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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now at 11:00, the countdown to the super bowl is kicking into high gear. eagles mania is spreading in our area. on the road and all the way to the home of super bowl 52 in minneapolis. i'm denise nakano. it is the only thing on everyone's mind right now. the eagles are another night closer to the super bowl and one of the biggest games in hist our why. nbc 10 is counting down and now just eight days away from the eagles taking on the new england patriots in a rematch 13 years in the making and right now we have team coverage of the excitement right here in our area, on the road to the big game and from where it is all happening. we begin with nbc 10 drew smith live in cherry hill. and drew, a lot of die-hards
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came together to see their favorite players before they take off for minnesota. >> reporter: that's right. anyplace that had anything to do with the eagles today was packed. including the pro-shop down here in south jersey. but the most devoted fans that sought ought the players to wish them well. jaylen mills first took a shelfy at the cherry hill mall to show the huge line of people wanting to take a photo with him. >> are you exciting to head out there? >> reporter: players wrapping up final appearances before the focus turns solely to the super bowl. >> we are the last signing. >> reporter: the over of this store said the success of the team is a dream come true. >> this is the beginning. they win this super bowl, you're going to see this every day of the week. >> reporter: green hair is a popular choice for mills fans. >> just a style on the field and off. his physical style, his swagger, it is just great. >> reporter: at the king of crush dick's sporting goods,
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people filled up the rally wall and got faces painted and spent time in line. >> to get sure we get our wristbands. >> reporter: the wait worth it to walk away with a photo and nelson agholor's signature. >> now you'll have a big autograph from people in the super bowl. >> reporter: so that will do it for the current eagles making local appearance but you could expect to see former eagles making the rounds early next week to get people more hyped up. keep some activities for the fans not going out to minnesota. live in cherry hill, drew smith, nbc 10 news. the excitement is already underway in minneapolis. and that is where we sent nbc 10's tim furlong as part of the team of reporters at the super bowl. and as an eagles fan he is reporting from the heart of enemy territory. >> reporter: we are so excited to be here kicking off our week
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of coverage at the super bowl. as soon as i got off the plane and people saw the eagles hat, people talked trash about philly but don't worry, i gave it back. they seem proud to have the super bowl here. sloel super bowl live is awesome but people here hate the eagles. are we that bad. >> i think you're that bad. >> i think the patriots will murder the eagles in the super bowl. >> reporter: everyone focused not on thrashing from last week but on the small group of fans that got out of hand in the parking lot. >> there was a lot of beer cans and a lot of -- a lot of trash talk that i don't like. the f'ing heimers. minnesota doesn't do that. >> reporter: i'm not in minnesota to apologize to anyone but i hope all eagles fan treat this city with respect when they get here and maybe we could put the negativity behind us and enjoy a good super bowl next sunday. >> i'm sure there is bad fans in
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the minnesota, as there are everywhere. >> reporter: so we are all football fans ready for a fun week together. vikings purple and eagles green hugging it out. each day more super bowl stuff happens. the lombardi trophy came in today and the eagles come in tomorrow. you are in the right spot for the best, most thorough coverage from minneapolis. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. and there is only one station where you could watch the eagles play in super bowl lii and it is right here on nbc 10. from pregame to kickoff and post game, this is the only station with complete coverage. turning to our first alert weather. tracking rain. take a look at nbc 10 radar as we are in for showers tomorrow. first alert meteorologist steve is timing it all out for us. >> that is right. and if you step outside, check the calendar. it is late january but it feels like a march evening. temperature 56 in philadelphia. still looking at dry streets.
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but the radar picture here starting to fill in with some showers. now i checked the observations, none of this reaching the ground just yet but don't be surprised in the next hour or two to see spits on your windshield if you are headed out and overnight this batch of rain that you are seeing off to the north and west will come through here with a band of rain. but in the meantime, we'll keep that southerly flow overnight and it is down right windy. 22 mile-per-hour winds in dover. and 10 mile-per-hour winds in atlantic city. so that will keep us mild through the overnight hours. here is your temperature trend. could you see temperatures staying at or above 50 for the a good part of the night and then cooling off tomorrow and the showers taper off. i'm not tracking one but two potentials for snow on your ten-day forecast coming up. tonight the department of public safety is asking everybody to be alert after a drexel university student was sexually assaulted. she reported the assault at the off campus apartment in university city. he said around 6:00 this morning
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a drunk man came in through an unlocked door. philadelphia police special victims unit is now investigating. next on nbc 10, wynn fall. steve wynn is stepping down from a important republican party position. and the road to the super bowl, nbc 10 is hitting the pavement and talking with bird fans along the way to the home of super bowl lii. our report from the big game road trip next. and more than the eagles going on. claude giroux represents the orange and black and the philly sign a six-time all-star pitcher. but the birds practice for the final time in south philly and it has sunk in what is next. find out that answer coming up.
