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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  January 27, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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today, fans are pumped as the birds get ready to take flight to minneapolis for super bowl 2 52. time to get the look at the hottest cars as the philadelphia auto show opens today. we're live with a preview. a live look at the ben franklin parkway. we'll enjoy mild temperatures, but we're tracking rain on the way. find out when it will arrive in the first alert forecast. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. it's 5:00 on this saturday morning. let's begin with a look at your first alert forecast with our meteorologist. good morning, crystal. >> reporter: good morning.
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good morning everyone on our saturday morning. we're tracking temperatures pretty chilly. many of us in the 20s. 28 in blue belle. coatsville at 30 degrees. philadelphia at 29. dover, areas south a little b better off mid to upper 30s. starting on a cold spell. today is a day of warmup. yesterday was 42. today we'll shoot past that. radar and satellite, this is part of the reason why. it's a clear picture we have. we're going to keep with the clear conditions through much of today and mostly sunny. a few scattered clouds. it's not until we get into tomorrow that this makes its way to us, and that's going to come with a good bit of rain for your sunday. this is a 50/50 forecast kind of weekend with today being the better of the two days. check out the temperature trend. around freezing this morning all the way up to the mid upper 50s by this afternoon. that comes with a good bit of
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sunshine. we'll talk more about what to expect neighborhood by neighborhood, hour by hour for your saturday, and the details going through our next workweek coming up. >> all right. and with eight days to go until the super bowl, eagles fans are getting amped up about one of the biggest games in philadelphia history. fans are taking their love for the team to a higher level. eagles' nation gave sendoffs to several players before they head off to minnesota tomorrow. >> yeah. >> the intensity certainly second to none. nbc 10 was in fishtown as fans got a personal meet and great with agholor. the scene was the same in northeast philadelphia for jillian mills. stevenson and his brother got a picture with mills. >> i told him to make the interceptions if it comes down to one more play for a touchdown, make a game-winning
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interception. >> it's thrilling to see people so fashion gnat. >> that's lane johnson who thrilled people in clifton heights last night. on the road to minneapolis is powered by nrg. nrg powers the eagles, powers fi philly and powers you. many of you are going to minneapolis for super bowl 52 and we're going with you. a crew is leaving on the first leg from philly to pittsburgh, to chicago, and then minneapolis. first, dress for the occasion, which you clearly have done for the ride. >> i got a new coat. this is allegedly rated to negative 30. we'll see windchills somewhere around negative 10 or 15 later in the week. it looks like the colder weather in minneapolis will be later in the week. will start flocking to the city,
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tailgating outside. it's going to be really cold in minneapolis. >> you have a 17-hour drive. what's the game plan? >> we're going to be live the storm force ten. we're gearing up. there's a number of cameras alongside th you the road todays we go through steelers country. we're going to talk to steelers fan. want to know who they are cheering for. and onto chicago. we're going to stay in chicago, talk to bears fans, maybe browns fans in ohio. up to minneapolis by monday. >> obviously you're excited. >> it's going to be crazy up there. we're sending about 20 people. it's going to be a huge crew from nbc 10 representing philly in minneapolis. we're excited to see how many of the large rvs and eagles trucks make the road trip. maybe if you're driving, flag us down if you see us on the road heading to minneapolis. >> have a safe trip. i'll see you in minneapolis. >> we'll see you there. you got it. in minneapolis, the nfl live
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band festival will be open for the first day. crews put the finishing touches on the attractions yesterday. this year's event features ice sculptures, an ice rink, and super bowl 360. take a look at this cake from a bakery in collinswood. we're told the underdog cakes are flying off the shelves ahead of the game. also this morning mccloud meets with fans today at 2:30 at rolls auto sales on frankfort, avenue. the pep rally is free to the public. and the super bowl is now just eight days away, and the only place you'll see it is right here on nbc 10. we are the official television station of your philadelphia eagles, but you can watch every moment of the action before, during, and after the game right here on nbc 10.
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is there anybody else in that house? they need to get out. >> an uber driver helped get people away from this fire in philadelphia's frankfurt section. he saw the flames on the porch of a row home and alerted neighbors about the danger. the fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. in other news, a man is in the hospital in critical condition after someone shot him at a gas station. it happened late last night at the liberty gas station on ridge avenue. investigators say the victim suffered a gunshot wound to his side during an attempted robbery. police are searching for the shooter. this morning philadelphia rapper is lel brating a legal win. a judge ordered documents to be released which may show the judge in the rapper's probation case was biassed against him. the conversation in the judge's
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chamber was recorded and could prove inappropriate conduct. he is currently serving two to four years for a probation violation. happening today, the philadelphia auto show opens at the pennsylvania convention center. they celebrated at the black tie tailgate last night. they got to check out the latest hot rides while raising money for children's hospitals of philadelphia. we are live at the convention center this morning with a preview of what's happening today. i'm kind of jealous. >> reporter: i was going to ask if you're a car enthusiast. this would be a dream, or it's great for folks who are in the market for a new ride. but in addition, they got some cool cars. look at this one. it's a "star wars" themed car themed in honor of the last j jedi. it's a nissan maxima. look at the lights. they're red.
