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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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threat. in cape may, the biggest concern ask saturday morning's high tide. >> nbc10 first alert weather has the most reporters and meteorologists committed to covering the storm for you. our team across three states to show us what it's like in your neighborhood. and our meteorologists are breaking down the impact of the storm region by region. let's begin team coverage with chief meteorologist tom i sauza with the latest on the track right now. >> it's pretty much stationary over the area. this storm is moving basically north to south. we're copying to see the big bands of snow. the purple moves over the area it is blowing sideways and making it nearly impossible to drive. we have rain in southern delaware but you can see all of this traveling from north to south. let's peel away all the lighter snow, take a look who is getting
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heavy snow right now. you can see parts of philadelphia, upper darby, gloucester city down to pauls borrow, over to chester seeing some of the heaviest. that's where you see the shades of green and blue. shades of pink also blowing side way. the heaviest elk, we go to upper pitts grove, and cedarville. that's where we see the line. it starts up here near north whitehall and allentown extends up into the poconos. we're seeing this a band traveling southward making quite a mess. you can see it right through here. heavy snow from the poconos north. some of the mountain areas will pick up as much as 18 inches of snow. very close to seeing blizzard warnings issued across parts of the suburbs because we're getting close to the criteria for the blowing snow. you can see what's going to happen. winds are still coming in. we have a mix across parts of the jersey area. temperatures for the most part
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other than the poconos are above freezing. it's meting on impact. at 7:00, you can see a little rain mixing back in. snow extending perhaps all the way to the shore blowing side ways. the winds continue. temperatures still bob freezing by the time we get into 1:00 this morning, we see precipitation starting to end across philadelphia and the suburbs. by 5:00 in the morning, we're clearing the jersey shores be an see the winds come in and start piling the water up along the shore. beach areas looking at coastal flooding threat then. we got a new wind gift gust. 71 miles an hour near cape may. cape may. 66 for lewis, delaware. 56 in wilmington west grove, 59. lehigh valley airport 59-mile-an-hour wind gusts. mount pocono 60. perkasie, 51, 54-mile-an-hour
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wind gust in northeast philadelphia. it's only going to get worse. guys, back to you. >> it is going to get worse. we've seen whiteout conditions today in parts of the lehigh valley. a live look at allentown from our camera at the ppl center. the snow on the rooftops, as well. we've seen wind and snow still coming down. you can check out the stop sign to see how powerful some of that wind is. the snow coming down has made like almost near whiteout conditions at times and not fun to drive in and not fun to shovel either. >> the snow came down so hard and so fast, many people had to shovel more than once today. >> the snow is very, very wet
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and it is a little heavy. >> we found donna clearing heavy snow off the sidewalk in front of her business. >> it's still winter time so you can expect anything in wind gap. with the wind blowing, 55-mile-an-hour winds today. so trees are coming down. branches are blowing off. >> the winds blew so hard, snow came down sideways. at times visibility on the roads was virtually nonexistent. drivers here at wind gap spun their wheels and some had to turn around because they couldn't make it up the hill. snow can be tricky but most say the winds cause the most damage. >> it is very high winds. a and. >> just across the street, you're looking at a pretty big tree that fell while we were here. it happened about an hour ago. but that goes to show you how strong these winds are. a lot of outages in the lehigh valley. we talked to business owners in
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wind gap. it wasn't one or two. an entire block was knocked out. owners had to close early. you'll hear from them later tonight. steven fisher, "nbc10 news." >> you can hear that wind blowing. that tree that fell. that's happening across our area. steven, stay safe out there. if you don't have to drive, that's the advice you would want to take. let's check in with dianna live in plymouth meeting. > big heavy snowflakes. no accidents we see behind you, dianna. >> no accidents here. that doesn't mean the county isn't them. when we showed you this picture at 4:00, you can see the back end of ridge pike. none of these cars were here. we saw cars stopping at the traffic light at ridge and butler. you can see how slow traffic is moving now. as of 4:00, 53,000 customers without power. 52 accidents on the roads and 35
