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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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expressway at vine street. freezing rain is creating concerns about ice and hazardous driving conditions. >> you can see the system on first alert radar. it's going to be with us for several more hours tonight. we'll be breaking it down neighborhood by neighborhood. here's a live look from collegeville in montgomery county. that's where storm ranger 10 is positioned tonight. the world's most powerful mobile weather radar and how it's impacting you and your family. we're here to protect you. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. we have reporters from philadelphia to the jersey shore and lehigh valley. you can count on nbc 10 to show you what the storm is bringing to your neighborhood. >> and we have coverage from our first alert weather center. receive sosna is taking a closer look at the impact of each region. >> yeah, we have quite a variety of conditions across the area
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right now. we have part of the region, berks county, lehigh valley, poconos, upper buck and montgomery that has seen the precipitation and extreme south jersey, it hasn't even started yet but we have a zone in between where it's coming down and this area of pink, that is freezing rain. those are raindrops that freeze upon contact with surfaces. and especially untreated surfaces, like side roads, driveways, sidewalks. you've got to watch where your walking tonight. much in philadelphia is in the freezing rain and all of delaware county, camden, gloucester, northern, burlington counties. but in northeast philly, we're getting so much detail, i'll show you where it's changed from freezing rain right across to the north and it's sleet now and
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this looks like it's coming down toward academy road has changed over to sleet. and we're going to be seeing the end of the precipitation east w wayland and west chester is getting a mixture and yeardley in the sleet and trenton in the sleet as well. farther to the north, the precipitation is over and it's marginal temperatures and it's about to get dark. so that could create more problems. meteorologist steve sosna will talk more about that. >> one of the tools that we use for street level data is storm ranger 10. we enter in the values and it's
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a good 45 miles wide. so we start with it still happening in areas like radner up through philadelphia. you can see u.s. 1 and an icy mix coming here. look at the details. you can see right where that transition area is from that icy mix to just nothing at all and they are so finite and small. so taking a look at our hour-by-hour, it's an interesting scenario unfolding. as long as the roadways are treated in your neighborhood, they should be improving but here in philadelphia, the extreme nearby suburbs through south jersey, the precipitation with snow/ice mix will continue throughout the evening. this is at 6:30 and 7:30 you can see the pink mix. we want to get it out of here and we look at that by 8:30,
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9:00. we'll continue to watch that. we'll show you images across the area coming up in the next half hour. breaking news now, montgomery county where residents of a nursing home are being evacuated into the cold because of a water main break. >> nbc 10's deanna durante is live. what have you learned about this? >> we'll tell you that the pipe that broke here at the fair view nursing and rehabilitation center in springfield township was in the basement of the facility. we are being told that patients were inside this facility for some time after repairs were being made but that there was a cut to the heating system there. you can see multiple fire departments on the scene here and ambulances from delaware county and beyond here to help transport patients. we have not seen anyone standing outside in the cold. rather, we're being told that they are evacuated to a number of different medical facilities across montgomery county. others being taken to upper
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gweneth area and places where you can get the situation under control. and now that is important because you're coming fromç lincoln drive, bellville road and in the other direction from 309, you're going to see, in addition to the weather, some traffic delays here as the police officers and firefighters then come out into the street to try and stop traffic as they bring the ambulances out that are transporting the people who reside here. we're told that the facility holds up to 100 patients. it's unclear at this point how many of them are being evacuated. we have no reports of injuries. we're told this is just a precaution because of that pipe that burst in the basement. that is the very latest. much more for you throughout the show. for now, in montgomery county, deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
