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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2018 7:00am-8:35am EST

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of course you can get it on the nbc 10 app. >> be careful on the roads. "today" show starts right now. good morning. nasty storm. 83 million people from the south to new england waking up to a wintry mess. snow ice, freezing rain leading to school closings power outages and a dangerous commute. the same powerful system behind this huge chain reaction crash caught on camera. al's got your forecast. another shutdown showdown. with hours to go before a new deadline a key vote tasing the senate after this threat from president trump. >> i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> will he get the shutdown he says he wants? leaving las vegas. billionaire kacasino mogul steve
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wynn resigns from his own company overnight. this morning, what he's saying about the growing scandal. all that plus kim jong-un's surprise announcement about the winter olympics as his cheer squad arrives overnight. robbed gronkowski. the prizesurprising 911 call from the patriots star who returned from the super bowl who discovered -- >> this is rob gronkowski calling. >> he had been robbed. out of this world. elon musk pulls off his historic rocket launch. and his sports car becomes the newest star in the sky today, wednesday, february 7th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." thanks for being with us on a wednesday morning. i wish you could all see al
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roker dancing when i was saying there was a big winter storm coming. >> exactly. >> he loves it. he can't help it. >> a lot to get to this morning. we're going to start with the massive winter storm. >> that's right. another brutal round of snow, sleet and freezing rain to make a mess of the morning commute. here's a look at conditions in pennsylvania. this is just north of pittsburgh. we're going to get to al's forecast in a moment. let's start with nbc's ron mott in harrisburg pennsylvania. >> reporter: good morning. you said tens of millions of americans waking up to a slashy commute this morning, from texas to the ohio river valley and into new england. that's where we expect the hardest hit cities above the massachusetts turnpike and upsit new york. andrew cuomo, the governor of new york is urging caution for the morning and evening commutes. some areas could see upwards of ten inches of wet snow.
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others might get a and might get ice accumulations. here in pennsylvania, the state capitol complex is closed today. the snow around harrisburg is supposed to be minimal, two to four inches. other parts of the state can see upwards of ten inches. the traffic is lighter than normal but it will be slow going around the storm zone. >> ron mott starting us off. thank you. a lot of people wondering where it's going. mr. roker, what do we see? >> the good news is it's a fast mover. that is good news. you see the snow where ron is now covering all of pennsylvania. an icy mix from cincinnati just to washington, d.c. heavy rain down to the south. 83 million people from kentucky to new england at risk for warnings. look for travel delays in heavy showers a thunderstorms as warm seconder of this storm. in the northeast, we're looking at snow and ice.
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that's going to cause airport delays around the megalopilous. this afternoon, steady rain with cold air behind the system making for a lot of snow. between the rain and the snow we're talking ice. from bowling green into new england, anywhere from one-tenth of an inch to a quarter-inch of ice. that's going to be mean power lines down and a mess. and anywhere from 6 to 9 to a foot of snow as we make our way from bangor to binghamton. this will all be out of here by early tomorrow morning. now, the push to avoid the next government shutdown ahead of tomorrow's deadline. congress appears to be nearing a deal despite new threats from the president. peter alexander is at the white house for us. peter, good morning.
