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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  January 7, 2018 7:00am-8:01am EST

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we now know the eagles will face the co the falcons next weekend. the two big factors giving our birds a big advantage. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for with us. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. it's 7:00 on this sunday morning and our first alert continues for the record breaking cold. to krystal klei. you're breaking down the low temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. >> yeah. we are, as you mentioned, still under the first alert for the dangerous cold across the entire region until 11:00 a.m. this morning. that's when i think most areas will finally have tick above that zero mark in terms of feels like temperatures. but as of now we still have feels like conditions between zero and 15 below zero which is why we still have the first alert in effect because frostbite can still set in in as
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little as 30 minutes when you have these types of conditions. let's talk about the temperatures outside. right now philadelphia 6 degrees. coatesville is at 1. allentown is at 1. and look at vineland, 1 below zero. so aside from mt. pocono we have a south jersey neighborhood that is below the zero mark in terms of our actual temperatures. atlantic city has plunged to zero degrees for that current temperature. that's the actual temperature. here is what it feels like. 14 below. 8 below in wilmington and philadelphia. we now have a few spots, trenton, mt. holly, coatesville. thanks to a lighter wind truly feel above zero. so we are going to start feeling change thanks to the fact wind are weakening and temperatures will pick up this afternoon. radar and satellite, sunshine is in today's forecast as well. we'll run through hour by hour being neighborhood by neighborhood for your sunday
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coming up. >> broken water mains are making a mess of roads in philadelphia right now. this sent water flowing between spring garden overnight because of the ice the sidewalks are slick. randy gyllenhaal is live in center city. what's the latest with the situation? >> reporter: they're trying to find out if the two are connected or within a few blocks of each other. the water has gone underground into some of the pipes and a lot of steam. it's not smoke. this is water vapor coming out and flowing into traffic. we've counted at least three manholes. it's a wild sight. let me show you some video of the vine expressway closed down starting at 76th and at broad street.
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some of that water has made its way on to the expressway. has frozen, turning it into an ice rink. it is causing a bit of a headache this morning. they were plowing the road on the expressway because of the ice turning into snow. if you see a lot of white smoke that's not smoke, that's water vapor coming up. at this moment the vine street expressway closed if you're trying to make it through center city. >> you can keep track of the cold temperatures on the nbc 10 app plus check out our list of
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life hacks for the cold weather. rosy? >> a salute to a fallen philadelphia hero. first responders, neighbors, even strangers paid tribute to a firefighter who lost his life battling flames yesterday. the second of two processions brought math letourneau home to springfield, delaware county. he died after part of a burning house collapsed on top of him. he was 42 years old. >> we had one member unaccounted for. a row home fire on colorado street in north philadelphia. two others hurt will be okay. yesterday afternoon philadelphia fire commissioner adam thiel had the grim task of announcing his fate. >> today, tragically, lieutenant
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matt letourneau of engine company 45 joins that host of heroes. and our hearts are breaking. >> black bunting drapes. he was a volunteer member here. he became a volunteer firefighter when he was a teenager. his goal was to make firefighting his career and that's why he joined the philadelphia fire department 11 years ago. lou letourneau was also an instructor in the area. they expressed their condolences telling us he was a great friend and teacher and will be missed. >> dr. j is out of the hospital this morning. dr. j fell ill after ringing the bell before the sixers game. he went to the to be evaluated.
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no details why he was sick. he is expected to make a full recovery. all right, fly eagles, fly. set for their first playoff game. a live look inside lincoln financial field where it will be a battle of the birds as they host the atlanta falcons. they'll have to travel to play outside in philly. atlanta has only won one outdoor playoff game. you can watch only here on nbc 10. a live pregame show to follow the eagles on the road to victory. if you played the powerball in this area, sorry to say you did
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win the jackpot. match all six numbers to win that multimillion dollar grand prize. one ticket worth $1 million in new jersey. we'll keep an eye out for that. the lucky location in new hampshire. the winning powerball ticket was sold here in merrimack about an hour northwest of boston. these are the winning numbers. 12-29-30-33-61. the powerball was 26. one person won the $450 million grand prize in the lucky millions. atlantic city is still buried under snow. what the city is now doing to get the streets cleaned up and safe to drive and who is
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pitching in to help. and dropping their pants for a good. the reason some riders will be bearing a lot more than you'd expect in this bitter weather.
