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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 20, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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down after congress could not reach an agreement to keep funding flowing. we have you covered with what you need to know. >> eagles fans are counting the minutes until the birds take the field against the vikings. we' we're helping you get ready this morning. thousands of women and men will converge on philadelphia this morning as part of a national movement. the significance of the date and what they hope to accomplish coming up. nbc 10 news starts now. >> go birds. let's get that out of the day. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> it's 6:00 on this saturday morning. nice to be with you. so much going on this weekend. we have a big game tomorrow but also the benefit of great weather this weekend. let's get to first alert meteorologist crystal and her most accurate forecast in town. a big warmup today? >> yes. we've been talking about it for a week straight. we were certain this weekend was going to be the warmup weekend,
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and now it is upon us. check this out. we are starting right now many locations near or above freezing. this is a good sign. you might see that and say that looks cold. but it's all up hill now. we are climbing the temperatures throughout the rest of today. 29 in philly. 39 in coatsville and 36 in blue bell. allentown at 2. and we're at 30 as well in atlantic city. the temperatures right now, mostly near freezing. a little above. they're to go up, up as we go into the afternoon. part of the reason why, radar and satellite, a clear picture. we're going to see a good bit of sun shine. this is another great thing. there is nothing heading our direction. we stay dry for the eagles' forecast. we'll run through the hour by hour forecast coming up, neighborhood by neighborhood. we'll see you shortly. >> thanks, crystal. a green glow is lighting up the philadelphia skyline.
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this is bird country. the team take on the vikings tomorrow. >> fans hope the eagles bring home a victory that carry them into the superbowl. randy is live in center city. we haven't seen the city this excited in years. quite some time. >> reporter: and after a roller coaster up and down season, a lot of fans skeptical after carson wentz went down, it's now officially nfc championship weekend here in philadelphia. fans have been buzzing for weeks and we're seeing a lot of fans from out of town arriving in the city. bars are getting ready for the big game, expecting big crowds. let me take you to south philadelphia. last night we saw fans and tourists alike eating together, having a philly cheese steak and talking about the game. the vikings will arrive at their team hotel later today in center city. big pep rallies across the city tonight, and fans say waiting for the big game has been the
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hardest part. >> i am bumped. i can't wait until sunday night. a packed house and the eagles are going to the super bowl. >> i've been waiting for this all my life. yeah. definitely. >> and city police here in philadelphia are optimistic. they say they're expecting a championship celebration tomorrow night after the game. they are preparing, putting officers in hot spots throughout the city where they've seen celebrations in the past after philly sports teams have won big championships. for now, we're live in center city. thank you for that, randy. the city issing out a warning to neighbors in south philadelphia to be prepared for extra traffic and parking changes this weekend. starting at 2:00 sunday afternoon nobody can park on broad street from south street to the stadium complex. that goes for the medium plus the sides of the street. there's also a concert at the wells fargo center. one restaurant owner says he's opening and closing two hours
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early on game day because of the issues. >> game time it will be crazy down here. the traffic, it's unbelievable. >> they are ready for the game and the more than 18,000 riders expected to use public transportation tomorrow. staff will be on trains and at the stations ready to respond if there are any problems. they will also use cameras to monitor areas. we have exclusive eagles coverage throughout the weekend. join us this evening at 7:00 and 7:30. tomorrow it's game day. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs throughout the afternoon. us for live reaction and exclusive interviews. we are the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. breaking overnight, the federal government is shut down this morning with only essential agencies up and running. the shutdown took effect at
