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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 29, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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breaking news, an off-duty philadelphia police officer shot a suspect who plowed into a pedestrian this morning. we're live from the scene in south philadelphia. fly eagles fly, six days until super bowl lii and nbc 10 is giving you a front row seat to all of the excitement leading up to the big game in minnesota. >> big night for bruno at the grammy awards and also the me too movement as the music shared the spotlight with very powerful messages. chaos in south philadelphia, a suspect mowed down a pedestrian and attacked an off-duty police officer who then shocked the suspect. let's go right to sidney long
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with details. >> this happened about 7:30 this morning. it's still very much a crime scene. you can see the crime scene unit and detectives out here. they've been interviewing witnesses and a look in the distance, all of the vehicles involved are still out here on scene. that dodge durango, that is a good samaritan's suv and behind it is the suspect's car. it has maryland tags. to the right on the sidewalk we've counted at least 13 evidence markers for all of the shots fired. so moments before the fight and subsequent gunfire it was a uniform bike cop who noticed a man in the dark honda heading south on broad. police say he was apparently trying to mow people down. he was driving and hit a pedestrian right here. that victim we're told flew up on the windshield and that's when the good samaritan stopped
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in to block the man from leaving the scene. just as that happened, an off-duty officer who happened to be in the area confronted the male and ended up firing numerous shots to subdue him. take a listen. >> he saw the commotion. he engages the male and gets out of the car and immediately attacks the off-duty detective. at that point the off-duty detective had a firearm in his possession and discharged one time striking the male in the head. the male was transported and now in extremely critical condition. >> now, as we come back out live, you can see the dark navy blue dodge ram truck that is in fact off-duty police officer's vehicle sitting to the right of the shell casings. police are not releasing the suspect's name or any potential motive at this time but they do say he has virginia i.d. and there's a maryland tag as we noticed on the car. investigators also tell me they are extremely thankful that no children were hurt during this ordeal because we're just footsteps away, a block or so from an elementary school here
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in south philadelphia, as soon as we learn any brand-new information out here, we'll be sure to bring it to you. for now we're live in south philadelphia, i'm sidney long, nbc 10 news. we're also following investigation into a shooting that killed four people. the shots rang out in reading, berks county where nbc 10s p pamela osbourne is standing by. >> reporter: authorities aren't releasing a lot of information at this point. but a source within the government, anq4y official government source is telling us that the shooting is drug related. i want you to take a look. police are still holding the scene here where there's four men were found shot last night when police arrived to the 100 block of south third street, they found three men shot dead. a fourth person from inside of that rowhome was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he later died. police have been in and out of the house this morning. what they are searching for and what evidence is still at that scene is still unknown to us at this point. we're working to find that out
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as well as the ages and names of the victims, whether they lived inside the home and what led up to the shooting, the who and why is what investigators are working to uncover right now. i spoke to the berks county district attorney over the phone a short time ago. he tells me at 1:00 this afternoon, they are going to be providing an update on the investigation. we of course will be there when the information is released and we will let you know just as soon as we know something new. as far as we know right now, there are no arrests. reporting live in reading, pamela osbourne nbc 10 news. >> the countdown is on, we're now six days away from the eagles and patriots in super bowl 52. a game you will only see right here on nbc 10. the super bowl fest tifs kick off in st. paul tonight with the super bowl opening night event. this for members of the media as well as fans, but you have to
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have a ticket. we just checked and there are still tickets available if you know anyone there who wants to go to this. players will give interviews and festival atmosphere at the city's hockey arena. the excel energy center, used to be known as super bowl media day and cheerleaders and mascots and former nfl players will attend as well. the eagles are in minneapolis this morning and they have a big day ahead of them as they begin a full week of preparations for the super bowl. the birds arrived yesterday after a two and a half hour flight from philadelphia aboard their chartered plane. the eagles aopponent, the patriots will arrive later on today. this is the pats going through the final practice in fox diagnose borough yesterday. tom brady got the stitches removed from the injured throwing hands on saturday. the patriots say he is ready for the super bowl. >> we got one more to go. we're going to go out there and try to win it for you guys and
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that's all we got. we love you patriots out! >> good luck with that. that of course is patriots quarterback tom brady. he and his team attended a sendoff pep rally. the patriots will land in minneapolis at about 3:30 our time. the boston media is also descending on minneapolis. what do they think of the patriots rematch against the birds? tim furlong caught up with a radio host from new england to get his take. >> at the mall of america, radio row is starting to wake up and one of the first crews here happens to be a crew from you guessed it, boston, 98.5, the flagship station of the patriots, we're not pulling for the patriots where we are, why do you think the patriots are going to win this game? we don't think they are going to win by the way. >> first of all, very excited as you are to have to get on the air so early in the morning. i'm so excited to be up at 3:30.
