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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 17, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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there's decorations all over this place. but the real action is back there. the hoagies will be made to order on gameday. but if you want a bunch, plan ahead. >> do us a favor and let us know ahead of time so we can guarantee everything is perfect. >> reporter: they are already prepping for the food rush. >> extra breads, rolls, more meat. >> reporter: like fans across the region, they know sunday will be a big day. >> what's selling? >> pretty much anything that says eagles. banners, pendants, stars. >> reporter: at dino's party center, he's seeing the party prep firsthand as customer comes in for stuff to celebrate the birds. >> they don't just buy like 12 cups. they are buying 50 cups or 100 cups. they're buying multiple table covers or plates or balloons. >> they've reordered the popular
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pennants. if you want a nick foles quarterback balloon quarterback, you skran that, too. >> reporter: the delizio family is all dressed in eagles gear and anthony is noticing something about the customers. >> everyone is happier when the eagles are winning. you'll see those happy customers on sunday because being a big fan doesn't get him out of working that day. that gives him a little bit of time. they close here at 4:00 so it gives them a little time to get home before that game. and if you are prepping for your party, they have made some extra beef gravy, extra pork gravy, if you're making your own sandwiches. they can also make you something called hoagie dip, which i have not tried but it sounds pretty good. i'm lauren mayk. >> samples perhaps? taking a live look at lincoln financial field. the birds one win away from going to the super bowl.
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in the past couple of hours, we heard from the man who hopes to lead that team to victory. much of the credit for nick foles success in philadelphia belongs to his wife. >> nbc sports philadelphia's john clark joins us with more details on that. what's this about? >> that's always the way it is. >> yes, it should be. >> this really is a wild super bowl matchup. it's the first time two quarterbacks who didn't start the season will be playing each other to go to the super bowl. nick foles and the vikings quarterback were teammates with the rams two seasons ago and nick was benched for case keenum. look what they'll be playing for. these quarterbacks are playing for the nfc championship trophy. it is in the novacare complex. and after it didn't work out with the rams, nick foles thought about retiring but decided to keep going. he went to be andy reid's backup in kansas city and returned here to be a backup. now he's the quarterback that can lead the birds to the super bowl. can you believe it? >> a couple years ooh and i've
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said this, there's some point where we all finish playing this game. and i had to take a week off, a week after, you know, when i was a free agent to think about it. it's the best thing that ever happened. i have a family. a wife, a daughter, a dog. i had to step back and focus on that. that's so important to me. i'm so fortunate to have my wife there to talk these things through. in these moments where we're, you know, playing for this championship game. you do reflect. a few days ago you just sit there. i talked with my wife, how blessed we are to be in this moment. >> that is really cool. carson wentz is the starting quarterback for this eagles team but carson is in there every day in the meeting rooms with nick fole es and supporting him. now nick foles has the chance to do something nobody has ever done in the history of this city. that's be the quarterback of a super bowl champion. i'm john clark. a lot more for you at 5:00. >> seems to have great perspective on it. stepping back and taking stock of what's happened to him. >> and what's important. >> soak it in a little bit.
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>> john, thanks. count on nbc 10 for exclusive pregame shows leading up to the big game. join us friday and saturday night at 7:00 for special eagles coverage. nbc 10 is where the action is sunday. you know that. eagles game plan kicks things off at 10:00 a.m. followed by eagles gameday kickoff at 10:30 and the playoff special at 11:00. then after the game, nbc news playoff special, plus eagles gameday final after nbc 10 news at 11:00. we have you covered. more snow for parts of our region. >> speaking of coverage. this time berks county got the most. people there woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground. made for a wintry scene. enough snow to cancel school. the roads were just too dangerous. and neighbors helped each other clear those sidewalks. >> this one, i have been using a leaf blower. this is too much for the leaf blower but not enough to get the snow blower out. >> this time lapse from storm
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force ten shows how snowcovered the windy hills were at the height of the snowfall. a light day for people who had to shovel in montgomery county. this is the montgomery court apartments. just a couple passes is all it took. camel back mountain in the poconos. they're really excited about how much snow they got there. and the snow stopped now. still a threat for some refreezing tonight. >> first alert meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is joining us withior most accurate forecast. >> this cold air is coming in on those winds. the flags blowing. that's a west wind, and it's cold, and everything that is slushy or has been slushy is refreezing tonight because it's going to get real cold. it's going to stay cold through friday but, boy, do we have some much warmer weather coming over the weekend. the radar over the last six hours shows the last of the snow moving off south jersey.