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midnight when a rare spending bill from the house failed to pass the senate. edwin lawrence has more from washington. >> the u.s. government officially shutdown despite a flurry of last-minute negotiations that played out live during a critical vote on the senate floor. >> there's only one reason we ended up here. the shoe horning of illegal immigration into this debate. >> democrats holding firm in their demands for a fix on the policy protecting undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children. some republicans worried about leaving government workers in the lurch. >> i believe that a government shutdown is a loser proposition for both parties. president trump accused democrats of wanting a shutdown to diminish his tax cuts informal earlier he and the senate's top democrat tried to cut a deal. >>en though president trump seemed to like an outline of a
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deal in the room, he did not press his party in congress to accept it. >> all the while government agencies dusted off their shutdown play books getting ready to close. some personnel expected to keep working. >> military will not get paid but will go to work. the border will still be patrolled. they will not get paid. >> the first anniversary of president trump's unaugust ration now threatening to become a different milestone, the day the federal government shutdown. >> reporter: president trump planned a lavish party for the anniversary of his inaugusratio. pat toomey said this is a mess that the senate democrats created holding the country hostage because of an immigration issue that does not fully materialize until march. bob casey countered that statement with i was not elected
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to genuflekt the demands of extreme house republicans. i have an obligation to fight for the millions of families left out of this bill. resist. persist. and rise. that's the theme for today's women's march on philadelphia. ♪ >> this is the second year for the event. today the crowd will meet at logan square in center city and have a noontime rally. the mission of the philly event along with marches across the country is to tap into momentum from last year and encourage more women to run for office and to push for social change. many women are bringing their daughters to the march in philly. >> i want my daughters to realize they have a voice in this world, and despite all the challenges they're facing right
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now, and it's a scary place for a young woman. they're torn between so much that they find a positive way to channel their voice. >> it's going to be a very busy part of the city today. we're talking about 50,000 people. expect to see road closures and parking restrictions right along the ben franklin parkway. go to nbc for a full list of changes. two olympic gymnasts add their voices to the hearing of larry nassar. >> i regained my strength. i am no longer a victim. i am a survivor. >> more of their emotional testimony coming up, and what is still expected to happen in the emotion-ed hearing. plus paying more your prime. we'll tell you how much amazon is pumping up the price for their service. and how a couple is livening up the eagles' fan base.
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good morning. crystal here. let's run through the hour by hour neighborhood by neighborhood for your saturday. this is a great forecast. starting out near freezing. the average for this time of year would be 40 degrees. we're getting to 47 by noon. low 50s at 4 p.m. a few spots in the philly neighborhoods will make it into the mid 50s territory for high temperatures. and upper 40s, low 50s for highs and sunny to mostly sunny in the lee high valley with a temperature of 46 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and, again, like philly, low mid 50s for highs, certainly possible. new jersey 47 at lunchtime. 45 at the jersey shore. a few 50s for forecast high temperatures. across the board today, warmer than average. 50s, that's short sleeve weather for some of us because it's going to feel so much better than we've seen over the month of january. let's fast forward to tomorrow.
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around lunchtime, 48 degrees. 52 at 3:00. by 5:00, 50 degrees. we're looking at light winds tomorrow as well. this is great tailgate weather. you won't need to bundle up like last week. 6:12 on this saturday. coming up, a warning from philadelphia police to eagles' fans to behave. the warning here. we have the hot spots officers will be watching after the game ends.
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a tragic day ahead. investigators are looking for the cause of this house fire that took the life of one person and injured two firefighters.
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we were over the scene in bethlehem township. we're working to find out the conditions of the firefighters injured. authorities have not identified the person who died in the blaze. today in philadelphia family and will attend the funeral of a man who died in a row home fire that also killed a firefighter. loved ones will pay their final respects at fellowship greater ja hoe va baptist church. he and a captain died. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the blaze. two olympic gymnasts fire back. they faced dr. larry nassar in michigan on friday. they joined more than 80 women who have spent the past few days recounting the abuse they suffered. nassar has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting underage girls that were under his care.