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what's the latest? >> reporter: you know americans have become used the washington governing from crisis to crisis. this time there is room for optimism. the senate's top republican and top democrat are working to finalize a major budget deal even as president trump is throwing a wrench into that progress. >> the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: overnight, the house voting to keep the government open for six more weeks. now, it's up to the senate to avoid a repeat of last month's shutdown before federal funding runs out tomorrow night. with new indications senate leaders may be closing in on a larger longer-term budget deal. but back at the white house. >> let's have a shutdown. >> reporter: president trump threatening to hold the government hostage if he doesn't get his way on immigration. >> i'd love to see a shutdown. >> reporter: that is a white house proposal to address the immigration crisis. the president accusing his
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political opponents of stone stonewalling. >> if we have to shut it down because the democrats don't want safety then shut it down. >> reporter: a member of the president's own party pushing back. >> we don't need a government shutdown on this. >> we're not getting support from the democrats. >> reporter: the senate's top democrat. >> we don't want a shutdown. >> reporter: sarah sanders trying to clarify. >> we're not advocating for a shutdown. the president wants a deal on immigration. >> reporter: as part of the deal president offering productions not just for the 700,000 undocumented immigrants living here under the doctor a krc daca program, but a million more. john kelly describing those immigrants like this -- >> some would say were too afraid to sign up. others would say were too lazy to get off their asses, but didn't sign up. >> reporter: kelly later not
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backing down. >> some should have gotten off the couch and signed up. it doesn't matter now. president trump has given them the status. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden taking shots at mr. trump, suggesting he not sit down for an interview with the special counsel because the president has difficulty with precision. and he also criticized the president saying that democrats were treasonous during the state of the union. >> i marvel at what he says and does. two days ago, anybody that didn't stand up for him was trees treasonous. >> democrats can't take a joke. >> he's a joke. >> reporter: john capitol hill is talking about the democratic memo memo addressing the justice department fbi and national security lawyers to complete their review by tomorrow night. the president met tuesday with a man he's publicly criticized
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deputy attorney general rod rosenstein rosenstein who is overseeing the inquiry. the two seeing differences in those memos. >> peter alexander, thank you. a big headline out of washington. unusual marching orders from president trump to the pentagon. he wants a massive parade to highlight the country's military strength. as hans nichols explains, that request is not sitting well with lawmakers. >> reporter: the pentagon is in parade planning mode responding to a directive from the commander in chief for a military parade in washington, d.c. a pentagon spokesman telling nbc news we are aware of the request and looking at possible dates. the spokesman adding that planning was in its infancy. but veterans day could be a target date. last year, the president expressed strong appreciation for a bastille day parade he
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attended in person. the president's wish gained new urgency when he told defense secretary jim mattis and top generals he wanted to showcase the nation's military not with democrats. >> i was stunned by it. we have a napoleon in the making here. >> reporter: u.s. presidents have displayed displays of military power that are associated with the red square celebrations or kim jong-un's parades in north korea. the nation's capital hasn't seencession of and troops since 1991 when george h.w. bush celebrated the end of the cold war. >> a mine demonstration of militaryprecision. >> reporter: harry s. truman in 1949. pentagon officials say they want the focus of any military parade to be on america's troops
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mindful that soldiers face real danger around the"today," hans nichols, nbc news. final preparations in south korea, where the winter olympics will begin tomorrow. more athletes are arriving and vice president mike pence is ready to lead the u.s. delegation. there's been a surprise announcement from north korea's leader kim jong-un. kate snow is in pyeongchang. she has it all covered for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. vice president pence made his last stop in poke owetokyo before he heads here for the opening ceremony making sure politics are front and center. as team usa gets ready for the games. the norovirus is here. as the south korean team raises its flag over these olympic games, tough talk from vice president pence about north korea, saying the u.s. is preparing to roll out the toughest and most aggressive
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economic sanctions against the regime. >> we'll be there to cheer on our american athletes. but we'll be there to stand with our allies and remind the world that north korea is the most tyrannical and oppressive rejum jooem on the planet. >> reporter: the vice president is going to the games to make sure north korea can't hijack them. he has invited the father of otto warmbier the college student who died after north korea released him. kim jong-un's younger sister will be in the audience. it will be the first time any member of the kim regime has visited south korea. earlier, north korea showing off 200 state-sponsored cheerleaders crossing to the south, wearing inging matching red coats and pelt hats. concerns here as the norovirus, with more than 80 cases. so far, no athletes have gotten
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sick. are you worried about health? >> i'm not, actually. usoc has provided us with becoming supersanitary. we wash our hands. we put sanitizer on. >> reporter: women's hockey star hilly knight got a text from her dad. >> we're really well prepared. >> reporter: doctors making sure the norovirus doesn't spread to the olympic villages where the athletes are staying in close quarters. the u.s. olympic committee telling nbc news the health of our athletes is the utmost priority. the outbreak started at a facility for guards. and now, there's cases here. at the housing facility where security guards first got ill, workers told us the sick were taken away the water turned off and rooms being sanitized. some told us they're headed back to work. the korean government says it's
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running tests to figure out if water or food were contaminated. with all of that also headed to pyeongchang, ivanka trump. the white house confirming she will be here to represent the administration at the end of the two weeks for the closing ceremonies. back to you. >> kate thank you. coming up in the next half hour we'll take you inside north korea, see how people there are feeling about the games. meantime new questions about the safety of amtrak after another incident involving one of its trains. this time, in maryland. gabe gutierrez is there. gabe good morning. >> reporter: hoda good morning. this stretch of amtrak is extremely popular, carrying three-times as many passengers as the airlines between washington and new york. now, the causes of all these recent incidents are different. but they're putting train travel back in the spotlight. this morning, amtrak is trying to reassure passengers amid growing concerns following several high-profile accidents. >> i think about it all the time. >> i don't really have a choice.
