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tv   Today  NBC  March 3, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning. deadly nor'easter. a relentless winter storm unleashes fury along the east kee coast. the hurricane force winds and leaving more than 2 million in the dark. seven people killed with swift water teams making rescues. today, rising waters and heavy winds are threatening more lives along the coast. from virginia to maine. we are live in the thick of it with the forecast of what to expect. and captured. after a massive manhunt through the night, authorities arrest the 19-year-old accused of gunning down his parents at central michigan university. this morning, the latest details on the takedown.
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dramatic rescue. saving five people buried alive at the ski resort in california. rushing to the scene to save those trapped under the snow. and harvey weinstein's lawyer defends the casting couch calling it a choice, not rape. a car plows into a protesters group. and is it take two for take down faye dunaway and warren beatty? today is saturday, march 3rd, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with sheinelle jones and craig melvin and dylan dreyer. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones alongside
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jeff rossen who is filling in for craig. >> he is seeing his family. >> dylan dreyer is here. can we talk about the storm? i have never seen so many abandoned umbrellas on the sides of the streets. two of them were mine. destroyed. >> the winds were incredible to the point where trees were falling on the tracks. i was supposed to take the amtrak from boston. i had to get on the road. it was two hands on the wheel because the winds would take your car. >> you normally don't have two hands on the wheel? >> white knuckle. >> it is our top story. the deadly winter storm that pounded the east coast with heavy rain and hurricane-force wind gusts. it is not over. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in the bull's-eye of the storm. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. a brutal 24 hours here. this is far from over.
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we have seven deaths blamed on the storm. the rain has stopped, but gusty winds continue to push the water ashore. the water hasn't receded and another high tide hours away which has people here still on edge. a relentless assault. winds gusting to hurricane strength over 90 miles an hour. toppling trees and power lines and leaving more than 2 million in the dark. >> frightening because it looks like the neighbor's boat will crash in the window. >> reporter: for those riding it out, dire warnings. so far two dangerous high tides poured in filling homes and streets. >> this is the surge. it comes in quickly. >> reporter: the quick rising water giving pause to those salty soul whos who ridden out storms here before. >> whoa. that was up over the roof. >> we have to step back. >> reporter: in duxbury,
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massachusetts, authorities have gotten more than 100 calls. swift water teams at the ready today as neighborhoods remain cut off. >> there is a road under here. >> reporter: this is the only type of vehicle in places that can get through. >> a normal vehicle trying to get through is stuck and we have to rescue. >> reporter: tens of millions bearing the brunt from high winds rocking and toppling trucks in new york and trees turning deadly in several places. including this one that fell on the 6-year-old in his home. downed power lines sparked the gas fire in massachusetts. in some places, it was heavy snow making driving treacherous. amtrak will run again today between boston and washington. only on a modified schedule. and airports are still a mess with thousands of flights canceled. for those who did fly, it was terrifying. it took two harrowing tries to put this plane down in washington. >> there's lots of people throwing up in bags.
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it was crazy. >> reporter: a storm shaking millions. now waking up to yet another day of the nor'easter's wrath. we have that next high tide coming at around noon. the ground saturated in the area. with the gusty winds, we could see more trees down and more power lines down and all of those people without power and imagine being a power crew and working on the lines with the winds gusting at 30 or 40 miles an hour. that will take time. it will be a long weekend for a lot of people. >> quite the challenge. kristen dahlgren, thank you. >> dylan has made her way to the wall. where is the storm headed? >> the storm is starting to move away. you can see on the satellite here as it swirls over the atlantic. it is slowly pushing east. we still have some banding of rain across nantucket. we are seeing improvements as far as additional precipitation. the winds will remain a huge issue. we still have wind advisories up and down the east coast.
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stretching up in new england and martha's vineyard has a wind warning. we have the threat of coastal flooding through sunday as the water continues to push onshore. with the high tide, we will continue with the threats of coastal flooding as you saw in kristen's piece. through the day today, we will begin to notice the winds ease as opposed to 50 miles an hour. they will gust up to 30 miles an hour as the storm pulls away. nantucket with winds up to 50 miles an hour. in new york, we are gusting up to 16. we have the potential to gust between 30 and 40 throughout the day. closer to 40 or so across nantucket. as we go into sunday, we will begin to see improvements on the wind front. it is the coastal flood threat which is a concern. guys. >> thank you, dylan. breaking news overnight. authorities capture a man
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accused of shooting and killing his parents on the campus of central michigan university. we have david gurez with more on that. >> reporter: a sense of relief with the suspect in custody after an all-out manhunt. after more than 14 hours on the run, the suspect, james eric davis jr. was arrested without incident. central michigan university police say davis was reported by an individual on the train passing through campus after might midnight. -- midnight. ending the manhunt of the killing of his parents. diva and james davis. it started when shots rang out before 8:30 local time friday morning in one of the student residence halls. sending the campus into a lockdown. >> call 911 if you see the individual. he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: thursday night, davis was taken by police to a
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local hospital for a drug-related issue. >> he was released to hospital staff. we are calling it a family domestic issue. >> reporter: the exact details of what happened leading up to the shooting are not yet known. the lockdown was a harrowing wait for families coming to pick up children for spring break. >> it is happening all over the place. i never thought it would happen here. >> reporter: the suspect is in police custody awaiting formal charge and the motive is a mystery. >> david, thank you. president trump is at his florida estate this morning taking a break from the tumultuous week at the white house. this morning, a lot of questions about the president's surprise tariff announcement that could setoff a trade war. we have nbc's kelly o'donnell traveling with the president. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. caution and anxiety coming from u.s. allies around the world urging president trump to
