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tv   Today  NBC  February 2, 2018 7:00am-8:54am EST

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media. the "today" show starts right now including al roker. live here in minnesota and we have to teach them the fight song. good morning. escalating. the battle between the white house and the fbi over that controversial russia memo getting more heated. the president poised to release it as early as this morning, ignoring warnings it could jeopardize national security. we're live at the white house. what did they know and when did they know it? a stunning revelation in the larry nassar sex abuse scandal. a top official was told of allegations about the gymnastics team doctor nearly a year before the scandal became public. are more heads about to roll? the shooting inside a middle school classroom that injured four students may have been an accident. why did a 12-year-old girl bring
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a gun to school in the first place? a bombshell in the natalie wood case. why robert wagner is being called a person of interest. prince harry and meghan markle step out as she gives her first royal speech. and countdown to kickoff. excitement over super bowl lii, from flu fears to security to snacks, we have it covered for you, live from minneapolis, today, friday, february 2nd, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." thank you for being with us on a friday morning. it's almost super bowl day. when you care enough to send your very best, you send al and craig to minneapolis. >> yes, they are there. >> is that what we are? the very best? >> i heard they did -- >> here in the bold north. >> they did some ice fishing.
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we have a lot to get to with them. we're going to find some fans that are outside in the plaza that will be happy when it comes to the super bowl. we have our top story to get to. the controversial republican memo causing an uproar in washington. it could be made public as early as today. the fallout could be immediate. kristen welker at the white house for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning on this busy friday. president trump has seen the controversial memo, which he says shows misconduct at the highest level of the fbi. the president is up and tweeting about all of it this morning, writing the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and the justice department have politicized the secret investigative process in favor of democrats and against reasonab republicans, something that would have been unthinkable a short time ago.
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the president is set to defy the fbi and the justice department. this morning, the showdown building between the president and the fbi. the president expected to approve the release of that controversial memo, in what could be a matter of hours. one white house official saying the president's okay with it. on thursday, mr. trump again not responding to shouted questions about the matter. >> mr. president, when will you release the memo? >> reporter: the memo, compiled by house republican staff everievery is believed to show -- democrats call the memo in an attempt to undermine the special counsel's investigation. the president indicating the release was a foregone conclusion. >> release the memo. >> don't worry. 100%. >> can you imagine? >> reporter: on thursday, house speaker paul ryan expressed
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support f relea support for releasing the document, saying it will not damage the probe. >> this does not implicate the mueller investigation. this is about us holding the system accountable and reviewing whether or not fisa abuses occurred. >> reporter: there's signs more turbulence could be on the horizon. several republicans signaling a need to make changes to the nation's top law enforcement officials. >> it will be showing misconduct on the part of top people at the d. d.o.j. and the fbi. there's a need of change of personnel towards the top. >> reporter: democrats warning -- >> if he were to fire rosenstein or mule, he would cross a line that will bring down his administration. >> reporter: this morning, reports the current fbi director, christopher wray, he
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might resign. but he has no intention of quitting. james comey tweeting, all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more of our leaders would. but take heart. in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. overnight, thehise was evaluating potential redactions at the fbi's request. one white house official says they're leaning against redactions. the format for releasing the memo, the white house will send its final decision to capitol hill. if the president elects to release it, which is widely expected, it will be up to lawmakers to make it public. for his part, president trump heads to mar-a-lago for the weekend. >> kristen, thank you. also this morning, distu disturbing new information is coming to light, in the sex abuse scandal rocking the sport of gymnastics. one top u.s. olympic official knew about the allegations
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against dr. larry nassar but failed to act on that information. stephanie gosk is in pyeongch g pyeongchang, south korea,>> rep. as we gear up for thepyeongchan states olympic committee is under fire, but nothing related to winter sports. for gymnastics. the official at the usoc received an e-mail about allegations against larry nassar a full year before the university where he worked or the public were told. the allegations are horrifying. 265 women accusing dr. larry nassar of crimes. but nearly a near before tyear allegations became public, a top official knew some allegations had been made and did nothing. in 2015, the head of usa gymnastics sent an e-mail to larry boonedorf, detailing
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graphic allegations uncovered by a private investigator. a source described the e-mail to nbc news, which read that usa gymnastics has recently been made aware of potential sexual misconduct committed against one or more of its team athletes by a member of the medical staff. the e-mail goes on to name nassar and describes allegations made from three elite gymnasts. the gymnasts have been identified as maggie nichols and gold medalists aly raisman and michaela ckayla maroney. according to the memo, maroney reported that nassar might be getting sexual gratification from their encounters. he never told anyone else at the committee about the e-mail because he was told not to share it. the summary was labeled high ll
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confidential. and olympic committee was told the fbi was handling the investigation. nassar would go on to practice medicine at michigan state university for another year, allegedly abusing multiple young men during that time. neither the usoc or usa gymnastics alerted the university. nd gymnastics stars are furious, ta taking aim at both institutions. >> we need to hold the organizations accountable. usa gymnastics, united states olympic committee, msu, they need an investigation. >> reporter: raisman blasted the olympic committee. >> we have to get to the bottom of how this disaster happened. if we don't figure out how it did, we can't be confident that it won't happen again. >> reporter: nassar's third and final sentencing hearing continues today. he pleaded guilty to multiple charges of sexual abuse at a gymnastics school in michigan. he faces a minimum of 25 to 40
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years. that's an top of the sentencing he has received. the testimony from accusers in that hearing is likely to continue into next week. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. on this busy friday morning, there's a lot of questions tied to a shooting in a middle school in los angeles. four students and a staff member were injured, and a 12-year-old girl taken into custody. now, police are calling it an accident. steve patterson is in los angeles. he has the latest information overnight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. overnight, police saying this school shooting was not an attack, and instead, are characterizing it as unintentional. they say a 12-year-old girl brought that gun to school, and it went off, striking several students and nearly costing one of them his life. the city attorney will continue to investigate how she brought that gun into the school and whether it was properly secured. >> like worried and want to go home. >> reporter: this morning, relief, in what has become a
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familiar scene, terrified parents following a shooting in downtown l.a. police calling the shooting unintentional on the part of the young girl. but for students and staff inside, the terror was very real. >> i was scared that the shooter might ce in and that one of my . >> reporter: police booked a 12-year-old girl for negligent discharge of a firearm on school grounds. >> we do not know yet how our young person on this campus ended up having the ability to have access to a firearm and bring it on to a campus. >> reporter: the semiautomatic and gun went off just as school was getting under way. five people were wounded, including two students struck by gunfire. a 15 yeefr-year-old girl was sh the wrist and a 15-year-old boy
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was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head. >> the trajectory of the bullet did not hit any structures that were a threat to life. >> reporter: the campus was on lockdown for hours, as the police swept through the school, patting down students. now, investigators are asking how a 12-year-old was able to get a weapon into the school in the first place. >> this is a very important call to action to every adult in our community who has a gun. you must store it safely and keep it out of access for any child to reach. >> thankfully all four students who were wounded here are expected to fully recover. no word on whether there will be additional charges. >> steve, thank you very much. now, to a case out of california we're following. the murder of a 19-year-old college student. his former high school classmate is accused of the crime and will be arraigned today. this, amid disturbing new reports about his past.