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i think it's going to be a close game. i don't think it's going to be a blowout by any stretch of the imagination. you like the patriots because it could be one of these things, they always have a way to come back in the jacksonville game, it was the same thing. so i assume the patriots are going to win but i would not be shocked if philadelphia -- if wentz was playing i would like philadelphia by far. you never know what kind of foe foles you're going to get. >> the magic of tom brady has to end at some point and fletcher cox may be the guy to do it and you know, just pressuring them and getting up the middle. >> pressure them up the middle, that's -- you have to rush four and get pressure up the middle enhe starts seeing ghosts, you can't blitz against them because they'll pick you apart. i know they have a deep defensive line, the eagles, if they don't like for the patriots to run, hurry up to get the
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substitutions all screwed up for philadelphia. >> i like your objective analysis, he says the eagles have a shot in the game, what we want to hear. thanks, matt -- >> check out radio row if you're coming out to minneapolis, lots of celebrities walking through and interesting people. if you like football and sports, this is one of the places you have to check out when you come to minneapolis. that's where we are today, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> very cool behind the scenes look there. nbc 10 will have an entire team in minneapolis for the super bowl. it is exclusive coverage. you'll only find right here on nbc 10, the official station of your philadelphia eagles. just a reminder, the only way to watch super bowl lii is by turning to nbc 10 on sunday. >> now your first alert weather. >> cloudy and not too cold outside, a live look at the ben
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franklin parkway in philadelphia. glenn hurricane schwartz is here with the most accurate forecast. >> we were pretty mild over the weekend. unseasonably mild. but things are changing cloudy skies now but cold ail is returning, light snow coming tomorrow but somewhat bigger threat on friday. still not a major storm of any sort. the rain from yesterday isn't that far away, right here cape may and another bounce just south of washington. some of that will move up towards parts of delaware and jersey shore this afternoon. this is the system has going to bring light snow to parts of the area. you can see it's not a large or intense system here. here's this afternoon. a lot of clouds around, he especially south and east of philadelphia. towards the beginning of the morning rush it is dry and temperatures are above freezing.
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this area of snow, according to some of the latest models, weakening as it comes through so we get very little temperatures above freezing. to we're not very concerned about significant travel problems tomorrow as a result of that. right now it's 43. in philadelphia, 39 in coatesville and bluebell. as we go through the afternoon, it's going to be cloudy, temperatures are in the 40s and the light snow starts tomorrow. more on timing of that and rest of the week and minneapolis coming up. >> new details about a deadly hit-and-run, the crash shut down the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway in lower merion. a tow truck driver was hooking a disabled car on to his truck when a drunk driver hit and killed him and then just took off after 9:00 p.m.
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thanks to witnesses though, troopers were able to track down the suspect. >> time is now 11:11. and we're checking how the roads are looking right now. let's go to katy zachary. that's good luck, right? >> yes. things are improving on the roads. earlier this morning we had major disruption for patco riders and there's limited service being offered on the train there. from broadway to 16th street, trains are stopping at all stops. there's no service even at this hour to broadway. new jersey transit is cross honoring patco tickets. we'll let you know when that issue resolves, it's a downed pole that affected things across the whole board. 95 southbound between wood haven and the vine. we're seeing road work there. the camera operator has since decided to show us a disabled vehicle. police were on scene. that's slowing things. on one of the ramps as you're getting off 95, not sure which one. i can tell you that volume plus
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road work, 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine is slowing things up. 76 and 476 all green. you're free and clear of any issues. finally a look outside garden state parkway at route 52. earlier we had wet roadways. that's a tongue twister. everything is dry right now. back to you. >> thanks for that. coming up next, his biggest test yet. president trump prepares to address the nation in a time of controversy and division. what will his message be? how will he deliver the state of the union? >> i'm tracking light snow heading towards at least part of the area. i'll break down the timing and what to expect to see where you live just ahead.
