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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 30, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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what we're seeing here is political i canization, weaponization of a classified memo that our own department of justice has said would be extraordinarily reckless to release. >> the weaponization of a memo on fbi eavesdropping now in white house hands, and whose future to be made public remains in flux. >> after personal attacks from the president, the fbi's number two man is accelerating his departure in light of a new inspector general's report. >> the list of democrats skipping tonight's state of the union is growing. this morning we have a preview of what will be in this historic speech. >> amazon unveils its newest headquarters working outside the box including 40,000 plants from 300 countries.
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>> oscar winner tom hanks playing the iconic role of mr. rogers. "early today" starts right now. >> good tuesday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we are just hours away from president trump delivering his first state of the union address. mr. trump will layout his vision for the future this evening, but it's safe to say this won't be your run of the mill presidential address. no president has entered the house chamber to give his first state of the union address with his presidency in this much peril. >> there are reports saying the president's lawyers are actively negotiating over what form mr. trump's interview with russia probe prosecutors will take. as the president looks to move beyond that headline generating investigation, towards what the white house says will be a future of unity. that's in spite of a number of democrats now saying they will boycott his speech altogether. for more we go to nbc's edward lawrence. edward, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frances. the president himself says the speech will cover a lot of territory. he's expected to use this speech
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to try and push past the russia probe and turn the page on year two of his presidency. the president expected to tout his, what he calls great successes and ignore the controversies. >> we worked on it hard, covered a lot of territory including our great success with the markets and with the tax cut and it's a big speech, important speech. we cover immigration. for many years for many, many years they've been talking immigration and never got anything done. we're going to get something done, we hope. it's going to be bipartisan because the republicans really don't have the votes to get it done in any other way so it has to be bipartisan. >> reporter: and that immigration would also include protecting undocumented workers brought here as children. now, eight democrats, at least eight democrats say they're going to boycott the speech because of what the president says and his politics. the president with his own moves, he'll have several guests in the arena there. he's expecting to have parents
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of children who were killed by ms13 gang members. also military members, law enforcement officers, and workers who are benefiting from his tax cuts will be seated near the first lady in this. the president spoke to joint session of congress last year. that lasted an hour. there was not a state of the union address. frances, phillip? >> edward, thank you. >> and even before the president has even had a chance to speak, some notable democrats and celebrities took to the stage here in new york to counter his remarks in what was dubbed a people's state of the union. take a listen. >> this has been a dark year for america. for those of us who value quaint concepts like equal rights for all. >> embrace each other in this fight to protect the rights of all americans, including the dreamers. >> the state of the union is people are fired up. people are awake and alive and organized and activated all over
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this country. >> in case you're one of the few who got a ticket for tonight's event, the ticket itself has become something of a collector's item after a typo was found on the ticket. a point illustrated by senator marco rubio when he tweeted, look forward to tonight's state of the uniom, that's right, uniom with an m. the sergeant at arms office is now reprinting the tickets for the invited guests. nbc news will have live coverage of president trump's state of the union address at 9 eastern, 6 pacific on nbc. >> breaking developments in the russia investigation could overshadow the president's speech tonight. republicans on the house intel committee voted along party lines to do what the justice department warned would be extraordinarily reckless. they released a classified memo that gop lawmakers say shows the fbi and the justice department improperly used its surveillance authority in the russia investigation. democrats blasted republicans for the move after they tried to make public their own competing
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memo. it describes the gop's report as an attack on the mueller investigation risking national security to protect the president. >> chairman nunes has acted like a state of the union address -- >> a stooge? >> a stooge of the white house at the acwhich sesence or maybe the guidance of the speaker of the house. they have crossed from dangerously and recklessly dealing with intelligence to a cover up of an investigation that they don't want the american people to cecum to fruition. >> this morning the white house says it is reviewing the gop memo and will decide whether to release it in the coming days. we get more from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: the mystery over a secret republican memo, the latest partisan flash point. so, what's in the memo? only a few lawmakers know for sure. >> transparency is a good thing. sunlight is a good thing. let's let the american people see. >> reporter: republicans say the memo compiled by house intelligence committee head devin nunes and his staff details alleged abuses by the