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natalie morales sat down with his family and has the latest. >> reporter: 20-year-old samuel woodward returns to court this morning to face murder charges. prosecutors say he used a knife to kill the university of pennsylvania student over winter break, allegedly stabbing him more than 20 times and burying his body in this park. >> i want answers. i want to know what happened. i want to know the truth. >> reporter: since his first court appearance, investigative sources and uncovered photos that may provide clues about woodward's state of mind. >> we know he was a member of the division that is a neo-nazi extremist group that is bent on guerrilla warfare and terrorism. >> reporter: law enforcement noknow motive. >> he was a gay man and not a
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big person. a potential target for crime. we we ask why did this happen? on't have an answer. >> reporter: woodward has not entered a plea. his attorney did not respond to nbc's request for comment. they were once classmates at the orange county school of the o arts. blaze bernstein's young life has inspired an outpouring of support and hope within his community. >> he's not here anymore. but he was going to make this world a better place. now, we have to do that for them. this is the best way we can. >> reporter: his parents have set up a scholarship fund and a memorial fund in his honor and share memories of his boy. blaze, a passionate foodie cooked his mom this after break, freezing it so she would have a good meal after he went back to college. >> you don't think about them when they're happening. but those are the things that show someone loves you.
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>> reporter: thetive or discuss neo-nazi ties, saying they have faith ictn to discover the facts. >> it's sad that a young person that is so filled with hate, they need to collaborate with other people of like mind. they could be doing something good. whether or not that has something to do with blaze's deatas notbeen determined. >> reporter: for "today," natalie morales, nbc news, lake forest, california. we have a lot more to get to this morning, including the buildup to super bowl i. the behe. minneapolis is gearing up for a huge party. now, they can party because "today" national correspondent craig melvin has arrived. good morning. >> reporter: good to see you. appropriate, perhaps, on this groundhog day that the patriots are once again in the big game. super bowl lii is kicking off in two days. the eagles on the hunt for the
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first title in franchise history. the pats going for number six. and this cold super bowl city is blanketed in a thick layer of security. ahead of the sports world's biggest spectacle, a supersize security presence in place everywhere you look. for military humvees on the ground, to blackhawk helicopters patrolling the skies, 1,000 federal agents are on the job, the largest security contingent in super bowl history. they're utilizing new bomb detection technology and infrared cameras to keep the stadium and city safe. the fbi says there's currently no credible threat against the game. >> the entire law enforcement team that have worked together to anticipate every possible situation. >> reporter: the pats and the eagles are ready to go. >> we believe in the guys of the room. >> we have to be prepared to go as long as it takes. >> reporter: the new england patriots looking to win their
7:16 am
sixth title in franchise history and third in four years. all eyes on the health of their superstar quarterback, tom brady and his favorite target. >> i'm doing better. >> reporter: brady, playing through the pain after having 12 stitches removed from his throwing hand earlier this week, following a collision in practice last month. his all-pro tight end rob gronk c has been cleared to take the field. >> i'll be ready to go. >> reporter: looking to slow down brady and that pats offense, a ferocious eagles defense. >> he's not going to take it easy on us. >> reporter: a high-voltage match-up that the fans are paying to see. the cheapest seat in the stadium, $3,000 each. part of the draw, a highly anticipated halftime show by justin timberlake. it's his first appearance at the
7:17 am
super bowl since his infamous wardrobe malfunction with janet jackson in 2004. >> there's a lot of the country, the 30 other cities are not rooting for us. that's okay. that's just the way sports are. i think that's just the way it's going to be. >> all right. for those of you keeping score at home, the pats, favoredhat e. >> we had some friends join us. savannah guthrie is a huge eagles fan. >> the good news is, there's not too much fun going on. >> how are you, sir? >> appreciate it, boom. boom. >> al has joined you. al, what's going on with the weather? >> well, guys, i have to tell you. it's brutal out here. now, we have a windchill of 19 below outside. we are going to go out and we do have folks out there. you have snow in the northeast causing some problems. there's some school delays in
7:18 am
boston. look at that. you have light snow from eastern long island all the way up into portland, east port. and behind it, we have much colder air that's going to be dragged in. that system moves offshore today. slow lly falling temperatures continue to drop, the snow in the great lakes, causing two to three inches of snow, around syracuse. and maybe another inch or so as you get up into the northeast. we're going from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: "oh hi baby" so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers
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good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. get ready for a cold day today and windy, too. the clouds will clear out. with the winds blowing it's going to feel like it's in the teens. similar conditions for the suburbs. sunshine will take over, but those winds will keep the cold air coming into play. delaware and south jersey we'll see the numbers fall at the shore, 33 degrees this afternoon. 30 the afternoon temperature with sunshine, and delaware 20s for the lehigh valley. have a great day. >> okay. we know what your move is. pat, what's your move? there you go. >> can you give us a flying eagle? give us one. >> nice. >> that's a funky chicken. back to you guys. >> by the way, we can't wait to see the pieces you cooked up for us today. >> yes. looking for it. >> we had a lot of fun. we're going to talk more about the fears that the super bowl could make flu season worse. a potential break in the
7:20 am
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good morning. i'm rosemary conners. it's just a few minutes before 7:30 on thisri meteorologist bill henley is dy aheor us. bill? >> yeah, we've seen some rain and snow even at the shore, b m has moved offshore. the tempkeeratures are coming dn as the clouds clear out. and few snow showers in store for the few neighborhoods. there's not going to be much in the way of snow, but cold that's a different story. it's going to bea cold and blustery day. we're in the 20s and 30s right now, but the temperatures get colder and stronger during the day. ight around route 100 we' closed right now in both directions because of a pretty serious accident. i'm hearing that a pedestrian
7:27 am
was actually struck while crossing the street. an investigation there and probably injuries there as well. and the schuylkill expressway, we had some pretty big westbound delays following an earlier crash, and now we have an eastbound accident. the eagles have one more practice today, a stadium walk through tomorrow, and then it's the super bowl on sunday. yesterday the birds practiced indoors. they'll play the patriots under a closed roof in frigid minneapolis. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we'll have another update in just about 25 minutes. i'm rosemary conners. remember you can get all things eagles on the nbc 1app. have a good one.
