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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 19, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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eagles euphoria is flying high across our region and nbc 10 is your official home of the philadelphia eagles and our reporters are spread out across the area. we'll see how they're getty ready for the big game against the vikings. >> hey, jim, we're having a great time here, right across the street from lincoln financial field here at xfinity field live. a lot of them coming in after work right now, many coming from south jersey. sidney long is joining us with how fans are getting ready for the big game. >> don't think for a second that we don't have it going on here in south jersey. the official eagles proshop has been a must stop for fans all day long. it has been the wentz jerseys
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and the game day pins. these are in ahead of time. this play will be slammed all weekend. >> thank you. >> at a far busier than usual, dez ra desiree is traveling for authentic eagles girl. >> i live in wisconsin, but i'm an eagles fan, and i'm getting my daughters t-shirts. >> she will fly home tomorrow and be biting her nails tomorrow in hopes that the birds can sail to the super bowl. >> they have everything, t-shirts, jerseys, hats, all dings of things you might want. >> get sol alcoholic beverages, food, fill the house up with people. from gear to groceries. getting your hands on the best apps for game days. we hit the shop right.
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>> this is eagles country and we're excited every week. >> all of the talk about game day predicts. >> what do they have to do to pull this off? >> foles is okay, but he is not our first string quarterback so they need a great defense. >> i'm nervous. >> why? >> it's just disturb i have been this way all of my life when a big game comes up. >> friday fans have the right start, getting a jump start on saturday and sunday. they will be ready for you. >> we're going to be front loading for the weekend and ready to go. >> with warm temperatures, i can tell you believe it or not these hats are still going fast because fans want to be wearing exactly what eagles players do when they're on the field. be are not just trying, but buying all of the gear they can get their hands on.
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i rolled up my sleeves at the shoprite. if there were hundreds on front of me, i think i would be in second string. we'll show you more of that tonight at 6:00. >> well see you again soon. the eagles proed road to victor bus still on the road. it is finally here in south philly where we find britney ship right now. that bus is stirling ring up al the hype around the city. >> it is and it has been for days. this is what it looks like the, the road to victory bus. we have deejay alist still here.
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when everyone comes, this is the first thing they will see before they go inside for the rally and you get a chance to sign your well wishes to the players, everything says fly eagles fly, go eagles, go birds. this is your first stop before you go inside into xfinity for the big rally, but it will be a party here, we're just getting revved up, we'll take you inside as well to show you what is happening. also all of the free swag they're giving away from the bus here. let's send it back to you guys. >> i love your swag too, britney. if you missed the bust today, you will have more at the finally, sue burr b-- suburban .
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right now we have tim fur long here to give us an inside look at the stadium. you're looking quite comfortable there, my friend. >> sdiet tdespite the cold, i'mg pretty good. look at where we're sitting. if you have ever seen the stadium and you know the seats -- i'm at the bottom of the eagle head. what is interesting up here is when you look up here at the banners, check it out, the championship banners, and then you have to go all of the way over here to the the winning the nfc east and the division championship in 2004. we are excited to be here, look at the sign that just came on as they're painting in the middle of the field. they're reminding us we're the official state of the philadelphia eagles. i also want to talk about the
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eagles challenge. you can join players, alumni, and coaches. it will be a fun day that begin and end here at the link. we're going to try to solve this mystery that is autism. go to eke agles autism dotorg. if you contribute to the challenge, a $100 donation gets you a matching donation from the eagles themselves. it will be a pretty good time out there. a lot of good players, you'll do it for a great cause, and hopefully much better weather than we have right now. it was cold at the link, it was cold at the field right now, it is cold where they are right now. where we are up here, it is especially cold and you need a big, thick eagles blanket the
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eagles and nbc 10 are proud partners this year through minneapolis and hopefully through a parade. back to you. >> we certainly hope that happens. >> this is the place for sunday's show down. 70,000 fans will pack the link for that match up. folks really want to know what weather that i can expect. we already have home field advantage and it is shaping up to be a winning forecast as well, right? >> yeah, we're looking at excitement on all levels right now. i just had to flag somebody on the ice here to see -- this is jimmy, he is from new jersey, and i was getting really disappointed because i see a rink full of people and within eagles jersey, you have it on. >> that's right, i'm a big fan, looking for a w on sunday.