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meteorologist krystal klei. there's quite a bit of change and it's change for the good. now we still have to get through
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a few bumps. record lows this morning. other areas very close to record cold. then we get to tomorrow where an icy, wintry mix is possible. that does mean tomorrow evening's commute will not be the best and, in fact, a few spots could be slippery. we are talking a january thaw. temperatures in the 50s as well as chances of rain and fog in the late week but, honestly, compared to the snow and cold, that will be a welcome change. if you do have plans today, please tell me they are still indoors. 6 degrees is where we're at in philly. winds are at 9 miles an hour so it still feels below zero across the area. this is why. by lunch time temperatures 15. check that out. finally after more than two days it will feel above zero out there, about 6 at noontime and the temperature is close.
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1 degree in the pennsylvania suburbs. 14 it feels like. 6 degrees. clouds and sun at 4:00 p.m. we'll wrap up in new jersey. also at 1 degree right now. teens near 20s and above zero. we'll talk about the ten day coming up. >> thank you, krystal. no pants in this weather, coming up, why some subway riders will be taking off their pants to make a point.
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quite a busy night for first responders on baltimore avenue in delawary. the driver of this suv knocked
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it over a power pole taking down power lines. it shut down baltimore avenue in both directions. it has since reopened. impact threw two people from that suv. there's no word yet on their conditions. today president trump will wrap up his weekend retreat with top republicans at camp david. yesterday the president shot back at critics questioning his mental fitness by describing himself in tweets as, quote, very stable, genius and smart. the president defended those tweets. >> why do you feel the need to tweet about that? >> i wept to the best colleges, or college. i went to -- i had a situation where a very excellent student came out, billions and billions of dollars. >> president trump tweets follow the release of a tell-all book that questions his mental stability. he called "fire and fury" boring and untruthful. wolff said mr. trump, quote, has less credibility than anyone who
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has ever walk on earth. also at camp david president trump said he's open to talking with north korean leader kim jong-un. kim threatened the u.s. with a nuclear attack. the president said he hopes some good can come from rare talks. set to happen on tuesday. the koreas agreed discuss cooperation on next month's olympics in south korea and other use. new jersey is thinking about letting res pay a charitable donation to the state rather than certain taxes all because the new federal tax overhaul places a limit on how much people can deduct for paying state and local taxes. charitable donations are still deductible. 7:16 right now on this sunday. friends of a soldier from montgomery county killed during a tour of duty overseas are honoring his memory by raising money for a unique nonprofit that reaches out to children of the fallen. 30-year-old staff sergeant peter died while serving in afghanistan.
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sergeant todd graduated and his friends held a fund-raiser for the nonprofit group heroes rock which makes wooden rockers for kids of fallen soldiers. >> hero rocks came to our house and paid tribute to our daughters and gave us two rockers for them. and they also build rockers for fisher houses for guys that come back from deployment that are injured. >> a lot of good work happening. a few examples of the rocker ee constructed by heroes rock. >> reinforcements to help carry out the snow removal plan. crews will work 24 hours a day for a solid week. they'll clear emergency routes to hospitals and the high school and they'll focus on the main arteries. after that they'll shift focus to the side streets. more than 10 inches of snow fell in atlantic city. a skin bearing view on
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septa's market/frankfurt line. riders dropped their pants, just their pants. they keep their undergarments on. the focus is to raise awareness for the less fortunate. participants are asked to bring socks to donate to the homeless. meteorologist krystal klei here. let's talk temperatures this morning. these may look like the feels like temps but they're the actual. sunday morning we warned would be the coldest. 1 degree in allentown, coatesville, lancaster, and then look at vineland. 1 below zero that current reading out there. so it is bitterly cold. the winds have weakened some. the winds we've had the last couple of days, this would just be incredible wind chills. the wind chills aren't as rough
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because the winds are weaker this morning. most of them five to ten miles an hour. regardless some of the numbers have tied or broken records. take a look at where the lows are reading so. a couple numbers updated. this has just changed in the last couple of minutes. it's now showing trenton dropped to 2 below so far for the low which would just crush the previous record of 2. it shows atlantic city at 3 below. in wilmington 2 does break the record. and we have now tied in philadelphia. i'm going to confirm the numbers because they've updated but it looks like quite a few areas have broken records for cold and you can tell it is just rough. if you can stay indoors like the last couple of days, that's the best plan of action. look at radar and satellite. we have this nice wide view and for our area it's still a clear picture starting with sunshine this morning. and much of the day will be a mix of sun and scattered clouds.