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>> reporter: the latest an excel excela express, speeding to boston. amtrak calling it a mechanical issue. there were no reported injuries in this incident. but there's been four fatal accidents involving amtrak trains in two months. >> everybody flew to the front of the train. >> reporter: on sunday an amtrak train barreled into a parked freight train in south carolina. the engineer and conductor were killed. last week a train carrying republican members of congress hit a truck, killing the driver. in january, a pastor and wife were killed when their suv slammed into a train in north carolina. and in washington state, a train derailed on its inaugural run, killing three and injuring dozens. overall, the number of accidents has been trending down. but the number of deaths has been raising for the past decade. 119 in 2008 to 167 last year.
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only 12 were amtrak xaejpassengers. the company admits it can do more. >> we need to do a better job investing in crossing technology so it's impossible to quite to beat the train. >> reporter: in response a question of safety about its culture, amtrak writes in part it is committing to maintaining an environment where employees are encouraged to report unsafe condition. following an investigation into a 2015 crash, ntsb chairman robert solmo blasted ak eded eded amtrak for its lack safety. >> are we ready to say there's a systemic issue with amtrak? no. we're not. >> reporter: the trump administration proposed slashing amtrak subsidies by $600 million. congress is debating that as it rushes to finalize that deal.
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big talker of the morning. space enthuseiasts the world over are talking about the spacex launch using the biggest rocket in the world. it went off with almost a hitch. two of the three rockets came back to earth. tom costello is at the kennedy space center with us. now that we saw it, we get what all the fuss is about. >> it was pretty cool wasn't it? elon musk who owns tesla, said it was almost picture-perfect. one of the three rockets crashed into the ocean. the other two landedt this morning, blowing up over thetograp and tng this mannequin, this fake astronaut, on its way into deep space. and the images look so spectacular, you think they're fake. this morning, space has a new voyager, a mannequin named starman, riding a tesla roadster.
