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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  January 27, 2018 8:30am-9:31am EST

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>> good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. it's now 8:30 on this saturday morning. let's look outside at the river rink. our temperatures will be climbing today as we enjoy a mild weekend. it will be perfect to get outside and do some running, walk the dog. you can pretty much have your pick. it will be a good day. let's get a check on the forecast with crystal. >> it looks like it's going to be really a nice day. you saw from the live camera bright sunshine is lighting up the ground. we've got temperatures that are slowly starting to climb. we are now above freezing in philadelphia at 33 degrees. 34 in coatsville. allentown and redding and then warmer south. almost to 40 in wildwood and dover both in the upper 30s. over us right now a clear picture. we're going to keep with the sunny to mostly sunny forecast today. scattered clouds move in
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tonight. and then this moves in overnight. that rain forecast is going to pass throughout your sunday. we have a 50/50 weekend. both days mild in temperatures. while today is dry, tomorrow we'll see the rain. here's a look at the temperatures trending through the afternoon. 11:00 a.m., 47 degrees. by 2:00, we'll make it into the mid 50s with breezy conditions. coming up, neighborhood my neighborhood with this hourly forecast. eagles nation is ready super bowl 52. nbc 10 was in town last night as fans got a meet and greet with nelson agholor. the same was the game with jalen mills. a boy and his younger brother got a picture with mills. >> reporter: what did you tell him? >> make the interceptions. if it comes down to one more
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play for a touchdown, you have to make a game-winning reception. >> it's thrilling to see people so passionate about something i am too. >> reporter: that was johnson to thrilled fans last night. today eagles rodney mcleod will meet people at rolls auto sales. the dealership will offer live music and food. the pep rally is free and open to the public. in minneapolis today the nfl live fans festival is open for the first full day. crews put the finishing touches on the attractions yesterday. this year's event features ice sculptures, a skating rink and a massive video game dome. here's the itinerary for the super bowl teams. the eagles leave philadelphia tomorrow. they're scheduled to arrive in minneapolis at 4:30 our time tomorrow afternoon. the patriots will arrive in minnesota on monday afternoon.
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on the road to minneapolis is powered by nrg. nrg powers the eagles, powers philly, and powers you. >> on the road to minneapolis for super bowl 52. a crew is headed out this morning on their first leg from philly to pittsburgh. then to chicago, and eventually to minneapolis. randy is live in storm force 10. how are things going? you left early this morning. the first leg of a 17-hour journey. right? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's going to be a real long trip. we officially on the road to victory and on the road to the super bowl to see the eagles in minneapolis. right now we're between pittsburgh and philadelphia outside of town. i love the towns in pennsylvania. this is called burnt cabins, pennsylvania. we're in the middle of the two places. let's look where we're going right now. into a tunnel in a hilly part of
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pennsylvania. we're headed to pittsburgh. we're going to talk to steelers fans in the heart of steelers country. see who they're cheering for. i can't imagine any of them are going to be cheering for tom brady. we were at a rest stop a little while ago where we caught up with eagles' fans. it's a 17-hour journey. it will take us through six states. ohio, pennsylvania, indiana through chicago. we're going to stop tomorrow and then finally through wisconsin onto minneapolis. it's more than 1100 miles. a real long journey. there are going to be so many eagles fans also making this trip, and we'll see them when we get to minneapolis. back to you. >> randy rolling through the tunnel as we speak. we'll watch your journey on air and on the nbc 10 app. randy isn't the only one heading to minneapolis. we're sending an entire super bowl squad, present company included. get an exclusive inside look at the team's preparations and a look at how eagles fans are going to help make a difference come super bowl sunday.