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look further to the west, way further, and you see we have scattered moisture in terms of snow and even some icing that is starting to mix. a system will come together and track our direction as we get into tomorrow. by tomorrow evening during the afternoon to evening commute we are looking at a chance of a rain/snow/ice mix. 5:00 this evening, look at the temperatures right around the teens to 20 degrees. then we get into tomorrow morning and yet again tomorrow morning it will be rough. temperatures around 10 to 15 degrees for morning lows. as we get to lunch time on your monday pack the winter gear. snow/ice mix approaches the north and west neighbors. by around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. tallinder approach the 95 corridor. that will last through about 7:00, 8:00 in the evening. everything should move out of here by around 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.
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regardless, by the time it's said and done, this will have been a messy monday. snow and ice north and west. mostly rain but some ice possible, new jersey and delaware. that will leave dangerous roads. at a minimum around .01. still enough to make for a dicey drive home. >> perfect weather this evening to stay inside. the best in film and television will be honored tonight. a look ahead to the golden globe awards and what you can expect to surprise you on the screen and on the stage.
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today we're joined by chef david banks from wilmington, delaware. >> we're going to do a quail dish with a simple slaw, bok choy, some ginger in it.
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>> regular olive oil? >> it doesn't have the bad fat. >> removing the meat from the bone we're using for what? >> the meat and the quail over it. we're good. >> a nice exterior, that is when you know they're ready? an interesting way to serve it, chef. >> press it on so you have the quail. the only little bone you deal with is that bone there. >> is this on the menu at harry's? >> we have things like this often. and that's a little red pepper jelly. >> i like the two different textures that you're introducing here on this plate. >> the sauce makes it pop and the quail has a rich flavor. a lot of flavor in that. >> see how tender it is and just a touch, medium rare. just a touch. quick preparation. >> i like the fresh slaw
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underneath, too. it adds a nice contrast. the stars are align. the 75th annual golden globes. >> the hollywood foreign press association will honor 2017th's best performances in television and film. here is a preview. >> five of the most tainted men --
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>> talented. >> the unpredictability they are known for -- >> i was in the bathroom, mom. >> this year extends to top films. >> i can't recall a golden globe best drama race where four or five of the nominees could have an equal shot of winning. >> reporter: the fantasy romance "the shape of water" leads the best drama contenders with seven nominations. rivals include "the post," the epic "dunkirk," "call me by your name" and a crime film, "three billboards. ". >> it's rare a movie has taken me on the emotional journey "three billboards" goes on. >> reporter: the star is favored by many to win best actress for her role as a grieving mom. >> it's such a moment for her. she is incredible in that role. >> reporter: heavily favored for best actor against rivals including denzel washington and tom hanks. >> that performance is on a
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different level, i think, from anything else we've seen this year in that category. >> reporter: "the greatest showman" for best musical or comedy along with a box office horror hit "get out." >> you are so infuriating. >> reporter: "lady bird" could score the win as best actress. >> she manages to portray this quirky teenaged character in such a grounded way. it's an effortless performance. >> reporter: the performance of seth myers as host will be closely watched as recent scandals provide a fine line for comedy. >> you want to aall the awful stuff that happened, this was a great year for film and television. >> the red carpet preshow starts here on nbc 10 at 7:00 this evening followed by the awards at 8:00. 7:26 on this sunday. coming up, water main mess. >> the vine street expressway is
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closed because of a broken water main. randy gyllenhaal is live with the breaking details coming up next. and take a look at the feels like temperatures. feeling below zero but this doesn't last much longer. we'll track how much longer that dangerous cold sticks around before we warm up and leave you right now with a clear but cold picture.
