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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 22, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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look at the eagles screen. a little bit of green on the radar. the last bit of showers just crossing through cape may. most of the area it is looking dry right now, and it doesn't look like we're going to get a repeat of these showers during the day today. you can see some just to the west of ship bottom at this hour. we'll get some sunshine breaking through the clouds, and there's no cool air. 37 now as the temperatures fall in the lee high valley. 40s for the suburb, philadelphia and for delaware. and this afternoon a little bit of sunshine. we're going to boost into the 50s for most neighborhoods. the exception will be the lee high valley where skies will be mostly cloudy during the day today. but first jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. starting with a crash right now on the roosevelt boulevard's
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northbound side right around grant avenue. so not seeing any major delays by the scene right now, but definitely something to watch for. both directions are okay, not seeing any delays in either direction, but in marxville we're seeing some delays moving by this construction side. near 332 sunggests right after that new jersey, p a-line getting by here with that construction project. players celebrating on the field and on the podium, malcolm jenkins putting on his nfc champion t-shirt. the owner hoising the trophy in all smiles. outside eagles fans celebrated in all the places across the city. sky force ten, just after the game ended. just look at the fans flooding the streets with the eagles
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rally cry. as you probably know that section of may fair is a traditional rally point for philadelphia celebration. >> our underdog birds dominated the vikings on both the offensive side and defensive side of the game. the vikings scored first. folks were a little wary, but then this play changed the tone of the game for the rest of the night. intersepped int intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touch down. and this morning the win is the talk of the town. >> nbc 10 matt delucia live at 30th station. >> reporter: seeing a lot of eagles green here at 30th station. people wearing their eagles jerseys, some wearing their hats getting ready to board their trains to their destination.
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although i have seen a lot of tired faces as well. in the meantime we've seen philly police overnight and the police department spending the night to clear everything up and clean everything up from broad street to northeast philly, the city did erupt with joy. and now there's a trip to the super bowl at hand. and those who did stay up last night, some of them partied pretty hard. >> they counted us out, and now we're in the super bowl. they're not ready. they counted us out, and now we're here. >> reporter: police had to manage those crowds last fight. some police departments in our area had a little fun on social media. like this one from upper dublin police. a want poster of nick foles. it says the individual in the sketch is wanted in connection with a tremendous meeting, last
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scene in route to minnesota. they say, sorry to report they were eaten by an underdog wearing green and named nick foles. so a lot of trash talk happening this morning. lots of creativity and also jokes about those greased light poles we saw down there on broad street. one eagles fans said just now he'll be enjoying his workday just rubbing it in to the giants fans. live here on 30th station, matt delucia. >> you've got to love those tweets. a wanted picture of nick foles. very creative. very good. thanks a lot, matt. check out this big hug between the eagles quarterback. and here's a look inside the locker room after the eagles division title. you can see carson wentz front
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and center. he wouldn't talk to the media, but you can tell by his smile he's proud of this team and tweeted how about that eagles nation. #fly eagles fly. and check out the obligatory gatora gatorade bath. we're pretty sure that's refreshment coach pederson certainly didn't mind having at all. >> and the philadelphia mayor tweeted this is emotional. i'm happy to be here, but i want to climb over that mountain. all of us past and present deserve it. fly eagles fly. you can call this super bowl deja vu for eagles fans. >> the last time the birds were in the bowl, they played the patriots, but before that they also had to beat the falcons and
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the vikings in the playoff. and remember nbc 10 is your official eagles station and the only place you can watch the birds battle it out with the patriots for the national title. look for nbc 10 for exclusive coverage of the super bowl that will be impossible to find anywhere else. 6:06. you'll be seeing green everywhere today including boathouse row lit up in eagles green. it's 43 degrees outside, relatively mild. let's find out what the temperatures will be today. bill? >> you saw the green at boathouse row. look at the scoreboard at the linc still celebrating. we've got clouds right now. as far as showers are concerned we've seen a few of them. atlantic city getting a few rain drops. the temperatures have never