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closer to home at a bakery in camden county has a sweet take on the underdog theme. look at this cake from a bakery. we're told the underdog cakes are flying off the shelves ahead of next sunday's big game. remember, nbc 10 is your home for everything eagles. tonight at 7:00 p.m., join us for our special eagles' road to victory, and then at 7:30, it's inside the eagles. and when it does come time for the big, nbc 10 is the only place to watch your birds and the patriots fight it out on the field. we're the official television station of the philadelphia eagles with coverage all week long. 8:35 on this saturday morning. police are searching for an attacker who sexually assaulted a woman near drexel university. officers arrived at a home on ray street around 7:15 this morning and someone told them a man ran from the scene. police say he was wearing blue jeans and a green hooded sweatshirt. the victim is talking to police
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right now. also new this morning, police are investigating a double shooting outside a bar in north philadelphia. nbc 20 10 was on the scene. fun fire broke out just after 2:00 this morning hitting two men in their 30 with bullets also piercing a car. one man is in critical condition at the hospital. the other victim listed in stable. is anybody else in that house? they need to get out. >> and new from overnight, an uber dreyer helped people get away from this house fire. he saw the flames on the porch and alerted neighbors about the danger. a child is in the hospital and we're working to find out the condition. the fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. the atlantic county doctor accused of ordering his wife's murder is found dead in his jail cell in an parent suicide. a source tells us he was found face down on his bed with a torn
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sheet around his neck. that source also telling nbc 10 he left a six-page suicide note. police and family members accused the doctor of having his wife killed to help keep from exposing a drug ring he was allegedly running with a motorcycle gang. >> i think that the doctor realized he'd been found out. the gig was up, and i guess this was his answer. >> april coughman was found dead inside her home in 2012. he was a popular radio host and a veteran's advocate. nbc 10 has also learned about a new defense strategy for bill cosby at his retile rial. they will suggest he could not have indecent attacked a former employee. that's because as the defense will claim, he was not in town at the time of the alleged encounter. at cosby's trial last year his lawyers argued they were involved in a secret
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relationship. cosby's retrial is set for april in norristown. this morning meek mill is celebrating a legal win. a judge ordered documents to be released which may show the judge involved in the probation case was biassed against him. the defense attorney says the conversation in the judge's chambers with us recorded and could prove inappropriate conduct. meek mill is currently serving two to four years for a probation violation. eagles fans are coming up with unique ways to show their love for the game. the hype that's creating a new hair style for fans. and inside the auto show we'll give you the first look at the new cars and trucks that will soon the road.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. good morning. first alert meteorologist here looking at temperatures as they currently sit. we've got an interesting pattern. cold air holding onto our area but for much longer. not too far west, there's mild conditions. already at 46 in pittsburgh and columbus. 53 in louisville. that is coming our direction now that the winds have moved more of a south, flow. then you look west, and check out minneapolis. 24 degrees. cold there. we are going to warm up over the weekend but by next week, we'll start to fall as this roller coaster conditions. let's talk temperatures today on the warmup. up to 54 degrees at 2:00 p.m. in philadelphia. mostly sunny conditions through the suburbs. 51 this afternoon and 50 in the lehigh valley. 48 degrees tonight. delaware mid 40s by 10:00 a.m. and 55 at 2:00 this afternoon.
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new jersey the same, and the shore flirting with 50 by the afternoon hours. temperatures in the 50s. dry conditions. going to last too long. tomorrow rain. we'll look closer at that coming up. thank you. hot wheels and cool deals at the philadelphia auto show. and nbc 10 as a live look inside the convention hall coming up. stay with us.
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we play this game to play on the world's biggest stage.
