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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 16, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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your neighborhood because we are looking at a slow moving system of snow moving into the area. >> tracking some snow showers this morning, the first alert for the up cumulating snow is for the entire area. and everyone is likely to see some snow, but it's going to be a slow mover. this one will be impacting our area through noontime tomorrow. during the day today some scattered showers. a possibility of some in the suburbs. more likely will stay dry in philadelphia. but then steady snow overnight today after we get some rain to start with in delaware and south jersey. then snow will start things off tomorrow morning. we've got slippery commutes. right now it's dry, though. the steadier light snow is staying in the lee high valley and burkes county. reading gets a very light snowfall right now. and into lee high county at this hour. it's going to take a long time
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for this to move in. in fact, most areas will not see that steady accumulating snow until tonight. but there will be some snow showers around to start with. certainly cold enough for it in the suburbs and the lee high valley. 20s right now. 20s in new jersey. we've got a warmup before the snow moves into the rest of the area. 38 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. 40 degrees in new jersey, and up to 41 degrees in delaware. so big differences neighborhood by neighborhood. i'll take you through it hour by hour when i come back in a few minutes, but first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> updates on the ram as around the schuylkill express street. it looks like the eastbound delay has really thinned out. but now with this accident scene over to the shoulder the off-ramp has cleared out of the way, but now it's that backup into south philly. you don't want to take that westbound schuylkill and get stuck in this for quite some
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time, of course you can take the grays ferry and head up to through the city there and take the vine. also if you're coming from 95, you can head up to the schuylkill expressway. while the majority of roads are back open this morning after chunks of ice caused flooding. ice dams clogged the delaware river sending water over the banks. now the water has receded but the flood warnings remains in effect. nbc 10's katie zachary in yardly with a look ahead of that lingering threat. >> reporter: tracy, here what exists right now. behind me this is the ice jam that exists in the delaware river. what you see lit up behind me is what exists between here, yardly, bucks county and across the river into trenton county. water from the river that cannot flow down stream because of the
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ice jack is overflowing onto banks. and in this case we look further right and onto river road in yardly. they tell me the good news is this intersection east ferry road and river road is right now the only intersection they have closed. let's take a look at some video. we want to show you one of the more disturbing sites that we've seen from this ice jam is people walking on the chunks of ice, trusting that this ice is strong enough and will not fall into the water. well, we also saw a deer get caught in this mess. police warn from walking on the ice in any capacity. some chunks are moving and can collapse into the river below. it still remains below flood stage, so that is good thing. back out here live i can tell you talking to people who live in this area they instantly
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recall a similar ice jam back in 2015 when there was flooding that occurred on parts of river road and before that another ice jam in 1999. police say there were chunks of ice that flowed onto river road as large as vehicles. so we're going to be monitoring the situation, keeping a close eye on this ice jam. >> and you can monitor this flood threat plus the snow that's coming on the nbc 10 app. our live interactive radar shows you what's happening in your neighborhood. plus you can get traffic alerts sent right to your smart phone. praise for police officers who helped stop an armed robbery without using lethal force. investigators say a security guard at the family dollar on frankfurt avenue shot a man suspected of robbing the store at gunpoint. when police arrived they used pepper spray and a taser which seemed to have no effect. officers wrestled the man to the ground and they got the knife away. we're told the suspect seemed to
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be high on some type of drug. in north philadelphia officers say someone shot a 27-year-old man twice in the chest. he managed to stagger a short distance along 12 th street before he collapsed and died. police are now looking at surveillance for clues about who shot him. a new report gives insight into what happened when a california student was murdered. he was stabbed more than 20 times and found in a shallow grave. police arrested and charged a high school classmate. an affidavit shows the classmate talked about unwanted advances and that the killing may have been in active range. a reminder septa will no longer accept medicare cards for free and reduced fair raids starting today. the phase-out is part of the transition to septa key photo i.d. cards. septa will continue to accept
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pennsylvania driver's license and i.d.s with magnetic stripes for those free and discounted rides. we'll hear from former trump advisor steve bannon. the former breitbart news chairman will testify in a closed door hearing of the intelligence committee. bannon describes a closed door hearing as treasonous and unpatriotic. bannon later said he used those words to describe former trump campaign chairman paul manafort not don junior. the event is free and open to the public. the best selling tell all about the trump white house is a global sensation. the president calls the book a complete fantasy and full of lies. olympic gymnast and multigold medalist simone biles says she is, quote, a bit broken but no longer afraid to thel her story of abuse. and today at least 100 other
