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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 12, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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storm a philadelphia business with small children inside. and changing focus. facebook shaking up what you see in your newsfeed and promises it's a shift you're going to like. i'd love to hear the comments about what facebook is doing to your feed. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. 6:00 on the dot on your friday. a first alert in effect as heavy rain and winds work their way into our area. you see it on radar right there on the screen. setting us up to a wet start to the weekend. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. bill? a first alert for heavy rain and flooding is for the entire area. now through noon. started light showers, but heavy rain, thunderstorms, and strong gusty winds on the way. with the heavy rain comes the flood threat especially when it comes to runoff of frozen ground and ice-clogged drains. we've deployed storm force tone
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look at light rainfall -- force 10, looking at light rainfall now, heavier later. showers in southern chester county and new castle county now. the lehigh valley getting some of the heavier showers. now most of the storm is still to the west. there's a lot more storm ahead. it won't be an all-day rainfall. on and off rain. at times, some heavy downpours. no sign of cold air. these are the current temperatures. 60 in the lehigh valley. 61 in philadelphia. the rest of the area in the 50s. weekend and wet. grab the -- windy and wet. grab the rain gear, but you won't need the heavy coat today. you will need it this weekend. i'll break down the forecast hour by historic in ten minutes, show when -- hour by hour in ten minutes, showing when to expect the heaviest rain. first to jessica boyington. we're moving the camera, but i wanted to get a second to show you route 70's westbound side. there's a transformer fire up ahead. now they're reporting that all lanes are closed. it looks like they're diverting traffic to the right-hand side
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here near 295. again, that was a transformer fire. also route 70 but further east. southampton township, eastbound, just near 4 mile circle, an overturned tractor-trailer. back in southampton township but further west this time, route 206, the northbound side near red line circle. there's an overturned truck there. i'll end with mass transit. minor delays, but 15 minutes in both directions for septa's market-frankford line. new jersey, amtrak, and patco on time. breaking news we're following along penn's landing in philadelphia. crews have a fire out, under control at the end of a pier at callow hill, along columbus boulevard at callow hill, the dave and burster's. it didn't spread to the entertainment complex. no one was hurt. in other top headlines -- today philadelphia will bid a somber farewell to fallen firefighter lieutenant matthew letourneau. hundreds lined up for hours outside the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul to
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attend his viewing. another viewing happens this morning followed by a funeral mass at 11:00. burial is this afternoon in delaware county. the funeral procession from the basilica to the cemetery in springfield will begin after 12:30. expect delays along the route which you can see on the map right now. police will close lanes from the on ramp. 95 southbound, and 476 northbound. police are searching for a second person in a barber shop shooting in north philadelphia. officers captured the first person involved. investigators say two men wearing masks ran into the shop at 22nd and camboro, yelled "robbery." a customer who struggled with the men was shot twice and is in critical condition. a mom and three children in the shop were not hurt. detectives have issued three search warrants as they investigate the death of university of pennsylvania student blaze bernstein. one of the warrants reportedly details interviews with a friend
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who was the last known person to see bernstein alive. the warrant describes that person as nervous with scratched up hands and dirt under his fingernails. investigators found his body in a park earlier this week. 6:04. 61 degrees. new from overnight, president trump canceled his planned trip to london and is blaming his predecessor. the president tweeted he's not a big fan of the obama administration selling off the old u.s. embassy in london for what he called peanuts. looking at the new embassy. many brits called on president trump to cancel his trip after he shared anti-muslim and anti-immigrant shows on twitter. shocking and shameful. that's what the u.n. human rights office is calling president trump's comments on africa. >> more reaction is expected today about his words regarding third world nations during a white house meeting on immigration that took place yesterday. during the meeting in the oval office, the president referred to haiti, el salvador, and countries in africa as s-hole countries.
