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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  March 3, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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us. that could cause trees to come down. branches to come down and possibly more wires to come down. our meteorologist is tracking it for us in the neighborhood forecast. >> yeah. keeping up with the first look for the entire area through 10:00 a.m. we're leaving the alert in effect because we're dealing with gusts around 35 to 45 miles per hour. as we speak, the wind are starting to taper off. we're seeing more in the 30 range than the 40 range. it's a good sign. nonetheless, if you have a tree that was weak, the gusts this morning could be just enough to knock them over. we're also tracking right now the potential for some of what looks like mostly minor coastal flooding. the good news is although models are projecting moderate flooding, i haven't seen anything pointing that direction and it's likely the facts are helping us coming from the northwest. an offshore wind is beneficial for flooding concerns. look at the current wind gusts.
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around 30 miles per hour. allentown, coatesville, philadelphia. close to 40 miles per hour in wilmington. around 30 in atlantic city. gusty conditions this morning. those are going to stick with us the rest of today and breezy tomorrow. feels like temperatures are feeling like 26 in pottstown. 29 in wilmington. all due to strong winds and cold air ushered in from the storm yesterday. there is good news. the moisture moving on out. clouds still in place. we're getting peeks of sunshine. we're going to have today, mostly cloudy conditions with a few of those peeks of sun. and temperatures. they start to go up and melt the snow that may be on the grass out front. we'll talk about the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. thank you. the storm certainly left the mark. a fallen tree blocking manayunk avenue in philadelphia. police taped off the block last
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night. crews will be out there today trying to clear it. the storm turned deadly many montgomery county. a tree fell and crashed on a car in upper meriontownship. this is a tree that fell in a yard. nobody was hurt. nbc 10 ease randy gyllenhaal is live in montgomery count where a -- county where a tree fell onto a house. >> reporter: this is the story all across the region. here this large tree uprooted. we're chatting with the homeowner. he was home with his young son, a three-year-old boy at the time. they're inside that living room, and as we zoom in, the windows are shattered. that's the living room of the family home.
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the father says it was snowing bad. they started to hear creeking. about 3:00 which was right during the height of the storm, that is when they heard the loud boom, the tree crashing through the roof, smashing all those windows. the sun was inside watching -- the son was sitting on the couch at the time. they say it was a really close call. listen to our interview with their father. >> i was just yelling here like stay away from the window. come here. and it's big he just laid down, and the whole curtain was surrounding around him, this one. that might save his life from the glass and all the shattering glass over here. >> reporter: yes. i want to show you the inside of the house here as we walk up into the living room. he's got the whole place cordoned off with tarps. let's show you the roof where the tree came through the top. it's dripping with water as the snow begins to melt. this is the couch where the three-year-old boy was sitting.
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the dad who has great dad reflexes grabbed his son as soon as he heard the boom. he moved him away from the couch, and in that interview, you heard him say about this curtain. he thinks it saved his son. it was over the window. so when all the glass shattered and broke, it was stopped by the curtain. no cuts or bruises. the tree service is outside ready to take this thing off the roof of this house. he says hopefully insurance will pay for it. flooding down the shore could get a little bit worse when the next high tide rolls in later this morning. that's what we're watching this morning. a live look here. let's head over to atlantic city where ted greenberg joins us. he's keeping an eye on the flooding there. >> reporter: rosemary, you can see the water has come up here. we are at harvard avenue. this guy is working on a house
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across the street. apparently he wasn't expecting the flood waters to come up as quickly as they did. the water is just about below his exhaust pipe. it was over his pipe just a second ago. he's trying to get the pickup truck out of here as quickly as possible. this is all salt water. and it was very close to coming up through the door of his pickup truck. this is a flood-proned area. it floods here easily. you can see this is what's happening here, and in some other areas along the jersey shore. we are expecting at this point mostly minor tidal flooding from this morning's high tide. i checked in with the head of emergency management from ocean city a few minutes ago. he says it's likely going to be minor. borderline moderate. but still that's not as severe as originally feared, moderate to perhaps major range. and this guy is coming back through here again making his
