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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 17, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. wintery weather outside means a messy commute ahead. a mix of snow and rain is falling across the area. what you see outside your window all depends on where you live. good morning, we have you covered. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm dray clark. there are now more than 100 schools closed or delayed because of the slick conditions this morning. the full list is available on nbc 10. we have your first alert team coverage so you can expeknow who expect when you head out the door. >> the rains over night have been changing slowly to snow. we have a first alert for snow a not because of its intensity. we're not expecting a lot of heavy snow, but it's going to lead to slippery roads during the commute. pennsylvania roads where it's
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been colder, that's where we've been seeing the snow falling overnight. i've just added delaware, and new castle and it's trending colder and a first alert right now. we will see this one easing off during the afternoon. overnight, the snow has made a lot of progress. it was stuck way to the north and west yesterday in the lee high valley but is now moving into the south jersey. it first arrived in allentown and reading where it's still coming down and accumulate. but look at delaware right now. you can see that little bit where it's a little bit colder coming into wilmington to northwestern new castle county. and wilmington has just dropped down to 32 degrees. lee high valley is still above freezing in philadelphia and south jersey. there will be some limited accumulation in these neighborhoods. but the worst of it is going to
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be avoiding philadelphia and south jersey. we'll break it down hour by hour with your future cast coming up. but first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we have a crash and closer. closed around street road. the southbound side closed around park avenue. an accident with three vehicles involved there. watching the schuylkill expressway, too, they moved this off into the shoulder because it was blocking the lanes here. so now off into the shoulder of the westbound side weave a disabled truck it looks like. we're seeing lots of this stuff and having to move it off into the it shoulders as well. but the delays on the scene there are pretty much gone, following an earlier crash on the 95 southbound side, we're starting to see a pretty big increase in these drive times. that accident scene is around gerard avenue. >> thank you, jessica.
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it is snowing right now in the lee high valley. here's a live look at allentown where plows and salt trucks have been busy. and coming up matt delucia will check in with plow drivers and salt trucks on the roads. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal is live in westchester. and what can you tell us about the conditions where you are this morning. >> reporter: hey, it's been snowing here for a few hours. it's not that rain mix you've seen in south philly. crews out wushlgiorking hard to that snow. they are asking people if at all possible to delay your commute because the roads are pretty slippery. when you do get out and leave the house your car is going to be covered in the western and northern suburbs especially. but the good news are the roads are not sticking too much, wet
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that's for sure and slippery. they're being dealt with by these crews who are working around the clock. here in westchester, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> you can track the snow and when it will end on our free nbc 10 app. our interactive radar shows you what's happening in your neighborhood plus you get weather and traffic alerts. two brothers are among the latest victims of gun violence in philadelphia. we're told they may have been targeted last night in retaliation for a street fight. witnesses tell police they saw three young men approach the 15-year-old boys, and moments later they say they heard five gunshots. a bullet hit one brother in the face. both were in critical condition at the hospital last night. police have not made any arrests. it's 6:04. for allentown's mayor the wait to defend himself against corruption charges is just about over. they whittled down the group of
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70 jurors to just 12 yesterday. prosecutors say ed pulousky benefitted from a play to pay scheme involving allentown city contracts and campaign donations. the u.s. navy plans to file criminal charges against the commanders of two ships involved in deadly crashes. one of those crashes took the life of a south jersey sailor. an admiral said their actions amount to abandoning their duties and negligent mchls this past june the uss fitzgerald slammed into a ship off the coast of japan. that killed seven sailors. and two months later the uss john mccain collided with an oil tanker. smith was an electronic technician thirty-third class onboard that ship. the white house says president trump is in good condition and cognitive health but he would benefit from a
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better diet. he says his cardiac health is excellent and mental acuity is very sharp. jackson also said yesterday the president is indeed fit for the presidency despite other claims. the president's mental health was one of the many topics discussed in the book "fire and fury" inside the trump white house. wolff held an a q & a session. the white house wants to bypass the supreme court and take the daca case right to federal court. daca protects immigrants protto u.s. as children. yesterday the trump administration said it will push to the supreme court the quick action on daca. however the high court almost thev agrees to hear cases before federal appeals courts weigh in. and taking a look now live
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outside at i-95 in south philadelphia. you can see snow falling right there on our camera this morning in south philly. and here's a live look from the ground in chestnut hill. first alert meteorologist bill henley has your first accurate forecast for your neighborhood. and those roads surely becoming a mess this morning. >> yeah, chestnut hill gets a little bit colder than center city. so you can see that accumulation on the roadway. meantime center city is kind of missing out. there are a few snowflakes, but it's mainly been rain overnight, but it is warmer in center city. that's normal, but it is melting as it comes down. but the temperature is slowly falling. not going to get cold enough for a scene like this. for camelback mountain, they have 7 plus inches on the ground this morning. we are getting our share. it's a very light snowfall in south philadelphia.