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gotten cold this morning. well above freezing. that's why we're only seeing rain showers this morning. 40s for philadelphia. just dropped to 39 degrees in south jersey. and delaware is 42. cooler for suburbs, but lots of 40s right now. sunshine will be breaking through, so these 40s will turn into the 50s this afternoon. 51 degrees at noontime. despite of those clouds this afternoon we'll get some nice breaks of sunshine. lee high valley it's going to be mostly cloudy for most of it day, limited sunshine will be breaking through noontime 43 degrees and 46 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon. delaware, you're starting off with clouds. we've seen a few light showers move through. temperatures in the the 50s at lunchtime and 55 degrees and more sunshine in delaware and the rest of the area will see. lunchtime it's 53 degrees and 49
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degrees at noontime at the shore. a little bit cooler because of the wind coming in right off the ocean, even though you'll get some breaks of sunshine at the shore. what we'll get tomorrow is an even warmer day. don't let that fool you. a cold front is going to come in after that warmup and some downpours. and then here comes january back. and another warmup as we head into next weekend. i'll break it down hour by hour with the future cast when i come back in ten minutes. >> let's get a check of the roads this morning. >> jessica? >> so minor problem here on the schuylkill expressway. not blocking any of the lanes right now. you can see traffic still is getting by the scene. just a little slow, though they have it mostly under control here into the shoulder. again, both lanes still getting by just fine, just a little bit slower. and there's a crash near grant avenue. finally starting to some delays
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here. this is the side here where we're seeing it looks like it's not moving for right now. but i'll have to check back in with that. watching 95, too, and moving through delaware. not any problems so far. an 11 minute trip on the northbound side. 295, and 495 and speeds into the 60s. next the celebrities who just couldn't hide their eagles devotion. good morning. i'm pamela osborn. we're inside the modell's in south philly. we'll have a live report when we come back. un-stop right there!
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we talked about this yesterday, how loud it would be inside the linc. and here's a sample of the bedlam inside the stadium last night. nbc 10 caught up with an eagles fan who flew from alaska to be a part of it. >> well, i flew in from anchorage, but i flew in, came into the game. i've always been a long times eagles fan. my mama passed away in '06. so this is my team now. >> well, for the first time in 13 years fans are getting new eagles gear that's branded nfc champs. >> that's sounds so good. the store just reopened 15 minutes ago, and nbc 10's pamela osborn is there live. pam, it's an exciting start to
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the day. tell us more. >> reporter: oh, yeah, people are stopping here before they go into the work this morning. and the biggest sellers right now are these gray and green t-shirts. they'll cost you about $25. but that's just the small price we pay to show our eagles pride, right? all right, dark and early here in south philly, but a lot of excitement when the doors opened up at 6:00 there was already a crowd of people waiting to get inside. some wearing their current eagles gear looking to up braid. we just talked to one guy who said he's going to be late to work after stopping here. but he works with a lot of cowboys fans, so he can't wait to get into work to show-off his pride this morning. it's not just the t-shirts and the sweatshirts that are selling. there's also these locker room hats, these championship hats. come over here and take a look.
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you can see anything you maybe want for your home or office. there are cups and memorabilia here. whatever you want, whatever you're looking to get, they are selling it. and fly eagles fly. i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. >> i was in that same modell's saturday. great place to go to get that gear. some who called the philly area home were not going to miss the eagles punch, their ticket to the super bowl. a double fist pump after an eagles so eagles soar. meanwhile, charles barkley, here he is with the eagles owner jessie lori. >> she can't put it into the words. look at that tweet. this is like gibberish.
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and she expressed excitement about the birds being in the bowl. >> his heart was still with his former team. take a look. here's vai posing with a photo with a family. vai tweeted eagles fans in hawaii. 615 time. jessica's repping with her green. >> this is the greenest we can get, right? this was all for you guys, you know? sfa starting on the schuylkill expressway, you can kind of see where they have some of the road flairs out there, where we have it out into the shoulder. there's a westbound delay move bieg the scene. other than that, we're not seeing know huge problems.
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there's a crash on the northbound side right near grant avenue. so the northbound traffic is moving up. for now the rest of the roads, though, still look pretty good. at least in terms of drive time. ten minutes right now on the northbound side and the southbound side. i'll end here on 295, no problems in both directions. and we don't have any construction or big accidents to worry about or delays either. let's take a live look outside. hopefully we'll be seeing eagles green all over the place for the next two weeks. 43 degrees outside. let's find out how warm it'll get today with meteorologist bill henley. >> a warm one, and we're seeing some green eagles green on the radar, too. some puddles on cape may and beach avenue. a warmup today and then mostly cloudy and mild thiseen.