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president trump also questioned why the u.s. would want people from those nations and not more from countries like for way. the president has been a strong -- like norway. the president has been a strong critic of the visa system and not a merit-based system. a congresswoman tweeted, "the president's comments are unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation's values. this behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation. my parents came from one of those countries but proudly took an oath of allegiance to the united states and took on the responsibilities of everything that being a citizen comes with. the president must apologize to both the american people and the nations he so wantonly maligned." new jersey senator cory booker, a democrat, tweet the this response to the remarks, "let me be clear, donald trump does not speak for america. we are a nation of immigrants, and i am so proud of that." >> the president's comment came as lawmakers inched closer to a deal to save daca, the federal program which protects thousands of undocumented immigrants
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brought to the u.s. as children. a bipartisan group of senators reached a tentative agreement which includes more than $1 being for the president's -- $1 billion for the president's border wall. the program would end the visa loiter system. one woman works to protect undocumented families. vasquez has her job because she's a daca recipient. her status was revoked in september. now she and other people are waiting for lawmakers to reach a deal. there's are a lot of people vulnerable. our job as daca recipients is to fight for those people. >> we're here to stay to better ourselves and become better than our families. >> since city that 15. she's ancho-- cynthia is 15. she's anxiously waiting for a decision because she has plans to become a nurse and then a doctor. a public inauguration ceremonies happens today for camden's new mayor, frank moran. he took over this month after an
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informal and private ceremony. ed to's public ceremony is -- today's public ceremony will be at antioch baptist church on ferry avenue. governor-elect phil murphy is beginning a series of events leading up to his inauguration tuesday in trenton. today he'll attend a prayer service and kickoff celebration in newark. tomorrow, murphy will tour the state including a stop in galloway township, atlantic county. then sunday he'll attend events in wildwood and camden before heading to north jersey. philadelphia will celebrate korean american day at city hall. the flag-raising ceremony will be followed by a reception and performance by an ensemble of traditional drummers. ♪ later this morning the annual ben franklin commemoration will take place,
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and attendees can trace things from franklin's time to our own. his 312th birthday is next thursday. the eagles will play in london next season. >> yeah, the birds will face the jacksonville jaguars at wembley stadium in october. this will be the first time the eagles will play in the nfl's international series. the game with the jags will be one of three played in the uk in 2018. eagles' running back jay ajayi is from london and said he's excited to return to his home turf. 6:08. if you've licenbeen looking at temperature that we show in the bottom corner, you're not dreaming, that's accurate. no technology messup. nope, 61 degrees outside. it's going to be all over the place tomorrow. >> even though -- even though this has been coming, it seems like you have to pinch yourself because it's springlike when you walk out. >> yeah. enjoy it today. pinch yourself all day today.
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tomorrow, you'll be bundling up. the cold will be back. this is the warm air that's rushing into the area this morning. that's a live view from center city. the winds are going to get stronger this morning. that's a steady wind at the surface. in wilmington, 14 miles per hour, up to 18 miles per hour in wildwood. the stronger winds that are above building level right now will be coming down to the surface this morning. at 8:00 this morning, 36 mile-an-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. those gusts will be topping 40 miles per hour in south jersey. and with the wind comes the rain, too. look at the rain. steady rain now moving into chester county. some in new castle county, south jersey. scattered showers farther north and west. no heavy rain yet, but that's due in later this morning. and it will be around on and off this afternoon and tonight. the first round of the heavy rain is missing us to the north and west. this is all rain. look farther west, the snow is the return of the cold air that we're going to get tomorrow during the day.
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we'll miss out on the snow. shouldn't be a problem felt we will get the blast of cold. you'll see a quick turnaround in temperatures. downpours in allentown, new castle county, delaware. showers will continue on and off this afternoon. during the afternoon hours, in south jersey and delaware, this is when we'll see heavy downpours. and with the strong winds, they'll push inland into burlington county. some breaks late this afternoon and this evening. into early tomorrow morning, this is early tomorrow morning. 62 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. 60s in millville. and 50s at the shore. you see the change that is starting to occur at that hour. 40s for reading. colder air will be dumping into the area as wet weather clears. dry at 10:00. look at the temperatures -- 20s for reading and allentown. 30 in philadelphia. 34 in millville. a quick turnaround in temperatures.