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own waves as he rounds the corner onto calvert avenue. perhaps he could not get out the other way that he was going just a moment ago. taking some risks by driving through that much salt water. as i mentioned, it appears that the flooding is not going to be as severe as originally thought and originally feared. that's a relief to people who live around here. >> i definitely think it turned out better. this is a summer residence right now, but i've been here my whole life. i thought this was going to be worse. i figures the streech wouldn't be -- street wouldn't be approachable at all at this point. >> reporter: the street, though, full of water. we'll see how long this water sticks around. live in ventner, nbc 10 news. thank you. let's talk about the power
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outages. peco is handling almost 300,000 outages. ppl working on more than 34,000 customers without power. ac electric has more than 14,000. pse and g is working on 19,000 homes and businesses without power. del m delmarva dealing with more than 21,000 customers without heat. we'll watch the numbers. howling winds from the storms caused problems in montgomery county. look at the sparks flying yesterday. a scene that played out across the area as transformers lit up. in philadelphia a building under construction in fishtown no match for the storm force winds. the structure collapsed at front street north of gerard avenue. the project now just a pile of lumber. trouble for septa continues. service on a number of lines is cancelled. there are still trees down and power problems that are impacting bus, trolly and train schedules. check with septa before you head
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out. amtrak hoping to resume service along the northeast corridor. here's a look at 30th street station. before you leave, check with amtr amtrak. they have been experiencing delays. if you're flying out of philadelphia international airport, your plane may not be taking out. already 100 flights cancelled today on top of the 500 cancelled yesterday. some airlines are offering to waive fees for passengers to change their flights altogether this weekend. remember, when we're not on the air, you can keep track of everything that's happening in your neighborhood with the free nbc 10 mobile app. you'll get your neighborhood forecast at your fingertips and you'll be able to see our live interactive radar and get weather alerts sent straight to your phone. we're not the only ones targeted by the late season storm. we'll show you how boston has been bracing for the nor'easter. that's coming up as our coverage continues. talk about a difficult
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landing. we'll show you how getting on the ground safely was quite a challenge for this pilot. look at the wind gusts around 30 to almost 450 miles per hour -- 40 miles per hour in some spots. we're drying out, and sun may make an appearance. we'll talk about what to expect neighborhood to neighborhood coming up.
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welcome back. we're looking right now at the coastal flood warning in place along the jersey shore. delaware beaches and um through other areas. this is effect through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. it's tomorrow afternoon's low tide. that means we're talking three of high tide cycles. the good news is we've got the winds coming from the northwest. it really has been helping us out. the models were projecting a few spots to see major coastal
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flooding. we haven't seen it. most the readings are around minor. atlantic city the only spot approaching in terms of flood stage right at the moderate reading. there's the winds coming in. the little white arrows. the only issue that may see problems for flooding are the back bays. that's where the water is forced onto land. as we go off into the atlantic, it's pushing off land. that's helpful for the flood concerns. wash areas like lewes beach where the water will be forced onto land with the high wind speeds. here's a peek at the tidal flooding threats. minor. you can see the times. lewes beach hasn't hit the peek yet. this evening around 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. this evening. this nor'easter is causing problems up and down the mid atlantic. in boston homeowners stocked up on sandbags. north jersey feeling the power of the storm. the strong winds brought down
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trees onto homes. thousands of people in the garden state are without power following this storm. just how strong were the winds from yesterday? we'll take a look. we'll show you what the wind did to a train in chester county. that's next. and coastal concerns. look down at the marina in cape may. high tide is leading to worries about flooding. we'll have another live update in about 15 minutes.
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on this saturday. this is a live look at first alert radar you can see that major storm that just walloped the region yesterday. that is pushing out into the ocean. but we still have those strong wind gusts. that's going to be with us through this morning. that's why our first alert is in effect until at least 10:00 this morning. we're teaching a watch on minor watch reported down the shore. we keep showing you this picture of cape may. we want to drive home the message it's the back bay areas where the potential for the flooding is happening. not on the ocean front. we do have some on shore winds pushing the water off into the ocean. so that's why we're talking about the back bay areas. our meteorologist will be back to give us more details in the first alert neighborhood forecast. hard to believe high winds blew a train off the tracks in chester county. the east penn railroad train ended up on its side.