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♪ who let the dogs out ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> i just love that people are so into this. check out this elaborate version of the eagles fight song, the philadelphia accounting firm. they embraced the underdog title and cover made a routine to the. we're challenging you to show your rendition of the fight song. we want the best, the very best. we're looking for versions with the most people, the most unique instruments or most creativity. on this day before the eagles leave for the super bowl, tight end trey burton and dannel
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l ellerbe are signing autographs tonight. fans will pay a fee an autograph or inscription. that's the sounds of eagles fever hitting a barber shshobar. people are getting eagles logos cut in their hair. fans say they can't wait to show off their dedication. >> ready. we're hungry for a championship, and i think everyone is going to put an eagle on their head son. >> reporter: and sal the barber began his career as an artist and takes this craft seriously. as you can see, he says he's done so many of these cuts he has all the details of the eagle's logo pretty much memorized. the philadelphia auto show kicks off about 15 minutes from now. car lovers celebrate the start
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of the auto show at the black tie tailgate last night. they got to raise money for children's hospital of philadelphia. nbc 10 is live at the conventioner the in center city with a preview of people will see starting in about 15 minutes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. okay. we are in the ford simulator. this is simulating what it's like to be on a racetrack. i'm going to go. you can see my bad driving here. here we go. here we go. all right. it shows you you don't come and look at cars. there's hands on things you can do. we talked to an organizer about how there's something for everyone. >> whether you're 60 years old getting into a 68 camaro and you feel 16 again or weather you're just starting and get into an expensive sedan, it's
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boundariless and ageless. >> all right. we are look out here live. doors open at 9:00 a.m. when you see me next, we'll show you other features -- i'm just trying not to crash. other features that you can see here at the auto show. i'll send it back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> wednesday's child is sponsored by mealey's furniture. >> hold on, dwogoif. here's a young man who loves animals. we are introduced to zach, wednesday's child. >> one, two, three, go. >> 16-year-old zach is always on the move. >> yeah. this way. >> okay. >> trying to keep up with him will keep you on your toes. even as we feed a giraffe -- >> what did you like best about being here?
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>> i like the giraffe. c >> can you tell me what kind of family you'd like to have? >> a family with actually a mom, a dad, or i kind of want a family with two daughters, two brothers -- >> in other words, a big family. naturally zach wouldn't mind pets. he obviously loves animals. >> zach is open to different families. he is open to one parent or two parent household. he really does want siblings. and he also wants a dog. i think he's open to every kind of family. just someone that could care for him and care about him. someone that could be there to support him throughout in his life and into adulthood. >> zach's forever family will be supportive, give him guidance and provide a loving, nurturing
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environment. >> zach is very energetic, very enthusiastic. he really enjoys playing outside. he loves animals. he gets good grades in school. he really likes school. so it's really becoming one of his strengths. it's great that he's just imed so much. >> zach is this week's wednesday's child. and if you'd like to make zach's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, just go to and search wens's child. you can also call the national adoption center. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's start with the temperatures. we have a pretty cold spell holding the region. 33 in philadelphia. 23 in lehigh valley. the shore starting to pick up at
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41. some spots above freezing. westbound area 36. a temperature currently of 36 in pens sport. the numbers will climb in the next few hours. look at the forecast highs for. 57 in center city and in summerton. allentown looking at the low 50s for highs today. mostly sunny conditions. a few scattered clouds in the afternoon. making it to 53 in ocean city and wilmington, a forecast high up to 57 degrees. this is well above average. in philly the average high would have been 41 for today. why are we so much warmer? you know the drill. that southwest wind starts to push on in, and it knocks up the temperature. we have winds of 10, 15 miles per hour. gusts up to 30, 35 miles per hour are possible in the afternoon hours. that means it does get windy later in the day. not an issue. no windchill problems because of the fact that by then the
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temperatures will already be in the 50s. hour by hour, we're clear this morning. we'll stick with the mostly clear conditions. this is the day to get outside. 4 p.m., there's the mid upper 50s. the winds coming in from the southwest. overnight showers roll in. steadier rain moving throughout the area. this is just rain. we're not worried about storms, any damage. just rain moving through. it will start to the lehigh valley. still rain in the afternoon hours for south jersey and delaware. 7:00, everything moves out. temperatures are mild. the winds start to shift more of a northeast flow and it cools down into monday. you can see we start near freezing on monday morning. and let's wrap it up by talking about the super bowl forecast. fast forward to this coming friday. this is a couple days before super bowl sunday.
