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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  January 21, 2018 7:00am-8:01am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," the stage is set. this is a live look over the field from our eagles nest camera inside the linc. we've got every angle covered ahead of tonight's title matchup. welcome to philadelphia. the vikings got quite an earful when they arrived at their team hotel in center city. eagles parking penalties. tonight's game means traffic changes, especially on broad street. what you need to know about parking and detours. finally, we are here. >> this is it. we have our green on. >> we do. we're ready to go. >> ready to go. >> got you covered. >> good morning.
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this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm dray clark. the countdown you see there on your screen is on. we're now just a little bit less than 12 hours away from kickoff at the linc today. >> meteorologist krystal klei is tracking that all-important gameday forecast and it's a winner, krystal. >> it is a winner. mother nature has been -- they made it real nice for us. temperatures are a bit chilly out there. right around freezing for many spots. philadelphia at 33 degrees. mt. holly at 31. dover at 33. allentown, warmer at 39 degrees. a ten-degree difference in atlantic city. 29 for the current reading. you might see this and go, that doesn't look that good. but, remember yesterday we started out around freezing. made it up to 57 in philadelphia for a high yesterday. we will not get that warm. here's why. we've got clouds sitting to the west but moving our way. there will be increased cloud coverage for your sunday.
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not rain, just clouds. temperatures will pick up. if you're headed out early, 41. by 1:00, 49. increasing clouds. mostly cloudy by 4:00. look at that number. 50. with light winds. we'll talk about what to expect hour by hour during the game coming up. >> we'll be sticking around for it. thanks, krystal. >> let's call this the calm before the storm. this is another live look inside the linc from our eagles nest camera. hours from now, as we said, about 12 hours from now, it will be rough and rowdy. the birds will host the minnesota vikings in the nfc championship game. pumped and ready for action. >> you got that right. tailgating gets it under way bright and early. randy gyllenhaal is there with the early risers. hey, randy. >> reporter: hey. you can't technically go into the tailgating lot yet. that doesn't open for a couple of hours. in the next little bit, we're going to see a ton of fans lining up rvs and big buses and
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cars on 11th street waiting for the lots to open so they can get a prime spot. the first car, by the way, is my man greg. you may have seen him an hour ago. we're going to hop in the car with him and chat about the tailgate. >> greg, since 5:00 a.m. this morning. i'm not feeling till the gate opens. >> you got tickets? >> yeah, i did. my uncle's friend got me a ticket in section 128. i'll be in the end zone going out of my mind. >> what are you doing until kickoff? >> what i do is, i think about the game, how the defense is going to play. i think about the fans. how we're going to give it. we're going to bring it. i'm bringing it for four quarters, no voice monday. >> greg, are you thinking -- >> i'm off from work tomorrow. there's no nap. you don't sleep during the gape. here's a message for jeff lurie. jeff, i'm the first one down here. i love your team and we're going to party all night.
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you will dance tonight, jeff, i guarantee it. >> reporter: the party will be here in south philly. we'll hang with greg in the warm car as the tailgaters start coming the next couple of hours. tune in live. we're live in greg's car. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. no naps out there, randy. before the minnesota vikings endure the sound of the eagles fans like greg there at the linc, they have something else ringing in their ears. take a listen. love it. eagles fans gave the minnesota vikings a greeting, warm welcome. you're also looking at the vikes walking through a flock of birds at center city. fiep, there were a few vikings fans. they were jockeying for position outside with the eagles fans. but the birds got a seat. >> fans are really passionate. should be pretty intense. i'm hoping for a good game. >> listen, don't count the eagles out. we're taking it. we're going to win. i don't know about these guys
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right here, but they don't look that big to me. i think we got them. >> minnesota fans did their traditional skol chant. you can be sure that fly eagles fly will drown that out this evening. if you are headed to the game this evening, be careful where you park. >> definitely. consider mass transit to get to the linc today. matt delucia is live in south philadelphia with important information for fans. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, dray and rosemary. wall street is a popular place to park, even now filled with cars. later this afternoon, all these cars have to go. you want to see these signs, go birds, but unfortunately, you have to deal with these signs from philly police warning drivers to get their cars off the street. both sides of the shoulder here, south of south street down to the stadium complex. again, that is for the rest of the day until tomorrow morning. now, if you are going to be
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taking mass transit, perhaps septa down to the game or patco, here's a bit of advice. if you can get on the line for $4. you buy the pro rock or city hall. there's a sports express train that will be starting a little after 3:30, running every ten minutes leading to kickoff. patco is operating on a special schedule with trains operating every 20 minutes for most of the day. if you're on broad street and see the cars still here, about seven hours until they have to be moved out of the way where you perhaps risk getting towed. that's definitely not what you want on a day like this when you're hoping the birds win. >> go birds. >> right there. that's my truck. it's going to be bananas. >> do you have a car parked here? >> absolutely not. >> go eagles, baby.