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are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. people living in the philadelphia group home tried desperately to escape a fire before first responders arrived and investigators say it appears someone intentionally set that fire. you can still see where flames scorched the upper stodry windows of this home last night, just blocks from temple school of medicine. at least one person tried to jump from a second story window. paramedics rushed that man along with five others to hospitals. injuries range from burns to facial injuries, all six men are in stable condition right now. police did make an arrest but have not named the suspect. >> happening now, the philadelphia police officer who survived a gunman's ambush on his patrol car is testifying against the man accused of trying to kill him.
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investigators say edward archer riddled his patrol car with bullets in 2016. three of the bullets hit over hartnett, he claims he was inspired by isis but they never found a connection to the terror group. in the lehigh valley, the corruption trial of the mayor is continuing today. this morning the montgomery sheriff is testifying. prosecutors believe a firm connected to sheriff shawn kill kenny got a contract from allentown specifically because of campaign contributions. it is important to note here though, the sheriff is not charged with a crime. pow lou xi's attorney say the mayor never did anything wrong. president trump is preparing to deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow. meanwhile, his administration is starting the week playing defense over the russia investigation. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: this morning, president trump preparing to strike a note of bipartisanship and optimism in his state of the
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union address tomorrow night. a senior administration official says the president will tout gains in the economy and also calling on congress to pass a trillion dollar infrastructure package and immigration reform. >> i think you can talk about the fact that america is open for business. >> the white house not weighing in on whether the president will address one of the biggest cultural flashpoints, the me too movement. during a new interview with british journalist piers morgan, the president was asked if he sees himself as a feminist. >> no, i wouldn't say i'm a feminist. i think that would be maybe going too far. i'm for women and for men, for everyone. >> morgan even asking the president about his mental and his c physical health. >> stable, genius, your words. >> i'm a stable genius. >> reporter: he'll deliver tuesday's speech with a number of controversies looming. steve wynn stepping down as the republican party finance chair after allegations of sexual misconduct, which wynn has called preposterous.
11:18 am
and the russia probe, democrats and even some republicans expressing support for legislation to protect special counsel robert mueller. after revelations mr. trump wanted to fire him last summer. >> it certainly wouldn't hurt to put that extra safeguard in place, given the latest stories. >> although some republicans say not so fast. >> i don't think there's a need for legislation right now to protect mueller. >> as the president prepares to put a large focus on the economy in his address tomorrow, a back and forth over black unemployment. it started when music icon jay-z was asked about the decrease in black unemployment. >> not about money at the end of the day. money is not -- doesn't equate to happineshappiness. you can you can't treat someone like -- treat them really bad and pay them well. >> the president firing back, someone inform jay-z, black unemployment just reported to be at the lowest rate ever reported. kristen welker, nbc 10 news.
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nbc 10 will be live in washington for complete coverage of the state of the union. you can watch her live reports tomorrow and then the address on nbc 10 at 9:00. a little more typical weather for this time of the year after that mild weekend. 43 despite the clouds in philadelphia and above the 40 degree mark across much of the area. we have clouds, especially in delaware and south jersey. lehigh valley berks county seeing a little sunshine and that's not going to be the trend because they are going to start clouding up too. look how warm it was over the weekend. now, this is a factor in what is likely to happen tomorrow morning, the roads are warm. they are going to stay warm because it's going to get up to 45 today. so it would take a pretty good burst of snow tomorrow to cause any kind of problem on the roads. these are the high temperatures expected for tuesday and
11:20 am
wednesday. obviously a cold blast that is headed this way. nothing like the worst that we've seen earlier this month. leonardsville and fleetwell are 40. only 38 degrees at this hour am mertztown. walnut port, 41 degrees. but back to the west, a different story. our winds coming out of the northeast today. so we're not getting the cold eflt of the air. but some of this is starting to move in, minneapolis right now by the way, 7 degrees on the way down because there's some bitter cold air up in canada. those are actual temperatures, more on minnesota later. but you can see some more rain from virginia trying to move up this way. could be a little bit of light rain in southern delaware, extreme south jersey this afternoon. this is the weak system that will be moving our way for tomorrow. take a look at the hour by hour. here's the northeast wind, mid-40s this afternoon.