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in new jersey is snow has slowly been making its way into new jersey. this was just getting rain overnight. the temperatures have been above freezing in south jersey and especially towards the shore where there's only rain this morning. off towards the north and west, that's been steady snowfall for much of the night for allentown and reading and into the suburbs as well. we will see more accumulation even into delaware as well. the temperatures have been clearing up. it temperatures will slowly cool down the air temperature. and then the ground gets cold enough to support that midwintery mix, that slushy condition that we were seeing in chestnut hill this morning. this will come to an end this morning. we will see some sunshine later today. meteorologist crystal cline is standing by with an update.
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>> we're starting with the areas getting the most snow, which is over the poconos and view from camelback mountain. but this is light snow. seeing reports of 3 to 5 inches. for the rest of us, though, many of us only half an inch or an inch at best in pennsylvania neighborhoods or just rain so far in south jersey and delaware. there's the setup we're currently dealing with. this is just one computer model's forecast. i want to show you a tight view of some of our neighborhoods forecast here. snow already falling and it's going to continue as we go through that 9:00 a.m. hour. notice the coloration here. it's a pretty light blue purple. that indicates a light snow, but regardless this is 9:00 a.m. this is in the peak of our commute time. is it heavy snow, no. but is it going to be an annoyance and slow you down on your way to work or school, yes.
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temperatures going to be right near freezing as we go through noon and lunchtime. everything is starting to thin and start to move out down to the south and east. so from noon into the afternoon hours there's just nothing left for us. the evening commute should be fine as you head home, but it will be quite cold. and few wet spots could still be a little slippery still. so you have to watch out for that. but you'll no longer need those windshield wipers. the areas in white that's a rain to snow mix. the shore likely everything will melt on those roads. they're a little too warm. the areas in pink, one inch or less. so this is from mercer to philly down to wilmington and new castle county for snow totals. ask that includes berks county as well as the lee high valley. already 3 to 5 inches already reported in some of the poconos.