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this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new gameul? from the pennsylvania lottery with top prizes of three million dollars! three million dollars! did you win? i don't know. i'm so excited about it. this could be a big winner! just had to share. carry on. sometimes the moments before you scratch are as exciting as the moments you do. keep on scratchin'! the coldest morning so far. temperatures dip below zero but there is a thaw in sight. when will we see the 50s? the first alert forecast coming up. and breaking right now the vine street expressway in philadelphia is closed, shut down to traffic because of a water main break. we're live with the latest on the cleanup. >> and price hike. drivers will be paying more on
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the pennsylvania turnpike. see how much more change you'll have to hand over. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm dray clark. >> and i'm rosemary connors. a lot happening on this sunday. it's 7:30. a first alert remains in effect because of the dangerous weather. the coldest air of the season is what we're experiencing. krystal klei is tracking record breaking temperatures. >> look for the numbers that report out of the stations from the national weather service and look at this. we broke records all over the place. tied the record for cold this morning in philadelphia. the previous record set in 2014 at 4 degrees. we hit it again this morning. if you step out and think this is completely unusual, it's record breaking. in allentown we dropped to 2 this morning. the same in reading. it did not break records but got close. trenton and atlantic city crushed the previous record,
7:31 am
both officially falling to below zero. 2 below in trenton. 3 below in atlantic city. you can in part thank atlantic city's low to the snow that helps keep a cold ground. wilmington broke the record for cold at 2 degrees today. the previous record was 3. let's talk about the first alert. here's the good news. while currently spots still feel around zero to 15 below zero, we are looking at improvement in temperatures. that's why the first alert ends at 11:00 a.m. when most areas should start to feel above zero. a few spots are already there, areas like trenton, northeast philly pottstown. winds have died down across the region. some like millville and atlantic city feeling 14 below. this is why the first alert remains in effect this morning.
7:32 am
radar and satellitsatellite, by afternoon it's going to feel a lot better than it has. we'll talk about where the temperatures go for the rest of your sunday coming up. following breaking news in center city this morning. yet another water main break. we saw a lot of them in this stretch of weather. this is causing a major shutdown. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live overlooking the expressway in center city. randy, what is the latest now? >> reporter: we've moved to where you can see a lot of white steam coming out of manhole covers. this is not smoke. i'll show you a closer look at what's happening over. the water main break basically leaks underground. that water then evaporates into the air. unclear where the water main
7:33 am
broke. crews are on scene. some of that water onto the vine street expressway. let me show you video of that water making its way on to the highway. turning vine street into an ice rink. that closed down the expressway in both directions. they're diverting traffic at broad street and 76th. we saw penn dot crews out there trying to put some salt down so traffic can get through without having to deal with all of the ice. for the time being, dealing with a shutdown, the vine street expressway. three or four manhole covers pushing steam out of the ground. a busy morning in center city. this is what happens when temperatures get this cold, causes a whole lot of problems. we'll keep following it and bring you an update when we can. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that, randy. be sure to have the nbc 10 app handy as we follow the next
7:34 am
wintry mix, the next possible storm that could impact your monday. we will help you stay ahead of it tomorrow on the air and online. >> you are looking at outpouring of respect for a philadelphia hero. neighbors and friends pay tribute to a firefighter who lost his life battling flames yesterday. last night's procession brought lieutenant matthew letourneau home to springfield, delaware county. he died after part of a burning home collapsed on top of him. lieutenant letourneau was 42 years old. >> we had one member unaccounted for. >> letourneau and his fellow firefighters responded to a row home fire yesterday morning. nbc 10 was on the scene on colorado street in north philadelphia. the person who lived inside the home also died. we're told two other firefighters and a neighbor who were hurt will be okay. the springfield fire company where matthew letourneau began
7:35 am
his career is now in mourning. >> to say matt died doing what he loved is hard. he led people. today he led a group of firefighters trying to save someone's life. >> he's an asset, a leader, a heck of a firefighter. gave a ton back to his community. >> lieutenant letourneau was active in animal welfare issues. investigators are now looking for the cause of the deadly fire. 7:35 right now on this sunday. this morning police in philadelphia are investigating the city's first murder of the new year. it happened in west philadelphia last night. investigators tell us a man and a woman were shot while sitting in a car at a stoplight on west gerard avenue just after 6:00 last night. the man died. the woman was shot three times. she remains in critical condition. today a toll hike goes into effect. on affect it will cost drivers a
7:36 am
few extra pennies per trip. last summer a 6% toll increase. ez pass goes up 7 cents today to $1.30. cash customers will pay 15 cents more. extra revenue will pay for turnpike improvements. >> a lot happening for your sunday morning sports. let's talk football first. it's the battle of the in the next round of the playoffs. and the flyers he is out of last place. the highlights from the game coming up next. ,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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good morning, everyone. first alert meteorologist krystal klei here. temperatures as they currently sit across the region. wind in minneapolis and chicago and indianapolis, all well below zero for their actual temperatures. look at them now, above 10 degrees. this is the difference we've been waiting for. still really cold air hanging just against our area, but this will shift up and out later today so we'll be able to warm up well above the temperatures we have been experiencing. look at the feels like condition. so we have been below zero for a feels like temperature for the
7:40 am
last two days straight. and this morning we have been below zero but check it out. by lunch time feeling like 6 degrees in philly and by 4:00 feeling like 9 degrees out there. in the suburbs feeling like 6 around lunch time. scattered clouds in the afternoon and look at 4:00 p.m., feeling like 10 degrees. you probably didn't think you would be excited about that. for delaware, feeling like 7 at noontime. feels like 10 in new jersey and at the jersey shore improvement. feeling like 7 degrees. we'll talk more on what to expect coming up. >> speaking of a warm-up, playoff fever for eagles fans. >> we now know the eagles will take on the falcons next week. more on the big matchup coming up in sports.
