rain, snow, and ice starts to move in. first our north and west neighborhoods. through about 4:00 or 5:00 it will start to approach the i-95 corridor and will extend into new jersey and delaware as we get into between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. starts to exit the area by 9:00 but that does mean tomorrow's evening commute will likely be a messy one even if we only get .01 of an inch of icing. monday, we're at 34 for the high. check it out, thursday to friday, rain returns but so do the 50s.
6:50 am
i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. we now know who the eagles will host next saturday at 4:35 here on nbc 10, the atlanta falcons. remember, the eagles beat the falcons last year at the linc, held them to their fewest points of the season. matt ryan's worst game last year. last night in l.a., larry david sending an accidental text on purpose. matt ryan is bleeding. falcons and rams fighting it out. falcons up six in the fourth quarter. matt ryan, nice touch to julio jones here. the falcons won 26-13. the falcons' defense held the nfl's highest scoring offense to just 13 points and brought a strong running game to the linc. eagles' running backs coach defilippo interviewed for the bears head coach. jim schwartz won't interview with the giants now until the birds' season is over. hopefully that's a ways away. the analyst for the
6:51 am
chiefs/titans game, jon gruden before becoming coach. look at marcus mariota's pass. what happened with it? he catches his own pass. the first to throw and catch a touchdown pass in the same playoff game, and does it on the same play. the chiefs blow an 18-point halftime lead. andy reid, more problems in the playoffs. how about the flyers. out of last place in the division. they have won three of four. some good wins against the lightning. yesterday the blues opening face-off claude giroux welcomed back teammate brayden schenn in philly way. flyer on ex-flyer. flyers' fore-check. very physical. scott long gets a clean look. flyers on the rush. claude giroux looking to pass gets an assist off of the buttocks, a butt goal. snapped a goalless drought.
6:52 am
second period, i'm going to give it right back to you. nice backhand move there. 3-0. then another flyers' rush, claude giroux. nice pass. two goals. the first flyer to 20 goals this season. he's in the top five in goals in the nhl. flyers, nice win, 6-3. >> everyone going early in the game and guys are ready. they come up strong and we establish our game and i think it obviously helps a lot when you get a good start and you go from there. >> that's a good team. they're up in the standings. it's good for us to get that win and we have one more to go to close out a good little home stand. college hoops, villanova coming off their first loss of the season and losing their number one ranking. no problem. they haven't lost two in a row in five seasons. that's impressive. hosting marquette. first half brunson drives.
6:53 am
he will find roundtree. 8 assists and 27 points. another drive. they win 100-90. 400 wins at villanova for jay wright. second most in school history. st. joe's a chance to get to .500 hosting st. bonaventure. some nice passing. everyone will touch the ball here. who finishes? james leads with 24 points and the hawks finally beat the bonnies, 85-78. their first win over st. bonaventure in four season. penn beat clemson and la salle lost. i'm john clark. join us tonight at 11:35 for our road to victory playoff special on the eagles. thanks, everybody.
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it was a battle of the brif for a worthy cause. lacing up the skates last night for a winter classic hockey game. first responders took to the ice at the skating of wilmington. money raised benefits the andrew mcdonough foundation in which kids help other kids fight cancer. today the first annual women can do festival will celebrate the
6:57 am
arts and community. it runs from 2:00 until 7:00 this evening at the rotunda on walnut street in west philadelphia. the event celebrates the spirit, a live deejay and plenty of vendors from all over the city. 6:57 right now on this sunday. the bitter weather is taking a toll this morning. >> we're willing to breaking news also in center city. there is a water main break shutting down 676, the vine street expressway. we'll check in with randy gyllenhaal live at the scene in just a few minutes. krystal, here we are again hitting the possibility of breaking record temperatures this. >> that's right. a few spots broke and tied this morning. take a look at the feels like conditions yet again. many spots feeling below zero but a few starting to tick upward. we'll talk about the temperature trend rising and a live view over center city. still snowy for now. when that snow will melt coming up.
6:58 am
6:59 am
breaking now on nbc 10 news today, expressway closed. a broken water main has shut down the vine street expressway in center city, philadelphia. we're live with details. hero lost, a firefighter loses his life trying to save others. how colleagues are honoring his certificate. playoff decision.
7:00 am
we now know the eagles will face the co the falcons next weekend. the two big factors giving our birds a big advantage. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for with us. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. it's 7:00 on this sunday morning and our first alert continues for the record breaking cold. to krystal klei. you're breaking down the low temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. >> yeah. we are, as you mentioned, still under the first alert for the dangerous cold across the entire region until 11:00 a.m. this morning. that's when i think most areas will finally have tick above that zero mark in terms of feels like temperatures. but as of now we still have feels like conditions between zero and 15 below zero which is why we still have the first alert in effect because


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