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different road obstructions. we've been hearing fire alarms going off as the volunteer firefighters hit the streets. a number of fires being reported throughout the county, blown transformers and downed power lines. >> it's miserable. >> after days of warmer than temperatures it's not wonder why people are out without a coat. i don't have a coat. i'm almost home. >> many cut out from work early. >> in montgomery county, more people on the job handling 911 calls. for traffic accidents, downed trees and strained or busted power lines. for some still at work, it's the winds they're worrying about. >> we have a lot of trees in our yard. i'm hoping formula one of them
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come down. >> and these winds aren't going to end anytime soon. we're being reminded by public safety workers if you see a downed power line, don't go near it. crews are getting them as fast as they can. those lines could be live. stay away from them. reporting life in plymouth township,right, also have to wah out for 30 plus road on strucks deanna mentioned there. something could be fallen in the road in front of you. just take it slow. >> let's go to glenn track iing the impact on the pa suburbs and lehigh valley. they've received so much snow in the lehigh valley and there are blizzard arngs. warnings. it's near blizzard conditions in part of the lehigh valley and upper bucs and western montgomery counties this afternoon. very close to the official definition of a blizzard.
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that's how bad things are out this. and this is what we've expected. now to get a 60 mile an hour wind, it's not that unusual here, but that's with a thunderstorm and it lasts for a minute and a half. this is lasting hour after hour. the temperatures of course, we have to monitor hour by hour because don't want to get below the freezing point. here we are in burks county. it's had less snow, so less of a problem. 33, bethlehem, 32 degrees. as we get to darkness, things are going to be a little slushy but we're not going to see these temperatures drop dramatically. may drop a couple of degrees for a while, but that's about it. west bradford at . also 32. montgomery county and bux,
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bluebell, all these places with 32 an hour ago, still 32. come back, we'll be monitoring these things throughout the newscast and you can monitor your neighborhood on our app, too. >> all right. heavy rains have rivers and streams rising throughout the areas this afternoon. look at this. with creek raging here in philadelphia. the first alert team said it's localized flooding that's more of a concern with this storm we're dealing with. miguel martinez is live where those dangerous winds have brought down trees you showed us. >> when we saw you earlier, there weren't a lot of people out. hopefully that's still the case. >> yeah, tas friday afternoon. at this time, a lot of the people are expected to be out, going home or going out, but you can see just a few people out right now. most opting to stay in because of this snow falling on the ground. turning into this really gross
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slush on the ground here. most just want to stay indoors. >> it just kind of feels messy. really wet. with thor than regular rain. >> heavy winds, freezing rain and bitter weather. days like today, most opt to stay in. >> i just want to stay out of the cold. rain boots. just over it. >> she told me her umbrella was no match for the storm. >> it almost broke when i came in. when i was walking from the train to my office, it almost break. >> still, she braveded the elements during lunchtime and she wasn't alone. >> stay indoors or somewhere closer. she was going to walk in the rain. >> what fueled her resolve to face the weather? >> i will venture anywhere for food. so it's cool. >> the lengths people will go to
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get food. hopefully she made it indoors afterwards and stays indoors. the wind out here is causing things like this to happen. you see the big tree that did come down because of the wind. there's also branches all around the park area that have been coming down as we've been standing here. we're seeing those hit the ground u, so people are recommend ed to you know, kind f stay away from these older squares, older parks. you don't want to be hit by one of these trees. in center city, nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that. we want to continue our scene there in center city, by rather be stationary, we want to see what it's like when you're driving. for that, let's go to rosemary. how is it? can you hear us? some audio difficulties.
