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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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winter not over yet. happening now, a wicked storm hitting our area. hitting pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. you are taking a live look at its wart. all of this unfolding during the drive home. >> we're bringing you live team coverage of this major storm's impact. our reporters are covering the entire area as the storm moves in. the conditions, very depending on where you are. we have a team here in our studios bringing you neighborhood by neighborhood forecast during this first alert and the latest road conditions bf you start your weekend. we start with the three major threats of this storm. dangerous and damaging winds up to 60 miles per hour in some areas. on the road, and possibility of flooding. >> tammie is kicking off the live coverage and the radar telling us where this thing is. it's not moving.
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>> it's stationary. that's bad news continue to pound the area. coupled with the winds that have been between 50 and 70. yes, 71 miles an hour and that's why you have the whiteout conditions. putting it into motion, you can see we have north to south movements, but it's not moving east. we've got to get this baby out of here. the center of the storm is parked right offshore. and it's just bringing in all of this moisture and all of these high winds. so as we pair this up, get rid of the lighter snow and go where the heaviest snow is, you can see it stretching from philadelphia through the northern part of delaware and into parts of south jersey. we see the pink extending back into the poconos, where you have picked up 19 inches of snow. so you can see the bands moving over the same spot again and again. these are the damage reports so far. i would plan on seeing these quadruple at at least in the next couple of hours and here is
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the majin body of this storm system. you can see it just churning around up into parts of massachusetts. they've had 80 mile an hour plus wind gusts. so here's the storm system. in the atlantic. here are the winds coming in out of the north pounding us and the shoreline. and this is where we're going to be going. make it to about 10:00, we see a transition from rain to snow. we'll see everything around. we'll see a lot of damage. now we get into 2:00 in the morning. a mix of clouds. that's when we're quoing to expect to see early tomorrow morning, that coastal flooding along the shoreline. let's look at the future cast with the wind gusts. this is what we are expecting. right now, we're expecting to see these wind gusts along the shoreline in the 60 to 50i7 mile an hour range. they'll taper off across the area through the night and early tomorrow morning, it could be 40 to 50 mile an you are or wind
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gusts along the shoreline. glenn will be along to highlight what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> one of the things you warned us b about yesterday, trains would be imed. they stopped rolls as a result of the storm. we were going to show you 30th street station, but amtrak has suspended service on the northeast corridor. that's until tomorrow. >> let's bring in k araty. it is a messy evening commute. >> right. an understatement. really. jim, as you said, that's new news. we just got that a few minutes ago. this amtrak update. amtrak service between boston and washington, d.c. so northeast corridor service, that has been suspended. it will not be running until tomorrow. that's the word we just got from amtrak. new jersey transit, expect widespread delays there and for the surrounding suburb, most regional rail lines are
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suspended. they are not moving or running and you'll find bus and trolly delays as well. we are seeing widespread mass transit delays. i wish i could say the roads were better, but they're not. take a look at your drive time. to go southbound into route 38 and 168. we have a downed tree, that's eastbound. the traffic is backed up up to route 202 and the king of prussia area. >> no fun. here's a live look at allentown. more than 25,000 people are in the dark in the lehigh valley. 25,000. 15,000 of them in lehigh county. 15,000 in northamptom county. >> that's where we find steven fisher. he's live in hanover township
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where people have been dealing with this winter mess. some businesses closed early because the lights went out? >> a lot of businesses losing money today. i'm standing in parking lot where we're the only ones. they lost power, had to close down. same story up in wind gap. we talk today a whole row of businesses, also lost power. shut down early. they told me it's not so much the snow that caused it. it's really the blustery wind that has not quit all day. wind gap was beyond windy. causing the snow to come downsideways. >> it looks pretty much. the roads were covered and drivers were forced to drive in near whiteout conditions. some spinning their wheels. others just deciding to turn around on south broadway. >> it's the wind i believe that's causing this. it's pretty windy outside. >> john believes the it's the
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heavy wind that caused a lights to go out u in his diner. >> this is the worst winter so r far, but no power, there's not much u we can do. >> with no power and no customers, he shut down early. he wasn't the only one. >> the power going on and off. about 9:30 then of course, somewhere around 11:p3011:30, i off. even the stations are shut down with no power to the pumps. >> take a look here. you can see more power outages in the form of traffic lights. it's not hard enough to drive around here with with this wind, with this snow. not sure who is going at each team. that's because we have some powerlines out here. just one more thing to add to the mix here in hanover township and really the lee high valley. >> first thing this morning,
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have you seen, looks like the wind has picked up. have you seen it ebbing and flowing out there? >> yeah, there's only brief moment where is it's not so strong where it's nearly blowing you over. sfims, ysometimes you start to think, okay, it's starting to wind down, this wind, but then no, the wind comes right back and catches you off guard and makes you take a step or two. it really is that powerful. people when the -- watching people try and get in and out of their cars and in and out of the the convenience store, it was just a challenge doing that. it has not slowed down. check out the stop sign. this is planned well into the ground. they're not supposed to move like that. just tells you how massive these are.
