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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  March 1, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. a storm threat is heading our way and preparing for dangerous winds and flooding. we have more on how the new jersey shore is preparing. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. we begin with meteorologist bill henley and the storm's impacts. >> good morning. it is a major storm that's coming together that is not here yet. we'll get a dry start, but the entire area is going to be impacted by the storm system that is going to start moving in during the day and really get going tomorrow and into the weekend. the first alert is 5:00 tomorrow morning into saturday morning. the wind that comes with this, winds of 50 to 60 mile-an-hour gusts. those are damaging winds. coastal flooding as a result of those winds and the potential for heavy rain which could lead to flooding in other areas, as well. there's the storm system. it's on its way to our area.
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we will get a dry start to the day, and the rain will develop this afternoon and tonight. right now, just a few high clouds are moving into the area. we're getting a break this morning. should not have any problems getting around. 45 now in philadelphia. the clouds will be increasing. we'll see a little limited sunshine to start with, and the temperatures will be climbing. it's going to be another warm day as this rain is now set to come in during the afternoon. temperatures will climb to the 50s and 60s. once the rain moves in, the storm system will start to intensify for the area. we'll break it down hour by hour to show you what to expect in your neighborhood coming up. first katy zachry is watching traffic. thanks. we're savoring the dry roads. the schuylkill expressway right at south street, of course roads are dry. maybe tomorrow and into the next 48 hours, not so much the case. we are seeing construction issues on 76 between south street and spring garden. you'll find that if you're going in the westbound direction. there's a lane restriction.
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you'll just be forced over into one lane and out of one lane. that will change after you get through spring garden. that's the issue. on the wider map, seeing green. the vine street expressway is open in both directions which is good news. none of that overnight construction. take a look at your drive times. 95, 76, the blue route, all in the greens which means average speeds are better than they should be in the low to mid 60s. no crashes to hang you up. when we see you in a bit, we'll look at delaware roads. >> thank you. we continue our team coverage with matt delucia in atlantic city. people up and down the shore are bracing for the storm. >> reporter: that's right, we're at west end avenue by albany avenue. there is the bay there. we've seen this area flood before when we have coastal storms. this is a known trouble spot. we have seen preparations throughout the shore area over the past couple of days. there's also going to be the preparation for high winds tomorrow morning through
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saturday morning. we're expecting 25 to 35 mile-per-hour winds with gusts. upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour. that of course could mean downed trees and power lines. the atlanta county office of emergency management yesterday tweeted that atlantic city electric crews will be examining power lines over the next couple of days leading up to the storm. of course you have that concern for coastal flooding tomorrow into saturday. atlantic city has installed new modern floodgates that were opened last year. we'll see how the preparations are going along the other shore towns. you see some of these barricades that are here just in case there is some of that flooding here along the streets in atlantic city. we'll be monitoring live. >> thank you.
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download the nbc10 app to track the storm as it moves into our area. you can see the forecast down to your neighborhood and get instant weather alerts sent to your phone. two major retailers are making changes to their gun sale policies following the school shooting massacre in parkland, florida. >> walmart is raising the minimum wage to buy guns to 21. so is dick's sporting goods. dick's also says it will stop selling assault-style rifles. we talked to a customer who agrees with the changes. >> i think that was a great idea. i think the tide has turned. i think this is a big step for the country. >> at clayton's in horsham, the staff will continue to sell to anyone 18 and older because the law says they can. the owner says the shop won't hesitate to question anyone interested in an assault-style rifle. >> what are you going to use the gun for, is this going to be for target, is it going to be for
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house? >> clayton says he expects federal laws might change in the wake of the school shooting. i'm a fan but that doesn't mean we have to agree on everything. >> under pressure to stop gun massacres, the president is taking on his own party in the national rifle association. at a meeting with lawmakers, president trump appeared to embrace ideas including universal background checks and confiscating guns from those being dangerous. he even took on senator pat toomey for not including an age limit in his background check bill. >> you know why, you're afraid of the nra. >> the president says his administration is drafting an executive order that would ban rapid-fire gun bump stocks. lawmakers in new jersey, they're moving forward with six gun safety bills. the assembly's judiciary committee advanced proposals which were introduced before the florida massacre. they aim to take guns away from people who pose threats, reduce
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magazine capacity and more. gay righ gun -- gun rights activist worry about the outcome. communication director hope hicks admitted to telling white lies to the president this week and tendered her resignation yesterday. nbc's chris pallone with more from capitol hill. >> reporter: today white house officials are already considering candidates to replace hope hicks as white house communications director. even when the job is filled, analysts say there will still be a large role hicks played that will remain unfilled. trusted confident and aide to the president. >> hope hicks is a tremendously talented person. >> reporter: hicks worked in the trump organization and signed to the campaign in its earliest days. >> it's not just that she's been in that crucial job, it's that she's been somebody who kind of
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had a connection that other people didn't have. >> reporter: she resigned days after testifying on capitol hill where she apparently said she's occasionally told white lies as part of her job. >> she was asked did donald trump ever ask her to lie. her answer was that she never told an untruth about anything of substance. >> intelligence community democrats blasted her refusal to answer questions. >> she said the white house told her she couldn't answer which is actually an unlawful act. >> officials say hicks has been planning her exhibit for months and insists her congressional testimony had nothing to do with her resignation. the white house official says the president called her irreplaceable. >> he's got at least another long and isolating three to seven years ahead of him. >> reporter: another surprise from the west wing where it appears the only constant is change. chris pallone, nbc news, washingto washington. an emotional discovery. a woman gets answers about her mom decades after her death. >> for my life i felt like there was something missing.