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right now the temperatures not bad at all, not for january. 30 in the pottstown area, reading, allentown, 40s for northeast philadelphia and 50 degrees right now in dover. mild in the poconos mountains at 40 degrees to start with. we will see temperatures climb, a mostly cloudy day. middle 50s this afternoon. and stays mild into the evening hours. you can see the feels like temperatures are barely any different. that's a sign of very light wind. we will see very little wind tomorrow. first round of showers and probably about the only round of showers today. you can see they're offshore right now. a couple of sprinkles are showing up, and we could see a few of those later this morning. you can see them moving into lee high county right now. but to the west is a cold front. that arrives during the day tomorrow. before it gets here, the temperatures will warm. once it'll reez, heavy downpour, some gusty winds.
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and after it passes comes some cooler weather. this is how it looks during the day today. you get some temperature cooling and am breaks of sunshine. but in the evening hours we turnover night tonight and first thing tomorrow morning you see the showers building to the west. they swing through philadelphia during the late morning hours. in into the suburbs first. by the afternoon largely drying out. the may be a few late day showers in the afternoon for tuesday, but then come wednesday morning, look at the temperatures temperatures come down. we'll be dropping into the lower 30s in allentown as we dry out. but the weekend, we'll have another warmup. it is sunday that looks rainy, but still mild with afternoon temperatures in the 50s. tracy. 20 minutes past 6:00.
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well, this abrasion turned into a vandalism in one philadelphia neighborhood. look at all the cars spray painted with green paint. a half-dozen cars were targeted by vandals. temple university police are now investigating what happened here merchandise. philadelphia police hosting another informational session today so parents can learn about the process of appointing a new school board. the the city's nominating panel
6:24 am
will recommend more than two dozen next month. troopers say they captured this man in his fifth dui incident. it slammed into a pickup truck in new castle friday night. though one is seriously hurt. he's in a prison on a $5,000 bond. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a check on the roads. and so far so good. a pretty easy drive especially on the blue route. you can see both directions starting to see some volume there, but everything at least still moving. for now let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> spotting some green there in the skyline. 43 degrees and 6:24, and a little green on the radar, too. i'm tracking some light showers this morning. i'll show you what that means for your monday with your neighborhood forecast just ahead. the government shutdown will
6:25 am
feel even more widespread today. >> next the impact here and beyond. >> plus am play of the moment and what's next. we have complete coverage of the eagles victory and sending them to the super bowl and how they celebrated with their youngest fans after the game. we're doing the research for you. what it will take to make that trip, that's coming up at 6:45.
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hey, hey, hey. in case you haven't heard underdogs go all the way. the eagles blow out the vikings earning them a trip to the super bowl. proving the odds were wrong again. >> celebrate wg their biggest
6:29 am
fans both on the field and from afar. we have the touching molts. and pack your bags. and thing about a trip to minneapolis to see the game in person? well, we did some research on what it would take to travel and get a ticket. i think some of that energy from last night has carried here until tomorrow morning, this morning i should say because we're all pumped up. good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm dray clark. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to your first alert forecast. >> warm, mild weather is still with us. as far as showers are concerned, they're already out of the picture for boathouse row lit up in eagles green. this is the first shower activity moving through today and probably the last of the day today. you might see a sprinkle but no steady showers in the area until we get to tomorrow. it's already dry in
6:30 am
philadelphia, trenton and wilmington. and the heavy coat you won't need that tomorrow. it has dropped only into the upper 30s. 41 in delaware. no sign of cold for philadelphia in the suburbs this afternoon with a frubreaks of sunshine. i'll break these forecasts down hour by hour for each part of our area and show you what your day looks like before you head out the door. but first jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> our cameras around gerard avenue look good. for the most part the roads are pretty light at least with the normal morning rush we normally see. watching a crash, so approaching this scene you might be a little
6:31 am
slow. on north state street watch for activity there. back to you guys. for the first time in 13 years the eagles have headed for the super bowl and a rematch with the new england patriots in super bowl 52. >> legendry eagles announcer called the final seconds of the 38-7 blow out win sending the eagles to the super bowl. lifting it high outside. fans flooded the streets of the city. >> i waited all my life. i waited so long, and now it's finally happened here in south philly. and we did it, baby. we're going to the super bowl. i love it. oh, my god, i love it. >> we love it, too.