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nobody was hurt. the storm dumped a half a foot in the lehigh valley. whiteout conditions hit the area later in the day. the high winds kept planes from landing, at least this one. this cell phone video shows a southwest plane wobbling around as it tried to land at reagan national airport. the plane came within a few feet of the ground before giving up. eventually the pilot was able to land safely. everybody was okay. i'm sure a little concerned up there. in addition to the winter storm, we're following other news. let's start off with a story out of north philadelphia. flames destroyed a rowe home on north hancock street. everybody made it out safely. neighboring homes had to be evacuated as a precaution. in west chester an underground electric fire damaged two homes in the heart of west chester. there was a report of a street lamp on fire after 8:00 last night. the underground electrical fire
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extended to two basements. high levels of carbon monoxide were cleared before residents could return to their homes. safety changes in cherry hill on monday. all schools will have armed police officers on duty inside. also new policies affecting visitors even parents will include all outside doors being locked during the school day. the changes follow the florida high school massacre and local protests over a teacher suspended for expressing safety concerns. let's head to washington where lawmakers and advocates are trying to figure out president trump's changing stance on tougher gun laws. you may remember on wednesday the president voiced support for new gun control measures. yesterday a top lobbyist for the national rifle association claimed that mr. trump had reversed himself, reversed his stance following a thursday night meeting in the oval office. president trump's announcement to slap tariffs on u.s. steel
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and aluminum is drawing fire from china. that's the other news out of washington. the nation is warning the president's plan will have a huge impact on the global trading order, china, canada and others are threatening to retaliate with levies on american exports if the president raises trade barriers. the trade and gun issue come at a time of crises and chaos within the white house. chuck todd tackles it on meet the press tomorrow on nbc 10 at 10:30. this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by mealey's furniture. just what you're looking for. >> he is a fun-loving young man who loves basketball, enjoys cooking but is missing a very important ingredient in his life with a forever family. we are introduced to ricky, this week's wednesday's child. >> we came today to an institute
9:19 am
of culinary arts because ricky wants to be a chef. >> this is from spain. >> reporter: he already makes healthy versions of his favorite spanish and latin dishes. he's here to hone his craft. he's a foodie, but he also loves to sing and -- >> basketball. i love it. >> i would say he's the happiest because i think he fanttizes about being steph curry. he would be on a cloud if he was next to time. >> reporter: basketball, cooking, singing and friends, all pale in comparison when it comes to ricky's wish of a forever family. >> somebody to always be there for me. >> ideally it would be somebody who is going to be involved with him to some extent. whether it's a mom and a dad or just mom or just a dad.
9:20 am
he's partial to more of a traditional family. i think at least if he were the younger child in the family if not the only -- he does get that attention. >> reporter: what does ricky offer potential adoptive families? >> he has a good heart, and he would take that with him. everybody wants a wonderful warm heart in their family. >> reporter: ricky is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make ricky's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to our website and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1 1-866-do-adopt. looks like we're seeing sunlight peeking through. i tried to change this and it stayed at ocean city. this is cape may marina, not ocean city. what a beautiful shot. sun breaking through the clouds.