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six more weeks of winter to go. >> oh. yep, you heard it. friday morning, february 2nd. it is groundhog day. that's the prediction. six more weeks of winter. dilly dilly. this is a thing everywhere. >> and who needs roker when we have that groundhog to promote the weather. al, i'm sorry. i was just saying we miss you, al. what is that? >> i know. i mean, come on. you know how to hurt a brother. man. first, you send me here. and then you dis me. >> come on.
7:31 am
>> oh, al. >> this groundhog has seen his shadow. it's cloudy, it's snowing, but yet somehow he saw his shadow? i don't think so. >> we're convinced it's t figed. >> yes. >> that groundhog doesn't know about bombogenesis. let's get to the headlines of the morning, including the big decision facing the president. >> battle brewing. that controversial republican memo causing an uproar in washington, could be as released as early as today, despite major concerns for the fbi over its accuracy. >> this is about us holding the system accountable and reviewing whether or not fisa abuses occur. >> it gives the president reason to think he can conduct a saturday night massacre and there will be a republican in congress that has his back. that would promote a
7:32 am
constitutional crisis. terrifying accident. >> worried and want to go home. >> a gun brought to school by a 12-year-old girl unintentionally went off in her backpack, injuring four students. the girl, now in custody. >> this is a very important call to action to every adult in our community who has a gun. you must store it safely. a burning van blows into pedestrians in shanghai, china. 18 people hospitalized. police say it is not an act of terrorism. net change. >> that one is hammered into the seats, foul. >> citing fan safety after a series of accident, major lying baseball says all ballparks will add protective netting to the end of both dugouts by opening day. and believe it or not, i'm walking on air. the world's longest zip line opens up in the united arab
7:33 am
emirates carrying riders almost 100 miles per hour for nearly two miles. today, february 2nd, 2018. did we just say 100 miles per hour? >> let's do it. we're going to try the world's longest zip line. >> that looks terrifying to me. we're going back to the super bowl. the big game takes place during flu season. but this year's epidemic is the worst it's been in years. and doctors are sounding the alarm. gabe gutierrez has more on all that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we were so excited for the super bowl, we decided to get to the sports bar two days early. if you're going to be at a place like this, possibly with large crowds, possibly sharing food, coughing on each other could be exactly ideal timing during the worst flu season in nearly a decade. this morning, doctors fighting
7:34 am
the flu have a new concern. call it super bowl fever, the fear this sunday's big game could turn out to be a giant petri dish of sorts, spreading the flu to thousands of fans. >> your risk increases. >> reporter: with thousands of fans expected on game day in minneapolis, and more attending the events during the week, the prospect of getting sick is nothing to sneeze at. >> when you put that many people in one place, they're going to be at an increased risk of transmission. >> reporter: workers are tackling the problem head-on, cleaning and disinfecting everything in sight. this year's anti-flu playbook includes elbowing and bacterial handoffs. >> wash your hands. >> reporter: don't think because you're not going to be in minneapolis, you're immune. all across the country at the fun super bowl parties, there
7:35 am
could be an uninvited guest, the flu virus working overtime. >> it's out there. if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. >> reporter: there are steps you can take to protect yourself, if your goal is not getting sick. use disposable cups and plates. don't s foo o drinks. >> take one dip and endorter: n. >> that's like putting your whole mouth in the dip. >> reporter: if you want to keep from being sidelined with the flu, you could just stay home, alone. >> the less contact with people in general, the better your chances of avoiding it. >> reporter: but it is the super bowl, after all. >> you don'tou on experiencing once-in-a-lifetime things. you're as careful as you can be. >> reporter: if you're hosting the super bowl party and have the plastic cups, have a marker around to write names on cups. and have utensils around, so you
7:36 am
don't put your hands in the food right there. and be careful. i hear the eagles fans are contagious. >> i love that you're sitting there two days early. gabe gutierrez, party of one. >> gabe, thank you. we'll switch gears. al, great weatherman, wonderful person, meteorologist, intelligent, good-looking. a great guy. >> you're zinging everybody. gabe own business. yeah. like fish in a barrel. >> no. >> what's going on with you? >> he made a joke. he said he came two days early. roker. >> anyway. i love you, but in the meantime, i love the weather, too. let's look at what's going on. we have cold air. it's brutal here. we're inside. it's about 30 degrees. 6 below. a windchill of 19 in minneapolis. 10 below in chicago.
7:37 am
14 in allentown. that colir connues to funnel in here. high temperatures today. 12 in minneapolis, 30 in portland, 38 in memphis and gree good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. get ready for a cold day today and windy, too. we'll see more and more sunshine. the clouds will clear out, with 29 degrees in philadelphia. with the winds blowing it's going to feel like it's in the teens. sunshine will take over, but those winds will keep the cold air coming into play. delaware and south jersey will see the numbers fall. at the shore 33 degrees this afternoon. 30 the afternoon temperature with sunshine and delaware at 20s for the lehigh valley. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather.
