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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 3, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, storm talk. neighborhoods across the region take a beating from that late season blast that brought us rain, snow, and fierce winds. we're tracking the threat still out there that includes high tide danger. the jersey shore and delaware beaches are bracing for possible flooding as the storm makes it way out of here. we'll go live to west wildwood. a lot of folks are facing the job of removing downed trees while power crews work to
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restore electricity knocked out by the storm. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us on this saturday. it's just after 5:30. the winds, they're backing off just a little bit. but they are still strong out there. our first alert is in effect because of the high winds and because of the threat of coastal flooding down the shore. our meteorologist is tracking that all for us this morning. fill us in. >> there's good news and bad news. some of the threats we dealt with yesterday are starting to quiet down. one of those including the rain and snow that we dealt with yesterday and boy, did we get a good bit of snow across the region. reports of around an inch and a half in philadelphia. higher amounts further north. in the poconos nearly two feet of snow fell with the winter system. it is now well east of us. no longer under the influence of the precipitation bans, but we are still under the influence of the winds.
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they are wrapping around like yesterday from the north and now really starting to wrap from the northwest. so we still have a few isolated flurries over chester county. for the most part we're dry. the roadways slushy and grassy zones with snow on top of them. 41 miles per hour wind gusts in philadelphia. 37 in wilmington. nearly at 30 for wildwood. 32 atlantic city. the gusts are strong enough to knock things around. don't pull backyard. it's going to be a windy weekend. if you have a weak branch that's dangling, pull it down yourself before it's yanked off as we go through today. current temperatures, we are just about freezing. this is why a lot of the roadways aren't necessarily icy but they are slushy. kind of this melt, mush, mix on the roads. still got to take it slow. 35 in philly and 36 in trenton. look at the trend in
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philadelphia through the next several hours. making it to the 40s by 11:00 a.m. windy and mostly cloudy conditions. good news is we stay dry this weekend. we'll talk more about the coastal flood threat in a few minutes. major storm is causing major headaches like this fire in cherry hill. fallen live wires blue transformers and ignited flames at cooper landing road yesterday. power outages have left hundreds of thousands in the cold and dark. there's trouble on the shore. strong winds and flooding with more high water expected later this morning. our reporter ted is live in west wildwood to talk about the next high tide. >> reporter: yeah. in fact, higher water levels than we have seen at any point during this storm. that's what we are expecting as we get closer to high tide later
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on this morning. we're along the back way in west wildwood. it's churning. the wind is whipping. not as hard as it was yesterday when gusts reached 70 miles per hour or so here in cape may county. still gusty this morning, nonetheless. the next high tide is coming up at about 9:30 along the back bays. it always happens earlier on the ocean. about 9:30 on the back bay here in cape may county, atlantic county a little later on long beach island. that's when we're expecting the moderate flood threat. moderate coastal flood threat. look at video from last night. that's minor tidal flooding. that's what we've seen so far. in atlantic city that's what we saw last night. also some serious wind damage. winds have been gusting. they tore some chunks off the side of the former trump plaza casino. in cape may, the winds ripped
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the roof off a building in jackson street in cape may city. no reports of injuries. the next threat is the coastal flooding threat. moderate coastal flooding expected not only at the high tide coming up later this morning but also this evening's high tide and possibly again tomorrow morning. that means that more roadways will be flooded. a deeper water level. you want to keep that in mind if you're going to be out and about here at the jersey shore today. also power outagesli lingering. about 13,000 customers still without power this morning. live in west wildwood, ted greenberg. thank you. we'll check back with you shortly. trees are down all over the area. this massive tree is sitting on top of a house on riley lane in ken wood. that tree uprooted and crashed into the home. an nbc 10 viewer caught this
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tree falling outside of her window in the lehigh valley. scary for that family inside the home. this comes to us from viewer gina holmes. you can see the strong winds just pulled it out of the ground, knocked it over on to the street. trees down about everywhere not only making the roads treacherous but the power lines are coming down with it. that means a lot of people still without power. we are checking out the problem and we are joined live with randy. >> reporter: here in montgomery county the issue wasn't so much the roads. you can see not much snow covering the roads. up on the trees, that caused a lot of problems. snow, heavy wet snow in particular covering a lot of the trees. that led to things like this in white marsh township. trees falling onto power lines. power lines themselves coming down. peco says they've restored power to about 250,000 residents but there are so many more out there it could take days.