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it's still going to be a mostly to partly cloudy day. we're going to have peeks of sun shine here and there across the region. the system that just pounded us yesterday continues to move on off to the east. the gray layer is the cloud coverage on our satellite. there's no longer anything to track on radar. no rain or snow for our area. we don't have to worry about that through the rest of the weekend. the winds, though, we do have to worry about. these are current winds, not the gusts, the periodic bursts of strong wind you feel. this is actually sustained wind. and it's pretty high. 23 miles per hour in coatesville. 20 in philadelphia. 24 in wilmington. about 17 in atlantic city. toms river reporting at 20 miles per hour. notice it's coming from the northwest. this has really helped us out with the tidal flooding concerns. the winds are going from land to water. literally pushing away from the shoreline. if those winds were coming from the southeast, that would be pushing the water toward us. that's when you really get the
9:22 am
big concerns of high tides. this has been helpful to us in terms of coastal flooding concerns. lunchtime, still around 35 miles per hour gusts possible. possibly a few spots around 40. the winds have been dropping nicely. this is good for us. into the afternoon around 25 to 30 miles per hour gusts. still breezy to windy and again possibly knocking stuff around in your backyard. just watch out for that. as we get into sunday, now we're more breezy than windy. around 30 miles per hour gusts in the morning and 25 miles per hour gusts as we go through your afternoon. the whole weekend going to be under the influence of the windy conditions. they are dying down as we speak. look at the coastal flooding threat. this is along the jersey shore and our delaware beaches. this morning through 11:00 a.m., the high tide process goes through. 8:00 to 11:00 tonight. shore waves of 8 to 11 feet measured. it's enough that we can see some minor flooding expected across
9:23 am
the region. the moderates haven't come to fruition. i think it's because the winds have weakened and are coming in from the northwest. center city, 46. doyles town, 44. mid to even upper 40s for new jersey, the shore and delaware. wilmington a high of 47 degrees. the peeks of sunshine hit today and by tomorrow mostly sunny. things are improving. >> slowly but surely. we're keeping a close watch on the potential for flooding. we saw it in ted greenberg's live shot. >> i'm looking at some of the river gauge data to see where it is at flood stage. the only spot reporting that is bu burnadett bay. we have people like ted giving us the reports and so far he said it has not been that bad.
9:24 am
it's a good sign for us. i think it's mostly because of that northwest wind helping to push the waves instead of pull them inward. >> really just a back ways we're watching. >> we'll watch them after high tide. the back bays hit later. >> we know you'll stay on top of it. >> thank you for that. a warning for spring breakers and tourists who are heading to some popular resorts in mexico. it's all because of of a truly explosive situation on the water. we'll explain that threat to american travelers next. just when you thought we were done with winter, the late season storm slammed the region. ready for a peek at spring in we'll show you where you can go to get it.
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9:26 on this saturday.
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about 38 degrees outside our studios. a windy day ahead. the turbines at lincoln financial field turning. they've been doing it for 24 hours. the strong wind gusts will be with us not quite as strong as yesterday but nonetheless, be careful out there and certainly if you have any brarchgs that look like they need to come down, you may want to bring them down yourself before they're on your car or house. all right. we're thinking spring. we're thinking positive here. let's go to the philadelphia flower show. you can get a taste of the real thing. it gets underway at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. the theme of the flower show is wonders of water. the show runs through march 11th. philadelphia flower show dates all the way back to 1829. time honored tradition in philadelphia. as we've been talking about in addition to the strong winds, we're watching some flooding already happening down the
9:28 am
shore. that's where ted greenberg is live for us. >> reporter: rosemary, we're seeing the high water but not as high as it could have been. i'll have the latest on that next in a live report. hthese winds an issue. look at the gusts. mostly around 30, 35 miles per hour. this weekend they start to die down. the sun is returning to the region. we'll run through your weekend forecast in the next half hour.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, coastal flooding as the major storm moves out. we're still seeing problems with rising waters down the shore. the storm left behind a trail of damage and the cleanup is just beginning. gusty winds remain and they could leave debris when the lingers affects of the storm -- effects of the storm will finally leave us. >> this is nbc 10 news. so close to feeling like spring. not yet. this is nbc 10 news today. it's just after 9:30 on this saturday. we have a first alert still in effect because of the winds and the coastal flooding. we'll get to that in a moment.
