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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  January 18, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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area, as well. watching those closures, and that will be there for about another hour, until about 5:00 or so. watching 95, drive times here don't look too bad. we have 11 minutes northbound from 295 to 495. the speeds into the 60s. mass transit is checking out okay, too. >> thanks. now to breaking news out of south jersey. all lanes of the admiral wilson boulevard are back open after an accident investigation overnight. police briefly closed all lanes past 38. we'll find out what's happened and if anybody was hurt. breaking in west philadelphia, firefighters found three people trapped on top of this building early this morning. flames tearing through a structure at 53rd and girard. all three people are supposed to be okay. inspectors are on scene because the owner may be violating city rental laws. another blast of cold water means water problems getting worse across philadelphia. these are just a few of the pipe problems and water main breaks
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that have flooded neighborhoods in the last month. >> the water department is having trouble keeping up with all of the calls and requests for service. nbc10's matt delucia is live in northeast philadelphia. the city is turning to social media for help. explain. >> reporter: that's because they are getting so many calls, they can't keep up. now the water department asking for everyone's patience and understanding during this time. they know this is the time of year for water main breaks like this one that happened here along caster avenue at raun recently. this was one of more than 175 water main breaks so far this year. those issues have been popping up in manayunk, center city, no neighborhood is immun. to put this -- is immune. to put this in perspective, with another half of month to go, this january has been much, much worse than last year at 175.
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calls to the water department's customer service line to report water main breaks have resulted in wait times of more than two hours. each then it may take -- even then it may take hours, days, weeks for a complete fix. >> customers should understand, no one is ignoring you. no one is not paying attention to your call. and certainly as soon as we have the chance to get there, we will. >> reporter: the water department has received more than 1,000 phone calls reporting leaks since christmas day. crews have been working 16-hour days. now you can put in your request via social media through the twitter handle @phillyh20. coming up, we'll hear from folks who have been dealing with water main issues throughout the city. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks. in north philadelphia who masked gunmen shot a man eating a sandwich at a corner store and took off. when police arrived after 7:00 last night, they found the victim in an aisle of the store. his body was riddled with
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bullets. the 22-year-old was pronounced dead. the man who was killed often went to the north 6th street store. they believe he was targeted. shot while waiting at a bus stop. philadelphia police say someone rattled off more than a dozen bullets in northern liberties last night around 9:30. one hit a woman in the hip. investigators do not believe she was an intended target. the only evidence police found at the scene at 7th and green were bullet casings. the victim is expected to make a full recovery. and new this morning in delaware county, chester police hope these surveillance images you're looking at will help them crack a burglary case. investigators say last month someone current around a property at east 12th street and broke into numerous trucks and shipping containers there. a former high school classmate faces murder charges in the killing of a penn student. 20-year-old samuel woodward is accused of killing penn sophomore blaze bernstein while he was home in california on
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winter break. detectives are looking for clues including evidence of a hate crime. investigators believe that bernstein may have tried to romantically pursue his former high school classmate, and that could have led to the murder. bernstein's parents say they are touched by the outpouring of support. >> wow. it meant a lot to me. it reminds me that people are good, and people do care about each other. >> this is a story of hope that for the future that has come from a tragedy that no one would ever wish on their worst enemy. >> hear the full interview at 7:00 on the "today" show. developing now, efforts are underway to avoid a government shutdown. house republicans want to vote on a spending bill to send to president trump. lawmakers must reach a deal by midnight friday. now they might need -- but they
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need bipartisan support to get the votes to pass a new budget plan. and democrats have a bit of leverage here since many say they won't support any budget agreement that does not provide security for daca members. people brought here illegally as children. last night in allentown, supporters held candles and pushed for a shutdown in support of the d.r.e.a.m.ers who face uncertainty and a possible deterioration -- deportation later this month. >> i know someone who has ptsd because of this. every night they're stressed out it is ice going to come to the door. >> it's not clear if president trump would sign off on protecting d.r.e.a.m.ers' legal status along with stronger border security and enforcement. ahead at 4:45, we take a closer look at what house republicans may have to do to get a spending bill to the president by the deadline. the city of philadelphia is taking its opioid epidemic straight to what many people