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one future model going very, very cold your friday morning. 7 below. the windchills down to 20 below by saturday morning. the day before the super bowl, a temperature of 3 below zero. this is just one computer model, but it's showing snow into super bowl sunday morning. by kickoff, temperatures likely to be low into the single digits. nonprofits are responsible for making our communities better places to live and offering opportunities for people who definitely need them the most. nbc 10 wants to help give them fire power. we are partnering with the nbc universal foundation to support project innovation. the project is giving away $225,000 in grant money. the deadline for nonprofits to apply is next friday. grant winners will be announced in march. to learn more about how to apply, go to or the nbc 10 app. coming up, cleaning house.
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big changes for america's olympic gymnasts. a casino mogul is under allegations of sexual misconduct.
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the entire board of directors for usa gymnastics will resign following pressure from the u.s. olympics committee. it's after 150 women testified that former team doctor larry nassar sexually abused them. the committee says the usa gymnastics culture needs rebuilding and the athletes, they agree. >> it is rotten to its core because the abusive nature has infiltrated into its core. and fundamental change is absolutely a necessity. >> on the campus of michigan
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state university last night students protested nassar's tenure there and how the school handled complaints against him. also yesterday the university's athletic director retired days after the departure of the school's president. steve wynn, a powerful figure in republican politics, is now facing accusations of sexual misconduct. wynn is denying the allegations. reports say the billionaire is facing accusations from dozens of current and former employees. a report in the wall street journal says wynn paid nearly 8 million to settle a claim from a former manicurist. he said in a statement, quote, the idea that i ever assaulted any woman is preposterous. coming up this morning, nbc 10 is on the road to minneapolis. randy is driving across the country. tell us what to expect if you're driving to the super bowl. crystal.
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and look at the radar and satellite. for now we are in the clear. but this rain is heading our direction. it's making half of your weekend rainier than the other half. we'll talk about it coming up.
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ready to play. the eagles hit the practice field before they fly to
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minnesota. what players are revealing about their game plan before the super bowl starts. injury report. carson wentz is talking for the first time since his injury, and we're learning the problem is even bigger than we initially thought. and flu crisis. the outbreak is hitting one local area very hard. why it could be spreading more quickly than expected. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. it is 9:00 on this saturday morning. a live look outside a resort where skiers are hitting the slopes today. the weather not so bad. we won't need the heavy coats later. it's going to be a mild weekend even for the poconos. let's check on the weekend weather with crystal and your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> more chances of snow come back as we go through the next workweek. let's look at the current temperature map. these are not the actual temperatures. this is the change over the last
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24 hours. comparing right now to 24 hours ago, 6 degrees warmer in philly. atlantic city is 17 degrees warmer. yes, that warm spell we've been talking about, it is now starting to pick across the board. look at the numbers. we're in the 40s. dover, vineland, atlantic city we're to the 40s at philadelphia reading at 40 degrees. a clear picture over us for this morning and this afternoon, mostly sunny conditions. overnight into tomorrow, the rain moves. it's going to make for a different sunday. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. with the super bowl eight days away the eagles are packing their bags. the birds are scheduled to fly out to minnesota sometime tomorrow. we got an inside look at
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preparations at the complex yesterday with super bowl 52 logos on their clothing, the birds tell us they're trying to contain their excitement. the players say they want to stay focussed on football, leaving ticket requests and other distractions bein philly. >> dealing with tickets, you have to figure that out. having this week to deal with that is nice. >> they did a good job making sure we got tickets out of the way now. that's probably one of the biggest distractions, getting your family's stuff together. >> another said he's going to minnesota to simply win and enjoy everything else once the big game is over. >> on the road to minneapolis is powered by nrg. ng powers the eagles, powers philly, and powers you. >> we know many of you are going to minneapolis for the super bowl and we're coming with you. we are rolling toward pittsburgh right now and then to chicago and eventually onto minneapolis.