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rethink his plan. the president has long supported the idea of backing u.s. with taf irreleva tariffs, but the surprise announcement and not notifying friends or lawmakers part of the shock and could have expensive consequences. no outward sign of crises as the president and first lady return to palm beach. from the whipsaw on wall street and shocked republicans predicting the surprise plan to impose tariffs on steel and alumi aluminum will back fire. commerce secretary wilbur ross said consumers will pay a fraction more from soup to soda. >> all of the hysteria is a lot to do about nothing. >> reporter: fallout inflamed by the harm of the economy for businesses and workers in the
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u.s. the president made the position sound simple on twitter. trade wars are good and easy to win. friday, while the president was away for the billy graham funeral, chief of staff john kelly spoke to reporters off camera trying to shore up his power. i have absolutely nothing to consider resigning over. kelly, who took heat over his management, revisited misstep around the scandal that forced rob porter out of the office. he said we did not cover ourselves in glory. turning to the special counsel investigation, nbc news reports that investigators are looking at the president's son-in-law jared kushner and suggestidiscue had with high profile figures from several countries during the transition. the special counsel wants to know if the kushner discussions influenced u.s. policy. kushner has denied any improper
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contacts. from the serious to the silly. the president reengaged his battle with alec baldwin whose dying mediocre career was saved by the terrible impersonation of me. baldwin said, i would like to hang in for the impeachment hearings and farewell helicopter ride to mar-a-lago. when it comes to the tariffs on imports for steel and aluminum, the president will sign it into effect next week. that leaves room for exceptions or influence the president's views on this may leave room for change. sheinelle, jeff. >> kelly. thank you. let's talk about the tariffs and what it means for you. nbc's stephanie ruhl and ali is here with me. the stock market tumbling at the suggestion of tariffs on steel
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and aluminum. americans want to know what it means for them and will prices go up? >> the stock market doesn't tumble on news the things the president wants to do. it means two things. prices will go up. we import a lot of steel in the united states. if we suddenly increase the duty on that stuff, we can make up with some of it with u.s. production, but prices of steel will go up. that is not in fact the biggest worry. the worry is "x" number of people employed in the steel industry and this could affect jobs. people could lose jobs if they are forced to buy higher priced steel. this is bad for wages and inflation and generally bad trade policy which is why you saw negative reaction on the stock market. >> stephanie, you have reporting this came as a surprise to the president's own advisers. >> without a doubt. no surprise the president has
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had the views on trade for a long time. but what is missing is process and on wednesday it was a very bad day for the president in the white house. remember, jared kushner got his security clearance downgraded from john kelly. the president's very close friend and aide hope hicks decided to leave. the russia investigation is putting pressure on the president. he was angry come late day and looking for a fight. he is without rob porter who had been sort of shielding the president. the gate keeper. wilbur ross who does have the views on trade and said mr. trump, you want to get in a tied. i have somebody for you. it's china. >> he made the announcement he intends to do this. will it get signed? >> this is what is so important. he made the announcement without the department of defense and treasury department. there is no process. no one involved. a huge portion of the administration that does not agree with this is working overtime to hope that he doesn't
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do this. he said he will move forward in a week. they are trying hard to change. >> ali, should we worry about retaliation? canada and eu would take counter measures. >> people don't let this pass. canada supplies the united states with 50% of the steel. and put u.s. on nutotice. >> good discussion this morning. grade. >> they're wild. >> thank you. you can see more of these two today at 12:30 eastern on msnbc. now to the headlines from disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein's attorney on the eve of the oscars. ben brafman calling the so-called casting couch a choice, not a crime. brafman saying if a woman decides she needs to have sex with a hollywood producer to advance her career, and does it
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and finds the thing offenwffeno that is not rape. close quote. dozens have accused weinstein of rape. he denies all allegations. and to an incredible scene caught on tape. this is one of five skiers and snowboarders in squall valley on friday. a wall of snow crashing down the mountain slamming into five people. three of them had to be dug out, including this man who was trapped for a full six minutes until the ski patrol spotted his snowboard. three people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. another man missing on the mountain since thursday was found dead. protests in seattle turning violent over the construction of the youth jail. an angry driver aimed her car at demonstrators. protesters making a statement about the building of a new jail
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they say perpetuates incarcerati incarceration. the demonstration broke up with no injuries. and billy graham was laid to rest on friday. mourners at the invitation only funeral include president trump and vice president pence. his son delivered the eulogy. the billy graham you saw in stadiums is the same man at home. he died last month at the age of 99. busy weekend for weather. you are checking the rest of the country? >> yes. we are still dealing with the remnants of the coastal storm. still expect airline delays and train delays as well. we have a fire risk because of the conditions of the southeast and also back through the western plains. another storm system making its way through the rockies producing heavy rain and mountain snow. some areas picking up 5 feet of snow in the sierra nevada mountain range.
7:17 am
temperatures in the good morning. today we are drying out. the winds will be strong across the area. gusts around 35 to up to 45 around the morning. any snow you may have accumulated going to start a melt off. 46 in center city. low 40s for the lehigh valley where higher accumulation fell yesterday. mid upper 40s at jersey shore and delaware as well. yourhat's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, new fallout after the deadly parkland school shooting. what were deputies doing in the moments after the shooting? plus, fore! tiger woods gets his most unusual birdie ever on the golf course. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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we are back on a saturday morning with "the download." the look back at the week. >> the headlines dominated by the wild weather and gun debate. we start with one of president trump's closest advisers announcing she is leaving the white house. >> turmoil in the west wing. >> any collusion? >> hope hicks, one of the closest advisers abruptly resigned after testifying in the russia investigation. >> a bold admission. hicks says the work for president trump had occasionally required her to tell white lies. >> the departure coming among more trouble for the president. top security clearance for son-in-law and adviser jared kushner taken away among questions of the russia dealings.