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women and girls plan to speak out against the former team usa doctor at his sentencing. yesterday biles added her name to the long list of gymnasts who say they were molested by larry nasser. three other olympic team members have also come forward. biles posted a message on social media that reads in part, weal need to know why this was able to take place for so long and to so many of us. we need to make sure something like this never happens again. he pleaded guilty last year to seven counts of sexual misconduct. victim reports could continue for several days until nasser is sentenced. resigned but not fired. the worker who accidently sent out that false missile warning on saturday now has a different job. they say he accidently pushed the wrong button during an emergency drill. the states emergency management says policy changes are under
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way. for example, now two people are required to send an alert and protocols are also in place to make a easier to cancel a false alarm. yesterday secretary-general samz mattis says there's no indication north korea reacted to missile alert error. well, the eagles road to victory has many of us literally on the edge of our seat. and if you want a chance for seats at the link for the nfc championship on sunday, here's what you need to know. a limited number of tickets for the birds and vikings go on sale this morning at 10:00. keep in mind, tickets for the divisional round sold out in just one minute. also if you don't want to wait and are willing to pay a whole lot more, you can purchase resale tickets through ticket master. and we did check stub hub and found seats for about $400. that's on the low end. tap the nbc 10 app for a link to today emphasis ticket sales.
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it's 6:08 and 30 degrees outside. we have issued a first alert for the snow slowly moving into our area. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate forecast. >> looks like the first few flakes are making it into the poconos mountains. it's going to be a wait, a long wait for it to arrive here at nbc 10 and for most of the area it's going to be dry during the day. you can see there's nothing heavy about it. it's barely even showing up on that live picture. this is the first batch of some snowfall, and it is very light but it's caught falling into the ground that's just cold enough to support accumulation this morning. so expecting some light snow. allentown, mostly dry, just a few flurries in the area right now. we have seen flurries in new castle county and delaware. here it is. it's farther north and west. and that's going to coming in tonight. during the day today in the lee
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high valley and burkes counselee that are more likely to see snow. meantime in philadelphia, look at the temperature climb. 30 degrees right now. way too warm for the snow, so there's a chance we'll see a shower during the day. what more mikelikely we'll see sprinkles. still above freezing at 9:00. but it gets colder than that overnight tonight. so philadelphia, the rest of the area will get snow out of this system. hour by hour forecast shows the snow showers still off to the north and west. they'll be on and off during the early afternoon hours. but by this evening, that main batch of light snow finally starts moving into the area. now, here's what that warm air that occurs during the area does. by 1:00 in the morning, we could see some rain showers. but the cold is going to win this one.
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look at the snow sweeping in and that will be cumulating snow. so tomorrow morning we will be slipping and sliding. and it gets colder during the day tomorrow, so that snow will stick on the ground. so the temperatures will be climbing today, but it looks like we've got some snow in for tonight, especially likely during the nighttime hours and into tomorrow morning. a look ahead at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with an update on the roads. just the delays remain here on the westbound sound right around south street following an earlier crash that completely closed down the westbound side. right over here they have what's left of the accident scene. it looks like a police officer and maybe somebody getting out of the way right now on this side shoulder. all lanes getting by just slowly. the eastbound side back to normal, too. also watching the blue route for
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problems. i'll also check in with mass transit. seeing some delays for septa's northbound service with delays with equipment problems. a quick trip that is to the airport turned into a nightmare for a local woman. >> i was terrified. i could not believe this was happening to me. >> coming up the uber ride that left her stranded and scared along the highway in the dark. and straight ahead, a new start today. a new leader takes over new jersey. next, his plans for the future. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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a change of power happened today in new jersey after eight years with a republican in the governor's office a democrat
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will take over. >> chris christie will hand over control to phil murphy at a ceremony today in trenton. good morning, pam. >> reporter: good morning. you know, people here say that they're ready to see some change, and they're hoping they see that in governor-elect phil murphy. murphy has been traveling all over the state one of the recent stops he made was to the camden aquarium where he said as camden goes, so does the state of new jersey. he campaigned on taking a tougher stance on gun violence, supporting women's rights by restoring funding for women's health and creating a child ask caregivers tax credit. another campaign promise to expand tax credits to create new housing and tine the battle against atick by raising public awareness, establishing a seven-day limit on initial opiate prescriptions and by lowering the cost of narcan.