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>> what will the score be? >> i say 20-13 eagles. >> he's going for a victory, we're going for a victory, so how will the weather be, of course? let's take a look at the graphics, if you look at the trends, it's your friend here. in the last few games, it has been downright tortuous. not because of how they play, but because of how it felt outside. it felt like the seens. when we went back to last weekend, but a different story for this weekend. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. let's break it down for you quarter by quarter. if you spent the dough to get a ticket, you want to know what it will be like out there. temperatures in the 40s, not a lot of wind out there. just a few clouds. here is what you need to know for how to prepare for the game. the road conditions are fine
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getting to and from the game. i would say a medium weight coat and light gloves, oregon you're a-okay. the energy out here will be high throughout the evening hours. hopefully we'll get more green out here. i want to more as we get towards sunday. >> i'm with you. i know, right? it will change, i'm calling it, on the nbc app, the hour by hour forecast for the eagles on sunday. open up the app and search for the eagles app. when we come back in a few minutes, i will introduce you to challenger the eagle, he flies through the lincoln game day. >> you had an underdog with you earlier today, check out my instagram. >> i did. >> we'll see glow a little bit.
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in the meantime, philadelphia police want fans to celebrate a birds win, but they will arrest you if you get out of control. they will be outside of the link in force, and large groups typically gather after these wins. they say anyone flipping cars or lighting fires will quickly wind up in custody. also a limit in parking on sunday. no parking on grbroad street to south street. it begins sunday at 2:00 p.m. until monday at 3:00 a.m. large clouds expected at the women's march and the game. some trains will also run more frequently. next at 5:00, a pennsylvania man in court for ties to terror.
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what they found. olympian all raisman confronts the team doctor they abused her. creeping closer to a government shut down, what happens if they don't make a decision by midnight?
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according to documenting, investigators are looking into the man's possible ties to her ror organizations at home and abroad. >> barbara pots says she doesn't know what to think after she saw police raid the house next door. >> i they think he might be connected to terrorists. multiple names are attached on the mailbox. this mug shot was taken in the fall when they arrested him for buying half a dozen firearms that he wasn't supposed to have.
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>> they looked to his past and found arrests in new jersey and a conviction in virginia. he appeared in court and he is facing more than a dozen charges. he didn't say much when he went before a judge. but in these court papers they wrote that the commonwealth believes he intended to use them to support domestic and or international terror. neighbors say they don't know much about the people that live here, but say police have returned to the house since his arrest. >> they don't talk to neighbor. they have been here since last summer, the beginning of the summer and i have only seen her three times. the children play in the backyard once in awhile. >> we did reach out about items in these court papers saying there is evidence that he supports sper national or domestic terrorism. the fbi referred us back to the
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attorney general's office. >> we're learning more about the u.s. marshal shot and killed while serving a warrant. he joined the marshal service in 2006 after serving in the army and he died in a shootout yesterday. the gunman also died. two other officers were shot and they're expected to be okay. the count down is on to a possible government shut down tonight. today, senate minority leader chuck schumer meth with president trump, according to the white house congressional aides were not there. they say they made progress but there is still a good number of disagreements. democrats said they will not vote on a short-term fix that does not include a deal for
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dreamers or undocumented immigrants brought by their parents. >> the eagles long road to victory brought us here. you're taking a live look here lincoln financial field. now during the game, challenger the bald eagle flies through the link and gets fans really revved up. right now i'm joined by challenger and his handler, al, thank you for being here. tell us what happens during the game. >> during the game, challenger waits for the part where the fireworks are over, and then he comes -- takes off into the stadium, soars over the field, and he will be over a field sized flag, and then lands on my glove or my daughter's glove. >> tell us about challenger, he is a really special bird, 28
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years old? >> that's right, he was blown out of a nest at five weeks of age. they hand raised him, but he became a human imprint, a eagle that thinks he is a person. the last man he landed next to, someone was going to beat him up, he was brought to our foundation to be used as an ambassador. >> he symbolizes freedom and independence, and we're there to represent all parties, all americans from all walks of life. challenge sere a mighty ambassador for our country. he is just a majestic bird. one of god's most majestic creations for sure.
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>> now hopefully the eagles fans in the stands and on tv will have plenty to sing about this sunday because they have been practicing the eagles fight song a lot. >> all right, check out these kids from st. patrick's school. they sang with enthusiasm there and they dressed the par as well. ♪ >> that is 92-year-old ver vera barleaux. her mom plays the eagles fight song on the piano every night. kids at st. martin school and
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eagles circle were decked out and they sang the fight song at a special pep rally today. we have gotten literally hundreds and hundreds of submissions from our viewers. so many that we're going to put them all together for a special show for you. there is a chance that you or your child could be featured in that show, you really don't want to miss "fly eagles fly" tomorrow at 7:00. jim and tammy, back to you. you saw that bird there? awesome. >> and not too much wind for challenger too fight, right? >> no, no. >> we'll check back with you. now what fans and players can expect. >> i call it the polar opposite. it felt so cold last weekend. this weekend will feel like a spring day, not a winter day. it is a gift to all of us including the eagles and challenger out there.