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67 today. wind and cold will bring winter back in here. and there's a possible early next week we'll get snow, too. ail take you through the weekend and have a look at the forecast for the eagles game when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks. 6:11. i see flashing red lights. that's the challenge somewhere. >> 295 and new jersey where jessica's starting. right after 295 around route 70, our cameras are messy here. westbound is diverting traffic off right now. allowing them to get through it. here's the view, the westbound side of 295 closed because of a transformer fire after 295. if that's going to be there for a little bit, you'll need alternates. chapel avenue is here, cressen is down there. you can take 38, as well. that's open even though yesterday was closed for the morning. 38 is an option again for you, as well. being detoured shouldn't be too bad considering we're not seeing tons of volume. 76, the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive, good in
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both directions. everything seems to be moving nicely. southampton township, an overturned tractor-trailer on 70's eastbound side near 4 mile circle. >> thanks. rise and fall. walmart's surprise pay raises are overshadowed by a surprise wave of layoffs. coming up, the good and bad news affecting workers across the area. >> reporter: we're at the home sheer at the xfinity -- home show at the xfinity booth. coming up, we'll talk with comcast about your smartphone, the olympics, and new tech at the philly home show.
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it. get ready to be inspired. starting today, you can make your hdtv dreams a reality. >> we all have them. you know that. the philly home show opens today
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at the pennsylvania convention center with a sea of ideas waiting for you. and who better to send than nbc10's randy gyllenhaal show why this should be appealing to everyone whether you own a home or rent a small apartment. >> reporter: come here to the comcast xfinity booth to figure out your smarthome. the new thing in tech. frank purcell is here, testimony us about your smartphone. a lot -- smart-home. >> you can take any device at your home, you can learn to control it so it's smarter, everything from door locks to garage door open forers to lampd cameras. i can use my remote and actually pull it up and check on the services, the heat in my house, you name it. energy management, pretty cool. >> reporter: another new piece of technology, xfinity mobile, a
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cell phone provider? >> this is brand new. xfinity internet comes with up to five lines of xfinity mobile service. if you're used to paying a lot of line fees to your provider, come on and check us out. we might be able to save you money. >> reporter: last thing, the olympics coming up. the winter olympics on nbc10. tell us about how you can get your big screen tvs to coordina coordinate>> the olympics is one of our favorite things. this is the best way to enjoy it. you can actually take and watch all of the networks at nbc and the content that we have, plus you can take that experience on your app or mobile device, whether you're at home or away there home. truthfully, you can stream up to any event you want. it's all you can eat olympics. going to be awesome experience. the next one is the best way to do it. >> reporter: thank you very much. comcast the parent company of nbc10. the high-tech booth opens today at noon here at the philly home show. back to you.
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we're following issues with new jersey drivers. >> jessica? >> we're watching cherry hill. westbound transformer fire on route 70. just after continue, they're diverting all -- just after 295, they're diverting all traffic and diverting everybody around the scene. starting to see big backups on the westbound side of 70 if you need to get around chap. chapel -- around. chapel avenue is an option, cressen is an option. 38 is one of the biggest areas that can get you by. of course, it doesn't help. 295 is open. i know you would be heading westbound that direction. watching that for you. if it's closed now. and watching wissahickon, both directions okay. you see rain is covering some of the camera lens there. i'll end on 95. starting to see an increase of delay here.
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17 minutes from wood haven to te vine street expressway. >> thank you. 6:18. the temperature is right -- 61 degre degrees. we'll show you low clouds and various fog outside now. wait until you hear what's coming our way. meteorologist bill henley with that. >> not just foggy in the city or suburbs, this extends into the pocono mountains. so does the warm air. temperatures have been climbing. 61 in the suburbs at pottstown, trenton, 59. 56 in millville. and to the north in the pocono mountains, 55 degrees. it is coming with moisture and coming over cold ground. that's where we're seeing the fog form. coatesville, dense fog. light fog in reading and doylestown, seeing some light fog. it's dense fog starting things off. light visibility, fog in wildwood and millville and atlantic city this hour.