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five people have died over opioid addictions in the past decade and that's a problem. >> i see a lot of people are falling victim to that, and i hope he just improves the neighborhood over all. more about the people and the community as opposed to the politics. >> reporter: the governor-elect has a big agenda ahead. but his first will be his inauguration which starts with a prayer at 9:30 this morning at shiloh baptist church in trenton followed by an 11:00 a.m. inauguration at the patriots theater at the war memorial also in trenton. i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. time for a check on traffic. we've had that situation there on 76 a little earlier. it's now cleared up but still slow going in that area. >> jessica. >> guys, what we have is the accident scene pushed off to the
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shoulder, but still slow. a lot of that is residual delay from earlier. the best way to bypass is for now especially according its moving is if you're coming from the southbound philadelphia area come from i-95 and move up the vine street kpexpressway. coming from new jersey heading into philadelphia we have two lanes only getting by, which is of course the beginning of rush hour when we start to see the most traffic trying to get into philadelphia. right now starting to see a slow down. watching for some flooding and some closures because of it out in trenton route 29, the exit ramp slow there as well. end here on 95. not seeing an increase really in the drive time yet. 15 minutes southbound from new haven road moving to the vine and average speeds there into the 50s.
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we're tracking that slow moving snow as we take a live look right now at wilmington. bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> tracy by this time this morning, there'll be snow on the ground. this morning we've got snow falling into the lee high valley and also in reading. you can see the snowflakes accumulating on the lens. and the accumulation is not that bad. you can see the sate lights in the distance this morning. but we are under a first alert until noon tomorrow. tracking some light showers this morning. the snow moving into areas north and west this morning. the rain will develop for much of the rest of the area. the temperatures will be warming up during the day. that rain late tonight changes the snow overnight tonight, and the snow is going to stick on the ground. there's a light snow right now. falling in burkes county and
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into the lee high valley. really hasn't made much progress. we'll be waiting a while interest the suburbs to see any snow because the main body of this system is still to the west. you can see it's in western and central pennsylvania. extends down to kentucky and tennessee. that's coming at us mainly tonight. here's your hour by hour forecast. dry in philadelphia. that snow off to the north and west. by later this afternoon you can see we're still waiting for snow in philadelphia. and you can see it's inching back into the lee high valley. so that main body of that snow is going to be coming in tonight. it's going to be dragging some warmer air, so we're likely to see some rain showers in delaware and south jersey before the snow takes over and pushes the rainout of here. that's 4:00 tomorrow morning, accumulating snow in the lee high valley and suburbs and pushes through to the morning commute.
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it's going to be light snow but just enough to make things slippery by 9:00 in the morning it's starting to end and by early afternoon it's over. by the time it's done, most impressive snow totals will be the north and west. for the suburbs and into philadelphia, north hampton, abington, salem, 1 to 2 inches possible. and then farther south and east, yeah, we're going to get a little bit but much less. an inch or less. and with that rain it may be much less. so a chance of a shower during the day in philadelphia. mostly it's just going to be cloudy, 38 degrees this afternoon. but rain changes the snow. tomorrow morning we've got snow in the morning, drying out in the afternoon, and then we get a warm up starting on thursday. by fridays, 40s. 50s this weekend for saturday and sunday. looking good for the birds game on sunday night. and by monday we've got some rain showers in the area, but it's going to be too warm for anything else.
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a high temperature near 60 degrees. sunshine monday, tuesday, wednesday. a chance of showers next thursday. delaware is planning new steps to protect kids and teachers from school shooters. next the proposed safety changes. and this. >> she came back in and she said thursday a truck in the house. >> thursday a truck in the house. really. imagine your surprise if a semi drove right into your living room. a family's close call coming up at 6:30.