11:21 am
by tonight, we're still above freezing. by tomorrow morning, we're still at or above freezing. the roads are still base irkally good shape and the snow is still to our west. and as we go through the morning hours, this computer model really breaks this up quite a bit. other models do keep this area light snow across with temperatures in the 30s. but still basically above freezing and then it is gone later on during the afternoon by wednesday morning, that is some of the coldest air. for tomorrow, you can see many of these areas getting above freezing. fairmontana at 36 and borderline sh wenkzville and easton and allentown, about 31 degrees. these are high temperatures, r temperatures,vorhees at 34. as far as the amount of snow that's particular computer model showing nothing by the morning
11:22 am
rush and then a half inch let's that is not a lot of snow. but later in the week is a different story. here's another front coming in from the west. we start with rain and go to a mix then go to snow as we're into friday. that is a little bit more significant than what is coming tomorrow. more on just how frigid it's going to be in minneapolis for this weekend coming up. >> music's biggest night takes on the me too movement and one artist takes home a boatload of awar awards. a look at the most talked about moments from last night's grammy awards.
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the 60th annual grammy awards took place in new york city last night. it's the first time in 15 years that the ceremony left california as nbc 10 national
11:26 am
correspondent marc barger shows us, it was a memorable night for one performer in particular. >> the grammy goes to, 24 carat magic, bruno mars. >> turned into a golden juone f br bruno mars, album and record of the year and song of the year for "that's what i like". >> thank you so much. this is incredible. >> the night began with a stirring performance from kendrick lamar which showed dancers gunned down one by one. he earned five grammys, including best rap album. >> this is the thing that got me on the stage and get me to tour around the world and support my family and all of that. >> also earning three grammys, chris stapleton, and leslie acara, best new artist. >> it was not all awards at the
11:27 am
grammys, white roses on the red carpet, a show of support for the me too and time's up movement. carried into the show. >> we come in peace but we mean business. >> an extended into an emotional performance by kesha. ♪ >> joined on stage by a chorus of women for her empowerment anthem "praying." but politics brought laughs, artists reading from the best selling "fire and fury" included a cameo from hillary clinton. the night's biggest statement though bruno mars. marc barger, nbc 10 news. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of south philadelphia this morning. that is where an off-duty philadelphia police officer shot a suspect who ran over a pedestrian this morning. the chaotic scene that led up to the incident just ahead. plus, no signs of slowing down. the deadly flu epidemic
11:28 am
continues to spread. a look at who is getting hit the hardest and why.