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we'll attempt to fix that. we just heard from our first alert weather team that right now, 19 inches of snow in the poke owcono poconos, so it is coming down hard and quickly and blizzard conditions. let's take a live look at atlantic city right now. it's gray there. we're concerned here about the threat for coastal flooding as well as we move through into the weekend. >> ted greenberg is live in ocean city with the latest. there's a lot of concern this morning about high tide. you said it was minor, but the next could be more severe moderate flooding. >> that's right. the back bay really looking angry right now. we are expecting more flooding. flood frg the bay, not the ocean. more flooding during this
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evening high tide. minor to possibly moderate flooding and then more widespread moderate flooding during tomorrow morning's high tide. but the biggest problem during the day today has been the wind. a raging delaware bay in lower prescriptitownship whipped up b winds blasting the jersey shore. this trampoline ending up in a tree after becoming airborne from a neighbor's yard. >> the winds took the trampoline up and across the street. >> gusts reaching 70 miles an hour toppling trees as well. >> call the fire department. >> and causing havoc with electric lines. these lines in cape may, power knocked out. high tide bringing minor nuisance flooding. mar gay, atlantic city and other coastal communities. more significant flooding
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expected tomorrow morning. that's moderate coastal flooding we mention ed ocean city firefighters have special equipment ready to roll if their help is needed in that high water. that part of the story coming up at 5:00. live in a very windy ocean city, nbc 10 news. >> looking much more like the ocean. >> it is. and o ted, those high tide times tomorrow, 9:00 a.m., right, then 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. as i recall? >> yes, that's right. that's when it hits on the back bay. usually, it's an hour or so earlier on the ocean. but you mentioned the back bay times and really, that's where the concern is. because the winds are coming from the mainland. jr there is wiping off the camera. we are getting hit with some sleet, ice pellets and snow, but again, the wind is coming from the mainland, from the west. the northwest and blowing out towards the beach.
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often coastal storms, it's blow ing from the northeast. but not in this case. >> all right. live in ocean city, appreciate it. >> strongest wind gusts where he is. 70 miles per hour. 71 was noted in cape may county. so really strong out there then the snow totals in the lehigh valley. >> that's the kind of wind that can really do damage. glenn is back with a closer look at the threat. >> remember, this is hour after hour after hour. this is not just a brief wind gust and the temperatures are dropping at the shore, too. we've got some snow in part of the shore areas an temperatures barely above freezing. summer's point at 33. may's landing, 33. mulligan township is is 32, so we have to monitor these temperatures, too, because the wind is not coming from that warmer ocean. it's come frg the northwest. what that does is that less ens the flood threat right on the ocean side, but it sure increases on the bay side.
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the bay side of cape may county and also around lewis, delaware, those are going to be the most vulnerable places as we go through the rest of this storm. it's an unusual storm in that respect because it's developed right on top of the jersey shoreline and not farther to the south. and give us that northeast wind. here's the northwest wind. gusting to 62. but still snow around here. during much of the evening. this is going to be one of the last places to see the snow and then that minor moderate coastal flooding for tomorrow morning, high tide as ted mentioned and again, the bay side, more so than the ocean side. >> all right, glenn. katie is watching for any trouble spots on the roads this afternoon and i know it was tough for you if get to work this afternoon. for me as well. the roads are really deceptive because while there may not be that much snow on them, they're
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really slippery and there are big power outages. or traffic lights. gl that's right. we have downed trees, power outages, it runs the gamut. i was trying to think of the best word to describe these conditions. really treacherous comes to mind. i don't use that lightly. you wouldn't probably either. it is down right dangerous out there. just spent the last hour and a half to get to the station where it would normally take me 20 minutes. this is a live look at 76. so westbound. that's the traffic you see utterly stopped. just out of our view is a downed tree around the gladwin exit. eastbound, little traffic. westbound is closeded. also a downed tree, before i leave you, i want to talk you into new jersey.