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>> who was the doctor that usag sent to keep us healthy and help us get through? the doctor that was our abuser. all these brave women have power and we'll use our voices to make sure you get what you deserve. a life of suffering spent replaying the words delivered by this powerful army of survivors. >> more women are expected to give statements next week and then a judge will formally sentence nassar. philadelphia police are certainly in support of fans celebrating the eagles' road to victo victory. they are warning fans they'll be arrested if they get out of control. officers plan to be posted outside the link after the game and they say they'll also be in the city's mayfair section. anybody flipping cars or lighting fires will be arrested. that doesn't happen anymore, we
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hope. >> it's old school. >> the vikings are due to arrive in philadelphia later today. a number of vikings' fans are already in town. we caught this supporter. the oldest bar in philadelphia is breaking tradition by serving green st. patrick's day beer in honor of the eagles. the vikings fan said he couldn't help himself. >> they turned it green for the championship weekend, and it tastes like a viking victory. we couldn't get purple beer back home. i'm just trying to blend in, fly under the radar. keep drinking that green beer and jinx your team. they will serve their green beer all weekend and for two more weeks into the eagles win on sunday. well, as game day approaches, your videos of our fight eagles song challenge are coming in fast and furious. >> this is one of our latest
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entries. ♪ >> yesterday st. mary's school in williamstown hosted an eagles team spirit day. the kids have their green and white eagles gear on. we received hundreds of videos of folks sing the fight song, participating in the challenge. we're showing as many as we can during the this evening's special. that's tonight at 7:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. i can't wait for that to go on tonight. a bunch of kids cheering. that sounds awesome. let's look at the live picture outside over center city. there's just a little breeze out there this morning. we are going to track the winds throughout the day in fact gusting right around to about 25 miles per hour. a breezy day at best. current winds aren't terribly strong. most of us around 5 or 10 miles
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per hour. what's more important is the fact the winds are from the southwest to the west. that is a warm air flow. that's exactly what we need to pump up the temperatures for our weekend forecast. take a look at the temperatures as they sit currently in our philadelphia area. we're at 29 degrees. 28 in delaware. 30 at the jersey shore. let's drop into the philly neighborhood temps and some of us are a little above freezing. this is a wonderful picture. it's still cold, i know, but when we're starting around freezing and things are going up throughout the day, this is giving us the opportunity to creep into those 50s later. look at radar and satellite. also helping us out, the clear conditions. we have some clouds mostly over the northern half. they're sinking a little south. i wouldn't be surprised if we wake up to clouds in the philly area. it's going to be a mostly sunny day. some clouds, but a good bit of sunshine, and why such a wide
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picture? there's nothing heading our direction. we stay dry today and tomorrow. 53 degrees the temperature in summerton. coatstown, a forecast high of 48. sun to mostly sunny across the board. a few spot 50s possible through atlantic city and ocean city and 52 for smerna. hour by hour, for today, i mentioned a few clouds. otherwise dry, dry. we go into tomorrow morning, clear start to the day, but look at the clouds kind of sitting off to the west. those are going to stream on in as we get into the afternoon, and by kickoff time we'll be mostly cloudy. it's not mostly cloudy with rain. any chance of rain is an isolated spot that stays to the north. we have a dry forecast for the game. let's run through it. vikings at and eagles tomorrow, 6:40 kickoff time. it will be in the mid upper 40s. we'll hit 46 at halftime and by end of game, 44 degrees.
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this is going to be mild for january. light winds. perfect for you to be out there cheering. just a lighter jacket. don't bundle up like you did last week. if you are one of amazon's monthly prime users, get ready to pay a little more. the online retail giant is raising the cost for the monthly payment option. it used to be 10.99. it's now $12.99. the annual membership price is not changing. amazon did not give a specific reason for the monthly price change. stop by the annual philly home show. this is the final weekend. exhibits feature the latest in home improvement, design, and technology. my husband will be happy to hear this. kevin oh condor hosted "this old house" and is scheduled for two appearances today. the home show runs through tomorrow. we have all those episodes on dvr. i don't know if he knows. i'll have to tell him. eagles fans are going to
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extremes to show their loyalty to the team. ♪ >> how one devoted fan is celebrating like it's christmas. literally. we'll take you there next.