7:21 am
vladimir putin flexed his military muscle claiming it has nuclear weapons to strike anywhere in the world. >> vladimir putin's message to washington was loud and clear. >> i am not bluffing. >> two weeks after the deadly school shooting in florida, students returned to school. greeted by a sea of deputies and counselors and therapy dogs. >> everyone was supportive. this brought us together. >> the attorney for the former sheriff deputy accused of hiding outside during the shooting spoke out calling claims his client was a coward untrue. broward county sheriff refusing to take the blame. >> i gave him a gun. i gave him the badge. i gave him the training. if he did not have the heart to go in, that's not my responsibility. ryan seacrest was on the defensive this week after his former personal stylist accused him of sexual misconduct. >> seacrest grabbed her in the
7:22 am
crotch. >> she is tying my shoe. >> he is disputing the allegations. staying the stylist requested millions to withdraw her claims which he refused. some of the memorable moments on camera. a russian debate got heated. splashing water on camera. a birdie of a different kind for tiger woods when his tee shot hit a goose in the fairway. >> lookout! >> the bird's feathers were r f ruffled, but it was fine. >> this bird snatched a birgirl cracker. she snapped back. the winter games ended in spectacular fashion with colorful closing ceremonies. >> athletes from 100 nations soaking in the spectacle. and finally, a little puppy
7:23 am
love. the "today" team met sunny. our new puppy with a purpose. >> isn't he adorable? >> i haven't met him yet. >> yesterday, i wanted to meet him, but he was sleeping. you don't want to wake him up. almost like a baby. >> exactly. >> let's go to toddlers. can we talk about the little girl who snatched her food from the bird. took it back. >> looks like she has done it before. maybe she has a dog at home. >> she eats the cracker. >> i remember being on the beach and my daughter had a hot dog. the pigeon comes by. who has the guts to snatch it back? >> she screamed. still to come on "today," one teen's powerful message about bullying that has gone viral. when you go on vacation, do
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you go all inclusive or pay as you go. i'm going on a tropical trip with my corporate card to show you which is the better deal. is the second time the charm? warren beatty and faye dunaway have a do-over at the
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we are keeping an eye on it. we're tracking the neighborhood forecast for us. yeah. let's run through our first alert. for the entire area through 10:00 a.m. this morning. the area is experiencing gusts this morning around 35 to 45 miles per hour. i believe it's enough, especially for a weakened tree to fall down. falling debris potential continues as well as the slushy roadways. then along the shore on the delaware beaches, coastal flooding potential with high tide this morning and even again this evening. that will mostly be minor to moderate flooding potential. as for the wind gusts, at 41 in wilmington. 32 in philadelphia. around 30 in atlantic city. this is a strong enough gust, still to knock things around. not nearly as strong as the
7:27 am
winds were yesterday. on radar and satellite, nothing left except for cloudy conditions over our area. we'll stick with mostly cloudy conditions today. the temperatures are going to start to pick up. look at philadelphia. by the late morning and into the afternoon, we're talking temperatures that rise to the mid 40s. >> utility crews will be working around the clock to restore power knocked out by the storm. more than 293,000 people peco customers remain in the cold this morning. ppl reports about 25,000. pse and g is working on 18,000 outages. downed trees and power problems causing service disruptions on rail lines including chestnut hill and airport lines. check with septa before you leave the house. now back to the "today" show.
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we're back on saturday morning, march 3rd, 2018. the day after the storm. >> no question about it. the effects of the nor'easter felt today. that is where we begin our headlines. >> nor'easter misery. >> frightening. it looks like the neighbor's boat will crash. >> flooding and gusty winds and relentless rain wrecking havoc up and down the coast. air travel snarled. including a southwest flight before finally touching down at washington's reagan's airport. captured. suspected murderer james eric davis jr. arrested overnight. officials believe the
7:31 am
19-year-old shot and killed his parents on the central michigan university campus on friday. >> we're calling it a family type domestic issue. >> fellow parents and students in shock. >> just happening all over the place. in court. the couple accused of keeping their three children in squalor conditions for years made the first court appearance friday. authorities discovered the makeshift plywood home littered with trash. fighting for his life. rapper rick ross reportedly on life support after found unresponsive at his florida home according to tmz. he has a history of seizures. and plant pieces. lego makes a major announcement to make the pieces from plant-based sugar cane. the toymaker set to go green. today, saturday, march 3rd,
7:32 am
2018. i don't know if it will affect how my kids play with them or step on them. >> it hurts. the big pieces. >> kudos for the company. by the way, there is more news this morning after fallout from the deadly school shooting in parkland, florida. with new questions about exactly what happened in the moments during and after the shooter opened fire. did sheriff deputies wait outside when they should have gone in? we have nbc's maya rodriguez with more from parkland. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. the sheriff's office is already under scrutiny for how it handled the response to the shooting. this new report is raising new questions about why deputies may have acted the way they did. this morning, new insight into the police response to the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. the partial dispatch log shows
7:33 am
the sheriff jan jordan ordered a perimeter around the school during the response. it is not clear when the order was given. in a statement, the sheriff's office tells nbc news, the transmission occurred after the shooter left the building. captain jordan asked if a perimeter was established. >> i would hope everybody takes a deep breath and waits for the investigation until we hear the radio transcripts. >> reporter: broward sheriff scott israel says deputies are trained to approach an active shooter. that is at odds with what deputies did and the school resource officer who never entered the building. >> that is the policy and procedure. we know we have to go in and neutralize the target. we know we have to kill the killer. if i'm responding and i hear from somebody on the scene on campus to go to perimeter, it is logical i might think perhaps
7:34 am
the killer fled. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott asking floridians for a moment of silence at 3:00 p.m. today. 17 days after the loss of 17 lives. survivor kyle lemaman still haunted. >> i see the bullets hit the walls. the flashback. if he hit me, i could have died. >> reporter: and later today, the florida senate will hold a rare saturday session. taking a look at a bill named after the school that takes a look at gun sales and school safety. a vote is set for monday. back to you. >> maya, thank you. dylan, you have another check of the weather? >> we have the storm in the east coast and out west, a significant storm system that was producing feet of snow through the sierra nevada mountain range and heavy rain in southern california. we have some winter weather
7:35 am
alerts in effect. warnings in pink. advisories in white. across the northern plains into the dakotas, winter storm watches. not just because of snow, but blowing snow as the storm system races through. let's go through the timing here and as we go through the day today, we are going to see the snow fall across the rockies. this will start to move east as we go into early sunday morning. wind-swept snow falls across north dakota and south dakota and stretching to minnesota and wisconsin by the time we get to monday afternoon. totals would be a foot of snow across north dakota. over in the minneapolis area, we could see close to a foot of snow as well. this is certainly going to make a mesas we go into the fir pastrt i'm your meteorologist. today we are drying out. the winds will be strong across the area. gusts around 35 to up to 45 miles per hour during the
7:36 am
morning. any snow you may have accumulated near your home going to start to melt. 46 in center city. low 40s for the lehigh valley where higher accumulation fell yesterday. mid to upper 40s at the jersey shore and delaware as well. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. still to come, a royal wedding to remember. how some commoners will be on hand for history when prince harry and meghan markle tie the knot. >> who are you calling a commoner? should you pay as you go or pay for all inclusive option on vacation? i'm trying it out. you're welcome. to save you big money. after this. >> somebody has to do it. new olay whips powerful skincare, now light-as-air a breakthrough moisturizer delightfully whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash
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shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!! this morning on "rossen report" jeff looks at the most bang for your buck for booking vacation. >> we all want the best deal, but does that mean booking all inclusive trip with higher rate up front, but it includes all your food and excursions or pay as you go? we are solving the mystery once and for all and there is a clear winner. >> okay. >> reporter: the rossen report team undercover on a three-day
7:40 am
vacation in the dominican republic. my producer lindsey and i checking in the same resort. >> welcome. >> staying in the same type of room doing the same activities. eating and drinking the exact same things. >> i will also have the stuffed chicken. >> all have the sauvaun blanc. >> i'm doing it the normal way. paying as i go for food, drinks and everything. >> i'm paying the flat all-inclusive rate. >> reporter: who will spend less on the same havevacation? let's start with breakfast. buffet is overflowing with options. >> thank you. >> reporter: the food is delicious. >> really good. >> reporter: but already the bills begin. the all-you-can-eat buffet costs me $37. >> they get you for breakfast. >> mine's included.