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>> reporter: resident here. don't park your car out here. rosemary, dray, back to you. >> i love when that happens on live tv. after stops around the region, our eagles road to victory bus will be in one place today. xfinity live in south philadelphia. the bus will be there today from 10:00 to 6:00, stop by for give-aways and to write a message on the bus to cheer on the birds. count on nbc 10 to have you covered before and after tonight's nfc title game. our coverage begins at 10:00 this morning and runs throughout the day. then join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews. the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. the time now 7:07. the birds have home field advantage tonight. >> yes, but does that mean they have the upper hand? ahead in sports, we break down the defense we'll see in this nfc title game. also ahead, government shutdown. today is the second day without services. closed to sites.
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we'll tell when you lawmakers plan to get the legislative wheels in motion again.
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welcome back. first alert meteorologist krystal klei here. we've got perfect gameday weather for you. increasing cloud coverage. mild temperatures and light winds for the forecast. we're looking over the linc inside the bird's nest right now. it is quiet but that will not be the case. by 9:00 a.m., about 36 degrees.
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above freezing. we're in the upper 40s by 1:00 in the afternoon. that's where we are through 5:00. we'll peak somewhere in between. right in the low 50s. great for the outdoors grilling up food later today. in the suburbs, 46 at 1:00 this afternoon. notice the icons. increasing cloud coverage starting to occur farther to the west. in the lehigh valley, 46 this afternoon. upper 40s for highs. near 50 for the high in delaware this afternoon. new jersey, from 37 at 9:00 a.m. to 48 at 1:00 this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds over the jersey shore. up to 47 degrees. a bit later today. we'll talk about that eagles forecast from kickoff to the fourth quarter coming up. >> thank you, krystal. congressman pat meehan is at the center of an ethics investigation. >> house leaders are already taking action. next the misconduct allegations against the pennsylvania congressman and how he's responded. >> reporter: i'm deanna durante live in koch hack en.
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fans are coming in to get their gameday needs. we have a live report coming up.
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almost an integral part of football as the game itself. >> we're talking tomato pie, hoagies, eagles cupcakes. you can't watch the title game without the goodies. deanna durante is live at chon conshohocken bakery. >> they've picked up their rolls and baked goods and stuffed breads. did i mention the rolls? 20,000 rolls have left to go to
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restaurants around the area. we told you about the eagles bus that was going to be coming. when carrie arrived here in her t-shirt, you didn't bring the bus. >> no, we didn't. it's too early. we're not leaving yet. i came down -- >> we have a picture of it. >> yes, we do. this is the bus. >> what kind of food are you putting in the bus? >> today we're doing cheesesteaks and tomato soup and grilled cheese, pork sandwiches. one more thing. we're doing mac and cheese. >> wow. >> big menu on that bus. >> big menu and big crowd, too. probably 100-something at our tailgate. >> you better get cooking. >> he is. >> i'll let you get the rest of your food here. take a look. here's all of the things that are here to buy and eat today while you watch the eagles take on the vikings. take a look at a little video we shot earlier. you can get personalized tomato
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pies with the eagles logo on them. they can say fly eagles fly, beat the vikings, all of the things you want on the tomato pies. we talked to people who are hitting the road early, making multiple stops to pick up things they need for the day. >> just a start. we're going to run all over the place for different things. >> what's on the menu? >> meatballs, ham, wings, everything. >> everything. >> everything. >> big eating day. >> yes. >> now, someone came in a little while ago saying they saw the conshohocken italian bakery, were worried they would run out of things. >> that is tomato pie, coming straight from the oven. the pies are steaming as they're taken from the oven. customers coming into the bakery. we're scaring them a little bit. come on in, guys. everybody getting everything
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here that they need for their game. that's the latest reporting live in conshohocken. deanna durant, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i just made a confession to the crew here in the studio that i've never had a philly tomato pie. so deanna, you want to bring something back, i really need to try this. it's looking pretty good. let's talk about the live camera view outside. we've got a fairly clear picture. but notice it's got a haze to it as well. that's because clouds will start rolling in. we may have thin clouds above us through morning hours and by the afternoon, thickening up. mostly cloudy conditions later to the day. clouds, not rain. notice the difference. how about temperature. we're cold to start. 33 degrees in philadelphia. 31 in south jersey and 39 in the lehigh valley. let's drop into a few neighborhoods starting with the new jersey neighborhood temperatures. 25 degrees. che mung at 26. tiny hollow, 25.