6:32 am
it's feeling like christmas again in philadelphia after saint nick delivered another win. >> and rematch 13 years in the making. this one started with a hand-off and a toss back to foles who heaves it into the end zone where tory smith made this incredible diving catch. after his monster game nick foles tweeted what a night, i love this team and this sity. thank you philly for showing up loud and proud. your energy powered us through the night. and that energy spilled out into the streets after the game last night. >> matt delucia live at 30th station this morning. >> reporter: that is right, the only thing unfortunate about having that late game last night is the fact that halot of people have to go to work and school this morning. so i've been talking to some folks here at 30th station.
6:33 am
overnight we did see quite a bit of cleanup efrlts and also the streets department just sweeping up broad street and northeast philly trying to get everything ready for that morning commute. there was a big party up there in frankfurt and cotton and people up and down broad street. thousands of folks just enjoying that win. and now a trip to the super bowl. the city did take some big measures to keep the peace. they greased up light poles to prevent people from climbing on them, but no major incidents. we've been talking to fans here at 30th station street including one woman who was at the game last night, partied afterwards and then came here to catch a train. >> i'm insanely excited. i came down here from rhode island. i took the train in, went to the game last week actually and bought a ticket and had to come back down. i have no voice. i'm proudly going on three hours of sleep, so it was insane.
6:34 am
the whole stadium and the crowd, it was nuts. >> reporter: now that is a fan. and you can understand why she has lost her voice. she is headed up to new england, and she says she works with a lot of patriots fans, so you can understand there's going to bea lot of tension today. i plan if she's going to the super bowl or watching it on the tubech and she said you know what, she's going to try to make it out to minneapolis to watch that game in person. >> lot whispering in the office today but not because of secrets. >> they all had fun on the field. birds defensive end brandon graham also made the post game
6:35 am
party childs play. >> it feels good. when she looks back she's going to be like that's me, daddy. >> it drew an emotional reaction from the wife of eagles tight end zack erts. take a look. she got the news about the eagles victory just when the whistle blew at her u.s. soccer game in san diego last night. here's what happened when her husband jack watched that video. >> it's emotional for me. i wish i was there obviously. >> later ertz told john clark his wife is free super bowl weekend and will be able to watch him play. >> for a while it looked like the patriots may not make it to
6:36 am
the big game this year. new england actually trailed the jacksonville jaguars by ten points early in the fourth quarter, but you can never count out tom brady. even with an injured hand he engineered a come pack. according to, other side of the building which you can not see from this angle were lit up in patriots colors. and i'm sure everyone in new york city hated seeing that. there's only one place to watch our eagles take on the patriots right here on nbc 10, your official tv station of philadelphia eagles. it's 6:36. now to other top stories making headlines. during last night's celebration two men were shot at broad and brain bridge not far from the big crowds. both are in the hospital in stable condition. we have this video to show you. nbc 10 obtained this exclusive
6:37 am
video from a home security camera near the scene showing four people getting out of a car and moments letter running back to the car and taking off. prosecutors have charged pawlowski with running an alleged pay to play scheme. he's accused of trading more than $150,000 in city contracts for campaign donations. pawlowski says he's innocent. the democrat won re-election in november for his fourth term. the majority of federal workers will actually be staying at home today despite a group of bipartisan tenters waking all day yesterday, there was still no compromise to end the government shutdown. that means many historical sites and national park trails will be closed today. and it also means the military will be working without pay. >> talks will continue, but we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable for both sides. >> a government shutdown should not be as leverage to get
6:38 am
legislative outcomes. when we did it, it didn't work well. if they do it, it will not work well. >> in new york the city is actually using state funds to reopen the statue of liberty. the liberty center is closed to visitors because of the government shutdown. it's 4:38, 43 degrees outside. let's take a look at broad street. >> all cleared out. first alert meteorologist bill henley with your forecast. >> not bad at all. looking at a scoreboard that's still celebrating this morning. the scene has cleared out. you can see the confetti on the feld from the celebrations last night. well, the weather it's cooperating certainly last night and again today. we're starting off with cloudy skies in philadelphia. we saw light showers moving through philadelphia. those showers are now offshore. the next round of showers
6:39 am
building to the west will hold off until tomorrow. 43 degrees right now in philadelphia. 44 degrees at 8:00. we'll see a quick warmup in spite of mostly cloudy skies. this afternoon that's when we'll start to see some breaks of sunshine. 43 degrees right now, up to 49 degrees at noontime and 50 at 2:00 this afternoon. in the lee high valley, 37 degrees to start with. dry during the day, but a mostly cloudy day as it heads into the upper 40s this afternoon. clouds and breaks of sunshine late in the day for new jersey. usually in the 20s this time of year. starting in the 40s and warming up to the 50s this afternoon. this is going to be one of the cooler spots today. 43 this morning, and peaking around 1:00 this afternoon. you'll get some sunshine this
6:40 am
afternoon. 41 degrees, still in the 40s by late morning. but 50s this afternoon. we'll start to see that sunshine come in by 2:00 this afternoon and even more at 4:00 in the afternoon. the next round of sunshine will come through with some heavy gusty winds and downpours as well. that's a cold front coming into the area tomorrow. before it gets here the temperatures will go even warmer tomorrow before as it passes by and then it gets cooler. i'll take it you through it hour by hour and give youa a look at the ten day on ten coming up. and slow in the usual spots right now around the city line avenue exit and the westbound side, seeing it pretty much stop go. on the schuylkill and the
6:41 am
boulevard, and also seeing some pretty big delays for mass transit. 313 running about 53 minutes late right now. so that's a pretty significant delay. other than that papco and new jersey transit all okay. plus how die hard of an eagles fan are you really? enough to go to minnesota? well, if you're thinking about it, we have you covered. what we found about traveling and finding a place to stay. plus, it was a quick moment in the game but twitter is going wild over something nick foles did in the middle of the game. that's next.