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this is rouge 30. we are seeing very loigt to moderate traffic. the best thing now because it's going to take you forever to get where you're going, is really to stay put. also a dozen regional rail line, almost all of them are shut down because of major problems on the track. we'll have more on that when i see you in a bit. >> and we can see how the traffic is from katy's vantage point. let's try to go back to rosemarry who's on the ben franklin parkway approaching a packed aiken oval. >> it looks like parking lot. probably the best way to describe it. similar to what katy was saying. it would maybe take you 30 minutes to get out of the city on a friday. leaving work. plan for about two hours. it's just a parking lot. we were on 76 west coming from south philadelphia earlier this afternoon. say about 2:30, 3:00. we finally had to get off because it was just stopped.
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so we got off in university city. it's jammed over there and then we figured well, let's try to make our way through center city towards the parkway, maybe over to kelly drive. maybe it will be b a little better. not much. we're barely moving here. so that's the issue. because you have this slushy, slick road, got a lot of people on a friday afternoon trying to leave work. we start to see the traffic pick up. i would say in the 3:00 hour, people realizing it's get iting bad out there. the roads are just really bad. the conditions are deteriorating. time to leave work and now, you're dealing with this backed up traffic. back to you. >> got to leave that extra room to allow for stopping. because i know i skidded and the conditions can change so quickly depending on where you are. where you are, the ben franklin parkway, to kenwood, the road conditions are really different. >> absolutely.
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we know the conditions are only going get work with the snow continuing to come down. and the wis wind gusts getting stronger. >> this is what our first alert team of meteorologists have been b talking about. they've been warning us glenn's got the latest right now. >> it's not moving much and it's still intention fiing. as we've been saying. we have a wloking pattern in this atmosphere. unlike any storm the rest of this winter, they were all moving fast. this one is not. and you can see the circulation coming in from the ocean all the way around. and that's why boston is getting hit with even worse flood than we're going to get. the snow in the meantime is coming down from the northeast. around this circulation. now we've managed to separate the regular snow from the heaviest and you can see in these blue and green colors, the
4:21 pm
areas of the heaviest snow and it's just from south philly down into cumberland county in new jersey and it's not moving much as you can see. this is truly heavy in chester and piles grove and upper pitts grove and we have to keep an eye on these things because in some cas cases, they set up a line in the same spot and you can get two, three times as much snow in the one neighborhood as the next. this is another area that's just developed from pottstown through westchester. that's a bust of snorst of snow. when they set up in these lines, they stay there for a while. the darker color's indicating the heavier snow. we have that in the pocono, too. reports of well over a foot of snow.
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we have snow and sleet at the jersey shore. visibility shows how heavy the snow is. plubell, that's heavy. quake you aretown is fairly heavy. same with philadelphia and northeast philly. trenton has improved. that's important because we'll get drier air northeast, too, and the vizsibility in millvill really terrible. the temperature is going to help us overnight because it's not going drop that much. everything melts tomorrow. >> our coverage continues next at 4:00, taking a live look at center city. at the newaukum cast technology center, our entire region affected by slick roads, whiteout conditions.
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the current wind gusts, around 54 miles per hour. we're right back. before we duo, the closing bell on wall street. t s&p 500 closed up.
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here's a look at what drivers are dealing with on martin luther king drive. a few trees fell down on the road. no heavy traffic. just drivers being cautious. this storm is reeking havoc along the east coast this afternoon. take a look at this video and a car right here that ended up in the wrong place, the wrong time. this was in the new haven area in connecticut. the winds just too much. toppled a tree right on top of that car. the driver is okay. but did have to be rescueded. now back here in our area -- taking a live look at one of our
4:27 pm
roadways where it is wet. it is slick. it is slippery. i-95 in south philadelphia, there are heavy wind gusts out there, so be careful. >> note to self and other drivers out there. you know how the snow fall sboos our seat and gets everything t wet. if wrou don't want to sneer it off, the driver's side of your car, do yourself this favor. park in the opposite direction. you milgt only have half the work. the wind and is the ide sideways falling snow has lot let up. next.