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they say it will be a multiday operation. peco says they'll bring in more reinforcements. all the power outages causing people to obviously lose electricity, lose heat. the red cross opening a shelter in horshum overnight at keith middle school. we stopped to talk to people who lost electricity. >> our shelter is open and will stay open as long as we're requested to. >> i'm going to stay here as long as i can. i'm sure the power will come back on, but yeah. i just thank god for these people. >> reporter: again, peco says it could take days for some people. there's still power lines down on a number of roads across the area. urging people to be careful when you head out. once we get to daylight, peco crews will be out throughout the day. also tree crews will be clearing a lot of the debris. it's going to be a busy morning throughout montgomery county. >> we thought winter was behind
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us. not yet. if you're heading out to catch a train or bus, check with amtrak. amtrak is working on a modified schedule for the northeast corridor. septa has problems on numbers of lines. there's a downed tree causing a detour this morning. peco has restored power to about a quarter million customers but there are still 293,000 customers without electricity. that means they're cold and in the dark this morning. ppl reports about 27,000 outages. ac electric is working on 14,000. one customer was told his customer wouldn't be on until monday night. delmarva power has more than 26,000 customers in the dark. if you're without power, maybe you're watching us on your phone, plug in and power up. we are partnering with comcast to let you recharge your devices at participating xfinity stores
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in the area. everybody is welcome and the service is free. coming up, travel trouble. we have to talk about the airports. the major storm caused a cancellation of hundreds of flights at philly international. this is a live look at the airport. you can see the winds still gusting out there. we're checking for improvements right after the break. plus between us again. big job ahead today for a lot of people in our area to get the downed trees from off the road, get the power lines back up and ready. we'll be watching this as well.
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welcome back. your meteorologist is here. other than the wind advisory, that's the tan shading you see. it's been downgraded from a high wind warning.
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the bad thing is it's windy enough to cause issues through 6:00 a.m. in the pennsylvania neighborhoods. we are looking at that wind advisory. it's a little longer through noon for parts of south jersey, the shore and delaware. again, just because the wind advisory may expire doesn't mean a weak branch can't snap. take caution. the coastal flood, the green. delaware beaches, and the jersey shore as well through 3:00 tomorrow. that's low tide tomorrow that this is in place through. we're talking several high tide cycles that may lead to issues. especially for the back base, we are watching this morning and as we go into this evening for moderate coastal flooding. the wind are coming in from the north and northwest. that means that this is a land breeze moving off to the ocean. helpful right against the shoreline. a bit. although the waters are churned and it's going to be a high tide. but against the back bays, the winds are going to force water
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in. the arrows, those are the areas under threat. same deal in areas like cape may point, north cape may and lewis beach, these are the zones we're watching closely. and speaking of lewis beach, 9:32 is high tide. that's when they may see moderate coastal flooding. roadways that typically flood out are liking to do so. >> cold outside but hot at home. the sixers have their winning streak at the wells fargo center. we have the highlights coming up next in your saturday morning sports.
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this is a live look at the boardwalk in ocean city. you can see wet out there on the boards. not a whole lot of snow. the real issue down the shore is going to be the coastal flood threat that continues through this morning. we heard from ted a short time ago south of ocean city in west wildwood. they're expecting the next high tide around 9: 30 or so. we'll watch this throughout the day. stick with us. our meteorologist will be back with more of her first alert forecast. snow and ice from the storm caused problems in montgomery county. this glocolonial elementary sch bus got stuck on a lawn. no kids were on board. slick roads delayed buses from picking up kids from schools for several hours yesterday. fallen trees and power outages, a common problem. five trees fell behind this home
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in pl . >> the whole house shook. when it happened. >> right here and then as you can see it stretches now. >> wet, slippery roads caused dozens of traffic accidents in montgomery county. one driver slammed into a tree and walked away with no visible injuries. if you're flying out of philly international today, expect delays. more than 500 flights were cancelled yesterday because of the storm. that means a lot of people backed up. it includes all american flights. all the this while the airport was being pounded by snow and rain. airport officials are warning anyone flying out today to be prepared for the residual delays. we continue to track threat that's with us. we have some strong winds out there. okay, not as strong as yesterday but nonetheless, it can bring
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trees down that are weakened by yesterday's storm. our meteorologist is tracking that for us. and then the flooding. >> reporter: yeah. instead of talking precipitation, winds, and flooding, we're now just really focussed on the winds and the flooding concern. look at radar and satellite. there's not much left over our region. a lot of that moisture is now offshore and out to the east of us. we still have a few little flakes trying to fall over parts of chester, upper montgomery and burks county, even into the lehigh valley. parts that don't need more snow after yesterday. 2 feet yesterday in the poconos. gusts around 25 miles per hour in coatesville. philly, atlantic city at 32. that's high enough that if you have a tree that was weakened yesterday, the roots have kind of lifted out but it hasn't fallen all the way over, one nice little burst and it may come down this morning or even into this afternoon.