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through the day, staying warm. warm but wet and windy, too. temperatures in the 60s for exton, quakertown, wilmington, 50 in atlantic city. the rain, more coming up in later this afternoon and into tonight and tomorrow. then the cold air that's making for snow on the back side of the storm system, won't get the snow but will get the cold air. that arrives tomorrow. the steady rain has moved into chester county. not heavy rain yet, but later this morning, we'll see some of that in the picture for us. one the rain ends, temperatures plummet. that happens tomorrow morning. 48 degrees. by 10:00, down to 32. it will feel like teens and 20s through the afternoon. then it gets cold er for the game. 34 at 10:00. we'll get sunshine, but a steady
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wind, kickoff time, 32 degrees, down to 27 degrees in the fourth quarter. the feels-like temperatures will be dropping from the 20s to 12 degrees. the weekend will start with rain, the last rain from the system. clearing in the afternoon. look at the temperatures, 20s, 30s, colder, but dry with sunshine on sunday. i'll show how long that cold weather will last and when we'll get another warmup with the ten day on 10 in the next half hour. >> thank you. facebook will focus more on what they think matters to you. next, the change that's revamping your news feed. an upgrade of another kind will change the commute on septa's trolley. next, the platform perks that will make it easier for you to hop on board. we just moved in about four months ago,
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more posts from family and friends and fewer posts from companies and media. facebook will start prioritizing posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. zuckerberg says the goal is to make people feel more connected and less lonely, and that time on facebook is time well spent. septa unveiled new details on an effort to modernize the system. it plans to add raised platforms to some stops and make them wheelchair accessible. septa already announced it will add new, larger trolley cars by 2024 as part of a $1 billion overhaul of the system. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now checking on the roads. our cameras at trooper road, increased delays there. we have other problems in the area. we have a closure in cherry hill. i'll tell you where and how to get around when i come back. for now, we'll check on today's
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forecast with meteorologist bill henley. gusty winds, make that gusty, warm winds this morning. 61 degrees. strong winds, the potential for heavy rain and flooding. we've issued a first alert for our area. your neighborhood forecast is just ahead. ahead, an alleged twist related to the murder plot that left a local radio host dead. now how the man accused of orchestrating the hit has turned into a target himself. one of our area's biggest summer music festivals reve revealed's star-studded lineup.
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heavy rain and wind. a first alert as an incoming storm sets us up for a wet start to the weekend. honoring a fallen hero. for the second day, friends, family, and comrades will honor
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a firefighter fallen in the line of duty. backpack mystery solved. how a backpack stuffed with heroin ended up outside a bucks county middle school. good friday morning. this is "nbc10 news today." it's 6:30 on the dot. i'm katy zachry. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's talk about the warm temperatures and wet start to the weekend. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. bill? >> a first alert now for our area in effect. heavy rain and the potential for flooding. the entire area is going to see noon tomorrow. a chaps of thunderstorms, gee -- chance of thunderstorms, gusty winds topping 45 miles per hour. the flood threat will come from the heavy downpours hitting frozen ground. that will make for quick runoff. and drains may be ice clogged, adding to the element of flooding during the day. moderate showers now moving just
6:31 am
past the area, moving past radnor, as well. rainfall at darby and conshohocken seeing a pretty good rainfall now. on to conshohocken road. this is just the beginning. we'll get heavy down horse during the day. that could lead to the flooding. what we won't see today is any cold air. 59 in new jersey. 57 in the suburbs. the lehigh valley is in the 60s right now. a little bit colder in delaware, we'll see a big warmup, near 70 degrees this afternoon. everybody will get the warm winds and see periods of heavy rain. i'll break it down and show when to expect the heavier rainfall when i'm back in ten minutes. starting on route 70, the westbound side, police activity up ahead. a transformer fire that actually closed down this westbound side right now. they're diverting traffic off. it actually looks like some of
6:32 am
the traffic that's sitting here is at a standstill. you see that right lane actually moving through. it looks like they're diverting it off. right after 295 on route 70, that's part of the closure. this might be tricky, but the back roads aren't doing too bad. again, if you're right before 295, try to get off at morrow crest or at least head through cressen. there's haddon avenue. that the take you by the scene. you can take haddon parallel to the scene before you hop on to 70, as well. watching that. and we're also watching 206 northbound near red lineircle for an overturned truck. >> thanks. the city of philadelphia will pause as a firefighter who died in the line of duty this weekend will be laid to rest. >> last night the community flooded the first viewing to remember lieutenant matthew letourneau. pamela osborne has more from the basilica of saints peter and paul where his funeral will be held this morning.
