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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 19, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a south jersey teenager is getting death threats for her posts about the martin luther king holiday. thanks for being with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katey zachary. a lot of eyes on this weekend for the big nfc championship game. let's go to bill henley for a look at your forecast this weekend and beyond. >> there will be big changes and we'll see those first changes today. 10 right now in the lee high valley. look at the teens in the suburbs while philadelphia has just dropped to 23 degrees. a very cold start. delaware 23 degrees. everyone's going to see sunshine today. by 8:00, not much warmup there. but by 11:00 in the middle 30s and climbing. today we're heading into the 40s. and that even goes for the colder neighborhoods this morning. lee high valley up to 41 in the
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suburbs and plenty of sunshine at the shore and 43 degrees. a look at the weekend forecast and game day forecast as well when i'm back in ten. but first pamela osborn has your first alert traffic. and we're going to start on the i-95 this morning at girard. if you're traveling 95 in delaware, let's give you a look at your drive times. average speeds are in the 60s merchandise it's going to take you just as well going southbound as well. the broad street line trains going northbound experiencing about a seven minute delay because of equipment problems.
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♪ hit them low, hit them high >> guess who that is the roots. they're getting warmed up with their rendition of the fight song. the band just announced they'll be performing at halftime at the nfc championship. sunday's game against the vikings will be the biggest one there eagles in years. >> and philadelphia will be flooded with fans. ask matt delucia is live with everything you need to know about tailgating, transportation to and from the stadium and safety really citywide. hi, matt. >> reporter: hi, katey and tracy. and if you listen closely you might even hear the eagles fight song on the septa line. not just the game but you have tailgating and there's also a
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concert going on. over here you see the broad street line for a normal day, a friday. but these will be pretty packed come sunday heading into the that game. let's talk about safety. police say they're working hard to keep the stadium area secure and also the rest of the city including the known trouble spots if there's cause for celebration sunday night. as for the laws, philly police say they're still going to be enforcing the laws include anything public intoxication that crops up or damage to property. the tailgating that's going to start sunday afternoon am. plus you have 70,000 people at the link and the concert center. here's one eagles fan we just talked with who's staying away. >> all of this will be flooded with cars, so. >> reporter: and what about
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after the game, if they win are you expecting some celebration? >> oh, yeah, i'm expecting a big celebration. >> reporter: remember the philly's parade back in 2008 after they won the world series? these images certainly rang true to people. and philly police say they took lessons from that just in case we have another reason to celebrate this weekend. this broad street here is going to be packed with eagles green no matter what. extra sports express trains. that's too much to digest there. we have a full go to game day guide you can find on the nbc 10 app and live at bird rock, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and here's more information. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. our exclusive coverage for the nfc championship game gets under way tonight at 7:00. and tomorrow night at 7:00 it's fly eagles fly followed by
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inside the eagles. then be sure to watch on sunday before the game. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and of course we've got you covered after the game, too. it's 6:05. 23 degrees. in other news we have breaking news we're following for you. police have two people in custody after a worker foiled an attempted robbery at a beer store in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. one of the suspects forced the owner to open the register and ransacked the apartment above the store where and while that was happening a worker pressed an alarm to alert police. no one was hurt. now to an update to a story we brought you as breaking news at 11:00 last night. police arrested a man who ran into a home and got into a standoff with a swat team. police say they made the arrest after midnight where people were squatting. investigators say the man ran into the house after officers chased him after they got a