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an off-duty police officer shot a suspect following a wild scene. nbc 10 sydney long has an update for us. >> reporter: i can tell you witnesses out here early this morning, they thought the sounds they were hearing were fireworks but they stepped outside quickly to learn it was gunfire and it all unfolded when a man, a suspect driving this black honda accord in the distance police say was trying to run people over. he in fact struck a pedestrian right here at the intersection of broad and bigler. it happened at 7:30 this morning. this as children were walking to
11:32 am
school nearby and on duty cop radioed to dispatch about a reckless driver who appeared to want to mow people down. when he hit someone here, a good samaritan blocked a car with his and that's when police say an off-duty detective with the major crimes unit sprang into action. he confronted the suspect and was attacked. investigators say he drew his weapon and fired multiple shots, ultimately striking the suspect in the head. >> i mean, it was sort of like pop pop pop. maybe like ten shots that went off. >> this driver was apparently attempting to run people over, right here at broad and bigler struck a male and flipped up on his windshield and at that time a concerned citizen helped block the travel on bigler street. >> the pedestrian who was struck flew up on the windshield but they also say his injuries rather will not be life threatening. police are not releasing the
11:33 am
suspect's name or any potential motive at this time. but if you take a look back out here, you can see police detectives gathering evidence still taking pictures and also we noticed on that black honda accord, it is a maryland license plate and we're told the suspect also had virginia i.d. so police are still trying to piece this all together. that suspect was rushed to presbyterian medical center and we're told he's listed in extreme critical condition. that is the latest, i'm sydney long, nbc 10 news. >> six days to go before the eagles take on patriots. in about 45 minutes or so the super bowl host committee will talk to reporters in inn about everything planned up to the big game. the super bowl stadium in minneapolis is coming together. crews are working on the outside of u.s. bank stadium inside the end zones are already painted with the eagles and patriots
11:34 am
team logos. also, all signage linked to the hometown vikings and is replaced by super bowl placards and symbols. nbc 10 is the only platce you cn watch super bowl lii. fans will be heading by air at philadelphia international airport where american airlines has added extra flights to minnesota just this week. the airline will also hand out rally towels to fans making the trip to the twin cities for the big game. >> on the road to minneapolis is powered by nrg, powers the eagles and powers philly and powers you. >> took three days on the road by randy gyllenhaal arrived in the host city and ran into a lot of eagles fans along the way. randy hit the road saturday, stayed over in pittsburgh and this morning, they left chicago and arrived in the twin cities. randy joins us live from
11:35 am
bloomington, minnesota. randy, we're glad you're there and you're safe. how does it feel to finally be there? i've been sitting in this passenger seat for three long days. it was a 17-plus hour trip. i can now say officially we're on the ground here in minneapolis. storm force 10, a 17 hour, 1173 mile journey from philadelphia here to minneapolis. derek, i'll show you where we're at. we're at the mall of america in bloomington, where the media staging center is for the super bowl. you see super bowl lii here, where the press from nbc sports philadelphia are staging right here. let's walk over here and show you something real quick. this is the sunday night football bust and let's look who's right there on the front. that is nick foles, we've been talking about nick and his amazing last few games with fans from ohio earn pittsburgh and beyond and caught up with one fan in chicago who gave this message to nick and message to
11:36 am
his original city back in philadelphia. >> i mean, his jersey in the hall of fame, he did throw seven touchdowns, he gets hot and he's streaky and he's hot and we're riding it. believe in it. we're going to win it. and then after we do, be safe out there. >> good advice, that is shawn, originally from king of prussia and now lives in chicago. him and number of eagles fans from chicago will be watching the game together. we stopped by a cheese steak restaurant in chicago so they are going to order some of those for the big super bowl coming up in less than a week. for now we're live on the ground finally in minneapolis. nbc 10 news. >> fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> as eagles quarterback known as saint nick, why not celebrate the birds with christmas lights?
11:37 am
check out this house. we saw this video, we had to track down the creative mind behind it. his name bill paulis, has the display set up when you're riding by you can experience it with music. if you tune into 92.9 fm. he wants to put smiles on people's faces. >> saturday night here was a mad house, there was -- it was nonstop cars and people singing and dancing out here. it was good. you know, if i can make somebody happy, that's all that matters. >> he is doing it. there are 25,000 l.e.d. lights in this display, which paulis operates using a computer program. nbc 10 has live team coverage every day this week from minneapolis. plus, don't forget to tune in all week long at 7:00 p.m. for our nbc 10 championship. we want it special. there's only one place to be super bowl sunday, right here at nbc 10. we'll have nonstop coverage from 10:00 a.m. all the way through the big game. after the super bowl, the
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brand-new episode of "this is us" followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00 and the tonight show starring jimmy fallon all on nbc 10, the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. this is the week that you will want to send us your videos and our eagles fight song challenge. check out this rendition. ♪ >> eagles! >> i like that one. that is an elementary honors band performing the fight song at the upper darby arts and education foundation, 20th anniversary concert gala. the peace was not on the program and they added it as a surprise for the audience. they only had days to learn it but they did a fantastic job. we want you to send us the fight song videos. be sure to get as many as you can involved or use unusual instruments. you can upload your video right
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now on the free nbc 10 app or nbc >> no one more capable qualified. >> president trump attending the swearing in secretary for new secretary of health and human services, replaces tom price who resigned amid a controversy over using private jets for government business trips. >> people at the jersey shore and parts of delaware are dealing with some showers today as we take a look at cape may. it is dry and cloudy for the rest of us. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn schwartz is here. a cooldown after a gorgeous weekend, glenn. >> we've got close to 60 degrees on saturday and 56 degrees on sunday. so this is quite a change and you can see the way the flags are blowing right towards the camera, that is a wind from the northeast bringing in colder air.