7:41 am
you are paying your bill. >> reporter: then straight to the pool. margaritas. $12 a piece plus tax and tip. lindsey? it is included. and more drinks at lunch. >> they giave you the paper identification cards. you charge to your room. you feel like you are not spending money. you are. >> reporter: we try to capture the vacation experience doing all of the things you would do. >> it is harder than it looks. >> reporter: we go kayaking. $20 for me. included forme her. and snorkeling for me and her. we splurge at dinner. candlelight italian meal with live music. they don't know we're not a couple. for three days we gorge
7:42 am
ourselves sdplch ourselves. identical food, cocktails, wine and beer. >> nothing like a swim-up pool bar. >> reporter: now it is time to go. >> we just checked out. here are the final bills here. it is time for the moment of reckoning. who got the better deal? >> i paid all-inclusive rate. $1,996.80. >> i paid as i went. here is my bill. there it is. $1,621.20. boom, i got the better deal. i win. >> that's right. although i paid as i went, bills piling up, i still saved $375. just think, for two people paying as you go, you could save a whopping $750. >> obviously i'm expensing this. >> yeah. >> everyone surprised here in the studio. by the way, we reached out to the resort. they said many guests enjoy the simplicity of all-inclusive.
7:43 am
i did maximum the benefits. both of us were stuffed the entire time. let's put it this way, we were not thirsty. the bottom line is you got to do the mart ath and compare rates. every resort is different. experts say unless you are drinking a ton and doing activities. you will likely save money paying as you go versus all-inclusive. you are paying for more for things you are not using. >> it is a skill set. where did you learn? >> how to be cheap. >> frugal. >> my father caugtaught me that. he is here today. hey, dad. the original rossen. >> hi, papa rossen. >> you taught me to be cheap and watch every penny. >> that's right. you stick with it. >> yes. put money in the bank. >> i love it. >> by the way, i had a big spring break confidential series. if you want to catch up and binge watch, you can do rossen reports. go to my facebook page.
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we are back on a saturday morning with the young woman's anti-bullying message that has gone viral. >> dylan is in the orange room to explain. >> an arizona teenager who says she was bullied for months at school is trying to take matters in her hands by creating a message to show the world how it feels. >> ugly. stupid. dumb. these are just a few of the things you call me. every day i carry the weight of your labels. >> she has been the victim of bullying. enduring verbal assaults. >> stop hurting me. >> it got to the point i could not handle it. >> she broke down and told her mom about it. >> it was like exhaling getting to get that off my chest. i felt guilty for being bothered
7:48 am
by what they were saying. >> she asked if she could make a video. >> actions speak louder than words. words are just as if not more impactful and they stick to you. >> i'm a sister. i'm a daughter. i'm a person and i have feelings. every day you are hurting me. every day you are hurting each other. i don't want to hurt your words. >> at first, her mom did not want her to post it online until she watched it. >> here is my little girl who took a negative thing in her life and made it into something so positive. >> after the video went viral and got through thousands of vi bullying did not stop, but did help. >> now when kids say things about me, it doesn't hurt as much because i know there are thousands of other people backing me up in a positive way. >> there have been some negative
7:49 am
comments to her post. the majority of the feedback is positive. people writing everything from you are an amazing and beautiful and brave girl. thank you for speaking up. to kalani, i love you and you are so important to this world. amy writes, add brave. my word for you. thomas says put this post-it not on you. i am loved. we who believe in kindness of human nature love you. a lot of positive responses. >> we talked about the positives and negatives of social media. can you imagine being in high school or middle school these days and it feels like you live in a bubble. dylan, you showed us with that where other people support you. life is not a bubble. thank you, dylan. still to come, the must have gifts at the oscars. what is inside the popular swag bags? we will tell you, but first this is "today" on nbc.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:55 am
good morning. it's just a few minutes before 8:00 on this saturday. we have a first alert in effect here at nbc 10. we're dealing with some after effects of the winter storm, wind and flooding.