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reading up to allentown, pottstown over to richland and eastland all in that 1 to 3 zone. perksy the same. in abington to morristown and that change over farther south. >> when we came on the air at 4:00 this morning a lot of roads were wet but now they're snow covered and very slippery. >> she has first alert traffic for you this morning, jessica. >> i feel like the roads are actually a little bit worse when there's less snow when it's a morn like today because everyone still goes out. a lot of cars are on the roads and that causes a lot of problems. we're watching a few of them. 95 on gerard avenue is the first one. the drive time is already hiked
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up there, and it's probably going to stay there theiat leas through the morning commute. also watching a vehicle fire right around green street. now, probably weather related here. a crash right around lincoln avenue and a road closure out in ben salem because of a crash here that is closed around creek road and on the southbound side closed around park avenue. a predator and the monster that's how our nation's elite gymnasts are describing their former team doctor. >> i have experienced flashbacks and nagt mares of the abuse. >> next dr. larry nasser's reaction as his victims detail the abuse he carried on for decades. also this morning worried about a win? well, philadelphia police are concerned there could be a rowdy party in the streets if the eagles are victorious on sunday night. so coming up at 6:30 their warning to business owners and
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this is live look at allentown, the lee high valley this morning and nbc 10's matt delucia is there live. and as of an hour ago he was using his trusty ruler telling us there's about an inch and a half of snow on the ground. shame, disgust and self-hatred, just some of the feelings gymnasts say their usa doctor caused them. >> without they knowledge and consent i engaged in my first sexual experience by
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kindergarte kindergarten. >> this is just one of the many accusers to continue today. >> tracy, the woman you just heard from there asked the judge to make sure that larry nasser would never be free to hurt anyone ever again. her testimony was moving. nasser, the former gymnastics doctor was a friend of the family. he said his actions tore them apart. she looked right at master and told him he convinced her parents she was leeing aboying abuse. nasser never looked at her and instead he sat quietly hiding his face with his hands, at times visibly shaking as his victims detailed how his abuse changed their lives. she was one of the first nearly 100 victims who will give their
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testimony. they were not in the courtroom for a second straight day in that michigan courtroom, nasser set to hear from the people he hurt. >> i listen to you tell me no one should ever do that, and if they do you should tell someone. well, larry, not to tell someone but to tell everyone. >> another victim testified that she too often thinks of suicide. nasser is facing a maximum of 125 years in prison. that's on top of a 60-year sentence for possessing child pornography. >> all right, thank you, pamela. while we continue to watch road conditions this morning as they are going from bad to worse in some areas pause of the snow. >> in some areas, and we have
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you covered with where it's wet, where it's slushy, what's happening on the overpasses and on-ramps and off-ramps. jessica always warns us those are the first to get really slick. >> that's what always happens especially on day like this where you can't necessarily see a huge accumulation of snow immediately. this kind of stuff happens. 95 right around gerard avenue a crash off to shoulder now that was off in the left-hand lane before. the drive time really hasn't moved, though, still 29 minutes. more cars heading up from wood haven road to the vine speeds still up into the 20s. another crash on east county road right around lincoln avenue. and in ben salem another crash where we have a route closure. 13 southbound closed around park avenue. so clearly a lot of crashes to
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contend with this morning and some speed restricts too parts of the new jersey turnpike as well, and bridges are the first to freeze first. so remember that slippery on the on and off-ramps and the bridges. you want to go slower. >> so the snow isn't stopping these people. take a look at this video we got this morning. getting their work out in. be saw them jogging carefully. by this afternoon you guys will have sunshine, but it looks like you have dedicated runners slash joggers still. >> it's going to be cold all day long including in the lee high valley. this is where we're seeing our colder temperatures and very light snowfall but still coming down in the lee high valley. cape may, that's just rain. streets are damp from the rain overnight. right now we're seeing interior
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new jersey right around freezing. this is down in the last hour. the atmosphere is slely cooling down. first the air cools down and then the ground actually cools down and we'll see some accumulation like we're seeing in chestnut hill. 30s for much of the area, but now in berks county most areas in the 20s. fleetwood, reading, hope town township, those are all going to stay on the ground unless treated or shoveled. bethlehem at 31 degrees. we will see some breaks of sunshine through the clouds this afternoon. this morning that is snow. that is light snow that is falling, and it is now spread across the suburbs into delaware, and it is inching into new jersey as well. and eventually they'll sweep that rainout of the picture for south jersey. there are some thin spots, so you'll see some breaks in precipitation. we're only looking at light snowfall. this is not a big storm but it's the timing of it and the
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slippery conditions for the morning commute, why we've issued a first alert for our area. we're tracking rain and snow, but the snow is taking over from west to east. so we'll see less and less neighborhoods getting rain. the slippery morning commute especially on bridges and overpasses. those will be the first to cool down. then we'll get that gradual cooling this afternoon. for philadelphia snow showers at 8:00, dry at lunchtime and the snow will be done in the suburbs by noontime. staying in the 20s this afternoon for the suburbsch a. and a break or two of sunshine after the morning snow comes to an end. for delaware snowing right now. it's going to be snowing at 8:00 but just cloudy skies at lunchtime and delaware and new jersey. the clouds will thin for some breaks of sunshine later on in the day. the jersey shore mostly cloudy. you'll see some flurries but no accumulating snowfall at the shore. there are warmer and dryer days
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ahead. and actually, they start tomorrow. after a cold morning, 38 degrees for thursday. it's a warming trend that will continue right on through the weekend. look at those beautiful weekend temperatures. 55 degrees on sunday, and it's going to be fair weather for the eagles, vikings game on sunday night. we'll be right back.