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say good-bye to that, it will be well down the road. >> they're dealing with the wind. hoebt the poke owes. they're dealing with major snow. looking live there now. there have been blizzard conditions all afternoon. snow is still fall ting. >> glenn joins us now with a focused forecast on the lehigh valley. >> in the short-term, this pattern to change. this is a future cast and these colors in blue, that is snow continuing obviously this ooempk with the peek gusts. had a few inches of snow reported. with this. and then as you go into the evening, thor colors reveal another color. at 8:00, the wind still not di
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fini minnishing. past the midnight hour, the snow is ending. still gusts of 50 miles an hour. not until tomorrow morning that we see these gusts going down to 40 miles an hour. now of course the temperatures are going to be critical. burks county, lehigh valley. they haven't had as much now. 32 in bethlehem and eastmohannad we'll keep an eye on those temperatures hour by hour. >> all right, we'll check back in with you, glenn. conditions only getting worse in suburbs as well. >> and from plymouth valley, she's there once again. doesn't look like it's getting much better.
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>> now in the plymouth valley, two trees down here. just after 2:00 this afternoon and if that's not bad enough closing the streets here, take a look at what happened when kids were trying to come home from school. this schoolbus here ended up in the front yard of mark goldberg here from plymouth valley. you were home when this happened. >> yes, we were. >> tell me, the kids called their parents. >> there were half a dozen and it appears they were calling their parents. cars coming up the street taking them home. luckily, the kids have gotten off the bus at least. >> we've been checking in with road crew us and they say it's a mess. they're not going to get to this area anytime soon. it is completely blocked off. the two trees and the road, the downed wires. this road here leads you out to german town pike, which right now coming from east martin is a parking lot. there's no getting around out there. you're being told by montgomery county emergency crews, stay
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inside, don't go on the roads. especially if you don't have to. right now, county emergency is overwhelmed with 911 calls. they have brought in extra team. of course, if you see a team like this, these downed wires, don't go anywhere near them. according to county emergency alert, pico right now is overwhe overwhelmed. trying to get to these power wires that are down and could still be electrified. you want to stay away from them. right now, this neighborhood in plymouth valley, one of the tens of thousands of people in the region without power. that's the latest. nbc 10 news. >> you mentioned that you had moved from the other location. just a minute about the road conditions you guys encountered going from one place to the next. >> well, it was difficult. we tried coming down butler pike. towards germantown pike. we couldn't move. turned around. had a friend of mine text me that her relative was add ridge and butler.
