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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 16, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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sadness and support. a florida community comes together to remember the victims of that high school massacre. the new details we're learning about those who lost their lives. safety deadline. amtrak is giving new jersey transit an ultimatum that could end up affecting your commute. a struggle on the slopes. what a team usa athlete said
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happened that may have cost her a medal. we have a lot to get to this friday morning. this is nbc 10 news. i'm tracy davidson. >> part of what we got to get to is what you see behind us. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast and some rain. >> yeah, we've got plenty of rain not just this morning, but it's going to be an all day affair. there are some spots of fog, too. i'm tracking the rain and fog. the fog won't last. rain, that stays with us. we've got a mild day. cold weather comes in tonight. that will set the stage for saturday night snow, and it will be accum ulating in some neighborhoods. steady rainfall into the lehigh valley and berks county. to the south not all that wet for delaware and south jersey at the shore, but you'll get rain, too. the fog is easing in allentown. philadelphia, northeast philly,
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3 mile visibility. the fog is already taking a break in south jersey. fog is not the issue today. the rain, yes. you'll need your umbrella but not the heavy coat because the temperatures all day long will be in the 50s. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when the rain will end and when to expect some snow when i'm back in ten minutes. but first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting on 76. so this is in over in jersey glossder city. watching the roads, on and off-ramps might be a problem as well. this is moving up to the walt whitman bridge. and watching a disabled vehicle too right around holly lane. right now both directions are
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okay. 23 minutes on the eastbound side from valley forge to route 1. it's 5:34. today the community will hold more vigils and prayer services to remember the victims of wednesday's deadly high school massacre in parkland, florida. >> plus we're getting new video from inside the classroom as the attack played out. and we want to warn you you may find this video disturbing. >> please help us. please help us. >> at that point a teacher and what appears to be swat team members told the students to stay quiet and stand and go to the stairwell. >> these are pictures of some of the 17 killed. all but three of the victims were teenagers. the grief over the loss of those
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17 victims were on full display during a vigil in parkland last night. people lifted uncandles and prayed. some cried and linked arms to express their sadness and solidarity. it's a heart break. matt? >> reporter: and one was a college bound swimmer. another was in the marching band and another victim had just become a u.s. citizen. 17 lives cut short. kids, teachers and a coach who never made it home from school. these are the faces of some of those victims. they were gunned down inside and outside the school. chris hickson is one of the victims, and he has ties to our area. once living in the poconos, the 49-year-old was the athletic director at the school in florida. and there was also aaron, the security guard and coach who gave his life protecting his students by using himself as the human shield. and there was one parent who voiced her outrage over the death of her daughter.
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>> he died saving them. without him some students wouldn't be able to go home with their kids. >> and just spent the last two hours planning the funeral arrangements of my daughter's funeral who's 14. >> you feel the emotion there. and in addition to the 17 killed 14 others were injured in the shooting. their stories are still being heard and felt throughout the nation. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. here in our area several community groups where sponsor a candlelight vigil in langhorn. the group has candles for the florida school victims, and they carried signs calling for tougher preces for gun violence. our coverage from the scene continues with a crew at the scene in florida gathering the latest details. look for nbc 10's live reports
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beginning this afternoon. and the "today" show has live team coverage from the scene. they'll have more with survivors and the shooter's history live at 7:00 a.m. 5:37 right now. shape up or shutdown. amtrak's top executive says the railroad is considering suspending service on tracks that do not have updated speed controls by the end of the year. it's in response to a series of deadly crashes involving amtrak trains. >> the move would cause a domino effect for commuters across our area. pam, tell us what this deadline would mean. >> reporter: well, it means that regional carriers such as mark and new jersey transit would not be able to run trains on amtrak tracks after that december 31st deadline. it also means amtrak would stop running trains on tracks run by third parties like new jersey
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trans transit until safety measures are in place. the company is worried passengers are being put at risk by delays and installing ptc, a ne technology designed to automatically stop the train after an accident occurred. it's something else that we, unfortunately, are familiar with. in may of 2015 in philadelphia you'll remember eight people were killed and more than 200 people were injured when a washington train to new york rounded a curve at more than twice the 50 miles per hour speed limit. railroads across the country are facing that year end deadline that was mandated by congress. some are asking for, regulators, rather for an extension into 2020. but amtrak is willing to disrupt operations in a push for ptc.
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again, this is way of encouraging the industry, other transit agencies to get onboard as well. reporting live in cherry hill i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. 5:39 right now. community leaders will meet this morning in philadelphia with the governor of puerto rico. >> the non-profit group esper ansa is hosting a community breakfast. it happened as the island continues to struggle with a lack of power after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico last year. i'm meet laulteorologist bi henley. 5:39 and a rainy start this morning, and mild one, too. a live view of philadelphia. you can see some rain falling on the camera.