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it's 6:26. it says it hope tuesday drive safe access to medical marijuana once it becomes available in the next three months. a community made a show of support for a beloved member who was ousted from his position as ambassador of norris town. hank cisco took over the position nine years ago, but earlier this month city council members decided not to reappoint the 94-year-old. his supporters flooded the
6:27 am
council meeting demanding that cisco be reinstated. while council members reversed their decision and decided to keep cisco for another year. coming up high tech help. local police creating a suspect sketch even though no one ever saw him. the key to the process next.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. the back half of a slow moving winter storm is bringing shovel worthy snow to parts of our area this morning. this is live look from allentown there. but the farther east you go like here in philadelphia, your chance of a winter wonderland, well, it starts to drop. and the jersey shore will mostly dodge this one. neighborhoods there may only see just a few flakes. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm dray clark. >> and i'm tracy davidson.
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the winter weather has almost 250 schools closed or delayed this morning. nbc 10 is keeping you updated online and on-air as the system moves through. we have live team coverage in the first alert weather and traffic centers and in our neighborhoods expecting the most snow. we gin with meteorologist bill henley. >> this snow moving maker is taking aim on our morning commute. it's not heavy snow. it's not a bad winter storm but just enough to make for slippery roads. the most slipping and sliding expected in the pennsylvania neighborhoods and into northern delaware where snow has started falling a couple hours ago and the temperatures have been dropping. it comes to an end at 10:00 this morning. and those slippery roads for the morning commute will be less slippery later today if the roads are treated or if you do a little shoveling, it's going to stay cold through the day today. so what's on the ground is going to stay on the ground in allentown. that's a live from allentown
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this morning. accumulating snow we saw it start in the lee high valley and berks county. it started as rain in the suburbs but look now. the rain snow line is over new jersey. that's the colder air that's pushing in. so we're seeing snow also in new jersey. seeing some warmer roads there. there will be some accumulation, but it's going to be lighter than what we're seeing in pennsylvania and northern delaware. the temperatures has been cooling down slowly. we're seeing some temperatures cold enough in philadelphia, too, for some accumulation in park side and chestnut hill. that number will continue to come down. so we've got more snow on the way this morning. but it will be ending later this morning we'll walk you through it later by hour with the future cast just ahead. but first jessica boyington has an update on the roads. >> we've had this continuing problem for the better part of
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the commute right now. this accident scene over to the shoulder now. 32 minutes for the total drive time which we're at 25 minutes or so. so not too bad considering we have a bit of extra stuff going on with the roads this morning. southbound to the vine speeds still into the 20s, too. so not moving too quick out there. a few accidents out in cheltenham and ashburn road. you can see it looks like some snow has started to accumulate in some parts, but a lot of it still looks to be wet. watch the on and off-ramp and taking any sharp turns anywhere. >> from south jersey we show you westchester. when we checked in with nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal earlier we saw people shoveling snow from their sidewalks. our team coverage continues now in the lee high valley. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live
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in allentown. and matt, how are conditions there this morning? >> reporter: well, dray and tracy, good morning to you. in the last hour we have seen the snow start to slow a little bit. it is still falling but not as steady as it was an hour ago. but right here in cedar crest boulevard you can see the slush on the roadways even though we have seen a steady stream of plow trucks and salt trucks making there way through the area. plows have been very busy because we have been talking to people this morning who still have to go to work. we have seen a couple of cars even slip and slide around this area here heading into this parking lot where we are right now. i've been talking to some of the plow drivers. they've said they've been busy. here's one who's been busy since 3:00 this morning and a nurse who has to head to work. >> a little slippery.