7:17 am
and heading his orbit around the sun. his journey beginning in spectacular fashion. >> reporter: a picture-perfect liftoff at the kennedy space center as 3 rockets and 27 engines simultaneously fired to lift the spacex falcon heavy rocket off the pad. at mission control near los angeles, jubilation. then just a few moments later, an engineering marvel as the two side rocket boosters landed back on earth on their exact targets next to each other. >> and the falcons have landed. >> that was epic. that's probably the most exciting thing i've ever seen literally, ever. >> reporter: spacex founder billionaire elanon musk in a news conference. >> it was unreal to me. >> reporter: thousands had gathered to take in the biggest launch since the space shuttles
7:18 am
were retired in 2011. >> well worth the wait. it was a great job. >> reporter: the ultimate goal of the new rocket to more cheaply lift cargo into orbit and eventually carry humans towards a lunar or martian rendezvous. >> maybe even tourists flying around the moon for spacex. >> reporter: for now, starman is blazing the trail riding in elon's personal tesslatesla, listening to david bowie, and heading towards deep space. >> it's kind of silly and fun. but i think that's -- silly fun things are important. normally for a new rocket they launch like a block of concrete. that's so boring. >> reporter: that's so boring right? did you see the sticker on the dashboard of starman, it says don't panic. musk says he wonders what aliens
7:19 am
think in a million years when they come across the star man in a tesla headed towards the star in orbit. when will humans be able to ride heavy falcon to the moon? musk says maybe four years out. we'll have to see. >> tom, better get a ticket on that one. >> is that tesla going to keep going forever and ever? >> reporter: forever and ever. and the david bowie music will loop and loop. >> at least it's good music. >> you have to rotate the tires every 1 million miles. >> check the engine light. what do you have al? >> look at the rest of the country. warmth in the southwest. showers in the pacific northwest. next half hour look at the heavy rain through the south. and there's another storm system that's going to bring some snow in the upp ♪ ♪
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volunteer at state farm. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. snow and ice this morning, a slippery commute. icy conditions for much of the philadelphia area. snow and ice farther north and west. eventually it'll change over to rain. temperatures will be warming significantly. rainy skies this afternoon. the suburbs and philadelphia too, and ice and no in the lehigh valley will eventually change over to rain with a high of 37. sunshine is back tomorrow. have a great day. >> and tha and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thank you, al. coming up, the abrupt
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it is 7:26. and we've issued a first alert to warn you about a messy and slippery morning commute. and here's a live look at 8th and market in philadelphia. ice is big concern as well. you can see school closings at the bottom of your screen. school closings and delay, more than 300 right now. let's get straight to meteorologist bill henley tracking right now. >> in ze and new jersey sleet and freezing rain going to make for icy roads and walkways. those untreated surfaces are going to be slick this morning. farther 3/4 and west we're going to be seeing accumulating snow and then ice and eventually rain. here you can see sleet and freezing rain in philadelphia, delaware county and into new jersey. farther north and west, there's the poconos getting some light snow and snow is falling in the lehigh valley as well. snow will be accumulating there.
7:27 am
the icy situation eventually changes over to rain. >> let's get you updated on the roads. watching the schuylkill expressway right now. our cameras around city avenue what it should look like especially considering we're seeing roads that are a little wet, too. and also watching out in pottstown for a new crash. this is around north charlotte street. >> we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. i'm tracy davidson. the "today" show continues in just a couple of minutes. be careful on the roads.
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welcome back. 7:30 on a wednesday morning, february 7th, 2018. that's a pretty sight. we're talking about the snow that's falling in harrisburg pennsylvania. al is talking about the snow that's coming through but coming through quickly. >> it will be a big mess but then it will be gone. and that check of winter weather starts our headlines. >> messy commute. millions of americans in the path of a massive winter storm, unloading snow ice and sleet across a large part of the country. >> we have advisories from texas all the way through areas of the northeast. in total, about 90 million people are under winter weather advisories or storm warnings. government groundhog day. overnight, the house votes to avoid a shutdown for six more weeks. the senate in the spotlight as president trump says he's fine with the shutdown if he doesn't get his way on immigration. >> i would love to see a shutdown if we d thisuff tak care of. >> we had one trump shutdown.
7:31 am
nobody wants another except maybe him. shaken to its core. at least six dead, hundreds are hurt and dozens missing in taiwan after a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits on the island's eastern coast. super bowl break-in. the 911 calls from new england patriots star rob gronkowski released revealing the moment after he found out his house was robbed after his team's big loss. >> this is rob gronkowski's calling. while i was gone my whole house got robbed while on the super bowl trip. i just got back. and snow blankets the city of light. paris' eiffel tower closes for safety as winter weather cripples the capital of france, just weeks after heavy rainsooded the city. today, wednesday, february 7th, 2018. also in the headlines this morning, billionaire casino mogul steve wynn resigning from wynn resorts, amid allegations of sexual misconduct.
