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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 14, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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today, going green. the city of philadelphia lights up to celebrate the playoff win over the falcons. victory dance, what owner jeff lurie was doing. we check in with fans this morning after that big win. frigid air continues to grip our region. as you can see it feels like the single digits. some spots below zero. how long the bitter blast will last. a lot to celebrate on this sunday morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark at 6:00 on this sunday morning. we are celebrating big time the eagles handling the falcons yesterday at the linc. we are in the myths of a first alert. to krystal klei for a look at
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how cold and when we can expect a warm-up. >> let's start with how cold it is outside right now. we're at 12 degrees in allentown. 15 in philadelphia. 14 in wilmington. the winds from the north and northwest just continue to pool in that cold arctic air. our temperatures will stay down low today. you can see hour neighborhood seven-day forecast. here is what it feels like outside. 6 below zero in coatesville. 1 for the feels like temp in philly and a big old zero for mt. holly now compared to the actual temperatures. many of us feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler than we truly are. radar and satellite view. a big difference from yesterday. we have now dried out. if there's any slick spots on roadways still from a couple days ago, we had a good bit of rain, those may have iced over.
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if you're driving early this morning, make sure you're taking it slow. you see a shine on the roadway, that potentially is ice. with the winds yesterday and the sunshine, a lot of that water will evaporate off surfaces. right now we're at 15 degrees. by 10:00 a.m. we should be at 20. 27 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. feels like temperatures, though, don't get very good. we're staying in the teens, the afternoon into tonight. we'll not break the 20-degree line for feels like temps. thank you, krystal. eagles fans are celebrating big time this morning as the team is now one win away from the super bowl. >> and they're marveling at the fire and grit with just a minute to play guarding the goal line on fourth down. the eagles "d" came up big. >> ryan roams, ryan pumps and is throwing it up in the air.
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incomplete! incomplete! >> the play of the game. that preserves the eagles 15-10 win. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in south philadelphia where the fans are celebrating this historic win over some breakfast. hey, randy. >> reporter: i think the city partied pretty hard last night. wake up and have a celebration sunday after this nail biting game last night sending the birds into the nfc championship game and sending fans at the linc into pandemonium. take a look. >> eagles! ♪ fly eagles fly >> reporter: that was the insane scene outside the linc after the game. fans pouring out. facing elimination the birds showed they're a dominant threat in the playoffs, despite injuries, being called
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underdogs. they showed up to play. all these fans last night after the game, after the freezing cold, they say they never gave up on this team. >> i thought they played good. the defense showed up. >> the team is looking hot. the team is looking hot right now. i'm ready for another win. >> i want them to win and go to the super bowl in three weeks! let's go! >> reporter: all right. so the big question is the vikings or saints, who do they want to play? we'll find out later today. over the next hour or so, we'll talk to fans as they wake up, head to breakfast. come down to the broad street diner. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, randy. fans now have a full week to get ready for the next game, a game that could send the birds to their third super bowl appearance. if you thought you saw a lot of green around town before yesterday's game, just wait. the color green is starting to dominate the city skyline and one fan says the eagles'
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excitement is bringing about much-needed unity. >> everybody seems to be polarized today. today's win, unifies the city and brings us all together. >> fans certainly went wild after yesterday's victory, but that display of emotion is likely nothing compared to what we see if the eagles manage to win again next sunday. >> we'll be watching it closely. this morning something else we're watching closely, what happened in hawaii yesterday. hawaii's recovering from a mistake that led to quite the scare for residents and visitors. a false emergency alert of an incoming ballistic missile. the message sent to cell phones warned of an inbound missile and said, quote, this is not a drill, end quote. it took more than half an hour, 38 minutes, for the state's emergency management agency to send a second message it was a false alarm. it stirred concerns all across social media. hawaiian officials have
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apologized blaming human error for sending out the wrong message. >> it was a procedure that occurred at the change of shift, they go through to make sure the system is working. an employee pushed the wrong button. >> this was the second recent blunder in hawaii planning for a possible nuclear attack with north korea. the state had problems when it reintroduced siren tests from the cold war era. vai sikahema is at a hotel near honolulu. vai received that emergency alert on his phone. he told us he and his wife were facing a shelter in place situation. >> it was scary there for about maybe half an hour. they said this would last through a good portion of the day. for everyone to stay safe and be alert on tv and radio. >> we are happy to report vai, his wife, everyone else in
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hawaii are safe. a philadelphia police officer shot a man in kensington kensington avenue. the man hit is in critical condition this morning at temple university hospital. it's still not clear what led up to the shooting. no one else was hurt. an update on a murder in burlington county we told you about yesterday morning. authorities have now charged two people in connection with that case. 20-year-old shane davis faces a first-degree murder charge and 19-year-old jada face as charge of aggravated assault. police say they hit a man with a shovel and shot and killed him. police say he got into an argument with the couple before he was killed. the couple lives in the same apartment complex. 6:07 now. investigators are trying to determine how a 3-month-old baby died in west philadelphia.