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lauren mayk is in south philadelphia. >> lauren, what's the situation where you are? >> reporter: the rain that we were seeing, it has turned to sleet and rain combination. we can see it bouncing off car windows. i'll put my arm out to you to see if we see that sleet bouncing off. it's a mention tur of sleixture rain. you'll notice that it's really wet. the roads are wet and sidewalks are wet and, of course, the concern is as the temperatures dip tonight, this cold ground, things are just going to freeze up and create ice and create more treacherous, dangerous conditions. if you look here, you can see there is some salt on the sidewalks and there are 35,000 tons of salt ready to go and crews at the ready. they were not going to send them out until the snow started falling. meanwhile, people are out on the road getting the last-minute
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items before they head inside. >> here's what you've got to do. get home and be safe. >> reporter: that's what you're doing right now? >> yes. >>. >> reporter: and that soup he's sharing with his mother. if you're being looking out here, we're trying to show you the sleet that has been coming down. you can see it bouncing off some of the things out here in northeast philly. we're going to stick around here and let you know how the conditions to change. live in northeast philly, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> and now miguel martinez is live from storm force 10. >> where are you and how are the roads looking? >> reporter: right now we're on the 422 and we are going eastbound towards phoenixville. the roads right now, slippery from some slush but if i can show you, let me turn the camera around here, it's no longer raining. so we started off going west and
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then we saw the rain the farther we started going and we started to see it turning into ice. so we could actually hear the ice droplets on the windshields and everything. right now if you take a look at the front facing camera, i'll switch it over here to the rear camera, no rain is falling on the car, on the road and still the side of the road you can see a little bit of the slush that is there accumulating. people are still encouraged to drive carefully and slowly. again, we're driving east right now towards phoenixville to see if there's any precipitation falling in that area to see if the road conditions are going that way. and right now it's looking like 28 degrees. so it's getting a little better.
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>> miguel, thank you. there is a wide angle lens and it's better than it actually is. >> that's right. storm ranger 10 is able to handle that. a live look at south philadelphia, we're keeping a close eye on the roads because of the conditions that can deteriorate quickly in some areas. let's bring in nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boynton. >> i don't want to get ahead of myself here but about 3:00, the sukol expressway was jammed. and the drive times are going back down. 20 minutes right now. it was earlier at 45 minutes on the eastbound side and these are crawling back up there and they are into the high 30s. traffic is getting better for now and this is a wide view of
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all of our area here. all of this red, a lot of it went away. the most that we're seeing is moving out of philadelphia and into new jersey. so remember, there's still a crash here. route 1, right around adams avenue, a little bit of relief there. new jersey coming off of the walt back to you guys. >> jessica, thank you. slow down is the name of the game. i can't stress that enough. to track this storm, it's an impact on the roads through the night with the same technology our meteorologist used. interactive radar and hour-by-hour forecast for your neighborhood. there is freezing rain being brought to the area and we have a live look at the scene around 30th street station. >> the moisture falling tonight could create a slippery ride home. we're taking you live to the
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shore straight ahead. ted? >> people at the jersey shore are still digging out four days after the blizzard. i'm ted greenberg in atlantic city. that story is next. >> when can you express this weather to move out and, plus, warmer changes on the way. the first alert forecast coming up next on nbc 10 at 5:00. next time, i want you on my bowling team.
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we want to give you a look at 8th and market streets. rain is falling tonight. a first alert is in effect for the entire area due to a system causing concern about potentially dangerous ice. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg is live for us in atlantic city. >> that's where there is a ton of snow. >> reporter: we've been finding that most of the streets are in pretty good shape. as you can see, there is still a ton of snow around and that kept schools closed for a third day.
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four days after the blizzard, andrea washington is still shoveling outside of her atlantic city home. >> reporter: she had to clear snow after her street got plowed. the city teamed up with the new jersey d.o.t. to hall away snow from 100 city blocks. today's wintry mix, though, requires the d.o.t. to deploy its crews and equipment elsewhere. some expected to return to a scene after this latest weather threat. >> we probably won't complete what we needed to have done until the end of the week. >> reporter: atlantic city school district employees continuing to clear snow from around buildings.