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the view is not going to change much during the day, and nor will the temperatures. 53 degrees right now in philadelphia. northeast philadelphia close to 60 degrees in trenton and low 60s right now in milville and dover. rain still going to be coming at us through the day today. rain showers lining up to the west and midwest. that rain is due in today. but it will quickly dry out late this afternoon, for many people as they're driving home. if you're out and about during the day you'll definitely need your umbrella, just not the heavy coat. rain activity still around 4:30 this afternoon. but you can see it's starting to dry out and by early in the evening, by 7:00 the rain is gone and clouds break. but the mild air will also be moving out. the temperatures will plummet overnight tonight, and by tomorrow morning we will be clear, and we'll start with lots of sunshine on saturday. that's 8:00 in the morning, but the temperatures will be in the
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20s and 30s. that's cold enough for snow. you won't see it during the day, but saturday evening here comes rain and snow for our area. the temperatures will be still mild at 6:00 in the evening. but late in the evening that steady snowfall, the temperatures will be dropping for it lehigh valley and the suburbs. so that's where we're expecting to see accumulation. we've issued a first alert for accumulating sno accumulating snow for the pennsylvania suburbs and lehigh valley. you can expect 3 to 6 inches of snow on the grass. the roads will be impacted but with much less accumulation. and then by sunday we're back to sunshine. i've got your weekend forecast and beyond with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a quick check on the roads. and we're starting things off with the roosevelt boulevard. here we are right around route 1
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and 17th street. roads definitely wet. in odessa, delaware, we're watching fallen cables. so route 9 north and south, so both directions between bay view road and port pen road is closed right now. also watching the blue route, now 15 minutes at the most on the southbound side. so no real increase so far. from the schuylkill to 95 speeds there into the 60s. jessica, thank you. inspiring home owners. we take you inside the philly home and garden show and give you a look at the changes you can make with your own two hands. i'm keith jones here at the winter games in south korea. next michaela shiffrin goes for gold, but why an illness may have kept her off the podium.
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a quarter to 6:00.
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a chance for gold ends in disappointment for a team usa star. >> yeah, michaela shiffrin struggled during her second chance on the slopes. nbc 10's keith jones us live from south korea with what went wrong. keith? >> reporter: yeah, tracea, vai, she tried to medal, get a gold twice in 24 hours in the giant swalam, but unfortunately it wasn't her day. what we learned is shiffrin threw up twice before the game, she tried to even get in two runs but she ended up off in the podium in fourth place. disappointment for her. she is expected to compete this weekend. and lindsey vonn will compete in super g today. >> keith, we understand you also
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ran into another athlete there competing in the 15 kilometer freestyle, is that right? >> reporter: that is right. and i hope you're watching this video. let's get right to it because this is a really impressive feat. you know him as the shirtless tong. he competed in the 15 kilometer freestyle. he said his number one goal was to finish before they turned the lights off. you know what, he did just that. thank goodness, he say wearing his shirt because my goodness, would i pale in comparison to him. but i was really impressed by his positive attitude. this was, of course, before he competed. and his main goal here is to really inspire people in the pacific to compete in the winter olympics. you might remember, you might be seeing video of his shirtless
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march of the opening ceremonies in pyeongchang. he also did the same thing in reo a couple years back. he's been able to compete in both game, so we're impressed that he finished. he's an inspiring person because he was able to do that, inspiring specifically for people in the pacific. but also his positive attitude, i was really moved by it. he was smiling like crazy outside the "today" show set and spent a lot of time with me to talk, which was great. >> i'll tell you, twitter was just inspired by what he looked like without his shirt on. >> he just uses a bit more than most people. keith, thank you very much. >> reporter: it was impressive to see him out there. >> yeah, he just saw snow for the first time in november, i think, so pretty amazing what he's done. and nbc 10 is your home for the winter olympics.