7:56 am
we have the details. >> what's happening is we're under the influence of the same setup, but the snow and rain moved out. the entire area from 10:00 a.m., a first alert. we're looking at gusts this morning between 35 and 45 miles per hour. and still around 35 to 40 this afternoon. that means that's enough that it could knock a loose branch down on the ground on top of a car, falling debris is possible. minor to mod cerate flooding possible. the winds have come town in the last couple hours. around 30 in allentown and coatesville and 30 for atlantic city. the wind gusts enough to cause a mess throughout your morning. speaking of mess, look at this. this is a tree that fell down on city avenue. traffic had to get around it
7:57 am
cutting through the shopping center. all four lanes here blocked. if you're heading out to catch a train or bus, you'll want to check with septa and amtrak. amtrak us a pended service for the northeast 9:00. septa is having service problems on a number of lines. shuttle buses are appropriating from darby to township line road. if you're flying out of philly international your plane may not be taking off. the airport tweeted just a short time ago there are still some delays from the storm. almost 100 flights cancelled for today. keep the nbc 10 app handy as we track the winds and potential for coastal flooding. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another uptate.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. deadly nor'easter. a relentless winter storm unleashing fury along the east coast. at least seven people killed with countless water rescues and more lives at risk today. the rising waters threatening residents from virginia to maine. we are live in the thick of it. captured. authorities arrest the 19-year-old superintendent spec gunning down his parents on the central michigan campus. and best and worst in show. the red carpet rolls out, but the razzies are celebrating the
8:01 am
worst in film. today, saturday, march 3rd, 2018. ♪ >> i am celebrating my tenth birthday with "today." >> my first time in nyc! ♪ >> siblings weekend in nyc. >> hi, grandma and grandpa. ♪ >> good morning. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning. what a difference a day makes. it is not over yet. >> for us living in new york city and i think through the northeast, you have seen this, too. this wind whipping against the windows. windows shaking. >> we are not out of it yet. the top story. we begin with the news and the powerful winter storm bringing heavy winds and coastal flooding
8:02 am
to the east coast. we have nbc's kristen dahlgren in hard hit massachusetts with more. christin kristen, good morning. >> reporter: we are in the location where they had to rescue people overnight in the construction loaders. this morning, the national guard still standing by here because we have another high tide coming in with the threat of more major flooding. this storm is compared to the perfect storm back in 1991 because of how long it has lasted and how strong it has been. we have seven deaths between 2 and 3 million people without power and travel has just been a nightmare from the roads to the rails. amtrak restoring limited service between boston and washington this morning. thousands of flights were canceled. really a tough travel day and this is not over. we have the next high tide coming and also while the rain has stopped, we have high winds continuing through the day. we could see more trees and more power lines down.
8:03 am
back to you. >> kristen, thank you. dylan is over at the wall with the latest on the storm. where is it going? >> it is not over as far as the winds are concerned. the storm is well over the atlantic. it will continue to push away as we go through the day. any rain or snow at this point is very light. just a couple of bands to the southeast of nantucket. it is not going to be sunny right off the bat this morning. at least we are done with the heavy precipitation. the winds will remain an issue throughout the day. we have wind advisories in nantucket and martha's vineyard with the high wind warnings. we have the threat of coastal flooding with the several high tides lasting through sunday. especially along the coast of massachusetts and down through long island and to the mid-atlantic where we have the coastal flood warnings. as that water pushes onshore with the high tide, we have the potential for coastal flooding for areas in low lying areas along the coast. we will notice the winds begin to ease a touch as we go through
8:04 am
the day. instead of 70-to-90-mile-an-hour winds, they will be reasonable at 30-to-40 miles an hour. this is high enough to cause delays at the airport. nantucket gusting close to 50. in new york, we only have 8-mile-an-hour winds. you see we are dealing with some i ho improvements. winds gusting to 20 to 30 miles per hour and this week this whole thing will be over. >> what a mess. dylan, thank you. also this morning, a lot of questions remain after president trump announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. we have kelly o'donnell here the president's estate in florida. >> reporter: the president is here for a fund-raiser before heading back to washington today where he will have to smooth over international relationships with close american friends from canada to asia to europe.
8:05 am
the president made this international dispute sound like something quite simple when he tweeted the country the u.s. is losing billions on trade with every country it does business with. trade wars are good and easy to win. to say he would back up american and steel manufacturers with tariffs is the trade message. that is not new. the way he did this, abruptly announcing it and not telling allies or lawmakers or some within the white house has been the real surprise here. it comes at a time of particular turmoil in the white house with the departure of aide hope hicks and continued pressure on the president's son-in-law jared kushner who saw his own security clearance downgraded in the last week. and kushner remains under scrutiny with the special counsel russia investigation. a lot for the trump white house. this is a big issue if the president follows through and
8:06 am
signs tariffs. sheinelle. >> another busy week ahead. thank you. breaking news. a 19-year-old suspected of killing his parents at central michigan university. after the intense manhunt, james eric davis jr. was spotted on the train. the manhunt forced the campus lockdown and davis was arrested without incident. to rescue caught on camera of five skiers buried alive at the squall valley ski resort. this man had been trapped for a full six minutes until the ski patrol spotted his snowboard sticking out of the snow. two were taken to hospital. however, a man missing on the same mountain since thursday has since been found dead. the parents of the british tourist who died in a helicopter
8:07 am
crash into the grand canyon filed a wrongful death lawsuit. the complaint from the parents of jonathan udahl accuses the chopper manufacturer failing to equip the aircraft with a crash system which could have believed prevented the fire upon impact. and tomorrow night's academy awards honor the best in film, but no match for the razzies. they named "the emoji movie" saying it had a toxic level. and tom cruise for "the mummy." and tyler perry got worse actress in "madea boo 2." >> how do you respond? >> is there a speech? what about the poop emoji? does he have a speech?
8:08 am
>> we have dill even ylan on th. when is your birthday? >> march 20. >> march 22. >> wehere are you from? >> chicago. >> it has improved a little bit here from yesterday. the wind is still pretty strong. let's take a look at temperatures. while it is very cold out west, it is warm back through the middle of the country. temperatures will be running 15 to 20 degrees above average. denver, the high of 67 today. 66 in oklahoma city. st. louis should get into the mid-50s. jackson, mississippi, 69 degrees. on sunday, heat will move east so chicago will get up to 49. that is above average. we are staying warm in the southeast. it is chilly out west and in billings, montana, 29 degrees. 16 degrees below average. most of next week in the lower 60s to start off the week.