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our crew geared up this morning for that road trip at around 5:. it's a long trip to watch the game, but plenty of fans will do the same thing. randy is in the passenger's seat. far how far along are you now? >> as you mentioned, it is a hike to get to minneapolis from philly. more than 17 hours. you have to go through six states. first things first, we got our coffee. just did a coffee stop at a rest stop. picked up coffee. once we get to minneapolis, it's going to be freezing cold for the super bowl. temperatures nearti negative 20n some days. i got a coat i just got rated to negative 30 degrees. that should get us through the coldest part of the journey. we are in bedford county heading
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into the heart of steelers' territory. we'll make our first stop in the steel city talking to fans. i cannot imagine any of them want tom brady to win another super bowl. a little while ago we caught up with an eagles fan making the same drive. this is what we had to say about the big game. >> it's going to be great. it's certainly good for the city and i work in the school. and the kids are all pumped up. it's fun to see. >> they been doing the fight song? >> absolutely. >> reporter: you said you're heading to steeler's country? >> i am. so see my son in pittsburgh. >> reporter: steelers fans rooting for the eagles? >> i think they will. i think it's a state thing. >> reporter: yeah. it's a commonwealth thing. rooting for the eagles even if you're a steelers fan. over the next two days we'll continue our drive. we will be stopping in chicago next. we'll make our way through ohio and catch up with browns and
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bears fans and through wisconsin up to minneapolis by monday and we'll be live all week at the super bowl. for now, we're live in bedford county, pennsylvania. nbc 10 news. >> many thanks to you. safe travels and i'll see you soon. i'll be heading to minneapolis later this week as part of our nbc 10 super bowl squad. you can see all of the wonderful faces there will all be there. we'll give you exclusive inside coverage as the official tv station of the eagles. a philadelphia police officer says he was scared when he came to the aid of a fellow officers that was ambushed. archer is accused of shooting an officer in 2016 in west philadelphia. the responding officers explained how he raced to the scene and rushed the officer to the hospital. the defense objected to the
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emotional testimony. the governor says citizens will have to show a justifiable need to get a permit to carry handguns. the change could take place within six months. this year the number of flu cases is surging hitting state after state in south jersey is not immune. on january 10th, camden county reported 166 cases of the flu. yesterday there were 439. the number of patients more than doubled in just three weeks. >> i think it's still too early in the season to know exactly how this will rank among other seasons. it's clear that this is a very bad season. >> my take is that because this various lingers for such a long time, people are probably going back to work or school. >> reporter: >> the doctor tells us he thinks
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the effectiveness of this year's vaccine will be about 30 %. he says getting the shoot will lessen both the length and the severity of the dreaded flu symptoms. the eagles haven't even landed in minnesota but one player claims they're already seeing a lack of hospitality. that story plus it turns out carson wentz's injury was worse than we initially thought.
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let's talk about our hour by hour model for tomorrow and tomorrow. there's a big difference. it's the rain. today it's a clear picture. that's what we have this morning. you'll see the beautiful sky remaining sunny into the afternoon with temperatures mild for this time of year. about mid to even upper 50s are likely. a southwest wind pumps in with the sun shine and that's how you get the temperatures up today compared to yesterday. overnight we'll start to see change. this is 8:00 at night. spotty showers. more rain to come past midnight. this is at 2:30 a.m.
9:11 am
mild temperatures. rainy throughout the morning hours of your sunday. this is at 7:00 a.m. the suburbs, then the i-95 corridor closer to about lunch time that it starts to break apart through areas like philly, wilmington and trenton. more rain light to steady hangs over parts of south jersey and delaware until about 7:00 tomorrow. the wind shift and the temperatures fall. we'll check it out with your ten-day on ten coming up. the philadelphia auto show just opened up. and we are there live. how is your neck and your back? >> reporter: hi, there. i'm good. i'm good. the doors just open. people continue to pour in. they're wasting no time to get a hands on feel.