6:33 am
>> reporter: the profession is set to begin in -- procession is set to begin in two hours. we want to show what's going on now. a fire engine has arrived to retrieve the lieutenant's body. you see police on motorcycles have lined the way. the lieutenant will be taken to engine 43 where he spent some of his 11 years of service to this city. at 9:00, a public viewing will be held. the lieutenant died fighting a fire at a row home in north philadelphia on saturday. he was 42 years old and one day away from celebrating his anniversary of his graduation at the fire academy. last night hundreds including first responders lined up outside the basilica to pay their respects at a viewing while the city's skyline was lit with red, a show of support for the fallen lieutenant who people will again gather to say good-bye to today. those who knew him say he will
6:34 am
be remembered as a leader, instructor, mentor who was in love with his job. he lived his passion each day. >> trying to share the loss with them. we know they're hurting. and i told them that he did what he loved. >> try to be people like he was. reach out, mentor people. >> reporter: the procession will travel 676, 95, even 476, that's the map you're looking at itself it takes lieutenant letourneau through his hometown of springfield where he will be laid to rest. expect delays along the route. we put the information on as we come back out here live, you see firefighters and police gathered to show their respects to retrieve of the lieutenant on this difficult day.
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>> count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the memorial to the fallen firefighter throughout the day. you can also hear more tributes and reaction on the nbc10 app. new from overnight, a worker in the hospital after getting trapped between the walls on the 40th floor of a building under construction at center city. the highrise at 15th and chestnut. firefighters rescued the worker, we're told he has minor injuries. the red cross is helping people forced out of their home on rising sun avenue after part of it collapsed. you see the bricks from the house all over the ground. no one was hurt. crews are checking to make sure that neighboring homes are okay. the doctor accused in an alleged murder-for-hire plot faces another court hearing. irst court her man charged in appearances yesterday. we learned new revelations. dr. james kauffman appeared via video from a jail in north
6:36 am
jersey more than 100 miles away. he's accused of having his wife killed. prosecutors revealed that kauffman himself has become the subject of a murder plot. that's why he's been moved from the atlantic county lockup to another 100 miles away. prosecutors allege that kauffman's co-defendant, ferdinand augello, plotted to have him killed to avoid being implicated. they're chargedn the murder in 2012 of radio host april kauffman. the doctor hired a hit man to kill her to keep her from divorcing him and poexzing an illegal drug gang he was running with the pagans motorcycle gang. and now to a story that was breaking news yesterday morning. a suspect is dead, and people in a sicklerville neighborhood are feeling relieved after a standoff between police and that man who was barricaded. [ gunfire ] >> oh, my god. >> the neighbors captured tense moments on their cell phones yesterday. it began 8:00 on wednesday night in sicklerville.
6:37 am
a man fired at an armored police truck. 13 hours later, officers knocked down the door and went inside, where they found the suspect dead. a woman was unharmed. a bucks county woman is charged with leaving this. -- leaving this backpack stuffed with marijuana outside the middle school last month. she pleaded guilty and is facing several drugs charges. nchlt three days after california's devastating mudslides, 40 people are still missing. yesterday officials released the names of 1 people confirmed kill -- 17 people confirmed killed in montecito. four children are on the list, including the father of a 14-year-old girl who was rescued tuesday. officials have identified a surgeon with a new jersey connection among the victims. dr. mark montgomery was an orthopedic surgeon who graduated from princeton university.