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no classes again for the third straight school day. >> i have a newborn. he's seven weeks old today. it's a lot of work. i know a lot of people that had to plow to get to work. >> reporter: among them, andrea washington, home with her five great nephews and nieces. >> i'm just been watching tv. >> reporter: i've left messages for the superintendent of the school but haven't heard back yet. the mayor told me he hopes and believes that schools will be back open tomorrow. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> and the kids are asking to go back to school, they've been out for a while. ted, thanks for. for more perspective, let's bring in glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
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he's tracking what is falling in the first alert weather center. >> you said there's a couple more hours before this moves out of the area, right? >> yes. it's a rather small system and just a slight movement makes a big difference. for example, you can see the back edge of the precipitation go from north to south but back to the west it may be stopping. at some point, it's likely to stop and that would leave the frozen precipitation around in south jersey for several more hours. the pink is the freezing rain. it's covering much of philadelphia, much of delaware county, although there may be snow mixed in in northwest and chester still has the freezing rain, cherry hill, still in the ice and salem, northeast philly, as we show you with lauren mayk, changing over and mixing to
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sleet and northampton, out of the precipitation completely. and back to the west, east goshen just on the edge, a few flurries. easttown, almost out of it. storm ranger 10 out into the northern suburbs to check out this point and also where the changeover is occurring. let's say radner or southeast philly. so we can zoom in because it's close to where the precipitation is so the beam is not shooting high up into the clouds and it's shooting closer to the earth. so it is just ended while in merion, there is light, freezing rain. darby road has sleet.
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and storm ranger 10 is telling us all of this. temperatures in the 20s in bluebell, reading, coatesville, lancaster, it's getting dark, obviously, untreated surfaces are going to get icy. farther to the south, those temperatures are warm enough to just melt and it's going to stay that way. here is the future temperatures. we're going to get rain to the south and precipitation ends north and west. tomorrow, sunshine. temperatures getting into the 40s in many parts of the area. low 40s. but then after that, look at this. 43 on wednesday. 53 on thursday. we have rain coming in on thursday night.
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and all of the area is warming up considerably. a lot of the snow is going to be melting and warming up friday morning into saturday, by the time the eagles are playing, it's going to start cooling down. the wind will be picking up and it could be more of a factor for the eagles game more than anything else. that's seasonably chilly, nothing too extreme. and you can see the temperatures going up all the way through saturday morning, and then the showers come and we have a couple of really cold days early next week but nothing like we've just seen recently. let's give you a live look inside lincoln financial field, the scene inside saturday's battle of the birds. the eagles host the falcons in a matchup that can only be seen right here on nbc 10. despite being the number one seed in their conference, get this, the eagles are the underdogs against atlanta. i don't get it. john clark is joining us now from the nbc sports
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philadelphia. >> perhaps great motivation, right? >> yeah. it definitely can give them some extra motivation. fletcher cox says it adds more fuel to the fire but they should be motivated enough with the 13-3 regular season. vegas has the eagles as three-point underdogs and it's the first time that a top seed has been home underdog to a ssi sixth seed. they do not believe the birds can win without carson wentz. torrey smith, what say you? >> i think we're better than that but it doesn't really matter unless we show it, which is more important than talking about it. >> a lot of confidence. i mean, i believe in us since day one. that's the way it's been no matter what. even more we did what we did on a regular season. people were doubting us before.
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>> the eagles have never lost a divisional playoff game at home. they are 4-0 in their post season history and matt ryan, coming back to his hometown, he is 1-3 at the linc. so just some fun facts for you. fun facts. >> all right. >> i can digest that math. that's fine. >> all right. thanks, john. >> john, thanks. unless you have a ticket, nbc 10 is the only place to watch the birds this saturday. our road to victory coverage begins at 9:30 a.m. with inside the eagles and at 12:00, don't miss the eagles pregame coverage followed by coverage at the linc. an nbc 10 responds warning. >> counterfeit tickets and merchandise is surfacing. how you can spot a fake, coming up.
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a live look from the commute on i-95 in south philadelphia. this is the impact of a storm rolling through our area tonight and it's blasting the area of freezing rain. >> nbc 10 reporter tim furlong
5:26 pm
is monitoring conditions. tim, how does it look? >> reporter: you know, not too bad on the main road. this is i-95 heading northbound towards the city of wilmington. we're going a lot faster than we actually are the way the camera looks. i'm actually going quite slow. that's a good thing. there is moisture on the road. the side streets are where there are the biggest problems. the blacktop on driveways and on roads, the sheen is deceptive. you step on that and you lose your footing. you have to go out, be very careful. back to you. >> tim furlong, thank you so much. all right. count on nbc 10 to bring you realtime updates of the storm to
5:27 pm
enter our region. >> this is rolling down the pike and who has the biggest impact on the road? that's next at 5:00. el: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for
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right now at 5:00, we're tracking a wintry mix.