5:12 pm
she was try iing to come home fm work and was going to take the turnpike. the turnpike eastbound as we went over it from german town, gridlocked. not moving. if you're feting on it, you're going to be sitting there for a while. >> a lot of that gridlock out there. that right there where she is, just an example. microcosm of what people are dealing with in this storm. now we're at the jersey shore. looking live at cape may marina. conditions here. gusts there have reached 60 miles per hour. >> jersey shore reporter ted greenberg is live in ocean city. just the start of the problem there, ted. >> the winds this afternoon are really causing a problem. lots of problems. with these waves. take a look at some pictures i got just a kouchl minutes ago from cape may. this is from the cape may fire
5:13 pm
department and images of a building on jackson street. a roof was blown off the building. indi indi indicative of how strong the winds are. that pild building has businesses on the bottom. luckily, nobody hurt. but i'm told people won't be able to live there. that is on ongoing concern as well. driv flooding in other coastal communities. more expected during this evening's high tide. >> you have all these cooperations. >> ocean city fire department has five big military surplus
5:14 pm
trucks ready to roll through high water if needed. >> bringing in extra personnel. zwl zbl they're for fighting fires during floods and rescuing people from homes and stranded cars. >> ach you try to educate the public, people try to drive through water that the car can't make it through. >> authorities urge you not to do that. you can get sucked in flood water. really mess up your car because w we're talking about water you're driving. these winds causing ongoing problems with power outages as well. the number of total are currently in the dark. number of customers going up. and last check, more than 20,000 customers currently without pour power. live in ocean city, nbc 10. >> i think the wind may be messing with your signal. but you're going to be live tomorrow at the jersey shore and
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watching for the possibility of the coastal flooding. >> that's right. we're going to be in the wildwood, watching it as high tide approaches. that high tide about 9:00 in the morning along the back bay. >> ted reporting live for us. thanks for that. >> let's talk about air travel, you can guess what the situation is when you look at this live pick ch liveture. it's affecting tral in the skies. a live look at philly. american airlines had suspendedsuspended all future flights. there have beene than 325 flight cancellations so far today. as always, the airport urging travelers. check the status of your flight. once again, if you were planning to fly american this afternoon, forget about it. it's not going to happen. they've sus ended everything for the rest of the day. >> all right. take a look at this. this is why we need your pictures and video.
5:16 pm
thick, heavy, wet snow flakes from montgomery county. laura sent us this video from our neighborhood. you can see the snow mostly sticki ining to the grass, but was this morning. situation changing by the hour. the latest look at your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood coming up.
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welcome back to our coverage
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of the major storm. from philadelphia to south jersey. a major headache for commuters across the area at this hour. >> other people are seeing it as an opportunity. live where one person went for a test drive. >> if it passes the tes of all of what we're dealing with out here today. the slush. the sleet, the rain, the sideways snow. poor visibility. if your brand-new car is going to pass that test, i imagine it's a yes. thumb's up, sold. for diane, revving the engine and testing heated ed seats on tresh route day like today. >> today's a great day to buy a car. >> didn't open the sunroof, but didn't dare give up her appointment at lexus of cherry hill. she almost had to place to herself. >> get all the attention we need
5:20 pm
today. >> it was on her test drive. zbr zbl glint yint baby the car. so i was very, very pleased with the way it handled. >> she decided sold, this car is r for her. >> when march came, i knew we would be in for terrible weather. didn't quite expect this. >> she's trading in a convertible for an suv. she needs more room for golf clubs come spring. did she get a discount? >> yes, i will take care of her 100%. >> i see a cruise to the caribbean. >> the it's been a snow significant, we'll move the cars into the back so it's ease yr for the customer. >> guys it was turning -- just before noon today, so by now, they may be doing a little bit of shuffling those cars.