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supposed to seem sinister. the undercarriage is also red. it's also supposed to seem like a light saber. you have themed cars along with the regular cars that you're going to see on the road. more than 7 00 on display here. and in addition to the cars you're also going to have some cool eagles alum brian dawkins. we'll be here all morning showing you some of the cool features here in the auto show. reporting live, nbc 10 news. >> i think if i drove up with that "star wars" car at home, my son would have a fit. he would pass out. >> reporter: isn't it the coolest thing? >> it is. the lights, the sound, the look. i love it. i'm sure you'll show us more throughout the morning. thanks a lot. stepping down, the case against larry nassar leads to a house cleaning for the usa gymnastics board.
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and sexual misconduct accusations that go back decades. >> energize the fans is powered by nrg. nrg powers the eagles, powers philly, and powers you.
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look at the current temperatures across the region. a lot going on. we're pretty cold over in our neck of the woods. this is more mild air in the west is heading our direction. these are the starting morning temperatures in columbus, indianapolis, louisville, sitting in the 40s and 50s. we're getting that air today and tomorrow, but by tomorrow into monday a cold front will enter and then it's right back to a cold cell. for the roller coaster temps, they continue today. good news is today is the best of the next several days. warm up from the 30s to the mid upper 50s this afternoon with a few scattered clouds in the afternoon. this is a really nice day.
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i'm thinking maybe a good day to walk. it's going to feel so warm out there into the afternoon. for the suburbs, 45 at 11:00 a.m. 3:00 in the afternoon, 52. for delaware, 48 at 11:00 a.m. new jersey 50s in the afternoon. and we'll flirt with 50 along the jersey shore. today we stay dry. let's look as we start to roll this through today, increase in cloud cover into this evening. now, it's just clouds for tonight. but as we go overnight into your sunday, check it out. 11:0030 at night, starting to see spotty showers. better chances of rain across the entire region. we'll track it out for you hour by hour coming up. >> thank you, crystal. a music celebration up next marking another milestone at philadelphia's grand ole lady of logan street.
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we have learned about a new defense strategy for bill cosby at his upcoming retrial on sexual assault charges. his lawyers will suggest the comedy couldn't have attacked andrea con stand because as the defense claims he was not in town at the time of the alleged encounter. at cosby's trial last year his lawyers argued they were involved in a secret relationship. cosby's retrial is set for trial in april. the entire board of directors for usa gymnastics be resign following pressure from the u.s. olympic committee. 150 gymnasts testified larry nassar abused him.
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the olympics committee says the usa gymnastics need rebuilding and the athletes agree. >> it is rotten to its core because the abusive nature as infiltrated into it core, and fundamental change is absolutely a necessity. >> meanwhile on the campus of michigan state university last night, students protested nassar's tenure there and how the school handled complaints against him. also yesterday the university's athletic director retired days after the departure of the school's president. casino mogul steve wynn, a powerful figure in republican politics is facing accusations of sexual misconduct. wynn is denying the allegations. reports say the billionaire is facing accusations from dozens of current and former employees. a report in the wall street journal says wynn paid nearly $8 million to settle a claim from a former manicurist.
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he's the finance chairman of the republican national committee. he said in a statement, quote, the idea that i ever assaulted any woman is propostrouse. a school from a school superintendent could face prison time for a theft conviction from a text message scandal. yesterday a jury found him guilty of stealing thousands of dollars from a school district for his personal use. he resigned in 2013 amid allegations he exchanged racist and sexist text messages with another district employee. those text messages led to a financial inquiry. on this day before the trey burton and dannel l elle e ellerbe will sign autographs.
