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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 2, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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language. >> pennsylvania? what you talking about? no, i was on vacation and i went to los angeles. >> he didn't look right at him when he answered. i'm just saying. >> if you read eyes and body language like you and i do i'm not so sure. >> fun to hope. >> we'll see what happens. now to more of the stories we're following for you right now at 5:00 a.m. we have you covered this morning. dangerous winds, snow and flooding from the jersey shore to the pennsylvania suburbs our entire area will feel the impact as a major storm moves in. our first alert radar shows it's here. heavy rain. you could be facing everything from downed power lines to whiteout conditions today. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson.
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>> and i'm vai sikehema. nbc 10's matt delucia is live along the jersey shore. meteorologist steve sosna has neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. and we also have katey zachary. but we begin with first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> make sure you are careful if you're leaving the house for your morning commute and especially as you head home from work. that's going to be our main concern. this stays into effect until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. coastal flooding is going to be an issue for us, heavy mountain snow. and probably the most concern thing is going to be the rain switching over to wet snow causing whiteout conditions as we head into the afternoon. we can't emphasize this enough. even rain stretching down to south jersey, it's causing decreased visibility. but as we get into this afternoon things start to shift
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and our wind speeds is start to pick up. if you were closer to wilmington this is where we're just starting to see a bit of a change overfrom rain to snow. and then over the next two to three hours or so we'll start to see the wind speeds picking up. as we walk you through the next few hours for your morning commute we are going to continue to see either rain if you're closer to atlantaic city stretching down to cape may. if you're close door millville you're seeing a bit more of a wintery mix. and the potential for wet snow here in philadelphia starting at 9:00 ale. the rest of the area potentially seeing wet snow mix. we are expecting to see wet snow plus our wind speeds to pick up as well. right now we want to get a closer look at your roadways
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with katey zachary. brittany even without those wind speeds we're seeing a number of issues pop up. this is crash that happened not long ago right at welsh road or 63. this is in springhouse montgomery county. we're seeing a number of vehicles out there. it's been out there for a little bit, so what i can ascertain they're trying to assess the scene and clear it and get it away from the road so traffic can continue moving through. we're also seeing a crash pop up at lower salford at kinsey road. and pennsylvania turnpike a crash happened just east of the norristown exit. still your drive times are pretty good considering everything we're dealing with. we continue our team coverage now with nbc 10's matt
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delucia. crews there preparing possible flooding. >> reporter: at the moment we're seeing light steady rain here especially along the bay. this is an area that tends to flood quite a bit when you have big storms. and because of that you might get some cars that might see some flooding. and so the parking garage here at mississippi fairmont, they're offering free parking to atlantic city residents only. you do have to show proof of residency. and just for that you can get your cars off the ground so they're not in danger of any flooding. meantime firefighters and police have been getting with their special equipment and clothing ready for coachstal flooding he. the first one coming up this morning just after 7:30 here in atlantic city. and you should also pbe aware o possible road closures.
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the convention center has a boat show in town. i just saw a police officer drive by a moment ago. so they're going to be on patrol keeping an eye on this area. we're going to check out what other shore towns are doing to be prepared. all right, matt, thanks for that. 5:05. now let's get a look at the driving conditions. storm force 10 is giving us a live look at what it's like on route 73 on maple shade. light rain there and you could still face that ponding. here's a look at broad street at the kimmel center campus. light rain happening there. randy gyllenhaal standing by not too far from there where he's reporting the same thing. live look at philadelphia national airport. we're expecting wind there to cause some trouble.