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consider the source. the city filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies that make and market addictive prescription drugs. leaders say the companies used false and descentive marketing that failed to explain -- deceptive marketing that failed to explain how dangerous the drugs would be. >> doctors were systematically given false information about this and all trained that the drugs were safe. >> the city wants the companies to pay millions of dollars to repay the costs associated with addressing the epidemic. it's believed that 1,200 people died of overdoses in philadelphia alone last year. let's switch gear, talk eagles. 4:06. only one game stands between the eagles and the super bowl. new the nfc championship trophy is in their sights. the george hall as trophy arrived yesterday. that's the trophy awarded to the nfc champions. if the eagles win sunday, 70,000 lucky fans will get to watch them hoist that trophy into the
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air. >> we can see it now, right? however, tickets to get into the game are pricey and only available on resale sites at this point. we know of at least one fan who's willing to take extreme measures to get to the game. brian call of conshohocken jokingly says he's willing to give up a pinky or go bald for rest of his life if he gets tickets to the nfc championship game. >> wow. >> a few weeks ago, right? the father of two put an ad on craigslist saying he was willing to give his left knee to carson wentz and the eagles for super bowl tickets. >> i would do it. like here you go. give me a shot of whiskey or pain pill, and you know, cut the knee off. whatever you got to do. if you can just take out the acl, mcl, whatever, that's fine. i'll walk with l.a. the rest of my life. >> that's just way too much detail. including the solzol. >> he was in the stands the last time the foiphillies won the wo series. he said if the eagles won all
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this year, the feeling would be 1,000 times more exciting for him. i don't doubt it judging from the comments. >> that's right. talk about exciting, today is your chance to join the eagles' road to victory tour bus. it will be at the navy yard at 11:00 before stopping in delaware county and south philadelphia. you can leave the team a good luck message, write right on the bus, so cool. pick up nbc10 eagles swag. as excitement builds for sunday's game, nbc10 has you covered with exclusive pregame shows. join us friday and saturday night at 7:00 for special eagles coverage and get ready for game day here. join nbc10 starting sunday morning at 10:00 for exclusive coverage all day long. let's talk about the weather. another chilly morning, bitter morning. things are going to change, i think. >> yeah. temperatures in the teens now. hopefully bill henley has good news at least come the weekend? >> there's good news brewing.
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you'll preview it -- there, it popped up at the bottom of the screen. today, we're getting a blast of cold air, you see the flags are blowing, the banners in center city, the view from the kimmel center. the cold is everywhere. unlike the snow that took its time crossing the area yesterday, cold winds are here and will be blowing through the day. it will warm up. but tonight fortunately the wind dies down, and it will be cold overnight. just not as cold ads what we're dealing with this morning. 19 degrees right now in philadelphia. 18 in delaware. look at the suburbs. some suburbs have dropped below the teens this morning. 12 in west callen township. cochranville is 15. 15 now in phoenixville. 14 in collegeville. very cold start this morning. the temperatures are going to be slow to climb to begin with. they will climb. 20 degrees at 7:00 in philadelphia. by 11:00, 28 degrees. then into the 30s. not very far into the 30s. we'll peak just above the freezing mark at 3:00 in the
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afternoon. could get little bit warmer this afternoon. the wind is really going to try to hold the temperatures back. a few scattered clouds. what we don't have -- wet weather. nowhere near us. the nearest wet weather, snow to the south. this is all going to be pushing out to sea. we'll see lots of sunshine today, then temperatures will make progress. 25 at 10:00 in philadelphia. 32 at 2:00 in the afternoon. a cold start in the suburbs. still below freezing. below the 30s at 10:00. just up to 31 at 2:00 in the afternoon. bright, sunny, a warmup in the lehigh valley, too. you'll get melting of the snow even with temperatures below freezing this afternoon. 17 at 6:00 in delaware and in new jersey, look at that sunshine. right on through the day. the winds will also be blowing, and you'll feel it at the shore, too. temperatures make it above freezing by 2:00 in the afternoon. a warmup, yes, that starts tomorrow actually. i'll look at that. i'll show what the weekend looks like, maybe a birds forecast
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when i come back in ten minutes. >> all right. that will keep us watching for sure. >> yeah. thanks for that, bill. 4:10. let's look at the schuylkill expressway. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered with that. >> yeah, we're watching the schuylkill because we have a construction project here that will be there probably for another hour. right now i'm watching at the vine street expressway in between south street and around this point. we have those closures. now the eastbound side is closed from the vine to south street. the westbound side just losing some lanes. right here, we're watching them diverting traffic off on to the vine street expressway moving through center city right now. and in levittown, watching construction. route 413 is closed between new falls and bath road. less than an hour for that to clear. watching 202, good in both directions now. ten minutes on the northbound side and southbound side from route 30 to the schuylkill. speeds still into the 60s. >> thanks. deadly plunge. hear what police had to say about a neighbor accused of
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leaving his girlfriend to die in the icy river. close call. imagine this flying through your windshield. a story of survival you'll want to hear. ahead in the next half hour, the eshelman who appears in one of -- the jersey shore man who appears in an isis voted. halas.