9:32 am
first a live picture outside. we're drying out. this is a live look over center city philadelphia toward the philadelphia museum of art. you barely see snow. it was coming down for hours yesterday but it didn't stick much. it's the winds that have been an issue for you. our meteorologist is tracking that and the flooding, what's happening is we're under a first alert for the area. it expires at 10:00 a.m. we left in effect because we have windy conditions. no 60 plus miles per hour reports today. but 35 to 45 miles per hour gusts have been seen already this morning and that's certainly enough that if you've got a weakened tree, the roots have been pulled or just a branch that's semi snapped, that could be enough to make it go all the way down. falling debris and stuff knocking around in the backyard possible. on top of that minor coastal flooding this morning. now that some areas are hitting or approaching soon enough the
9:33 am
morning high tide. take a look at current wind gusts. around 30 miles per hour gusts in philly and allentown. 38 in wilmington. also near 30 for atlantic city and 24 miles per hour gusts in wildwood. enough to cause issues this morning. you're okay to get out. there will be slushy roadways. with temperatures above freezing and climbs, it's melting off to wet roads and travel will be fine. right now we're at 38 degrees in philadelphia. that's up a few degrees since this morning. we'll be at 44 by noon and 45 by 3:00 in the afternoon. mid 40s. perfect to melt off the inch or so of snow on your grassy areas. the winds don't chill out. breezy the rest of day and even into tomorrow. we'll talk about the wind speeds across the region and the temperatures if they go any higher in the next few days, coming up. all right. thank you for that.
9:34 am
traffic was a nightmare at the height of the storm. this tree fell right across all four lanes at city avenue between overbrook and win wood. this video is from earlier this morning. that tree went down yesterday afternoon. drivers had to detour into the nearby parking center -- shopping center parking lot to get around it. look at this tree. it came downright along kelley drive in philadelphia. it was blocking the entrance to the falls bridge. crews will be there later today to clean it up. randy gyllenhaal is live for us where a family had a close call with a tree. show us, randy. >> reporter: yeah. this was one of the hardest-hit places in all of montgomery county. officials say 3,000 people in lower providence township still without power. a large tree in the front of this house up rooted during the storm and crashed into the front of the house. that's the family's living room.
9:35 am
i spoke to the father who was inside with his three-year-old son when it happened. he said they were watching tv. the couch is right behind that window. just about 3:00. that was really the peak of the storm. he heard a bit of a creeking from the tree and a loud crash into his house. he's got great dad reflexes. his son was sitting on the couch. he grabbed him, moved him out of the way right in the nick of time. he said his son wasn't injured but a close call in front of their house. >> i'll just make sure he was okay. i was checking his head for no cut or blood. check his body. i'm just so glad we're okay. that's -- i mean, money can -- i mean, we have insurance. hopefully they'll take care of it. >> reporter: we're hearing stories just like that all over the region because of trees just like this. i have dan moore from dan moore's tree service.
9:36 am
dan, you're busy today. >> yes, i am. understatement. >> reporter: about 45 calls already. what are you seeing mostly? >> mostly a lot of evergreens uprooting because they're shally rooted and they couldn't take the weight of the heavy snow. plus the winds, it was the perfect combination to have trees come over. >> you said quickly there are tips if you have a big tree in your front yard in. >> you should maintain it. lighten it up. thin it out. you want to get the air through them for the big evergreens, you could tip back the ends of the limbs to take weight off so you don't have a lot of that mass so the air better. that's what you want. >> reporter: dan is going to be busy today. they' they're going to work to get this tree off the house. if you have a big tree in your driveway or front yard, thin it out. it turns into a parachute when we had the major wind gusts coming through and that is the
9:37 am
story we're seeing up and down this area. for now we've live in audobon montgomery county. >> dan the man, that's people will call him today. he'll be busy. the storm causing trouble down the shore. strong winds and flooding. that high water returning with high tide. ted greenberg is live for us in ventner with a lot of water behind him. >> reporter: that's right. and the water has gotten higher since we last caulked with you at 9:00. half an hour ago. at that point i was able to stand on this lawn. it was not under water. you can see that the water has now come all the way up. in fact, it's pretty much right to these stones. this is a flood prone area. this is harvard and calvert avenues it floods pretty easily. that's what we have going on right now at high tide. you can see it has come up basically into the driveways. all that construction equipment,
9:38 am