6:38 am
his daughter was also killed. oh, my god, mom! close the door! wake dad up! >> tense moments. a man used his cell phone to record the approaching mudslides yelled to his parents to get out. despite warnings, the man's 81-year-old father and 71-year-old mother had not gotten out of the home because they were tired of packing up and leaving their home during recent flooding. walmart is closing 63 of its sam's clubs locations including once in princeton. some stores shut down yesterday, and employees say they weren't notified in advance. experts say sams club has generally underperformed relative to walmart and faced strong competition from costco. the news came on the same day walmart announced it's raising its starting wage to $11 an hour. it plans to give eligible workers a one-time bonus of up to $1,000.
6:39 am
heavy weights eminem and kendrick lamar will headline the firefly concert. the four-day music and camping festival begins on june 14th. 20 minutes before 7:00 now. there's fog outside. you're waking up to incredibly warm temperatures. fog, mist in the air. >> meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. we should talk about the first alert, bill. yeah, for rain. you see raindrops on the lens here. there is the view from allentown. just getting started in the rain department. the heavier downpours, i'll walk you through it through the hour-by-hour forecast. those are coming later this morning and this afternoon. we're seeing a lot of fog at the shore. this is avalon, new jersey. you can barely see the coastline there. that's not the only spot. coatesville was down 0
6:40 am
visibility. light fog, 2.5-mile visibility along with quakertown and wilmington, socked in with dense fog. quarter-mile visibility. light fog at the shore. wildwood down to three miles. millville is two-mile visibility. the heavy rain hasn't moved in. we're getting pretty good winds off the ocean. temperatures are cooler along the coastline. go inland, riding in on winds, warm air has us in the 60s. warm air coming over the cold ground. cold spots are bringing spots of fog. temperatures, 60 in west bradford township. 62 in exton. and 61 degrees in elroy. a few spots in the 50s. very warm in the 50s. those will warm into the 60s this afternoon. as far as rainfall, the steady rain showers moving through philadelphia into montgomery and bucks county. that started off in chester county m
6:41 am
county: m. to the west, you see the tail end of the system. snow affecting illinois and into indiana. we won't get the snow but will get the cold that will come through as the storm exits tomorrow. not today. the heavy downpours, 10:00 this morning. 64 degrees in philadelphia. 65 and 65 in northeast philadelphia. heavy rain will be on and off this afternoon. another around at 4:00 at the shore and pushing inland. a break during the early evening hours, at 9:00 this evening. overnight tonight, more heavy rain coming in first thing tomorrow at 4:00 in the morning. this is when the temperatures will fall. still in the 60s in south jersey, mt. holly going to be at 60 degrees. the cold air rushing in. tailgating at 10:00 tomorrow, 34 degrees. by kickoff, down to freezing. 27 degrees in the fourth quarter, and the wind will be blowing the entire time. the feels-like temperatures drop
6:42 am
from 25 to 12 during the game. i'll show you more cold air, and there's a warmup on the way. i'll be back with that in ten minutes. >> a huge dive. >> you have to end with that. when you start off with temperatures in the 60s going feels-like 12 in the next 24 hours, you got to end with it -- the warmup. >> jessica boyington with more. >> we have the westbound side of route 70 blocked off now to traffic. you see this huge string of delays here. there's a transformer fire up ahead. a downed wire westbound. the closure at trooper road. here's 295 and the strip of the closure. if you're heading westbound, take springdale road. that's a big enough road where it won't be too backed up. head to springdale. you can head to chapel avenue, you can go to church road. that will get you by the scene
6:43 am
for sure. you can head to 70 after that point. westbound 70 dealing with problems. septa's regional service is suspended currently between lansdale and doylestown stations because of police acvity. a train struck a car between 9th and 14th. the market-frankford line dealing with 30-minute delays. back to you. >> all right. thanks. 6:43. you heard of a rain dance. our own via sikahema has a different kind of dance for you. >> yeah, you do not want to miss this. next, we'll show the special way that he's sending his good luck to the eagles. >> reporter: we're at the home show. we showed the luxury hot tubs, kitchen remodels. everything that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. not everything here is that expensive. take a look. the recycling program turning junk into art. it only costs you $50 and a window pane, next.