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nbc 10's first alert weather is tracking this major storm. a nasty nor'easter creating a mess for the afternoon commute
4:31 pm
right now. a live look down broad street from the campus camera where you see the snow falling. damaging wind. snow blowing sideways in many areas. zero viz bability inability in some spots. the snow is affecting travel in some skies as well. it's hard to see anything. this is philadelphia international airport. as you can see, it's creating a problem and there have been more than 400 cancellations at the airport. a live look affected because of the wind g gusts and many arrivals have been diverted to other airports. as always, the airport is urging travelers to check the status of flights with your airline, but lengthy delays. thank you for staying us with. >> while this storm has been intensifying, the conditions, they've been deteriorating fast throughout the last couple of hours. a team of reporters has been borking hard oworking hard out
4:32 pm
to keep you informed about storm in your neighborhood. our team of meteorologists have been monitoring the intensity of the form with the most accurate forecast. we're focusing on each region in our area. >> let's begin with tammie. >> the worst of the storm is right across philadelphia, down into south jersey. it starts up here in the lehigh valley, the poconos. you can see the darker shades of purple and all that activity is moving from north to south. it's not clearing the area. it's basically stationary and we're going to continue to be pound bid high winds and the snow blowing sideways. some of the snow part-timing up on grassy areas make iing for sh on the roadways, up into the poconos, as much as 19 inches of snow have fallen in some places. we're not expecting that in our area however. where you see the pink and especially these blues. and these greens. so you can see, it's pretty much the same area being hit again
4:33 pm
and again, which is why we're having a lot of trouble in montgomery county through philadelphia down into south jersey. upper ridley, chester, that's what we're seeing. some of this heavy snow. wo woolrich, logan, piles grove. down to cedarville, upper deerfield. we have another band that's been setting up. down through allentown. but especially east whiteland, westchester. right down through north star, wilmington, newark, red lion. take a look at this. these are all of the damage reports just so far. this is going to double, triple, even quadruple before the evening is over. this is wind damage that we're looking at. you can see the back edge of the storm not affecting places like harrisburg or pittsburgh. parked off the shoreline here pounding us, so this is what we're going to be looking at as far as impacts and timing.
4:34 pm
the destructive high wind, those 50 to 70 mile an hour winds, that is through tonight. heavy wet snow and whiteout conditions through tonight. property damage, dangerous travel, that is through tonight and the coastal flooding, that big threat sets up late tonight and through tomorrow morning. guys, back to you. >> all right, taking a live look at the conditions in ocean city, cape may county. strong wind gusts there. 70 miles per hour wind gusts and you can see, the rain there on the lens continuing to rain and some of that snow coming si sideways. closer inland, the winds are really strong in burlington county. >> sydney long, she's holding on to her hood there. trying to bare out these elements. tell us about where you are. >> well, when you're dealing with conditions like this, you have u to take the protection where you can get it. so we're guilty. we've been hiding behind this marquee a little bit for protection. but you're going to hear it right now when we step out into
4:35 pm
the wind. comikolcoming through our jacke. it's the kind of wind where you have to brace yourself just to keep your balance. weren't sure we were going to get snow today, but take a look. we have about an inch coat iing here on the grass and on the roadways, it has been slick. drivers have been b managing these conditions, but it's slushy and of course, we've seen new jersey dot come through and make sure they're salting these areas. people don't have to work outdoors, they are happy for it. we have talked to some not only working, but working out inside. >> how devoted are members at this l.a. fitness to getting in shape for other subpoenas like spring and summer? this devoted. >> better than just sitting at home and doing nothing. >> it's called cardio on top of cardio. when you feel the burn inside then come the head tuck and mad dash to the car racing the snow, wind and rain.