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the system is impacting everyone from the lehigh valley all the way to the jersey shore in delaware beaches. >> nbc's fleet has live conditions of the road. our vehicles are in pennsylvania and delaware and storm ranger is bringing you a live picture in montgomery county. thanks for staying with us. i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. we have this whole system covered. freezing rain and sleet are leading to icy roads, sidewalks and bridges. nbc 10's team of reporters have fanned out across our region monitoring the impacts. >> and the temperatures that will lead to sleet for some people and there is sleet in
5:31 pm
some areas and freezing in some areas and at some points over our area have no precipitation at all. we have berks county and upper montgomery county, for now, look back and everything has fallen to the south. and it's going to come over our area and we could see it expand again and even precipitation gets heavier over the next couple of hours. and it's more in the sleet in the purple there. and up towards bensalem, mostly sleet. this is light snow, coatesville,
5:32 pm
west chester, little light snow is not going to be as big of a problem as this area in pink and in mercer county, ewing township is dry now. and robinsville is in the wintry mix as well. the temperatures are critical. it's still in the 20s. 29 degrees, we'll talk about what happens over the next several hours coming up in just a few minutes. >> a live look at ocean city from the hollywood arcade boardwalk. people along the shore will see mostly rain from this weather system. take a look now at the snow that is falling in allentown earlier today. it appears to be mixed with ice. meanwhile, in new jersey, that didn't keep people off the roads. let's go to pete sosna with the
5:33 pm
impact of the system. >> it's really neighborhood by neighborhood. the reason why, some sidewalks that you walk on are simply wet. in other neighborhoods, they haven't been treated and they are an icy mess. it really just depends from surface to surface and place to place. for the sukol expressway, plenty of penn-d.o.t. trucks. it will be icy and very slippery. another system is following the pink. that's important here. we keep that through 7:30, 8:30 at night and eventually after 9:00, we should move that out. i pulled this right from our website and you can track where
5:34 pm
the icy conditions are and you can go right into the neighborhood zooming in. i'll show you more of that and also cameras across the area coming up at 6:00. >> track this wintry mix using the same interactive radar used by our first alert meteorologists. again, tap the free nbc 10 app. our team coverage continues now with nbc 10 cydney long live in south philadelphia. cydney, how are things looking there since we last checked in with you at 4:00? >> reporter: keith, i can tell you the rain has picked up. it's coming down heavier than it was when we saw you a little better than an hour ago. residents are taking this all in stride. we can tell you that there are slushy conditions and this is being left over from last week's storm but so far no ice or frozen over conditions that we can speak of, at least right now. now, here's a slice of what we have seen unfold over the last couple of hours. take a look, some optimistic car owners getting their cars shiny
5:35 pm
and clean free of that salt-coated grime that we have all over our vehicles. and then came a light and misty rain. young people were riding their bikes on the sidewalk. not everyone is layered up. one man had on shorts. no trouble here in south philadelphia and kids and parents got home early with school getting let out early to beat the messy conditions. >> kids are at home a lot. it's good and bad because we have had a snowy winter in a couple of years. it's good and bad. if you're able to get everything you need done without the wind bothering you and getting cold. >> reporter: so if you're in the car, take it slow for the evening rush home.
5:36 pm
i wanted to pass along a reminder this afternoon, passengers are to allow for extra time in those parking lots. also, the train platforms could be slick and wet. thankfully, no ice conditions to speak of. so we're live in south philly, cydney long, nbc 10 long. >> that's ride, cyd. the wintry mix is having an impact on the winter commute. at the linc in south philadelphia, a station in university city, first alert traffic reporter, jessica boynton has more on how it's impacting the commute. >> thanks, keith and erin.