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the doors are open and cover lovers will zoom in to see all the vehicles today. we are live to see what's happening and what's in store for the rest of the day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is what organizers have been waiting ten months for. the doors just opened. people are pouring in. already, belining to cars and getting inside. i met lisa. tell me why you're here. >> it's that time of year.
9:15 am
it's a great time to look at cars and you can head to the dealership and look at what you found and what you're looking for. >> reporter: you said there's no pressure? >> correct. you do it at your pace and enjoy yourself while you're shopping. >> reporter: thank you for joining us and good luck on car shopping today. >> that's the thing. you can come and get into cars. you can see how it feels. there's so many different car here from vintage cars to very, very expensive cars to cars that everyday people can just go ahead and buy. doors will stay open until 10:00 p.m. this is a the nine-day event. come down to the convention center and see if you get a new car. reporting live, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. time to meet fat boy, looking for a new family.
9:16 am
we are joined this morning by a representative from the animal shelter. he's rocking his eagles bandanna. >> fat boy came to us. he was an owner surrender. he's about four years old. he's been with us for a few weeks. we're not sure why. he's housebroken and likes other dogs. he's really sweet. he has a good energy to him but it's a classic pity he can run around and then ready to be a couch potato. he's adorable. his favorite things are belly rubs and congresses filled with peanut butter. >> you said he's a basic pity so he needs an owner who can have fun with him. >> i think he'd love a big backyard or someone to go on runs and hikes with him. he also likes treats. he also will curl up on the couch with you. >> awesome. i know as a generally speaking, you guys are supporting adopting
9:17 am
local. talk about that. >> we're encouraging folks to come to the shelter. fat boy is from our off site center but we also have plenty of dogs and cats waiting at our main main shelter in north philly. >> today you have the pet adoption event at the everyday adoption center. >> yes. it's from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. -- 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> always a nice time of year to get a friend, especially when you're thinking about the warmup and you can run with the dogs. we have our eagles fan here. we thank you for joining us, and you guys might have a super bowl special come along soon. >> keep an eye out this coming week for a puppy bowl-themed adoption event at our main shelter. >> awesome. thank you for coming in. if you'd like more information about this or any animal, call the animal care and control team
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at 267-385-3800. you can also check out their website. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience today. >> good morning. the eagles are cruising through the regular season and we imagined carson wentz would lead them to minneapolis. the birds found their way there without him taking the snaps. wentz was seen at practice yesterday without crutches or a cane. a great sign. he spoke to the media for the first time since suffered that send-knee ending injury. here's the revelation. his knee injury was worse than previously reported. he tore his acl and lcl so carson, will this change your rehab schedule and plans to be back for the season opener? >> i don't think so. i think i'm confident in talking with trainers and everything.
9:19 am
the rehab schedule doesn't change a whole lot. just something to be careful with. i'm feeling confident with it, and i know -- i said it in my video i posted up to the injury, i believe i'll be back better and stronger than ever. no looking back. >> this guy knows how to support his team. look at the reaction from him. foles dominated throwing for three touchdowns. wentz believes he can still play a role in the eagles winning the super bowl even with foles making the start against the patriots. >> coming in in the mornings. trying to do what nick and nate did for me. help them, be with them in the film room and everything, and talk to guys and say what i see and as well. nick's done a great job. he's taken the leadership role. i'm just trying to help support him as best i can. every time offense runs on the field, it's hard. it mitts me a little, but then
9:20 am
i'm in it. i love them. i'm a part of this team as much as anybody else. >> over the past week, last night the eagles safety tweeted i've called three restaurants in minneapolis to get a reservation for me and my teammates and can't get in. well played, minnesota fans, well played. i mean, the guys can't eat? come on. sixers looking for their first win in san antonio since george w. bush was president january 3rd, 2004. during the shoot around, a full court shot over the back. 90 footer. ben simmons dropping dimes like a nervous cashier. he's trevor booker for the one handed whammy. sixers knock off the spurs 97- 78. that's your look at sports. enjoy your day. now your nbc 10 first alert
9:21 am
weather. >> all right. let's talk about the conditions outside. this is a live camera view overer the city. what a pretty picture. we have a bright blue sky. a few high clouds. we're going to keep with the nice, dry conditions fortod tod. the weekend forecast, 57 in philly. 54 in the pennsylvania suburbs. in new jersey 55. the mostly sunny will last and then scattered clouds in the later afternoon. the hour by hour model indicates the rain starts to move in overnight and then it sticks for your sunday. 53 and rainy in philly. 53 in the pa suburbs and 55 in new jersey. lunchtime the rain pulls out of philadelphia and mercer county. it will linger over parts of jersey and delaware into the afternoon hours. everything mostly moves out by the evening. a look. here's hour by hour. i just showed you. it looks like the mod updated. now it's running too early.