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the main theme here, who knew the eagles' fight song could reignite the eagles season? >> we see how a holiday play was converted into a show of eagles' pride. we know what that game means. we're hungry for it. >> eagles don't have championships. >> reporter: the eagles are all over the radio. ♪ but joel is broadcasting a different tune on a frequency around his house on franklin street. there were 45,000 bulbs out here. >> because it's eagles' theme they're mostly green and white. >> reporter: this lights up first for the holidays but he always holds out hope for eagles post season. >> i've had it ready for five years. this is great. >> our neighbors, i hope,
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tolerate it. >> reporter: his wife says this is a labor of love to the imitation fireworks which took hours to rig up. >> it's been amazing the last couple of days. >> this is amazing. >> a great job. >> stop back again. >> reporter: the run has added a good amount to his electricity bill, but they don't seem to mind. >> a friend of mine when asked how much it costs, he said it's about a penny a smile. the show will be expanding this weekend as they add the rocky theme music and the display should be going for several more weeks into the eagles win sunday. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> does it get any better? >> something tells me he might keep it going until next season. >> if they win tomorrow, what will it be like next week? >> philadelphia anxiously waiting for tomorrow's miles an hourup again -- matchup against
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vikings. >> reporter: this city has been buzzing for weeks now, but we can tell you we've already seen some minnesota vikings fans arriving in philadelphia. up next, we're talking with bartenders in the city and taking you back in time to 2005. check out the temperatures. right now we're close e to  freezing. it's a chilly start. here's the good news. it's all up from here. we'ringining -- we're talking a mild weekend. we'll talk more about a forecast in just a bit.
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breaking overnight the government shuts down. and republicans and democrats are both accusing the other of causing the collapse. >> excitement. eagles fans are jumping with joy over tomorrow's game.
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we'll tell you where you can hop on the road to victory bus. and a sink hole forces families out of their homes. what's being done now to fix the problem. all right. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. >> it's 6:30 on this saturday. plenty to get through. something tells me for a lot of people it might be a three-day weekend eagles win. >> i think you're right. crystal has a winning forecast for us? . >> a lot of people will have the flu on monday. let's talk about the conditions. a current temperature map. 24-hour change. this is the difference between now and yesterday morning at this exact same. check this out. we're six degrees warmer right now in philly than yesterday morning. how about areas like mt. holly. 21 degrees warmer. allentown, 18 degrees warmer. trenton, 14 degrees warmer. atlantic city at 13 degrees
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warmer. a huge change from yesterday. here are the temperatures. they're still a little chilly. we're at 28 in allenton. coatsville, 31. this is not a bad start. and these in your opinions are going to climb once the sun is out. we'll easily make our way into the 50s in most spots. on our radar and satellite, a clear picture. if we pull this out, there's nothing to track. no rain. no snow. no worries. not just for today but tomorrow too. and there's that temperature trend into the 50s. we'll look if we make it to the 50s for the game tomorrow coming up. >> eagles green is everywhere you look this weekend. >> fans can barely contain themselves until tomorrow's 6:40 kickoff. randy is live in center city for us this morning with a preview of the pandemonium. the momentum building out there. >> reporter: it is officially
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nfc championship weekend. the winner is headed to the super bowl. we get to that, let me take you back in time 13 years. i'll show you the scene at the link back in 2005. that's when the birds beat the falcons in the nfc championship game. headed to the super bowl they'd later lose in a close game against the patriots. today fans hoping for another win to send them to minnesota, maybe get some revenge on tom brady. first they're going to have to get through the vikings. the vikings will arrive later today. we caught up with bartenders in philadelphia who are preparing for big crowds. they say they're already seeing a few vikings fans in town. >> well, today i had someone use a vikings credit card. i gave them an oy-va, but i still accepted it. >> it's big for the city. we hope everybody can control themselves in the city. i mean, it's kind of hard.