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i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. we now know who the eagles will host next saturday at 4:35 here on nbc 10. the atlanta falcons. remember, the eagles beat the falcons last year at the linc,
7:44 am
held them to their fewest points of the season. matt ryan's worst game last year. last night in l.a., larry david sending an accidental text on purpose. matt ryan is bleeding. falcons and rams fighting it out. falcons up six in the fourth quarter. matt ryan, nice touch to julio jones here. the falcons won 26-13. the falcons' defense held the nfl's highest scoring offense to just 13 points and brought a strong running game to the linc. eagles' quarterbacks coach defilippo interviewed for the bears head coach. jim schwartz won't interview with the giants now until the birds' season is over. hopefully that's a ways away. the analyst for the chiefs/titans game, jon gruden got a good look at andy reid's play chart officially becoming raiders coach. marcus mariota stealing the show. look at his pass here. what happened with it? he catches his own pass. the first to throw and catch a
7:45 am
touchdown pass in the same playoff game, and does it on the same play. the chiefs blow an 18-point halftime lead. they lose, 22-21. andy reid, more problems in the playoffs. how about the flyers. out of last place in the division. they have won three of four. some good wins against the lightning. yesterday the blues opening face-off claude giroux welcomed back teammate brayden schenn in philly style way. flyer on ex-flyer crime right there. flyers' fore-check. very physical. scott long gets a clean look. 1-0, flyers. flyers on the rush. claude giroux looking to pass gets an assist off of the buttocks, a butt goal. snapped a ten-game goalless drought. second period, i'm going to give it right back to you. nice backhand move there. 3-0. then another flyers' rush, claude giroux. nice pass.
7:46 am
two goals. the first flyer to 20 goals this season. he's in the top five in goals in the nhl. flyers, nice win, 6-3. >> everyone going early in the game and guys are ready. they come up strong and we established our game, and i think it obviously helps a lot when you get a good start and you go from there. >> that's a good team over there. they're up in the standings. it's good for us to get that win and we have one more to go to close out a good little home stand. college hoops, villanova coming off their first loss of the season and losing their number one ranking. no problem. they haven't lost two in a row in five seasons. that's impressive. hosting marquette. first half brunson drives. he will find roundtree. 8 assists and 27 points. second half. another drive. clean up by-passcal.
7:47 am
they win 100-90. 400 wins at villanova for jay wright. second most in school history. st. joe's a chance to get to .500 hosting st. bonaventure. some nice passing. everyone will touch the ball here. who finishes? james leads with 24 points and the hawks finally beat the bonnies, 85-78. their first win over st. bonaventure in four season. penn beat clemson and la salle lost. i'm john clark. join us tonight at 11:35 for our road to victory playoff special on the eagles. thanks, everybody. let's talk about conditions outside this morning. looking over the stadium and if you look at a picture you think it's a nice did i. we know better. it is bitterly cold. we are still under a first alert for the dangerous cold.
7:48 am
snow on the ground and that snow is not going to go anywhere today because we will still be below freezing all day long. starting tomorrow, it will go up. right now across the entire board 1 in lancaster, blue bell. 2 below and 1 below in millville. zero for the reading in atlantic city. in trenton. all broke previous records. we tied a record in philadelphia. this is some of the coldest air in years. while we are clear now and will be through today we have some action brewing to the west of us.