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report that he had a gun. prosecutors in the bill cosby sexual assault case are revisiting a request that was denied in the comedian's last trial. they want more than a dozen accusers to testify. montgomery county's da filed the paperwork yesterday in preparation for cosby's retrial. at the first trial the judge would only allow one other accuser to testify. it ended with a hung jury. the new trial is scheduled to start in april. the former usa gymnastics doctor accused of molesting young girls in his care called on the judge to stop the parade of accusers from confronting him yesterday in the courtroom. >> this isn't worth the paper it's written on. it's delusional. >> that's was the judge's response to letter that dr. larry nassar wrote saying it was too hard for him to listen to
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his accusers statements. his accusers get to face him as part of that plea agreement. nassar heard from more victims yesterday including a statement written on the behalf of mckala maroony. >> he abused my trust and my body and left scars on my psyche that may never go away. >> she and other olympic stars say he abused them at the couple ranch. philadelphia takes one more step to regaining control of its school system today. the board of education nominating committee holds its first meeting this morning. the panel will recommend 27 people for the nine person school board. and mayor jim kenny will make his selection for the school board in march. a blue light bulb is part of a tool kit that the city is giving out to people who live in kensington to help fight the
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opioid crisis. it's meant to go on the front of their homes to keep addicts from shooting up on people's front porches. experts believe blue light makes it difficult to find a vein if you're looking for a needle. also in the kit cleaning supplies and educational material. the city will hand out the materials and supplies at the salvation army tomorrow at north masters street. that's last year's and tomorrow's womens march in philadelphia begins at 11:00. expect road closures and traffic restrictions in that area. the mission of the philly evnlt along with the march across the country is to tap into momentum from last year's marches to harness political power and push for social change. about ten minutes after
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6:00. this is camelback where they are making snow. fortunately, i think i can say that for everyone, no snow in our forecast this weekend. warmer weather. and we'd love to say that for the eagles. >> yeah, much better for the tailgaters for the sure. >> warmer weather is out of the way, but it's not here yet. and we still have a little bit of a breeze. the good news is it's nowhere near as windy as it was yesterday. just a 5 mile an hour breeze in coatesville, 7 miles an hour in dover. we don't have the wind chills to deal with. 15 right now in south jersey. in the low teens in philadelphia. they're still falling at this hour. the sun's not up until after 7:00. so more than an hour until sunrise. 19 in lansdale. elroy you're at 15 degrees and
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steadily dropping in collegeville. now 11 degrees to start with. so a cold morning, yes. but we will see bright sunshine. so it's going to be a pretty quick warmup. in philadelphia 9:00 30 degrees by noontime. there'll still be a little bit of a breeze. that'll make it feel a bit cooler, but you can count on sunshine. so it'll feel a good deal warmer than yesterday. a few clouds popping up just north of reading. mostly sunny skies. a quick warmup for philadelphia. and you'll see more nelting during the day for the lee high valley as temperatures climb into the low 40s later on. delaware, much less winds than yesterday. 41 by 4:00 in the afternoon. pretty nice noontime hour, 38 degrees. and then into the 40s just like
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the shore with bright sunny skies for today. and the mild air gets milder this weekend. which means what a difference for the game compared to last week. 50 degrees at kick off. dropping into the 40s, but it's going to be a slow cool down. that's because we're going to see more clouds move in by the end of the game. no sign of any wet weather with the clouds during the game. the rain will wait until after the weekend. i'll take a look when you can expect that plus your weekend forecast when i come back in ten minutes. we want to get a check of the roads now with pamela osborn. >> yeah, things are looking pretty good right now on the schuylkill expressway. you can see eastbound, westbound traffic is moving smoothly and things are looking good there. if you're traveling route 422 this morning, things are looking pretty good for you. things looking good going
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westbound as well. are seeing some problem spots, though, on mass transit. the broad street line all trains going northbound experiencing about a seven minute delay because of equipment issues as well as the chestnut hill east train. that's now raining 30 minutes late because of equipment issues as well. >> thanks for the update, pam. chris christie denies. reports say the former governor was turned away from a vip entrance. what he claims really happened. and plus spewing hate. a south jersey teenager is booted from college for her racist posts on martin luther king day. now she's responding to backlash. and coming up later doctors now say to expect an extended flu season. how much longer this threat could last. un-stop right there!