7:38 am
savannah? >> i'm taking the fifth. al, thank you. coming up next, this is a case we've been following for a long time. there's a twist tied to the death of natalie wood. robert wagner howo ahead, a lin breast cancer and heart disease. what all women need to know. and then, we introduce you to a teen rock climbing sensation. he's defying gravity and defyi me
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we're back, now, 7:43, with a potential bombshell in one of hollywood's greatest mysteries, the 1981 death of natalie wood. >> blake mccoy has the latest in los angeles. blake, good morning. >> savannah and hoda, good morning to you. after reopening the case of natalie wood's drowning and following up on 100 new leads, her then-husband, years, speculn has swirled around the death of natalie wood. and this morning, the mystery is back in the spotlight. the l.a. county sheriff's office calling her drowning a suspicious death. and calling her former husband, robert wagner, a person of interest. natalie wood was an icon of the silver screen, starting as a child actress and earning three oscar nominations for her roles in classic films like "west side
7:44 am
story." ♪ i feel pretty >> reporter: and "rebel without a cause." >> life is crashing in on me. >> reporter: woods died in 1981, when she was just 43 years old, her body found floating in the waters off the coast of southern california, after a night of drinking on a t night, her husbf the boat. a tragic night. >> reporter: the coroner ruling her death an accident. >> cause of death will be certified as accidental drowning. >> reporter: wagner has long denied any involvement in his wife's death. but captain davern telling a different story on "today" after the case was reopened on 2011, pointing the finger of blame at wagner. >> i made mistakes by not telling the honest truth. >> was he responsible for her death? >> i would say, yes. >> reporter: the l.a. county sheriff's department saying witness statements paint a
7:45 am
different sequence of events, s omuding o wit hours after cbs granted an interview with an investigator, saying he does not believe that wagner told the entire story of what happened that night. >> as we investigated the case over the last six years, he's more of a person of interest now. we know he was the last person to be the natalie before she disappeared. >> reporter: the mysterious case of a hollywood starlet as puzzling as ever. investigators say wagner, who is now 87 years old, has refused to be reinterviewed since the case was reopened. >> fascinating. thank you, blake. carson is in the orange room. i'll bet you're talking super bowl. >> we are. we're talking mr. tom brady. there's proof that maybe he can see into the future. we'll tell you about that. and some other adorable ♪ it's a lot easier to make decisions when you know what comes next. if you move your old 401(k) to a fidelity ira,
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7:50 am
hy is building online, as well as the super bowl on sunday. forget the big game for a second. people are talking about who might win the nfl league mvp. he check out this photo. this was snapped by a reporter at the patriots pressn you zoom in and see what he is holding on the right.this appea titled brady acceptance speech. the first sentence says it's an no to receive the award. you never know. brady's team could just be very, very prepared. >> who was that guy? >> i don't know. let's not get into that now. i smell strecheating for the patriots. the internet, as it does, it fi and landed back on the eagles w.
7:51 am
april the giraffe got in on the fun. april is going with the patriots. this is coming up today in the fourth hour, ladies and gentlemen, we have dylan's son, calvin, taking on savannah's son charlie, in a special baby bowl. that's fierce competition. that happens today. that's the big game. that's happening in our fourth hour here. >> the babieovinks all way. more exclusives from shaun white. we'll hear from julie is living with metastatic breast cancer which is breast caer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the
7:52 am
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7:55 am
a frigid forecast ahead. meteorologist bill henley is tracking it for us. >> we saw rain in philadelphia ended with a few. those clouds will break with sunshine this afternoon. but it is going toby a cold one. you can see just a few light scattered snow showers or flurries in the area this morning. the temperatures that are in the 20s and low 30s, the gussy winds are going to make it feel like it's in the teens all day long. >> and jessica boyington has been keeping an eye on the schuylkill. >> still seeing some delays. you can see that right here. this is actually looking better than it was earlier this morning if you can believe that. it's actually moving in comparison. also watching a crash near moreland road. the eagles have a light schedule workout today at the
7:56 am
university of minnesota. they practiced in comfort similar to what they'll experience at the stadium on sunday night. you can see it 10:30 this morning at the federal reverse bank of philadelphia right at the independence mall. the bus will also be at the morristown mall at noon and at the xfinity live at 6:00 this evening. tune in for our we want it special tonight at0. we'll have another update in just about 25 minutes. i'm rosemary conners. the "today" show continues in just a few. have a good one.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it's 8:"tay." coming up, will it be today? the president set to release that controversial memo as early as this morning. democrats and outraged as republicans gear up for a fight. >> it's going to be showing misconduct on the part of top people at the fbi. >> we're live on capitol hill. plus, sounding the alarm. the american heart association issuing a new warning for millions of breast cancerors. could life-saving cancer treatments increase your chances of heart disease? what you need to know. ats to ce. bowl over your party guests. today, friday, february 2nd, 2018. >> campbell's sweet 16 on the "today" show. >> friends. >> we're here to meet our new best friend, savannah and hoda.
8:00 am
♪ >> good morning, everybody in knoxville, tennessee. >> we're hereeb 13th birthday. >> i'm 75 and feeling alive on "today." >> will you go to the winter dance with me?>>oh. >> i hope we get a big yes. good morning, everybody. >> look at our pepn we just say of the super bowl, we have eagles fans, pats out there. they're going to be happy they showed up. >> they are. we have a big surprise coming up. >> huge for a couple of people out there. >> i know what i want to know. who wins the snack it bracket? seven layer dip is going to pull the upset? >> against wings and -- >> one other i can't remember right now. we're going to get our super bowl on big-time, coming up. we have to start in washington. this controversial memo, dtied o
8:01 am
the russia investigation. nbc's chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, with the latest. hi, hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it seems like everyone in washington is talking about this memo and that includes president trump himself. he's out on twitter this morning, seeming to lay out his argument as to why he believes this controversial memo should be released, tweeting, the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and the justice department have politicized this sacred investigative process in favor of democrats and against republicans, something that would have been unthinkable just a short time ago, adding rank ande 's the republicans' arguments for releasing this thing. they say this shows anti-fbi or anti-trump bias by the fbi and by the department of justice. this is secret. nobody has actually seen it or not a lot of people. president trump has reviewed it and he's expected to approve the release of that controversial memo in a matter of hours. one white house official saying the president is okay with it.