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early yesterday, according to the child's mother, the baby was sleeping in bed with her foster mother and the foster mother's boyfriend. that's when the foster mother called 911 to say the baby was unresponsive. medics rushed the child from the house where she was pronounced dead. no word on any possible charges. attention septa riders. your commute could be changing. new regional rail schedules are in effect. major shifts in the departure time. other lines are changing as well including the airport line and several septa bus routes. look for the complete list of schedule changes on your time 6:08. coming up the recovery from the forward with roads finally reopening. we'll update efforts to find those still missing. also ahead, it is time for philly restaurant week. we'll have a preview. go take the scenic route.
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meteorologist krystal klei here. let's talk about what we are expecting as we run through the next handful of days. today bitter cold and breezy. heading out, lots of layers. those temperatures will feel much colder than they are because of those wind. a chance of snow as we get into your workweek, mid workweek. it doesn't look like a great chance. models are iffy. it is something we're tracking. mild air returns and it looks like it may be just in time for the big eagles game next sunday. a look at the current winds, breezy. you can tell with the wind at 10 miles an hour at allentown. 15 over wilmington. winds are reporting at 12 at millville. certainly strong enough it whacks you in the face. it makes it feel truly colder than it is. the feels like temperature was 1, a 14-degree difference.
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10:00 a.m., we're at 20. noon, we're at 23. we get up to the mid upper 20s in the afternoon. make sure you have the thicker coat on for today. time is 6:12 this morning. in new jersey we're at 14. winds are at 9 miles an hour. making us feel like we're in the single digits. up to 23 by your lunch time and xxvi at p.m. mid to upper 20s for highs today. when the high starts to pick up a bit coming up. restaurant week begins today in philadelphia. more than 120 participating restaurants will offer customers signature three-course dinners for $3 a person. the restaurants will offer three-course lunches for $20 a person. restaurant week is nearly two weeks, it runs through january 26th. running for office. the transgender former army
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private convicted of disclosing classified information plans to make a run for the u.s. senate. we have those details next.
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a powerful earthquake struck off peru prompting a tsunami alert for parts of peru and neighboring chile. officials at the warning center say that alert has been called off. there have been no immediate reports of casualties or major damage. we're going to continue to follow this and bring you updates on air and on the nbc 10 app. more breaking news we're following here at home. s.w.a.t. teams responded to this neighborhood this morning where an armed man barricaded himself inside a row home following a shooting. here is what we know. it happened in the city's
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eastwick section. a woman ran out with a gunshot wound to her arm. police arrived on the scene within the last hour after another woman told them her boyfriend was arguing with her mother. stay with us on the air and on the nbc 10 app for an update. we have more information, an update on an alleged murder plot that ended with a mother killed by mistake. the three suspects made their first court appearances in central florida. authorities say lopez ramos wanted a romantic rival dead. the two people she hired to carry out that deed killed the wrong woman. all three suspects are now charged with first-degree murder. they're being held on no bond. the intended victim was unharmed and declined police protection. in southern california the recovery from deadly and destructive mud slides triggered by torrential rain is picking up pace. more roads are now reopening. also the number of people reported as missing is going
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down. people living and working in montecito are now able to travel more freely after an evacuation order was lifted. crews continue to clear mud and debris from a roadway. those who lost power and water snow some of their neighbors experienced far worse. >> a little bit of inconvenience is nothing compared to what thesors are dealing with. >> you feel more trapped but you suck it up and make the best of it. >> the death toll rose to 19 yesterday when searchers found the body of a missing woman. a firefighter is recounting the moment he and a comrade heard the sound of a crying baby coming from the mud soaked debris. >> i was able to find the baby down a couple feet underneath the logs and a small pathway that went down to his face and just a miracle. >> the firefighters managed to
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pull the child out. medics took the baby to a nearby hospital. there's no word on the baby's condition. 6:18 on this sunday. we're learning former choe eer chelsea manning will run for senate. the army intelligence analyst who was convicted of leaking more than 700,000 military and state department documents to which c wikileaks. manning says she will run as a democrat in the primary against ben cardin. if elected, manning would be the first transgender person in the u.s. senate. president trump's vulgar comments about immigrants from certain countries is sparking a global backlash. a number of world leaders condemn the president's remarks and criticized his position in power. the u.n. office of human rights did as well. thursday mr. trump referred to haiti and nations in africa as, quote, s-hole countries during a
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meeting on immigration policy. in the uk a group of trump supporters heckled london's mayor as he gave a speech. he had told the president he was not welcome in london. mr. trump sparked a feud with britain's prime minister after re-tweeting anti-muss videos. and last week mr. trump said he would not attend opening of the new u.s. embassy in london because of what he called a bad purchase deal. good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. a look down broad street center city. this is what i like to see, the roadways are dry. i think from the wind yesterday and the sunshine even though it was very cold did dry out some. you may still have a slick spot or an area that was wet overnight, it probably did freeze over. so take the drive slowly out there. if you see anything shiny on the road, assume it may be icy to begin the day.