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lumb lumberton, 27. now let's drop into our jersey shore neighborhood temps. 31 in somers point, atlantic city. 40 at the airport. 34 avalon, new jersey. we're looking at stone harbor, 36 degrees to start. again, not bad when some of us are starting above freezing. it's up, up, up the rest of the day. we'll make it to the 50s in a good bit of region later today. on the radar and satellite, clear conditions over new jersey, delaware. starting to see the clouds building in the suburbs. lehigh valley. the sprinkles of green are south of pittsburgh. don't be too alarmed. there is a warm front moving our direction. that's some of the moisture triggered by it. i don't think we'll see any impacts of that. that's until the overnight hours and on into tomorrow. so we're good. let's run through the hour by hour so i can show you. you're saying prove it. this is 4:30 this afternoon. now we're cloudy.
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that's the gray layer. now at 8:30. mid game right now. there's no action over where linc is. instead, just a few spot showers sitting to the north of us. isolated showers are possible. mostly north and west in the overnight hours. could as you're driving home at 11:30 there be sprinkles falling in philly? yes. is there going to be anything during the game or impactful? no, dry for game time. isolated showers possible for monday and for the most part monday looks pretty dry, too. here's the high for today. high of 52 in philly. 47 in the lehigh valley and delaware at 52. we'll wrap up here with that vikings/eagles hour-by-hour forecast. kickoff at 48. by end of game, 44 degrees. >> thank you, krystal. day two of the federal government shutdown here this morning. stories are continuing to be followed. it shows no i am -- no end in sight. democrats and republicans remain split over immigration and spending. president trump said he won't
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consider daca legislation until the government reopens. meanwhile, the government shutdown is impacting tourism in philadelphia. nbc 10 stopped by independence national historical park yesterday. we found security guards turning visitors away from independence hall and the liberty bell. tourists had to be content with snapping pictures. they were able to stop by the visitors center which remains open. while the government shutdown also closed other iconic landmarks and parks, they include the library of congress in washington. the statue of liberty in new york harbor and mt. rushmore in south dakota. >> a new york times report claims pennsylvania congressman pat meehan used taxpayer money to settle a misconduct complaint by a former aide. meehan represents most of delaware county and other philadelphia suburbs denied the allegations. he's become a key figure on capitol hill fighting sexual harassment in congress. speaker paul ryan says meehan has been removed from the ethics committee and has been ordered to repay the taxpayer money.
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according to "the new york times," the aide reached a confidential agreement with meehan's office after turning down his advances. in a statement, congressman meehan's office has asked for the confidentiality deal to be torn up so all the facts can come out. you can read the congressman's full statement right now on the nbc 10 app. 7:21, turning the streets into a sea of support. >> hearing from women who attended the women's march on philadelphia. also, fly eagles fly. fans are rising to our fight song challenge met here from a young birds fan who did not let a little thing like anesthesia stop him from cheering on the fans -- or the birds.