5:37 pm
earlier at 3:00, the roads were awful. everything was completely red. now what you see is mostly coming over here down to 76, down to the freeway is some of our biggest problems and 295, another problem on our map, this is southbound from 168. speeds are dropping down into the 30s. that's one of the main spots that we're seeing any big problems. a few crashes, we can't avoid that. cal pike and south henderson road, no problems really here either. southbound side moves up towards the sukol expressway. maybe a little when you get past center city. >> jess, thanks. next at 5:00, what started a fire that injured a firefighter
5:38 pm
and two other people at trump tower? plus, the new problem that passengers are dealing with at jfk airport in new york after a water pipe broke and flooded a terminal. and these former carriage hours horses are now enjoying their retirm.
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chaos at jfk airport. a water pipe burst and flooded a
5:41 pm
terminal and the break happened yesterday and the latest continued today. the port authority said it will investigate and, quote, hold all responsible partiesç accountab. >> if you have a flight to catch or you're picking someone up, check your flight status before heading out. >> three people, including a firefighter, were hurt today at a fire at trump tower in new york. they are all expected to be okay. the fire started in the building's heating and air conditioning system. you can see smoke there. >> here's a look at the stories making headlines county-by-county across our region. police have identified two men who believe were involved in an unsolved murder. they say leroy spencer and vernon jones are connected to a
5:42 pm
murder on west 7th street back in july. if you've seen spencer and jones, call police. the general assembly is back in session tomorrow and lawmakers plan to work on legislation that's being legalizing the use of recreational pot. medical marijuana is already legal in the state. horses with philadelphia kearge company have been transferred to the sanctuary in maryland. they stopped operating on january 1st after several violations. snow has been brought to our region. >> steven fisher is live in the lehigh valley. steven? >> well, here in the lehigh valley, we've seen every wintry
5:43 pm
mix. we'll have that story coming up. >> who is going to see a coating tonight and we'll tell you about that big warmup that we're all going to get. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
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if you are heading out tonight, keep in mind, a first alert for dangerous ice is in effect. a live look at the -- you know what that looks like? it's right there. it's the vine street expressway. it shows con gegestion, not ver much, in fact. you can see on 676, some congestion on the vine.
5:46 pm
>> the lehigh valley was the first part of the region to see the weather move in today. you're looking live at allentown. nbc 10's steven fisher has been live in the lehigh valley really all day long. >> steven, you have seen all three phases of this storm thus far. >> yeah, keith, it started out as freezing rain and in just a few hours and ended up with snow and a lot of people are interested in the roads this evening. take a look. and it's going to be slick for drivers this evening. >> mother nature has given way to light snow in the lehigh valley. >> it's getting crazy and crazy. >> those who had to come out were not sure how to dress or how the roads would fair. >> the weather is so cold now, it would be one thing if it was snowing but you can't deal with the ice if you hit a patch
5:47 pm
of it. >> reporter: those back roads can be nasty at times. >> natali is a tow truck driver in allentown and he's not a big fan of the snow but won't complain because this is when he gets busy. >> our business picks up this time of year so it's good and it's bad. >> for him, not bad picking up business here for a lot of drivers it could be sketchy as you head home. we talked to penn-d.o.t. about how you treat roads like this. it didn't accumulate that much. the best thing you can do is find out how long this is going to affect us. >> for at least some of the neighborhoods, it's going to be several more hours. a bit of an increase coming, as a matter of fact. but remember, that was 29
5:48 pm
degrees. and what happens when it's 25 and wet? and at night? it gets icy. but my immediate concern is the development of some of this frozen precipitation. not so much around philadelphia but back to the west. you can see how this is building back to the north. this was dropping down to the south. that's building to the north and then as it comes across, that will fill in some of these areas that have seen the precipitation and at least for the time being, we continue to see it across philadelphia, perhaps a few snowflakes or a bit of a wintry mix up in mt. airy and abbington
5:49 pm
got into the sleet and now it's in slight snow, possibly the same thing with extreme northern delaware and wil delaware and wilmington and the freezing rain, salem county, gloucester county, camden county, pretty much in the freezing rain. it's dark and temperatures let's take a look at some of these numbers here. our high today was 32 in philadelphia. remember the roads and the ground have been so cold, these temperatures, the air is about four feet above the ground and these numbers in southern delaware and extreme south jersey are much more favorable for just plain wetness. but 25 in reading and 27 in
5:50 pm
allentown and it's night and it's damp. it's not a good combination. so we have conditions that are going to be changing here during the evening. still some warm, freezing rain in and around the philadelphia area, even 6:30 and 8:30, marginal temperatures here. so we're going to have to watch this through the evening hours. i'll be monitoring it and by midnight it's all moving out so we'll be okay for tomorrow. we're going to have lots of sunshine. icy spots first thing because we're going to be below freezing and even down to 28 degrees and 29 in newark. but this warmup is serious and it's guaranteed it's just a question of how much. by thursday, 53 for philadelphia and then some rain starts on thursday night into saturday before we start cooling down again on sunday. next on nbc 10, ready for the playoffs.