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>> reporter: and the city police here in philadelphia are optimistic. they say they're preparing for a celebration after tomorrow night's game, sending officers into known historical hot spots throughout town that tend to see a lot of partying after an eagles' win. for you, randy with nbc 10 news. and a party last night. birds fans got to check out the road to victory bus and and a message to the team. the road to victory bus has a full schedule today starting at the elm wood park zoo. then it makes its way over to villanova university and finally suburban square in ardmore. >> the fans are asking is the nfl rigged after the nfl jumped a gun on a promotion. the nfl post third down picture on a facebook account yesterday with the patriots and vikings.
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that made eagles fans fume with talk of a conspiracy. the link issued an apology saying it was an apology and has a mockup of every possible super bowl matchup. join us tonight at 7:00 for our fly eagles fly special followed by inside the eagles at 7:30. then tomorrow game day, our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs throughout the day and, join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews. that's only on nbc 10, the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. 6:34. we're following breaking news out of washington. federal shut down. it happened when the senate failed to pass a bill that keeps money flowing into february. the bill was a temporary measure. president trump tweeted his dismay on the first anniversary of his inauguration. republicans and democrats are blaming each other with immigration policy as the main
6:35 am
sticking point. >> there's only one reason we ended up here. the shoe horning of illegal immigration into this debate. >> even though president trump seemed to like an outline of a deal in the room, he did not press his party in congress to it. >> even though many government workers will not be working because of the shutdown, the senate will be trying to hammer out a deal later this morning. during a shutdown hundreds of thousands of federal workers stay at home. that means they don't get paid including employees at the cdc. they're dealing with a busy flu season. also facing furloughs, irs workers trying to implement the new park law, and pa -- tax law. reaction from local members of congress came in swiftly. cory booker says there's a bipartisan solution on the table but instead of putting that solution forward for a vote, the president and republican leaders
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have chosen to use d.r.e.a.m.ered.r.e.a.m.ers as political pawn. the d.r.e.a.m.ers, referring to the young immigrants brought in as children. pat too mamey said the vote not rooted in principle. they openly support every provision in the bill. it's a cross political issue. >> we've gotd it all broken down for you now on the nbc 10 app. today thousands of people will march through philadelphia tone sure that women's voices are heard. this is the second year for the women's march on philadelphia. about 50,000 people are expected to walk from logan square ahead of a rally at noon. the mission of the philly event along with marches across the
6:37 am
country is to urge people to vote and push for social change. coming up, we'll show you how one local hospital is trying to make it easier to treat the flu cases. >> and we know what killed rocker tom petty. details coming up.
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just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> and there's a preview of the show. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," we're following all the developments out of the nation's capital where the governmentdown overnight. what happens now and what does it mean for you in we're live on capitol hill? >> also pigs on a plane?
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kangaroos too? a big change coming to delta airlines when it comes to taking emotional support animals on board. and a story we're calling series revenge. wait until siri asked if someone she looked would ever text her. it's a near dating saturday. >> those stories and more. we hear you laughing. >> has it turned to this. we're turning to siri and how who to date? >> yes. >> and i'm going to ask you one more time, the big lead you missed. >> that's right. tom brady's thumb, and the question of whether he's going to be playing on sunday. we'll have that story and perhaps the eagles that should be soaring as well. >> i like your green. is that green? >> no. i'm going to wear my green shirt and tie tomorrow. i couldn't find a green suit. the 70s are over with.