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looking at our philadelphia feels like temperature. because the winds are still blowing about, we have areas that feel like they're in the single digits. 2 for graduate hospital. 1 at the airport and 7 degrees in port richmond. areas like summerton, park side be that's likely because there's no wind reporting. the windchill is the feels like temp. the same deal in new jersey. washington township feeling like 5 degrees. and these winds aren't astacio yesterday. we're lucking out this morning. if gusts were stronger it would feel below zero. it's very cold out there this morning. if you can stay indoors, that's a good plan. if you cannot, put on extra layers. i have today the sleeves, puffy jacket, gloves on hand. those will be good things to as you go through the day.
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it is a clear picture over pretty much the whole region. from delaware up to the jersey shore. there's nothing coming our way. we will stay dry and mostly sunny. a quiet weather day except for the fact it is still very coal. 28 in fphilly. the same in delaware with the sunshine. now because of those winds, the feels like temperatures, 8:00 a.m. most of us in the single digits. a subtle climb. as we get late morning into the early afternoon, your lunch hour, now 10 to 15 degrees outside and then the upper teens for our feels like temperatures for later in the day. this starts to drop off tomorrow morning. so getting back to work, march luther king jr. day it will be cold. 1 the feels like in doylestown for wilmington and 5 in philly and the rest of mlk daying at 20s for the feels like temperature as we get into the
6:22 am
afternoon. still a cold spell that holds on to the region both today and tomorrow. as for the hour by hour, there you go. the clear conditions i was talking about. we rolled through 6:00. then let's run into your martin luther king jr. day. it is clear, a few scattered clouds building up in the afternoon. we'll talk more about the chance of snow that starts to move in on your tuesday into wednesday coming up in the next half hour. thank you, krystal. the nation will remember dr. martin luther king jr. people will commemorate it as the day of service. 5,000 volunteers will participate in some 100 activities including projects, workshops, training, a health fair and civic expo. in wilmington tomorrow, former vice president joe biden will deliver the keynote address at the mlk breakfast and day of service following the breakfast. delaware judges and members of the state bar will engage in community service projects
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wall street will be watching washington. >> reporter: truck envy, a supreme film and paying the bills all in the week ahead. pickup trucks could be the head turner at the auto show. expect brand-new versions and the return of the ford ranger. plenty for car and suv and an update of the honda hybrid.
6:26 am
movie fans will be getting ready for the sundance festival. the premiere of a documentary about ruth bader ginsburg. markets will be closed monday in honor of martin loout uther kin day. hearing from american express, united health and ibm. finally the federal government runs out of money again on friday. another temporary funding agreement as ls rage over immigration reform and the budget. i'm dominic chu. coming up on 6:30 this morning, it was a tough fight but the eagles won the battle of the birds. >> they just limited ryan. now fans are celebrating this morning. randy gyllenhaal live in south philly for us. he
6:27 am
hey, randy. >> reporter: one game away from punching their ticket to the super bowl. behind the scenes at the linc, at the pandemonium after that wild game. check out the numbers behind me, the feels like temperatures. a lot of single digits. even a few that feel below zero. we'll talk about when the temperatures crank up a smidge. it's dark and dry, though, for today. we are looking at a chance of snow as we head into the workweek.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, on the road to victory, the eagles win the battle of the birds. now they're just one win away from the super bowl. ♪ fly eagles fly >> i can't hear that enough. the eagles nation elation. the fans' prayers have been answered. we are live in south philly where is a believer. >> and message mistake.