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we are following breaking news out of south carolina. four police officers were shot while responding to a domestic violence call. it happened just south of charlotte. the suspect was gone when officers arrived. but earlier this morning they tracked him down and that's when they all were shot. the 47-year-old suspect was also shot and taken into custody.
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the officers conditions have not been released. 6:25. happening today, lawmakers in delaware will vote on a bill to increase prekds f increase protections for students and teachers in the event of a shooting. to include an intruder alarm, bulletproof glass in entrance areas and interior doors and doors that can be locked from either side with a key. still ahead, trash trouble. a problem that still has pile of gabbage pili garbage piling up.
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wrong turn. a south jersey couple has a close call when a semi-truck crashes into their living room. a ride to forget.
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a woman tells us just before an uber driver left her scared and stranded on the side of the road. whate eagles fans can try ad do to score a ticket to the game at the link. >> glad to have you with us today. t we've already had a handful of school closings and delays. we have that list running at the bottom of your screen. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he's got the first alert forecast to explain this system for us. >> it will moving into the area, and the entire area will see accumulating snow. this first alert runs through noon tomorrow. most of the snow show rrz goier going to be regulated to the north and west today. it's tonight we're going to see steady snow sweep across the rest of the. so we've got?
6:31 am
slippery commutes ahead especially tomorrow morning. those snow showers have moved into the area. it's a very light snowfall, but it is coming down and falling into temperatures that are in the 20s in burkes and lee high counties. a little bit of accumulation during the morning and early afternoon hours. and tonight the next round sweeps into burkes county, the suburb and eventually into the rest of the area as well. but during the day today we're starting off 30 degrees. the temperature will climb. if we see any wet weather it'll more likely be a rain shower than snow. 27 degrees right now. 27 in new jersey and delaware, but dry right now in those communities. 40 in new jersey and delaware, 41 this afternoon. so a chance of a rain shower during the day. the neighborhoods make a big difference today, and i'll break
6:32 am
it down neighborhood by neighborhood to show you what to expect when i'm back in ten minutes. but first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're starting on the schuylkill expressway again. that earlier crash on south street has pretty much cleared. maybe a little bit of residual delay, but other than that it should be fine. again, it looks like it's clearing out. just around the spring garden street off-ramp there was a bit of police activity, but that cleared. also watching the bottom of the walt whitman bridge coming from new jersey, ware starting to see some delays here because the westbound sound has a crash. two lanes only getting by in philadelphia. 6:32 right now. and your chance for tyou to see the eagles in person at the game
6:33 am
today the tickets go on sale. >> nbc 10's matt delucia live at the may fair diner. and what are people saying this morning about trying to get those tickets? >> reporter: well, dray and tracy, there's only one gentlemen here right now, and he's not even going to the game. in the meantime i know it's still early, but i've been looking on twitter and people are talking about going to the eagles game, and some folks are saying they're going to walk out of class at 10:00 to buy the tickets. another person asking twitter world if they should get tickets to the eagles game or not. and i've been seeing a lot of people venting about parents taking their brother or sister and not them. because tickets are pretty expensive on stub hub. they're about $430 right now. so it is a pretty pricey ticket. let me talk to jerry over here
6:34 am
right quick. you're not going to the game, right? >> i will not. but i will root for them all the way. >> reporter: what's going to happen here? >> we've plenty of seats. everyone comes in, we turn the tvs and there's a lot of excitement for everyone. >> reporter: jerry, this is going to be an exciting time. and hopefully everyone will get to the go to the super bowl, too. >> that would be nice, thank you, matt. count on nbc 10 exclusive pregame show leading up to the big game. join us for special eagles coverage. and it's game day, join nbc 10 starting on sunday at 10:00 for exclusive coverage all day long. jury selection will begin in the federal corruption trial of allentown mayor pulousky.