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the rain there -- our camera a little bit foggy. some airports are offering to waive their fees if you should have to change your flight. and as always check your carrier before you head to the terminal. so we have rain this morning and it'll be different this afternoon. here's a live look at delaware live look at wilmington on our camera, morning commute is wet. afternoon commute you could see rain and/or snow. >> and get weather alerts about your neighborhood with the nbc 10 app. you can see there in the last few minutes how it's different neighborhood to neighborhood. we'll track it hour by hour. we have other news to pass along. we exec to learn more from federal prosecutors this morning after a jury found allentown mayor ed pawlowski guilty of 47 counts of corruption and bribery. both pawlowski and his wife were emotional as they left the courtroom yesterday. she collapsed on the way out,
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however, she's okay after being helped by paramedics. the mayor is expected to give up his position after he's sentenced. >> we're extremely disappointed. >> even though it's raining tonight i think the sun is out in allentown. the black cloud has finally been removed. >> governor tom wilks released a statement that reads in part, governor wolf has long believed mayor pawlowski should resign from office. he has disgraced his office and cheated the people of allentown. it is raw, it is rude on a march morning. that's exactly what we're facing. this is very dynamic which means it's different from neighborhood to neighborhood and hour by hour. >> that's right. brittany. >> first thing we're seeing heavy rain. and second thing we're going to go bee seeing are wind speeds
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pick up. the second part is blowing snow, and this is going to happen right over your evening commute. you can see the time stamp there, 8:00. and now we're dealing with blowing snow. it'll start a little bit before then as well. and once the system pushes away from us the last thing we'll be dealing with heading into tomorrow morning is coastal flooding. we'll start with what we're seeing right now and that is heavy rain right over trenton. everything is shifting now here to the east. and next thing we're going to be watching is closer to wilmington where we're slowly starting to see that cool air moving in. and on the radar right now we're seeing the possibility of a switchover from rain to a bit of wet snow. if you're closer to philadelphia even stretching up to allentown we're still just seeing rain coming down. our wind speeds are fairly light here. we're seeing just breedsy conditions, but that will change as well as we head into the next couple of hours. so it's going to take us a while before we start to see those
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wind gusts closer to 50 miles per hour. light rain over atlantic city, parts of ship bottom. closer to cape may we're seeing dry conditions. and that's the big thing. it depends on where you are. different people are going to see different things at different times. at 9:00 a.m. we should start to see widespread moisture and precipitation. maybe a bit of a wintery mix closer to philadelphia. the bottom line is as you are driving around today whether it's rain or switches over to wet snow with our really strong wind speeds you want to be really careful. these are damaging wind speeds for us. wind gusts anywhere from 50 to 60 miles an hour lasting all through today and heading into tomorrow. for a break down of what you can expect closer to our neighborhood we'll send it over to meteorologist steve sosna. >> we're dealing with what we call a bomb cyclone. it will cause problems from now
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all the way through saturday. let's talk about it. here's a live look at center city, philadelphia, from the aqua cam in camden. the cloud base has lifted, so that's good news in terms of the heavy rain starting to subside. now we walk you through the second and third changeover. you will see the ponding of water on the roadway, but it really is midday through the afternoon we're concerned about for strong and potentially damaging winds and the changeover to snow. southern montgomery county, so abington, down towards glenside, and springfield you're in the snow with 50 mile per hour winds. that's tropical storm force wind gusts even here in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.
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and that continues at 9:00 tonight with potential snow falling. up in the lehigh valley this is where our concern of sticking snow is this morning through this evening. at 7:00 this morning you can see the changeover happening. winds stepping up. as you can see 50 to 60 mile per hour gusts here as well with the snow especially in the higher l elevations. if you're up on one of those higher elevations you'll see the snow. down at the leer elevations we may not see a whole lot of accumulation because the ground temperatures are too warm. down in delaware the story is mainly rain changing to snow here and winds rapidly rising. you see the strong damaging winds first this morning and continuing all afternoon and this evening. just again one step of many of this upcoming storm. >> we continue to urge you to take care on the roads this morning. already at this early hour we've seen several crashes. >> i just retweeted both of you
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ladies on this situation here. this crash happened at route 309 northbound also also welsh road. this is traffic moving southbound past the crash. if you look at the left part of your screen, these flashing lights are the emergency vehicles that have been out there for some time. at least one lane is affected. but just before you all came to me i was seeing a steady stream of traffic of headlights going past this. so we do know cars are able to move past this. so it's not as bad as it was even ten minutes ago. we're also following a number of issues in delaware and new jersey. and i'll share them with you in a few minutes. costly and complex. there's a race against the clock to make the track safer. >> it's been fraught with challenges and progress has been slow. >> the answers top railroad officials gave lawmakers. saving for the unexpected.
