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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  January 8, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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not to start at least. we will be dry during the commute and cold. temperatures in the teens. 17 for philadelphia. 14 in wilmington. millville, 18 degrees. look at that, 11 degrees in pottstown this morning. even colder than the pocono mountains this hour. the temperatures will be climbing. it will be a warmer afternoon. but you see during the afternoon we stay just below the freezing mark in the low 30s. and with feels-like temperatures in the 20s, you'll still have to bundle up. i'll break it down hour by hour and bring you the futurecast and show exactly when it's going to move in and move out, as well. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. first, katy zachry has your first alert traffic. as you highlighted, we haven't had temperatures above freezing, so there's no refreezing on the roads. still, we're keeping an eye on areas that weren't so well cleared the last couple of days. taking a look outside, the vine street expressway, no overnight construction. just so cold outside, the crews aren't out. they haven't been outside for last couple of days.
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the vine is open. this is a live look at 24th. speaking of the other majors in pennsylvania, 95, a pretty good drive time. about 12 minutes making your way southbound between woodhaven and the vine. 76, the schuylkill expressway eastbound between the pennsylvania turnpike into center city, philadelphia. that's just about a 20-minute ride. no delays there. no overnight construction. lastly, the blue route, 476, a 15-minute drive making your way between 95 and the schuylkill expressway. both northbound and southbound. coming up when i see you in ten minutes, we'll look at how roads in new jersey, specifically camden, are doing this morning. >> thank you. we continue our team coverage with what you need to know before getting behind the wheel. >> matt delucia is live in storm force 10 in roxboro with more on the conditions you could face. matt? >> reporter: we jumped out of storm force 10 to look at what we are seeing on the ground now. a lot of leftover snow from the storm on thursday. we are in roxboro at the moment, here along pennsdale avenue.
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we have storm force 10. the temperature we're seeing now, 16 degrees. well below freezing. we've been dealing with below freezing temperatures for quite a while now. as you see along this street, it is pretty clear at the moment here, along with some sidewalks. there is still a remainder of ice and slush and snow here on the road. when you get the slick roads later on this afternoon, especially during the rush hour, that could really cause problems. especially in roxboro, manayunk, the long roads, more hilly roads, that can be a lot tougher to navigate. some schools have started using robo calls to alert parents of the possibility for an early dismissal. you have snow is one thing, ice is another. we talked with drivers last night who were preparing to endure the next round of weather. >> it's scary and dangerous. you can slide through a stop
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sign. you have to be very careful. >> i don't get done until 3:00. if it's starting around noon or 1:00, i think i'm stuck up here. i won't drive in this. >> reporter: the best thing to do is to just prepare ahead of time and start planning your drive, especially if you're heading to work and you're going to be driving during that rush hour later this afternoon where we might get some more severe conditions. coming up in the next half hour, i'm going to walk you through some tips, extra car care tips to deal with the ice and the sleet that we could be seeing later on today. matt delucia, nbc news. >> matt mentioned early school potential -- june yeta park closed today. pipes in the building froze during the bitter cold blast and may have impacted the schedule. and city leaders will be closed
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in atlantic city. we'll have more at the bottom of the screen. transportation crews are stepping in to help officials. citizens tell us their neighborhoods also need the plows. khalid muhammad lives on a street that's still unplowed. he used his car to pack down the snow so he could drive over it to get to work. >> terrible. you can't move around. the streets -- they have been out, but they haven't been here. it's a shame. >> crews are moving snow to construction sites in the area. and crews dealing with a broken water main at 53rd and race. you see water overflowing from the basement of a vacant
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building. it left an icy trail. no homeowners are reporting water damage. and record tells -- record cold temperatures. cobbs creek, you see water streaming through leftover snow on larchwood. it could be days before everything is fixed. also, a broken water main closed vine street expressway for hours yesterday morning. the highway looked like an ice rink after water flowing from the main froze solid. you can get everything you need to track the cold and weather and wintry mix coming later today. late this morning, according to bill. with the free nbc app, you can track that. it for interactive radar, traffic alerts, and is to sign for school closings. the new jersey assembly will vote on what happens if you're