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police are protecting the home of a south jersey teenager who was excelled from college after posting racially charged rants online. >> i don't care if it's martin luther king day. [ bleep ]. >> carly barbara's family says they have received threats after the teen up loaded videos on martin luther king day. the 19-year-old has been attending school at the university of alabama. she grew up in morristown where people are reacting. >> hoe she learns from her actions and realizes how she's hurting people. and i hope that other people can learn from that too. >> barbara has apologized for those comments saying, quote she did something really bad and feels horrible about it. police ant to know how marijuana laced cookies ended up
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in the hands of a 13-year-old student who took the cookies to school. no arrests has been made. new this morning former new jersey governor chris christie is disputing reports that suggest he tried to get the kind of special treatment that he enjoyed while in office. yesterday krechristy and his st police can tail trying debypass the line. but officers would not let him in through a special entrance. in a pair of tweets christy called it an absolutely false story and said the security detail and i were led through one entrance of the airport. tsa police said this was the wrong way and directed us to another entrance. he tweeted the pa officer denied me entry to another place. pure fiction. 6:17. lets get you the right info about the roads right now.
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pamela osborn is in this morning with a check of the roads. >> we're starting things off with camden this morning. everything is looking good right now this morning. all of the majors are looking good, overall, in fact. 295 new jersey turnpike, as well as route 422 all clear this morning. if you're traveling route 95 things are looking good for you as well. average speeds in the 60s. drive time 14 minutes. everything is in the green. pamela, thanks. it's 6:18 right now. let's take a live look outside at boathouse row, which is -- of course it is green getting ready for this weekend. everybody's wearing green. but this morning you're going to need a green jacket. one more morning to certainly bundle up. >> absolutely. sunshine will be nice and we'll see blue sky overhead. and you'll see temperatures
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climb today. we'll see bright sunshine. definitely cold this morning. it is a still winter, and this cold winter morning has seen temperatures drop down into the 20s, the teens and some neighborhoods into the single digits. we're still on track for a big warming trend. look at the suburbs, 7 degrees right now, 10 in the lee high valley. that's what dry air, clear skies and very light wind will do for you. the wind has died down compared to yesterday in philadelphia. but there's still some teens, while it's in the upper 20s in society hill. it's going toby a cold wait at the bus stop for allentown, quaker town, exten all in the low 20s. atlantic city will be right at the freezing point and trenton at 21 degrees. a few scattered clouds entering the picture into trenton and berks county, but no wet weather with those clouds. in fact, you can count on dry
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conditions not only today and tonight but through the day tomorrow and sunday. sunday this system is going to be getting closer to us. so it's going to start spreading some clouds into the area. you can see that happening in denver and indianapolis. the warming trend, that's just getting started. 44 degrees this afternoon. 55 on saturday. not quite as warm on sunday, but still a really nice day with lots of sunshine in the morning and clouds coming into the afternoon. 50s for monday and tuesday. but here's where we'll see that wet weather move in. a chance of showers on monday and a better chance of rain on tuesday. once that leaves the temperatures will be cooling down a bit but not the brutal cold we've been through. near 50 in the lee high valley. it'll feel like it's in the 50s in the lee high valley, and into the 50 frz ts for the rest of t area. that sunshine starts to fade
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later in the day, but the wet weather not until monday at the earliest. how much rain is on the way when i come back in the next half-hour. 6:21 right now. defying protesters and moving ahead with the stadium plans. it steps the school just took next. and plus new details about the a california couple's house of horrors. the sight into the torture s life prosecutors say created for 13 children.
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it's 6:24. philadelphia is getting federal help to keep dozens of homeless programs going. u.s. department of housing and urban development is awarding the city $33 million in grant money to fund the operation to programs that assist the homeless throughout the city. well, after two years of research, community meetings and planning temple's planning says
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the university it moving forward with plans with a football stadium on campus. it'll include a 35,000 seat stadium and retail space. a group of neighbors is promising to continue to fight the project. stadium stoppers views the project will speed up the pace of jentrification and force-out the black residents who have living there for years. temple says it'll continue to work with neighbors to address their concerns. formers eagle coach knows something about winning nfc championship games for sure. >> and vai psysikehemu met up.