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and i just got that last puzzle piece. >> how the search led her to nevin and the tear follow -- to nbc10 and the tearful reunion. church-goers bring rifles to service and the message they were trying to send. and going picture. spotify hitting the stock market. why it's struggling to turn a profit.
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i'm meteorologist bill henley. a major coastal storm is coming together for the entire area. we'll see rain later today, but the storm really gets going tomorrow morning. continues through the day on friday. and into saturday. we're talking winds of 50, 60
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miles per hour, coastal flooding that could be microsoft to heavy in areas -- be moderate to heavy in areas. later today we'll feel the first raindrops falling in and the wind, well, starts to pick up today. the stronger winds will hold off until tomorrow. looking at high clouds coming in. we saw high cloudiness yesterday to start and got sunshine. we'll see a little bit of filtered sunshine before the rain starts arriving. some neighbors won't see the first rain until this evening. it's going to be a slow starter. as we go into tomorrow morning, we'll see some heavy rainfall. late tonight, tomorrow morning, by 5:30 tomorrow morning, we could see half an inch of in rain in philadelphia. closer to an inch of rain in allentown and reading and at the shore, half an inch of rain is possible. that's friday morning. as we go through the storm system, look at the snow totals. the storm totals.
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1.3 inch or just above for philadelphia. closer to two inches in doylestown. more than an inch for much of delaware and south jersey. south jersey especially close to an inch in wilmington by saturday morning. it will impact a lot of the area. the heaviest rain tonight and into tomorrow morning. then as the storm's center gets closer and fires up, we'll see the potential for damaging winds that leads to power outages with downed trees and the coastal flooding threat, that continues into saturday. we've got a lot of storm to get through and a lot of different impacts in different neighborhoods. here to break it down for you, neighborhood by neighborhood, meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that's the big thing, it all depends on where you live. everyone's going to see something different at a different time. we're breaking it down neighborhood by neighborhood. here's a closer look outside now. beautiful boathouse row. we are going to see changing conditions as we get into tonight. and really as we head into tomorrow, as well. a closer look at the coastal
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impacts, again, as we push into this evening when the rain starts. the entire area will be dealing with high winds, wind gusts between 50 to up to 60 miles per hour. we are also watching for coastal flood issues here. if you live closer to the shore -- we expect to see periods of heavy rain especially for parts of the suburbs stretching up to the lehigh valley. close to the poconos, you'll see periods of heavy snow. these are all the issues and the impacts that we are watching for you over the next 24 to 48 hours. let's zoom in here hour by hour to philadelphia and the suburbs. as we go through the day today, mostly cloudy skies, then we start to see the rain moving in. this is by thursday evening. if you're on the later side of the commute around 6:30, that's when we'll see light rain pushing through. we'll also see breezy conditions for allentown, poconos, reading, pottstown. speeds moving around 16 miles per hour. our wind speeds jump up as we head into friday morning. the first alert goes into effect
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at 5:00 a.m. for reading, we see speeds around 34 miles per hour, closer to pottstown, wind gusts closer to 35 miles per hour, as well. and these wind speeds stay strong through the day on friday. by your lunch hour, we're tracking wet conditions, also really strong wind speeds. it's going to be kind of miserable out there friday, especially heading home friday evening. the last thing we're watching is the potential for a wintry mix for parts of our p.a. suburbs and the lehigh valley. coming up, we'll talk more about our south jersey suburbs. we'll have that for you in another 30 minutes. >> thanks. about a quarter to 5:00 now. let's look at the roads. we are watching an issue, a closure in delaware county. this is on mcdade boulevard between west south avenue and west oak lane. there's bridge for the next six months. that part of mcdade is off limits in delaware county. let's move into the state of delaware and look at 95. things are looking good. average speeds on 95 between 295
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and 495 in the wilmington area are in the low to mid 60s. about an 11-minute drive making your way northbound. finally let's look at new jersey roads. it's a dark view, but this is good. we aren't seeing too many headlights or taillights. route 42 at the new jersey turnpike. northbound, about a five-minute drive between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. the inside job caught on camera and how a woman pulled it off. looking ahead. the tough decisions coming to the eagles next season and whyr.