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test. we have new video showing a car being pulled from the frigid waters on sunday. stephanie white died when the car being driven by her boyfriend, jacob garrett, plurchlg e plunged into the river. garrett was driving on a suspended laicense. he got out but left his girlfriend behind. >> when he crashed the vehicle into the water, he got out,
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said, "take care of my girlfriend," and ran away. that's an offense himself. >> i can't believe he was a coward and left her there. >> tomorrow garrett is scheduled to face a judge for his first hearing. police are awaiting white's autopsy results to determine her cause of death. much of the south will continue dealing with a winter wallop that the region is not used to. >> they are not. the weather forced schools to close and caused havoc on runways from north carolina to georgia. airlines canceled or delayed thousands of flight. at least three deaths are also blamed on the winter blast. this scene is missouri. a water main break turned the streets of st. louis, a st. louis suburb, into an icy mess. witnesses said water shot 20 feet in the air before it was stopped. the icy remnants covered everything from the treetops to the streets. beautiful but dangerous. check out drone video sent in by an nbc10 viewer. it gives us a bird's eye view of the ice jams clogging parts of
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the delaware river near the trenton bridge. officials warn people to stay off the ice. economic out what crashed -- check out what crashed through the windshield of an oklahoma couple's windshield. the wood punched a hole through the windshield. the impact broke the driver's hand, but he managed to safely pull over. the couple thinks the log hit the -- think the log hit the glad, sparing them serious injuries. >> you wonder when anything could fall out of a truck or you come to something in the road and think, what is that, if i can -- >> or how frightened you are when you're driving along and some tiny debris hits the windshield. imagine a piece of wood like that. >> true. let's find out about the warmup we know is coming. that's all we want to hear about. >> this won't make you feel any warmer. mother nature helped out yesterday in the mountains, eight, nine inches of snow.
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the higher elevations making for a beautiful scene. that's not enough. let's make some more snow. great for skiers. it's going to be beautiful skiing weather. lots of sunshine. everybody has to bundle up today. this is happening now. 13 degrees in pottstown. 18 in millville. dover, wilmington, the upper teens, the pocono mountains. currently 5 degrees. it's very cold air to start with. the wind is not helping. the steady northwesterly wind is going to make for a cold wait at the bus stop this morning. sunshine, feeling like 8 degrees in quakertown with the wind. philadelphia, 20. the wind will die down at times. wilmington, not a lot of wind at 8:00. winds will pick up in atlantic city and exton and even for reading and trenton. a cold start this morning all around. what's on the ground is frozen solid. there will be slippery spots.
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the clouds are coming off a picture to the south. that will be out of here the rest of the day. we'll get snuff sunshine that we'll see -- enough sunshine that we'll see melting. at the shore, temperatures will pop above freezing. didn't get accumulation yesterday. sunshine will be bright, but winds will still be blowing. it's going to feel like it is cold. there you see the snow that is missing our area and will continue to miss the area. in fact, that's going to be moving out to sea. we're going to be cleared. a nice, dry stretch of weather. no systems waiting to the west. no storms coming our way right on through the weekend. the only thing coming our way is a warmup. look at that -- actually starts this afternoon. today will be warmer than yesterday afternoon, up to 36 degrees. then into the 40s on friday. 50s on saturday and sunday. monday, too. a little bit cooler on tuesday. showers coming in monday and tuesday to bring things down. more specific, for philadelphia and the suburbs and the lehigh valley, all into the 50s. look at new jersey, the jersey shore, delaware, lots of
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sunshine on saturday. partly sunny skies on sunday. there will be passing clouds. the clouds will come in a little bit more during the evening hours. it's going to stay dry for the game. what a mild start. that's about 20 degrees warmer than it was at the beginning of the game last week. 48 degrees at halftime. and not much cooler with clouds coming in in the fourth quarter. it is going to stay dry. i'll show how long the warmup lasts with the ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. >> look forward to it. thank you. 4:19. we'll look at the schuylkill expressway. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington, what are you seeing? >> we're watching a construction project. they're diverting traffic from the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway moving it through center city. right here is the eastbound side. around the vine, they're diverting traffic toward the vine street expressway. they'll head you that way on the westbound side. you'll see a lane lost. the westbound side is not too much of a big deal. the biggest diversion is going to be headed eastbound on the