i'm not sure if these guys were not expecting this, but all of their materials right there, their construction materials have gotten wet. one of them had to move his pickup truck out of the street pretty quickly. still despite what you're seeing here, we are talking mostly about minor coastal flooding. there had been talk of moderate coastal flooding happening, but it seems from what we are hearing and seeing, luckily it has not reached that level. in fact, i just checked in and got an update from ocean city, head of emergency management and he tells me that the water stopped about three inches shy of reaching the moderate level. so mostly we're talking about minor borderline moderate, but much to the relief of many people here at the jersey shore, we seem to have stayed in the minor tidal flooding range. maybe some more of this later on this evening at high tide again,
9:39 am
but certainly, rosemary, it could have been much worse. >> if anybody knows the jersey, it's you, ted. if you are heading out to catch a train or bus, check with septa and amtrak. amtrak service has been suspended along the northeast dor because of downed trees. septa has had service problems on a number of line updates on their twitter account. utility crews busy this morning. talk about the numbers. peco has almost 300,000 outages. ppl working on more than 34,000 outages. ac electric has more than 14,000 people without power. pse and ge working on 19,000. delmarva power working on more than 21,000 people without outages. we are partnering with comcast to let you charge your devices
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at participating x tfinity stor in our area. it's free and everyone is welcome. rescuers race to the scene after an avalanche left several skiers buried in the snow. more of the dramatic video from out west just ahead. windy conditions in the forecast. they're weakening. that has an impact on the coastal flood warning. we'll talk about what that means and when everyone in the clear. cold outside in philadelphia last night. but hot inside the wells fargo center. sixers are on a roll. last night they did something they haven't done in almost three decades. that story is straight ahead in your saturday morning sports.
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welcome back. we have that coastal good warning in place along the jersey shore, delaware beaches and into parts of the bay from until 3:00 tomorrow. that's low tide morning. high tides may cause at least some minor coastal flooding in spots. the because of the winds, we haven't had the reports. we've seen some minor flooding. ted showed you a bit. other than that, so far the
9:44 am
shore looking better. the sun starting to come out. we'll talk more about the temperatures and how they warm up this afternoon coming up. thank you. 9:44. let's look outside. this is from the boardwalk in ocean city. looks like a picture perfect day. wouldn't know we had a nor'easter yesterday. the ocean front properties still okay. they should be fine in terms of the flooding. it's the back bay we're concerned about. stay with us as we continue our coverage of this major storm. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car
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9:47 on this saturday. let's look down the shore at the marina in cape may. we want to make sure that you're aware that we're watching coastal flooding, minor coastal flooding around the back bay areas down the shore. it looks picture perfect. blue sky. sun up. our meteorologist tells us the temperatures will rise into the 40s today. they should help to melt any snow on the ground. she'll be back in a moment with more of her forecast. let's go west to northern california. two people are recovering from injuries after they and several others got caught in an avalanche at a ski resort. a skier took this video. you can see the victim's face bur buried under several feet of
9:48 am
snow. the avenue ranch was one day after a know snow boarder was killed on the slopes. this morning american tourists are warned to be on alert after two ferries were targeted with bombs at popular mexican resorts. an explosive device sent a fire ball into the sky last month. 18 people were hurt including americans who were on a trip. the ferry was docked in the beach resort of playa del carmen. two more explosive devices were found attached to a ferry yesterday near cozumel. they did not detonate. back at home let's talk sports. sixers have now won 11 straight games at home. that is their longest winning streak at home since the 19 83 championship season 35 years ago. the sixers were down by as many as 14 in the first half. right before the half, a drive. a left hand jam. bead wednesday on a tear. finishes one pick and roll with a slam dunk. check out this alley-oop.
9:49 am
from simmons to bead. and bead had a team tie of 26 points. sixers were up by one and simmons dunked again. he finished with 15 points. there we go. sixers win it 110-99. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. a live camera through in wilmington. i'll tell you what, these clouds are thinning out quickly as the storm centered and impacted us yesterday and races away. as it pulls away, it's taking the clouds. they're thinning out right now you get the milky sky. peeks of through. look at eastern pennsylvania. looking really good. the peeks of blue got a nice bit of snow over areas like the lehigh valley, especially north. they almost got two feet of snow in the poconos. some of it on the rooftops. temperatures today moves to the 40s.