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we did have some snow real close to the southern delaware border here but so far, it's staying just to the south in the delmarva. right now it's down to 26 degrees in philadelphia. when the snow was falling, closer to freezing. that's why it melted in and around the city. 21 in coatesville. blue bell. everything is going to ice up sharply. and in the areas that got the most snow in berks county, for example, reading is 23. leonardsville 21. mertztown 21. 25 in white hall. 22 walnutport. that is cold and we're just beginning. the sun hasn't even set yet. with the wind, it's feeling like the teens. it's going to feel like it is in the single digits in many areas by later tonight. i'll let you know when we start to warm up and have more on the eagles game forecast coming up.
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>> breaking news right now. the dow jones has closed above the 26,000 mark for the first time ever. this is a live look at the big board from the new york stock exchange. it surged above 26,000 yesterday before falling back down before the closing bell. experts are expecting a good year in the stock market in 2018. we are just three days from a potential government shutdown. >> republicans are trying to convince them on daca. that allows young people who were brought to this country illegally as children to stay here if they have a job or attend college. the latest bill is the fourth stop-gap bill since the end of the last fiscal year in september. unclear if it has enough lawmakers' support. ♪
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police arrested daca demonstrators here on capitol hill. officers took them away one by one without any incident. a national jewish organization was behind the peaceful protest. the northampton county district attorney is getting involved in the daca debate. d.a. morganelli is writing a letter to president trump with the hopes of getting a daca act approved. morganelli says it's the right thing to do for daca recipients with no criminal history. >> it's just plain wrong to penalize hundreds of thousands of folks who did nothing wrong. these are not people who knowingly violated our laws by entering the country illegally. and these are not people who have criminal records or came into the country for the purpose of committing crimes. >> lawmakers have to make a decision on the program by march when it's set to expire. tonight people come together for a candlelight vigil in an effort to demand lawmakers pass daca legislation.
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it will be held in allentown and reading. one will be at charlie dent's office. the other at representative lloyd smucker's office. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with philadelphia's suing drugmakers for their role in the opioid crisis. the pharmaceutical companies have created an unprecedented health crisis. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is joining us. explain why city leaders feel they have a case against these companies. >> the city outlined its argument here. more than 100 pages in this lawsuit. basically saying, and accusing the pharmaceutical companies of using deceptive practices to market those opioid s and not saying just how dangerous they can be. >> when i was like 15, 16, i broke my hand and had a plate put in it. and when i got out of the hospital, they prescribed me percoset. >> reporter: it was first used for his physical pain and then
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became used to numb something much deeper. >> doctors didn't warn me what could happen. >> reporter: addiction happened quickly for zachary and michael. >> took about two and a half years to destroy everything in my life. >> reporter: it started with a doctor's prescription and progressed to harn and other drugs. last year alone 1200 people died from overdoses in philadelphia. >> doctors were systematically given the false information about this. and that this drug was safe. >> reporter: it's a lawsuit against seven pharmaceutical companies that market these opioids. they are seeking millions to repay the costs with addressing this relentless epidemic. mvp recovery helped zach stay sober. he three months into the program. they hope lawsuits will at least help others from going down the
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dark road. >> knog what i know now, it's amazing. >> reporter: we contacted the pharmaceutical companies. they acknowledged the broader issue with opioid addiction in this country but they're not claiming any responsibility saying these drugs do work when used responsibly. you can go to our website and see each one of their responses. reporting live outside of city hall, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. walmart is hoping to tackle the opioid crisis with some big changes at the pharmacy counter. what you can expect the next time you pick up a prescription there. that's ahead at 4:40. former team usa gymnastics doctor nassa spent the day hearing story of woman he molested. one woman was not there and caught them by surprise. >> for the record go to hell. >> that's coach thomas brennan. his outburst came after the