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. starting today, opening day for the philly home show. everyone can find ideas whether you're in tiny apartment or sprawling home in the suburbs. randy gyllenhaal gives us a sneak peek before the doors open. >> now year at the display that will help people spruce up windows. >> reporter: yeah, the cool recycling program benefits habitat for humanity. greg bradly is with had been toot for humanity. you get old windows and recycled materials, what's next? >> we issued a call for designers to come in to the store at 23rd and washington. people came out, using a window theme, urban jungle. it created different designs that will be auctioned off to benefit habitat for humanity. >> reporter: a lot of people only spend about $50 on supplies. and they can make a cool garden
6:48 am
or something like that? >> yeah. the idea is to get creative. this is a sofa table. you see light switches and air vent. all kind of cool stuff. this is something that's older. found material. and now it's absolutely amazing. >> reporter: sean lewis is out of mt. airy. tell me about your project. and we have a picture of it. >> i created an outdoor grill cart. the window's like a cabinet door. and i got for the sides, the store, as well. >> reporter: tell me about the art of taking old stuff and making something new. >> my company, we try to be suble in all of our designs. we get, you know, older furniture and up cycle them to use in new kitchens. it's a great way to design and keep stuff out of the junk yards. >> reporter: cool. and cool way to benefit for humanity. designs will be on display here starting at noon today.
6:49 am
you can vote for the best and check it out at the home show. >> thanks for that. nbc10 is giving you a first alert ahead of the heavy rain, winds, and potential for flooding today. here's one of the ways that we're doing it -- we're monitoring the threat outside. our nbc10 storm ranger 10, a powerful mobile radar, to give the most accurate picture of what's coming. now it's stationed in collegeville. the storm --'s raining, where the -- it's rain, where the storm approaches. giving us this live picture. it does far more than giving us a picture on the outside. bill? >> yeah. we've been getting great images this morning. tracking moderate showers. during the day, we will get heavy rainfall. that's really going to come in useful. this morning, a warm wind is blowing, pushing warm air into the area. stronger above the bug level, but winds will be coming
6:50 am
down to the surface. you see the stronger winds in wilmington and wildwood. we could see gusts this morning, 25, 35, possibly 45 miles per hour. what we don't have is any sign of cold air. it's cooler in wilmington at 53 degrees. 53 in atlantic city, wildwood. philadelphia, trenton, pottstown, allentown, reading, no sign of cold. even in the mountains, it is 56 degrees. it is bus stop, warm, you in ex quakertown, allentown. scattered showers in philadelphia, wilmington, atlantic city, trenton. the heavy rain will come later this morning and this afternoon. a big storm system ends with air producing snow in the midwest. we're not going to get the snow but will get the cold in a big way for tomorrow. during the day, all on and off rainfall. there you see the light rain that's coming through montgomery and bucks coun now it's a steady, light rain. scattered showers in new jersey
6:51 am
at the shore, just a few sprinkles. not a lot of rain in delaware, but it is on the way. this just updated. forecast rain totals. by 8:15 this evening, inch and a half in philadelphia. inch and a half in egg harbor township. topping an inch in doylestown. close to twitters in allentown. into tomorrow morning, more wet weather overnight. heavy downpours, too. more than an inch and a half for philadelphia, allentown, and two inches at the shore. with that kind of rainfall and the ground still falling, that's why we've issued a first alert for the heavy rain and potential flooding. that's for the entire area. the heavy rain, a chance of thunderstorms, and strong gusty winds, the flood threat comes from the heavy rain on those areas of the ground that are frozen. that will make for ice clogged drapes could spell trouble. once the rain is done, so is the
6:52 am
warm air. the actual temperature, the plunge during the day tomorrow. by noontime, it will be 28 degrees. we'll see the temperatures recover early in the afternoon. during the game tomorrow, it will get very cold and windy, too. the heavy rain coming through. tomorrow the wind and cold will be here. 56 in the morning, dropping to 31 in the afternoon. look at the weekend temperatures. highs in the 20s, and 16 degrees sunday morning. martin luther king, 14 degrees in the morning. snow a possibility, a clipper system could give us two or three inches. then it's done for wednesday, thursday, and friday. a warmup at the end of next week. by next sunday, we're back into the low 50s. >> maybe we focus on next sunday. >> yeah. let's focus on the present and getting you to work. >> jessica boyington has an update to 295 around 70. doesn't look good. >> yeah.