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it's time for an entry in our eagles fight song challenge. this comes from delaware county. take a look. ♪ valley middle school sent us their version of the fight song. way to go, kids. well, time coming up on 5:20 this morning. a check on your forecast. >> they want to know the forecast. let's look. p÷ the region. he le high valley 24. look at the shore, mild, 38 for the start temperature. what's going to happen is we're going to have winds shifting from the southwest. that's going to pump in warmer temps for us this morning. it's going to be a beautiful
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saturday. neighborhood temperatures, philadelphia, park side at 30. right near freezing penn sport, gra graduate hospital, and port richmond. the winds are fairly light to start. we're clear for a good bit of today. mostly sunny, a few scattered clouds in the afternoon and evening. this is going to move into our neck of the woods by the overnight hours into your sunday. sunday is going to be a rainy one for those still mild. let's check out the temperatures for today. center city looking at a forecast high of 57 degrees. same thing in summerton. west chester and easton with a forecast high of 54. allentown, a high around 50. for new jersey, 55 in trenton. atlantic city maybe a smidge warmer if you move inland. we see the temperatures in the upper 50s over delaware because as is typical with the southwest
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flow, the warm air is warmest over the southern most part of our viewing zone which is delaware and into parts of jersey. winds are going to be picking up as we go through the day. 10 to 15 miles per hour sustained but gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour are possible. a little windy this afternoon into this evening. extra hair tie and you're good to go throughout the afternoon hours. let's run through the hour by hour model. show you saturday and sunday. big difference. this is why we're calling it a mixed weekend. we ran through all the saturday. you saw there was no green on the board. but by the overnight hours moving into sunday, now we have a good bit of rain moving by. it doesn't like particularly heavy. a brief period of heavy rain is possible in the morning hours tomorrow. notice that by 7:30 a.m., it's starting to thin out the lehigh valley. it's a neighborhood to neighborhood forecast. by lunchtime now the suburbs are starting to dry out but the rain
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remains along the corridor and south it will start to thin in the afternoon. by 6:00 that rain is exiting the area. temperatures you might know still stay mild through sunday. then they may fall again. in the next half hour, we'll talk about your workweek temps and what to expect if you're traveling out to minneapolis. tonight music enthusiasts will enjoy the anniversary concert. last year's event involved martin short. tonight steve martin will play the banjo with the orchestra. and we hear they'll show their support for the eagles. nonprofit organizations are responsible for making our communities better places to live and offering opportunities for people who need it most. nbc 10 wants to help give them more fire power. we're partnering to support project innovation. the project is giving away $225,000 in grant money.
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the deadline for nonprofits to apply is next friday. grant winners will be announced in march. to learn more about how to apply, go to or the nbc 10 app. 5:22 this morning. a cut above. we'll show you the extremes eagles fans are going to to prove their love for the beloved birds.
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that's the sound of eagles' excitement buzzing where fans are taking their excitement a cut above everyone else. the barbers are in high demand right now. drew smith shows us how this is done. >> reporter: this man has a reputation for creativity. >> i was an artist first, and then i just incorporated my love for art into my love for barbering. >> reporter: look at his shop and you'll see he also has a passion for the home team. >> i get to do the eagles logo over 100 times a year. it's crazy. >> reporter: now that the birds
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are super bowl bound, a lot of people want to turn the back of their heads into this. the phone ringing and ringing. joe is an eagles season ticketholder. he sat for more than an hour to get this done. >> every stroke you do, it has to be perfect. >> reporter: every minute worth it. >> we're hungry for a who championship. i think everyone will have an eagle on their head soon. >> reporter: sure enough, other customers are taking an interest. >> i enjoy being able to put the logo on people's heads in a number of different ways. >> reporter: he says this look will last until after the eagles take home the lombardi trophy. they got another week of haircuts to do. on the big night, they're having a super bowl party here. the tvs will be tuned to nbc 10. drew smith, nbc 10 news. and we are sending an entire super bowl squad to minneapolis
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to give you insight into the game you won't find anywhere us. count on our coverage for the next eight days through super bowl sunday. the time coming up on 5:30. we'll show you how the eagles are getting trooed head to minneapolis. plus a preview of the philadelphia auto show which officially opens today. >> reporter: how would you like a car that can go 420 on one full tank of gas? we're going to show you that car coming up. >> that sounds dangerous. i don't know. we'll look over the satellite. we have a clear picture today. that's rain heading our direction for the second half of your weekend. i'll let you know when the rain moves into your neighborhood, how long it lasts, and right now a live view of the conditions over boat house row.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, packing up, the eagles are getting ready for tomorrow flights in minneapolis for super bowl 52. we'll here from players on how to leave the distractions behind. superfan, you'll meet a man who has collected more eagles jerseys than most people can fit inside their closet. and the philadelphia auto show rose into the pennsylvania convention center today. we're live with a preview. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. it's 5:30 on this saturday morning. we're looking at a pretty nice day. let's get to the first alert neighborhood forecast with our meteorologist crystal. >> reporter: good morning. this is going to be a really nice saturday. it's what we're calling a mixed bag weekend. today better of the two days. if you want to get outside, today is the day to do


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