8:02 am
this memo was created by house republican staffers. but democrats and the fbi are not happy with it. you have the head of the fbi coming out and say there are grave concerns about this memo's accuracy. democrats say this is cherr cherry-picked to undermine the special investigation. if it is released it comes to capitol hill before the public, the rest of us, get to see what's in it. savannah? >> hallie, thank you. a new revelation in the larry nassar sex abuse scandal, suggests that an olympic official knew about the doctor's behavior for one year but took no action. the head of gymnastics sent an e-mail to larry buendorf. the security chief apparently never told the olympic committee about the e-mail because he was told not to share it. nassar soon left and went on to practice at michigan state university, allegedly abusing more women there.
8:03 am
nassar has been sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for some of his crimes. the number of women accusing him now stands at 265. this morning, a stark warning for the more than 3 million breast cancer survivors in this country. they could face another serious health risk, due in part to cancer treatments. rehema ellis has the story. >> reporter: a wake-up call f t u.s. life-saving dreemt e ining trea increase a woman's risk for heart disease. the american heart association sounding the alarm. the organization says women over age 65 are more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer. doctors warned three to four months of chemo and radiation can cause heart failure. the treatments can cause patients to gain ten pounds and lose 30% of their fitness.
8:04 am
>> that's 30 years of aging in a four-month period. >> reporter: susan gilchrist runs the first clinic for bre cancer patients that treats cardiac tris risks like high blood pressure and obesite. >> reporter: connie hagen, a patient of dr. gilchrist says, she was in a state of shock when she learned of elevated risk for heart disease. >> i have a grandson for the first time. i want to be around to experi shis life. >> reporter: but despite the potentialam for "today," rehema ellis, nbc outweighs the risks. news, new york. >> important information there. >> absolutely. it is "morning boost" time. >> it is. we have a coupl they welcomed a brand-new baby girl to the family. when they brought the famibaby , it was love at first sight for
8:05 am
the dog. he loves to snuggle anytime he gets. he loves it when she's sleeping. he likes to put his snout or paw is that what we needed? come on. >> i don't know who is cuter. we got a lot more to come this rn including a teen rock climbing sensation, conquering and hattering stereotypes meghan markle stepping out for her first royal speech. her first royal speech. first, let smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you. discover organic ancient grains, like barley or quinoa. just add protein and vegetables to create delicious new flavours. new knorr one skillet meals don't just eat, discover. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night,
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when you have a cold, stuff happens. [ dog groans ] alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. welcome back. we're back with something new. breaking through today, in honor of black history month, we're looking at young africaeaveamerheir mark on the world. >> you're going to leave inspired. sheinelle is here to introduce us to a young man who is climbing to the pop. >> i can't wait to introduce you to my new buddy. at 18, kyle has a dozen rock
8:09 am
climbing titles. and one of the few black climbers at the top of his sport. seeing him reach new heights is something to behold. >> i like the feeling of being high up in the air. i love to rock climb. i feel that i'm making a difference and it's a big reason to motivate me to excel at what i do. >> reporter: kai lightner loves climbing. and he started when he was a toddler. >> i used to climb on top of the basketball hoop. >> reporter: when you were 4? you climbed up there? >> yes. lucky i wasn't heavy enough to tip it over. >> reporter: at 6 years old, kai discovered the world of rock climbing. >> i was in my mom's shop. she was distracted. she freaked out and tried to get me down.
8:10 am
and a lady walked by and saw me up there and she wrote the address to a local climbing gym on a sticky note. and she gave it to my mom. >> reporter: kai started rock climbing in fayetteville, north carolina. he excelled at the sport. he won his first national youth championship in 2010 when he was 10 years old. isasy for you? >> it depends on when i'm climbing. but my thought process in climbing, there's always a way to get up para american champion. he is 6'3". >> you say being tall is an advantage most of the time? >> i think it's a trade-off. i'm taller than my competitors. sometimes the sequences on the walls don't fit my body type. i'm able to reach further and you have to make do with what you have. >> reporter: you have your arms on some cliff. and there's a beautiful sky behind you. and i'm thinking, what does that
8:11 am
feel like? >> i think that's one of the appealing things of climbing outside. when you climb a mountain, you also get to experience the environment you're in. you get to see the trees and the sky and be one with nature. >> reporter: i decided to take a try at rock climbing. >> there's some important hes like to do before i do climbing. first, get down. then, like this. >> reporter: se i'm absolutely kidding. i'm kidding. >> reporter: that's pretty impressive. i have never done this in life. >> i know. this will keep you safe. this rope can hold several tons. >> okay. >> we use locking carabiners. >> reporter: i'll be the girl spidey. the rule, look first? >> right. >> reporter: where does the right hand go? >> you'll figure it out when you
8:12 am
get there. >> reporter: i think i'm stuck. >> you're not stuck. you're almost there. >> reporter: left hand up. i eventually made it to the top. >> now, you have togo. >> reporter: and back down. i feel like i accomplished something. thank you so much. >> i think that everybody needs a role model. >> reporter: kai is breaking down barriers and bringing more diversity to rock climbing. this series we do is called "breakthrough today." and you're really breaking through. does it feel that way? >> when i achieve a milestone or i'm promoting my community as much as possible, i feel like i'm making a difference because i see more and me towards a future where climbing is a bit m promoting in mainstream media and everybody has the opportunity to excel. t. sport climb willing m its olympic debut in kai is training in hopes of representingusa.