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women all across the country and here in philadelphia hope that washington is hearing their rally cries following the second
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annual women's march. hundreds of thousands of women and men took to the streets to demand equality, justice and social and political change. >> we will not be ♪ >> in philadelphia they marched on the ben franklin park way yesterday to aikens oval. they're hoping to create a movement to get more women to the polls and in office. many marchers wore the pink hat ear hats. others carried signs stating opposition to president donald trump. >> i'm a white woman. i have privilege. i'll speak up for those who do not have privilege. >> i'm a generation, always going to be another one after me. it has to be better than what i left it. >> activists believe it's vital to get more people voting in the midterm election. >> the rallies continue in doylestown, bucks county. it starts on east court street
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this morning at 11:30. there will be speakers and poetry reading and participants will march to state and main streets. >> one young eagles fan recently suffered a broken arm. >> but the injury couldn't break his spirit. listen to what this boy named andrew sang coming out of his sedation. >> fly eagles fly ♪ ♪ down low and high ♪ watch our eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ >> i mean, this speaks volumes, right? you can sing the eagles song coming out of surgery, out of anesthesia. our sister station, nbc sports philadelphia says he got a green cast on his arm.
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>> that's what you love is the real deal. when you can do that. we're looking for the best rendition of the eagles fly song. send it to us or post-it to twitter, instagram and tag us at nbc philadelphia using the #fly eagles fly. 7:27 right now on this sunday morning. the clock is ticking closer and closer to game time. >> randy gyllenhaal is live at scr park where tailgaters are on the way, if not there already. >> reporter: hey, we're at the linc, actually. the fight song will be -- everybody will be screaming it nonstop. it's going to be the biggest party in philadelphia in years. coming up next, people already arriving to tailgate. it's only 7:30 in the morning. we'll talk to them next.
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home field advantage. the birds control their destiny and they have plenty of support
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ahead of the nfc championship game. going green. fans of all ages and their pets are rallying behind the birds. guess what? the tailgaters are already at the linc this morning to party ahead of the monumental matchup. praying for an eagles win. we'll take you to the philadelphia church where the congregation is asking for divine intervention, not that the birds need it, though. but they'll take it. >> take all the prayers you can get when you need them, right? good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news. i'm dray clark. >> hallelujah. i'm rosemary connors. on this sunday, plenty to get to, including the eagles. krystal klei is tracking the forecast in your neighborhood weather. >> i'm so happy to say this is a great game forecast. let's run through what we're expecting. early this morning, getting the quick start on the tailgate, randy already found some people,
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you will need the big coat this morning. still cold. many are left around freezing. going through the daytime hours, you'll notice more and more clouds spreading in. don't be alarmed. notice i'm saying clouds, not rain. mild temperatures begin this afternoon. we're talking like yesterday. some of us making our way into the 50s. kickoff, upper 40s for temperatures. it should be a dry game. things are looking really good for the eagles and the fans today. here are the temperatures this morning, though. that early start. we're at 28 in bluebell. 30 in wilmington and 33 in philadelphia. wildwood at 28 degrees. radar and satellite, that gray that you see lingering to the west, starting to spread in. that's the cloud coverage. we'll track everything hour by hour for the eagles forecast coming up in a bit. krystal said it. today is the day. let's take a live look at the linc from inside the linc. the eagle's nest camera. just a few hours from now, the
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eagles will host the minnesota vikings in the nfc championship game. >> almost 11 hours away from kickoff later on today. for eagles fans, it's never too early to tailgate. >> yeah. fans are already showing up in south philadelphia where nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live this morning with the diehards. randy, introduce us to them. >> reporter: hey, so it's going to be an 11-hour party until kickoff. we're here on 11th street where a lot of fans line up their trucks, cars, rvs. i'll show you the linc right now. kind of quiet. but we have cars lined up. one is marcus. >> south jersey bird. >> what's the plan for the tailgate? >> we got big tailgate going on today. we're expecting about 75 people. we got a dj coming. we got a radio station coming. we got all kinds of food. >> in the back of the truck here, let's take a look. >> look at this. got my chairs, got my big-time