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tearful testimony of one of his former athletes as she read her statement during nassar's testimony. brennan sent more than 100 girls to nassar for treatment. he never knew what the women said was happening behind closed doors. >> he didn't only deceive these girls. that's the worst of the worst is what he did to these girls. so they have the voice. but what you did to everybody else who trusted you and sent girls your way is disgusting. reprehensible. unforgivable. >> 150 women say nassar sexually abused them. he'll likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. the sentencing phase is expected to last through friday. usa gymnastics will not fine maroney if she speaks during nassar's trial. she's expected to tell her story during the trial. usa gymnastics said if she did,
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that would violate a nondisclosure agreement she signed in 2016 and threatened to fine her. no word yet if she still plans to talk at the trial. former white house chief strategist steve bannon will meet with robert -- special counsel robert mueller's investigators. bannon's expected to be interviewed by prosecutors instead of testifying before a grand jury. bannon appeared before the house intelligence committee yesterday but refused to answer questions. today dozens of protesters turned out for a hearing for a convicted cop killer abua jamal. this was the scene near the criminal justice center this morning. demonstrators calling on new district attorney larry krasner to release documents about castile's involvement in abu-jamal's case. he was a supreme court justice during his appeals process. >> a recent supreme court
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decision a year ago says you cannot have a judge sitting in judgment over a case where he had been the prosecutor in the case. there's a violation of due process and the right to a fair and unbiased tribunal. >> the d.a.'s office is asking for more time for the administration to review the case. there stb a status conference in 30 days. abu-jamal is serving a life sentence for killing officer daniel faulkner back in 1981. pennsylvania's supreme court heard arguments on whether the state's congressional districts were drawn up to benefit republicans. judges heard from both sides of the issue. the league of women voters argue the current maps intentionally discriminate against democratic voters. they say republican lawmakers drew lines that split up or ground democratic voters to ensure republican candidates would win elections. >> this current congressional map with its goofy kicking donald duck-type districts is
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one of the worst gerrymanders in american history and makes a mockery of a representative democracy. >> lawyers for republican leadership argue no laws were violated during the drawing of the districts. the court is expected to rule before the may primaries. a lawyer for the former attorney general in pennsylvania says the special prosecutor who investigated her had too much power. kathleen kane's attorney told that to a panel of judges today. kane resigned in 2016 after being convicted of perjury, obstruction and conspiracy. she is free on bail while her lawyers are hoping for a retrial or a dismissal of the charges. countdown is on to the olympic winter games. today we learned north and south korea will compete on the same team. south korea's president says it will create an historic moment at the games. north and south korea want to field a joint women's ice hockey team. this would be the koreas' first
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ever unified olympic team. nbc 10's keith jones is traveling to south korea for the winter olympic games. live coverage begins february 8th. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with brand-new video of rescue crews. a man drove into the water last sunday and left his girlfriend to die. syndny long spoke with neighbors and friends about her final moments. >> she joins us from burlington with more. >> reporter: this 24-year-old driver was driving on a suspended license but also speeding when he came around this curve and lost control. first striking a parked vehicle with people inside. they weren't hurt. it came down this hill, busted through the guard rail and quickly sank into the icy delaware river. trapped under water in temperatures below freezing and buckled in her seatbelt is how
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23-year-old stephanie white died in the delaware river. witnesses took these photos and cell phone video posted to facebook of the first responder efforts sunday to help rescue and revive her. >> we had firefighters in that water. we had responders in that water. they did everything they could do to try to save her life. >> reporter: but it was too late. >> i can't believe he was such a coward and left her there. >> reporter: police say white's own boyfriend jacob garrett was behind the wheel. he managed to get out of the water. then, without hesitation -- >> he left his girlfriend in the water to die. when he crashed the vehicle, he got out. says take care of my girlfriend and ran away. that's an offense in itself. >> reporter: a crane was used to lift the car from the river. police canine units tracked garrett to a train station in beverly. they say he was soaking wet when they cuffed him. >> he was always a bad seed. he'd come in here blasting his music. all of us call the cops all the time. >> reporter: white worked as a waitress to help her mom raise her younger foster brother.