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>> can >> i can give you a couple addresses. >> i bet you could. >> go eagles. >> thank you. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. of. >> i think rosemary literally almost fell out of her chair for a brief moment. let's take a look at the temperature trend here. this is aucwesome. we were in the 30s on thursday. our high capped on 40s on friday. the average is 40 degrees. check where we're going. 55 degrees for our saturday. 52 sunday and 53 even on your monday. and this weekend dry as well. this is perfect. let's go to the hour by hour for today. 29 degrees right now. the time this morning almost 6:42 a.m. we're at 42 for the forecast at 10:00 a.m. 48 by noon, and our 50s in the afternoon about 51 at 2:00 in the afternoon. for new jersey, 33 degrees. we're currently sitting already
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above freezing. we'll be at 42 today. and there's the 50s in the afternoon. mostly low to at best mid 50s for high temperatures. and wrap up with delaware. we're at 28 right now. but there are the 50s in the afternoon as well. >> drugs in his system. coming up, what was found after roy halladay's plane crashed in florida. >> no brotherly love here. how tomorrow's big game is divide a football family.
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today crews will resume work to inspect and repair the area beneath this sink hole. it opened up yesterday
6:45 am
afternoon. officials were forced to evacuate six homes the sink hole also led to a water main break and problems with the sewage system. water service has been restored to most customers but the water department says there's no estimate on when service will be fully restored. federal prosecuters say they plan to retry robert menendez and want the earliest possible court date. a jury failed to reach a decision and the judge declared a mistrial. he's accused of accepting gifts in exchange for lobbying to help out his business. menendez's office said he would be vindicated again in a retrial. 6:45 this morning. new details about the plane crash that killed roy halladay. a new autopsy report reveals he morphine and a drug used to treat insomnia in his system.
6:46 am
his official death is listed as blunt force impact drowning. a newly released autopsy report shows tom petty died of an accidental overdose. his family says it came from a mix of different medication used to treat pain. petty was suffering from em fa see ma, a broken hip and knee issues. he had finished touring days before he passed away. he was 66 years old. hospitals here at home and across the country are desperate to control this year's flu outbreak. it's already killed more than two dozen children. those hospitals include cedar crest and allentown. staffers set up mobile triage units to handle the overflow of patients. the hospital is restricting patients rescheduling surgeries
6:47 am
and using the face time app for appointments. >> we have seen a massive rise in the volume. we wanted to get the patients out here, and be able to be seen as efficiently as possible. a new report says a particular strain of the flu can be spread by breathing with the virus lingering in the air for hours. our meteorologist here. a live look outside. you can see the sun starting to peek on the horizon. official sun rise at 7:18. this has a pretty picture. clear over head. the sunny forecast sticks with mostly sunny conditions. the feels like temperatures are a little cooler than the actual temperatures this morning because of a light wind. 21 in philly. 32 in potstown and wilmington at 22. 25 atlantic city. it is chilly this morning. you'll want the extra layers. here's the good news. today is a big warmup day.
6:48 am
and let me tell you why. we have radar and satellite showing us a fairly clear picture. we saw high clouds in the northern most half of the viewing area. otherwise there's not a lot of action to track. no rain, snow, thick cloud coverage to worry about knit. highs today, 55 degrees in philly. 52 for the pennsylvania suburbs. 53 in delaware. sunny to mostly sunny forecast. we're warming so much because of the southwest wind flow from the southwest. it warms us up. on the hour by hour today, a few of the clouds strolling by the area. that's at 4:00 this afternoon. let's go into tomorrow morning. clear tomorrow morning. by 10, thicker clouds building off to the west of us. don't worry. it might start to stress you out thinking rain for the game, but this is just clouds. just in the middle of game time, at 8:00 tomorrow night, it will
6:49 am
be cloudy, but it will also be dry. and the dry conditions last throughout the rest of the night. isolated showers to the north of us overnight into monday. they're not going to bring any rain showers during the time. don't worry about that. let's talk about the tailgate forecast. heading out about noon? 48 degrees. the temperature we expect by the lake. at 52 by 3:00. winds light out of the west, and a west, that's our friend. as we go to the, it's south kickoff time, 48 degrees. 46 at halftime. by end of game, 44 degrees. last weekend of game the windchill was 17. this is going to feel way better and the winds are going to stay light throughout. now, as we go into your next workweek and we're hopefully celebrating a win, we're going to track an isolated chance of showers early mondaying. otherwise it's going to be a cloudy, dreary day.