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prosecutors accuse him of taking more than $100 in campaign contributions in exchange for city business. the four-term mayor has pleaded not guilty. other top headlines county by county starting with a somber return from winter break at stockton college. >> it is the university's first day back since one of their own died over the holiday break at the hands of her brother. counseling will be offered as the murder of brittany cologei remains fresh on everyone's minds. the driver whose car plunged into the icy delaware river ran from the scene and left his girlfriend there to die. police say garret was behind the wheel and then catapulted into the river. garret faces several charges including leave the scene of a crash and causing death while driving. in the lee high valley residents forced from their
6:36 am
homes because of sinkholes will have to find new places to live. the damage is so bad a structural engineer had to condemn them. residents from several townhomes were forced out into the cold yesterday morning. at least 80 nearby were left without water and heat. rescue crews sprang into action after a group of people got stranded on the ice. officials rescued 13 people. no one was hurt. police say the 13 brothers and sisters kept in a southern california home were so malnourished that police officers first thought they were all children even though several were as old as 29 years old. police arrested david allan turpen and louise allen turpen on sunday after their teenage daughter escaped from their home outside los angeles. she said she and her 12 siblings were being held captive. when police arrived they found
6:37 am
some as young as 2 years old. the parents could face torture and child endangerment charges. new video shows the moment a car crashed into the second floor of an office building in southern california. a bus dash cam captured the video. you can see the car takes off across the street ask slams into the that building. investigators say the car was speeding when it hit a raised median causing it to go airborne. the driver and the passenger had minor injuries. authorities say the driver admitted to using drugs before getting behind the wheel. and imagine hearing an ear shattering crash and then finding a tractor-trailer sitting right in your living room? the people who live here say they thought a bomb went off yesterday afternoon. police say a truck driver hit a car and lost control and the big rig slid across the grass and barrelled right into the couple's hose. >> he says there's a tractor-trailer in the living room. >> heard really a loud boom, and
6:38 am
then i don't know what it was. but i felt like i was hit and knocked over. >> it took hours to remove that truck. no one was hurt. residents in parts of philadelphia say they're tired of coming home to garbage left on the streets by trash crews running behind schedule. nbc 10 found these piles in kensington and north philadelphia. the city tells us with the recent snow and ice it's tough for crews to do their jobs on time. the city streets department has issued an apology on its facebook page for the delays. we're also told crews do plan on hitting areas of kensington sometime today. 6:38 right now. let's take a live look outside and find out what's to come today and tomorrow as we track that slow moving snow, bill? >> yeah, it is taking its time, but it is making progress moving into the poconos mountains. seeing very light snowfall along with the man made snowfall right
6:39 am
now. that snowfall i'm tracking also made it into burkes county and the lee high valley. there will be some rain drops rather than snowflakes, and the temperatures will by climbing. but that all changes tonight. any rain showers to start with will then change to steady snow overnight tonight and accumulating snow making for a messy commute tomorrow morning. this is an issue as no is falling and accumulating. it is coming down and falling into temperatures that are in the 20s this morning. cold enough to support accumulation. it's going to be some time for it to move into the rest of the area. but there is a chance you'll see some light snowfall. in fact, it's just showing up on the radar now just to the northwest of coatesville. earlier this morning was reporting a few snow flurries. the snow chances for philadelphia today, minimal at
6:40 am
9:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. but this evening look at it wrapping up into tomorrow morning. for reading and allentown, we're starting off with some snow. still going at 9:00, likely get a break during the day, and the next batch overnight into tomorrow morning. for the shore and the delaware beaches, unlikely to see any snowfall today. a minimal chance this afternoon. might be even a rain drop this afternoon and early this evening. and 3:00 tomorrow morning, still be waiting in most neighborhoods on the coast and for some snow. new jersey and central delaware not a big chance during the day today. you'll have to wait for tomorrow morning to see that steady air move in. but with it coming overnight tonight, this is when we're going to see that accumulation for most of the area. it pushes the snow out of here, and by wednesday evening the snow will be done but it's going to be colder tomorrow afternoon. 3 inches in pottstown, 3 inches
6:41 am
in allentown. that stays on the ground unless it's shoveled or treated or plowed. and that's going to make for some messy commutes. today it's going to be dry in philadelphia for the morning commute. but this afternoon snow north and west and philadelphia mostly cloudy and 36 degrees. that changes tomorrow morning. we'll get that light accumulating snow, and it's still on the ground for later tomorrow afternoon. there is a warmup on the way. i've got your ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> thanks for that. let's get you to work and a check on route 22. >> good morning, guys. and just watching for some dusting of snow on some of the roads here. you can see that off into the shoulders we're starting to see some of that. traffic is starting to move a little slow here right along route 22. backing up pretty far into new jersey and back to the 42 freeway right now. before we get to this split because there's an accident on the bottom of the walt wittman
6:42 am
bridge, and we have some lanes blocked there, so we're seeing a pretty big slow down with that. 22 minutes right now from the northbound side from 55 headed to the walt whitman drive, which is typically a four or five-minute trip. give yourself a lot of time if you're heading out the door right now. the pharmacy chain's new promise to customers about the ads they'll see inside. a hi-tech upgrade did not offer this sports fan the experience he expected. and when he could not get a refund, you know what he did. he called harry hairston for help. we'll tell you what happened coming up next.