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>> we're not done yet. we have one more game. we play on the world's biggest stage. we're going to the super bowl! let's go!
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casino mogul steve wynn resigned as finance chairman of the republican national committee. wynn was accused this week of sexual harassment and assault. wynn led the rnc fundraising efforts during president trump's first year committee rake in more than $130 million. next, nbc 10 is taking you on the road to the super bowl. our team of reporters is on the way to the big game. and we're making stops to talk to birds fans along the way. randy gyllenhaal has that report next. showers for some on our sunday. well some of us will have a decent afternoon. i'll break down who will expect what, and also your ten day forecast coming up.
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on the road to minneapolis is powered by nrg. powering the eagles and philly and powers you. this morning nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal started his trek to minnesota by way of pittsburgh. then he's headed for chicago before his final destination, minneapolis. randy and the crew are driving all day and night talking with eagles fans along the way on the road to the big game and what to expect at the home of super bowl lie. here is his update. >> reporter: we are on a road trip on the road to victory heading to minneapolis. earlier this morning we loaded up storm force 10 and hit the road about 5:00 this morning. could you see the bags, a lot of cold weather gear because temperatures in minnesota will be well below freezing. windchill approaching negative ten and maybe negative 20. today we arrived in pittsburgh after chatting with eagles fans
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at rest stops along the pennsylvania turnpike and arriving in the steel city and caught you will with eagles fans who live here behind enemy lines and say it is tough to be a eagles fan in steelers country but not stopping them from wearing green. >> it is hard, there are steelers fans everywhere to you are singled out as an eagles fan but you have to do what you gotta do. i'm from philly so i want to represent philly when i'm here. >> reporter: and we caught up with steelers fans here in the steel city who say it is not easy to root for the eagles. but they'll do it because they don't want to see tom brady win another super bowl. so for now we're in pittsburgh. tomorrow ohio, indiana and then chicago. i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] music to the ears, the philadelphia orchestra performed
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the eagles' fight song at the academy of music. steve martin was there and part performed as part of the anniversary concert and ball. the battleship new jersey is donning eagles colors. the lights are green in support of the birds and the bid to win the upcoming super bowl. the ship will continue to fly eagles green through the big game. and here is the nbc 10 lineup covering the super bowl in minnesota. ten of our seasoned anchors and reports will cover the super bowl all week long. leading up to the big game. it is exclusive coverage you could only find right here on nbc 10. the official station of the philadelphia eagles. and live from new york, it is saturday night. here is a live look from studio a-h in new york. tonight's host is will ferrell with musical guest chris stapleton. right now at 11:00, tracking rain across the region. here is a look at the first
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alert weather radar and you could see the showers moving in. steve sosna is timing out the rain and possible snow early next week. steve? >> that is right. we're all over the place with the weather. hopefully you enjoyed the mild weather today. temperatures up around 60 here in philadelphia. and here are the three bullet points i'm tracking. we have rain overnight for everybody. but then the rain begins to shift to the south and east on your sunday. so areas like the jersey shore and delaware beaches, you have the greatest likelihood of rain. monday looks quiet but tuesday light snow especially western sections in the afternoon. but i think a greater storm is up here on friday. that one has the potential of laying down some snow. and maybe some accumulating snow here for a good chunk of the area, more on that in a second. but a live look outside in wilmington. feels anything but like snow out there. 56 degrees the current temperature. and the wind out of the south, southwest at 14 miles per hour.
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and philadelphia a temperature in the mid to upper 50s. a march like evening. so heading out you don't need your jacket. 53 in allentown. 50 in coatesville. and 56 in dover and mid-50s at the jersey shore. so enjoy the nice weather while it lasts because it won't last. 52 for tomorrow. that is a little bit cooler. comes with the trade off of clouds and morning showers in philadelphia. 48 degrees, a nice day on monday. and then tuesday and wednesday we drop back into the lower to middle 30s. i don't think we recover much of next week. so once we do cool down, we'll be in the cool air for quite sometime. but overnight lows are on the mild side. 47 in philadelphia. 39 in allentown. 47 in vineland and even 47 down in south jersey. watching the radar the last couple of hours, noticing these green filling in. that is light sprinkle activities. nothing heavy but enough to put the windshield wipers from time to time during the overnight.
