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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  January 22, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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the vine street expressway. right now we're open in all directions, which is good because typically we see a construction project. moving down the schuylkill expressway, no problems there. a crash should be clearing down near clemons road. eight minutes on that eastbound side from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, speeds into the mid-60s, too. for the first time in 13 years the eagles are headed for the super bowl and a rematch with the new england patriots in super bowl 52. >> sounds good. super bowl dreams come true for eagles fans. they went from underdogs to top dogs after the decisive dominant 38-7 win. eagles fans were hopeful over a win over the vikings.
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>> but few could have dreamed of a birds blow out to make it to super bowl 52. the fans went absolutely crazy after the clock ticked down. they streamed into the streets all across philadelphia to celebrate. it was party time. fans were excited, but they kept it under control in center city. deputy commissioner joe sullivan tweeted that he's very proud of police on scene at broad and walnut with this extremely large exuberant but peaceful crowd. no arrests, no injuries. thank you eagles fans. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at 30th street station this morning. >> they will be the talk for sure. >> reporter: that was right, tracy and dray. and a lot of people i bet did not get a lot of sleep last night. especially those folks in the middle of broad street up in
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northeast philly having a good time. the city is still bathed in green this morning, and it will be for a couple more weeks leading up to the super bowl. the cleanup is already under way. the street sweepers are out. down broad street and also in may fair at frankfurt and cotton. and the city erupted in joy with that win last night, and with the trip to the super bowl. the city took measures to keep the streets safe, and no major incidents. now we prepare for the super bowl. some people already talking about taking a trip to mip indianapoli minneapolis, and that will be an exciting time for sure. we're going to be talking to
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fans and hearing all that great reaction. >> let's show you more some celebrating. eagles fans celebrating in all the familiar places just after the game ended. you can see hundreds of fans flooding the streets. spilled out of bars and homes. at times the crowd in cotton and frankfurt exhibited a mosh pit at a concert. and everyone had something to say. >> that section of may fair is a traditional rally point for philadelphia sports celebrations. and happy eagles fans rushed to modells to refresh their game gear. the store reopens at 6:00 this morning. well, you're looking at sheer join. nbc 10 caught eagles fans streaming out of lincoln financial field with a championship win in their pockets. one fan told us he enjoyed this birds victory even better than
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the last one in 2005. >> it's warmer and it's a great victory. fantastic. >> i thought it was going oo bea little closer. we blew them out of the water. >> we crushed. good luck eagles. >> that vikings fan lingered more than many others. a sellout crowd at the link watched the eagles defense shutdown the vikings early. patrick robinson picked off the vikings pass at midfield and returned the ball for a touch down. from there the birds offense just piled on the points. quarterback nick foles threw two touch downs last night. the eagles crushed to win 38-7. this morning foles has many more believers. >> he's everything we knew he was. and, you know, he's been that
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way now for two weeks, and it's showing on the field. >> we missed a couple of big plays early, but we kept firing. coach pederson called a game, and we were able to execute. >> you'll hear what the eagles owner jeffrey lorry has to say about nick foles. take a look at this celebration for the long family. that's eagles defense chris long, his father, howie long, and his son layland. all three having a good time with that confetti that fluttered down onto the grass. reaction is coming all over social media. >> that includes from a world championship soccer player. watch this. how sweet is that? she got the good news about the
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eagles victory just as the whistle blew at her soccer game in san diego last flight. her husband zack watched the video during an interview with john clark. and he told john his schedule is clear. this is emotional, i'm happy to be here, but want to climb over that mountain. all of us past and present deserve it. fly eagles fly. >> and vai sikahema tweeted this. super bowl bound. >> well, we would like to have you join the conversation this morning as well. tweet us or message us on facebook with your thoughts on the game last night and your predictions on super bowl 52. the only place you'll see it right here on nbc 10.
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we are the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. so you can watch every moment of the action before, during, and after the game right here. it's 4:07. 44 degrees outside. in other news, new this morning two men are in the hospital after a shooting in south philadelphia at broad and bane bridge around 1:00 this morning. both victims are in stable condition. police are looking for the shooter or shooters. nbc 10 also obtained this exclusive surveillance video from a home security camera near the scene showing four people getting out of the car, moments later running back to the car and taking off. police have made no arrests. prosecutors have charged pawlowski with running an alleged pay to play scheme. he's accused of trading more than $150,000 in city contracts for campaign donations. pawlowski says he's innocent.