8:13 am
>> for chsure. >> and you. >> he was a good stick around for trending. >> of course. first, let's go to al and get a check of the weather. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by maximum gels. >> this is impressive. it is 6 below, with a windchill of 19 below, our nbc friends here at nbc 11, asked folks to come outside. look at this. all these people have come out here to be part of this. how many -- how many of you are from minneapolis? look at that. that's pretty cool. all right. let's look at your super bowl forecast, coming up. and let me tell you something. it is going to be brutal. granted, it's inside. it will be about 70 degrees. but outside the u.s. bank stadium, it will be about 5 with
8:14 am
a windchill of minus 10. tailgating is going to be not for the feint of heart. it will be the coldest outside temperature for a sup bow evun the countrd y. . . . good morning. i'm meteorologist, bill henley. get ready for a cold and windy day. the clouds will clear out. 29 degrees in philadelphia. with the winds blowing, it is going to feel like the teens. similar quns f similar conditioorouth jersey, l see the numbers fall athe shore. 33 degrees this afternoon. 30, the afternoon temperature with sunshine and delaware, 20s for the lehigh valley. have a great day! >> these folks are a hearty breed. but they're also a little crazy. just going to tell you that. >> we're impressed. >> back to you. >> way to go, al. thank you. you ready for "trending"?
8:15 am
>> of course. >> it's friday "trending." one thing that is "trending" is national wear red day. you see carson is rockin' the red. sheinelle is wearing eagles green with her red pin. how are we doing on our new year's resolutions? >> i didn't make one for this reason. >> i know. have you fallen off of the wagon? you did a fitness. >> eat clean in 2018. that didn't work for 2017. but carving out calm, i am doing that. i'm kifinding time every day. just sit and stare at the ceiling. >> carving out calm. >> i'll get a little chair massage for five minutes. anything. >> i love that. >> i'm going to steal that one. that's good. >> really good. >> a lot of resolutions have to do with fitness. a new study conducted by blender bottle reveals that half of americans have given up on the
8:16 am
fitness resolution. we can relate. josh gad, you know him. he's been sharing updates on hi today, i get to come home to a really incredible meal that is so exciting. just messing with you. i'm miserable. >> we are right there with you. i know. all right. carson, what have you got for "pop start." >> i'm going to carve out my calm at 5:00, with a cocktail. justin timberlake's new studio album was released. just in time for the super bowl performance at halftime. justin discussed how he was preparing for the halftime show
8:17 am
and opened up about his son and how he defines success. >> i was at rehearsals a couple of days ago. you start off with the stop/start rehearsa seeing him field and you know, when certain songs will come on, he's dancing on the field. that's when you feel this has been a success. it's been my ethos as a performer, that i want to share the moment with everyone. >> working ethos to "pop start" next week. awards. that recognizes the achievements of servicemen and women that have been injured. meghan gave her first speech. meghan and the announcer struggled to find the nam. they had a laugh. ey we shuffling through the
8:18 am
papers until they found the correct names. the moment made the audience burst into laughter. they found what they needed and moved on. the night moved on seamlessly. props to meghan for handling an awkward moment like a pro. finally, mandy moore, opening up to "us weekly" about sunday night's anticipated episode of "this is us." there's been hints pointing to jack's death. we talked about it when a crock pot sparks a fire. now, mandy is warning man ing what is a devastating episode. i don't know if people are going to be ready. i filmed it and it was hard on every level. i think it will be a good soul-crusher. is there such thing as a good soul-crush cent soul-crusher? >> on monday morning, mandy moore will be here to talk about that. now, for our super bowl commercial kickoff. two more first looks this
8:19 am
morning, both olympic themed. we have an ad from toyota with an uplifting message. here it is. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:20 am
>> when we're free to move, anything is possible. >> how about that? you call them goose bumps or chill bumps. >> tears. >> that was a toyota ad. it was the first toyota ad ever that didn't feature a car or a truck. we got one more super bowl ad for you this morning. this one featuring one of team usa's most recognizable stars, two-time gold medalist, shaun white. check it out. >> shaun white gets its going. >> oh, my goodness. white comes in with heavy contact. ♪ >> i am iron man. ♪ ♪
8:21 am
♪ ♪ >> nice. >> that was a good one. >> that's cool. >> shaun would be live with us this morning. he did get to check out the ad last night. he left us a message. >> sorry i can't be there. i'm training for the olympics. i just watched my super bowl commercial and i'm pumped. it was cool. it basically sums it up. this is my fourth olympics. i'm coming in hot. i'm really excited. i'm proud to be representing again. i get to be an olympian again. it's unreal. i can't wait to see you out
8:22 am
there and i can't wait to do my thing. we'll see you guys. >> yes. we will. >> all right. >> i think coming in hot means something different in my world. >> the winter olympics get under way next thursday with live coverage on the networks of nbc. you can watch the opening ceremony one week from tonight. get pumped, people. >> what is it about these folks that keep on going. back to al and craig in minneapolis in a moment. and the ultimate sup good morning. i'm rosemary connors. 8:26. we are getting a check of our first alert neighborhood forecast from bill henley, meteorologist. we still have clouds going through wilmington, delaware,
8:23 am
scattered snow showers. you will see a few this morning. this afternoon, sunshine takes over and cold, gusty winds will be blowing all day long. the temperatures, just below freezing in philadelphia. 20s, north and west. you factor in the wind. it feels like 19 degrees in the city, 14, allentown and 19 in wilmington. bundle up if you are heading outside. >> on 422 around trooper road, slow. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill, a 17-minute trip. this is normally 17 to 18-minute trip. we are also watching a crash on lower pottsgrove. it is the friday on super bowl weekend. the birds gang is up and at it.