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sam, you want to go to the beach? >> sure. but we have to be back in time for the game. >> let's go to cape may. we're at 40 degrees. that is the daytime high, so we're seasonal right now, very pleasant day out there. the feels like is 40, we don't have any windchill. 43 in wilmington. the southwest winds kick it up 10 degrees and we'll be ten degrees warmer tomorrow. ten degrees more on sunday? that's greedy. we're not going to get it but that is a impressive warm up. feels like 38. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. sunday, monday, and maybe even tuesday there will be a great weekend. cloudy on sunday, but the rain
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will move in next week. look at the numbers, this is just crazy. 56 in st. louis, that warmth is coming straight in our direction. it arrives tomorrow. right now 43 in philadelphia, let's check your neighborhood. tonight we'll be season, 30 in philadelphia, 29 in coatsville. a couple days ago, these were the daytime highs, not the nighttime lows. we have a few highs and clouds drifting across the area, but oreg otherwise it is very, very peaceful. tonight, clear skies tonight. clear skies for tomorrow as go into sunday, the clouds
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increase. we still hang on to the winds south or southeast. here comes the rain not on sunday, but on monday. maybe a few showers in the morning. let's watch what happens to our deer frie dear friends going back to the twin cities. heavy rain, tuesday rain, not snow that we get, another good sign, right? out of here by wednesday, wednesday will be cooler but not by much. ten day on ten. 56, 52 on sunday, fly eagles fly. 53 on monday, rain into tuesday. 43 on wednesday. 38 there is the cold days and back into the 40s and 50s ath the end of next week. next at 5:00, facing her abuser in court. >> larry you do realize that now we, this group of women you heartlessly abused over such a
5:24 pm
long period of time are now a force and you are nothing. next at 5:00, ali raisman spoke directly to the man that assaulted her in his sentencing hearing today. also, carrying signs and a message. what 50,000 women want you to hear as they march through philadelphia this weekend. they came out of nowhere, sir! how many of 'em? we don't know. dozens. all right! let's teach these freaks some manners! good luck out there, captain! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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today, two olympians faced the former team doctor they say abused them. >> the tables have turned, larry, we are here, we have our voices, and we're not going anywhere, and now it is your turn to listen to me. i'm here to reason so you can see i regained my strength, i'm no longer a victim, i'm a survivor. >> she says she endures yured of abu -- endured years of support. >> i thought training for the olympics would be the hardest thing i would have to do, but in fact the hardest thing i had to do is process that i'm a victim of larry nasser.
5:28 pm
>> they criticized the olympic committee to keep them from being abused. back here in philadelphia, the city getting ready for what could be a historic party. >> i'm live at xfinity live where eagles fans will be routing for their team all season long. i'll take you across the street for a behind the scenes look. >> also, 50,000 women expected to mash in philadelphia this weekend, the message they're bringing with them. also, new insight into the case of a jersey shore native turns isis commander, and how the man's family is showing
5:29 pm
allegiance at their home in margate tonight.
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good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming. switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. welcome back, the eagles one game away now from the super bowl, the high takes match up from the vikings coming up sunday at the link. erin coleman is live at xfinity live, can't help but feel the excitement across the city.
5:32 pm
>> yeah, across the city and here at xfinity live. we have a lot of folks that have just come in from after work. they keep singing fly eagles fly. that is literally across the street, but right now nbc 10s tim fu rurkslong has the behind the scenes look. >> the common denominator is that i was could in all of those, that was the club level, this is the people with the good tickets. you have this huge concourse, you have these bars all over the place, those fridges are locked. i didn't try, i promise, but you come in here, you warm up, get something to eat. there is one of the top two
5:33 pm
favorites of all times. this is the nfc 4 championship game when they beat the atlanta falcons. i was at this game last time, there was freezing rain, it was crazy. if you have the club level tickets, you pry wonder what you get outside. if you happen to have the 50 yard line tickets, this is your view right here, it doesn't get better than this. i will show you the place that might get even a little better, the suite level. for now we're live inside the link, almost literally by ourselves, guys. back to you. >> enjoy it while you can, just soak it in. we'll see you in a little bit. >> i want to go play on that field so bad. >> good weather at the link
5:34 pm
today. we saw that live shot there, and there is more of that in store for sunday. steve is live with a look at the game day forecast. steve, fans going to the game, they're going to like it. >> yeah, you know this is way different than what we predicted for the last couple of games, and i think the energy, the mood, is definitely up there right now. and i'm with sue here, our second person wearing eagles attire. show it off, sue, she is even good on the ice here, how long have you been an eagles fan for? >> about ten years. >> what are you doing for sunday's game? >> we're having a party. >> a big party, all right, good luck to the eagles and to you on the ice. her husband is over there relaxes, girls come over here. a trio of beautiful girls out here sporting their winter attire. do we have an eagles chant for me? >> yeah. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles.