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caught with a device known to make semiautomatic assault rifles even more deadly. a bump stock allowed the shooter in las vegas to turn his semiautomatic rifle into more effective killing machines with a higher rate of fire. they're already illegal in new jersey which means no one should have bump stops in the first place. if anyone passes, anyone selling, shipping, or disposing of bump stocks will face five years in prison, a $15,000 fine, or both. new jersey legislators first proposed the bill a few days after the las vegas massacre in october. incoming governor phil murphy says you can count the bill signed if it comes across his desk. his inauguration is tuesday. the national rifle association initially supported states with bans, butn the changed its course saying bans never helped anything. one mother said her son's
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death feels like a cat clawing relentlessly at her heart, and every day she prays for deliveran deliverance. four men convicted of killing michael deng will receive their sentences. police charged 37 people overall with crimes ranging from hazing to third-degree murder. it's been nearly a year since another hazing death shocked pennsylvania. this past february at penn state, timothy piazza died after drinking a dangerous amount of alcohol, suffering a series of falls, and hitting his head during a fraternity party. more than two dozen men face charges in piazza's death. 4:07. fire investigators want to know what caused the row home fire that killed two people including a beloved philadelphia firefighter. flags at fire stations and city buildings are flying at half staff in honor of lieutenant matthew letourneau. he would have celebrated his 11th anniversary with the department this week. he and a person who lived in the home that burned along colorado
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street in north philadelphia both died in the fire. friends here remembered their neighbor as a talented athlete and community fixture. >> he was an athletic guy. very good ball player. just shocking. >> the man's name has not officially been released. the new chairwoman of the miss america pageant is promising that more big changes are on the way. new leader gretchen carlson announced over the weekend that the maximum age for contestants was now being raised by a year to the age of 25. carlson, a former miss america winner, says that she wants to make the pageant a showcase to empower women and calls the new role a call of duty. when asked if the swimsuit portion of the pageant was outdated and would be scrapped, she said to expect more changes ahead. 4:08. the eagles will return to practice for their saturday playoff game against the atlanta
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falcons at the linc. the falcons' matt ryan earned a trip to south philly by beating about the rams sunday. the falcons trying to get back to the super bowl on. saturday they'll face an eagles team with many players suiting up for the first time in a post season. that includes safety rodney mcleod. >> wonder why it took so long to get here. but you know, it's my opportunity now. i'm going to make the most of it. you know, trying to stay even keel. but very anxious and excited to get out there on saturday. >> unless you have a ticket, nbc10 is your official eagles station. the only place that you can see the battle of the birds. kickoff at the linc on saturday, 4:35. also count on our free hour live pregame show to get you ready for the big game. >> very exciting. counting down to that. yeah, you know, i was going to say something about our concern about the weather for saturday, but first we've got bigger fish to fry. >> yeah. today. let's find out the timing.
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bill? yeah, wet weather will be moving in. and friday won't be a problem because it will be much warmer by then. today, the temperatures will be climbing. but it's likely going to produce the system that's moving in, a combination of some light snow, sleet, and then especially troublesome, freezing rain, too. this morning, certainly cold enough. temperatures are well below freezing in the teens for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, look at delaware, 14 degrees. 12 in south jersey. and in philadelphia, temperatures still falling now. 18 in bustleton. 15 in parkside. 17 in pennsport and philadelphia airport. the temperatures will climb, but the ground is so cold that whatever moves in during the day today is going to stick. good news is at 8:00 this morning, it's going to be dry. you'll have to bundle up. look at temperatures -- middle teens for allentown, quakertown, exton, reading, 14. upper 20s in atlantic city. 16 for wilmington and philadelphia. a little bit of a breeze will be blowing. the feels-like temperatures in the single digits at 8:00 this
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morning. dry for most of the morning. trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, you see clouds passing us now that are passing us without any wet weather. a few scattered, light showers in central pennsylvania. there is the main event that will be coming in for this afternoon. you see snow to the north, that's where the atmosphere is colder. it's trying to warm up. that's where we get the wintry mix, a combination of sleet and freezing rain. and that's due in starting late this morning. check this out. this is the timing. hour-by-hour forecast shows it's quiet this morning until 11:00. there you see light snow to start with moving into berks county and lancaster county. into the suburbs, the wintry mix. some sleet and freezing rain making for an icy afternoon. that's at 2:00 this afternoon. light snow for the lehigh valley and the upper suburbs. from 2:00 into the afternoon commute, that's when we'll see it extend into delaware and south jersey. at 4:00 in the afternoon, a