6:35 am
once the snow is cleared off and ice is off, i'd say be careful. >> they're not bad. i was on the highway and up to get gas. >> reporter: so you still have to work today? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: so she is nurse. so she and many others who work at hospitals have to head into work this morning. at 5:30 when i last saw you, we had just about two inches of snow. the people here very busy shoveling and plowing here in allentown town and the lee high valley. for now live, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> and you can track the snow and when it will end right on your phone. our live interactive radar shows you what's happening in your neighborhood. plus you can get weather and traffic alerts. 6:35. topping the local headlines for you this morning, the parents of a murdered penn student believe their son was the victim of a hate crime because he was gay. the statement came after a
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report outlined the details how and why bernstein was kill. police arrested woodward on friday. the report says woodward stabbed bernstein more than 20 times while he was home from winter break in california. investigators in montgomery county are now turning to new technology to help them find a man who sexually assaulted a jogger last summer. investigators hope the technology called phenotyping will help them find the man wanted for an attack in norris town about five months ago. using dna from the suspect investigators were able to put together information of what they think he looks like. phenotyping offers only an approximation of what the suspect looks like. it has led to some hesitation from the aclu which fears showing the images could lead to racial profiling. we have learned new details
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about a barbershop shooting that has left a good samaritan fighting for his life. >> police released this surveillance video yesterday. it shows him falling to the ground after being shot. they eventually run away and drive off in a light blue car with a dent in the passenger side door. frasier's aunt tells us he didn't deserve this. >> i feel like the people that did this are pure evil. he doesn't deserve to be up there fighting like he's doing. but i'm glad he's still fighting. >> frasier is in critical but stable condition. uncooperative comments from steve bannon made lawmakers offer a rare subpoena. in response lawmakers got a subpoena to compel him to testify before the house intelligence committee. the panel was investigating russia interference in the 2016
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election. 6:37 right now. 34 degrees in philadelphia. different conditions depending on where you live. we've been seeing that all morning. here's a live look at camelback. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate forecast. >> i love this scene for the skiers. they got up to 5 inches for the mountains so far. this is chestnut hill. look at that snowy scene. there is some slushy accumulation on the roadways and swabs this morning. it's why we've issued a first alert because of the timing of this system. that's light snow falling in philadelphia. but there are sml areas getting a little bit steadier snow into burlington county, too. the cold air is winning out with this one. it's pushing into new jersey, so it is all snow now from northern delaware to philadelphia, the
6:39 am
northern western suburbs and eventually you get some snow at the shore as well. and eventually this is all going to come to an end. we will be drying out this afternoon. temperatures still above freezing for port richmond, tars dale, and bustleten, but here's where we're going to get more accumulation. these neighborhoods we'll see the temperatures come down as well. but that's going to be happening as the snow starts to ease off. the end time it's a little bit different depending on where you are. meteorologist crystal standing by with when you can expect the snow to come to an end in your neighborhood. >> we're seeing a lot of variation from neighborhood to neighborhood. and one of those right through philadelphia county to chestnut hill. and you can see the flakes coming down right now, but it's kind of a wet snow. and the roadways themselves look more wet than icy. the roadways are still a little warm, but you can tell the slick
6:40 am
spots still in place. not a ton of snow but snow at a very inconvenient time. as soon as the morning commute is over, that's when it comes to a close. lee high valley, berks county the snow should start to fizzle out at 10:00 a.m. the way it started is the way it will end. so it's going to pull out of south jersey and southern delaware by lunchtime. in the afternoon everyone should be fairly dry. in fact, maybe a lingering flurry or light rain shower up against the coastal points. let's talk about snow intensity. as we continue through the rest of our morning hours, we're not going to see that this up tick at all. it's just that we keep with a light snow right through our morning commute time, and there it drops off as we get into the late morning hours. the areas in white, this is the least amount of snow we'll see. and at this point a lot of it the snow that has fallen in south jersey actually melts.