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heater for the 75 people. we were here last week, it was closed. we're red think week. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. i think that will bring more people out. >> marcus, tell me about the game. it's going to be all about the defense. what are you looking for? >> no doubt about it. eagles is always there in the fourth quarter. if you've been watching the game, the fourth quarter is our game. we'll be right there. >> marcus, have fun. >> all right, baby. >> reporter: as you can see, the tailgate getting started shortly. the gates don't open until 11:00 this morning. it's going to be a while of a wait. you got to get here early. it's prime real estate. >> number 2 in the line. number 2. >> randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> you said it, randy. that is prime real estate. if you are driving to the big game today, you should do it now. police will be enforcing parking restrictions all over south philadelphia starting at 2:00 this afternoon. matt delucia is live in
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south philly with what drivers should know about the parking restrictions. first and foremost, if you don't move your car, it's going to be towed, right, matt? >> reporter: that's right, dray and rosemary. if you're in your car going down, you might hear a lot of this. we've got the fight song blasting in our news van right now. i'll tell you, at 2:00 this afternoon, all of these vehicles along broad street have to be gone, including the median and also on both shoulders here. you see the signs up there right now. from philly police. warning everyone to get your vehicles out of here because of that nfc championship game. there are also a lot of churches in philadelphia as you might be aware. it is sunday, after all. you can bet a lot of people will be sneaking in that eagles gear. one church in the area is encouraging it. i spoke with a pastor at dare to imagine church. he says few things bring things together as much as sports do. today the prayers are going to the birds. >> on the agenda today, we're going to have awesome worship.
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we're also going to be getting the congregation riled up. it's like a pep rally for the game tonight. we're singing the eagles fight song and having the shouting of eagles and getting the congregation to send more prayers so we can win this game tonight. >> reporter: see what they've got cooking later on for their services at 9:00. for now, i think we need to take our own advice and move our gold old news van off the broad street. live in south philly, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> count on us to have you covered before and after the nfc title game. our coverage begins this morning at 10:00 and runs throughout the day. and then join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews. it's coverage you will definitely only find here on nbc 10. the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. american troops overseas, won't have football or any
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football. congress has shut the government down. the pentagon pulled the plug on the armed forces network. sports is considered a nonessential activity. network provides news, entertainment and sports to dozens of countries and on navy ships all over the world. a house in lehigh county is in danger of collapsing. they're deciding whether to order an emergency demolition on button wood. no one is saying what's causing the collapse. the home is vacant. there are diehard eagles fans and then there's gary hall. >> he has been an eagles fan and attending games for a very, very long time. >> we're talking about decades here. next, see how an eagles dream came true for this lifelong fan thanks to the generosity of the people who take care of him. eyes on the prize. this is what the eagles hope to win tonight. just ahead in your sunday morning sports. how the birds and the vikings are shaping up against each other.
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who has the real advantage. the real edge. we'll break it down.
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i mean, you got to be a dedicated fan if you've got tickets to tonight's game. a lot of birds fans holding the
7:40 am
tickets know a lot of people love to have their seats. >> it's tough to get a seat but that dream has come true for a special birds fan in delaware county. >> fly eagles fly ♪ ♪ on the road to victory >> gary hall lives at mel mark, a special needs home near newtown square. he's been a season ticket holder for years. it doesn't include playoff ticket. the staff where he lives collected money for tickets to the game tonight. >> it's a good team. i like the eagles. >> he has been an eagles fan and attending games for a very, very long time. he's been here for 50 years and he's our family. >> the staff is raising more money to send hall to the super bowl. take a look at the current wind speeds outside. notice a lot of locations aren't
7:41 am
reporting because the winds are so light this morning. the ones that are are going every which way. from the west and southwest philly in coatsville. northwest in allentown, this is the case today. kind of light, mild winds. last week, the winds were a huge issue. that's not a problem for us this week. in fact, as a whole, this looks like a great forecast. this is an overlay. just looking over philly county of your future model, future clouds and the temperatures as we run through the day. this afternoon, about 43 degrees. winds are light, notice the winds are variable. clouds haven't thickened up too much yet. into the afternoon hour, they will thicken up. we'll continue running through that as we get into the next few minutes. for now, this is the headlines that we're looking at. increasing cloud coverage. mild temperatures and light winds. again, we're going to run through that future model for you. look at when the clouds thicken up and get the exact temperature coming up in a bit. coming up next in your sunday morning sports, we'll fake a look at tonight's matchup
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between the eagles and the vikings. we'll talk about who has the real advantage and is history on their side?