6:53 am
the westbound side of route 70 is closed down because of a transformer fire. this will cause problems for a lot of people. you can see that in our cameras here. string of break lights, everyone's stopped behind the scene. your best bet to get around this is to get off before you get stuck in this mess here. unfortunately, people didn't have the chance to do so. this is 295, the portion of the closure westbound. getting around the scene, i think your best bet is to get off at springdale. it doesn't look like the delay is backing up. springdale is big enough where the most cars can go that way and you won't see massive delays. if you want to head that way and make a left, head down chapel avenue, church road, go as far as you want on either of those until you want to hop back down to route 70. so those are your alternates there. mass transit dealing with problems, as well, for the regional rails. service suspended between lanla.
6:54 am
and 30 minutes for the market-frankford line. countdown is on for the eagles' road to victory. the test comes when the atlanta falcons invade the linc. the game you can only see on nbc10. here's something you can only see here -- [ chants ] >> vai sikahema and his cousins performed the chant during an eagles pep rally yesterday. the jak as a tradition in vai's native -- haka is a tradition in vai's native tonga, designed to pump people up before the games. getting people psyched up. and nbc10 is your official eagles station, the only place to see the eagles versus the falcons tomorrow. >> kickoff at the linc at 4:35. and count on our three-hour live pregame show to get you ready for the game. we've got you covered.
6:55 am
you will not find anywhere else this kind of coverage. we'll be right back.
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6:58 am
philadelphia will bid farewell to a fallen firefighter. the funeral mass for lieutenant matthew letourneau will occur at the basilica of saint peter and paul. a worker is in the hospital in delaware county after he got trapped between walls at a rierz in center city. -- highrise in center city. the building is under construction. firefighters rescued the worker from the 30th fiscal year. a public inauguration ceremony happens for camden's new mayor, frank moran, after a private ceremony took place this
6:59 am
month. the philly home show begins today at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. huredsf vendors will show new ways to spruce up homes over the next two weekends. want to check on breaking news in cherry hill. there's a transformer fire on route 70 westbound after 295. getting around that's going to be the problem. take springdale. you can head to chapel, head to church or take route 38, as well. i'm meteorologist bill henley. storm ranger 10 is up and running, tracking the rain moving through the area this morning. the first round of showers moving through bucks county right now. there's more on the way. the potential heavy rain during the day and into tonight. look at these temperatures. we are in the 20s. 20s for wednesday -- wind speeds this morning. the temperatures are at 60 in new jersey. afternoon temperatures into the zeros today. >> umbrella day for sure. hold on, right? >> yep. >> and enjoy it, right? we'll have local updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning and realtime news, weather, and traffic with our app. good morning. outrage and anger. president trump disparages immigrants from haiti and africa using a vulgar term to do it. democrats and republicans calling the comments racist. the white house not denying any of it. race against time. more than 40 people still missing three days after that mudslide disaster in california. new evacuations under way, as an aerial tour reveals the true scope of the devastation. >> three or four houses that are completely inaccessible from anywhere. >> where they are, live. wintry mess. a powerful storm takes aim at the east coast after hammering the midwest. a mix of snow, ice, heavy rain and high winds set to


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