5:51 pm
>> the consumer warning for anyone heading to the playoff game this weekend or anyone buying eagles merchandise. ,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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welcome back. lester holt is joining us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at "nbc nightly news." hi, lester. >> keith and erin, we have exclusive details of talks of
5:54 pm
potentially bringing donald trump and robert mueller together for a face-to-face interview. plus, how crooks can tap in when you mistype a web address. for now, back to you in philly. >> the eagles take on atlanta falcons in their first playoff game and scammers are already looking to take advantage of loyal fans. here's what you need to know. they are pricey. >> they are very pricey but don't want to get ripped off. no matter what you pay, you're going to be able to get in. several agents i spoke with said you can bet your bottom dollar fosters and con men are going to try to cash in big before saturday's playoff's game.
5:55 pm
tickets are going up to $1,000. >> do your research. >> reporter: high demand tickets bring conmen out of the woodwork. >> they are going to be keen on the unsuspecting consumer who are desperate to score for the big game. >> reporter: special agent william walker said be careful where you purchase your tickets. >> make sure if you're buying online, you're buying from a recei reputable vendor. >> do research on the site that they are using. >> reporter: i try to get the ticket in electronic form. somewhere that it can be held on a device, a phone, so that
5:56 pm
there's a confirmation number. >> it's nearly impossible to hold your way back and hold accountable the person that stole your money. >> listen, folks, other ways to protect yourself, purchase your ticket with the credit card and confirm a vendor's contact information. so the old adage holds true, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> harry, thanks. >> sure thing. >> if you have a consumer
5:57 pm
complaint, head to or give us a call. we will respond to you. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> we continue to track the ice outside. >> the biggest problem is right outside your door. we'll show you what you need to prepare for. and we're tracking the icy weather. it's still moving through the area. i'll have the timing and forecast by forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! amazing produce prices. only at giant.
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right now at 6:00, dangerous ice. right now, sleet and ice are creating slippery conditions across ourç entire region. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'mim rosenfield. the biggest problem could be untreated sidewalks and driveways. >> a live look now near city avenue, you can see how slick those roads are. >> a live look at i-95 in wilmington, it's tough to see what the road conditions are because the icy mix is landing on our camera there as well. >> this is the 9th street bridges. our newsroom has been getting calls about driveways turning to sheets of ice. this is our parking lot. cars encased in ice. you're going to need that scraper tonight and sidewalks are very slippery.
6:00 pm
make sure you take it slowly when stepping out the door tonight. tonight, we have team coverage to keep you safe. >> jessica boynton is keeping an eye on the road conditions. >> and we're tracking this moving system so you know how and when this impacts you. >> we begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have part of the area getting no precipitation and part of the area getting rain and part of the area getting ice and part getting a little snow. it really does depend on where you are. we say it all the time but, boy, what a perfect reason for this. you can see the dry weather to the north and pink is the ice. and ice is up on contact with any surface. and the temperatures are warm enough but what i'm seeing here is a precipitation near hagerstown that may continue spreading eastward


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