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they collected evidence but can't say what caused the deadly plunge. >> was drugs involved? was alcohol involved? >> reporter: garrett is set to face a judge friday morning. >> i don't think they should let him go. >> why? >> he ran away from the scene. left her there. >> reporter: jacob garrett is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident, as well as a number of other charges. police and prosecutors tell me white's autopsy is being done today. we also did reach out to her loved ones earlier today but we have yet to hear back. live in burlington, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. turning to our weather, the snow may have let up, but it made for a tricky commute across the region. >> show you the scene hamilton and south 18th street in all allentown. drivers had to deal with snowy roads. the plows were also out in force to help everybody get around. we're glad the snow has moved out.
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it's still really kind of chilly out there. >> and it's going to get even chillier, jim. and any of the snow that became slush is going to be freezing. this is a live picture in allentown. you can see some of the snow right on the sidewalks but the streets are in decent shape. in wilmington, cloudy skies, but we don't really have any significant new snow around. we did see that one band of snow come through. this was about 4:00 this morning. and everybody got at least something but there was more snow in poconos, lehigh valley, as expected. and then we're just looking at the last flakes in the southeast corner of delaware. and that's about it. the snow totals, of course, highest in the poconos. up to 8 inches of snow. hamburg in berks county. 6 inches. n nazareth, 4.5. allentown, 3.1. as we get closer to
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philadelphia, there's less and less. mt. holly, 1.3. phoenixville, 1.6. collegeville, 2.0. and philly at the airport, 0.2 inches giving us 12.9, i believe, for the season so far. 26 degrees in philadelphia. it's cold. and we've got some wind. and there's plenty of snow on the ground in some areas. lehigh, berks county right now. and that leads to a cold night. some of the numbers in chester, bucks. west calin township. kenneth square. 24 in collegeville. 24 in hatfield and warrington. that is a computer error and newtown at 26 degrees. the wind continues out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. not quite as strong as it was this afternoon earlier. now we're going to be feeling
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this. single digits. feels like doyles town at 11:00 tonight. and that's what we're going to be seeing in many of the suburbs. the places that got snow this morning go to feels-like temperatures. during the day tomorrow, we're only getting into the mid-20s at least for the way it's going to feel. so it's going to be pretty cold all the way into friday. look at saturday. jumping up to 55 degrees. we've got sunshine for the next several days. how about that? and time for the eagles game. another day sunday. just as warm as saturday. kickoff temperature 50 degrees. and it doesn't even cool off much by the fourth quarter. quite a change from the last couple of games. >> a huge change from the past two weekends. looking forward to that, glenn. stomp your feet and clap your hands. >> but save your voice this sunday.
4:22 pm
>> yeah, they're fired up. we all are. still ahead, the steps doctors say eagles fans should take before screaming in the stands or at your tv. >> think that's going to happen? i'm not sure. a new pyramid scheme taking social media by storm. how more people are cheating each other out of money and why it's so hard to crack down on the illegal game. walking in his shoes. a stranger's random act of kindness that's helping a man weather the wint are. first the closing bell on wall street. the dow closed above 26,000 points for the first time in history.
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a random act of kindness.