9:50 am
it's going to melt off today. slushy roads are turning into mostly wet roads. on radar and satellite, here's a look at the satellite imagery showing the cloud coverage. it's more dense in areas north and west, but really thinning out over parts of philly, burlington county and down to the shore as well. i think today we're going to have a mix of clouds and sun. leaning to the milky cloudy cover. you'll see the peeks of sunshine out there. because the winds have been up, it feels a lot colder than it is. 27 in philadelphia. 26 in pottstown. millville feeling like 29. layer up. it is chilly. forecast winds for today still gusting to around 35 to 40 miles per hour. although the later you go in the day, the lower the gusts are likely to be. going from 45 to more 35 sustain. the sustained winds from the northwest. around 20, 25 miles per hour. this is a good steady wind the rest of the day.
9:51 am
we're still under the influence of that coastal low. throughout this morning, 8 to 11:00 a.m. and again tonight, 8:00 to 11:00 p.m., looking at the coastal flood threat informal we'll have the threat tomorrow morning during the high tide cycle again. that 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. hours. shore waves around 8 to 14 feet. this is enough to cause some of the minor coastal flooding. the good news is i've been checking the gauge readings. we're not seeing anything other than the minor flood stage. in atlantic city it's approaching moderate but starting to come down. overall, it's just the numerous roads that typically get some water moving in that are going to be spots you see it in. if you're asking it why wasn't it as bad as i thought? the winds helped us out. we saw the system pull out east. the waters weren't turning as much. how about temperatures? this looks good. we're starting to see the peeks of sunshine today. temperatures making their way to the mid 40s. 46 in philly.
9:52 am
47 in new jersey. 48 along the shore in spots. very welcome. tomorrow totally sunshine out there. and again mid 40s for forecast highs. going to be a nice couple of days now that the system is out and we can start melting off snow on the ground. here's your hour by hour model with the cloud conditions. this is updated and really thinning the clouds out. i think there's thin clouds out there. but a bit of sunshine as we go through your afternoon, and that continues overnight those clouds linger. again, they're fairly thin. through your sunday, check it out. sunday morning is totally clear. the pick of the weekend is going to be sunday. the winds are going to be weaker than they are now and you have sunshine in the forecast as you go through the daytime hours. here's a look at the ten-day. 46 tomorrow. 45 sunday. we stay dry on monday. up to 48 degrees and sunny. tuesday evening showers lasting through wednesday, 45 degrees. pretty much staying in the 40s
9:53 am
which is seasonal for this time of year into next weekend. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
before we leave you, let's look at the shore. this is toward the lighthouse in cape may, new jersey. clear skies. barely a cloud out there. looking much better than this time yesterday. obviously the snow has stopped the major components of the storm over, but the strong wind gusts we're watching for. down the shore, coastal flooding. i mean, this is what we've been talking about. minor flooding. >> really we lucked out. the winds, they flipped around in our benefit. instead of having an onshore wind, it was offshore. that pushes the winds away. the waters churned from the
9:56 am
system passing way. it was no surprise with high tide we'd see some minor coastal flooding. in atlantic city they were reporting on the cusp of moderate flooding. most other locations minor. a few spots didn't even get to minor. it's a good sign. the current wind gusts near 30 in philly. 3 2 in wilmington. that's down from the 40s a couple hours ago. this is certainly still windy enough. say you have a branch that broke but it's stuck in a tree, it may come down today. watch out for that. otherwise don't stop yourself from going out this weekend. mid 40s this afternoon. we do it again tomorrow. we're already starting to see the sun kind of break through the clouds. it's turning into a milky sky and plenty of sunshine tomorrow. that's the pick of the weekend. sunny into monday. seasonal in the upper 40s. average for this time of year. we'll see rain return to the forecast tuesday evening. wednesday and then you see next weekend on sunday a chance of
9:57 am
showers. overall, the ten-day is almost perfectly seasonal. we should be in the upper 40s. chances of rain. no surprise. as long as it's just rain, i think everyone is okay with that. >> we are okay with that. and in addition to the cleanup we'll be watching today and the minor flooding, the power outages also. for all of us here, have a good one.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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