8:09 am
it cools off by wednesday and temperatures drop into the 30s in indianapolis. 50s in the northeast and good morning. today we are drying out. the winds will still be strong across the area. gusts around 35 to up to 45 during the morning. temperatures, the good news is any snow you accumed on a grassy area going to start to melt. 46 in center city. low 40s for the lehigh valley mid up toer 40s for the jersey shore and delaware as well. we have another birthday on the plaza. sweet 16. do you celebrate birthday month? >> i would. >> everybody should. guys. >> sweet 16 deserves a month. thank you. now details about the talked about wedding of the year. you know it is the royal
8:10 am
wedding. prince harry and actress meghan markle tying the knot in may. they will do it in front of thousands of members of the public. how can you score a coveted seat? nbc's ali arousi has more outside kensington palace. >> reporter: that is right. folks here of "suits" are getting excited about the spring weddi wedding. meghan markle is a hit for the british people. prince harry is the favorite royal. this may be the most popular royal wedding in a generation. meet the fab four. these are the young royals of the 21st century. >> we are stuck together for the rest of our lives. >> this is true. >> togetherness. >> reporter: and to tgether, th
8:11 am
are adored. >> these young royals have broken with the past and tried to become less stuffy and more relaxed in their approach. i think harry and meghan will take that further. >> reporter: the prince and future bride will invite members of the public. more than 2,600 of them. including young people who have shown leadership and performed charitable acts. the long procession rolls through the streets of windsor making sure the adoring crowds feel part of the big day. >> they feel strongly. they want to open up not just wedding, but royal family and the work they are doing to a wider spectrum of people. >> reporter: meghan markle, divorcee with wide appeal. and becoming something of a role model for young women. >> there is no better time than to continue to shine a light on women feeling empowered and people really help support them. >> reporter: the wedding guest
8:12 am
list is top secret for now. one person who won't be there and missed. the original people's princess. diana. and jeff and sheinelle, invited members of the public will get tickets with their name on it in order to prevent wedding crashers. they will not get a slice of the royal wedding cake or snap a selfie. they are only allowed on the grounds and not inside the chapel or castle for the ceremony. >> the grounds are better than the living room in des moines? if you had an option. >> i think dylan has an in. you did a set visit for "suits." >> all behind the scenes. i got to try on some of her dresses. >> are you texts right now? >> i know. you look great today. >> do you call her megs? ali, thank you. still to come, the academy awards swag bag. what is inside the $100,000 gift bag for the nominees. it was a mistake knomocked
8:13 am
around the world. what do faye dunaway are cream conditioners bringing your hair down?
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from the world's number one conditioner brand... new pantene light-as-air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients... ...and infused with air. for 100% conditioning, with 0% weight. strong is beautiful. new pantene. foam conditioner. this is a good one. we are back and it is time to "trend." i don't know if you heard, the academy awards are tomorrow night. we have a sneak peek in the swag bag. according to business insideins
8:16 am
nominees get a 12-night trip to africa for two. the trip includes -- >> how do you fit that in the bag? >> a ticket. why am i responding? >> you are not getting. >> the trip includes hot air balloon ride and horse back riding and private safari. that would be enough. a week-long trip to the golden door spa in southern california. that visit includes a daily in-room massage and meal plan and herb wraps. a third trip to aviation luxury villas in greece. that is amazing. stars will also receive a $200 sterling silver bracelet. $195 levitating bluetooth speaker. really? how does it stay on? a $200 dna testing kit. >> the bracelet doesn't levitate. the speaker does. >> what? did i not read it? >> the bracelet doesn't.
8:17 am
the speaker. >> why would you have a levitating speaker? >> you want it to follow you around? >> this is big. the charcoal rage. a charcoal toothpaste. get this, in all, this year's bag is worth more than $100,000. >> it is companies giving it to them so the celebrities can be spotted using this stuff? >> we are talking about it. i bet stations around the world are talking about it. >> there is something else in the bag. i was reading the research for this. pepper spray. i'm serious. of all those things and a thing of pepper spray. >> jewel even cruncrusted. >> "popstart." >> sheinelle's hungry. the most epic mistake when warren beatty and faye dunaway were given the wrong envelope last year. hollywood loves a redemption
8:18 am
story. warren and faye will get one. they are expected back at tomorrow's awards to try to make good. representing the best picture award again. there is speculation of how the duo will handle the mix up and we hear rumors during the run through, warren followed up with the winner is "gone with the wiped." -- "gone with the wind." we will see what happens. and mindy kaeling is opening up after giving birth. she explains why she hasn't shared pictures saying she is a worrier. as for being a new mom, she says i'm in a constant state of worry. i hope she is developing correctly. anxious constantly. i hope that will change a little bit. i have not thought about when she is bigger. >> fair enough. >> we are with you on that. we have casting news for fans of "stranger things."
8:19 am
we now know who will be joining the cast for season three. if you don't recognize her, just look at the last name. uma thurman's daughter. netflix tweeted the news. alternative girl. >> people love that show. >> i'm obsessed with that show. >> you love "the crown." >> i know. i'm into netflix right now. >> it sucks you in. >> one more. >> that is where dylan is learning her history for the royal wedding. >> i'm giggling about the levitating bracelet. >> speaker. >> i know. i thought it was a bracelet. you walk around and it stays with you. >> during "popstart" sheinelle is looking at the script. levitatin levitating. >> it is like "weekend at bernies." still ahead. more on the big night with the preview of the academy awards. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
still to come on "today." one week ago they had just won gold. what is the peweek like for the u.s. men's olympic curling team? we will ask them. and one of the hardest reservations to get in new york city. we take you inside the popular restaurant that is always booked. >> i made it in there. >> was it yummy? >> delicious. they're cooking for us. first these messages.
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8:25 am
to change the world we see. so what will you do with it? good morning. i'm rosemary connors. a few minutes before 8:30 on this saturday alert here. we want to make sure you're prepared for the effects of the storm.
8:26 am
the snow is gone but the strong winds stay with us. this is a live look at the marina over the cape may. . our meteorologist has details for us in the forecast. >> we still have the first alert in effect. the main event came to a close. that was all about yesterday. but through 10:00 a.m. this morning, we're leaving our first alert with gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour. falling degree possible from weakened branch that maybe half snapped and hasn't gone all the way. one more big gust and it could come down. minor coastal flooding possible. good news is because the winds have turned to a northwest push, it doesn't look as likely as the extreme of flooding. current wind gusts, coming from the northwest, still around 30 miles per hour. both in philly and wilmington. atlantic city and wildwood, gusts all around that 30 miles per hour mark. temperatures as a result feeling chi chili -- chilly this morning.