6:30 am
apologizing for a false alert about an incoming missile that set off major panic. we'll hear from our own vai sikahema in hawaii and experienced that alert. good morning and welcome back. >> i'm rosemary connors. yay, eagles. we are watching you as we get to next week's game. the other thing this morning, that bitter blast of arctic air. a first alert in effect. krystal klei is tracking what it feels like in your neighborhood. a big difference from the actual temperatures, krystal. >> that's why we're still under the first alert. we decided to keep it in effect longer to remind you this morning it will be bitterly cold out there through 9:00 a.m. this morning. single digit wind chills or feels like temperatures. it's hard to adjust. to your skin it feels like
6:31 am
temperatures are below zero outside because of the winds mixing with that cold air. so here is where we actually are, true temperatures. 10 degrees in coatesville. allentown, you're at 12. we're at 14 in mt. holly and 15 in philadelphia. they're the actual temperatures. now what it feels like. single for atlantic city, wildwood, millville. below zero. feeling like 1 degree outside in philadelphia. i have on a couple of pretty thick layers. that wind smacks you in the face. look at radar and satellite. just some clouds backed up against the shoreline and our delaware beach locations. further inland it is a clear picture. it's still dark. once the sun is up you'll see a sunny forecast, what we saw yesterday afternoon. we get that all day long. sunshine will not warm up much. in a few minutes we'll track
6:32 am
hour by hour your sunday and look ahead into your workweek. a dramatic eagles playoff win sparks a dance party in south philly. even birds owner jeffrey lurie got into it in the locker room at the linc yesterday. >> in addition to their skills the eagles some luck on their side. check this out, a nick foles pass bounced off a falcons knee into the arms of torrey smith. that set up a jake elliott field goal. the eagles locked up the victory with a final red zone stand by their defense. here is the call. >> ryan rolls, ryan pumps, ryan is throwing it up in the air. incomplete!
6:33 am
incomplete! >> the eagles defense, their backs right up against the goal line in the final minute snuffs out atlanta's final gasp for victory. the 15-10 win punched the ticket at the linc. elation for eagles fans. waking up overjoyed and relieved. >> they're just one win away from the super bowl. breakfast is being served with hash fries and a rehash of the plays from last night. hey, randy. >> reporter: celebrating with the south philly breakfast here at the broad street diner. a lot nursing their hangovers after a wild, fantastic, nail biting game sending the birds into the nfc championship game and fans down at the linc into a
6:34 am
frenzy. ♪ fly eagles fly >> reporter: that was the wild scene outside the linc after the game facing elimination, the birds showing the world they're still a dominant threat in these playoffs despite a year of injuries and doubt, ridiculed as underdogs despite their number one seed. fans showing up in the cold saying they always believed in nick foles. >> foles is incredible. i didn't doubt him for a second. >> much better than expected going in. the fans really brought it today. no question about that. they gutted out another win. that's been the m.o. >> the linc prevailed. >> reporter: all about the defense. it was an ugly win but a win nonetheless. the question a lot of fans will be asking today, who will the
6:35 am
birds face next week, the vikings or the saints. we'll find out later today as fans start trickling in, we'll do live interviews at the broad street diner. wake up and celebrate a big win. randy gyllenhaal, back to you. >> the eagles will host either the vikings or the saints next sunday. those teams play later today. for now the birds are savoring last night's playoff win. we'll take a deeper look coming up in sports. if you're looking to score some seats, a limited number of tickets will go on sale through ticketmaster tuesday morning at 10:00. the birds will face the saints or vikings next sunday night at 6:40 and count on nbc 10 for complete coverage all weeklong and on game day. 6:35 right now on this sunday. this morning hawaii's governor is apologize for an emergency alert sent out to residents and visitors by mistake warning them
6:36 am
of an incoming ballistic missile. the false alarm sent the islands into panic. >> reporter: for nearly 40 minutes saturday residents and tourists feared nuclear attack was imminent after this emergency alert was mistakenly sent to cell phones statewide. >> my two little girls are 8 and 10 toe kids are crying. >> reporter: panicked people searching for loved ones, seeking shelter. >> is this really happening? >> reporter: officials apologized for the minutes it took to rescind the alert and explained it was human error and not a computer glitch or hacker. >> the wrong button was pushed. i deep apologize for the trouble. >> reporter: the false alarm comes on the heels of growing nuclear tensions.