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>> i can't see the vikings coming in that stadium and beating us. i don't think that can happen. >> ramil was in hawaii running a coaching seminar for high school all-stars. >> and we have got a coach of our own to introduce you to. we're at afc fitness this morning. they're hosting an eagles spin class pep rally. we're going to show you all these eagles fans getting a work out real early this morning. >> how cool is that? ulta beauty is accused of selling used products. an employee shares what she saw happening behind had scenes that might have you eyeing up your make-up bag.
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game day count down. fans are getting ready to cheer on our eagles as the team faces the last hurdle between them and
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the super bowl. blue emergency. doctors now say we should all prepare for the flu threat to last longer than normal. on the short list philadelphia is in the top 20 to land amazon's second headquarters. now the city is getting some outside help to help make us a prime time pick. a lot to talk about this morning. this is nbc 10 news today at 6:30. >> with your eagles green. >> i will be wearing it monday, too. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he's got your first alert forecast that is warming up later today, though. >> it is cold this morning. that warmup is on track for this afternoon, but if you're heading outright now in the lee high valley it's 10 degrees, 15 in new jersey and 16 degrees in the suburbs. and look at delaware and philadelphia, down to 23 degrees. we will see a lot of sunshine. not much change at 9:00, but
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look at lunchtime. into the upper 30s, warmer than it got yesterday. and we will see every neighborhood warm up nicely this afternoon. 41 for the suburbs, and middle 40s for the new jersey, philadelphia, and delaware, too. and yes, we'll see a lot of sunshine. you can see the skies already starting to brighten at a jersey sore. i'll break these forecasts couns temperatures down hour by hour. >> and the ram as moving around behind me, but we're starting things off at 95 on melrose avenue. no trouble to speak of there. i am watching one troubled spot though in merion. not seeing any reports it's slowing things down, but
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something to be aware of. if you're trying to get through the schuylkill expressway, it's only going to take about six minutes. 6:32recto 6:32 right now. the link is quiet now, but sunday night the stands will be packed with fans, loud fans. >> and nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live for us this morning talking to fans about their plans and predictions for the big game. hi, randy. >> reporter: hi, good morning. this is good way to get pumped up. we're at afc fitness. if you ever wonder who is killing their body working out at 6:00 in the morning, i can tell you who. it's eagles fans. they've got an eagles pep rally. let's take a look. >> let's, let's go.
6:33 am
>> reporter: this is the spin class. they've been playing fly eagles fly and they're working out getting pumped ahead of the big game. how do you feel ahead of the game sunday? >> oh, my gosh, we're up. how you doing, folks? >> reporter: and tell me, how does exercise get people pumped up? a good way to get excited going before the game. yes. anybody who has doubts sits in the back row. can you get them to give an eagles chant? >> okay, on three. >> reporter: one, two, three. >> e-a-g-l-e-s. >> reporter: all right, so we are pumped up here inside the spin class. i can tell you after they're done working out, by the way, they've got some eagles cups,
6:34 am
some eagles treats. a good way to calm down after a tough work out and get excited for sunday's game. >> i can't even speak when i'm spinning. >> our eagles road to victory bus will be rolling again today. you should really make it out to see this bus. it is so cool, and you can write your own personal message to eagles players right on the bus itself. our exclusive coverage for the nfc championship gets under way tonight at 7:00 with eagles road to victory. and then tomorrow night it is fly eagles fly. if you sent us one of those video, tune in tomorrow night to see it. and be sure to watch nbc 10 on sunday before the game. our coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. and on the backside at night we've got you covered after the game as well.