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>> what caught my attention was the first boot being passed across the aisle. >> that's jessica bell. she was on the train when she noticed another passenger taking off his boots. and without saying a word, the man passed his boots to an older man sitting across the aisle. that man was wearing several pairs of blood-soaked socks and a pair of beat-up sneakers. he had just bought his boots but decided the man needed them more. >> i saw it and it bothered me he was out like that and no one even lifted a finger to say, here, man, go get you a pair of boots. >> just someone on public transportation who saw a need and decided they had the resources to fulfill that need. and they acted. >> anderson had no idea he would blow up on social media. he's thankful for all of the encouraging words from people who saw it. >> a lot of good people out there. after today's snow, we may
4:27 pm
see some icing tonight. >> but a big warm-up is on the way. glenn? >> yeah, from temperatures below freezing to 50s by the end of the week. i'm tracking the big changes to help you plan ahead in your most accurate weather forecast. it's a new trend on social media. maybe you've seen this on instagram or facebook. it's a pyramid skecheme promisi big cashouts. >> it's also illegal. what to look out for with this latest gimmick. >> and all new at 5:00, the first medical marijuana dispensary opens in the state of pennsylvania. we'll take you inside.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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back to your first alert weather. nbc 10 in the fairmont
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neighborhood this morning where the snow was falling and the scrapers, they were back out. across the river in new jersey, the plows were hard at work. keeping the roads clear, this was near berlin in gloucester township. strong winds didn't make anything easier. here's a live look in allentown. the snow has stopped but you can see plenty of that white stuff on top of those row homes. first alert meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz is back with your most accurate forecast. >> the snow is gone. there's a threat for icy forecasts. >> the wind got to dry out the roads along with a lower humidity. any slush still around is going to freeze as we go through the night. it's going to be a cold one. you can see the brightness in the background here on our camera from the aquarium across the river from philadelphia. that's looking out to the west. so the drier air is coming in. the last of the snow moving out. just a trace of snow atlantic
4:32 pm
city. after all the snow they've had so far this winter. and just a few flakes in the southeast corner of delaware right now. looks like most of that snow staying to the south. it's 26 in philadelphia now. everybody is below 30 degrees. and it's getting closer to 10 in the poconos. 14 now. 21 in coatesville. 22 in lancaster. and it's gone down from there. even in philadelphia. it's 26 at the airport. it's 24 around elkinspark and manayunk park side at 25. so those areas had a little bit more snow than we had down in south philly and at the airport. so there will be more icy spots up in those areas than in center city and south philly where just about everything melted. 25 degrees at 7:00. and dropping to 20 with at least
4:33 pm
a little bit of wind. that's in philadelphia and many other areas are going to go into the teens during the night. some places going into the teens even by 11:00. but big warm-up is on the way. i have those numbers for you coming up. right now at 4:30, a new pyramid scheme taking social media by storm. it promises big cash payouts for little investment. but it involves young people cheating their friends out of each other's money. >> it's also illegal. miguel martinez joins us to explain how this work. >> i first saw this on instagram but it's been poping up on facebook, snapchat. over the last few days, it seems like a quick way to make some money with your friends. if you can see that shape behind me, the pyramid, it's not a new thing. >> she saw her friend. she posted something saying like, oh, give money to such
4:34 pm
place and you'll get more money back. she messaged her. oh, are you like scamming people? >> reporter: what some see as an interactive way to get quick cash, others say as an old gimmick. >> it's a pyramid scheme. >> reporter: you invest $150, recruit 14 other people for your group and walk away with $1200. each group member works their way up by recruiting to get the cash prize. pay out using venmo or paypal and spread the word on instagram or facebook. >> it's simpler now than in the past where i had to send out physical letters to people to get them involved. >> reporter: rob devidio tells me he's seen this before. it's a win for those early to the game but at some point, people get cheated out of their money. >> is this legal? >> no in the united states, it's not legal. it's illegal to operate a pyramid scheme. >> reporter: plus no guarantee you get your cash which is why some students are wary.
4:35 pm
>> i haven't had any close friends do it because i don't think my close friends would want to do that but some distant friends that have reached out and been like, do you want to get in on this. no, thanks. >> if i had money to throw around, sure, i guess, but, no, i don't think i would. >> reporter: the reason this could prove difficult to track down is people using apps for the exchanges using code names on venmo or other money apps. they don't get flagged. and because the $150 people stand to lose is not that much money so they're not as likely to report it to police. this could be an issue to actually track down. >> the key is, it says pyramid in the name of this game so -- >> it's shaped like a pyramid. so you would think people would be like, okay, shaped like a pyramid. it's a pyramid scheme. but when it's your friend and you see on instagram or snapchat, advertising how much money they're making, people are like, i can do that. easy money. it's our generation's pyramid
4:36 pm
scheme. >> good to know. we're warned. miguel, thank you. we want to make sure you and your friends and family don't fall victim to this. we've posted miguel's story on our facebook page. long on and share the story so they know what to look out for. here's other stories we're following county by county. in chester county, jury selection under way in the case against a former school superintendent caught up in a texting scandal. richard como is accused of theft and other charges stemming from his time at coatesville area school district. the charges came after racially and sexually charged text messages between como and his former athletic director surfaced. como's trial is expected to begin by the end of the week. governor john carney helps cut the ribbon for the grand reopening of renovating and revitalized mixed income affordable housing community. it offers rents affordable to families earning below 50% of the area's median income.