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5:15 and we are tracking a major storm that will bring destructive winds to our entire area. that's what everyone will see. right now philadelphia is seeing rain, heavy rain. we've gotten reports of drivers hydroplaning on the wet roads as we take a look at the comcast center. and snow will also add to the problem making for a slippery evening chute. >> a quarter past 5:00 a.m. on this friday. you may not be aware but this happens to be aware save week. >> program aims to get people to save more money. stats show about 47% of people can't handle the unexpected expense because they don't have money in savings. how do you put any aside for those emergencies? the president of the counseling center says get your whole
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family involve. >> if you're trying to get your family involved, get your kids involve. if it's $50 a month, a week, i don't know what kind of cash you have and let them figure out how to get creative with that money. >> you can use a little money for ice crime after that. coming up at 6:00 if you're getting a tax refund, how can you best use that? we'll tell you if it's better to pay down debt or build up your savings account. >> this happens to be a rainy day in a big, big way. >> let's check in with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> here is the thymic of our storm impact. we're first seeing the heavier rain this morning and then tonight into tomorrow our damaging wind speeds are going to pick up. we're tracking wind speeds later on anywhere from 50 to 60 miles
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an hour. as that pushes us closer to this evening, now we're going to factor in the rain switching over to wet snow and the possibility of whiteout conditions. so we're going to continue monitoring this, and then on the back wend we're going to see coastal flooding. first we have to get through both commutes this morning and as we get into the evening. one thing we're watching for you with those really strong wind speeds is potential for power outages, property damage, dangerous travel especially when that rain starts to switchover to snow towards the afternoon and evening. and towards the evening the whiteout conditions leading to planes and trains being delayed. keep this in mind as you're planning your day. we want everyone to stay safe throughout the day with this large system. we're already seeing rain throughout most of the area. looks like the heaviest rain has transitioned.
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we're starting to see snow develop here in the poconos and also a bit of a changeover here outside wilmington. it depends on where you are. everyone is seeing something different at different times, that's why we've meteorologist steve sosna monitoring all of the neighborhoods. >> each neighborhood will see a different impact. this go around i'm going to focus on the shore points because they will take a beating with the rough surf. it really is that tomorrow morning high tide cycle that we're extremely concerned about. moderate to potentially major coastal flooding down here in cape may. expecting moderate coastal flooding here in atlantic city. between 7:15 and 8:15 this is at the beach, so the atlantic ocean facing side that's where your high tide is this morning. remember the back phase is going to be a couple hours later.
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we're not looking at any kind of substantial flooding today. you will see some coastal flooding, but it's not expected to be very property damaging inducing. but tomorrow that will change. that high tide cycle between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning and goes for the delaware beaches as well you need to be very concerned about that. the second element down at the shore will be the wind. that steps up this morning, and then damaging wind gusts all the way through about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning on saturday. >> all right, thank you, steve. 5:20 about now. about half an hour ago you and katey tweeted out this crash. let's get an update. we have this crash at route 309 at route 63 on welsh road. this is in the springhouse area in montgomery county, and i heard from a fire official on the scene it did involve injuries. so couple that with the wet roads and a bunch of things are going wrong this morning if
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you're on the roads. we are seeing traffic getting by now which is really good news. a quick snapshot of your majors. 76 eastbound between the turnpike and vine street expressway that's about an 18 to 20 minutes drive. and 476 is looking good after an earlier crash. a summertime decision for the king. >> what are you talking about? >> lebron james speaking out about reports he is seriously considering moving to philly.
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5:24. right now we are in a first alert this morning for a major storm that's bringing in rain, winds and even snow here to our area. here's a live look right now at ocean city, cape may county, at the jersey shore. the big concern there during the storm will be the flooding. and philadelphia already seeing rain. it's rained steadily overnight.
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flags are usually up by this hour. they haven't even raised the flags which leads me to believe maybe they're not going to. but they'll see some destructive winds later today. landon dowdy is monitoring that in this morning cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi, there, tracy. good morning. well everyone from wall street to maine street appear tuesday be rattled by president trump's proposal to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. that's sparking worries in other countries like china, mexico could retaliate which could lead to a trade war. several industries have criticized the move and threaten u.s. economic growth and consumers. as for the markets the stocks are set to open lower this
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morning. the dow falling for a third straight day and posting its first three day losing streak of the year. the nasdaq losing 92 to 7180. well, bracing for the worst. our team storm coverage continues. nbc 10's matt delucia joips ns live in atlantic city. >> reporter: we're going to tell you how some of the other shore towns are getting ready for the storm coming up. you're taking a live look at your radar right now. the system is right over our area. you can see the cold side with the snow rapping around the back end. i'm tracking all the details plus the damaging winds on the way to the area. but first katey. hi, brittney. we're following your morning
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commute. 22 is looking good as is 309 especially after an earlier crash just cleared. i'll have details right after the break.
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right now tracking a dangerous storm. we've issued a first alert because of damaging winds, rain, snow and possible flooding. the storm will impact our entire area today. here's a live look at the jersey shore. philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs, all of our area preparing to handle everything from downed trees to power lines to near whiteout conditions. yes, near whiteout conditions. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. we have a team fanned out, meteorologists getting you prepared. this is why it's important to have the most accurate forecast in


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