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this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity.
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x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm danny pommells for nbc sports philadelphia. you can feel it in the air. we are this close to the nfc championship game. eagles and vikings facing off at the linc with a trip to super bowl lii on the line. >> go back to minnesota! >> yeah. how is that for a philadelphia welcome as the vikings arrived at their team hotel. the minnesota defense has gotten a lot of pub, but john clark has the numbers we think you'll like >> everybody talks about how the vikings have the best defense in the nfl and bringing that to philly. they're giving up 12 points a game in their dome in minneapolis. on the road, they're giving up over 19 points game away from home. it's the eagles who have the defensive advantage at home. they're giving up 13 points a
7:46 am
game at the linc, second best in the nfl. they've got the second best defense in the nfl over the last two seasons. the vikings have a harder time running the ball on the road. averaging just 3.7 yards per carry away from home. the eagles are motivated to show they have the best defense in the nfl. >> we got a lot of respect for their defense and the players on their team. but, you know, we got a lot of confidence in our defense as well and the guys that we have. we're not focused on them. we're going to have a big performance for ourselves. >> i think it will be a game of possessions. you know, we got to get some takeaways. at the end of the day, it comes down to is our d-line better than theirs. >> history is in the eagles favor. the last eight conference title games all have been won by the home team and the eagles over the last two years in the nfl have the best home record.
7:47 am
at the nova care complex, i'm john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. how about it. the eagles are hot in the nfc championship. the sixers hot as well. looking for a third straight win against the short-handed bucs squad. third quarter, pistons up. big fella with the one-handed flush. he had 29 in this one. third quarter, look at t.j. mcconnell. turns the ball over. robert covington with the deflection. back in the hands of mcconnell who says, you know what, i'm taking it to the rim. spinning and winning. the sixers with the big victory. they have won a bunch of games, six of the as seven at least. flyers fans had a chance to work on their favorite chant. >> nice noise to that one. safety corey graham joined the
7:48 am
matinee against the devils. the task to travis who lights the lamp. flyers up 1-0. then one is roofed. three goals in the first period. they won 3-1 and won six of their last seven games. villanova visiting uconn. bridges gets the ball. space in the wing. look out. two-handed whammy. cruises past uconn. they're 18-1 on the season. that is your look at sports this morning. i'm danny pommells from the nbc sports philadelphia. go eagles. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's talk about that eagles game forecast. we're going to run through the whole day for you starting with the morning. krystal klei here. fairmont 38 degrees. west month at 39 degrees. this is a great start. temperatures both freezing for
7:49 am
the most part. we'll see the numbers staying very mild the rest of the day. our delaware neighborhoods, wilmington at 30. harmony hills at 28. glasgow at 28 as well. farther south and areas like this, 36 and dewey beach 32 degrees. to start. again, might be cold right now. if you start at freezing, going up. going to be above freezing the rest of the day. like yesterday, many spots will make it into the 50s. on the radar and satellite view, a nice wide view that shows us a clear picture in parts of new jersey and delaware. but the clouds are closing in from the west end of the northwest. we're starting to see things building. i know your eye is going to this thinking what is that? is it going to turn into something? am i going to get rained on during my game? no. looks like we should stay dry. this graphic is giving me troubles. it looks like it's putting a pause button in.
7:50 am
i've got a wider view to show you and explain what i am talking about. let's see if we can get it to move forward. i apologize. this i can show you the hour-by-hour forecast. we have clouds right now sitting mostly to the west. we pull it over to the 3:00 hour. now we have increasing cloud cover. mostly cloudy conditions by this afternoon. your tailgating, you're seeing the clouds, getting worried. don't worry. notice, there's no green across the board here. as we get to game time, this is at 6:30, close to kickoff. yes there may be a few isolated showers, mostly to the north and west of us. i don't have concerns through tailgating and kickoff for any rain in philly. end of game, at 11:00 p.m., there's where we could see a spot spring will possibly make its way to philly. that means you turn the windshield wipers as you celebrate on the car ride home. into monday, early morning hours, an isolated shower the rest of monday. it's looking like a mostly cloudy forecast. let's run through the three-day outlook.