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with dunkin' deals, get a $2 medium latte from 2 to 6 pm. looks like it's latte o'clock. time for a rich, creamy afternoon pick-me-up with a $2 medium latte from 2 to 6 pm. america runs on dunkin'.
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it's 6:45. pharmacy giant cvs is eliminating major photo tough up in his ads for beauty products. this is the digitally altered photo you see most of the time. the second photo is what you'll see starting in april with moles and wrinkles and all. the president of cvs says women and girls feel like they have to live up unrealistic images. >> a montgomery county woman says she expected a quick trip to the airport. >> however, her uber driver behaved so erratically she not only missed her flight but got stranded on the side of the road. she filed a lawsuit yesterday the incident that happened this past june. she claims her driver became paranoid and verbally abusive. and 15 minutes into the right the driver pulled over and left her at the base of the pennsylvania turnpike on route 309. she thinks the driver was under
6:47 am
the influence. >> when you get an uber you think you're getting a safe service, and that was not what happened to me. >> uber says it won't comment on legal matters but says the driver has been suspended. now to nbc 10 responds. a viewer says he found the perfect piece of equipment to complete his so-called man cave. >> right, it was an audio receiver he was excited about until it went on the blink more than once. so he contacted nbc responds for help. >> reporter: he says when he wants to get away from it all he finds solace in his man cave. morris tells us to enhance his void yo and audio pleasure he spent more than $125 on a world class receiver. >> it worked for five months and then it crashed. >> the item came with this two-year warranty so he got it repaired free of charge. but the problem didn't go away.
6:48 am
>> within a matter of a few weeks it crashed again. >> reporter: now he wanted a refund. he hemailed the art of the sound, the bass store when he purchased the receiver. he said he didn't like the owner's response. >> he said he's waiting for his money from the manufacturing. >> reporter: he was waiting for the manufacturing to first reimburse him so he could pass the refund along to morris. >> morris said he request adrefund four times over a three month period but still no refund. so he contacted nbc 10 responds. >> i was setup and i wanted a refund. and i wanted it as soon as possible. >> reporter: so right away we went to work for morris. first we went over all his supporting documents checking the receipts and the details of his warranty. and then we reached out to the company. the company apologized for the delay and within a day issued morris a full refund. >> without nbc 10 responds i don't know that it would have been possible. i mean it really made a
6:49 am
difference. >> now, if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds just let us know. the best way to reach us right there on your screen, and we will respond to you. all right, let's talk about the snow. ten minutes before 7:00, we're tracking snow as it begins to fall in our area. a viewer just sent these pictures. you see a coating of snow on that truck on and the grass. bill henley is tracking how much you'll see in your neighborhood over the next 24 hours. >> eventually well-all get it. we're just now seeing some steadier see make it to camelback mountain. meantime it's already been snow falling in reading. you can see the lens is damp on the view from the fire tower camera in reading. the snow is falling into colder temperatures, cold enough for accumulation in the suburbs especially in burkes county and
6:50 am
lee high valley. 26 in white hall township. so it's just snow coming down in these neighborhoods. and you can see into chester county right now, that steady, light snowfall is most likely to stay north and west this morning and into this afternoon. the suburbs, you'll see some scattered snow showers but especially in the lee high valley and beyond. this is just the first part of the system that's going to eventually swing into the rest of the area. but that's not going to happen until tonight for many neighborhoods. here's a portionf the system still to the west and a very slow mover. our first alert is until noon tomorrow. so that's a long period. that's more than 24 hours. tracking those snow showers this morning, some accumulating snow we've seen in those pictures. thank you for sending them in. some snow moving in, but it's not going to make much more progress than that. some rain tracking in going to
6:51 am
make for a slippery commute tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon the rain will be drying up but by then we have got 3 to 4 inches. in the suburbs less, 1 to 2 inches. some rain will turn to snow. and that's why we're going to see an inch or less into central and southern delaware, even less likely likely to see that snow accumulation. we will see warmer air at the end of the week. that chance of warm air, snow will continue into the lee high valley this morning. that snow comes in and it will be falling and accumulating tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon will be drying out, and then we will see sunshine on thursday. and here begins the warmup.