8:27 am
26 for the allentown. make sure you have the nbc 10 app anhandy as we track the win and potential for flooding. you can check out our interactive radar that tracks down to your neighborhood. utility crews working to try to restore power the storm knocked out. more than 293,000 peco customers are in the cold. ppl reporting about 25,000 people. ac electric has about 15,000 customers without power. delmarva has more than 22,000. here's a live look at philadelphia international airport. airport officials tweeted there are still delays from the storm. check with your airline if you're heading out. we'll see you right back here at 9:00. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
8:30 am
♪ we are back on this saturday morning, march 3rd, 2018. the nor'easter is starting to move out of new york and we are so happy to have our crowd out here waiting in the elements. >> it is a bit chilly out here. >> are you chilly. >> they're saying no. >> they love it. we love having them here. still to come this half hour, all eyes on oscars. "shape of water" has the most nominations. will it clean up? we will look at the nominees and who may go home with the statue. we take you inside one of the hottest restark ats teach h must have dish.
8:31 am
lasagna for two. >> i want you to see who we have on the plaza. theol medal winning curling team. the men of the u.s. olympic curling team. once calling themselves the rejects. we can safely say that is not the case. welcome home. john landsteiner and john shuster and tyler george and matt hamilton. you rang the bell on the new york stock exchange. >> for me the bell at the stock exchange. my wife is starting a career as an f.a. it is awesome how my t they said you lead us off every game. you can lead off the bell for the day. >> cool. >> everyone keeps saying you have to make a movie about this team. team rejects.
8:32 am
not the rejects anymore. somebody has to make a movi a p movie poster out there. you want to know who plays each of you? >> i want to see. >> there it is. >> jason schwartzman and brendan frazer, will arnett and ryan gosling. now, you are known for your mustache. are you going to shave that off? >> i'll keep handsome. >> you guys all have day jobs? tyler, i know you actually own a liquor store? >> yeah. >> it is on your twitter handle. buy booze from me. do you go liquor store? >> is this my free plug? up in duluth. come by. we will go back whenends.
8:33 am
we are just spotting in days when we can at our jobs. we have stuff right through the end of april planned. we hope to get back and help out and feel like regular guys again. i this question, john. team skipper. talk about 2020. is it too soon? beijing winter games? >> you know, i think we all have gas left in the tank. we're going to obviously take it year by year and that kind of thing. an't imagine not -- this is all i have done in my life. my fourth olympics. why not make it five? >> congratulations. >> i hope you are enjoying the moment. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> dylan is here with the check of the weather. the wind will die down in the northeast as the nor'easter pulls away. coastal flooding is still going to be a concern through the day today and into toow srm out wes that is going to continue to produce significant snow. that will move into the northern
8:34 am
plains as we go into tomorrow. we will seehowers and storms through the plains tomorrow. it doesn't look like severe weather. the breeze will stick around four good morning. today we are drying out. but the winds will still be strong across the area. gusts around 35 to up to 45 miles per hour during the morning. look at temperatures. the good news is any snow you may have accumulated near your home going to start to melt off. 46 in center city. low 40s for the lehigh valley. mid to upper 40s at the jersey shore and delaware as well. and that's your latest tha. coming up next, the red carpet is ready and so are we. we have a full rundown of90th a.
8:35 am
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8:37 am
welcome back. we are back on a saturday morning. all eyes are on hollywood this weekend with the 90th annual academy awards tomorrow night. >> history could be made. everyone is wondering who will go home wcar. here is nbc's joelle garguillo. >> reporter: the first ever awa. nine decades later, the show that celebrates the people that make hollywood happen continues to dazzle movie excellence. >> to be young and beautiful. >> reporter: this year, there is
8:38 am
an abundance of it. nine films for best picture. "the shape of water." fishy fairy tale leads with 13 nods. war epic "dunkirk" with eight and behind it is "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." and then there is "get out" and "lady bird." this is the most exciting oscars race in years because of best picture. that makes that category so exciting? >> it has been a three-horse race in years past. this i a race. best picture is voted on differently from every other category. that is why you can get a surprise. >> reporter: the nominations this year already making history. jordan peele, first african-american nominated for
8:39 am
best picture. >> the first african-american woman ever to be nominated in the best adapted screen play category. mary j. blige. >> reporter: the first continues in the best directing category. >> lady bird. why is it in quotes? >> it is given to me by me. >> reporter: including "lady bird's" greta gerwig. this awards season has been the me too movement apparent ti -- and time's up. >> i think you will see it come up from female winners and male winners. the producers of the show are hoping that doesn'tshow the excitement and celebration of the moment. >> reporter: while we don't know who will walk away with the
8:40 am
hardware, we know on sunday moments will be made. >> look at us. >> reporter: snafus are inevitab inevitable. but not as big as this one. >> for best picture. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight." >> reporter: a mix up to play perfectly into host jimmy kimmel's hands. come monday, what is the big story? what are the headlines? >> whatever movie wins best picture. which ever one wins will be a surprise. >> reporter: a suspenseful ending perfectly scripted for hollywood. >> eric davis is the managing editor of fandango. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm ready. >> this is your super bowl. >> this is my super bowl. >> unlike the real oscars, let's start with the best picture. it is a contentious field. what is your pick? >> i'm throwing a curve ball. jordan peele's "get out."
8:41 am
i had so many say this is not best picture material. i said you are out of your mind. a juggernaut at the box office. it is entertaining. wildly conversation starter. genre game changer. it is very much best picture material. if it wins, the first film to win since "silence of the lambs" in 1990 in the month of february. 13 pictures nominated for 13 oscars. >> let's zoom in and talk about the acting categories. let's start with best actress? >> frances mcdormand. "outside ebbing, missouri." bold and brave woman knocking out obobstacles. if someone steals this category, soirce ronan in "lady bird."
8:42 am
>> best actor. gary oldman. a lot of people are talking about him. >> gary oldman is a lock. they should have cut time and given it to him six months ago. this is the first time two actors won an emmy and oscar six months part since john lithgow. >> amazing when you see gary oldman in the real photo and makeup. he looks like winston churchill. >> what do you think will happen here? >> this is the year of the character actor. the second or third player in the movie who are always the best part of the movie are the front runners in the categories.