8:24 am
nbc 10 is your official eagles station, the only place you can watch super bowl 52 on sundlii night. if you would like to stick with our eagles exclusive coverage, go on over to our cozy channel, comcast 248, verizon 460. i'm rosemary connors. back to the "today" show.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back, everybody. 8:30 on a friday morning, february 2nd. we're in full-blown super bowl mode. it is a frenzy. we have got a super bowl pep rally on our plaza. >> oh, yes. >> everybody's represented here. we have pats nation here. we have eagles nation over here. >> this is when we do the crowd moment. >> i'm looking for maddie and caroline. you're sisters, right? >> yeah. >> you watch the "today" show every day? >> every morning. >> how do you feel about the philadelphia eagles? >> we love them. we're so excited. >> i have an idea. i think it would be awesome if you guys would go to the super bowl. would you like to do that? i have right here two tickets to the super bowl, airfare and a hotel. all you have to do is show up
8:28 am
and root for the eagles. are you in? >> thank you so much. >> you're going to the super bowl. >> congratulations. we love you. >> that was awesome. i don't think that's fair. i think we need to -- >> you can't top that? >> i can. i need someone from pats nation. who wants to go to the super bowl? where are barbara and leezel. where are you from? >> agalor, massachusetts. >> you love the pats and the halftime performer. >> justin timberlake. >> they have been trying to get tickets to justin's concerts and haven't been able to. do you want to go to the super bowl on sunday?
8:29 am
we have here, two tickets to the super bowl. you're getting flown there, getting a hotel. >> shut up. >> shut up. >> we want to thank our partners at ticketmaster. they provided the tickets. the round-trip airfare, the flights, the hotels, everything. >> by the way, don't you think they should hang out with the eagles sisters? all the girls should go together. this seems fun. >> when you were giving the eagles tickets, these two were like, oh, my god. >> yay. >> imagine the money if you can scalp them here in new york. just want to put that out there. i'm sorry. in minneapolis, al and craig are busy taking in the best the twin cities have to offer, including ice fishing, we saw on instagram
8:30 am
yesterday. we're going to show you how that went. and our week of gluttony, we'll round up our greatest feasts yet. we have a roundup from philadelphia with our spread. and the winner of the snack it bracket. it's a three-way race. wings, a seven-layer dip and the buo chee dip. >> watch megyn. >> it sounds caloric. >> the snack it bracket. >> women's heart health. i got a stress test. i did the whole thing. can you believe -- i'm 47. can you believe we're supposed to be getting this much earlier than 47. i had no idea. and the number one reason women are turned away from their doctors when they show signs of a heart attack, you will not believe what it is.
8:31 am
it involves sexism. some women are getting harmed because of it. we'll get into it. >> on "pop start" i mentioned the "this is us" episode. there's a fire in the last episo episode. the fire was caused by a slow cooker. that is not caused by crock pot. use your crock pot. they are certainly safe. it was a slow cooker. i want to make that distinction. >> seems like you're in trouble. >> all good. we're going to leave our pep rally for a minute. we're going to head to minneapolis for al roker. >> hey, crock pot is big here in minneapolis. >> love crock pot. >> i wish i had two right now. i would put my feet in them. it's freezing. let's give you your forecast. take a look at the weekend ahead. i can tell you right now, up here, it's cold. first, let's look at south korea. 14 degrees at 10:30 in the
8:32 am
evening. our forecast for snow is looking okay. but we're looking at a storm system developing over the sea of japan. we're going to be watching that closely. siberian air diving towards pyeongchang. that's going to make it colder. a midweek storm bringing fresh snow. they're going to be looking good in the mountains. right now, here's your forecast, going into the ceremonies. it will be a temperature of 35 degrees. that's good news. we'll have more coming up on the pyeongchang as we get closer and closer. good morning. i'm meteorologist, bill henley. get ready for a cold day and windy too. we'll see more and more sunshine. the clouds will clear out. 29 in philadelphia. with the winds blowing, it will feel like the teens. similar conditions for the suburbs. sunshine will take over and the wind will keep the cold air coming into play. delaware and south jersey, we
8:33 am
will see the numbers fall at the shore. 33 degrees this afternoon. 30 in delaware and 20s for the lehigh valley. >> time to get back to why we are here in minneapolis. craig and i are here from the twin cities. and we immediately tackled some twin city traditions. >> we knew it would be brutally cold. but we wanted to do what the locals do. they use this time of year to take part in one of their favorite pastimes, ice fishing. >> come this sunday, this city will be rockin'. millions descend on the city for super bowl lii. but before the big game, i decided to get away to enjoy a little minnesota tradition, with a little help from a friend. is that him? craig, are you in there? >> al roker. >> hey, mr. melvin.
8:34 am
>> i hope you brought some good luck. >> we called in the big guns, peter and paul, minnesota ice fishing experts. >> we bridrill. >> put a little weight on it. >> we can make slurpees now. this is fantastic. we scoop. we set up sonar equipment. when you were a kid, did they have all this stuff? >> no. >> is it unfair to the fish? then, hunker down and hope for fish. >> come on, fish. >> we wait. be the fish. >> that's a big one. that's a big one. >> i've never seen that done before. >> wow. you snagged the ice. >> and wait. it will be a good time to take a nap.
8:35 am
>> until -- >> oh. >> yes. >> they say it's good luck to kiss the fish. when in minnesota- >> that was a good kiss. >> and just like th oh. we throw these two back. and just when we're ready to thaw out t. >> whoa. >> that's what they call a fish trap around here. >> the fish takes the bait. >> it's like a fish mouse trap. >> like a fish mouse trap. >> after all that fishing, we decided to get cow. >> let's get a burger. >> we didn't eat any fish. juicy lucy, baby.
8:36 am
we head to matt's bar, a minneapolis institution. the specialty, the juicy lucy, a cheeseburger with the cheese on the inside. >> have you had one before? >> i have not. but everyone says, if you're in minneapolis, everybody says you have to have a juicy lucy. it's like a cheese volcano. >> hey, gentlemen. >> scott nelson is the owner of matt's bar. >> how big is this game for this city? >> big. you have to be outdoorsy. >> after a day of ice fishing, we caught the big one. big burger, that is. >> by the way, we have these death markers. this is the unspoken brotherhood of ice fishing. >> we're in. >> we're going to get a filet-o-fish after this. >> take off, you hosers. >> that's right. i'm bob, this is my brother, doug mckenzie. >> you look like that.