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all right, confetti anyone? eagles fans jump for joy. all that confetti couldn't block those championship smiles. >> across the street at the lincs the overflow crowd at xfinity live burst with excitement. birds fans have waited for this spot in the super bowl. and fans might be waking up thinking can i go? can i actually figure out a way to go? >> there's a chance. but how much will it cost you? nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal did the work for you. break it it to us easy because i know it's not cheap. >> you got $6,000? so many eagles fans have those
6:46 am
awesome decked out rvs and campers. but not every season ticket holder is going to be able to go to the super bowl. it is a 17 hour, 21 minute drive over to minneapolis. it's a little faster to fly. but plane tickets already going for hundreds of dollars. nonstop flights that weekend more than a thousand. but you still need tickets to the game and that is not easy to get. season ticket holders are going to have to win the right. it's a random drawing. only about 17% of ticket holders will get a seat. for everyone else tickets already selling on retail sights. that's $50,000 on the nfl ticket exchange. going to minneapolis is going to be expensive no matter where you're watching.
6:47 am
so my advice, watch at home, get some beer. >> and this is the only place you can see it. >> and the eagles win is trending on social mead eye this morning. but nick foles has become a meme of his own. >> take a look. it's because of this call in the fourth quarter. it's now a meme with someone with the words 911, what's your emergency? hi, i'd like to report a severe beating at lincoln financial field. one joked he was on the phone with mitch mcconnell talking about a government shutdown. >> my guess he was probably talking to a defensive coordinator or quarterback coach because that's the common occurrence on the side line. >> right. we're not sure why that really took off, but the memes are fun.
6:48 am
guess what, we aren't the only ones eating extra bags of skittles this morning because of late night. >> that's right. savannah guthrie tweeted this last night, keep calm and fly eagles fly. good morning, guys. >> check her out. guess what she has been doing all day? just do it once. >> we didn't see that one coming. >> that's like a lilasraptor. happy day in philadelphia. we're happy for you here. we're rooting for you here. anyways, the government shutdown is the real news. there's a crucial vote today. they're going to try to end it. it's set for noon. we'll be there live. and also taking our fight of the flu to the streets.
6:49 am
he's armed with free flu shots. plus amazon about to revolutionize the way you buy groceries. an exclusive look into the tech giants first ever check out-free store. >> just do it. >> ready. one, two, three. >> back to you. >> that's awesome. >> that's not going to be the last we see of that rendition of the eagles. >> see you guys at 7:00. thanks. eagles green everywhere across the city including boathouse row. >> absolutely beautiful outside this morning. meet au meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate forecast in town. >> not the only green we've been watching. we're seeing temperatures in the 30s and 40s. a mild monday ahead.