4:36 pm
down the street at the almost complete, contractors warm and cozy inside give us a sneak peek. with the big screens not in yet, they're dreaming of warmth and philly's baseball. >> i'm glad i'm not outside. we're trying to finish up. got the station we're working on. setting the r bar top. filling the top. >> they hope from winter to spring will be b a smooth transition. they're opening in march. >> the breeze coming in, yeah, absolutely. we have the outside bar we're going to finish up, but we'll wait for a better day than today. >> what better day than today to test drive a car? if you think i'm kidding or crazy for that matter, we did talk to some customers, at least one of them, that tell us today is the perfect day to test the conditions for a brand-new
4:37 pm
vehicle. we're going to introduce you u to that woman when we see you coming up in our 5:00 hour. yes, sold. it handled well. she got it. you'll meet her in a little while. nbc 10 news. >> i'm sure the salesperson was a little nervous in that test drive. >> it does sound a little crazy when you hear about it. >> it's good. >> right. >> makes sense, actually. you want to know how your car handles in the most extreme conditions and that's what we have today. thank you. >> you'll find out how it hanels today. let's go to glenn for more on the impact on south jersey. >> and right where she was, we've got detailed temperatures. they're right near the freezing mark and we have to watch them hour by hour. of course, sunset coming up. we do not expect them to drop a lot. just a couple of degrees. makes a little bit more slush, more slippery. and then you have darkness and you're not seeing as well any
4:38 pm
way. so pile grove and sweetsboro, audub audubon, turnersville. vorhees at 32 degrees. where ever your hometown is, keep an eye on it and watch it change over the next couple of hours. we'll keep coming back to these neighborhoods. laurel and 33 and other areas a little higher. in philadelphia, 33 at the airport. we have 32 westbound area, elkins park. those numbers have not changed in the last hour. as we look at the forecast though, we continue to see this northwest wind, gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour. we have a feels hike temperature of close to 20 degrees because it's cold out there. this snow in the blue is possible as this weakens and lightens to change back to a bit of a mix. a bit of a sleet or light rain
4:39 pm
because the atmosphere is not all that cold. as soon as the heavy snow stops, it's bringing down u the coldest air. things will start melting. >> all right. we'll look forward to that. and stay with us for the severe weather coverage of this major storm. >> take a live look at the schulykill expressway. you can see the headlights through the snow that's falling sideways in some cases. there's a rain-snow mix hitting those windshields. when it freezes, it is tough to see and that traffic is not moving. we'll be right back.
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4:42 pm
you can see just how much damage the snow and wind are doing right now. this is m hrhk drive where a tr was knocked down right in the middle of the road. drivers were slowly trying to get around it. they made their way around that big tree. it does not take much.
4:43 pm
katy is watching this afternoon. >> we heard earlier about some 50 accidents in montgomery county alone. >> i believe it. there are so many downed trees on montgomery avenue in lower marion. just assume you'll find downed trees, crashes and because of the weather and this system, our cameras are going in and out a little bit. so i'll talk quickly about this one. this is the 42 freeway. i wanted to bring this up because look at the drive time. it's about ten minutes if you go north from here. making your way between route 55 and bridge on the 42 freeway. a lot of volume there. you see the volume. look at the numbers. over two hours. the good news is though there was a down ed tree. we are watching the delays, so being aware of that.
4:44 pm
we'll take a look at amtrak delays. sizable ones across the northeast quarter as well as widespread delays. we'll be right back after the break.
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4:47 pm
welcome back. what you're looking at here, i-95 in south philadelphia. you can see the traffic is moving there, but some major roadways are just nearly at a standstill. a lot of people will be late this friday evening. now from our spanish language sister station is live for us in storm force ten. >> we saw a big tree down on mlk drive. >> that's right, guys. it's not looking pretty out here. it's really bad compared to what it was this morning. keep main mind, we're right in e middle of rush hour.