6:52 am
near 40 on thursday. into the 40s on friday. dry and mild, too. 57 the high on sunday. rain showers hold off until monday, and we get a break from the rain and bitter cold on tuesday and wednesday. >> time for a check on it traffic. jessica boyington a look at the walt wittman this morning. so, we're watching a crash there. it's the westbound side where we have lanes blocked approaching the bridge. all taway to new jersey down the 42 freeway and beyond that point. so now our drive times are pretty bad. now it's at 22 minutes. speeds are into the teens there, too. so that's going to stop a lot of people if they're trying to get to the philadelphia area. of course it's going to take you a while to get past that scene,
6:53 am
too, if you're heading up the 42 freeway. so getting there is going to be the issue. what i would do is take the white horse pike, go to route 130 and head up that way towards the ben franklin bridge instead, so you can kind of bypass this scene. or if you don't need to get to any of the bridges, and you just need to get the freeway, maybe take the black hall pike, too. updates on that when i come back. that's clayton the dog barking at friendly faces. he looks like he sees someone he knows. these eagles players on tv wearing those underdog masks kind of confusing to the fellow. clayton's owner sent us this video through the nbc app. he's like hey, that's buddy.
6:54 am
how did he get to ticket to the game? >> analysts are favoring the opponent for the second straight day at the link. fans started oring dog masks from amazon and costume shops across the region. they're also expected to buy up t-shirts with dog related messages like this one. they're donating the proceeds to philadelphia public schools. >> we'll see where it goes. and it's going. wild. >> yeah, everybody's calling about the dogs. i can get you some dalmatians, some boxers. probably some rin tin tin, some lassie. it's a dog. and since we're underdogs, they're going crazy for it. >> eagles fans can wear dogs mask to the link but only after they pass through security. we'll be right back
6:55 am
,000 deaths in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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6:58 am
. jury selection begins today in the federal corruption trial of allentown mayor ed pulousky. accused of taking more than $150,000 in campaign contributions in exchange interest city business. he's pleaded not guilty. the democrat will take the oath of office to succeed republican governor chris christie. >> starting today septa no longer accepts medicare cards for free and reduced rides. septa will control to accept pennsylvania driver's license and i.d.s with magnetic stripes for those free and reduced rides. sign-up for alerts. the game at the link is sunday
6:59 am
night. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a last check of the roads. right now both directions flow near route 22 and 176. so watching some slippery spots and lot of crashes reported there. looks like we're seeing some relief and delay reported westbound on the walt wittman bridge because of accidents reported there. first alert for up accumulating, this first snow arriving just on time and as expected. that light snow is accumulating even into chester county this morning and is just coming into portions of bucks county and upper montgomery county. it's going to take some time, but everyone is going to see snow out of this. most of the snow comes in over night tonight. during the day today those 20s and 30s, some neighborhoods will warm up into the low 40s for delaware. so a chance of low sprinkles
7:00 am
during the day there. but in the meantime it's snow for the lee high valley. >> thanks for watching. good morning. house of horrors. 13 siblings in california allegedly held captive in their own home. some of them shackled and starved. a 17-year-old girl who escaped leading police to the disturbing scene. >> it's heartbreaking. it's unbelievable what you see. >> this morning, the parents in custody and investigation launched. treacherous travel. more than 100 million people facing a new round of hazardous snow and ice from texas to maine. al has all you need to know. in the hot seat. former white house strategist steve bannon heading to capit


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