6:50 am
better chance of rain on tuesday. this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. good morning. it is finally the weekend, and that means the eagles and vikings that much closer to playing for that trip to the super bowl. the birds practiced outdoor at the link friday. all eyes once again will be on number nine to lead the eagles to a second straight playoff victory. he's cool, calm, and collected going into the matchup. >> this is what you dream about as a kid. we're all fortunate to be livering living it. this is special. >> right now i feel good. i feel calm. when you're in the moment, i stay in the moment, preparing in the moment, doing everything i can in the moment, and the rest takes care of itself. it keeps my level.
6:51 am
>> here is a list of all the brothers who have faced off in the eagles games this season. michael and eric kendricks are the fifth. with more on their journey to this game, here's john clark. >> reporter: philly is known as the city of brotherly love but not this week for michael and erik kendricks. they are linebackers for the eagles and vikings. michael and erik played one season together in high schooling up in fresno, california. they played each other in college and last year here at the link. but this is different. last year they talked all during the week and met up before the game. but this week they are not speaking. >> no. no. none of that. the biggest game of our lives. nothing else matters right now. it's an opportunity of a lifetime, and some that we will remember forever. >> i feel like my brother gets a little bit of an advantage as far as with the family roots for because he's the first born, but
6:52 am
you know, it's all love. >> i don't know if he'll ever hear the oend end of it, unless come back to the same situation. it happened once, it can happen again, but, dude, that's not -- yeah. >> the kendricks family is a house divided on who to root for. here's the good thing. the family will be sitting on the eagles' sideline because the game is here in philly. john clark, nbc sports, philadelphia. all right. john, thank you very much. a dandy. that is your look at sports. i'm danny. enjoy your saturday.
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all right. keep it coming, fans. we want to see more of your videos for our eagles fight song challenge. >> let's show you one of the latest entries. ♪ fly eagles fly to victory eagles. >> she couldn't wait to finish. we wanted to spell the word adorable seeing her awesome rendition. >> philly is going green for the
6:56 am
birds. you can see the color green, an image of an eagle in light and the words go underdogs. you don't see the word eagles or the team logo. they don't want to jinx the birds ahead of the game. the eagles fans have a lot of superstitions. they tell us they're not taking any chances. >> i'll wear the exact same thing as last saturday. we'll do everything the same. eat the same thing and do everything the same. >> during the game, i don't wear any eagle gear. >> i found myself at one point last weekend not -- like wait a minute. one thing everybody can agree on is the eagles deserve a trip to the super bowl. >> join us tonight at 7:00 for "fly eagles fly", and "inside
6:57 am
the eagles" at 7:30. tomorrow our coverage begins at 10:00 and runs through the day. one thing for sure, the weather will be great for tomorrow's game. and today for that matter. >> it is so nice when you're the bearer of good news. this is a live look down broad street. it's a dry road. it's going to stay dry. 55 for the temperature today. tomorrow increasing clouds but the game will be dry. 53 on your monday. isolated chance of a shower. better chance of rain tuesday. we'll all be super excited by then. won't care about the rain because hopefully we'll be celebra celebrating a victory. >> that's it for us on this saturday. for you, we'll see you in about 25 minutes for an update. >> the "today" show is next. have a great day.
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good morning. breaking overnight. shutdown. the federal government closed for business. the senate failed to reach a deal that would have kept it open. the drama lasting until the clock struck midnight. everything but the most essential operations halted. both sides already blaming the other. >> the american people should expect better. >> this is no way to conduct the nation's business. >> the white house lashing out calling democrats obstructionisobstructionist losers. how long will it last? what does it mean for you? we're live in washington. taking it to the streets. marching starting around the country fighting for


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