6:37 am
recently reinstated the cold war warning system. now those officials are working to reassure residents. emergency alert system is reliable. >> we are doing everything we can immediately to ensure it never happens again. >> reporter: the calm of a week morning shattered by phone alerts and residents still shaken hours later. nbc 10's vai sikahema is in hawaii right now at a hotel near honolulu. vai received the same warning on his phone. >> my wife is from here and we come here every year. my wife said this is the best way to go. there's no better place to go. that was the way we looked at it. >> we are happy to report vai,
6:38 am
his wife, everyone else in hawaii are safe this morning. still ahead, remembering keith jackson. the life of a sportscaster known for his down home style and signature phrases. honoring dr. martin luther king jr. tomorrow marks the 8 9th birthday of the civil rights leader. next how to remember him today.
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6:40 am
good morning, everyone. happy sunday. meteorologist krystal klei here. actual temperatures, not the feels like conditions. i showed you this yesterday and we were just on this little edge of mild air. that's long gone now. we're all under the arctic air
6:41 am
that's swept over the region. we're at 15 degrees so it could be worse. look at syracuse, 11 below. pittsburgh is now 3 below zero for the actual temperature. it could be worse than where we are. it means there's a windchill factor, 14. the wind speed in wilmington. so these aren't as strong winds as yesterday but still breezy this morning. so it will feel cold the whole day. temperature 2 degrees at 8:00 a.m. in philadelphia. by 1:00 in the afternoon, 14 degrees. notice we stay clear into this evening. in the suburbs, 13 degrees at 1:00 p.m. feeling like 1 below in the lehigh valley. 14 for feels like. the same deal in delaware and the shore, feels like temperatures only rise to the mid to upper teens. it's going to look nice outside
6:42 am
but quite a few layers as you step out the door. more details in just a bit. the eagles are flying high this morning. >> for fans it came down to this play late in the game. we have the highlights plus you'll hear from the players and coach pederson about being underdogs next in your sunday morning sports.
6:43 am
6:44 am
pandemonium, chaos, yeah, last night the eagles fans were
6:45 am
on their feet. the eagles now just one win away from the super bowl. yes, we can say it, super bowl in our sights. the highlights from the birds coming up in sports in a few minutes. >> today murphy's preinauguration tour will bring him to south jersey. a wreath laying ceremony. he'll stop in camden for a kids interactive inaugural. murphy and lieutenant governor-elect sheila oliver will participate in martin luther king jr. events. the voice of college football, keith jackson, has died. >> jackson was behind the microphone for top gridiron matchups for five decades. his best known catch phrase, whoa nellie, charmed generations of fans. the georgia native called the nfl and world series games as
6:46 am
well as the olympics and auto racing. he died friday. >> as we get ready for tomorrow's holiday, hosting an newell musical celebration observing the legacy today. the philadelphia museum of art will host musical tribute to both dr. king and african-american folk hero john henry. and 6:46 on this sunday. we are still in the midst of a bitter blast across the region. >> we have the big eagles win and we thought the weather would be concern. it turns out they didn't do well at all. a big arctic blast.
6:47 am
>> temperatures feeling like single digits. i am just -- i come from somewhere it's warm. i think i am getting strength from the fact so many eagles fans yesterday out tailgating. it wasn't even cold. 1 below allentown and 3 below in reading. i don't like it when i can say how cold it is on one hand. it will be sunny, clouds are in place along the coastal point and throughout much of today i think a good bit of sunshine in the forecast.
6:48 am
aside from a few scattered clouds. winds will still be up. winds are slipping in from the north. cooks town 26 degrees. the number in blue is the feels like temperature because of the winds i showed you. a windchill of 16 degrees. and in delaware 28 degrees for the actual temperature. a ten degree difference. we're going to tuesday morning. i'm showing you a different model than in the last hour.
6:49 am
a cold front will try to pass through at the same time a storm system moves offshore. the two may result in some tuesday afternoon/evening snow into some of wednesday. now, again, the models are not in agreement or even if wednesday will see more or less than tuesday. the potential tuesday evening through wednesday for some snow chances in the region. it is something we are watching over the beginning of your workweek to midweek. before that cold front comes in and then watch this, oh, yeah, by next weekend we'll make it into the 50s for the eagles game sunday.