6:41 am
the areas in think that'll be about one inch. one to three inches and upper bucks and parts of chester and lee high, flurries are possible as we get to the northern most edge of our area. >> we do have those tricky and slippery road conditions this morning, but fortunately we haven't heard any major accidents this morning. >> this is live picture. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching interest trouble spots for you just to give you a heads up for the trouble spots and conditions out there. jessica? >> dray and tracy, we are seeing some trouble spots, but it's not looking like it when you first look at the roads. when uric look out your window or heading out the door you might say not a lot stuff going on, i'll be fine. not necessarily. on the back roads and secondary
6:42 am
streets we're seeing a lot of accidents there, too. on gerard i'm watching here because we've had crash we've been watching on the southbound side for quite some time. some of the crash cleared out of way but speeds still in the 20s. speed restrictions only on the walt whitman down to 35 miles per hour. you want to go slow there in case that's a bit slippery. that's nice and clear, too. so we're watching a few crashes because of this whether also. on east county line road right around lincoln avenue and i'll stop right around here on ben salem where we have a route closed on 13. there is a new push to create another u.s. state. >> next a new movement to split up california. plus we're all rooting for the
6:43 am
eagles to win, but philadelphia police are worried about fan sell breaks as well. next their advice to neighbors and businesses. and just call me storm ranger steve. i'm out here live in montgomery county right now with our storm ranger truck. we're tracking snow down to your street level. i'll be back to show you that and the conditions right here as we track the snow.
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the nbc 10 first alert radar is tracking that line of snow and rain as it cuts through the region this morning. >> and nbc 10 meteorologist steve sosna is live in collegeville with storm ranger 10, our mobile radar on wheels that gives us an accurate
6:47 am
picture of what's happening. show us and tell us more. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. we are here in collegeville in montgomery county. if you head about 30 miles northwest of philadelphia you'll find this location. and wave been seeing steady snow. we actually saw the rain, snow change over when we commuted out here. let's take a look at some of the video i captured, and what storm ranger is doing is looking for targets. those targets could be rain drops, no flakes, hailstones. in this particular case we're looking for snowflakes. and as you can see storm ranger scanning the sky looking for those. so let's look at the radar right now to see what kind of data we're getting. and remember this is in realtime street level. and we're look at that snow coming down in limerick,
6:48 am
pottsville, that snow is again a very cakey snow. while this is not a major storm, it's another jab of winter we're receiving here in a winter we've already seen 6 more inches of snow than we usually would see at this point. we're seeing this cakey snow, that again it's not your main roads but your bridges and overpasses, any structure that air above it or underneath, it acts like air-conditioning and that's what makes those surfaces so slippery. remember you can always get that information from storm ranger on the nbc 10 app. 6:48 right now. switch gears. snow now at the links. it will be in the 50s by sunday's showdown with the vikings. now, for thousandess of eagless just wasn't their fastest
6:49 am
yesterday. >> in 30 seconds tickets disappeared for ticket master yesterday. meanwhile police are urging bars and restaurants known for sell breaks brasions. they want bar tuesday avoid beer bottles and put alcohol in plastic cups. police are reminding stores to lock up their gates if they will be closed on game night because fans are ready for a really big celebration if the team should beat the vikings. as the excitement builds for sand's game, nbc 10 has you covered with exclusive pregame show. join us for special eagles coverage, and then it's game day. join nbc 10 starting at 10:00 for exclusive coverage all day
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long. it's ten before 7:00. trending this morning twitter ignited after this fireball lit up the sky in the detroit area. many saying they also heard a loud boom last night. the national weather service says it was likely a meteor. also trending, new california is taking the first step to become america's 51st state. >> the founders of new california issued their own declaration of independence. this is how they want the current state of california to actually split up. you can see there in the yellow. everything outside of the yellow would be considered new california. the founders say they want to separate because california has become ungovernable. experts say the idea, well, it's a long shot. >> let's show you outside. we've been showing you live pictures all morning long brash a , and this is steady snow coming