5:21 pm
to make room for some of the plows in the lot. you take a look at the signage out here. you can't even make it out. snow falling in this direction, it's sticking to the signage out here. she had to pay good xaengs. just got a text from a local police chief in berlin and he was telling me actually that some of the signals, the traffic signals, they are coated in snow. obviously they're waving and so forth, but some of the lrk ed ligh le derks lights would shine through. nbc 10 news. >> and she disappears. appreciate you and your crew in this conditions. tammie is watching these conditions very carefully. all afternoon long and this thing is kind of just sitting out there. do we have an idea when it might start to move? >> it's going to start moving out tomorrow. so we are going to be stuck in the middle through the evening
5:22 pm
hours. i think by midnight, we'll start to feel the winds ease up a lit compared to what they are now. this is what we're dealing with. this is a giant tree across city avenue. this was sent in by jessica jones. you can send in your pictures and you'll have instruction us there. we have giant trees down all over the area. this is dangerous. it's causing power outages. we have pictures of trees into houses so please stay in. do not go out. travel not advised unless it's an emergency. and that's what the problem is. we have some of that snow. that is not going to be our biggest concern. it's blowing around and sticking to signs as cyd iny just showed you. you see the darker shades of purple. that's where we have the worst of the know coming down and whiteout conditions. churning and churning and
5:23 pm
churning. it's not good news. we want this thing headed out to sea. the heaviest snow is where you see these bands of pink and the bands of the bluish green color. and the rest of the area around it not the heaviest bands of snow. that's where they are right now. so we continue to watch this whole system just turn on top of us. up into new england, they're getting the worst of the winds. they have 80 mile an hour winds up there. we're seeing 70 mile an hour plus winds along the jersey shore here. 60 miles an hour in the poke owes and the suburbs into philadelphia confirmed. this is what we're watching. through the evening, let's walk you through it hour by hour. temperatures are above freezing, so yes, there is some slush, but we're not going to see huge accumulations here like in the
5:24 pm
poconos. a foot to two feet in some areas there. that's because they've been below freezing. we'll see a transition back to rain and slush as it moves out. by the time we get to 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, the precipitation has stopped. 71 in cape may. 61 in atlantic city. 66 in louis and delaware. 62 in dover. weather grove, pennsylvania, 60 mile an hour wind gusts. 58 in redding. northeast philadelphia, 62. 60 at mt. pocono. so we're going to see these going up. we'll bring you more wind gusts and have more in just a few minutes. >> in chester county, it kind of looks like a snow globe here. check out the snow falling on the rooftops. sticking to tree branches right here. >> and a live look at the air monte building in philadelphia. the flags were taken down in participation of the wind.
5:25 pm
dangerous winds are really causing damage across the area. we are monitoring the impact, next.
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both your federal and private student loans. so you can start saving and get on with your life. ask a leader in student lending how we can help you reach your potential. welcome back. tracking this major storm moving through our area. one of the biggest impacts is the inevening commute. >> it is nasty. we're driving through kenwood
5:28 pm
right now. you're not going very fast there. >> not going anywhere not anytime soon. exactly. we were on city avenue trying to make our way, but just stopped. that's because of the tree that's down. tammie showed it to us. really if you're driving away from it, say you made it on 76, got on to city av, heading to the suburbs, your going to get stopped. that's where that tree is down. just want to show you some of the road conditions here. this slush is really starting to ice over. we're in a pretty heavy duty suv and have a little trouble out here on the roads. back to you in the studio. >> that is a mess. everybody needs patience. just chill out. it's going to be a while before you get home and you want to get home safely. >> if you don't have to be out,
5:29 pm
don't be out. >> our coverage of this nasty storm kopts. >> we have reporters ready to bring you the conditions. >> heavy wind and wet snow keeping most people off the streets. we are live in center city, coming up. >> we're hoping the water over there and the water over there doesn't end up on the road over here. live when we come right back on b nbc 10 news. ♪
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a major storm system is slamming our area right now. making the drive home a mess. a live look at roads all over the area. whipping winds and flying snow have made travel really tre treacherous out there. good evening. >> nbc 10 is bringing you live team coverage as this storm moves and continues to develop, it has three major components. those wick ed winds, whiteout conditions in some areas and coastal flooding. reporters bringing you a look at the changing conditions and our team inside the studios has our first alert forecast. a slow go with slick, snowy roads have drivers taking it easy out there this afternoon. this is video from monument road right near nbc 10. and look at it. that tells you you need to go slow. that was a layer of slush and snow there. >> we started with tammie.