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schuylkill because they'll make you go around it until 5:00. watching the p.a. turnpike, too, westbound and eastbound, not seeing big problems. route 1 to valley forge, 22 minutes. speeds into the 60s, too. watching construction in levittown. on route 413, that's closed between new falls and bass road. that will be closed until 5:00. back to you. in philadelphia, the "year up" graduate program. students applauded their -- the parents applauded their students. the young adults are provided with the skpiills and experienc they need to enter the work force. easy money. >> a scheme that's spreading on social media. and how women from our area are preparing for this year's women's march on philadelphia. new at 5:00 a.m., pooch priority. the results of a study asks pet owners who would they rather spend time with, their pups or their friends? ,$88doooooorw
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4:23. internet security experts have a warning about a new pyramid scheme taking social media by storm. the idea is you invest $150, 14 other people for your group, and you walk away with $1,200. each group member works their way up by recruiting to get the cash prize. you pay using venmo or paypal and spread the word on instagram or facebook. >> it's simpler than in the past where i had to send out physical letters to people to get them involved. that takes time, money, a lot of energy. >> experts say the situation might be a win for those early
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to the game, but at some point, people get cheated out of their money. and by the way, it's illegal. if you have a google device that's knocking your home wi-fi off line, the best thing you can do is unplug them. google is working on a fix after numerous reports of google home and cream chrome -- and kroeftcast devices causing interference. a patch has been created until a solution is found. apple says you will get to decide if your iphone slows down to save your battery life. a new software upgrade available next month will let iphone 6, iphone 6s, and iphone 6 s-plus owners control how their phones react. thank you, apple. earlier this year, apple was criticize for intentionally slowing down older phones each time new software was introduced. the company is offering a $29 replacement battery, as well. women across our area are getting ready to make history again. >> they are preparing for saturday's women's march on
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philadelphia. one of many marches happening across the country in cities. in philadelphia last night, dozens of women made signs that they will carry this weekend. they want to continue the momentum from last january's women's march which drew hundreds of thousands of women to cities around the world. the theme for this year's event is power to the polls. >> we need to send a strong message to our legislators that we are united on issues that so many of our students depend on. >> the march begins at logan square in center city at 10:30 saturday morning. 4:25. the winter olympics begin next month. athletes from north and south korea will compete on the same team for the very first time. south korean officials announced the north and south will form a joint women's ice hockey team. the south's coach will select the team. officials also announced plans to have south korean skiers train on the slopes in north korea. athletes from both countries will march together under a
4:26 am
joint flag for the first time since the 2002 winter games in salt lake city. nbc is your home for olympic coverage. keith jones will anchor from south korea. the competition begins on february 8th. the opening ceremony is friday, february 9th. promoting terror. only nbc10 talked with the mother of a eshelman featured in -- a jersey shore man featured in an isis video. cold air, bundle up. today, nothing falling from the sky. we'll get sunshine, and temperatures will be climbing. i'll break it down just ahead. first, jessica boyington has an update from the first alert traffic center. >> that i do. starting in new jersey, 295 and cameras at the black horse pike. no problems so far. it doesn't look like that everywhere. i'll have updates when i come back. (alex trebek) $8,000.
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troubleshooting. philadelphia dealing with so many pipe problems and water main breaks, authorities are turning to social media to keep up. bitter cold. bundle up to face more frigid temperatures this morning. we're on track for a warmup heading into the weekend. and fly, eagles, fly. the road to victory bus is back on the road today as the birds get ready to face the vikings in the nfc championship game. a lot to talk about with the eagles this morning. >> yeah. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. it's about 4:30 on your friday -- your thursday. look at me, i'm getting ahead of things. >> you want to get to sunday -- >> wishful thinking. we'll get to meteorologist
4:30 am
bill henley with the first alert forecast. if we were closer to the weekend, we'd be closer to the warmup. >> that's what i thought you were looking for, warmer temperatures. we'll start feeling them this afternoon. this morning, this is what we're feeling. temperatures that feel like they're in the single digits. 6 degrees the windchill now in philadelphia. 7 in trenton and mt. holly. 5 in allentown. look at pottstown, 2 degrees. 3 degrees in dover. the wind is blowing, and the temperatures have plummeted. cold air is rushing into the area. the wind will die down tonight. during the day today, it's still going to be blowing. the good news is we'll see lots of sunshine. the temperatures warm from the teens into the 30s this afternoon. 36 degrees high temperature in philadelphia. nice warmup for the lehigh valley. even though it will be below freezing this afternoon for a high, snipe will melt some of the ground from yesterday. delaware on track for 35 degrees. also in the middle 30s for new jersey this afternoon. i'll break it down for each part of the area hour by hour so you can plan ont


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