4:37 pm
students, teachers and staff came together today for a hero send off for one of their own. >> they are cheering for ethan hines who is on the maintenance crew. he is leaving to be a marine. he leaves for paris island coming up on monday. so today, everyone surprised him in the school's gym here. and the choir and band performed patriotic songs for him as well. a special farewell for an important person at the school. >> they love him, clearly. so my hoarseness is not from screaming but is your voice still sore after cheering for the eagles? >> doctors say to save yourself the hurt this sunday. the steps eagles fans should take to save their voice from excessive screaming. a pay raise for the middle class. pennsylvania's governor plans to put money back in your pocket at 5:00.
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walmart is trying to help tackle the opioid epidemic by offering customers a safe way to dispose of leftover prescriptions. walmart and sam's club will give customers a packet that will break down any unused pills when mixed with water. this should keep them away from anyone who shouldn't have them. glenn? >> icy conditions from that slush that was out there. it's going to freeze up. big warm-up is on the way by the end of the week. i'm tracking the change in temperatures. plus, what you can expect for sunday's big game in your most accurate weather forecast. all new at 5:00 -- the pressure is on. how long the water department says it will take to fix broken pipes and water mains across our region.
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not ♪ the 2018 winter games begin in a little over three weeks. some olympians and paralympians headed to washington to discuss the importance of education. specifically, how early childhood education can create champions. the group is calling on congress to invest more in headstart and other preschool development grants to level the playing field for at-risk children across the country. >> it's like an olympian showing up at the olympic games and not training. for our kids to have access to early childhood care, to have access to quality teachers and have access to these programs at an early age is going to help get them going as they start their life. >> a new report shows american children ranked 38th in math and 24th in reading and science internationally. nbc 10's keith jones is traveling to south korea for
4:46 pm
next month's olympic winter games. live coverage begins february 8th. you know what that music means. eagles fans will be wearing out their voices belting out that fight song on sunday. >> here are some more of our favorite renditions of "fly eagles fly." ♪ fly, eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ ♪ victory ♪ >> that's the montgomery county concert band in tune with their eagles spirit. whether you're singing it or playing it, we love seeing your spin on the eagles fight song. send your version of the fight song on or through the nbc 10 app. also tag us on social med media @nbcphiladelphia with #flyeaglesfly. glenn, you said yesterday you'd be wearing the eagles bow
4:47 pm
tie because you wore it last wednesday and they won. we're not superstitious by any means but we'll try to keep the good things coming. >> i'm not superstitious but there are other people in the newsroom who are who i would like to keep friendly. so i wore this bow tie last wednesday for the pep rally. and they won on sunday. the eagles presented me with this bow tie. if i'm going to give an eagles forecast -- >> it requires some swag? gonge >> got to be dressed properly. we're the eagles station. we've got to have that. and take a look at the picture. oh, can't wait, can we? and we don't have a whole lot of snow to get through in south philly. only 0.2 inch at the airport with this. and by sunday, it's to be too warm to snow. this is the way it started this morning. all over our pennsylvania counties. the ones we targeted with a
4:48 pm
first alert. you can see wave after wave of moisture coming through, and then it moved out. took way longer to move in than it took to move through and that's why some places got very little snow. you can see just a southeast corner of delaware getting some snow now. 23 degrees in parts of northern delaware now. 24 p.a. suburbs. 26 in philadelphia. haven't even gotten to sunset yet. in south jersey, places close the delaware river had a little more snow. 25 in sweetsboro. 24 in woodstown. 26 in audubon, cherry hill, cinnamonson, turnersville. 25 in vorhees, mt. laurel. 25 in piney hollow. as you head closer to the shore, they had and less. just a trace in atlantic city. 25 in opal township right now. some of these numbers are going to go into the teens.