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large area of wintry mix. some sleet and freezing rain. while the snow has come to an end in allentown, reading, and pottstown by the 4:00 hour. and that line will keep pushing to the south. eventually it will turn warmer and change to rain to the south. the rest of the area will see temperatures at or below freezing. these are the air temperatures. the ground will still be frozen. even though at 7:00 it shows nothing is falling from the sky, what's on the ground will make for slippery conditions if the roads are untreated, walkways, too. there is much warmer air on the way, and we'll look at the weekend forecast -- i don't think it's too early for that -- in a few minutes. >> all of it. >> wonder what that could be bill's talking about. let's look at the roads in new jersey. >> katy zachry is with us with first alert traffic. katy? that's right, we're keeping our eye on new jersey now. when i saw you, i said i'd tell you about how 676 and 30 through camden were doing. i checked the camera, and
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they're looking pretty good. this is cherry hill, 295 at 70. light traffic. we're keeping an extra eye on roads, especially the secondary roads that may not have been totally plowed since thursday's snow. and then just, you know, some of the snow that may have fallen back on the roads if they weren't plowed well enough. we're going to keep an eye on that. not seeing anything now. and there are no crashes into the system to heaalert you to. no crash before 295. that's an earlier graphic. we'll look at the drive times. about five minutes as you make your way between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. both going southbound and northbound. vai and tracy? >> all right. thank you. take a stand on the red carpet. stars use the golden globes to send a message. >> a new day is on the horizon! [ cheers ] >> how they're addressing sexual harassment allegations in hollywood and why they believe it marks a turning point. going for gold. we're now just a month away from
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the winter olympics in south korea. how team usa is preparing. at 4:14, penn station pain. the latest issues that could mean a slower and longer commute in new york city.
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4:16. looking at the ben franklin bridge. we've issued a first alert for the icy forecast later this morning. that could throw a curve into the evening commute for sure. stay with us for first alert weather and traffic. today marks exactly one month until the winter olympics begin in peongchang. >> nine local athletes will be among those competing. yesterday the u.s. figure skating team picked its three
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men to represent team usa. they are nathan chen, vincent joe, and scranton native adam ripon. ripon was given the nod even though he finished fourth in this weekend's championships. >> i've been very consistent, and i'm very grateful for this opportunity. i feel that my experience will help me have my best performances at the olympic games. it feels amazing to say that. >> coming up on the "today" show, savannah and hoda will introduce us to the entire u.s. figure skating team, men and women. that's coming up at 7:00 a.m. and remember, you can only watch the olympics here on nbc10. the olympics begin month from now, february t-- february 8th. and nick hilton is the first runner to win the disney marathon since 2004. he's a native of reading, now
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lives in arizona. the 28-year-old laid down a blistering pace in the final stages of the race, finishing two whole minutes ahead of his closest competitor. his winning time qualifies him for the u.s. olympic team trials for the 2020 summer games. a philadelphia family will get quite a surprise today on the "ellen" show. here's a sneak peek. >> hi, ellen. merry christmas, my name is malik dixon, and i want to tell you about my beautiful wife natae and her daughter, nileah. they love your show, i think they are your biggest fans. my wife goes above and beyond for her family and strangers. i married a woman who is kind inside and out. she would love to see your show, i would love to be the reason her dreams come true. >> did you see the shock on her face? see the interview with ellen. they have plenty of surprises to share. one of the things we love about ellen's show. watch "ellen" at 3:00 here on
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nbc10 news. that's followed by -- here on nbc10. that's followed by nbc10 at 4:00. by 4:00, everything that's moving in will be well underway and will be affecting the roads for sure. >> let's check in with bill henley for the updates on that. bill? >> yeah. you'll see things change quickly during the late morning and early afternoon hours. dry right now. this is a clear view from the nbc10 studios. barely any clouds in the skies yet. that's going to change. and we're not seeing a lot of wind either. but we are seeing just enough to make it feel colder this morning. notice the direction. that's important. that's a southwesterly wind. that will bring us a warmup this afternoon. we'll be much warmer than it was over the weekend. still just cold enough to make for some slippery conditions as the wet weather moves in this afternoon. wind making it feel like 7 in philadelphia. 9 in allentown. the temperature climbs into the low 30s. see how it peaks right below the freezing point this afternoon. and the wind will still be