5:35 pm
>> we have time to work on that, we'll be out here all evening long celebrating the eagles. >> when we come back, we'll have danny pommels joining me. what nick foles is saying about sunday's match up. for now back to jim rosenfield. >> we're going to show you it right now. the parking authority officers trading their hats for eagles gear. stopped by role kcall this morning and they were showing they're support for the team for roll call. >> the governors of pennsylvania have a pretty sweet bet on the championship game. if the eagles win,maker dayton will hold over a five pound nut roll. if the vikings win, tom wolf says he will hand over five
5:36 pm
pounds of butterscotch crippetts. we have everything you need to know about the eagles game including where to get the dog masks. also the best ways to get the to game, tap the app and search the eagles guide. signs and a message, and additional 50,000 win expected to visit philadelphia for the women's march. also, our sister station shows us how the city is preparing. >> i'm feeling insanely excited. >> philadelphia's own women's march will march an anniversary this weekend. >> our theme is we resist, we persist, and we rise. they expect to rise bright and early along the parkway as they did last year and the expectations are far greater on the second anniversary. >> we'll have people there available to register to people
5:37 pm
to vote for new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, and new york. >> last year the activist did not expect for her message to reach the entire region. >> we put together what we feel is a very powerful and positive program. we hope a lot of people attend. >> joined by more than 50,000 people and massive crowds call for strong security. they' police stay the stop of frisk rumors are not true. >> but have visual screenings as participants go in. >> i'm more afraid of what is happening with the government than what people are saying for the security with the march. you can go over to the website and ask for the details. nbc 10 news.
5:38 pm
>> all right, on the road to victory. ahead at 5:00, the superstitions that eagles fans are adhering to. also, gearing up for the olympics. the security measures going into effect for fans going into the games.
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tonight antiterrorism drills in south korea. the military responded to the situation with the help of army dogs and drones. officials say the military will do their best to ensure that the olympics are safest in history. meanwhile, welcoming the joint effort to you night their athletes for the games. the countries say they will bring together athletes for certain teams like women's ice hockey. they will be covering all angles of the games including local athletes. right now, the weekend is here and the nfc championship game between the eagles and vikings is right around the corner. today we heard from nick foles for the final time before kickoff. see why he is relaxed before the biggest game of his life. we have a winning why
5:42 pm
forecast, that is for sure, plenty of sunshine for the first half of the weekend, a few clouds on sunday, and the temperature will put a smile on your face. come on back. >> coming up all new at 6:00, going greet. the eagles have not made a move in more than 150 years. and why a vikings fan is indulging in it tonight.
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5:44 pm
it is the calm before the championship. you're looking live right now inside lincoln financial field, a place that will be packs with thousands of fans in just 48 hours, hopefully they will be
5:45 pm
celebrating a huge wind. right now we're hosting a pep rally here at xfinity live. we have watching more and more people go for the doors, and dan danny pommels is ready for the game and it looks like the players are ready, too. >> listen you don't get to celebrate every week. they are saking advantage out here, we encourage you to come out and encourage it as well. they are going strong, we have all kinds of things that they enjoy, we're going to party but we're going to really cheer our team on for this playoff victory. have a look at the team today, they bust over and practice there in preparation for sunday's game. another big test awaits, but he is calm, cool, and collected
5:46 pm
going into such a big match up. >> this is why you play the game, this is what you dream about as a kid. to go out there with these men that i work with every day is really special. >> right now i feel good and calm. i stay in the moment, premare in the moment, doing everything that i can in the moment and the rest takes care of itself and that keeps me level. >> coming up at 6:00, two brothers playing against each other in the game. until then, i'm danny pommels. >> that is exactly what we want to hear. he is calm and prepared and ready for the game, sfliegt. >> right, number nine ready to go and lead the team to victory. we're going to need it. >> all right, danny, live for us, keep it here at 7:00 tonight. that is tomorrow night at 7:00,
5:47 pm
it is "flies -- "fly eagles fly." if you have not senior endecision on the tv yet, make sure you sit down and watch tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. that all gets us to sunday, turn to the official station of the eagles before and after the game, starts sunday morning and keeps going. of course we have you covered as well after the game. make sure you stay with nbc 10 for coverage all night long. i'll send it back to you in the tuesday owe, but i can tell do you is electric in here and the crowd is getting bigger and bigger. >> all right, erin, and what else is setting up nicely is the forecast for the game. >> i think the clouds are just going to keep building and we're
5:48 pm
not going to leave, it's good they don't need their heavy winter parkas. gazing across the field, a live shot right now, here is what we will be expecting. 45 4 3 right now in philadelphia, and 33 by 11:00 tonight, the southwest winds continue into the 50s tornl, mo we keep getting better and better, and for south jersey and delaware, mid to upper 40s, they're all around the normal average for this year.