5:33 pm
you said we would get this messy storm and here it is. >> it's living up to the hype and not going anywhere soon. tonight, don't go out. if it's not an emergency, don't go out. it's just too dangerous. we have trees down, powerlines down. cars spinning off of roads. not a good place to be. leets start with the impasse. the struck of high winds are going to continue through tonight. trees will continue to come down. you may suffer power outages if you have not already. heavy wind, snow and whiteouts. property damage. that's going to continue through tonight along with the dangerous travel. now the coastal flooding, that's goic going to start before dawn tomorrow and through the high tide tomorrow. that's timing of everything with this system. let's look at the snow. we have that snow. we have rain in southern delaware, but it's a wet, heavy
5:34 pm
snow. the heaviest now is across northern delaware. and right into about salem. the area in south jersey. philadelphia still looking at steady snow and then we get back toward trenton and there's steady snow. you can see the bands of a darker purple coming through the area. right here, again, that's where we're seeing the heaviest snow bands. wilmington and smyrna. what we're worried about is the visib visibility. mt. pocono, half a mile. some places there seeing 19 places after now snow. redding starting to clear out. bluebell, a half a mile visibl visibility. a mile and a half in northeast nif philadelphia, so getting better there. a mile in atlantic city. half mile in millville. so this is your checklist for tonight. avoid traveler iing. make sure you have the flashlights ready. keep the refridge traitors closed in case the power goes out. cancel activities that you have
5:35 pm
and check on your neighbors. make sure they're doing well in their homes. back to you. >> want to give you a live look right now. if you can make it out, it's been a nightmare for commuters up and down the east coast today. yes, the you u can't see much. amtrak is suspending its northeast corridor service until tomorrow. accept ta has suspended nine of its regional rail lines. >> new jersey transit impacted and katy has a look at the messy commute home. >> we'll get to that, mass transit. i want to start off in new jersey. this is a live look at route 30 and 295. there's a downed tree just out of our camera view. between 295 and kings highway. you'll find that along route 30. it's one of the reasons this traffic is going so slowly because they have to ma mover around the downed tree. let's take a snapshot.
5:36 pm
we have 24 miles an hour. that's the average speed you're seeing on 95. but that is well north of the city. getting into bux county. as you seven miles an hour is what we're seeing on 676 through philadelphia. 15 miles an hour on parts of the blue roof and similar for if k so schulykill expressway. there's a crash on lincoln drive northbound. on gypsy lane and we're getting reports, because of that crash, traffic is backed up all the way to kelly drive. airport delays. sizable. we said at the top of the show, american airline has canceled all flights into philadelphia international airport today. and then many arriving flights have been b diverted. some as far as to dulles in washington, d.c. and inside the air part, they're setting up cots for passengers
5:37 pm
knowing they're going to be inside the airport for a while. back to you. >> seven miles an hour on 676. downed trees are also the story of the day. we're seeing this happening just about everywhere. a viewer sent us these pictures from center city. between 23rd and 24th. it's the combination of the heavy, wet snow and those whipping winds and the wet ground. a recipe for these toppled trees. >> miguel is live where trees were ripped out ground there by some of these winds. >> that's exactly right. so we're here in written house square. you can see one of those trees. one of the casualties of that wind. as we zoom in, this tree has been down all day. just one of many thing that is the wind has taken down today. a messy morning come meet. >> feels really messy and wet. wert than regular rain. >> while the weather may have
5:38 pm
started bit ner the morning, it grew more intense in the afternoon as the wind picked up and rain turned to snow. >> it wasn't too bad to get here, but right now, it's like -- >> it proved no match. >> it almost broke when i kim in. when i was walking from the train to my office, it almost broke. >> umbrellas are kind of useless when it's like this. rainy and windy. better off with a jacket. with a hood on it. >> it wasn't the only thing destroyed by the winds. a tree fell in the square. they tried their best to do so. people are hustling their bustle a little bit. nobody wants to stay out. not very long. >> you see another umbrella right there that could not keep wup this wind and because of that wind, because of the wet, cold weather, a lot of people
5:39 pm
opting to stay in doors, to stay away from the outside today. in center city, nbc 10 news. >> good advice. taking a live look, broad street and the commute there right now. still falling a little bit there. roads are slick. >> doesn't look like it's swirling around as much as it was earlier. glenn is back with your focus first alert focus in philadelphia. >> yeah, jim. as you know, walking those streets in center city, it's like a canyon effect. the wind just rushes across the intersection and it feels like it's twice as fast in certain spots then it dies down. here we go with what's going to happen in philadelphia. as we go into the evening hours, this white and blue, that's snow. it's lighter than what we've seen. we have winds gusting potentially over 50 miles an hour. by 11:00 tonight, still windy.