7:49 am
and it will together to a little storm system to pass by tomorrow. we're going to have warm air today into tomorrow. that will cause a layer that could lead to things like sleet and freezing rain. icing on roadways leading to dangerous travel. we'll get to that in a second. first, the winds. winds are pooling in the cool air but they'll shift to more of a southwest flow. we don't have to worry about the windchill and a warming trend is on the way look at the forecast temperatures. 20 in center city. feels like temperatures mostly in the afternoon. that will be a welcome change.
7:50 am
tomorrow will still be cold in the morning. this is at 8:30 a.m. and we have teens on the board. look as we get into your lunch time. a system starts to approach from the north and west. by around 4:00 p.m. that will approach the i-94 with some icing possible and that will stretch into new jersey. everything should exit by around 9:00 p.m. it's the best shelling book shining a light on the white house. "fire and fury" is flying off the shelves despite the president's best efforts to stop its release. it is the top issue on "meet the. ". >> moderator chuck todd, good morning. >> good morning, rosemary. >> chuck, you'll be talking to michael wolff, the author of "foyer a "fire and fury." the inner workings of the trump campaign and the white house. were you surprised by what you read? how do you unpack it all? >> i was not surprised.
7:51 am
it sort of comported with my dealings with many of the senior staff. what was surprising is how many of the quotes ended up in print. i've had some of these conversations and all of them were off the record. i'm surprised he got some on the record. i would say this in reading it, there's a lot of sloppy mistakes in the book. not a handful but quite a few. they're little ones, not big ones. there are enough of them. the biggest are the steve bannon quotes and steve bannon has not backed away from a single quote in the book. that in itself shows you how damning it is going forward. >> chuck, i want to ask you about the republicans, senators in particular asking the justice department to investigate the creator of that trump dossier
7:52 am
that got so much attention some time ago. is it a distraction from the russia investigation? >> it's exactly that. it helps to create more fuzziness. you're particularly happy to see one of the two senators asking for this is senator lindsey graham, the republican of south carolina. throughout much of 2017 he had been a consistent critic he believed the president had a blind spot one of the senators sounding the alarm very early. does he have more doubts about the investigation than he used to have before? >> chuck todd, i have a feeling your conversation with michael wolff will be very interesting
7:53 am
this morning to listen to. >> thank you, dray. >> thanks for being with us this morning. >> chuck will talk with author michael wolff about his exclusive trump tell-all "fire and fury." it comes your way at 10:30 here on nbc 10. this week we discuss the polar vortex with nbc 10 meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz, the weather phenomenon being blamed for our tumbling temperatures. >> there are some theories the melting of the ice in the arctic is allowing this polar vortex to move around more. >> that plus tips for printing your holiday smartphone photos following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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in new castle county, delaware, police officers and firefighters laced up their skates for the winter classic hockey game. the first responders took the ice, the ice skating club in wilmington. the annual contest packed the stands. money raised benefits the foundation where kids help kids fight cancer. breaking news we've been following since the top of the hour. a water main break in center
7:57 am
city. hopefully you don't have many errands to run. it was near 17th street, forcing the entire expressway to close. as you can see crews are out there salting, trying to get the ice cleaned up. one more check on the forecast. we're breaking some records, right? this is a live view from center city. you see the flag still blowing around a bit. the winds are dying down and the temperature trend will slowly climb. first alert expires at 11:00. 34 tomorrow. tomorrow during the evening commute a chance of rain/snow/ice mixing may make a dangerous drive and then the trend goes up to the 50s thursday/friday. eagles game looks like there could be showers. >> but at least not subzero. >> for now, yeah.
7:58 am
>> that will do it for us. we'll be back in half an hour. >> have a great sunday.
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8:00 am
>> freezing. >> did steve bannon betray you. >> the people of iran are calling out for freedom. >> nbc news has ever made. >> the harassment ends now. good morning, and welcome to "sunday today" on this first sunday of 2018. it's january 7th. i'm willie geist. i've got a lot to say this morning, but you do not want to listen to this voice for the next hour, i promise. i sound like peter brady in puber puberty. morgan radford answered an early morning call to the bullpen and came over here. morgan, this is what happens when you answer the phone on a su


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