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it is 6:35. and growing now in washington the clock is ticking towards a possible government shutdown unless congress can reach an agreement to prevent it. time is running out after midnight tonight. that leaves just over 17 hours for congress to come up with a resolution. the senate will vote on that measure today. democrats want a temporary funding bill, and they're also calling for protection for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who were brought to u.s. as children. we have learned the gunman who killed a deputy u.s. martial in harrisburg yesterday is from philadelphia. that gunman, sturgis, also died in a shootout with police. he was in a house yesterday when a fugitive task force showed up to arrest a woman who lived there. officers cuffed a woman, and then sturgis opened fire from the second floor, wounding a police officer and hitting
6:36 am
deputy police officer chris hill in the chest killing him. >> he was running down the alley, down the street. and they were shooting. and one officer was down the street saying officer down, officer down. >> investigators say sturgis started shooting from the second floor and came out the house and started shooting at police. and that's when police fired back killing him. today the share is expected to reveal new details about the las vegas massacre for the first time in three months. stephen paddocks brother took possession of his brother's ashes from police. paddock fired into a large crowd from the 32nd floor of a hotel room before killing himself. a couple charged with torturing their 13 children pleaded not guilty today. if convicted they could face-up to 94 years in prison.
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prosecutors say they kept their kids in a quote, torture chamber where they were rationed one meal a day, not allowed to go to bathroom and were allowed to take one shower a year. a truck was hauling two gasoline tankers near salt lake city last night. police believe a break on the truck caught on fire and spread to the tankers. driver is okay. let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories across our area. first look at these flames spewing from a montgomery high rise last night. here's a look at sky force 10 after firefighters put the flames out. paramedics rushed one person to hospital with burns. and red cross was on scene helping residents left out in the cold with a place to stay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. now to where dorny park opened for the summer.
6:38 am
the allentown park removed stinger. in montgomery county today a former eyesore is now opened as a revitalized apartment complex. part of a luxury apartment complex that opened last year. a in wilmington, delaware, residents can now have farm animals as emotional support animals. however, they have to stay inside your house. supporters say it gives people there more resources to help people cope with mental and emotional disabilities. 6:38. let's take a live look outside as you wait for this warmup coming this weekend. beautiful picture of cape may. meteorologist bill henley is standi standing by with a look at our weekend forecast. bill, like your philadelphia green there. >> yeah, glad you noticed.
6:39 am
these clouds, these gray skies they're going to be out of the picture for most of the day. those are a few clouds move tlo clou through with virtually no wet weather this morning. coatesville and dover a little light breeze. the rest of the area is calm, and that's when the temperatures really come down. philadelphia international now reporting a 7 mile per hour wind. 33, though, by 10:00. we'll be above freezing and then above the 40 degree mark and climbing this afternoon. the suburbs you can see a few thin clouds. right now it's 35 degrees, 19 degrees at 8:00. the coldest temperatures in the day usually occur just after sunrise and we'll see that today. but by lunchtime middle 30s and 40s this afternoon for the suburbs. and lee high valley getting a very cold start at 10 degrees.
6:40 am
but we'll go to the teens, the 20s, into the 30s and close to the 40s this afternoon. you'll see a lot of that snow melting today. new jersey is also cold in the teens. that doesn't last long and will be up 20 degrees by lunchtime today. temperatures into the upper 30s at noontime and low 40s this afternoon at the shore. a little bit of a breeze in delaware but not nearly as strong as yesterday. with all that sunshine it's going to make for temperatures warming up quickly, too. we'll stay in the 40s during the day today. the warmer weather feels even higher this weekend. look at the weekend forecast in the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. it's about 20 minutes before 7:00 right now. and if you're getting up and out the door for work or school, we want to give you a check of the roads. >> pamela? >> and we're going to start at 476 right at route 1. you can see traffic moving
6:41 am
pretty good out there right now. we're seeing an increase in volume on the roadway. again, no major problems. let's take a look at your drive times for the blue route. average speeds in the 60s. everything is in the green. if you're heading on 76 no trouble there. and the trenton train is running about 20 minutes behind. >> penn researchers say americans are sleeping more. but if you're not included in that trend, we aren't either. we asked what you could do to get more sleep. we'll have that answer for you next. plus, making the cut. philadelphia is in amazon's top 20 for its new headquarters next. how those who didn't make the list are helping us out.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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it's a quarter to 7:00. philadelphia is in amazon's top 20 as the web giant narrows down its search for a place to put its second headquarters. now, former combetterpetitors i region are throwing out their support for philadelphia's bid. now leaders in camden who doont make the cut hope a strong regional pitch will bring those 50,000 jobs to the area. >> obviously we're somewhat disappoint wrs disappoint, but we're thrilled philadelphia is in the game. medical experts now say this flu season could last twice as long as the normal 13 weeks. the cdc says most samples that have come through their lab test positive of the most aggressive of the four known flu strains.