5:40 pm
the snow lightening up and as it does, it could start to mix a little bit with some sleet and rain and there are the winds kying down a little bit by morning, but at least the snow is out of here and by tomorrow afternoon, it will not be as windy as it will be in the morning. here we are, saturday afternoon, northwest wind here. watching the temperatures, because it's borderline in philadelphia, 33 at the airport. those numbers have not changed in the past hour. we continue to monitor them. all of our neighborhoods and you can monitor your neighborhood, too, by using our nbc 10 app. >> all right, glenn. let's take a live look at presidential avenue. it's a little out of focus. the traffic is moving. you can stay on top of the storm
5:41 pm
with our nbc 10 app. you can check the radar. it goes down to your street. you can download that app for free in the app store. >> our major storm coverage continues. this is the scene just a short time ago in chinatown. people to cover their heads.
5:42 pm
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welcome back. nbc 10 tracking this major storm
5:44 pm
impacting the entire area, but in timpbt ways depending on where you are. this storm packing high winds, also snow. >> right now, the italian market, you can see snow there. the streets and sidewalks, but doesn't lock like drivers were having too many issues in this area. wind and light snow can be seen blowing through bare trees there. we talked to the mayor and he said city officials are working to protect residents against the high winds we're experiencing. >> the commissioner has reached out through social media and other avenues to talk to people who have f to saffolding up, construction cranes, those kinds of things to secure that equipment to make sure it doesn't blow over and blow away. >> all right, down the shore, a live look at ocean city. you see conditions there, really different from what we're seeing in the lehigh valley and in philadelphia, where we saw that
5:45 pm
snow. moe mostly rain here at the shore, but we're also expecting the worst around 8:30, 9:00 tonight. and take a look at this. our viewers sending in video here. a tree falling over on the camera. gina sent this from her home in lehigh valley. so be careful out there, everybody. our continues average after this. >> we will see more of this major winter storm and coastal storm is kind of a combination. look at all the damage reports so far. these are only going to go up. we'll talk about what's happen ng your neighborhood when i come back. mom, dad, can we talk?
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whipping winds are sending snow flying across the roads, making the drive home really dangerous. >> we're live in storm force ten with a look at the latest road conditions. alex, you're in south philadelphia now. >> that's right. i'm actually on oregon avenue. as you can see in front of us. it's really quiet out here. nobody has come to this area. even is staying in their homes to avoid any problems on the roads, to avoid the rains, wind and snow. as you can see, those who are driving, those are being very cautious when behind the wheel because it could still be dangerous. still be a little bit slippery. we are actually within driving from the highway on i-76 towards the area and even the highway was quiet. people were driving under the speed limit. as you can see, right in front of us, we're going to drive past
5:49 pm
a couple of -- you can see the wind is strong from by the looks of it. like i said, people are just trying to be cautious and stay inside of their homes. back to you. >> live for us and really depends on where you live. where she is, you can see a lot of just wet roads. other places, we've got snow and a lot of other issues. >> what is that behind you? >> a tree into a house. courtney sent this in. that is a large tree. we're going to see more of this as we head through the evening. power outage, powerlines down, trees into houses. probably billboards down. i know there have been reports of a roof being torn off in cape may, so this is going to be a problem as we head through the evening. let's look at the radar. the darker shades of purple is
5:50 pm
where we have the steadier snow being blown around. the people that are still out and about on the road. overall, umbrella concern with this is the wind. we get down here into southern ke de and that's a mixing line where we have steadier lane. millport, you are in a really heavy burst of a wet, snowy, rain mix. it's probably blowing sideways right now. this is still not moving eastward. as fast as we'd like to. the dry air is mixing in and we're getting cold in the precipitation. that's a good thing especially for the folks in the poconos. picking up 19 inches of snow already. the areas of pink, that's where we have the steadier snow right now. this area in northern delaware is where we have the heaviest snow from middleton to smyrna. that's where we're concerned about visibility. these are the storm reports so far. many of them are downed trees
5:51 pm
and damage to homes. w we're going to see these go way up. double or quadruple. you can see it now stretching from new york to new england. so we're going to be watching this as it just slowly kind of falls apart overnight. but the winds are going to continue to be strong all night long and that's our biggest concernment look at the winds coming in out of the north. they're going to start piling water up later tonight. but right now, we're seeing temperatures just above the freezing mark. that's why that snow that you saw out there on the roadways is kind of melting. it is sticking to grassy areas and blowing around. we'll see more mixing in with rain as we head through tonight. the winds will be shifting more to pile up the water. 2:30 in the morning, the last is maybe starting to clear philadelphia and it's offshore by 6:00 or 7:00, but we have the heavy waninds and coastal floodg threat. take a look at what the forecast wind gusts are.