11:40 am
the clouds they are still left over from yesterday. the cold will be returning tomorrow and wednesday. the coldest days we have slight know in the forecast for tomorrow. but a somewhat bigger threat coming on friday. you can see the clouds building right back up instead of clearing from the north. we have rain moving up from washington and so delaware and extreme south jersey are likely to see some of that rain this afternoon. this is a system that may be bringing some snow to parts of the area, coming down from the great lakes. it's not a major system at all. we'll have some of that rain along the coast. but we have to wait for that snow from the west and it looks like it's going to stay far enough west to not affect the morning rush, possibly parts of berks county, for example, by the end of the morning rush. but this system does weaken as it moves to the east. we'll talk more about how much to expect from this system and
11:41 am
the one on friday and just how frigid it's going to get in minnesota coming up. new video shows a small plane that slipped on to a long island beach as it made an emergency landing this morning. the faa says the cessna plane landed on the beach in babylon just after 9:00 this morning. sources say an instructor and two junior teen pilots were on board that plane. we're working to find out if anyone was hurt. family members of the victims killed in a car wash shooting say the suspected gunman was driven by jealousy. pennsylvania state police say timothy smith killed four people when he open fire at the car wash about an hour southeast of pittsburgh. smith is on life support with a gunshot wound to the head. family members say he was obsessed with one of the victims. champion fighter rhonda rousy is changing jobs.
11:42 am
the surprise she reveal the to fans in south philadelphia. there's no place like home, when philly native kevin hart is bringing the laughs back to philadelphia.
11:43 am
11:44 am
more than three dozen children have died from the flu so far this year and it could
11:45 am
get even worse. the centers for disease control and prevention, so far this year, 37 children died compared to just 8 this time last year the cdc says the epidemic is hitting baby boomers harder than usual. as the elderly most at risk followed by adults ages 50 to 64. it is shaping up to be the worst flu season since the swine flu outbreak of 2009. switching gears, you can stay at home or hit the road to watch the eagles in the super bowl. either way, you'll be spending money while you're at it. the national retail federation expects consumers to spend more than $15 billion this coming weekend. typically, it will involve attending or hosting super bowl parties or going to a bar or restaurant. also, millions of people are expected to spend on a brand-new television to watch the game. electronics chain best buy says it's tv sales this year are linked to the big game and the
11:46 am
winter olympics, both here on nbc 10. the beauty is, you can keep it and continue to make it part of your living room. when the olympics come in, you can enjoy that too. >> you can buy a new 50-inch tv set for a few hundred dollars or so. that's a bargain compared to the minimum $7,000 you'd spend on super bowl tickets. happening today, the wwe continues its four night stand in philadelphia. tonight they will hold monday night raw at the wells fargo center. take a look. the number of wrestles fans that turn out at the sports complex last night. they were there for the 30th anniversary of world wrestling entertainment's royal rumble. tomorrow night the wwe will hold its smackdown event. the fans at the royal rumble were treated to a surprise appearance by mixed martial arts star ron da rousey, making the switch to pro wrestling. she posted this photo with a
11:47 am
caption, my road to wrestlemania begins now. she is a former ufc bantam weight champion. new this morning, another big act is coming to the wells fargo center, kevin hart, the movie star and funny man will return for a show on november 24th. tickets go on sale wednesday. the show is part of his latest u.s. tour. once in a lifetime theatrical music event is coming to philadelphia, celebrating its 25th anniversary with a 2017-2018 john gar festival and the premiere of ligty breeze trilology. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us about this whole event? >> it is a three-part giant american epic. so you can see the three plays, parts one two and three in three consecutive months. you can see them over a three-day period, wednesday and thursday and friday or if you're
11:48 am