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that's part of the reason we're under a first alert through 10:00 a.m. this morning. the current wind gusts don't die down. we're around 40 miles per hour gusts at noon. in the afternoon gusts around 30 miles per hour. so this isn't quite as strong. now we're shaping up better. that's this afternoon. through this morning watch out if you see something that looks weak, you may need to keep an eye on it or remove it yourself before it becomes a problem. as we run through the overnight and into your sunday morning, breezy to windy. gusts around 25 to 30 miles per hour. that pretty much stays the theme for the afternoon. gusts 25 at the shore. 30 miles per hour. tomorrow breezy. still under the influence of the system even though we will be dry over our weekend. coastal flooding, an issue. the winds are coming in from the north and northwest. it's slightly helpful but regardless, we're talking moderate coastal flooding threats. 10 to 15 feet possible. the roadways that typicali typi
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flood out, those are the areas under threat. i have a particular threat for the back bays and areas like lewes beach or cape may point that get a direct effect from the winds this morning. let's talk about the temperatures today. this is actually nice to look at. they're going to be warming into the 40s this morning. 46 in center city. lower forts over the lehigh valley. 44 for trenton. and upper 40s possible at the shore. same deal in delaware, mid to upper 40s possible for highs. we'll welcome warmer temperatures and melt off the inch or two you may have accumulated on the grass or snow. notice any small flakes this morning are out of here quickly. this is at 8:00 a.m. winds are impactful. temperatures into the 40s this afternoon. at 6:00, still cloudy. peeks of sun possible, but clouds. tomorrow, clear start of the
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morning and mostly sunny as we run through the daytime hours of your sunday. the pick of the weekend definitely going to be your sunday when we have more sunshine and lighter winds. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm john clark with nbc sports. the sixers have now won 11 straight games at home. that's their longest home winning streak since the 1983 championship team. 35 years ago. that is how hot they are at the wells fargo center. charlotte down by as many as 14 in the first half. before the half, ben simmons. sixers are down eight at the half. look at this. boom. and then the alley-oop from simmons. joel with 14 rebounds, sixers within three. they're up one and big ben is going to dunk again. 15 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists
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for simmons. sixers win 110-99. brown gets a big hug from eagles star brandon graham right there. ilyasova a big night. aaron nolan is the opening starter. take a look. struggles a little bit. gives up a single to in the second. allows two runs over three innings. but picked up by scott kingery. scott, his third home run in 12 at bats. he's batting over .400 and is probably going to start the season in triple a. phillies win 9-2. penn state, here's the basic reaction from the nfl combine. wow. barkley ran a 4.4140 yard bash.
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among the best for the running backs. he could be a top five pick. but for eagles fans the giants have the second overall pick. villanova finishes the regular season tonight against georgetown. could be the last home game for two juniors. take a look. this is mckale bridges and bronson to be the player of the year. the two leading scorers, are they going to the nba? >> both of them have great opportunities in front of them. kale has a chance to be a first round pick. if it's a guarantee, i'm booting him out of here. it probably will be for them. what's nice for them is if for some reason they want to come back, we'd welcome them with open arms. it looks like for both of them, it will be their last open game. >> they've been fantastic. up one at yale three seconds left. underneath the basket.
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that's a layup at the buzzer. and penn loses 80-79. i'm john clark. enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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today you may be dialing a new area in philadelphia. this is the first day of the new
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445 area code. it will be activated. the new number joins the others that are just about running out. you may be thinking about tackling your taxes this weekend, especially as you're inside staying out of the cold weather. the united way and campaign for working families are offering free tax preparation help at 30 different sites. low income families can go to the free library to get more information. it's a few minutes before 6:00 this morning. we're talking about the major winter storm throughout the region. coming up for air after the monster storm yesterday. it's not over for the jersey shore. that's where ted greenberg is live for us this morning. >> reporter: that's right. we are waiting for the highest flood threat so far we've seen during this storm. the water levels rising here in the wildwood as we approach high tide in just a few hours from now. a live report straight ahead. >> we'll be watching that from
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8:00 to 11:00 a.m. this morning throughout the coastal point. and then we're watching this across the region. wind gusts strong enough to knock things around this morning. we'll look at how high they go and when they finally die down over the weekend. right now a live view from cape may mary rina with a moderate flood threat.
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right now, winter's wrath. a remind frer mother nature that the season is not over. snow may have stopped by the winds are strong enough today to knock down trees. our first alert weather team is tracking the aftermath as the region recovers. coastal flood threats. we're watching that this morning. the shore is bracing for high tide. more high water. we'll take you live to the wildwood. toppled trees about everywhere you turn. neighborhoods have been turned upside down with damage. hundreds of thousands are still in the dark we'll update the numbers and the efforts to get the power back on. no electricity, cold inside a lot of people's homes. don't worry. we'll help you get through it. good morning. it's 6:00 on this saturday. the snow has


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