8:43 am
allison janney. you love watching her. also in the best actress, sam rockwell. he is the definition of the character actor. he is good in everything he does. he is never really the star. he always stands out. this is the first oscars nominations for him. i can't wait. he is my favorite of all of these. >> your face is lighting up. >> i love sam rockwell. >> best director? >> guillermo del toro. all five of them wrote their own screen plays which is impressive. you have jordan peele and greta gerwig. guillermo del toro is a lovely a couple of occasions. sup super great. i am rooting for him. >> creative and beautiful to watch. >> it is going to be a movie that i think gets a lot of
8:44 am
technical stuff. bro pr propduction guillermo del toro has been a guy who has been around for a long time and films are inventive. >> you should be his agent. >> by the way, "get out" wins and vegas will go crazy. coming up, we t y the popular new york city restaurant and show you the dish that keeps people coming back. we meet the chef s behind the hype in a moment. but first this is "today" on
8:45 am
8:46 am
you should smell it in the studio. good.aying that is a good thing. we back on a saturday morning with our new series "fully booked." a look inside the hottest restaurants in the country. >> i spent time with the
8:47 am
husbands and wife chef owners. one of new york's hardest tables to get. on any given night in new york's west 55-seat standout restaurant is fully booked. reservations which opened eight weeks out are as as menu of modern take on italian favorite. >> we try to make things are new and exciting that people have not seen. using famine greliar ingrnt hus says the menu of salad and flat bread and buf much of a love story as their relationship. >> food is what brought us together as a couple. it is like what keeps us together as a couple. >> angie tells the story. it is hilarious when she was in gram marmer school.
8:48 am
all of the kids would have peanut butter and she would have roasted peppers. bringing. >> reporter: it is the background and popular dish. lasagna for two. layered and rolled, sliced and baked like a cinnamon bun thattr to the 1,000 tables a month that order it. >> do you playo off each others recipes? >> for sure. i think she is really the star behind the whole thing. i come up with ideas. 95% of the dishes are her doing. >> how does it make you feel when everyone is raving about a dish? >> this is why we do this basically. to make people happy and share something. >> the word. >> and angie and scott are with us this morning. i love having you here. >> thanks for having us.
8:49 am
>> you are getting started. what we are going to do here is make this lasagna for two. we will not go through the individual ingredients. we will show you how is what ma different. >> yeah. >> okay. what are the ingredients that go into the actual lasagna? >> scott is starting with a sheet of fresh pasta we make in-house. he is spreading a thin layer of a creamy white sauce with flour and butter and milk. that is the first step. >> it is like a glue that holds it together. >> a tasty delicious glue. i want to make this at home. i cannot make my own pasta. how can you get sheets like that? >> i think a high-end grocery store you can purchase sheets. >> perfect. i have that down the sheet. >> the next layer is parmesan. we use it imported from italy.
8:50 am
>> are you layering it on there. >> you need to layer a little bit. it is the glue. >> after that is on you throw in cheese. >> yes. we are not shy about cheese. we put a generous helping of whole milk shredded mozzarella. >> why the change up? >> we wanted something different. it was inspired by a photo of cinnamon buns i saw. this might be good in pasta form. >> another layer of that. >> a second layer of the pasta. >> pat it down. >> okay. >> a little more of the glue. >> okay. little more glue. more cheese? >> no. >> this layer is going to be -- >> you showed me. >> a lot of steps. the next layer is the bolognese
8:51 am
sauce. >> this sauce is to die for. >> thank you. >> if you want to assemble it in this way, you can use your favorite bolognese sauce. >> store sauce will work. >> or cheese if you are a vegetarian. >> we have done that >> once that is on. we get to rolling? >> yes. >> you want to do it? >> i remember we do it just like a cinnamon roll. you go in tight. >> yes. >> go, dylan. >> it's okay. don't worry. >> the bubbles are okay. >> perfect. >> i did it. >> then you slice it. >> we actually let this chill in the fridge to let it set up. this is ready to and put it ri the casserole dish. >> are you loving it? >> this is the best lasagna i
8:52 am
ever had in my bot almost done. >> i brought it home and calvin ate the entire dish. it is a family favorite. once you cut it, you put it in here and bake it. >> it looks like a cinnamon bun. >> we put a couple of dollops of cheese. italian cream cheese. >> thank you for showing us how it is done. having us. >> head to we are right back after the messag where's frank? it's league night! 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer i feel like a new woman. this is that good. you have to get the recipe. it is so delicious. >> i feel we're pleading with you. that does it for us on saturday morning. good show tomorrow. on "today" willie sits down with chadwick boseman. the star of the block bubuster t has everyone
8:56 am
good morning. just ahead on nbc 10 news today, the major storm that's moving out of our area has left behind a trail of trees. that means power is out for thousands of people. we're tracking the efforts to get the light and heat back on. look at the radar and satellite. no rain or snow left. we still have winds impacting the entire region and the threat of some coastal flooding.rythg finally looks a lot better coming up. we're watching the flood threat a live report from the shore as the high tide rolls in. and the latest update from septa and amtrak. the train slowed down and stopped thanks to the storm. that and more coming up on nbc 10 news today at 9:00.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, losing out, drying out. the winter wallop for mother nature is behind us. we're still tracking lingering effects of the storm. wind are with us this morning. this is a live look at lincoln financial field where the wind turbines have been turning since yesterday. power outages are a problem. crews worked overtime trying to turn the lights and heat back on. a lot to get to on this saturday. thank you for being with us. this is nbc 10 news today. it's just before 9:00 on this saturday. we still have a first alert in effect for the area. be prepared for some of the lingering effects out there. this is a live look at broad street in center city. a different picture than yesterday. the rain, snow is gone. the strong winds are still with
9:00 am
us. that could cause trees to come down. branches to come down and possibly more wires to come down. our meteorologist is tracking it for us in the neighborhood forecast. >> yeah. keeping up with the first look for the entire area through 10:00 a.m. we're leaving the alert in effect because we're dealing with gusts around 35 to 45 miles per hour. as we speak, the wind are starting to taper off. we're seeing more in the 30 range than the 40 range. it's a good sign. nonetheless, if you have a tree that was weak, the gusts this morning could be just enough to knock them over. we're also tracking right now the potential for some of what looks like mostly minor coastal flooding. the good news is although models are projecting moderate flooding, i haven't seen anything pointing that direction and it's likely the facts are helping us coming from the northwest. an offshore wind is beneficial for flooding concerns. look at the current wind


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