in for the full treat you can see it in one fine nine-hour epic saturday with meal breaks in between. >> is that what makes it so unique? >> there's a couple of things, one of the greatest living american playwrights and this is his pin kel of his career but never done because of the scale. getting to see the work of an amazing playwright is a rare opportunity and exciting it's here if philadelphia. >> let's talk about the three-part series. the commitment it takes to act in all of these. >> we start with workships to create a physical world for the play and got into the start of rehearsals and getting through one and so -- as far as individual prep, we spent a lot of time at home before rehearsal getting ready to dive in, knowing all of your lines ahead of time, useful part of that and combining that with the magic of theater, the lights and the movement i think it really creates something pretty cool. >> and the challenges, normally
11:49 am
you open a show and get a breather and run. in this case we open the show this coming friday and by monday we'll be in rehearsal for part two immediately and that will continue for the next five months. >> talk about more about the classic theater itself. >> we've been around for 25 years. we moved here from philadelphia from new orleans following katrina. we're both born and raised philadelphia area. we're committed to doing these great classics of american theater and literature but doing really dynamic, exciting event productions that make a memorable evening at the theater. >> lane and shaemus, thanks for being here. it opens wednesday and runs through february 11th. part two opens in march and part three begins in april. all performances are at christ church neighborhood house on north american street in old city philadelphia, for more information. tap on the nbc 10 app and look for find it on 10.
11:50 am
>> cloudy skies over the area right now, a little bit of sunshine towards the lehigh valley, berks county far away from the coastal moisture and at the shore, they are cloudy and more rain during the day today. temperatures pretty uniform. near 40 degrees, cape may point is 41. wildwood, stone harbor, sea isle city, all of those places at 41 degrees. we have a northeast wind and that piling up the water. there could be some minor coastal flooding tomorrow morning's high tide. you can see the sustained winds at 20 miles per hour in wildwood. 14 in philadelphia. the further west the less wind we have. you can see more moisture coming up from the south. we had a good bit of rain yesterday. a lot of hours of rain in southern delaware and south jersey with more to come. that's ahead of this weak system
11:51 am
that is bringing the snow. and some colder air. but maybe not enough snow and not enough cold air to cause problems for tomorrow. here's the afternoon, dry with temperatures in the mid-40s. as we go through the night tonight, again a little bit of rain towards the coast but here comes that area from the west and this computer model continues to weaken that system as it approaches. temperatures above freezing across the whole area until the system moves by, then it gets cold. tomorrow night and into wednesday morning, that's the coldest part. so we are in the upper teens to the mid-20s with wind wednesday morning. so that's going to be the coldest part of this week. but nothing like minneapolis, right now it's seven there. while we're at 43 degrees. and it is going to be bitter,
11:52 am
bitter cold. the next two days for those traveling to minneapolis, it's not too bad. but then, the super arctic air comes and by super bowl sunday, look at that, the coldest day of all, a high of 7 according to this new computer model and a low of 4 below zero. so the latest official forecast has 7 at the start of the game, 1 by the end of the game. the feels like temperature down to 10 below. i mean, that is just brutal for those hopefully out there celebrating after the game. now tomorrow we have 36 degrees, few snow showers in the morning. we have a stronger system affecting us and that's thursday and into friday. it looks like it would start as rain, change to a mix and then to some snow by friday morning. so we'll keep an eye on that. that could cause some problems. and then another small system
11:53 am
affecting us perhaps super bowl sunday and into monday and obviously, you don't need any kind of weather issues while we're out celebrating after the game. we'll be right back.
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coming up, ellen welcomes megan mul lally.
11:56 am
could your winter clothes be making you sick? new research reveals this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. nbc 10 first alert meteorology glenn hurricane schwartz is here. >> it will feel like winter again, light snow or snow showers tomorrow. generally after the morning rush. and then another system on thursday and into friday that would start as rain, you see we get warmer by thursday and then as the colder air comes in on friday, we could change over to a mix and then some snow. then it's kind of cold over the weekend but you don't see any bigger cold over the next ten days. we don't see any big snowstorms over the next ten days. we have a couple of new sans events coming up. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. we'll see you on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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