7:32 am
blake mccoy has that for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they do not get steve wynn, his name secaake casino behind me. hi brought down by women saying #metoo. steve win stepping down from the casino empire he built. his abrupt resignation coming on the heels of sexual misconduct allegations. wynn released a statement saying i have found myself the focus of an avalanche of negative publicity. a rush to judgment takes precedent over everything else i reached conclusion that i cannot be effective in my current roles. the 76-year-old billionaire hotel titan transformed the las vegas strip, building the mirage treasure island, the
7:33 am
bellagio. steve wynn stepped down as finance chair of the republican national committee. more fallout from a blistering "wall street journal" investigation, alleging he harassed female employees for decades. >> there is an accumulative pattern of sexual misconduct from steve wynn that comes into view from talking over a large number of employees over a long period of time. >> reporter: in one case according to "the journal," he paid an unnamed manicurist a $7.5 million settlement after she failed a report to the human resources department claiming during a manicure wynn pressured her to take her clothes off and have sex with him. >> she said she did not want to do that. she was married. and he told her that she had to do that. >> reporter: wynn resorts say they never have received any complaints. wynn has denied all of the
7:34 am
accusations, calling them preposterous preposterous. adding the instigations of the allegations are the work of my ex-wife, elaine wynn with whom i'm in a lawsuit. the board of directors of wynn resort said in a statement they re reluctantly accepted his resignation. he is a philanthropist and visionary. he played the pivotal roll of transforming las vegas into the entertainment destination it is today. wynn resorts say several big projects here in las vegas and outside boston his resignation allows the projects to move forward more easily. this morning, the company he founded and that bears his name will move forward without him. >> blake mccoy in vegas. thank you. we want to check in with al. you're the man of the morning with the messy map. >> let's look down south where
7:35 am
they have drought conditions. they can use this rain. some of it coming down heavily at times. look anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of rain throughout the southeast. and then tomorrow we've got another storm system coming across the plains and through the midwest. 12 million people under winter storm watches through northern illinois and indiana. we're looking at anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of snow through the plains. and tomorrow evening, into friday morning, we're expecting some heavier snow from cedar rapids right through detroit. going to be airport delays and school closings friday. kids, three-daweekend. woy o good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. snow and ice this morning. a slippery commute. icy cessions for much of the philadelphia area. snow and ice farther north and west. eventually it'll change over to rain. the afternoon temperatures will be warming significantly after some icy conditions in new jersey 50 with rainy skies this afternoon. rain will be coming down this
7:36 am
afternoon. the suburbs in philadelphia ice and snow in the lehigh valley will eventually change over to rain with a high of 37. sunshine is back tomorrow. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> don't you love a snow day? >> oh the best. >> al, thank you. still ahead this morning, we have an in at a popular auction for women trying to have children. what you should know about freezing your eggs. also dylan is reuniting some of the most unexpected olympians ever. plus an instant icon. we're going to meet the inspirational new gerber baby. first, a revealing look inside north korea and the surprising things we found there, coming up right after this. (phone line ringing) lieutenant ray speaking. (woman) my name is cedricka. about four years ago a fire broke out in my apartment building and you were the first responder who was able to pull me up out of it. (lt. ray) oh my god. you kinda caught me off guard here. (cedricka) i could see it in your face, like he is not giving up for me. (crying) he is not giving up for me.