4:48 pm
i want you to look, we have montgomery drive right in front of where it meets mlk drive. a tree has fallen on top of an electrical wire. you can see to your far right. people are being very, very cautious this afternoon trying to get home as soon as possible. in some areas, it's been like a bumper to bumper traffic situation. k it's very slippery. very hard to see far. extremely cautious when you're going home, give yours some time to get home in time and know it's going to be a very slow commute. guys? >> great advice. take it slow. have patience. you're going to hit traffic, but it's going to be b great when you make it home. >> and you might see more trees down on those powerlines, creating more power outages as those winds continue to pick up throughout the evening hours. >> we know this storm is kind of sitting out there off the coast.
4:49 pm
let's check in with glenn hurrica hurrica hurricane. >> this problem continues to compound because of the big, wet flakes. it just gets heavier and heavier and heavier and the wind keeps hitting it and hitting it and there it goes. this storm is swri ganttic and the flow is in off the ocean then coming down. this way. so the western half of pennsylvania doesn't have a flake. our snow is moving from north t% south. in. try to separate the heavier snow. the areas are now moving into e delaware and into salem county in new jersey and some really heavy snow in these area. in chester, a little bit in philadelphia. and they had over three inches
4:50 pm
of snow. the edge of the snow. in heavy snow. and the heaviest snow of the day by far is parts of delaware. middletown, it's tapering off in westchester as you can see, moouing down in in direction. and there's drier air starting to show up in parts of north jersey and the drier air will be coming down. i don't like seeing a solid area of that blue color. if you start seeing breaks in it, that is a sign of the storm kind of trying to move out. viz bability is still pretty low, but not as low as it was an hour ago. pot pottstown, quaker town, bluebell, allen town has improved, coatesville, not as bad, but philadelphia so far at the airport, still half mile.
4:51 pm
in north jersey, it's improved, so we are seeing changes in the weather pattern here in the storminess. so so we're seeing it shift where the heaviest snow is, but we're continue tog see these powerful gusts. 62 miles an hour. dover. 54, atlantic city. these are current gusts. 68 in philadelphia. not going to drop a whole not overnight tonight and that's good news. but tomorrow, we'll be melting, but it's going to be a windy day. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. what you're looking at here, this is east and market from our camera on top of lowe's hotel. visibility is very low. it is snowing sideways and the roads are slick. down at the delaware peach beach beach, different conditions there. >> we're live with a big story today has been the wind, tim. the viz bability is fine down here. i'm standing this way to kind of protection myself. it gets hard to stand up. and it gets hard to talk on tv. you can see what the wind is doing to the signs and the power cables. we're also starting to see situations like this over here. i don't know where that came from, i'm going to maybe put it behind the truck just to be safe. but you can see, this is where
4:56 pm
it usually floods down here in this area of louis. we haven't seen the flooding yet, but i want to show you video. a mattress sign flew out of nowhere close to the highway. luckily it didn't go into the highway or somebody could have really gotten hurt. traffic in the town ss light, but on the highway, it's still thick. we talked to a woman here. >> i'm from pennsylvania, so i moved down here to get away from the cold and snow and stuff and it followed me and i'm ready for it to go somewhere else. >> yeah, that sounds pretty good, too. down that way, that's the beach town. again, the water hasn't come over the road, but the beach is now closed. not because of flooding. they closed ed it because of al the sand blew up into the parking lot. they don't want people pack iin it down when the rain stops,
4:57 pm
they want to push it back on to the beach. it's going to be longer. it is nasty and cold here. >> all right. much more coverage of this major winter storm still ahead. >> don't go anywhere. stay with us.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
winter not over yet. happening now, a wicked storm hitting our area. hitting pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. you are taking a live look at its wart. all of this unfolding during the drive home. >> we're bringing you live team coverage of this major storm's impact. our reporters are covering the entire area as the storm moves in. the conditions, very depending on where you are. we have a team here in our studios bringing you neighborhood by neighborhood forecast during this first alert and the latest road conditions bf you start your weekend. we start with the three major threats of this storm. dangerous and damaging winds up to 60 miles per hour in some areas. on the road, and possibility of flooding. >> tammie is kicking off the live coverage and the radar telling us where this thing is. it's not


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