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fbi and justice department. that the agencies acted inappropriately when requesting surveillance warrants for members of the president's campaign team. evidence republicans say the russia investigation was tainted from the start. but democrats are dismissing the document. one calling it a brain washing memo that picks and chooses its facts. >> this document they put together is false, misleading, misrepresenting. >> reporter: why does the memo matter? it's another effort to discredit the russia inquiry just as special counsel robert mueller is eyeing an interview with president trump. "the new york times" reports the document shows deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, the man overseeing mueller's investigation, approved an application last year to extend surveillance of a former trump campaign aide. according to three people familiar with the memo. >> mr. rosenstein -- >> reporter: rosenstein ignoring questions, asked whether the president has confidence in rosenstein, the white house deflecting. >> when the president no longer has confidence in someone, you'll know. >> reporter: fbi agents fear the
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mysterious memos already damaging the public's trust. >> what we're seeing here is politicization, weaponization of a classified memo that our own department of justice has said would be extraordinarily reckless to release. >> thanks to peter alexander for that report. >> another development that could hang over the president's speech, the sudden resignation of fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. the number two at the bureau surprising washington with his abrupt announcement after months of public attacks on him by the president. former fbi director james comey took to twitter overnight to laud mccabe saying, he stood tall when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. seemingly a veiled swipe at congressional republicans and president trump. and nbc news exclusively reports new details this morning about a phone call between mr. trump and mccabe in which the president berated the now former fbi deputy director and took a personal swipe at his wife. nbc's pete williams has more on how all of this beltway drama
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played out. >> reporter: friends and coworkers tell nbc news two factors are behind andrew mccabe's abrupt move to step down as deputy director. first, wariness of steady criticism from president trump. nbc news has learned those tensions flaired the night the president fired james comey who was out of town. he watched comey return to washington on a government plane. >> the president called fuming that comey would be allowed to take this plane home after being fired. then he suggested to mccabe that he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser, and hung up. >> reporter: he was talking about mccabe's wife jill who ran for virginia state senate as a democrat and accepted a nearly $500,000 contribution from a pac run by virginia's governor a close friend of hillary clinton's. after his wife lost, mccabe became deputy fbi director and played a role in the clinton e-mail investigation. >> no wonder they found nothing wrong. how does that look? how does that look? so dishonest.
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>> reporter: that was followed by frequent attacks on twitter from the president as recently as december. but friends say perhaps the biggest reason for mccabe's leaving now is that the justice department's inspector general will soon issue a report expected to strongly criticize how the fbi handled the clinton e-mail investigation, including his role. a mccabe legal advisor and an fbi agent working on the e-mail case exchanged hundreds of text messages often harshly critical of trump, calling him loath some and an idiot. mccabe became acting fbi director after the firing of james comey and was widely praised for saying the russia investigation would not be derailed. >> quite simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing. >> reporter: mccabe's departure means christopher wray now has his own team in place, but several officials insist andrew mccabe left on his own. pete williams, nbc news, washington. >> all right. let's take a turn now and check on our weather to see what's in store for us. bill, good morning.
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>> an over achieving snow event this morning. good morning. some people will be a little surprised in southern new england, cape cod, long island, new jersey already reports of one up to 3 inches of snow on the ground in long island. and it's snowing pretty good right now across that area. also southern new england has filled in pretty quickly, too. snow covered secondary roads treated roads are probably okay. ground temperatures right around freezing in most cases. in this little coating of snow is heading through pennsylvania. let's time this out for you as we go throughout our morning commute. by 7:00 a.m., done. new york city to just about the philadelphia, boston, rhode island, all the wait through cape cod where the steadier snows will be. by noon today, only boston then nantucket. philadelphia will have some snow showers on and off during the day. secondary roads a coating or so, but the rest of the area should be fine. everyone by this evening is
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trump's first state of the union address from white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. >> with tax season officially underway they are urging you to file as soon as possible before thieves try to steal your refund. nbc's tom costello has more on that and how to protect yourself. >> these are the letters that my parents received from the irs. >> reporter: for nine months julianne mclaughlin tried to set the record straight with the irs. after cyber criminals stole her elderly parents' identities and filed for a $1900 tax refund before they could. >> their social security numbers, both of theirs are floating around out there and these are two elderly people who have no ability to sort of protect themselves. >> reporter: tax related scams jumped 400% last year. now the irs is cautioning it could be worse this year. after 145 million americans personal information was lost after last year's equifax hack alone. >> this potentially could be somebody's identity now involved
3:45 am