8:37 am
>> you do. >> of course, they pull it off. >> okay, eh? no way, eh. >> take off, you hoser. >> you should remake "strange brew." >> amazing. good job, guys. we're going to eat. we're cooking up super bowl classics. friendly competition between two chefs from boston and philly. it is on. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back with another special edition of "today food" to help you throw a super super bowl party. >> that's right. when the eagles take on the patriots on sunday, you have to have good eats. here to represent philadelphia, chef brian duffy, born andraise love. >> jason santos, wifrom the
8:40 am
restaurant br restaurant burgers and bourbon. >> i have made this more times than the eagles have been to the super bowl. >> whoa. >> chicken wings. we cooked these in canola oil for two hours. >> two hours? >> get really crispy. >> they're precooked and you drop them in to crisp them up. >> we're going to make a creamy ranch dressing from scratch. this is the most important ingredient. it makes it creamy and gives it that twang. little red wine vinegar. >> put a little bourbon in there? what is the deal with the dips? >> one of the quintessential super bowl dishes. i wanted to make it more fun.
8:41 am
this is where the celery comes into play. we're going to peel this. mix it in with some radishes for color. and crumbled blue cheese. some wings and chives and a little vinaigrette. that's going to be the garnish. and the wings are amazing, supercool, fresh made buffalo sauce. chili powder and hot sauce. >> let's get down to business. >> he's already written his mvp acceptance speech. because the patriots have r done it so many times, we can finish. we're doing a philly-style y sliced shaved beef. >> love all that meat. >> we come over here and we mix. you want to mix? >> just mixing. >> we have a little bit of spinach. it's philly, we have to have some fun. this is ketchup.
8:42 am
>> good old ketchup. just like that. >> we are going to take some brown mustard. instead of brown sugar, because we're pennsylvania, we're going to add a little birch beer. it has a good amount of salt and pepper that goes on to there. we come over here and we have provolone and american cheese. provolone for the great flavor and american for the nice stretch. we're going to build the sandwich just like this. a philly-style sloppy joe. >> carson, you have to try them. >> i have to get the hot wings here. >> i mean, this is amazing. >> i'm not interested in that stuff. >> oh. ouch. >> fighting words. >> he says it's sloppy like the team. >> brutal. >> are you feeling deflated over there? >> oh. >> did you write your acceptance speech, as well? >> this is a philly deviled d
8:43 am
dippy. >> a devil and a fried quail egg. >> do you always going to the super bowl? >> i do. >> and you did brings. >> just keep it simple. >> sloppy joe versus wings. that would be a tough one. >> i just stuffed a whole egg in my mouth. >> want to thank brian and jason. if you want these delicious recipes, go to super bowl here on sunday, 6:00 p.m. eastern, coming up. we have more food. we have results of the ultimate gameday snack. our snack it bracket. a three-way tie going on. we'll reveal a winner. happy super bowl. good luck to both teams. we're back in a minute. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
we're back with the grand
8:46 am
finale of today's super bowl snack-it bracket. all week, you've been helping us determine what is the big snack for the name. >> wings advance. seven-layer dip, going against guacamole. that was the big upset of the week. and seven-layer dip moved on. wednesday, buffalo chicken dip. that was the winner. >> which one will reign supreme? you cannot go wrong? we got to eat all this all week. it's been a 7,000-calorie morning all week. >> who won? >> the viewers decided. it was a nail-biter. two percentage points separated the top two. the super bowl snack-it bracket champion is -- >> wings. >> wow. >> what was the close second? >> the buffalo chicken dip was
8:47 am
at 35%. wings at 37%. and seven-layer dip at 29%. >> al and craig are with us in the great white north. guys, what do you think? >> bob? do doug? what do you think? >> they'retheodeginning. it's my favorite game day snack. >> and a cold brew. >> nice. >> guys, what are you going to doll coming to my house for the game. >> that's right. >> maybe me, too. >> maybe you can make some wings. >> savannah, where are you watching? >> i am thinking about going to roker's. i'm invited, right? >> yes. you are invited. >> you are now. >> she had a standing invitation. >> you can watch the big game, sunday night here on nbc. it will be an awesome game. all of the pregame stuff starts early. we will be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that's right. congratulations, wings.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
it's time to look ahead to the weekend. sheinelle is here with a look. what have you got? >> coming up tomorrow, much more live from minneapolis. i don't know why i said live. we'll give you an exclusive, behind the scenes look at how the super bowl is put together. and we'll talk to two greatest quarterbacks of all-time. drew brees and dan marino. >> first of all, guacamole should have won. i want a recount. >> guacamole all summer. >> i'm a giants fan. i can't wear either jersey. i'm sorry. on super bowl sunday, we'll be live at the super bowl. also, a young woman who wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. this sunday. >> i love her. >> she's great. >> is that a shot of your midtown abode? >> that was her downtown abode.
8:51 am
she had us over. >> you're going to love what we have coming up in the fourth hour. charlie is going head-to-head with calvin, two babies. we're having a crawloff. >> this is a great idea. >> it's going to predict the super bowl. >> i don't know if you could top the puppy bowl. but the baby bowl. my money is
8:52 am
good morning. i'm rosemary connors. four minutes before 9:00. a frigid day in store. it is a cold one. you can see very light snow in center city. that's a live view from the kimmel center. this is what it looks like on
8:53 am
the radar. that very light snow quickly blowing through the area. the winds will clear us out. we'll deal with the cold all day long. with the wind, it will feel like the teens today. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads. watching 95 and not doing too bad, around girard avenue where most of the majors have cleared out. southbound moving towards center city. we do have a crash in plymouth near the west germantown pike. you still have a few hours left to enter eagles free trip to the super bowl. the winner will get two tickets and $4,000 for travel expenses. the charity for youth initiatives will contact the winner immediately and post the result on social media. >> our eagles road to victory bus will be out and about today. you can check out the bus at
8:54 am
10:30 at the federal reserve bank of philadelphia along independence mall. that happens at noon and it will be back at south philly at infinity live at 6:00 the most epic night in philadelphia. after the big game, you can watch "this is us" here on nbc 106789 10. if you would like to see more, head on over to our cozy channel for that wall to wall coverage. i'm rosemary connors.
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