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leaders at a church in the poconos urged people to show up with rifles. >> the unification sanctuary called followers to bring the weapons to be blessed yesterday. the group believes the ar-15 is not a weapon of destruction but a tool of peace mentioned in the new testament.
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amidst the constant stream of those coming for a blessing, the ceremony also saw protests. >> i should be able to protect my family and community. i don't think there's anything wrong with it being used for that. >> sanctioning and blessing assault weapons is preposterous. >> organizers said the ceremony had nothing to do with the school shooting in florida. in muse making headlines county by county -- >> we begin in lehigh county. police hope new clues will help solve a deadly shooting. they're looking at surveillance video in connection to a shooting in allentown that left two men dead and a third man hurt. officers found bullet casings at the airport rogue plaza gas station yesterday morning. the video is from the business next door and shows a man wearing a denim jacket hop a fence. later a denim jacket was found on the property covered in blood. police are testing the jacket for clues. upper darby police say surveillance video helped catch a woman who allegedly stole
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money out of parking meters. they say millborn parking authority tiffany black got away with more than $500 in coins. >> my first message is stupidity rules the day. the second thing is thank goodness that we were able to capture people who commit crime on video. more and more cases are solved that way. >> she turned herself in to police. she appeared before a judge and was released on bond. this is a must-see story, and it is and nbc10 exclusive. a woman searched to discover the mother she never knew. >> that search led her to nbc10 after she learned that we interviewed her mom decades ago. >> from the hospital bed -- >> oh, my god. >> in recent years she -- >> that's sharday on the right along with her cousin rachel as
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they watched a decades' old interview with a new mom trying to overcome drug addiction. the baby on the left is sharday. she reached out when she heard her mom had been on the air years ago. we combed through the archives and arranged to show her the clip. >> all my life i felt like there was something missing. and i just got that last puzzle piece. and it's complete now. it's complete. >> sadly five days after that old nbc10 interview, yvonne yates died likely from a blood clot and years of drug use. how amazing is that? i'm glad we were able to find that tape for her. >> seeing the mother she didn't know and to see her at that age pretty amazing. we'll find out more about the incoming storm. >> bill? >> we'll get a dry start. it will be a slow starter for the area.
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today the impacts will not be great. starting out with cloudy skies. they're becoming cloudy. but it is dry. the winds will be coming out of the northeast, but not terribly strong today. look how this changes for tomorrow. the winds, 31 miles per hour in philadelphia. 35 miles per hour and gusts will go higher than that. there's a potential, real potential for damaging winds bringing down trees leading to power outages for our area. right now, though, heading out into another mild morning. the first day of march, 45 in philadelphia. 40s all around. we may be close to 60 degrees this afternoon as the rain is going to be a little delayed getting in. philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, clouds around, nothing falling just yet. the nearest rain is light in virginia. and you can see moderate and heavy showers through tennessee and into north carolina. it's got a ways to go but will be moving into the area. hour by hour, this is 4:00 this afternoon. just a few sprinkles into
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western berks county. it's looking like it's going to hold off until the evening hours. at 6:00 this evening for the commute, rain in allentown, delaware and south jersey, as well. we track the heavier showers coming in at 11:30 tonight. tammie souza will be tracking it in the first alert weather center. the heavy rain continues through tomorrow morning. first we get the heavy rain, and then we get the strong winds tomorrow afternoon. and then the flood threat is going to continue into the weekend. the hour-by-hour winds, tomorrow morning at 10:00. that's a 20 mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. stronger in dover and south jersey. watch what happens in the afternoon. 40-plus mile-per-hour winds for philadelphia, allentown, pottstown. closer to 50 miles per hour in wildwood. we could easily see winds gusting to 50 miles per hour as we head into tomorrow afternoon. even wilmington, dover could see the 50 mile-per-hour winds. getting close to it in pottstown. a big storm with a major impact. major coastal storm with downed