6:50 am
we'll warm into the 50s today. a chance of thunderstorms coming through the day with some heavy downpours and gusty winds. and then once they clear out, it's back to january later this week. no sign of the typical january cold. the suburbs at 38 degrees and upper 30s in the lee high valley. and in south jersey we're seeing a mix of 30s in lumberton. most neighborhoods in the 40s. in piles grove and wood grove, and florence at 42 degrees. so a really mild start. not a bad day to the bus stop this morning. 30 and cool. low 40s in wilmington and philadelphia. and 40 degrees in atlantic city. and the temperatures will be climbing now that the showers have moved offshore. there they go now safely offshore. the rest of the day should be dry other than a few sprinkles. tomorrow a cold front that's going to swing in during the morning hours, during the late
6:51 am
morning hours. we're going to see those moving towards the harris area. at 7:30 in the morning they are still to our west. look at that line of showers quickly come through philadelphia into south jersey and then offshore. and late in the day tomorrow we might see some rain showers, but the heaviest stuff comes through during the day. and it comes through with some strong gusty winds. this is noontime tomorrow. look at the wind gusts. 45 mile an hour wind gusts possible in philadelphia, vorhees. and then they'll die down a little later in the day, but still some gusty winds around. 56 today, 62 tomorrow. the storms move through. that's a cold front. we'll get the cold starting wednesday but especially chilly for thursday and friday. and a warm up there this weekend. even warmer on sunday, but rain is likely on sunday. and a few lingering showers on
6:52 am
monday. it turns colder on tuesday, and then another warmup starts next wednesday. >> thank you, bill. your time now 6:51. time for a check on the roads. >> jessica boyington has you covered. what are you seeing on 422? >> just seeing some delays. on trooper road is where we're watching here. and this eastbound drive time starting to jam up. at least adding ten minutes to your morning drive right now. from 29 to the schuylkill speeds dropping, and right now speeds in the 30s. northbound side just around north state street, and checking in with mass transit because we're seeing pretty big delays with the train 313 with septa, so a big delay there. in atlantic county three schools teamed up to help fight hunger.
6:53 am
they served soup yesterday at their empty bowls fund-raiser in linwood. they raised around $3,000 for local food banks. job well-done. well, the screen actors guild awards last night gave top honors to a comedic drama about a mother's search for justice. >> that film won the sag award for outstanding performance by a cast. best supporting actor for sam rockual. and gary oleman won the award for playing churchhill. that series beat out the crown, "game of thrones," the hands made tail and this is us. we'll be right back.
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cheers for the nfc champs. eagles are going to super bowl ipcase you haven't heard. birds fans everywhere are now looking forward to a rematch with the patriots in two weeks. a game you can only see here on nbc 10. and is the celebration across eagles nation was loud, proud and largely free of any problems. philadelphia police report no arrests. and eagles gear is flying off the shelves modell's in
6:58 am
philadelphia opened up at 6:00 this morning. and this is your team, your city and nbc 10 is your station to see it all. super bowl 52 with the eagles and the patriots is only nbc 10 sunday, february 4. and you can count on us for exclusive coverage leading up to the big game. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a check on the road. just minor delays on the schuylkill expressway. this is the ramp on the boulevard, so we know there's some construction there. and we're seeing that westbound delay, too. eastbound moving towards center city looks a little bit better. there's a crash, too on gravel pike right around trap road. watch some activity there and still watching the construction leaving the new jersey side and heading into pa. southbound 95 near 332 there's a construction project going on there with one lane, so you can see some of those delays.
6:59 am
starting off with clouds over cape may, the showers have already moved offshore. you can see the skies brightening ahead this morning. the last showers have just pushed out of the area. looks like it's going to be dry for most of the rest of the day. you might see a sprinkle tomorrow, but no need to carry the umbrella today. these are the typical high temperatures for the afternoon. but this is what it is right now. 39 degrees in the suburbs and 30 in philadelphia. temperatures will be climbing in spite of that. 51 decrease at lunchtime. skies will be mostly cloudy during the day tomorrow. even warmer tomorrow, but we'll get those storms during the day tomorrow. thank you, bill. so the super bowl february 4th, can the 2018 olympics starting february 8th, it's going to be a
7:00 am
busy time here. and we've got you covered end to end. >> we have it all. we have updates this morning. and you can get traffic, news right on our free nbc 10 app. good morning. breaking overnight, three days and counting. the government shutdown enters another day, after a new round of failed negotiations. >> we have yet to reach an agreement on a path poeforward. >> the white house accusing democrats of coholding the couny hosta hostage. marching with a message. millions turn out for a new round of women's marches all across the country. this morning, the warning sent to both parties and the president. and what it all could mean on election day. state of emergency. powerful tornadoes cut a path of destruction across texas. the massive system that spawned them, now set


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