4:49 pm
and the feels-like is already in teens. feels like 10 in wilmington and lancaster. already at this time of day now the wind is going to diminish somewhat tonight, or else these numbers will be going down near zero. but 7 is low enough. by 1:30 tonight in pottstown. and staying in single digits all night in west chester and pottstown, doylestown, allentown. doesn't warm up a whole lot during the day. we have a chilly couple of days. it takes until saturday before we really warm up nicely. and then by sunday for the eagles and vikings game, the kickoff temperature is at 50 degrees. and we don't really drop that much. compare that to the last time. temperature and feels like. it's going to feel like about 35
4:50 pm
degrees warmer this sunday. we'll be right back.
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[ gasps, laughs ]
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you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares.
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you're watching nbc 10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles. count on it. >> it was so loud inside the stadium last saturday, eagles players say they could feel the ground rumbling. >> chances are those loud cheers left some fans with scratchy throats. deanna durante to doctors who say fans should try to give their voice a break. >> reporter: from on the field -- in the stands -- ♪ ♪ fly eagles fly >> reporter: before the game and
4:54 pm
after. fans were loud. >> i always yell at the eagles game. i lost my voice the last game. >> reporter: those screams weren't lost on the players. >> you could actually, you know, feel the ground shaking. those fans were loud. >> reporter: when it comes to having the birds' back, would you consider doing it a little quieter? >> i wouldn't be the one to advise philadelphia fans going to the game not to scream and use their voice. >> reporter: but she kind of is. allison temple is a speech therapist for mercy health systems and says too much of a good thing can lead to problems. >> don't scream during the game? you aren't a real fan if you don't scream during the game. >> it's not that you can't scream. >> you could -- well, screaming is really the only thing to do. >> reporter: you can hydrate. water over beer. just a bit. >> and take a break. maybe have your friend scream for one and you scream for one and alternate back and forth. >> reporter: if it's a major plan and you want to skip
4:55 pm
yelling. >> clap, stomp your feet, jump up and down. >> reporter: if you feel any pain or strain, you should absolutely silence your cheers to prevent from long-term damage. >> can't be an eagles fan and not scream. >> eagles! >> reporter: people are going to scream, going to cheer. you're just asked to use a little moderation if you can. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> that's kind of a big ask, isn't it? >> it's huge. >> downtocount on nbc ten for o shows. friday and saturday at 7:00 for special eagles coverage. and nbc 10 is where the action is sunday. eagles game plan at 10:00 a.m. followed by eagles gameday kickoff at 10:30 and playoff special at 11:00 a.m. then join us after the game for nbc 10 news playoff special, plus eagles game day final after nbc 10 news at 11:00. we're working on several new
4:56 pm
stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >>. >> we're learning a lot more details in the murder of a penn student. what suspect allegedly did after the murder. and how the two men knew each other from their past. medical marijuana continues to make strides here in pennsylvania. we'll take you inside the first medical marijuana dispensary in the whole state. and weekend warm-up heed. get ready to put that parka away. i'll have that. the snowfall totals and the eagles' forecast.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
penn student murdered. new details emerging as the suspect heads to court. all new at 5:00 -- inside pennsylvania's very first medical marijuana dispensary. >> and pay raise. how the governor wants to put more money into paycheck. >> this is a time of great suffering. >> all new at 5:00, we're hearing from the family of the man now charged with murdering a university of pennsylvania student and burying him in a shallow grave. we're learning a lot of new information afternoon in the murder investigation. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm erin coleman. a former high school classmate, samuel woodward, was formally charged. >> he's accused of having
5:00 pm
abrasions, scratches and dirt on his hands. he's also accused of cleaning up the car that he used the night he picked up blaze. >> 20-year-old sam woodward stabbed blaze bernstein more than 20 times, then buried him in a shallow grave at a california park. prosecutors say he then visited the crime scene days after the murder. the orange county register reported there may have been sexual overtones to the crime but the d.a. says they're still looking for the exact motive. >> what were the circumstances that led to this? and so that requires a lot of work. we need to develop all of the digital and forensic evidence to see what we can find. >> bernstein was a 19-year-old college student at the university of pennsylvania. his parents reported him missing january 2nd from their california home while he was on winter break. that's the same


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