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trees thanks to damaging winds. power lines will be coming down. travel delays. you can count on that, as well. coastal flooding is going to continue into the weekend, into saturday. there's a potential for property damage, as well. the heavy rainfall could lead to some low-level flooding in other areas, as well. in the mountains, we'll get snow. the rain holding off in some areas. we could hit close to 60 this afternoon. then the high winds and rain, the heavy rain coming in tonight. the heavy winds tomorrow night. gusty winds with the flood threat at the shore for saturday. by sunday, the winds settle down. first weekend of march will end pretty nice on sunday. look at the temperatures on monday and tuesday. back into the upper 40s. another round of rain is possible wednesday and into thursday morning. no sign of any tremendous cold air coming into the area next week. we'll see temperatures in the low 30s and upper 40s, typical
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for this time of year. >> we're all going to see the storm, but the impacts are different depending on where we live. >> right. one thing everyone is going to see, high wind speeds. that's going to be a main concern for us. that's one of the main reasons why we issued the first alert which is going to go in effect tomorrow morning until saturday. talking wind gusts up to about 50 miles per hour in spots, up to 60 miles per hour in others. enough to bring down trees. closer to the shore and water, you have to factor in the coastal flooding issues that we're going to be dealing with, as well. then rain and snow just like bill was mentioning. this is something we've been watching closely. >> yeah. we'll feel the effects. severity will differ, though, from neighborhood to neighborhood and time to time. >> that's right. that's what i've -- >> time to download the app. >> yeah. perfect. let's get you to work and talk about the construction on 76. >> katy, what are you seeing? with talk of that weather, enjoy the dry roads this morning. on 76, more clarifications to some of the overnight construction that you'll see.
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76 westbound, south street to the vine, the right lane is closed because of the overnight construction. that should lift in the next few hours. i'll let you know what it does. doesn't seem to be affecting things, just the right lane is closed, and you have to move to the left and center lanes. our camera angle has veered down to show you more of the pavement than the traffic. good news, the vine has been open in both directions throughout the morning. carrying on the court, how the globetrotters give a sick girl an unforgettable moment, and the team effort to raise awareness for her condition. and tough decisions. what eagles team officials say about their efforts to keep the team together next season.
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three minutes before 5:00. as the eagles look for fresh talent at the nfl combine in indianapolis, the team faces tough questions. >> one of the biggest -- how do you keep all those great players who understandably want bigger paychecks. >> yeah.
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>> the eagles' manager says they would like to keep all of their good players. however, they will have to make tough decisions, and then there's the question of the backup quarterback, the one new championship. the coach wants to keep nick foles as backup quarterback. especially after watching video from the super bowl. >> i've done that about four times now. not that i'm searching for it, but it's on. i go back through the game like, did we win, you know, one of those things. we did win, we had a chance to kind of get through that week after. we're energized and jazzed for the season. >> you won. if you don't believe it, ask the coach. gm howie roseman at the combine, as well, in minneapolis. this 8-year-old girl from north philadelphia was all smiles last night. >> her big night comes at a time when she could really use it. sania bell spent the night
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learning tricks from the harlem globetrotters. she suffer was an inoperable condition. the team saw her story and invited her. she wasn't shy when asked who her favorite globetrotter is. >> what you do think now that you've met them? >> it's cool. >> who's the coolest? >> her. >> what? >> she pointed to swish young. she invited the family to sit on the bench with the team tomorrow. >> swish is great. so is zeus, the guy with her. we've done "wednesday's child" with them. great to the kids. now to more at 5:00 a.m. >> strong wind and rain moving in along with the threat of flooding. we have team coverage and what it means for the neighborhood. high school threat. an online post has police stepping up patrols at a philadelphia school. how students and parents are
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reacting. balancing the budget. philadelphia's mayor getting ready to propose a new spending plan, and it could mean a tax hike for homeowners. 5:00 on thursday. welcome to thursday and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. a major coastal storm is brewing and is expected to bring strong wind, rain, and flooding to the area. bill? >> it is a major coastal storm that is coming together for the area. why we've issued the first alert for the region. we'll see rain later today, but the worst of the storm system comes in tomorrow and into the weekend. the storm will bring winds gusting to 50 to 60 miles per hour, that will lead to damage, downed trees and power lines, coastal flooding could continue into saturday. heavy rain bringing the potential for flooding to other areas. ocean city, new jersey. it is dry a


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