7:51 am
52 degrees today. kickoff at 48 is the temperature. 54 on monday and cloudy. 58 on tuesday with the rainy conditions. in the suburbs, 54 on your tuesday and 52 in the lehigh valley for new jersey. rising to upper 50s. and delaware. we're in day two of a government shutdown the first of donald trump's presidency. >> it comes on the one-year anniversary of the president's inauguration. how lawmakers got there and the work cut out for themselves is up for discussion on "meet the press" which airs at a special time at 9:00 this morning. moderator's meet the press chuck todd joins us now. >> good morning, rosemary and dray. >> good morning, chuck. >> we're going to start to see the effects of the shutdown tomorrow when thousands of nonessential employees don't report to work. it sounds like lawmakers are digging in here. where do negotiations stand this morning? >> look, i think we have a 12 to 24-hour window here to see this
7:52 am
reopen or i think we're here sort of until an actual deal is reached on the iss issue. this is the issue. democrats supposedly are only looking for a commitment to vote on a compromised bill that's essentially been hammered out via an outline. there's a lot of mistrust right now between senate democrats, a handful of republicans and the white house. and because of that, i don't know if they will -- if democrats will relent to a temporary reopening of the government with just an oral agreement on bringing a bill to the floor. i think that's where we stand. if there's not movement, i think, in the next sort of today first thing tomorrow, if we get through tomorrow and we're still shutdown, that's the first workday, business day of the week, then i think everybody digs in and we're probably here for a couple of weeks. >> also, chuck, this shutdown, of course, coincides with the
7:53 am
one-year anniversary of donald trump's presidency, which we marked this weekend and nbc has new poll numbers out. what do they say about his first year in office? >> i think it shows that you this president, that the country is judging him by his character than by any substance or policy he's signed into law. there's a split person amount of the public. on one hand the public has never been more optimistic about the state of the economy, never felt better about their finances, highest optimism about the economy not since the late '930s. however, the president recorded the lowest job rating in the history of our polling. there's a great way to show you how. a year ago we asked folks to give us a word or phrase to describe how they view the incoming presidency of donald trump and the number one word used was hopeful. a year later, we did the same thing. and the number one word used is disgusting. that tells me he's getting judged on his personal behavior
7:54 am
almost more so than his -- anything substantive that he is has done. >> what a difference. thank you, chuck. thank you for being with us. >> we'll take a look at the trump presidency one year later. that will be the focus of meet the press. as i mentioned, it does come at a special time this morning here on nbc 10. it airs at 9:00. we'll be right back.
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count on nbc 10 to have you covered before the nfc title game. coverage begins this morning at 10:00 and runs throughout the day. join us after the game for live reaction and exclusive interviews. it's coverage only on nbc 10, the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. >> we got our signs. >> oh, yeah. >> fly eagles fly. >> and we're dressed for the occasion. >> all in green. all ready to cheer them on. >> here's a live view from center city. it looks like it's windy. but the winds will be quite light today. that will not be a problem. >> this was the graphic i was trying to show you earlier. temperatures 43 degrees. light winds. as we get into the afternoon, this is at 3:00 p.m. we're mostly cloudy for our tailgaters. look at that. 51 degrees. then as we run through that game time start, upper 40s, we will fall to the low 40s, but it looks like we'll stay dry. this is a great gameday forecast. >> not as many layers this weekend. >> that's going to do it for us
7:58 am
on this sunday. go birds. >> have a great sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
the american people should expect better. >> no one deserves the blame more than president trump. >> and now, larry, it's your turn to listen to me. good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this january 21st, a year and a day since president donald trump was inaugerated. i'm willie geist. the president was expected to celebrate at his estate in mar-a-lago this weekend. instead he's holed up trying to end a government shutdown that's now in its second day.


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