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welcome back. the winter olympics begin tomorrow. and that has the neighbor to the north in the spotlight. >> how are people in north korea feeling about the start of the game and the escalating tension with the u.s. keir simmons traveled to north korea to find out. he joins us now from pyeongchang. keir good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tomorrow, north korea will hold a military parade a day ahead of the opening ceremony here where south korean athletes will compete alongside north koreans. the americans accusing north korea of using the olympics for propaganda. we spent a week inside north korea and gained rare access to the people there. the flight into north korea crosses mountainous train,
7:42 am
southeast to the capital. we drove at dusk from the airport. first impressions, clean. organized and a lot of people inapponsd fro american war counts as a school outing here. learning here? we are learning about the great fighting spirit of our war heroes this child tells me. america gave unfathomable people he says. here an amusement park in the capital. bumper cars. they'res these gu ca not connected to the worldwide y're small of a growing economy. the average income around $1,000 to $2,000 a year. but everyone we met was quick to thank one person for everything. the country's supreme leader. you thank kim jong-un for this ifthis? at a beer hole the usual bar
7:43 am
chat snacks. smoky, vinegary chewy. you need beer with it. the conversation becomes more animated as bar talk often does. what do you think of america? we are ready to fight, this man says until our last drop of blood. but another says truthfully we don't want to become america's enemy. as fathers, we all want peace. in this tightly controlled country, you can never be sure what people are truly thinking. they are constantly accompanied by government officials, listening in and translating. inevitably we weren't shown evidence of what amnesty international calls violations of most aspects of human rights. this the country where otto warmbier was sentenced for 15 years for the theft of a poster. the student mysteriously fell into a coma and never regained consciousness. on friday otto warmbier's dad
7:44 am
will attend the olympic opening ceremony as a guest of vice president pence. the diplomatic tension, spi over in the sports arena. among those who two north korean skaters. their olympic dreams have flourished here under the watchful eye of the leaders. when you're from north korea, the pressure is at another level. wementor this 74-year-old speed skating champion. she was the first korean to medal at a winter olympics back in 1964. she has dreamt of north and won.r, she explains lived in the south. i last spoke to him in 1990, she says. four years ago, he died of cancer. for decades, families have been divided, lives devastated by a conflict that here they say, never ended. in an education center, with its own replica missile, young
7:45 am
people learn music and sports. but these boys must soon start ten years military service. would you rather fight for your country or play sport for your country? we would rather protect our country, one says. th thoats brergy is absbed slow ivingns bari 1 y k m caatessm fight back rmul to defeat 7 cold and the wolf huffed and puffed.. liketes.syiceand someyesymbicvit ur minut t arburbdelawa trsey seeing thseill be greatest r t hiladopplert'ally ighetle bite ramp.shethere hpi o thor esth gre
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f this guarantee. it's about upping your one w en tawkes just e ote jamobsl uspa a i love ruskin with savanna >> sending my lovo island. i girls dakota an francisco.. >> and we're finally here. hoorit. "today kwpks fh ksf the ne massive winter storm is closing schools, knocking out f americanhis morning. this all day. >> it's mostly the eastern third of theay haveuckyto ce inches of snow at clev slow going and it's going to eveni com it's a quick mover. it's in and it'shank you. in politics the president threatening to government to run money democrats don't agree to a deal on border der im atnsecurity. congressholes that he says let gang members into this country. >> we'll do a shutdown.
7:47 am
it's worth it for our country. i'd love to s a shutdown if we don't get thistuff of. >> overnight, the a bill t running for six more not address immigration. the measure h through the you following claims of sexual by while the two wern tccusations. a relations after turned 18. perhaps she can explain to them themmer everthem story. now, hoda's "morning boost." >> teachers kept conner in his class whilehe other students li they sang and waved flags. and then the guest of honor arrived, his dad, who had been serving in the middle east for eight months. ♪ >> this is my daddy. >> conner said the first thing
7:48 am
he wanted to do when he got home is wrestle. how about, this is my daddy. >> every time. it gets me every dame. that's the sweetest. coming up on a busy wednesday morning, an emotional topic for a lot of women. what you need to consider before freezing your eggs. we have a very personal perspective. also ahead, huge news for fans of "star wars" and "game of thrones." let's see what's coming up on "megyn kelly today." >> hey, ladies. are you sick and tired of being told to smile more and look on the bright be happy? our guest today says right on how being grumpy can be a good thing for your mental health. we'll see you top of the hour. >> all right. megyn, thank you. all that, plus the real-life cool runnings. we're reuniting the original jamaican bobsled team. dylan is inif you're anything like me your to-do list just keeps growing. (laughs desperately) it never stops. which is why the online financing application at is so convenient.