6:46 am
it doesn't mean you shouldn't get the vaccine. pennsylvania has had nearly 18,000 flu cases so far this season. it turns out americans are getting more sleep than in the most recent years. that's according to a study from researchers at the university of pennsylvania. they found a decline in leisure activities like reading and watching tv before bed could be part of the reason why. researchers say there's still room for improvement, though. we asked one of doctors who put this study together how can we get more sleep? >> there's some basic rules around what we call sleep hygiene. that is it's good to get up and go to bed at the same time, sleep in a bed that's quiet but not too cold. a former worker accuses a
6:47 am
company of reselling used make-up products. she described on twitter how employees cleaned used make-up and put them back on the shelves. it's about a quarter to 7:00 right now, just a few minutes before the state of the "today" show. >> savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. >> the fierce battle is moving to the senate. this morning we're live on the hill with the very latest. and we'll tell you how you would be impacted if this deal is not reach. the woman accusing oscar winner michael douglas of sexual harassment shares her story for the first time. and today to fight the flu. what you can do to avoid getting sick during one of the worst seasons in years. and someone on the set is going to get a flu shot right here live. >> yes, somebody.
6:48 am
>> it isn't us, though. >> did you get your shot? >> i got mine. and somebody else is going to be joining us. >> all right, well we look forward to that. >> i was just going to say we wish them luck. >> see you guys at 7:00. than thanks. let's take a live look outside. beautiful morning. beautiful weekend. cold and crisp outside, but not as windy as it was yesterday. that's the good news. >> and let's look at that weekend to come. bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood today and the weekend. >> right now the temperatures are still falling. even though we're about half an hour away from sunrise the cold air is with us to start with. everyone will see sunshine today, and a quick warmup into the 40s this afternoon.
6:49 am
and with cloudless skies it'll be colder tonight but not as cold as we're seeing right now. delaware is at 21 degrees and 16 in south jersey. that temperature of 23 in philadelphia that's at the airport. chestnut hill, and now 16 degrees in summerton. not much wind. a warmup will be quick. 40 degrees at 1:00 and into the 40s this afternoon. and notice not quite a quick cool down this evening. getting colder down to 30 degrees by tomorrow morning. a few scattered clouds right now, no wet weather. the weekend will be dry. what we will start to see during the day on sunday, clouds coming in advance of the wet weather that will be due in for tuesday and a few showers on monday, too. check out the forecast rain totals. this is sunday evening, 6:30 just before the game starts, completely dry.
6:50 am
dry through the game time. it's monday we'll start to see some very light showers move in. watch what happens tuesday. steady rain just to the west and 8:00 in the morning comes in, and we could see an inch of rain on tuesday. not this weekend. dry and sunny and mild. lots of sunshine in the morning and clouds coming in late in the day. so the clouds will be increasing during the game, and the temptur temperature will be decreasing, but not as bad as last weekend. still unseasonably warm. the warmup really gets going today. 44 this afternoon. sunny and nice weather ahead for saturday. 55 the high temperature. clouds building on sunday, but dry weather. the dry weather comes to an end on monday morning, and then the steady rain due in on tuesday. sunshine is back on wednesday and thursday, and we'll get cooler temperatures.