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download the app to fine out more about our athletes and plus the top five moments you can look forward to today. we're going to see snow over the weekend. i know it seems weird but i trust bill henley. >> yeah, it's our one day return to winter. temperatures in the 50s. we have only rain for you today. this is rainy view from cape may. look at these temperatures. 50s for the lehigh valley and south jersey and delaware. 57 right now in martialton. no sign of any cold air. temperatures will be creeping down. by late this afternoon we'll work our way down into the leer 50s. as it dries out tonight cold air
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starts moving in, and that will set the stage for the snow that tracy mentioned that's going to come in saturday evening. look at saturday, 38 degrees the high temperature, and it'll get colder as that temperature comes down saturday evening. by sunday, though, we'll see sunshine. and the warmup begins tuesday and wednesday. we're looking at record territory. so a dramatic change in our weather. first the rain. that's light rain falling, and it extends into missouri and illinois, even into arkansas that's rain. but notice those snow showers. that's the cold air that's going to come in after the rain for us. during the day today the temperatures will be in the 50s and low 60s at times. we could see some temperatures into the 60s. look at the rain, still falling in the lehigh valley. and then this evening the rain will quickly exit the area, and once it does the cold air starts moving in. by 11:00 tonight when tammy
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sousa is updating you, 34 degrees in philadelphia and gets colder by tomorrow morning. but we will start with sunshine on saturday. so it's a little bit of an unusual system. we'll see quite a bit of a warmup as clouds move in and those first snowflakes are moving into temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. so that first snow in philadelphia and rain in the south, it's not going to be accumulating in our area. not to begin with. it's going to take some time during the evening for authorize temperatures to fall. and they will fall north and west for reading, allentown, pottstown. so some accumulation there, which is why we've issued a first alert. but it will quickly move out sunday. for todaygist rain, 57 degrees. saturday, sunshine in the morning. snow and rain late in the day. 38 degrees, and that ends before sunrise on sunday. so a big warmup for sunday, 50s on monday and here comes record
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warmth for tuesday and up to 70 degrees on wednesday. then still mild with a chance of some showers for thursday, friday and into next weekend. >> i'll take 70 in february any day of the week. bill, thanks. eight minutes before 6:00 a.m. let's get a look at 422. >> our cameras around trooper road not too bad right now. yesterday we saw some delays headed towards the eastbound expressway. we're not seeing any backup or delays right now. so we're really watching some slippery spots and also an obstruction out in conshohocken around spring avenue around east 3rd avenue, can be police activity there, too. and also 95 from wood haven to the vine street express away, speeds dropping just a touch.
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no problems on the northbound side. new designs and ideas. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live from the philly home and garden show. >> we're getting crafty this morning. coming up next do it yourself decor. make it and take it home for free. that's next.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now checking on it roads and checking in with conshohocken. here's the blue route and our cameras around ridge pike. roads are wet. we're not seeing any huge delays yet. we're going to check in with the schuylkill expressway and some of the bridges when i come back. and happening today the latest in home designs is going on display. the philly home and garden show is hoping to give you a burst of inspiration. >> some cool stuff there.
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nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live at the expo center in montgomery county with a sneak peek. >> reporter: hey, we're doing arts and crafts this morning. it's just 8 to get your ticket online at the home and garden show. tell us what we're making this morning? >> we're going to make a drink local sign, and it's going to have the eagles logo. you can also do the pennsylvania state as well, and we're going to have tons of fun here, right guys? >> reporter: so we're drilling in the bottom opener here. and tell me about this eagles sign. your a coy boys fan, full disclosure. >> i am. but i thought thld it would be to cut some vinyl to match the philly spirit. you're going to come in and make whatever you make. it's free to make and you get to take it with you. on the hour, every hour first come first serve.
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>> so once you figure out your kitchen you can make some of these. what do we have here? >> quick router thing and you gluit back on and we've got magnets, and you can put stickers on there and write on it with dry erase markers. >> reporter: and getting creative for a cheap easy way to do all this stuff. >> you can use extra tile you've got leftover, use extra wood and make it nice and pretty and make a neat piece of decor for your home. >> reporter: all right, let's see if this works. oh, no, we're going to have to do another one. free stuff, you can get an eagles bottle opener. back to you guys. the black pantuher movie is now playing in theaters.
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it's marvel comic's first black comic to be put into a movie. >> it's often that we don't get to see people of color in these kind of strong roles where they're smart and dynamic and powerful and leaders. and this gives those kids the opportunity to see themselves reflected on-screen in that light. >> more than 100 high school students from camden got to see the early screening. >> yeah, they're expecting it's going to make more than $150 million in the first week. now to the stories we're following for you at 6:00 a.m. >> another nation wide-debate on gun control begins following that florida high school massacre. what lawmakers have to say about the renewed outcry. shape up or shutdown. amtrak's leaders making a major push for safety on it track. but the railroads don't comply
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it could derail your morning commute. and the super mvp gives us new insight into what he thinks about being the bird's backup quarterback. i just posted that sound bite on instagram. i can't wait for people to hear that. >> people will love what he said to say to jimmy kimmel. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley dealing with rain. it looks like a little wind back there, bill. it is definitely a rainy one. you'll see a bit of a breeze, but that's a warming breeze for us. it's only rain. the temperatures in the 50s right now. a really mild one. tracking rain through the day, but only reasain. the temperatures stay in the 50s. cold air comes in after the rain, and the cold air will be there for saturday night. that's when i'm expecting to see snow in our area. you'll see rain not


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