9:22 am
a minute ago i showed you at 8:00 a.m. it would exit along the northern edge of the viewing zone. now this model is trying to pull it out of philly by 8:00 a.m. i think that's too soon. it will linger until lunch and then afternoon and evening, it will pull out of the region on your sunday. regardless, expect you may need an umbrella for your sunday. don't need it today. we stay dry the rest of today. then monday monday morning commute is dry, but we'll have clouds throughout monday. could see an isolated rain shower. now, west at a system that's going to pump in moisture necessary for a little light snow action. past midnight, and then the light snow lingers through the morning commute on tuesday. this is not anything with major accumulation but maybe an inch or two and the light snow hits at a time where the drive might be rough. you'll need to drive a little slower, get out earlier on your tuesday morning. starts to fall apart, though, by
9:23 am
your tuesday afternoon. let's switch gears. talk about minneapolis. if you're traveling there over the next seven days, here's what you can expect. forecast high temperatures. uptick tuesday and wednesday because of snow that moves through the clouds. keeps some of the warmth in. not enough to get rid of the snow. tuesday into wednesday morning. look at that drop 10 degrees only on thursday and friday. and another chance of snow moves in saturday. it looks like it lasts into super bowl morning. by friday morning, 6 below. zero on saturday. last, the super bowl, kickoff time about 10 degrees down to 2 by end of game. windchills well below zero. tomorrow our eagles take off for minneapolis. the be there live with our fans, and exclusive interviews. the only place to watch the philadelphia eagles is nbc 10. count on it.
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presented by temple university.
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nbc 10, your official eagles station is on the road to the
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super bowl this morning. here's a live look as randy and storm team 10 drove through pittsburgh. tim is on his way to minneapolis. he posted this video on twitter. tim is among a whole crew of people from nbc 10 who will keep you up to the minute on events this week leading up to the super bowl. we've been asking for your versions of the eagles' fight songs. this next one is a contender for moe unusual. take a look. ♪ >> i like it. creative. different. instrumenting different. he has so much eagles excitement he made four versions of himself to show his pride. think you can come up with
9:27 am
another unusual version? upload your submission on the free nbc 10 app. can you top that? >> i can't. let's talk about the ten-day forecast. i have a forecasting ability. it goes to bowl sunday. 50s today into tomorrow. for those watching the super bowl next week, could be snow to end the day. >> that's it for you. for everyone here, thank you for watching.
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[music playing] i'm sara gore. and this is "open house." this week, we're taking you inside a home inspired by the "sex and the city" movies. and we have the stately, upper east side townhouse that eleanor roosevelt once called home. steven gold, of bravo's "million dollar listing-- new york" takes us on a tour of a one-of-a-kind brooklyn penthouse. plus, architect paul mcclean takes us on a tour of a majestic home built in the hollywood hills. but first, a sleek and sexy bachelorette pad in los angeles with designer caitlin murray. caitlin murray: it's a super chic and eclectic [inaudible] with lots of exciting little moments to explore, so come take a look with me. [theme music] welcome to "open house." right now, i'm coming to you from a luxurious, three-bedroom home in the heart


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