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the democrat won re-election in november for his fourth term. the majority of federal workers will stay home today, despite a group of bipartisan senators working all day yesterday, there was still no compromise to end the federal government shutdown. that means many historical sites and national park trails will be closed today. it also means the military is working without pay. each side blames each other. >> talks will continue, but we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable for both sides. >> a government shutdown should not be as leverage to get legislative outcomes. when we did it, it didn't work well. if they do it, it will not work well. >> a vote on a three-week funding bill is now set today at noon. it is 44 degrees outside and 4:08. the temperature last night was perfect especially compared to last saturday. and this morning, nice. >> perfect football weather. i was winning again because when i walked out the door this
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morning, i was like, wow, feels good this morning. hey, bill. >> this morning would feel great if it was 2 degrees outside. with that win, we're just fine. but we're getting bonus weather this morning. you can see the little bit of green on the radar, too. this is little bit of rain activity. milford, you're seeing them right now. just passing dover on the way to morris river. a few light showers in bucks county, and a few steady showers just moving through chester and new castle into delaware. we're not getting any cold air this morning, just cool for the lee high valley and the suburbs, 39 degrees. 40s for south jersey, philadelphia and delaware. pretty nice start considering how cold these neighborhoods were last week. look at the low 40s. lots of 41s here. spring city, coatesville,
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cochranville, and lord, wind is 43 while flat wind is 42 degrees. starting off with some showers. by 9:00 you're going to hard-pressed to find any rain drops. and you'll likely see some sunshine breaking through in delaware and south jersey. that's at 9:00 in the morning. as we go to the noontime hour a few sprinkles are possible. the clouds will be lingering but the temperatures will be going up. 46 in philadelphia, 50s in south jersey and upper 40s for some of the suburbs. and this afternoon we'll get a good deal of sunshine breaking through by late in the day. there'll still be some clouds around but as you can see no showers with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. and even warmer tomorrow. 62 degrees before before we get the warmer temperatures. we've got some storms on the way. when you can expect those when i'm back in ten minutes.
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you have three types of folks this morning. those who called in sick and those who can't wait. >> i think the roads quieted down just a bit because i went to bed listening to everyone. watching the vine street expressway, pretty clear. we're watching and 8th street, eastbound and westbound, not seeing any problems or construction either. pa turnpike as well, drive times look good. 22 minute trip right now. speeds there are into the mid-60s and no problems so far for mass transit. we're all good here for septa, papco, amstrak and new jersey. super bowl tickets will be the hot buy this week, but can you get your hands on any? how much it would cost you if you would like to go to the
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game. coming up we'll look at the big winners for movie and tv at the sag awards. and serving up hope while raising money for local schools. we'll take you to an event that's filling bellies.
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coming up on 4:15 on this very happy morning, to the victors goes it spoils. you're looking at the eagles passing around the nfc championship trophy last night. but both players and fans will be looking to claim the team's
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first super bowl trophy in minneapolis in two weeks. while the eagles are savoring one of their biggest victories in team history. >> one bird enjoyed it with his family. look at this. >> it feels good. once you look back on it, she's going to be like that's me, daddy. we're going to play like that. we're going to keep on working hard and worrying about us. whatever everybody got to say, don't matter because everybody counted us out and look where we're going. we're going to the super bowl. >> now that the eagles are in the super bowl, philadelphia will focus on one question. how can you get your hands on tickets for the game? they have to win the right to buy those tickets through the team lottery. only about 17% of the available tickets go to each team. for the rest of the general
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public the tickets on sale at retail sites. and even the cheapest tickets are $6,000. a seat behind the bench, that'll set you back $50,000. these prices come from the nfl ticket exchange. but you don't have to spend thousand tuesday enjoy a front row seat to the super bowl because we have it all. you can count on nbc 10 on coverage before, during and after super bowl 52. delaware state troopers say they have captured a man in his fifth dui incident. this time he crashed into another driver. troopers say they could smell alcohol. it had slammed into a brand new pickup truck on route 13 in new castle. no one was seriously hurt. he's in prison on a $5,000 bond. three schools teamed up to
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help fight hunger. they served soup yesterday. students and teachers from bell haven middle and mainland regional high school organized the event. they raised around $3,000 for local food banks. good job. well, we're also a great start weather wise. we're in the 40s. but like bill said earlier, it could be 1, 2, 3, we're not going to feel it because we're on cloud nine right now. >> bill henley has a look at your forecast. >> well, we're going to see a few showers this morning. they just turned the lights out at the lincoln financial field, but the scoreboard is still celebrating. tracking a few light showers. not bad. you can see the confetti that's still on the field from last night. we will see some breaks of sunshine after a few showers this morning and a mostly cloudy morning. those afternoon bareaks of sunshine will boost our
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temperatures into the 50s today. we've got some wet weather on the way for tomorrow. heading out the door tomorrow, 30s and 40s to start with. in fact, we are normal than our average high temperature for this year which is 40. we're getting a warm start in philadelphia at 44 degrees. even the cooler suburbs and neighborhoods are in the 40s this morning. society hill are in the middle to upper 40s. and a warm up with very little wind. so the actual temperature will be nearly identical all day to the feels like temperature. no wind chill to deal with. by 1:00 in the afternoon, 52 degrees and into the middle 50s by 3:00 this afternoon. tonight we'll have "the washington post" those mostly cloudy skies. it'll make for a pleasant evening and a dry, evening, too. you can see some scattered light showers and nothing more than that. these are just some rain showers with temperatures that are in the 40s, a nice mild start you can see for montgomery and bucks
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county, seeing some of that rain coming through. nothing heavy about the rain today. that chance will be here tomorrow. you can see the showers right now in delaware and new castle county and delaware county and also some in cumberland county as well. those are moving east, but look to the west and this is strong cold front going to be moving through during the day tomorrow. that will produce some heavy showers and possibly will get some thunderstorms out of it during the day tomorrow. we'll get some heat. the temperatures boost into the 60s before these get here. once they pass the cooler air, arrives for much of the rest of the week. full ten day on ten in the next half-hour. >> let's check the roads including 295. >> jessica boyington with more. good morning, jess. >> good morning, guys. around route 168 not seeing any problems there for now.