in a tax scheme. >> exactly. and so they create fake tax returns. >> reporter: at the ibm cyber command center took us into the dark web where already prepared fraudulent tax documents sell for 40 to $60 each. >> they try to file the tax returns before you so they can collect on your money before you can. >> reporter: the advice, establish a six-digit pin with the irs to ensure your data is safe and beware of e-mails or phone calls from the irs. they're almost always fake. so, one of the big things you can do is file early because once you're filed it's going to be nearly impossible for them to submit a fraudulent claim. >> reporter: this year it's a race to file your return before cyber thieves can. tom costello nbc news boston. >> pop quiz, how many chicken wings will we seat on super bowl sunday? here's a hint. over a billion. and then tom hanks may be taking on his toughest movie role yet. "early today" will be right
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chicken wings are king when it comes to super bowl eats according to food delivery service grub hub. four of the top five most popular foods ordered during last year's games were some variety of chicken wing. this year is set to hit a new record with the national chicken council expecting americans to eat a whopping 1.35 billion wings on sunday. that is 20 million more than
3:49 am
last year. don't expect those chickens to make any predictions on the big game. leave that to this dolphin here. his name is nick in florida. he chose the patriots as this year's winner. and nick has a pretty good record, too. he's gone six for seven in his predictions so far. and i'm 6 for 7 picking the wrong team in the last seven years. >> there you go. >> patriots were the first team i picked correctly in seven years. this dolphin seems to me what's up. >> i think there is an octopus out there that can predict games as well. it has been 50 years since fred rogers first welcomed us to his neighborhood as beloved fred rogers. people will be able to visit with tard began in toe. tom hanks paz been cast to play him. he will be in the feature film, you are my friend, based on the friend ship between rogers and award winning journalist. the tri star picture's biopic will be directed by mario heller with production set to begin in september. so, a lot of us remember that
3:50 am
song so tom hanks i'm sure will be a scene there. he'll like beautiful day in your neighborhood. >> i don't think they can go wrong here. tom hanks and mr. rogers, those are two of the most likeable men in the history of our country here, right? he a lot of similarities. not a stretch. >> some of the biggest stars of the year were recognized at the 2018 grammys. some viewers noticed a lack of female winners. only one solo female nominee singer alessia cara, went on to accept a gold statue for best new artist. but this is not a new trend. according to the university of southern california, of the nearly 900 people nominated for grammys between 2013 and 2018, only 9% were women. when asked -- right. that's incredible number. when asked about the hashtag grammy sole male began trending on twitter, he said, quote, it has to begin with women who has the creativity in their hearts and souls. musician pink fired right back on twitter saying, quote, women have been stepping, since the
3:51 am
beginning of time, stepping up and also stepping aside. the night was marked by powerful performances by women such as kesha's me too moment when she sang her latest single praying. a very powerful moment there. top titles of the night went to men, like bruno mars who raked in six awards for song, record and album of the year along with best r & b song, r & b performance, and r & b album. >> astounding when you hear that number in the past five years, 9% out of 900 nominees? oh, boy. let's see when this thing starts to change in 2019. definitely going to watch out for those nominations and winners. >> we'll see. things are going to change. >> still to come, jail time for plastic straws without being asked. it's being proposed and we'll tell you where when we come back. part d prescriptions? at walgreens, we'll help you save more with zero dollar copays on select plans and reward points on prescriptions. so no matter where you're going
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the road to victvy. today the eagles return to the practice field as the count down to the super bowl continues. >> focus on the here and now. stay in the moment. >> face to fails. eagles quarterback nick foles and tom brady meet off the field to talk about the kick off. and the brewing battle. we have a lot to talk about. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4:00. i'm tracy davidson. >> reporter: and i'm v
3:59 am
vayicizesick hemia. both team hotels are connected to this mall. we walked by earlier this morning. lots of security people, in fact military personnel protecting both teams. the game stop is right next door. so you've got the food court behind us. so when that opens up, we'll have plenty of food here to take care of our crew. but it is cold here. i'm talking like 5 degrees. let's find out what the weather is like back home. good morning, bill. >> at least it's dry in minneapolis. we're dealing with rain and snow. this a live picture from cape may. it's just rain at the shore. come inland rain and snow, and it's light. come 2:00 we're going to see showers moving in.
4:00 am
cold will sweep through the area tonight. you can see cape may with a few rain drops. but look to the north and inland that's some light snow mixing with the rain. you can see the back edge is moving to the east, moving past delaware and parts of south jersey and salem county are starting to dry out this morning. the suburbs and pennsylvania, they're gettingom well. but that same back edge as round one is going to be moving out. well, that would suggest there's a round two, and there is. and there it is. it's moving through central pennsylvania. that's what we're going to get during the day. but it's all going to be light. colder temperatures in the suburbs right now. 33 degrees right at 32 degrees in new jersey and the lee high valley. during it day not much of a warmup. we'll be in the 30s this afternoon with scattered light snow showers. i'll break it down hour by hour when i b i


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