5:52 pm
we're going to see the strongest one continuing in the 50, 60 mile an hour range along the coast and tapering off to the 40 and 20 mile an hour range by tomorrow morning. especially in philadelphia. we'll see stronger wind gusts in some suburbs and again, through parts of delaware, but this is nothing compare today what we have seen so far. so through the remainder of the night, dangerous conditions are going to persist because of the high winds and because of the slippery, slippery roadways. back over to you. >> take a live look at the comcast center n center city. tough to navigate today especially if you've been on foot with these high winds as the snow, forget trying to carry an umbrella. no different across the river. here's a look at camden. south jersey also pelted with the snow, the rain and those heavy wind gusts. this is the beach where the wind is whipping up the waves there.
5:53 pm
hear it. see it. coastal flooding will be an issue with this storm. we have a live check coming up next. new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement.
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5:55 pm
the rest of the storm, coastal flooding. the worst is expected to come overnight and tomorrow morning. >> tim is live again in lewis where the winds are just whipping out there.
5:56 pm
>> it is awful, guys. this is one of my favorite spots in delaware. they have parks over there. you can see how much water is coming in here right now, it is super windy. he this water coming in meetings up with a marsh on the other side of the bridge over there. it can sometimes slide out to the other side. when it does, it cuts off one section of lewis from the other. the beaareas beach areas, they' closed it off. there's a marina behind us, i'm not going to turn around because the rain is going to destroy the camera lens. a boat has fallen on to its side. one of the nights, i'm looking at irish eyes here pub, there's
5:57 pm
a nice crowd and potato soup on the menu. i think i might have to make a pit stop. it is nasty. nbc 10 news. >> not a bad idea, tim. thanks for that. >> order some extra for us. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> coming up at 6:00, more scenes from this major storm. we are getting new video and pictures of the damage. we'll take you neighborhood by neighborhood for a look at the conditions where you live. >> poconos to the shores to the suburb, i have new information about this major storm and its impact on the entire area next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> a major winter storm is rolling through the region. trees are toppled, roads are closed and commuters are having trouble getting home. >> it is down right dangerous out u there this evening. here's what's happening right now. hundred of thousands of people are without power. amtrak has suspended all service along the northeast corridor until tomorrow. septa has shut down several regional trolly lines. >> explosions are rocking neighborhoods tonight as transformers are blow iing,
6:00 pm
sparking fires. this video coming to us from r carmen in sharon hill. this is happening in neighborhoods all over. heavy snow is accumulating on electrical wire ts r, causing them to fall. the exit is still jammed up. here is why. take a look. a free fell on top of a septa bus. that happened around 1:00. four passengers were injured. a massive tree is now sitting on a house. this is on lyle lane. that tree uprooted in the front yard and crashed right on top of that home. >> wow. also a rough ride on the cape may lewis ferry today. look at the water. choppy waters out there. starting the rock back and forth back and forth and because of the weather, the ferry has canceled all remaining departures today. that is not surprising. tammie is tracking what's happening now where you live. >> what we're going look at is the timing of what we have to look forward to. it's going to be a rough t.


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