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blowing, making it feel like teens during the morning hours and then low 20s during the afternoon. this is the time that we're going to see the wet weather moving in. it's going to be a wintry mix which doesn't sound bad. there's freezing rain and sleet in there. and that is going to make for very slippery conditions. a lot of the roads not in very good shape. stand by. we'll get that wet weather this afternoon. then it's out of here this evening. then the next few days, we're in for a big warmup. but it's going to come with some wet weather at the end of the week. and you see the storm system by thursday morning, it is well to the west. by friday, we're looking at wet weather that will likely continue into the weekend. say good-bye to the extreme cold for a change. 32 degrees. that's where we'll peak this afternoon. colder tonight. tomorrow, 40s for tuesday and wednesday. here come the 50s for thursday and friday. during the day on friday, rain will come through. that's going to wash away all that leftover salt and snow --
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it will be long gone heading into the weekend. there will be showers around on saturday with temperatures in the 50s. shouldn't be an issue. 40s in philadelphia and 51 now for delaware on saturday. look at the change -- the cold comes sweeping back into the area. it will be dry for sunday. sunshine, up to 36 degrees in philadelphia. just below freezing for the lehigh valley. full ten day on 10 to show you what mother nature will throw at us next when i'm back in the next half hour. >> all right. thank you very much. 4:21. we'll check on new jersey and a look at delaware on the roads. >> katy zachry watching the roads. katy? >> yeah, if you're up early and taking 95 through delaware, we'll look at what your travel times through the wilmington area will be. pretty good. everything in the green. no crashes, delays, nothing to hold you up as you make your way to work. 11 minutes northbound on 95 to 495 on wilmington, about the same the opposite direction.
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let's take a live look. this is camden. 76 at market street. light to moderate traffic. route 1 at wissahickon. one of the majors in the philadelphia area looking free and clear of issues. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at how 76 is. >> see you then. later this week, we're taking the nbc10 morning team on the road. >> we love doing this. come see us. we'll be at the wawa in ft. washington, montgomery county, 4:00 to 9:00 a.m. can't wait to meet you. we have free coffee and are working on stories about the area to show you what makes it so unique. a selfie fest, as well. a desperate need. the new tool one lawmaker says could help stop the spread of a deadly drug. flooding the terminal. what causes water to rush into jfk airport causing a mess for already-frustrated passengers?
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selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit
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senate chairman says u.s. customs -- senator chuck schumer says the u.s. customs needs a new tool. >> in an appearance yesterday, schumer said the bill passed both houses of congress last year. and that bill allows funding to buy portable screening equipment that can safely detect fentanyl. he says signing the bill ensures narcotics can be detected, identified, and seized on the spot. he wants jfk airport to be at the forefront of stopping it. >> in this new year, 2018, it's time to bring in the cavalry. we need to give jfk airport some armor, plain and simple. >> fentanyl can be 50 times
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stronger than heroin. the primary sources of the drugs are outside of the united states in mexico or china. slippery conditions. we have team coverage tracking a wintry mix headed our way. it could make your drive difficult and what to know before heading out. i'm tracking that system for late this morning and this afternoon. dry and cold. 17 at 4:26. it's going to be changing over the next few days. your neighborhood forecast ahead.
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sleet, rain, and wintry conditions. a mix that's threatening to make for a messy monday on the roads.
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we have team coverage to get you ready. sending a message. hollywood stars use the golden globes to take a stand and demand change after a wave of sexual harassment allegations. penn station headaches. the new issue that could have you facing delays and a longer commute. just about 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we've issued a first alert as a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain is heading our way. this is i-76 in center city, philadelphia. today drivers could face slippery conditions during the afternoon and the evening commute. we have team coverage to track it all. nbc10's matt delucia has more on what you might face on your commute. katy zachry is tracking the road conditions. we begin with first alert meteorologist bill henley with your first forecast. >> good morning. the wet weather will be moving in late this morning and will be with us for most of the afternoon.
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we've issued a first alert for icy roadways for the area from 11:00 through the afternoon. what's on the ground stays on the ground after the precipitation ends. that's going to happen during the evening hours. light snow, but most concern with the sleet and freezing rain, that it will lead to slippery conditions on untreated roads, address, and sidewalks. the wet weather is well to the west this morning. that's the system that's coming in for the afternoon. we will be seeing another round of slipping and sliding during the afternoon and even into the evening hours. it's cold. that's part of why it will be such a problem later on. the air is cold, and the ground is frozen solid. 11 in the suburbs. 17 in philadelphia. 17 in the lehigh valley. temperatures will be climbing. we'll see spots above freezing. but that may not happen until this evening. wintry mix is possible. the suburbs, 32, 32 degrees for the lehigh valley. stand by. we've got anothernd


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