6:50 am
hey, hey. good morning. i'm danny pommells. it is victory sunday. the eagles have done something none of the four major teams in town have done since 2012, advance in the playoffs, even while wearing the underdog tag. let's have a look at this. eagles down 3-0 early in the second quarter. legarrette blount rumbles into the end zone for the touchdown. eagles up, 6-3. nick foles overthrows a pass but it goes off the defender's knee right to torrey smith. calling that the immaculate knee-ception sets up a field goal. the longest the eagles posted in history. down 10-9 at the half. it all came down to this, though, fourth down, in the fourth quarter, eagles up 15-10. matt ryan to julio jones. uh-uh. the eagles head to the nfc championship game, 15-10. john clark has more from the linc.
6:51 am
>> you're wrong again! i guess you never played football. the eagles can't do what? >> reporter: underdogs at home as the number one seed, just the way the eagles like it. take a look after the game, chris long and johnson wore a dog mask, yes, because they were underdogs. and now the birds are 4-0 in their playoff history as home underdogs. and you know what, they'd like to be underdogs again right here going into the nfc title game. >> me and lane decided to order the dog masks and, you know, it was a good time to win the game but we wanted to put the masks on. so that was an added bonus. i think we were looking for each other. i couldn't find his scent. >> when we hear that stuff, there's a lack of respect for the guys that we work with, a lack of respect for our team, the fan base, the fact we have these games at home and we're still the underdog. but it's cool.
6:52 am
we live in philly. philly has always been the underdog. we love a fight. >> it doesn't matter what you guys talk about because that locker room in there is united, and i'll go to bat for every one of those guys. i'll go to war with every one of those guys in the dressing room. >> reporter: and how big was this win? they were doing the soul train line and jeffry lurie cut ahead of a player to go in there and throw it down in the locker room. how amazing is this video? if they go to the super bowl, what will they do next? at the linc, john clark, nbc sports, philadelphia. while many people were locked in on the birds, the flyers were coming off a bye. hadn't played since sunday beating the sabres. last night looking to make it a quartet in north jersey. looking in, hoping to climb into one of two wild card spots. the usual suspects up to their old tricks. this one tied at 2-2 to couturier. the power-play goal. the second of the game. the flyers lead 3-2 after two. less than five minutes in, a
6:53 am
pass to konecny who lights the lamp on his own rebound. fifth of the season for him. the flyers knock off the devils, 5-3. on a final note in college basketball villanova knocks off st. john's. 78-71. that is a look at sports. i'm danny pommells, nbc sports philadelphia. enjoy your sunday.
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6:56 am
the pride of philadelphia will be the spotlight at the super bowl. hopefully the eagles but for sure city native leslie oden jr. will be performing. odom jr. will sing "america the beautiful" before the super bowl. odom graduated from the fill high school for creative and performing arts. he is not the only local act you will see. doylestown's pink will be singing the national anthem how apropos if the eagles will be playing. remember, only one place to watch the super bowl live from minneapolis. you can watch super bowl lii here on nbc 10 less than four weeks away on february 4th. >> the last chance to see adorable animals and learn about the newest trends in pet health. the pet expo is open today until 5:00 a.m. you can see product from more than 100 vendors and find your next four-legged friend up for
6:57 am
adoption from local rescues. the first baby panda to be born in france, the first public appearance. the 4-month-old cub was born at a zoo in south paris this video from a french cable news outlet shows him exploring his enclosure, playing with his mother. this is the first baby panda born in france. once the cup is a few years old the zoo will send him off to a panda reserve. they are closely watched because they remain very rare. 6:57 right now on this sunday. eagles fans celebrating the birds big playoff win. looking ahead to the next showdown. randy gyllenhaal is live with some early bird fans. randy? >> reporter: good morning. we're live here at the broad street diner. great, warm breakfast, awesome coffee and eagles fans trickling in. we'll talk about last night's wild game and what's next as
6:58 am
they try to make it to the super bowl. randy has the right idea, nice, warm breakfast. that bitter cold air, yeah, that's stuck over us now. biting cold. our first alert this morning. wind temperatures, freezing back up. a live view in cape may.
6:59 am
7:00 am
the eagles can't do what? >> playoff heart stopper. the underdog eagles play with a chip on thur shoulders and hang on to win a thriller at the linc. now the super bowl is in sight. it is a frigid morning as we look at the center city skyline. we are under a first alert because of that bitter cold. >> false alarm, who is to blame for a missile alert test gone wrong in hawaii. so much to talk about on this sunday. so much to look forward to. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. what a win for the birds.


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