7:49 am
get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids! real energy... harnessed from the earth. nature valley. here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. morethat's whenit's half add downy to keep your collars from stretching, unlike detergent alone to smooth and strengthen fibers. so next time don't half-wash it. g ♪ ♪i'm singing in the rain,♪ ♪just singing
7:50 am
in th ♪what a♪oufeel'y ike that.o chat with oh! g)zzing) whoa... that's normal fohey, doc.çç ki a hedaugyshter's yoga class. highecolr yes...hay but are their soaps i'm not sure wha this is my soap and i don't like that. is clean,... ...very clean. my soap,... ...dove. clearly dove is cleaner rinsing i'm convinced. i'm absolutely gonna . cbe djusts on both sides and many foomdaromifs aer39et point. but i was happyy, you ow to freeze their eggs on uer comple num 2015. this dr. agdisappointing heesd woheee e a journey. >> reporson,now.d. >> n e frosdefrosted, s week i w embryo transfer ma>> i was you think, it's not going to happen to reporter: bri understand
7:51 am
their ownrtility and the limits of np l technology. >> i though. 5 b up. >> kristen, you are the perfect you it's bee iha agmaod ethe ngisce rai 31, de c tern n.e.musi >>ou giv auang. e movi bobsled team. on a true story about athletes from jamaica, who against all the 1988 winter games in worldwide sensations. itmp acssheongchaetwoct >> no, discard them and get new i s >> al roker is rter aou wright,them. sindatene o b cld onf f "getero t and rai it to stick. allentown, redding gettingafternoon, vntorein ng epedded ton f 300.0he krelg nty we' wants to nse h when y w la-mouldthg d. smile. hischee convinc courtney and to submit lucas' photo for1928 all pac featles the by gbe coestne b
7:52 am
the yea>> i d it on a whimi >> repmitted winning whe e-mailli woock. a ief,a i dreaming? >> then it really set in my goodness my child is going to be the next gerber baby. rorter: l fe soc plas t57r >> as a roim i'mto.ter: this is t itproud. >> and say look at everythin itiv am t lar the day has some gift ideas you're going to py you're here. neunique. fun. i'ed to show >> s soehe starst.hatke like ure cus m tweav euet you rub it on for about 30 o leave this on. >>then we reveal. get them send s the works etsy andannah on my arm. has cr l it. next up we have a beautiful sent is the y6graved name and putin door atgoakst loo pide eeeerom
7:53 am
7:54 am
could we do some birthdays? >> that's a good idea. let's bring ok the jars of smucker's. first up happy birthday to glat gladys nailer. sam is 100. he served our country during world war ii. we salute your service. happy 100th birthday to andres of hawaii. first worked at the first sugar mill in his hometown. lorraine is celebrating 102 years, a crowd grandma from portland tennessee. jay is 100 years old, a penn state football fan, from charleston massachusetts. married to the love of his life for 70 years. last but not least, ham by 100th birthday to gussie thomas of chicago, illinois. she loves to test her luck at the casinos.
7:55 am
happy birthday to all. >> we have a fun hour coming up. we have john cena who is -- >> have you seen him? >> when he shows up -- >> do you see me? >> he's going to be with us. and we're going to talk about winter wines. why wouldn't we? that's what we do. >> and megyn kelly is
7:56 am
stay with us you can turn to the nbc 10 app. it is free. watch the app this morning. you can track this. on the roads this morning. >> on i-78 around lehigh street now, we are real slow. watch the slippery spots on the on and off ramps. we have seen a few cars veer off
7:57 am
to the side. that is happening on route 100. another crash on route 129 near 129. remember, nbc 10 is your home for the parade of championship. tune in at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you are going to the parade, set your dvr so you can see it again when you get home. if you are at work, you can see it. we are live streaming it and we can see it again on the nbc 10 app. you can see the latest on the app now.
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ applause ] good morning, everyone. good morning. welcome. i'm megyn kelly. we begin this morning with breaking news. nbc news has confirmed that actress nicole eggert has filed an incident report with the lapd. nicole was on this program last week in her first live television interview. she recounted her claims of sexual misconduct against actor scott baio in the 1908 80s, when the two were onle the hit show "charles in charge." the statute of limitation has one on a criminal case on that conduct. but detectives could conduct an investigation and forward
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