6:51 am
down in allentown. >> the winds has been blowing, so that snow has been steadily spreading into the area. you can see the flags in center city not particularly snowing here, but we're getting some snow into the city and delaware. still seeing some rainy streets. live view from the marquee to lafayette hotel. the temperatures still freezing into the shore. inland areas now getting cold enough to see some slushy accumulation making some slippery spots for delaware and the suburbs. look at the poconos mountains. they've got 5 inches. northern delaware, philadelphia and into new jersey, and there will be some slippery spots ipnew jersey, but there's still some rain. the snow has not reached the
6:52 am
jersey shore just yet. but it will end with some snowflakes at the shore. it will stay all snow, but it will end this morning for the lee high valley and suburbs. and this afternoon there may be some lingering snowflakes at the shore. still some snow ahead. there's still hours left of this light snowfall for us. it's a big system, but it will be clearing out later today. and then we've got some dryer air ahead. first alert until 10:00. we're tracking rain and snow, but the snow will win out. it's tracking west to east. then some afternoon clearing, some slow clearing this afternoon. 10:00, that snow for much of south jersey. as we go into the afternoon hours, we'll quickly be drying out, even get some late day sunshine. 50 degrees for the beginning. what a turn around. talk about the change in the weather for this eagles game coming up. halftime 48 degrees.
6:53 am
you're going to the game, no problem. clouds, yes, dry for the fourth quarter in south philadelphia. so bit of snow this morning, clearing this afternoon. sunshine and warmup begins tomorrow after a cold morning. 50s for the weekend. the next chance of showers doesn't come until next week, but no blast of cold air next week. we should remind you we have more than 250 schools closed. let's check on it road conditions for you. >> good morning, everyone heading out in the next few mints. don't be fooled. we're seeing a lot of problems. watching 422 around trooper road right here. eastbound pretty slow right now. doubling our drive time. 20 minutes right now from the schuylkill expressway. there was a crash from the schuylkill expressway near the city line avenue. that has since cleared, but we're seeing delays.
6:54 am
not too bad. 21 at the most on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine with speeds into the 30s. there's a crash right around wood lawn avenue. and end here with the bridges. speed restrictions alt walt whitman at 35 miles per hour. ♪ i can't stop the befeeling. >> tickets go on sale monday january 29th. and before timber lake can stop the store, he's playing the halftime. we'll be right back.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
6:58 am
a first alrlt in effect as snow and rain moves through our area. poconos expected to get the most snow. here's a live look at allentown now. there's already 2 1/2 inches on the ground here. roads are slushy. >> you can see stuck to sidewalks, bushes and grass in westchester. you can also see there's a sheen on the street making things slippery. a live picture from collegeville es to fall. so far there's a little over an inch on the ground. >> chestnut, philadelphia and wilmington not too much snow. but triple a warning drivers not
6:59 am
to fall in a a false sense of security. the roads are slippery. and the jersey shore, a few flakes will get there eventually. it looks like we have some plows or salt trucks here into the over shoulder. a little slow into center city, and also probably slow behind the opening of the tacoma bridge. other than that you can take the betsey ross bridge. that's a light snow falling over philadelphia. the temperatures are coming down, too. and that's why we're now seeing snow over much of new jersey. and eventually those rainy spots will disappear, too. accumulating snow in the city and delaware and even into new jersey. so some slippery spots. we're not looking at a lot of snow during the morning hour, but we will be looking at some sunshine later today.
7:00 am
>> we'll have local updates throughout the morning. >> stay safe out there. go slow. thanks for watching. "today" show starts right now. good morning. winter mess. nearly 60 million americans from florida to maine waking up to a dangerous commute this morning, as dumps snow, sleet and ice up and down the east coast. nearly 1,000 flights already canceled. accident piling up on the roads. and al's got the very latest. playing ball. nbc news learns steve bannon will cooperate with the russia probe after the special counsel subpoenas him. what does bannon have to tell investigators? we're live in washington. double-cross. the former cia officer arrested, suspected of giving highly classified information to the chinese government.


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