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the steadier batch of rain is around state college toward pittsburgh into west virginia. this whole band of rain, while not very intense, it is steady and pretty consistent. so we'll see that rain coming in here during the overnight hours. waking up on sunday morning, you early risers dealing with showers and maybe an umbrella as you head off to church. brunch-goers, north and west is cloudy during the lunchtime hour. but down to the south and east, notice how the green is consistent. it is steady and it continues to the evening. so have the umbrella from atlantic city toward cape may and from south of wilmington toward rehoboth beach and then kicking out by the time we get into monday. temperatures tomorrow in the lower to middle 50s. not as mild today. don't expect to see any sunshine like we saw during the day today. again your greatest chances of showers south and east. so let's look at the super bowl outlook for anyone that is headed up to minneapolis. now again the game is indoors but you have to walk to and from
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the stadium. looking at maybe flurries, 10 degrees at 6:30 and then a balmy 2 degrees at the end of the game. so it looks chilly. i'll have your full ten-day forecast at the end of the day. this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. thank you very much. danny pommels with you. we are 4568 half way there. this is the longest two weeks eagles fans have experienced but the countdown is on. but the work is done here. they leave for super bowl lii tomorrow and they prepare to fly away and put wheels up, if arriving in minneapolis will make this experience for real for the birds. >> right now we're just anxious. really just to go ahead and continue to prepare and get ready for this game. but definitely when we get out there, it will feel like it is
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real now. let's get ready to play for real. >> when that moment comes, it will really be [ inaudible ] but at the same time when you step on that plane, i think everybody is going to get into that mindset that we are here. rob gronkowski participated in the practice. the media was allowed to see but still not cleared concussion protocol. and brady talked about heading into his eighth super bowl after practice. >> i've never taken anything like this for granted and i think we're all very fortunate to be in this game. it is hard work to get here. it makes it great when you go down and play great. being part of the tough losses is tough to swallow but you have to put in effort to prepare. it is a unique environment and unique game and you have to be at your best but in order to do that you have to prepare as well as you possibly can. >> claude giroux the flyer working this weekend at the all-star game in tampa.
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tonight was the skills competition. he took part in the passing challenge, new this year. he was second in the league in assists behind his teammate but finished sixth in this challenge to move pet rank ello won. and the all-star games are tomorrow and see them at 3:30 on nbc 10. to hard ball. nbc sports philadelphia jim salz berry has confirmed the phillies have signed francisco rodriguez. he will make $2.5 million if he makes the opening day roster. the 36-year-old had an e.r.a. close to eight last season. nearly five runs above the lifetime e.r.a. to the hardwood. sixers play in oakland city. joel embiid will play and he hasn't played in back-to-back games yet this year but said he wanted to do so by the end of the month so wee seal if milwaukee is it. the saint joes hawks, both teams trying to get the first big five win. nice give and go between caleb
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wood and a.j. boder. wood finished with 12 points and pen takes care of the hawks 57-56. and drexel, a one point victory on the free throws with sun second left. that is sports. i'm danny pommels. we'll be right back.
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that where you get your medicine matters. and they come to cvs pharmacy. for advice and ways to save money. including copays as low as zero dollars. switching is easy, call 1-833-cvs-medd and transfer today to cvs pharmacy. steve is back with the final check of the forecast. the rain will mess with sunday plans. >> it depends on where you are. it is a tricky forecast. looking at the radar. the rain overnight in lehigh county and toward the poconos but it will linger south and event event, the forecast for tomorrow. it is a wash out tomorrow. it is not a heavy rain but it is a steady persistent rain. and it is on and off. temperatures in the 50s here for a good chunk of tomorrow. but northern suburbs will dry out. so let's look at the ten-day forecast because it is a roller coaster again this week with our
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temperatures. 52 on your sunday. showers mainly south and east of the city. by around lunchtime tomorrow. monday looking at a nice day at 48 degrees. tuesday a little light snow in the afternoon. that is not a big system but just enough that maybe messy roads here in the afternoon and evening hours. mid to upper 30s. and then our next more sizable storm could be on friday. that is groundhog day. and 40 degrees for punxsutawney phil as he popped out of his hole and into super bowl weekend, it looks like maybe a messy travel on sunday. that is not a big storm but some wet snowflakes and showers possible. temperatures in the 40s. >> that little off and on. that clearing -- >> a little bit of everything in the forecast. >> steve, thanks. and that is an 10 news for now. "saturday night live" is next. thanks for joining us.
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and now a message from former president george w. bush. thank you. it is i george w. bush. and you


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