6:51 am
but another warmup is in the works heading into next weekend. rain showers possible late onsied but both days will be back in the 50s. less than 10 minutes before 7:00. a lot of people getting up or out the door for work or school. i'm watch aghuge slow down on the schuylkill expressway this morning. we're talking about the eastbound lanes. take a look at the time there. 48 minutes. average speeds only 16 miles per hour. we know there were four vehicles involved in a crash on those eastbound lanes. so it's definitely slowing things down. backing all the way up as you can see herre in this graphic. also watching another accident for you in lower merion at presidential boulevard and east
6:52 am
city avenue. thank you, pam. we're moving into championship weekend on the eagles road to victory. let's take a look outside live at the link. >> come saturday night the stadium will be pack asked the birds and the vikings will be fighting to head to the super bowl. if you thought last saturday at the link was loud just wait until saturday night. can all that noise be tough on your hearing? >> it would probably be equally for you as it is for them. >> listening to the crowd noise during the course of the game can actually damage your hearing and she suggests wearing protection for your ears. >> your videos for our eagles fight song challenge are coming in fast and furiously. let's show you some of the
6:53 am
latest entries. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> and those are some employees. her workers worked to strike the right notes. ♪ f f >> they're great. they call themselves three ladies in their 80s. they tell us their available for the halftime show. we'll let you know. we'll call you. >> we've received hundreds of fight song videos from you. saturday night we're putting as many together on the air, so tune in. that airs tomorrow night at 7:00. however you record on tv, record that because we'll be playing it
6:54 am
tomorrow night. next the top headlines for your friday. that includes breaking news and a beer storeowner's quick thinking helped catch a wood be robber in action.
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breaking news in germantown tops our headlines this morning. police have two people in custody after a worker foiled an attempted robbery at a beer store. while one of the suspects forced the owner to get money the worker pressed an alarm to bring officers to the store. and new from overnight police arrested a man who got into a standoff with a swat team. there are only hours left before a midnight deadline to avoid a federal government shutdown. today the senate will vote on
6:58 am
legislation approved by the house last night to keep the government running through february 14th. >> and philadelphia's board of education nominating committee holds its first meeting this morning. the panel will recommend 27 people for the nine person school board. philadelphia mayor jim kenny will make his selections in march. the nfc title just two days away. septa is selling a special discounted round trip pass on the broad street line and adding extra service. and nbc 10 is oyour official eagles station. tomorrow night at 7:00 it's fly eagles fly follow bide inside the eagles. >> this is our camera at bell.
6:59 am
mont avenue. also seeing that slow down going westbound. not as bad. average speeds in the 20s there. also seeing a bit of a slow down on 95 this morning. if you're trying to get to 676 from there, it's going to take about about 19 minutes average speed in the 40s. northbound just looking a tiny bit better. a few clouds in wilmington. they'll be moving out of the picture. lee high valley and the suburbs the temperatures have really plummeted. everybody is going to see a significant warmup today. we'll be in the 40s this afternoon. a lot of melting going on in the lee high valley at 40 degrees. the suburbs, too, it's quickly disappearing this afternoon. middle 40s for philadelphia, new
7:00 am
jersey and for delaware, too. >> all right, we like that game day forecast. we'll have local updates throughout morning. thanks for being with us this morning. good morning. countdown to shutdown. with a midnight deadline looming, the house approves a temporary budget bill. but the senate is where the fight is and the stage is set for a cliff-hanger. >> there's a time to fight. and there's a time to deal. it is now time to deal. >> this morning, how you may be impacted if that deal isn't reached by the end of the day. faces of evil. these are the parents accused of starving and torturing their 13 children. what happened when they faced the judge? flu fears. the cdc releasing brand-new numbers on the epidemic sweeping the nation, as we take you inside the battle doctors and nurses are waging against a


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