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north and south a pretty easy drive. including the 42 freeway as well, northbound, speeds there still into the high 50s. getting up towards philadelphia won't be a problem. watching the southbound side kind of the new jersey state line over here, where new jersey and pa cross, 332 there is some construction into the right-hand lanes for now. the eagles big win over the vikings. the moments to remember from the game and the heartfelt message from head coach doug pederson. and handing out the honors at the sag awards. we'll show you what a popular nbc show has retouted this morning. and also headed to the super bowl, a look at whatles fans can expect from the host city of minneapolis.
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the hand-off, up the middle. he's in. >> well, take a look at the crowd at xfinity live in south philadelphia going absolutely wild after legarrette blount's six-yard touch down run. here's the coach's message to the team after the win. >> we're going to the super bowl. that's all we need to know. i was just so proud of them for the season so far. we still have some unfinished business, obviously.
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but we're going to pack our bags and head to minneapolis. >> i think you should, coach. and you can call this super bowl daja view. the last time the birds were in the bowl, you guessed it they played the patriots. but before that they also had to beat the falcons and the vikings in the playoff. >> that was really cool. we got two feet of snow before the game then. >> how does this compare to that? >> this is much better. >> this is the game that you dream of going, participating in the nfc championship game. coming from a home team, this is what we look for. we want domination. this is what you get from the city of philadelphia. >> it's oftentimes better the second time around. count on nbc 10 to bring you every moment of the magic before, during and after the big game. nbc 10 is your home for super bowl 52. this is the only place to watch
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the game, which is sunday, february 4. three bill boards outside ebbing missouri, got the billboard awards. garyoleman won best actor for playing winston churchhill in "darkest hour." >> you guys have given an enormous treat tonight, and i am so deeply honored. >> the cast of the best comedy ensemble but tv star julia dry fs was not there to receive the award since she's recovering from breast cancer. and the cast of the nbc hit show, this is us, won an award for outstanding performance.
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plus, "this is us" stars skirling kate brown won outstanding performance in a we're looking ahead to the super bowl matchup and just what our underdog birds are up against. live view from center city. seeing a lot of green. and a little bit of green on the radar. tracking some showers this morning. 44 degrees at 4:26. your neighborhood forecast is coming up. but first jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> that's right. and a disabled vehicle off to the center there, but other than than the roads are smooth sailing.
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super size victory. the eagles keep up their winning wait in the nfc championship game, and now looks like we're heading to super bowl 52. >> all right, let's go. the party kept going early into the we hours of the morning as birds fans celebrated that big blow out win. >> we'll show you how the team celebrated when the game ended in victory. remember nbc 10 is your official eagles station, so we had exclusive access last night. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm dray clark. i had pizza, cupcakes, coke, everything. usually i would be knocked out after all of that, but i was too excited. just unbelievable game. and then to wake up this morning in unbelievable weather. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast, the most accurate
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forecast in town. >> this is pizza and cupcakes weather. just some rain showers. too warm for anything else, and all that celebrating overnight, thinki and just a few showers in philadelphia. you don't have to worry about normal january cold. the temperatures are nowhere near the normal 20s. 39 degrees, 42 in the suburbs and look at philadelphia at 44. a cloudy start. we'll see a few light showers first thing this morning. in fact by 10:00 this morning and 46 degrees, we'll see some breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. and afternoon temperatures heading into the upper 50s in new jersey and into the middle 50s for delaware. breaking the forecast down hour by hour and show you how quickly the clouds will break when i'm


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