5:49 pm
44 in dover. and atlantic city 44 degrees. you'll go to philadelphia and wake up 33 degrees in sunny skies. wake up between 31 and 32 degrees. a lot of that snow starting to melt out there. in delaware, 29 dries is your wake up weather. 32 on the jersey shore. across the area, high clouds that have drifted through from time to time. let's walk you through the next couple days, winds continue tonight and storm, you see it is just staying away, beautiful again tomorrow and in the mid 50s, winds turn west and southwest. they are all over the place and the temperature will drop to the low 50s.
5:50 pm
the rain stays away on sunday evening, it will not be moving in until monday night, we'll have perfect whether feather fo game. 48 for the kick off. 46 at halftime, and when the game winds down, end of the fourth quarter, 44 degrees. this is a first from mother nature. 29 in delaware, for tomorrow, we'll have another beautiful day with sunshine, grab the sunglasses when you go out you will need a jacket in the morning. maybe in the morning just a sweatshirt. 49 in the lehigh valley. now your den day -- ten day.
5:51 pm
53 on monday. the coldest day of the next ten is thursday. right back into the 40s and 50s with rain for the following weekend. >> all right, tammy, and eagles fans will not stop at anything. coming up, the game day superstition with clothes and food. and who deserves a super bowl more? eagles or vickin invikingings - fans. you decide who had it worse. don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network,
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literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming. switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement.
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hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. sfwlmplts welcome bac sfwlmplts. welcome back, savanna guthrie joining us now. >> hours away from a government shut down, and pets on planes, why one major airline is cracking down on the emotional comfort animals when we see you in just a few minutes. >> why aren't you wearing your green tonight, savanna, come on? >> i know, in my heart i'm wearing it, it be but on on
5:55 pm
sunday. >> okay. you got it. >> eagles fans are out for a win, now live in south philadelphia, migel, what kind of superstitions have you found from this? >> basically anything they think can help get that win. some people have lucky stuff, some have visors or hats or meals they cook that day. shoes fans keep those superstitions more serious than others, take a look. so say that fans are excited would be an under statement, for some those have given into a
5:56 pm
superstition. >> i don't want to get too excited and jinx it. >> i wore the same thing i wore last friday, and i will wear the same thing i wore last sunday, and we will sit in the same seats and eat the same thing. >> we went to the super bowl in 2005, so hopefully we'll be going to minnesota with it, too. >> during the game i don't wear any eagle gear. >> some are taking part in the superstition, but they're not booking for look, they think they have what it takes. >> this is their year. >> they said to wear the same clothes, but i washed my clothes, i don't believe in that stuff, i just believe in them. >> many people wanted the beagles to get a win. nbc 10 news. >> whatever it takes.
5:57 pm
>> we are ramping things up for nbc 10 at 6:00. the oldest bar is breaking with the oldest tradition. why even a vikings fan is drinking green tonight. and heart ache to heartache. the eagles and the vikings have been fallen short in big games, we'll let you decide who deserves this super bowl more. >> and the weather will not be any trouble for the eagles or any of your weekend plans, i'm tracking the next chance for rain in our first alert neighborhood graft. forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, eagles euphoria everywhere. the birds just two days away from the biggest game yet of their season. >> offense and defense are all going to step up. >> emotions are going to run high, it's a great time of the year. >> the super bowl just one win away. >> can we see that little girl again? the little ones are fired up.
6:00 pm
nbc 10 is your officials station. deciding who goes to the super bowl, the stakes could not get any higher, let's get a look, crews are putting the finishing touches on the field and the stands. >> erin coleman is anchoring our coverage tonight. fans getting more and more excited every hour. >> i don't know if you can hear them behind me doing the e-a-g-l-e-s! i can't even say it i'm so excited here. they are facing off in minnesota here, and your official eagles station is bringing you coverage. we're going to start with steven


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